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PatchBreeze 1.4

How do you like the idea of distributing a short file instead of the whole program, when a small modification was made? And what about the updates of the documents? Every time you have updated the document all you need is to email a file with those updates instead of redistributing the whole document! All this is now possible with PatchBreeze, a complete software update system! Create updates of your software visually and with ease! PatchBreeze is the most popular archiving storage download.

See also: compression technology, archiving storage, permanent, version control, updating products, files of any format, patch building, updating, patching, updates, patches, installation, integrity, consistency check

Buy PatchBreeze 1.4 (only $85.00)Download PatchBreeze 1.4 (Size: 1597 KB)

EaseTag Tiered Storage Filter Driver SDK

File System Tiered Storage Filter Driver SDK, is a data storage technique which automatically moves data between high-cost and low-cost storage media. Tiered Storage Filter systems exist because high-speed storage devices, such as hard disk drive arrays, are more expensive (per byte stored) than slower devices, such as optical discs and magnetic tape drives. Tiered Storage Filter systems store the bulk of the enterprise's data on slower devices. EaseTag Tiered Storage Filter Driver SDK is the second most popular archiving storage download.

See also: File system filter driver, Mini filter, sdk, windows kernel, storage, backup, data backup, archived, Tiered storage, ILM, archiving system, long term archiving.

Buy EaseTag Tiered Storage Filter Driver SDK (only $1999.00)Download EaseTag Tiered Storage Filter Driver SDK (Size: 1525 KB)

Password Safe and Sound 1.2.0

Password Safe and Sound allows you to store all your passwords and related information securely, in an encrypted file that only you can view using your defined password. It also allows you to launch websites, programs, or files associated with your passwords with a simple click of the mouse. Password Safe and Sound is the third most popular archiving storage download.

See also: Password, manager, Safe, Encryption, Keeper, Store, safe and sound, vault, store, database, lock, secure, trapper, holder, storage, wallet, convenient, organizer, info, information, simple life, PIN, encrypt, safety, account, secret

Buy Password Safe and Sound 1.2.0 (only $9.95)Download Password Safe and Sound 1.2.0 (Size: 4819 KB)

SpotAuditor 3.4.2

SpotAuditor recovers MSN messenger, ICQ, RnQ, Trillian, Miranda IM, VNC, Far ftp, FileZilla, CuteFTP, CoffeeCup Direct FTP, FlashFXP ftp, SecureFX ftp, WebDrive ftp, FTP Voyager, AutoFTP, FTP Control, 32bit FTP, FTP Navigator, Dial up, Outlook, passwords saved in Internet Explorer, IE Auto Complete Fields, recovers passwords stored behind the asterisks in password text-boxes and explores Outlook Accounts, Visited URLs and Start Run Programs.

See also: Internet Explorer Password Recovery, icq, far ftp, dial up, recover password, msn password reveal, revealer, AutoComplete strings, content advisor password, protected storage, lost password, content advisor password, site, auto complete

Buy SpotAuditor 3.4.2 (only $27.50)Download SpotAuditor 3.4.2 (Size: 1281 KB)

Memory Card Data Restore

Memory card data recovery software restore retrieve formatted corrupted deleted images photographs pictures audio video music jpg jpeg bmp 3gp mpeg mp3 format files folders information of Windows XP NT 2003 2000 ME 95 98 apple Mac OSX operating system undelete unerase unformat repair storage media mmc secure digital compact flash PDA xD mobile cell phone communicator smart cards pocket pc handheld computer pen drive multimedia USB port reader

See also: memory, card, mmc, jpg, jpeg, bmp, stick, data, compact, flash, chip, storage, restore, retrieve, recover, pen, drive, digital, mobile, camera, photographs, pictures, deleted, files, formatted, erased, deleted, communicator, computer, software, media

Buy Memory Card Data Restore (only $45.00)Download Memory Card Data Restore (Size: 5587 KB)

Permanent Data Wiper

Data erasure software completely eradicates your deleted confidential information, personal records and private contents from hard disk. Utility ensures swiped data never to be recovered after wipes through the software. Tool permanently cleans your computer from temporary internet files, URLs, history, cookies and activity traces of application and system files. Eradication tool removes unused clusters which are not linked with any file system.

See also: data, wipes, software, permanently, eliminates, deleted, files, cleanup, internet, cache, history, cookies, personal, confidential, information, critical, records, removes, private, contents, folders, erasure, overwrite, hard, drive, storage, media

Buy Permanent Data Wiper (only $45.00)Download Permanent Data Wiper (Size: 1249 KB)

MemLocker 1.03

MemLocker is a safe, fast and easy to use solution for Pocket PC for protecting information on external storage cards (SD, MMC, etc.). It locks inserted cards when you're switching off your Pocket PC and automatically unlock them when you switch it on and enter the password for your device. MemLocker completely locks card. MemLocker does its work in times faster than other utilities. MemLocker has very easy and friendly user interface.

See also: MMC, PocketPC, protect, encrypt, storage card, lock, security, pda, protection, memory

Buy MemLocker 1.03 (only $7.75)Download MemLocker 1.03 (Size: 78 KB)

Bopup Communication Server RC7

This Instant Messaging server designed for organizing effective communication system over small and enterprise-size networks. The server is fast to deploy and easy to use, it offers a set of corporate features and answers most of the business needs you may have. You can easily unite users from all other offices and locations to one secure IM workspace and take control over that system. Features include IM logging, user grouping, printing support.

See also: secure im, secure messaging, corporate im, business im, enterprise im, corporate server, messaging server, communication server, im logging, im archiving, messaging system, instant messaging, enterprise messaging, business communications, messaging

Buy Bopup Communication Server RC7 (only $219.00)Download Bopup Communication Server RC7 (Size: 32615 KB)

Windows Vista Data Recovery Software

Hard disk partition files restoration software recover lost deleted storage volume pictures images audio videos. Utility retrieves undelete deleted damaged files inaccessible corrupted overwritten folders from SATA ATA SCSI media drive. Windows data restoration software retrieves previous data from hard disk which is deleted permanently by (Shift + Del) keys or formatted many times. Tool supports Windows 98 ME XP 2000 Vista operating system.

See also: Windows, vista, FAT, NTFS, recovery, software, recover, undelete, deleted, lost, missing, data, restore, unformat, damaged, formatted, partition, tool, salvage, crashed, volume, retrieve, overwritten, folders, storage, repair, corrupted, MTF, MBR

Buy Windows Vista Data Recovery Software (only $69.00)Download Windows Vista Data Recovery Software (Size: 675 KB)

Salvage USB Hard Disk Data

USB drive data unerase tool restore deleted office documents and significant files from all type of USB storage devices like memory stick, key drive, thumb drive, jump drive etc. Portable USB storage media files recovery software is compatible to work with all versions of Windows OS including Windows Vista and XP, also supports all available brands of USB storage devices like Toshiba, Transcend, SanDisk of major capacities.

See also: USB, device, data, recovery, software, pen, thumb, flash, storage, drive, removable media, files, retrieval, tool, restoration, utility, rescue, application, recover, salvage, restore, repair, lost, corrupted, deleted, document, text, picture, video

Buy Salvage USB Hard Disk Data (only $45.00)Download Salvage USB Hard Disk Data (Size: 643 KB)

Recover Deleted Document

Affordable data recovery software has ability to recover any type of files including audio, video, text files and digital pictures from memory sticks, SD cards, picture cards, fixed HDD drives and pen drives. Image repair software supports multiple files extensions for data salvage process including jpeg, mov, midi, mp3 etc. Advance File recover software can regain corrupted files just in previous condition in very few processing time.

See also: USB, corrupted, free, album, data, disk, device, formatted, misplace, retrieval, video, removable, repair, stick, lost, media, image, drive, storage, card, hard, memory, rescue, recover, damaged, program, recovery, audio, deleted, software, files

Buy Recover Deleted Document (only $79.99)Download Recover Deleted Document (Size: 2201 KB)

Data Recovery Tool

Data Recovery Tool is the best data recovery software to recover files, folders, audio, video, images, pictures and digital photos that lost due to disk corruption, virus attack, software installation errors, formatting disk or deleted by mistake. Data Recovery Software provides facility to recover data from any type of digital storage device such as hard disk, memory card, digital camera, thumb drive, pen drive and other removable storage media.

See also: Software, data, recover, restore, file, folder, photo, audio, video, document, deleted, lost, hard, disk, fixed, removable, tool, utility, system, hardware, failure, error, drive, partition, USB, device, storage, corrupted, formatted, virus

Buy Data Recovery Tool (only $79.99)Download Data Recovery Tool (Size: 2211 KB)

Data Doctor Recovery USB Storage Media

Data Doctor USB storage media recovery tool helps to backup all unrecognized or inaccessible significant files folders from damaged removable storage media like xD card, sD card, multimedia card (MMC), thumb drive, pen drive etc. External storage drive data rescue utility has ability to restore lost or missed mpeg, jpeg, xls, gif, mdb, png, doc, riff, tiff, midi, ppt, wav, bmp format files from corrupted or undetected removable USB storage drives.

See also: Removable, USB, storage, media, files, recovery, software, recover, deleted, data, formatted, pen, drive, folders, retrieval, tool, salvage, restore, erased, video, inaccessible, memory, card, corrupted, image, rescue, utility, retrieve, lost, audio

Buy Data Doctor Recovery USB Storage Media (only $45.00)Download Data Doctor Recovery USB Storage Media (Size: 652 KB)

Rescue Data Mac

Effective rescue data Mac application at provides user finest means to reform significant business documents and multimedia files from cell memory cards showing common logical errors including ?Drive not recognized? or ?Format the drive before use? while accessing mobile phone device on Apple Macintosh installed computer machines.

See also: Salvage, deleted, erased, lost, missing, mobile, phone, memory, storage, data, rescue, application, program, rescue, data, Mac, software, utility, revive, retrieve, reform, recreate, images, pictures, Mp3, music, crashed, corrupted, formatted, cell

Buy Rescue Data Mac (only $45.00)Download Rescue Data Mac (Size: 3010 KB)

File Restore

Award winning Data Recovery Software allow users with enhanced feature to economically rescue all deleted significant data from hard disk device or USB drive in just few countable steps. Economical File Restore tool enable users to salvage overall missed or intentionally removed precious data saved in different graphical file formats including jpeg, png, exif, gif, emf, wmf, mp3, mp4, xls, txt, .doc, tiff, riff, mov, midi, wma and many more.

See also: Data, recovery, software, retrieve, regain, missed, erased, accidentally, removed, text, documents, presentation, files, digital, pictures, songs, collection, movies, video, clippings, photos, hard, disk, corrupted, removable, storage, media, device

Buy File Restore (only $99.00)Download File Restore (Size: 1925 KB)

Digital Camera Unerase

Digital camera recovery software is specially designed to undelete missing pictures, snaps, photos, audios and videos clips from inaccessible internal camcorder memory. Interactive graphical user interface of digital camcorder retrieval application helps tech users to easily operate the utility for restoring erased photos. Effective digital camera unerase software is very useful utility to regain lost images from corrupted internal camera memory.

See also: Digital, camera, undelete, program, regain, missing, lost, images, corrupted, memory, lost, pictures, audio, video, songs, retrieval, tool, rescue, erased, files, camcorder, internal, storage, device, secure, safe, digicam, recovery, internet

Buy Digital Camera Unerase (only $45.00)Download Digital Camera Unerase (Size: 1986 KB)

Corrupted NTFS Partition Recovery

Windows hard drive NTFS partition recovery software rescue deleted data, significant files and folders lost due to boot sector corruption from NTFS and NTFS5 file system based hard drive. Files recovery utility provides facility to retrieve data lost due to hardware malfunction, software error, unexpected system shutdown and virus attack. Restoration tool recovers deleted documents even after complete format operation performed on hard drive.

See also: Windows, NTFS, partition, hard drive, rescue, tool, retrieve, deleted, data, repair, corrupted, boot, sector, formatted, file system, software, restore, backup, erased, MFT, MBR, lost, files, folders, recovery, drives, storage, volumes, tables

Buy Corrupted NTFS Partition Recovery (only $69.00)Download Corrupted NTFS Partition Recovery (Size: 1239 KB)

Flash Drive Repair Software

USB drive data recovery software retrieves music files, digital pictures including office documents damaged due to transfer of files from USB pen drive to computer. Pen drive data rescue utility is user friendly and read only tool to recover audio video files (mp3, mp4, mpeg), picture files (jpg, jpeg, gif) even when disk is not recognized by PC. Memory stick files restoration tool is capable to rescue all types of data saved in pen drive.

See also: USB, pen, drive, file, video, recovery, utility, rescue, lost, undelete, storage, data, audio, pictures, disk, software, formatted, memory, retrieval, program, stick, mpeg, media, tool, backup, jump, key, flash, application, restoration, support

Buy Flash Drive Repair Software (only $45.00)Download Flash Drive Repair Software (Size: 1484 KB)

DDR Recovery Pen Drive

DDR Recovery Pen Drive software deals with wide range of file formats for data recovery just like mp3, mp4, midi, mov, jpeg, png, bmp etc.File repair software gets back even those data which you lost in accidental deletion, human error, virus attack, logical error and many similar reasons. File rescue utility helps you to repair corrupted precious files such as office files, song collections, video clips, digital pictures, photos within your budget.

See also: USB, corrupted, free, album, data, device, deleted, stick, lost, media, recovery, audio, formatted, misplaced, software, DDR, pen, thumb, flash, file, removable, repair, image, drive, storage, card, memory, rescue, recover, damaged, retrieval, video

Buy DDR Recovery Pen Drive (only $45.00)Download DDR Recovery Pen Drive (Size: 1495 KB)

Memory Stick Pro Duo Photo Recovery

Memory card data recovery application rescues data lost due to accidental deletion of data stored in memory card. Memory card data retrieval utility retrieves data from various USB port memory cards. Memory card data rescue software easily recovers lost data from formatted or reformatted memory cards. Memory card file retrieval tool restores data when system generated errors like "drive not formatted" occurs while accessing memory cards from PC.

See also: lost, audio, video, song, utility, retrieve, restore, recover, card, data, flash, delete, file, missing, information, tool, folder, software, memory, undelete, smart, media, recording, USB, format, application, storage, recovery, rescue, salvage

Buy Memory Stick Pro Duo Photo Recovery (only $69.00)Download Memory Stick Pro Duo Photo Recovery (Size: 1863 KB)

Free Camera Data Recovery

Professional and cost effective Free Camera Data Recovery software is easily available on website which is used to rescue deleted images, pictures, snapshots etc from digital storage device within fraction of seconds.

See also: Free, download, data, recovery, application, salvage, missing, files, folders, digital, removable, disk, storage, drive, back, images, pictures, baby, snapshots, audio, video, clips, application, supports, Windows, operating, system

Buy Free Camera Data Recovery (only $45.00)Download Free Camera Data Recovery (Size: 4444 KB)

Fix Corrupted Pictures

Digital snapshot recovery software retrieves all lost or deleted images, picture and snap files from your laptop, compact flash drive, SD card etc. Digital image rescue utility provides user friendly interface to easily operate the software. Digital picture recovery tool supports all major formats of image files including jpeg, mpeg, jpg, riff, gif. Digital photo retrieval software uses advance searching algorithms to recover missing photographs.

See also: Digital, images, retrieval, extensive, deleted, utility, software, corrupted, disk, drive, lost, picture, removable, storage, pen, camera, media, formatted, photograph, restore, compact, flash, backup, rescue, tool, data, recovery, accidentally

Buy Fix Corrupted Pictures (only $69.00)Download Fix Corrupted Pictures (Size: 1536 KB)

Repair Removable Disk

Removable media data recovery software restores missing files, images, audio video clippings from USB mass storage media devices. Removable media data retrieval application provide complete support for innovative handheld devices like mobile communicator, portable flash memory storage devices, PDA devices, MP3 payers and other supportive devices. Removal media missing picture restoration tool provides preview of data before real data recovery.

See also: Removable, media, data, recovery, software, utility, corrupted, lost, missing, erased, deleted, virus, files, images, photos, multimedia, storage, device, flash, memory, card, restores, rescue, backup, tool, audio, video, digital, USB, jpg, midi, mp3

Buy Repair Removable Disk (only $45.00)Download Repair Removable Disk (Size: 1454 KB)

Fat Drive Recovery

Company provides Fat Drive Recovery software which makes an effective solution for reviving entire deleted or lost whole office data like word, text, power point, excel, pictures and more valuable documents from formatted FAT partitions.

See also: Fat, drive, recovery, tool, utility, hard, disk, memory, partition, retrieval, software, program, storage, devices, regain, revive, deleted, lost, data, text, documents, restore, missing, formatted, files, folders, application, Windows, computer

Buy Fat Drive Recovery (only $69.00)Download Fat Drive Recovery (Size: 4331 KB)

Free Memory Card Repair

Free Memory Card Repair utility enables to rescue music folder and picture file that remove from your computer system due to power failure. Advance file recovery application helps to revive corrupted data and missing detail from portable storage device. Free data recovery software is used to retrieve deleted significant contact number from your mobile phone memory card. Memory card data recovery software enables to restore lost valuable data and file.

See also: Free, memory, card, repair, software, revive, corrupted, data, delete, files, digital, camera, recover, erase, photograph, lost, image, picture, restore, remove, folder, missing, audio, video, song, compact, flash, rescue, format, storage, device

Buy Free Memory Card Repair (only $45.00)Download Free Memory Card Repair (Size: 4259 KB)

Recover USB Data

Best and comprehensive removable storage media data recovery tool is perfect utility to quickly restore all missed files and folders lost from various USB drive or removable media device. Expertise data retrieving software frequently work with all USB drives, memory cards and window based mobile phones like pen drive, thumb drive, zip drive, memory stick, mini sd card, micro sd card, secure digital card, pocket pc, smart phones, MMC card etc.

See also: Software, tool, utility, data, recovery, drive, storage, multimedia, lost, missed, deleted, flash, files, folders, text, documents, college, assignments, corrupted, important, removable, disk, audio, video, pictures, images, music, memory, portable

Buy Recover USB Data (only $45.00)Download Recover USB Data (Size: 1464 KB)

Quickbooks Timesheet 6.1.0

TimeLive - Web based collaboration utility for project management, bug tracking, employee timesheet, employee attendance, issues and expenses. Free downloadable and hosted (ASP) version. TimeLive can be installed at local system as well as its online version can be used from (

See also: Timelive, free, web based, project management, bug tracking, employee timesheet, employee attendance, project expense, webbased, hosted, downloadable, tracking, lite, online, expenses, projects, tasks, issue, hosted, unlimited, space, storage, asp

Buy Quickbooks Timesheet 6.1.0 (only $300.00)Download Quickbooks Timesheet 6.1.0 (Size: 89726 KB)

Data Recovery Flash Drive

Take advantage of freeware Data Recovery Flash Drive software from webpage that offers facility to retrieve significant data, pictures and other media files lost due to unusual pressing of shift + Del key.

See also: Flash, drive, file, recovery, utility, software, repair, formatted, damaged, corrupted, USB, mass, storage, media, storage, text, word, document, digital, picture, photograph, image, mp3, music, audio, video, clip, sound

Buy Data Recovery Flash Drive (only $79.99)Download Data Recovery Flash Drive (Size: 4239 KB)

Pictures Data Recovery Software

Compatible to windows OS Pictures Data Recovery Software restores deleted digital photos, snaps, snapshots from flash drive, SD cards, MMC cards, memory sticks and other removable USB storage devices very easily. Visit website to install digital image restoration software for retrieving memorable photographs from corrupted removable physical data storage media.

See also: Pictures, Data, Recovery, Software, restores, deleted, digital, images, photos, snapshots, snaps, pictures, damages, crashed, USB, hard, pen, drive, memory, preview, scanning, searching, technique, storage, media, flash, MMC, cards

Buy Pictures Data Recovery Software (only $45.00)Download Pictures Data Recovery Software (Size: 2560 KB)

Recover External Hard Drive Files

Removable media data restoration software rescue missing files, folders from corrupted and virus infected pen drive, i-pods, MP3 players, multimedia memory cards, external hard disk drives and mobile phones. Removable media data revival tool supports all major file formats including jpeg, mpeg, tiff, bmp, doc, txt and pdf. Removable media data storage utility provides help manual so that any non tech user can easily operate the software.

See also: hard, accidentally, digital, storage, folder, file, retrieval, utility, rescue, video, picture, scanning, disk, removable, damaged, portable, mobile, restoration, recovery, data, lost, device, missing, deleted, software, media, destructive, Corrupted

Buy Recover External Hard Drive Files (only $45.00)Download Recover External Hard Drive Files (Size: 1454 KB)

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