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simple calculate as ABCABC CalcAmblyopia ABC


MyABCD 2.9.1

Your 2 to 6 year old will learn the alphabet, numbers up to twenty, the names and sounds of musical instruments and simple mouse skills. Letters are displayed in upper and lower case in with amusing animations.[br][br]The 18 exciting games and the 10 musical instruments are played by mouse-over. You can choose the level of difficulty for mouse-over, the phonics and the volume for the background music MyABCD is the most popular abc download.

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ABC Baby Piano 1.16

Do your kids likes to play on your keyboard? Tyring lock your system every time you leaving room, don't you? BabyPiano let you way to solve all these problems. Your kids can play on your keyboard while you are missing. It's because you can toggle your keyboard in BabyPiano mode manually and automatically. You will be absolutely calm and your kids will be happy to have this wonderful electro piano on your computer. ABC feature is very useful too. ABC Baby Piano is the second most popular abc download.

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ABC Calc 1.0

ABC Calc Calculator offered absolutely original and convenient way of mathematical calculations. Their software ABCalc lets to carry out calculations on the fly, directly in operating document. A way, we will directly tell, the advanced very easy in use, there is a detailed help, and as examples of expressions for calculation. ABC Calc is the third most popular abc download.

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ABC Kid Genius 5.00

Learn the alphabet, numbers, counting, and spelling using sound,pictures and video clips. Using the recognition method young children learn by watching auto rotating lessons. Toddlers learn to use the keyboard. Children progress to type the alphabet. Also includes, Flash words and Spelling. Free Software Registration when 30 free words are installed from the ABC Kid Genius site.

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Amblyopia ABC 2012.15

AmblyopiaABC is a treatment software for 3-12 years-old children with lazy eye. It is Tenglnet companies and the amblyopia Institute of Cruz University jointing development.

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News Ticker Application Bar 1.15

This is simple news ticker that resides at the top or the bottom of your screen and displays news headlines from Yahoo or MSN in a form of a scrolling line. News Ticker Application Bar features custom colors, scrolling speed, news classes and position on the screen. It constantly updates news feeds and lets you to select news classes of your choice. One click at the headline and a full article is opened in the browser.

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Buy News Ticker Application Bar 1.15 (only $19.95)Download News Ticker Application Bar 1.15 (Size: 539 KB)

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