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WinShredder- erase your internet history 2005

WinShredder erases your internet history, deletes your files and protects your privacy. With technology (Patent 5022.22M ) approved for use by both the U.S. Department of Defense (D.o.D.) and the U.S. National Security Agency (N.S.A.) you are getting military-grade protection. 1 year free updates and free technical support.

See also: erase interent history, internet history, privacy software, delete files

Buy WinShredder- erase your internet history 2005 (only $29.99)Download WinShredder- erase your internet history 2005 (Size: 8 KB)

XKat 2.02

XKat is a simple-to-use, affordable backup program. XKat is a file synchronization tool. And XKat is an FTP client. Using XKat, you can compress, copy, backup, and synchronize your files in a click or on a schedule. XKat's +Internet edition expands the range, adding the ability to copy and synchronize files with an Internet computer. Free to try, XKat Basic sells for $25.50 while XKat +Internet sells for $35.50.

See also: backup program, synchronize files, FTP client, file backup, zip, compress files automatically, upload files, download files, scheduled backups, copy files to Internet, copy files, compress, file sync, archive files, thumb drive, backup my files

Buy XKat 2.02 (only $35.50)Download XKat 2.02 (Size: 10742 KB)

NoClone - Delete Duplicate Files 3.2

[p]NoClone - file management utility software to find and delete TRUE duplicate files[br] * True Byte-to-byte comparison , not by CRC.[br] * Search duplicate file contents regardless of file name[br] * Search also file portions, file name, simple fuzzy match[br] * Time-saving Smart marker filters duplicates for removal[br] * Delete or move duplicate files[br] * Clean up disk space, manage files better[br] [br]

See also: duplicate file, duplicate files, clonemaster, dedupe, dupeless, file management, file utility, dupeless, noclone, no clone, duplicate mp3, duplicate image

Buy NoClone - Delete Duplicate Files 3.2 (only $26.80)Download NoClone - Delete Duplicate Files 3.2 (Size: 1968 KB)

Hyper Hasher Suite 6.0.2

The Hyper Hasher Suite will fulfill all your file hashing needs. Hyper Hasher allows you to calculate 26 different hash/checksum and HMAC values for any file on your system, while the HashFile utility adds support for MD5 & SFV file creation and verification. These tools feature advanced options including a unique customizable interface, configuration saving, optional windows shell integration, Pentium 4 optimizations for speed, and much more!

See also: hash, hmac, md5, crc, whirlpool, md2, sha, RIPEMD, crc32, crc16, ccitt, emule, fcs, ghash, gost, edonkey, ed2k, sfv, hashfile, hyper, hasher, md4

Buy Hyper Hasher Suite 6.0.2 (only $10.00)Download Hyper Hasher Suite 6.0.2 (Size: 573 KB)

Shuric scan(clone and duplicate killer) 1.99

Wouldn't it be nice to free up disk space without deleting valuable information? Shuric Scan searches for files with identical contents and allows the user to simply delete unnecessary copies. To speed up the process, Shuric Scan compares files, only if they are similar. This reduces the load on your hard disk.

See also: dup, dups, duplicate, file, search, look, scan, space, free, clone, noclone

Buy Shuric scan(clone and duplicate killer) 1.99 (only $19.95)Download Shuric scan(clone and duplicate killer) 1.99 (Size: 388 KB)

DiskState 3.10

Got lots of MP3s, image files or other duplicate files? DiskState's powerful duplicate file analyzer can help clean up. Also, get rid of that space wasted from program crashes and normal use. 100% safe with recovery. Organize your disk space usage with detailed graphical overview, notification alerts and customizable reports. Furthermore, protect your privacy with covering your tracks while surfing the web (IE, Netscape, Opera).

See also: duplicates, cleanup, report, cookies, browser, overview

Buy DiskState 3.10 (only $59.00)Download DiskState 3.10 (Size: 1415 KB)

Safely Remove 1.6

Safely Remove is a convenient and multifunctional replacement for the standard Safely Remove Hardware icon. Safely Remove has been developed for those people who extensively use USB devices and do not want to waste time on routine operations. The program completely replaces the features of the standard Safely Remove Hardware icon and also implements a number of unique features.

See also: system, utilities, USB device, USB Flash Drive, stop device, eject device, safely remove hardware, safely remove hardware icon, shortcuts, hotkeys, sounds

Buy Safely Remove 1.6 (only $14.95)Download Safely Remove 1.6 (Size: 1064 KB)

Flash File Recovery 1.9

Need a sure solution for recovering lost, corrupted or accidentally deleted photographs? Flash File Recovery is a 100% risk-free application that salvages images from digital cameras or flash memory cards. The program first scans storage media, locating all recoverable photographs. It then displays them as thumbnails. After you register the program, you'll be able to save the recovered files to your hard-drive. AVI, MOV, MPG/MPEG supported too

See also: undelete, restore, file, flash recovery, file recovery, image recovery, unformat, flash, card

Buy Flash File Recovery 1.9 (only $49.50)Download Flash File Recovery 1.9 (Size: 992 KB)

SyncFolder 1.01

SyncFolder is the visual file comparison/merging and folder synchronization application.

See also: visual, file, comparison, diff, free, windiff, Merge 99, Merge99, Merge2000, Merge 2000, Merge 2001, Merge2001, PMdiff, PMDiff, PMDIFF, pmdiff, visual, visually, folder, directory, synchronization, graphical, document, text, compare, diff, difference, revision, Araxis, compare

Buy SyncFolder 1.01 (only $19.90)Download SyncFolder 1.01 (Size: 3320 KB)

AEVITA Tracks Eraser 1.4

AEVITA Tracks Eraser is a slim data erasing program designed to protect your computer from nosy people and boost computer performance. It securely erases your usage tracks in Windows, Internet Explorer, MS Office and other applications. For maximum efficiency the program utilizes erasing methods based on the US Department of Defense DOD 5220.22-M, NAVSO P-5239-26, VSITR, GOST P50739-95 and Gutmann data clearing and sanitizing directives.

See also: wipe, erase, delete, file, folder, wiper, eraser, history, shred, remove, internet, tracks, index.dat, DoD, secure, sure

Buy AEVITA Tracks Eraser 1.4 (only $24.95)Download AEVITA Tracks Eraser 1.4 (Size: 1240 KB)

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