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ShapeIdeas Sneaky Peek 2006

The Browser with a Brain plus Whiteboard! Ask questions, browse the web, search for anything, capture text, images and your ideas to a layered whiteboard, and get answers! ShapeIdeas seamlessly integrates a Web Browser, Whiteboard, Image Sourcer and Ideas Database with sending to Web, Microsoft Word & Excel. ShapeIdeas Sneaky Peek is the most popular annotation software download.

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Buy ShapeIdeas Sneaky Peek 2006 (only $49.00)Download ShapeIdeas Sneaky Peek 2006 (Size: 16931 KB)

Ebook Protection

Ebook protection software lock all utility such as document printing, content copying, form filling, editing, modifying contents, commenting, annotations, assemble, page extraction and content copy for accessibility etc. You have option to select batch mode of add permission or remove restriction of PDF file. Download evaluation version of Apex PDF Password & Restriction Manager from to add or remove password protection. Ebook Protection is the second most popular annotation software download.

See also: Ebook, Protection, Software, Password, Restriction, Limitation, Security, Copy, Edit, Print, View, Paste, Form, Fill, Accessibility, Assemble, Annotation, Modify, Content, Comment, Add, Remove, User, Owner, Resolution, Download, Files, Tool, Document

Buy Ebook Protection (only $29.90)Download Ebook Protection (Size: 3472 KB)

Unlock PDF File

Unlock PDF file software can removes the master password and security settings within few clicks. This software unlock all locked or restricted feature such as copy text, print content, edit content, modify document, comment, extract document, annotation, view, signing, assemble, content for accessibility, etc. If you have gain more knowledge of this software so click this link Apex PDF Password & Restrictions Remover Unlock PDF File is the third most popular annotation software download.

See also: Unlock, PDF, File, Software, Batch, Lock, Copy, Modify, Content, Comment, Form, Fill, Extract, Assemble, Annotation, Permission, Limitation, Enable, Disable, User, Owner, Decrypt, Encrypt, Protect, Prevent, Password, Program, Download, Tool, Document

Buy Unlock PDF File (only $19.90)Download Unlock PDF File (Size: 1131 KB)

PDF Ebook Security

PDF Ebook security software is the highly innovative solution to remove large amount of PDF files restrictions at single time. PDF unlock security proficiently permits all users those who want for copying, printing, editing PDF files contents which are being restricted by owner restrictions in perfect manner. This software supports standard encryption level with 128-bit or 256-bit encryption. It is support prefix suffix with resultant file name.

See also: PDF Ebook Security, Software, Add, Remove, Encryption, Decryption, Protect, User, Owner, Disable, Restrict, Password, Restriction, Security, Content, Copy, Print, Assemble, Accessibility, Comment, Annotation, Form Fill, Unlock, Lock, Unrestrict, Tool

Buy PDF Ebook Security (only $29.90)Download PDF Ebook Security (Size: 3472 KB)

PDF Unlocker

PDF unlocker useful PDF restriction removal software to remove editing, copying, printing, form filling, commenting, assemble, annotations, accessibility of content and extracting data restrictions from Adobe files. With this program, you can enable or disable any kind of security setting of PDF. PDF protection remover utility users can unlock PDF protection & unlock PDF permissions in few clicks. It is support prefix suffix with resultant file name.

See also: PDF, Unlocker, Software, Encrypt, Decrypt, Enable, Disable, Lock, Unlock, Edit, Form, Fill, Copy, Print, Content, Assemble, Annotation, Accessibility, Restriction, Limitation, Password, Protection, Security, Remove, Adder, Adobe, File, Tool, Document

Buy PDF Unlocker (only $29.90)Download PDF Unlocker (Size: 3472 KB)

Apex Unlock PDF Printing

Unlock PDF printing is usual application for operating page level permissions. Tool lets locking and unlocking page permission like document printing, form filling. Content copying, modifying contents, contents copying for accessibility, annotations, assemble document, page extraction etc. Program lets using high resolution and low resolution option as per your requirement. Utility supports password protection through user and owner option.

See also: Unlock, PDF, Printing, Software, Lock, Permission, Limitation, Enable, Disable, Batch, Modify, Form, Fill, Copy, Edit, Assemble, Annotation, Accessibility, User, Owner, Password, Encrypt, High, Low, Resolution, Download, Program, File, Tool, Document

Buy Apex Unlock PDF Printing (only $29.90)Download Apex Unlock PDF Printing (Size: 3472 KB)

Apex Unlock PDF Document

Unlock PDF document software is the correct guide for so many users those who are really looking for an suitable solution to unlock Adobe PDF security as this utility allows users to unlock PDF security print, unlock PDF security copy, unlock PDF security edit in right way without effecting any original Adobe files. If you have gain more knowledge of this software so click this link Apex PDF Password & Restrictions Remover

See also: Unlock, PDF, Document, Software, Batch, Permission, Limitation, Enable, Disable, User, Owner, Decryption, Encryption, Protect, Prevent, Password, Lock, Copy, Modify, Content, Edit, Comment, Form, Fill, Assemble, Annotation, Program, Adobe, Tool, File

Buy Apex Unlock PDF Document (only $14.90)Download Apex Unlock PDF Document (Size: 1131 KB)

Apex Protect PDF

Protect PDF restrict, protect, set or encrypt multiple files using batch processing. It is professionally fit in user requirements and help to protecting various PDF documents using user or owner password. It encrypt owner password on PDFs and defend documents assembling, printing, content editing, modifying content etc. Software provides easy user interface for software owner and describes its all step-by-step password and security encryptions.

See also: Protect, PDF, Encrypt, Enable, Restrict, Set, Protection, Add, Allow, Restriction, Permissions, User, Owner, Encryption, Encrypting, Software, Password, Security, Assemble, Adobe, Pages, Documents, Files, Ebook, Annotation, Form, Filling, Copy, Print

Buy Apex Protect PDF (only $14.90)Download Apex Protect PDF (Size: 3438 KB)

Apex PDF Unlocker

PDF unlocker software easy-to-use Adobe Acrobat password remover tool, you can unlock Adobe PDF files and remove restrictions from those PDF file to perform the functions of editing, copying and printing PDF files. Software has provided ability to user and owner to defend document with the help of password protection. If you want download this software so go this link Apex PDF Password Protection & Restrictions Manager

See also: PDF, Unlocker, Software, Assemble, Annotation, Copy, Print, Edit, Modify, Form, Fill, Content, Comment, Accessibility, Enable, Disable, Multiple, Tool, Batch, User, Owner, Encrypt, Decrypt, Prevent, Password, Security, Download, Adobe, File, Document

Buy Apex PDF Unlocker (only $29.90)Download Apex PDF Unlocker (Size: 3472 KB)

PDF Decrypt

PDF decrypt software support batch mode operation user and owner password protection on multiple PDF file. This software is useful for both home users as well as corporate users. User password is use to defend opening PDF file. Software support different encryption level such as 48 bit and 128 bit. If you want this easiest and cheapest software to go this link PDF Password and Restriction Manager and download software

See also: PDF, Decrypt, Encrypt, Software, Batch, User, Password, Open, View, Protection, Owner, Security, Restriction, Copy, Edit, Form, Fill, Content, Comment, Annotation, Permission, Limitation, Prevent, Remove, Unlock, Decryption, Encryption, Program, File

Buy PDF Decrypt (only $29.90)Download PDF Decrypt (Size: 3472 KB)

Apex PDF Decrypter

PDF decrypt software provides various limitation, protection, permission, restriction on PDF document. It is fast, affordable way to decrypt lot of protected PDF files to decrypt PDF files once time. This software supports 40-bits/128-bits RC4 and 128-bits/256-bits AES encryption to remove security. If you want this easiest and cheapest software to go this link PDF Password and Restriction Manager and download software

See also: PDF, Decrypter, Encrypt, Software, Decrypt, Permission, Limitation, Prevent, Protection, Owner, Security, Restriction, Copy, Edit, Print, Form, Fill, Content, Comment, Annotation, Batch, User, Password, Open, Remove, Unlock, Encryption, Program, File

Buy Apex PDF Decrypter (only $29.90)Download Apex PDF Decrypter (Size: 3472 KB)

Apex PDF Encryption Removal Tool

PDF encryption removal utility add or remove both passwords user password and owner password protection. PDF protection software that lets you easily and quickly to encrypt and decrypt selected files or folders on your computer. Password decryption can remove the owner password within a few seconds. If you want this easiest and cheapest software to go this link PDF Password and Restriction Manager and download software

See also: PDF, Encryption, Removal, Tool, Copy, Form, Fill, Print, Edit, Modify, Content, Comment, Annotation, Assemble, Accessibility, Remove, Decryption, Unlock, Decrypt, Encrypt, Lock, Permission, Limitation, Software, Password, Protection, Prevent, Program

Buy Apex PDF Encryption Removal Tool (only $24.90)Download Apex PDF Encryption Removal Tool (Size: 3472 KB)

Undelete FAT Partition Data

Window FAT partition deleted data recovery tool support retrieval of lost file folder directory, crashed storage media like PATA, ATA, SATA, EIDE, iSCSI, IDE, SCSI on Window 95 98 2K 2k3 NT ME XP WinNT 3.x WinNT 4.x. Support retrieval of inaccessible corrupted data like text audio video clips pictures games movies documents images of format like XLS, PPT, MPEG, PST, MDB, PSD, PNG, MIDI, MOV, TXT, BMP, JPG, RIFF, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, DOC and PDF.

See also: FAT, windows, fat32, fat16, vfat, deleted, damaged, recovery, restore, formatted, corrupted, crash, retrieve, partition, file, data, folder, storage, software, volume, dbr, mbr, hard, disk, drive, file system, root, directory, boot, sector, table

Buy Undelete FAT Partition Data (only $69.00)Download Undelete FAT Partition Data (Size: 5836 KB)

Recover iPod Songs

iPod erased data unerased software restore accidentally reset factory setting retrieves formatted iPod apple, iPod first generation, iPod next generation, iPod shuffle, iPod mini, iPod nano files and folders. Recovers GIF images JPEG pictures PNG, JPG, BMP photos. Tool fetches 3gp, mp3, m4a, m4v, m4b audio WAV, AVI, MPEG video files. Utility support different version of Windows operating system like Windows vista, long horn, XP media center 2005

See also: iPod, updated, iTunes, songs, recovery, software, recover, formatted, audio, images, retrieve, deleted, data, video, pictures, photos, fix, corrupted, apple, nano, restore, shuffle, mini, tool, undelete, digital, memory, rescue, unerase, lost

Buy Recover iPod Songs (only $69.00)Download Recover iPod Songs (Size: 5642 KB)

Smart Media Card Recovery

Smart compact flash multimedia memory card data recovery tool restores lost formatted digital data file folder subfolder undelete mp3 music audio video songs movies from digital camera. Software provides restoration of all type of video files including MPG MPEG CRW ORF WAV NEF and MRW. Utility recovers deleted pictures still photographs corrupted MMS 3gp java games encrypted word mobile notes SMS message from secure extreme digital SD xD card.

See also: recovery, software, recover, memory, card, formatted, deleted, digital, data, pictures, file, retrieve, corrupted, cell, mobile, phone, damaged, MMC, multimedia, photos, restore, images, secure, extreme, smart, micro, compact, flash, drive

Buy Smart Media Card Recovery (only $69.00)Download Smart Media Card Recovery (Size: 6031 KB)


This highly dependable new generation pc sports alarm clock will revolutionize your clock experience forever! The new football alarm clock is built on the Microsoft .Net framework. The alarm clock is a modern day replacement for your conventional alarm clock. Take the alarm clock with you on business trips or wherever you travel with you laptop and rest comfortably. Never be left without the new 20006 Football Alarm Clock.

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Buy 2006 PCSPORTS CLOCK 2.0.0 (only $19.95)Download 2006 PCSPORTS CLOCK 2.0.0 (Size: 5982 KB)

Oront Burning Kit 1.3.2

Using this software you can create and record CD and DVD with data, music and video, create and record disc images, format & erase discs, extract files from multisession discs and use many other features. Oront Burning Kit is easy in use and understandable by the light of nature interface, needs minimum of resources and disc space and it is easy to install.

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Buy Oront Burning Kit 1.3.2 (only $29.95)Download Oront Burning Kit 1.3.2 (Size: 5641 KB)

SketchMatrix 2.x

SketchMatrix is the ultimate software tool for creating detailed sketch art from any photo or an image. The results rival professional works - in detail as well as quality. SketchMatrix offers simplicity through preset styles, and extensive configurability to create unique custom styles. This is not your average sketch filter as found in some popular image editors - be prepared to be amazed with its unprecedented quality and ease of use.

See also: sketch software, sketching software, drawing software, illustration, computer art, caricature, photo to sketch, sketch from photo, sketch filter, photography, image editing, image editor, imaging software, photo editor, photo editing, photography, hobby

Buy SketchMatrix 2.x (only $19.00)Download SketchMatrix 2.x (Size: 2441 KB)

Cucusoft MPEG to DVD Burner 3.15

Cucusoft MPEG to DVD Burner can burn MPEG files to a DVD so that you can play your movies on DVD player. It is a revolutionary DVD creator. As long as you have a MPEG file, you are just two clicks away from a player-ready DVD! With the built-in powerful and easy-to-use DVD Author and DVD Burner, you only need to: 1. Click the "open" button to choose you MPEG2 file. 2. Click "Start to Burn DVD" button. All is done!

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Buy Cucusoft MPEG to DVD Burner 3.15 (only $19.95)Download Cucusoft MPEG to DVD Burner 3.15 (Size: 3201 KB)

Beyond Remote 2.0

Fast, powerful remote access and support software for individuals, businesses, and service providers. Entirely new GUI comes in 6 new themes and 9 languages. New ReverseConnect allows the Console user to provide remote support through firewalls in seconds with no router configuration by the Host user. Other features include Host Discovery, secure 128 bit encryption, remote Wake On LAN/reboot/shutdown, Host status-polling and more. Free Trial.

See also: Beyond Remote, Remote Control Software, Remote Support, Remote Access, remote control, remote pc software, Radmin, pcanywhere, gotomypc, VNC, telecommuting

Buy Beyond Remote 2.0 (only $40.00)Download Beyond Remote 2.0 (Size: 5789 KB)

Net Switch 2.1

Net Switch is a multi network manager, which enables you to change network settings with one mouse click. If you use your PC in several networks, this program is a perfect solution for you. Don't waste your time reconfiguring computer network settings every time you change your location. Make several network profiles and then automatically change all network settings on your laptop: IP address, network masks, Wi-Fi settings, printer and more.

See also: net switch, ip switcher, ip manager, multi network manager, network settings, software ip manager

Buy Net Switch 2.1 (only $19.95)Download Net Switch 2.1 (Size: 3149 KB)

Recover Mac Digital Camera

Company offers Recover Mac Digital Camera software easily download on to retrieve your overall formatted, corrupted, damaged, missing and lost digicam photos, images, clips, memorable baby recording videos and files details without any extra knowledge. Highly advance Mac digital camera recovery software rescue formatted, corrupted image files and folders information in few mouse clicks without any extra help anyplace anywhere.

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Buy Recover Mac Digital Camera (only $45.00)Download Recover Mac Digital Camera (Size: 3031 KB)

Data Recovery Software for NTFS File represents Data Recovery Software for NTFS File which used to revive lost data via OS failure and uses virus infected SATA hard drives on your system. Documents restoration software easily revives accidently deleted folders of significant collection like movies, videos and lots more in few clicks.

See also: NTFS, data, recovery, application, recover, lost, deleted, files, folders, USB, HDD, drive, revival, tool, regain, corrupted, document, logical, error, software, malfunction, hardware, failure, restoration, program, retrieves, inaccessible

Buy Data Recovery Software for NTFS File (only $69.00)Download Data Recovery Software for NTFS File (Size: 4075 KB)

NTFS Data Recover Software

Highly tech NTFS Data Recovery Software is available at which efficiently recovers missing or lost significant official files and folder from inaccessible segments of your NTFS partitioned hard disk by using integral disk scanning mechanism feature of this utility.

See also: File, recovery, software, application, regain, missing, image, picture, retrieve, lost, audio, video, songs, rescue, text, data, official, documents, spreadsheets, compressed, encrypted, crashed, formatted, NTFS, NTFS5, partitioned, hard, disk, drive

Buy NTFS Data Recover Software (only $69.00)Download NTFS Data Recover Software (Size: 3983 KB)

Apex PDF Concatenator

PDF concatenator software to split files by pages, you can split file into single pages or save every pages as new document, it also can be used to merge multiple PDF files or selected pages from one or more document into single PDF document. PDF page delete software has option to remove any specific pages or page range according to page number from PDF files. You can provide Meta information like Title, Author, Subject and Keywords of PDF files.

See also: PDF, Concatenator, Software, Split, Merge, Manage, Create, Arrange, Organize, Add, Join, Cut, Combine, Extract, Remove, Break, Divide, Concatenate, Delete, Append, Odd, Even, Batch, Multiple, Prefix, Suffix, Adobe, Pages, Files, Size, Range, Document

Buy Apex PDF Concatenator (only $29.90)Download Apex PDF Concatenator (Size: 3597 KB)

Create Employee ID Cards

Download card generating application from company website to design employee and student identity card in short time period. Create Employee ID Cards with advance printing option using card maker tool.

See also: Employee, card, designing, software, create, flexible, color, background, setting, rectangle, application, generate, object, text, image, industry, pencil, arc, program, print, student, identity, picture, customize, triangle, business, modify

Buy Create Employee ID Cards (only $38.00)Download Create Employee ID Cards (Size: 6154 KB)

Mac Recovery Application

Do you want to recuperate mistakenly deleted or entirely removed crucial data, pictures, videos, files, snaps etc from various storage devices? Professional Mac Recovery Software available from recuperates mistakenly deleted or completely removed precious data, files, digital pictures, snaps, videos, audios, still images, text documents from different types of storage media like pen drive, flash drive, hard disks etc.

See also: Mac, Recovery, software, utility, revive, corrupted, image, retrieve, picture, video, USB, drive, data, file, text, document, digital, photo, snap, audio, song, computer, recuperate, restore, hard, disk, pen, flash, storage, media, device

Buy Mac Recovery Application (only $69.00)Download Mac Recovery Application (Size: 3153 KB)

Post Office Barcodes Generator

Inexpensive barcode printing mechanism is optimum solution for banking and postal professionals for labeling and uniquely identifying essential documents. Post office barcodes generator software is added with latest print preview option that provide snapshot of barcode labels before printing. Easy to use barcode developer tool enhanced with streamline GUI that helps beginners to understand software working without any prior tech training.

See also: Post, office, barcode, generator, application, create, bank, tag, line, pencil, text, image, graphical, tool, Windows, software, construct, print, scan, label, sticker, utility, produce, develop, coupon, color, style, size, shape, font, dimension

Buy Post Office Barcodes Generator (only $27.00)Download Post Office Barcodes Generator (Size: 5058 KB)

Recover Mac OSX

Affordable recover Mac OSX software at implements most powerful deep scan search algorithm on external data storage media devices and presents complete details of files and folders once stored on your removable media memory. Creative data rescue tool for Mac provides user option to automatically retrieve all data files in simple clicks or manually restore specific data files on Apple Macintosh operating system installed machines.

See also: Retrieve, missing, lost, crashed, virus, corrupted, picture, recover, Mac, OSX, application, software, revive, music, videos, rescue, utility, program, salvage, formatted, reformatted, removable, data storage, media, USB, drive, cards

Buy Recover Mac OSX (only $45.00)Download Recover Mac OSX (Size: 3409 KB)

ID Maker Software

Are you still finds out solution to make superior quality of identity cards in different styles on system? Then visit to download cost effective ID Maker Software which facilitates user to design their identity cards in different solid gradient background color.

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Buy ID Maker Software (only $38.00)Download ID Maker Software (Size: 4976 KB)

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