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ShapeIdeas Sneaky Peek 2006

The Browser with a Brain plus Whiteboard! Ask questions, browse the web, search for anything, capture text, images and your ideas to a layered whiteboard, and get answers! ShapeIdeas seamlessly integrates a Web Browser, Whiteboard, Image Sourcer and Ideas Database with sending to Web, Microsoft Word & Excel. ShapeIdeas Sneaky Peek is the most popular annotation software download.

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Buy ShapeIdeas Sneaky Peek 2006 (only $49.00)Download ShapeIdeas Sneaky Peek 2006 (Size: 16931 KB)

Ebook Protection

Ebook protection software lock all utility such as document printing, content copying, form filling, editing, modifying contents, commenting, annotations, assemble, page extraction and content copy for accessibility etc. You have option to select batch mode of add permission or remove restriction of PDF file. Download evaluation version of Apex PDF Password & Restriction Manager from to add or remove password protection. Ebook Protection is the second most popular annotation software download.

See also: Ebook, Protection, Software, Password, Restriction, Limitation, Security, Copy, Edit, Print, View, Paste, Form, Fill, Accessibility, Assemble, Annotation, Modify, Content, Comment, Add, Remove, User, Owner, Resolution, Download, Files, Tool, Document

Buy Ebook Protection (only $29.90)Download Ebook Protection (Size: 3472 KB)

Unlock PDF File

Unlock PDF file software can removes the master password and security settings within few clicks. This software unlock all locked or restricted feature such as copy text, print content, edit content, modify document, comment, extract document, annotation, view, signing, assemble, content for accessibility, etc. If you have gain more knowledge of this software so click this link Apex PDF Password & Restrictions Remover Unlock PDF File is the third most popular annotation software download.

See also: Unlock, PDF, File, Software, Batch, Lock, Copy, Modify, Content, Comment, Form, Fill, Extract, Assemble, Annotation, Permission, Limitation, Enable, Disable, User, Owner, Decrypt, Encrypt, Protect, Prevent, Password, Program, Download, Tool, Document

Buy Unlock PDF File (only $19.90)Download Unlock PDF File (Size: 1131 KB)

PDF Ebook Security

PDF Ebook security software is the highly innovative solution to remove large amount of PDF files restrictions at single time. PDF unlock security proficiently permits all users those who want for copying, printing, editing PDF files contents which are being restricted by owner restrictions in perfect manner. This software supports standard encryption level with 128-bit or 256-bit encryption. It is support prefix suffix with resultant file name.

See also: PDF Ebook Security, Software, Add, Remove, Encryption, Decryption, Protect, User, Owner, Disable, Restrict, Password, Restriction, Security, Content, Copy, Print, Assemble, Accessibility, Comment, Annotation, Form Fill, Unlock, Lock, Unrestrict, Tool

Buy PDF Ebook Security (only $29.90)Download PDF Ebook Security (Size: 3472 KB)

PDF Unlocker

PDF unlocker useful PDF restriction removal software to remove editing, copying, printing, form filling, commenting, assemble, annotations, accessibility of content and extracting data restrictions from Adobe files. With this program, you can enable or disable any kind of security setting of PDF. PDF protection remover utility users can unlock PDF protection & unlock PDF permissions in few clicks. It is support prefix suffix with resultant file name.

See also: PDF, Unlocker, Software, Encrypt, Decrypt, Enable, Disable, Lock, Unlock, Edit, Form, Fill, Copy, Print, Content, Assemble, Annotation, Accessibility, Restriction, Limitation, Password, Protection, Security, Remove, Adder, Adobe, File, Tool, Document

Buy PDF Unlocker (only $29.90)Download PDF Unlocker (Size: 3472 KB)

Apex Unlock PDF Printing

Unlock PDF printing is usual application for operating page level permissions. Tool lets locking and unlocking page permission like document printing, form filling. Content copying, modifying contents, contents copying for accessibility, annotations, assemble document, page extraction etc. Program lets using high resolution and low resolution option as per your requirement. Utility supports password protection through user and owner option.

See also: Unlock, PDF, Printing, Software, Lock, Permission, Limitation, Enable, Disable, Batch, Modify, Form, Fill, Copy, Edit, Assemble, Annotation, Accessibility, User, Owner, Password, Encrypt, High, Low, Resolution, Download, Program, File, Tool, Document

Buy Apex Unlock PDF Printing (only $29.90)Download Apex Unlock PDF Printing (Size: 3472 KB)

Apex Unlock PDF Document

Unlock PDF document software is the correct guide for so many users those who are really looking for an suitable solution to unlock Adobe PDF security as this utility allows users to unlock PDF security print, unlock PDF security copy, unlock PDF security edit in right way without effecting any original Adobe files. If you have gain more knowledge of this software so click this link Apex PDF Password & Restrictions Remover

See also: Unlock, PDF, Document, Software, Batch, Permission, Limitation, Enable, Disable, User, Owner, Decryption, Encryption, Protect, Prevent, Password, Lock, Copy, Modify, Content, Edit, Comment, Form, Fill, Assemble, Annotation, Program, Adobe, Tool, File

Buy Apex Unlock PDF Document (only $14.90)Download Apex Unlock PDF Document (Size: 1131 KB)

Apex Protect PDF

Protect PDF restrict, protect, set or encrypt multiple files using batch processing. It is professionally fit in user requirements and help to protecting various PDF documents using user or owner password. It encrypt owner password on PDFs and defend documents assembling, printing, content editing, modifying content etc. Software provides easy user interface for software owner and describes its all step-by-step password and security encryptions.

See also: Protect, PDF, Encrypt, Enable, Restrict, Set, Protection, Add, Allow, Restriction, Permissions, User, Owner, Encryption, Encrypting, Software, Password, Security, Assemble, Adobe, Pages, Documents, Files, Ebook, Annotation, Form, Filling, Copy, Print

Buy Apex Protect PDF (only $14.90)Download Apex Protect PDF (Size: 3438 KB)

Apex PDF Unlocker

PDF unlocker software easy-to-use Adobe Acrobat password remover tool, you can unlock Adobe PDF files and remove restrictions from those PDF file to perform the functions of editing, copying and printing PDF files. Software has provided ability to user and owner to defend document with the help of password protection. If you want download this software so go this link Apex PDF Password Protection & Restrictions Manager

See also: PDF, Unlocker, Software, Assemble, Annotation, Copy, Print, Edit, Modify, Form, Fill, Content, Comment, Accessibility, Enable, Disable, Multiple, Tool, Batch, User, Owner, Encrypt, Decrypt, Prevent, Password, Security, Download, Adobe, File, Document

Buy Apex PDF Unlocker (only $29.90)Download Apex PDF Unlocker (Size: 3472 KB)

PDF Decrypt

PDF decrypt software support batch mode operation user and owner password protection on multiple PDF file. This software is useful for both home users as well as corporate users. User password is use to defend opening PDF file. Software support different encryption level such as 48 bit and 128 bit. If you want this easiest and cheapest software to go this link PDF Password and Restriction Manager and download software

See also: PDF, Decrypt, Encrypt, Software, Batch, User, Password, Open, View, Protection, Owner, Security, Restriction, Copy, Edit, Form, Fill, Content, Comment, Annotation, Permission, Limitation, Prevent, Remove, Unlock, Decryption, Encryption, Program, File

Buy PDF Decrypt (only $29.90)Download PDF Decrypt (Size: 3472 KB)

Apex PDF Decrypter

PDF decrypt software provides various limitation, protection, permission, restriction on PDF document. It is fast, affordable way to decrypt lot of protected PDF files to decrypt PDF files once time. This software supports 40-bits/128-bits RC4 and 128-bits/256-bits AES encryption to remove security. If you want this easiest and cheapest software to go this link PDF Password and Restriction Manager and download software

See also: PDF, Decrypter, Encrypt, Software, Decrypt, Permission, Limitation, Prevent, Protection, Owner, Security, Restriction, Copy, Edit, Print, Form, Fill, Content, Comment, Annotation, Batch, User, Password, Open, Remove, Unlock, Encryption, Program, File

Buy Apex PDF Decrypter (only $29.90)Download Apex PDF Decrypter (Size: 3472 KB)

Apex PDF Encryption Removal Tool

PDF encryption removal utility add or remove both passwords user password and owner password protection. PDF protection software that lets you easily and quickly to encrypt and decrypt selected files or folders on your computer. Password decryption can remove the owner password within a few seconds. If you want this easiest and cheapest software to go this link PDF Password and Restriction Manager and download software

See also: PDF, Encryption, Removal, Tool, Copy, Form, Fill, Print, Edit, Modify, Content, Comment, Annotation, Assemble, Accessibility, Remove, Decryption, Unlock, Decrypt, Encrypt, Lock, Permission, Limitation, Software, Password, Protection, Prevent, Program

Buy Apex PDF Encryption Removal Tool (only $24.90)Download Apex PDF Encryption Removal Tool (Size: 3472 KB)

SecureWord 1.5

SecureWord was originally designed as the most convenient and fully functional program for storing important information such as logins, passwords and files. Modern and secure encryption algorithms, An improved security system, Convenient and easy interface, Quick and adjustable search system, The passwords generator and much more. Plus freeware Pocket PC version!

See also: data protection software, password keeper, password manager, password generator, pocke pc

Buy SecureWord 1.5 (only $19.95)Download SecureWord 1.5 (Size: 563 KB)

SpyCleaner Platinum 9.6

Spyware/adware are those software which send your personal data like, your browsing behavior, your computer's system configuration, Software installed on your computer and a lot of other information depending on the nature of the spyware, to their companies without your apPlatinumval or knowledge.

See also: Adware, spycleaner, ad-supported software, spam, adware, Adware, ad-ware, spyware, tsadbot, aureate, privacy, WebHancer, timesink, conducent, tsadbot, webhancer, aureate, radiate, DLL, advertising-supported software, advertising trojans, onFlow

Buy SpyCleaner Platinum 9.6 (only $22.95)Download SpyCleaner Platinum 9.6 (Size: 6640 KB)

WinUtilities 1.61

WinUtilities is a collection of tools to optimize your system performance and to remove unneeded files and internet tracks. It allows you to find and remove invalid registry entries, delete your application and internet history, manage your cookies and more. With a startup Cleaner&manager you can also see what programs start automatically with windows and optionally disable selected items.

See also: winutilities, registry cleaner, clean registry, duplicate file finder, find duplicate files, disk cleaner, cleaner software

Buy WinUtilities 1.61 (only $39.95)Download WinUtilities 1.61 (Size: 6547 KB)

Duplicate Email Remover 2.11.0

Delete duplicate e-mail messages and posts in Microsoft Outlook folders, Microsoft Exchange Server folders and mailboxes; supports searching across folders. A duplicate found can be marked, copied or moved to any folder. Works as an add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002/XP and 2003. Free trial.

See also: inbox cleaner, eliminate, mark, remove, delete, duplicated mail, plugin, addon, addin, outlook, msoutlook, dupe remove, outlook software

Buy Duplicate Email Remover 2.11.0 (only $15.00)Download Duplicate Email Remover 2.11.0 (Size: 2219 KB)

Advanced Net Monitor for Classroom 4.4.2

Net Monitor for Classroom is a program that allows a 'view' of a computer monitor of a remote computer, which is connected to the network. The program can be used on networks that use the TCP/IP network protocol. After start, the program displays the windows of all remote computers, where the picture appears, which is displayed on the monitor of the remote computer. A teacher also has the ability to send a message to the students' computers.

See also: e-learning, elearning, software, remote, education, network, monitor, remote, netmon

Buy Advanced Net Monitor for Classroom 4.4.2 (only $35.00)Download Advanced Net Monitor for Classroom 4.4.2 (Size: 1907 KB)

ALink 1.01

ALink takes the hard work out of setting up and maintaining your Reciprocal Links. Automatically sending requests for new links, checking for links that have been added, removing bad links and generating your Reciprocal Links Page automatically.

See also: ALink, reciprocal, reciprocal links, checker, reciprocal link, link checker, reciprocal advertising, reciprocal link software, reciprocal linking, reciprocal link generator, reciprocal link creator, reciprocal trade, free link page, link page

Buy ALink 1.01 (only $29.95)Download ALink 1.01 (Size: 1415 KB)

Collectibles Organizer Deluxe 2.5

Complete program that will help you organize all your collections. ORGANIZER DELUXE brings together flexible data inventory features: Search, Replace, Sort, Table / Browser Viewers, Report / Label Wizards, HTML Generator Wizard, Backup, Scanner Support, Full Customization. DESIGNER DELUXE (included) allows you to easily create your customized collectibles organizers.

See also: collectibles, collectible, hobby, software, organize, catalog, collect

Buy Collectibles Organizer Deluxe 2.5 (only $65.00)Download Collectibles Organizer Deluxe 2.5 (Size: 9277 KB)

Auto Maintenance Plus 5.2

Auto Maintenance Plus should capitalize the PLUS. You get a database to record your automobile expenses for maintenance and repairs as well as a separate table to list original cost, insurance, and license information on all your vehicles. Plus more

See also: Automobile, inventory, reg software, software

Buy Auto Maintenance Plus 5.2 (only $16.95)Download Auto Maintenance Plus 5.2 (Size: 8657 KB)

Diji Album 7.0

Diji Album software allows you to create electronic photo albums. Diji Album files resemble real photo albums and are just as fun and almost as easy to create. You can easily share your albums via e-mail as a single highly-compressed file (viewed with our free viewer) or as a self-extracting album file (no software needed to view), as self-running CD-ROMs or as web pages on the Internet.

See also: camera software, multimedi aalbum, image, digita lphoto album, picture album, wedding photo album, wedding album, photograph album, photo software, photo album software, photo album, photo, flip album, family album, desktop publishing, album

Buy Diji Album 7.0 (only $39.50)Download Diji Album 7.0 (Size: 2920 KB)

Barcode Label Maker

Innovative barcode label maker application is capable for designing customize barcode images with available color setting and many more. Reliable barcode software gives facility to design images at one page with print preview facility to avoid printing errors. Barcode label maker application lets user to generate bulk barcode images useful in labeling and tagging various business products such as transport companies, shipping products and more.

See also: Barcode, creator, software, design, bulk, tags, ribbons, standard, linear, fonts, image, generator, utility, print, colorful, stickers, shapes, sizes, pencil, line, arc, objects, download, list, sequential, random, constant, series

Buy Barcode Label Maker (only $45.00)Download Barcode Label Maker (Size: 3860 KB)

Printable Greeting Card

Non destructive birthday card designing tool is perfect application to generate eye catchy and high resolution greeting cards for your loved ones. Card making software offers an highly innovative feature to its users to add personalize message, text message, choose templates, different shapes like heart, call-out moon, sun, stars, square and many other attractive shapes for making card different and valuable for your near and dear ones.

See also: Software, tool, utility, card, design, greeting, photograph, text, icon, image, attractive, occasion, colorful, font, rectangle, square, ellipse, circle, shape, size, lines, pencil, star, rounded, birthday, triangle, background, label, coupon, height

Buy Printable Greeting Card (only $29.00)Download Printable Greeting Card (Size: 10342 KB)

Live Help Tool 1.1

eAssistance Pro ? a Live Help Tool lets multiple Live Chat sessions with website visitors, easy file transfer and canned responses alongwith the translation. The tool facilitates real-time and web-based visitor monitoring and security filtering. Available at reasonable and competitive prices, the software lets website operators in getting connected with website visitors in real-time with minimum efforts and maximum security.

See also: live help tool, live chat software, help desk software, online web chat, windows live chat, livehelp, livesupport, website chat, support live, live help desk, live support chat software

Buy Live Help Tool 1.1 (only $7.00)Download Live Help Tool 1.1 (Size: 14100 KB)

Retail Inventory Barcode Software

Easy to use barcode creator software is exclusively for inventory control and retail business to track and extract product entire details in actual time without any manual data entry work. Best retail and inventory barcode creator tool allowed user to make price tags, black price labels, discount tags, percent-off tags, safety tags, security label etc and copy/paste at specified Windows application including MS-Paint, MS-Word, MS-Excel etc.

See also: Retail, barcode, labels, designing, software, control, manage, business, inventory, generate, create, coupons, customized, stickers, assets, rolls, printable, scanable, product, security, tags, text, image, line, rectangle, ellipse, objects

Buy Retail Inventory Barcode Software (only $45.00)Download Retail Inventory Barcode Software (Size: 5068 KB)

Barcode App

Advance-Barcode-App-Software bieten dem Anwender auf einfache Weise zu produzieren Standard suchen und hochwertige Barcode-Aufkleber Bilder mit Hilfe modernster Barcode-Design-Objekte wie Linien, Rechtecke, Barcodes, Kreis, Bilder, Bleistifte, Bogen-, Dreieck-, Sternen etc. Sehr interaktive Bar Code Label schaffen Tool erleichtert es Ihnen, neue Barcode-Etiketten entwerfen oder bestehende ändern entsprechend ihrer geschäftlichen Anforderungen.

See also: Business-, Barcode, Erzeugung, Anwendung, Handwerk, hohe Qualität, elegantes, suchen, Etiketten, Aufkleber, Preis, Tags, Hologramme, Gutscheine, Software zu erstellen, Abzeichen, Handgelenk, Bänder, Rollen, Abzeichen, Rabatt-, Druck-, farbig, Bilder

Buy Barcode App (only $69.00)Download Barcode App (Size: 5140 KB)

Fat File Recovery Freeware

Do you want access back all deleted files from corrupted storage media? Don?t wait, just click at website to download Fat File Recovery Freeware tool which is used to rescue accidentally lost folders, digital photos, data from FAT 16 and FAT 32 file systems.

See also: Professional, data, retrieval, software, file, restoration, program, application, rescue, corrupted, images, digital, photos, tool, deleted, damaged, folders, documents, formatted, storage, media, FAT, system, hard, disk, drive

Buy Fat File Recovery Freeware (only $69.00)Download Fat File Recovery Freeware (Size: 4331 KB)

Recover USB Data

Best and comprehensive removable storage media data recovery tool is perfect utility to quickly restore all missed files and folders lost from various USB drive or removable media device. Expertise data retrieving software frequently work with all USB drives, memory cards and window based mobile phones like pen drive, thumb drive, zip drive, memory stick, mini sd card, micro sd card, secure digital card, pocket pc, smart phones, MMC card etc.

See also: Software, tool, utility, data, recovery, drive, storage, multimedia, lost, missed, deleted, flash, files, folders, text, documents, college, assignments, corrupted, important, removable, disk, audio, video, pictures, images, music, memory, portable

Buy Recover USB Data (only $45.00)Download Recover USB Data (Size: 1464 KB)

How to Retrieve Deleted Files on a Mac

Lost significant data and now want solution for how to retrieve deleted files on a mac! take advantage of SD card file undelete software to renovate missing or inaccessible text, pdf, exe, zip or rar data files from logically damaged or accidentally formatted multimedia memory card in less span of time. Perfect CF card data retrieval software regains picture, audio, text, video or music files from corrupted or crashed memory card in easiest way.

See also: Mac, data, recovery, software, memory, card, download, freeware, file, undelete, utility, deleted, photo, lost, pictures, missing, mp3, mp4, music, songs, snapshots, corrupted, images, formatted, text, documents, virus, corrupted, MMC,

Buy How to Retrieve Deleted Files on a Mac (only $45.00)Download How to Retrieve Deleted Files on a Mac (Size: 3133 KB)

Time tracking software 6.1.0

TimeLive - web-basedTime and billing software for timesheet automation, billing automation, expense management, employee attendance automation, project management and task management. Free downloadable and hosted (ASP) version. Both downloadable and hosted version are free for 5 users. TimeLive can be installed at local system as well as its online version can be used from ( ASP.Net 2

See also: open source, time tracking software, web based timesheet, online timesheet, time tracking software, time and expense, time and billing, time management, timesheet application, online web timesheet, web timesheet, timesheets, timesheet

Buy Time tracking software 6.1.0 (only $300.00)Download Time tracking software 6.1.0 (Size: 72041 KB)

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