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WinOne - Super Command Line for Windows 7.9

WinOne is a Command Language Interpreter, similar in concept to the shell CMD.EXE, except that WinOne has neen designed to enable you get the most out of your Windows operating system. WinOne attempts to make Windows easier to use and to make you more productive when there is a need to work at the command line level.

See also: command line, batch program, commands, cli, shell, script, interpreter, prompt, language, file utility

Buy WinOne - Super Command Line for Windows 7.9 (only $19.95)Download WinOne - Super Command Line for Windows 7.9 (Size: 7402 KB)

Actual Virtual Desktops 4.5.1

Handy tool for expanding and organising workspace: make an activity-focused environment, even automatically, using rules - scatter the piled up application windows over the unlimited number of independent desktops, showing one desktop with its applications at a time. Move windows between desktops, work on multiple tasks simultaneously, see only the windows you need at the moment. Custom wallpapers will help you identify desktops quickly.

See also: virtual, logical, desktop, desktops, manager, window, windows, utility, system, extension, organize, organizing, workplace, workspace, activity-focused, project-focused

Buy Actual Virtual Desktops 4.5.1 (only $19.95)Download Actual Virtual Desktops 4.5.1 (Size: 7392 KB)

Actual Window Menu 7.5.1

Actual Window Menu is an advanced suite of the most popular and essential tools that enables users to operate windows on the desktop in some innovative ways: minimize them to tray, set up priority, apply transparency, roll up/unroll, resize, align, etc. Once installed, the application embeds its extra commands into each window's system menu. These new commands are easy to use and significantly enhance windows management abilities.

See also: window menu, minimize, tray, stay always on top, roll up, unroll, system menu, transparent, translucent, transparency, priority, run, multi-monitor

Buy Actual Window Menu 7.5.1 (only $19.95)Download Actual Window Menu 7.5.1 (Size: 7254 KB)

ZeroIn 3.4

Fast CD replacement with Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP long file name support, history,aliases, fixes your spelling, partial name matching. A must have for Windows 95 long filenames. Does NOT require index files. List for multiple matches. Matches / and /, ... etc. Create dir if not found.

See also: replacement, fast, error, check, long filename, win95, directory, chdir

Buy ZeroIn 3.4 (only $19.95)Download ZeroIn 3.4 (Size: 654 KB)

Actual Title Buttons 7.5.1

Actual Title Buttons is a suite of the most essential and popular tools for desktop windows control and manipulation: minimize them to tray, set up priority, apply transparency, make them stay always-on-top of other windows, align, resize, roll up and even "ghost" them! You can do any of these innovative operations in a mouse click on the title bar icons that are added to standard Minimize/Restore/Close buttons immediately after installation.

See also: titlebuttons, title, bar, caption, buttons, minimize, tray, stayontop, always-on-top, rollup, unroll, transparent, ghost, priority, align, resize, multi-monitor, copy, paste, desktop, shell, enhancement, window, management

Buy Actual Title Buttons 7.5.1 (only $19.95)Download Actual Title Buttons 7.5.1 (Size: 7400 KB)

Actual Window Rollup 7.5.1

Actual Window Rollup enables you to be more productive while working with multiple windows. It adds the special Roll Up button to every window's title bar that hides window's contents area. Now it will only take a single click or keystroke to see the underlying window or desktop. This small but very handy utility will set you free from ineffective mouse manipulations. It supports all types of windows and also has options for automatic rolling up.

See also: window, rollup, unroll, minimize, roll up, windows, windows manager, roll, shell enhancement, desktop enhancement, windows desktop, shell, automatic, manual, title button, hotkey

Buy Actual Window Rollup 7.5.1 (only $19.95)Download Actual Window Rollup 7.5.1 (Size: 7208 KB)

Disc Ejector 1.2

It is a tiny tool that runs in the background and lets you to control CD drives from the taskbar. Many users damages their CD drive by improperly pushing the tray, It prevents accidental damage to drive by automatically closing and opening the drive tray. Its a great utility for laptop users. Includes several features like timed autoclose, disable of autorun, start autorun, browse, drive & disc information, disc insert notification and more.

See also: CD Ejector, Disc Ejector, CD tray, Auto close, Drive Tray, Drive Opener, Timed Close

Buy Disc Ejector 1.2 (only $10.00)Download Disc Ejector 1.2 (Size: 664 KB)

Actual Window Minimizer 7.5.1

Actual Window Minimizer allows you minimize windows to the system tray or any desktop spot by various means. This includes the Minimize-to-Tray button in window's title bar, hotkey use and automatic minimization upon window startup or deactivation. Also you can set default (Minimize or Close) buttons to minimize a window to tray. All these features let you organise your workspace with ease. The utility supports all windows, even command prompt ones.

See also: automatic, manual, minimize, tray, notification area, floating icon, screen, button, close, windows, application, program, command prompt, console, desktop

Buy Actual Window Minimizer 7.5.1 (only $19.95)Download Actual Window Minimizer 7.5.1 (Size: 7252 KB)

Aml Maple Portable Edition 3.40

Aml Maple indicates the active layout being currently used (the language you are typing at this particular moment). It is always in front of you, exactly at the place you are typing! It's easy to find: just look at the typing place or mouse cursor. It's easy to understand: actual layout can be indicated with colored symbols and national flag icon. It's easy to use: indicator is compatible with absolutely most of the programs.

See also: Cursor, Language, Keyboard, Layout, Input, Typing, Flag, Lang, Switcher, Text, Assistant

Buy Aml Maple Portable Edition 3.40 (only $19.00)Download Aml Maple Portable Edition 3.40 (Size: 1223 KB)

Desktop Right Click Menu Manager 1.0

Easily Add/ Delete Frequently Used programs to/from Desktop Right Click Menu using Desktop Right Click Menu Manager. The Desktop Right Click Menu Manager can be a handy utility to delete existing menu items added to Desktop Right Click Menus. The Software Download works seamlessly on Windows Vista, many more related features will be added soon. Register Today and add frequently used programs / documents to Desktop Right Click Menu.

See also: desktop, right, click, menu, download, utility, software

Buy Desktop Right Click Menu Manager 1.0 (only $5.00)Download Desktop Right Click Menu Manager 1.0 (Size: 294 KB)

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