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Zipkey 6.01E

ZIPKEY is a complete city-level directory of 5-digit United States zipcodes, 3-digit telephone area codes, and time zones, combined with a keyboard enhancement program. If you type US addresses into any Windows program, ZIPKEY will speed your job and improve your accuracy. You type the zipcode, and ZIPKEY types out the city, state, etc. for you. Instantly look up telephone area codes and time zones as well. Zipkey is the most popular area codes download.

See also: zipkey, zipcodes, areacodes, zip codes, area codes, areacode, zip code add-on, time zones, timezones, keystroke macro, Word add-on, Access add-on, Office add-on, Excel add-on, ACT add-on, Contact Plus add-on

Buy Zipkey 6.01E (only $25.00)Download Zipkey 6.01E (Size: 194 KB)

Zip Express 2.4a

Zip Express allows you to search by zip code, city, county, state or area code. As you type in search criteria, potential matches are displayed Preferences may be chosen on what data is to be displayed. Copy data to the clipboard or print it. It lets you automatically paste zip code information directly into your Windows applications via hot keys and over 80 hot keys are available. You can have nearly unlimited formats for your data. Zip Express is the second most popular area codes download.


Buy Zip Express 2.4a (only $24.95)Download Zip Express 2.4a (Size: 3422 KB)

Universal Desktop Ruler 2.5

Univerasl Desktop Ruler allows you to measure not only a straight line distance but any curved distance on the Screen. It allows you to measure quickly and accurately distances, areas and perimeters of figures on the screen. You can determine your own scale and get results in pixels and your units of measurement (feet, inches, meters, ...). It is useful for measuring distance and area on a map, finding area and perimeter in a house project. Universal Desktop Ruler is the third most popular area codes download.

See also: Universal, Desktop, Ruler, measure, distance, area, perimeter, map

Buy Universal Desktop Ruler 2.5 (only $19.95)Download Universal Desktop Ruler 2.5 (Size: 901 KB)

ESBUnitConv Pro 5.1.1

Unit Conversion Software for Windows to easily convert between 552 units in 26 different measurement categories. Includes Units for Temperature, Distance, Mass, Area, Volume, Pressure, Velocity, Acceleration, Force, Energy, Power, Fuel Consumption, Flow, Torque, Angles, Time, Illumination, Luminous Intensity and more. Includes Log of conversions, clipboard support, integrated help, printing, full customization and much more.

See also: unit conversion, conversion, calculator, measurement, distance, area, mass, volume, power, energy, velocity, acceleration, fuel, consumption, torque, flow, temperature, Radioactivity, Illumination, Luminous Intensity, Luminance, Flux, Density

Buy ESBUnitConv Pro 5.1.1 (only $19.00)Download ESBUnitConv Pro 5.1.1 (Size: 1317 KB)

LanBuster 1.04

When you need all your computers resources for yourself. LanBuster lets you easily turn on or off filesharing. LanBuster runs in the system tray, and signals with the icon color whether the LAN has been disabled or not. A double click on the icon in the system tray is all that is needed to control the state of your filesharing. Your internet connection is not affected. LanBuster can be useful for everything from mp3 encoding to online gaming.

See also: filesharing, utility, shareware, off, system, lan, local area network, network, online, game, games, gaming, file sharing, shared, folder, file, service, my network places, 2000, windows, win, computer, administration, microsoft networks, client, program

Buy LanBuster 1.04 (only $14.95)Download LanBuster 1.04 (Size: 534 KB)

HTML Rich Text Area 1.3

The HTML Rich Text Area is a web browser tool that replaces textareas with a powerful WYSIWYG editor. It implements a user interface familiar to any Windows user enabling even novice computer users to quickly format text in a variety of styles. Web sites can benefit from HTML Rich Text Area in many ways; including message boards, customer feedback, HTML based email generation for customer newsletters or even WYSIWYG web page authoring.

See also: WYSIWYG, textarea, editor, rich text area, textbox, RTF, HTML, web browser, markup, website, webmaster, text edit, WYSIWYG editor, rich text editor, rich text box, web page editor, HTML editor

Buy HTML Rich Text Area 1.3 (only $235.00)Download HTML Rich Text Area 1.3 (Size: 4042 KB)

Gate-and-Way Internet 2.2

Quiet navigation, with the safety of a powerful firewall, using only one account with your ISP for all the users on the LAN. Redundant connections in order to obviate to possible inefficiencies of the ISP without stopping working. Other Gate-and-Way's modules: Mail, Fax, Backup, Voice, RAS. All them integrated and centrally managed.

See also: Navigator, Netscape, Fetchmail, Pine, Mutt, Express, Outlook, Linux, Windows, ethernet, network, area, local, LAN, lan, remote, RAS, Remote Access, Backup, Voice, Internet, Fax, Mail, Server, Client, Unified Messaging System, Messenger, router, firewall

Buy Gate-and-Way Internet 2.2 (only $35.00)Download Gate-and-Way Internet 2.2 (Size: 927 KB)

Gate-and-Way Mail 2.2

An internal mail server to store all your company's messages. Powerful and integrated with shared folders and personal folders for internal use only. Authomatic download of mail from the Internet. Other Gate-and-Way's modules: Backup, Fax, Internet, Voice, RAS. All them integrated and centrally managed.

See also: Unified Messaging System, Client, Server, Mail, Fax, Internet, Voice, Backup, Remote Access, RAS, remote, lan, LAN, local, area, network, ethernet, Windows, Linux, Outlook, Express, Mutt, Pine, Fetchmail, Netscape, Navigator, Messenger, router, firewall

Buy Gate-and-Way Mail 2.2 (only $49.00)Download Gate-and-Way Mail 2.2 (Size: 927 KB)

Natural Born Chatter 2.9.8

Popular text chat solution that was designed specifically for small and medium local area networks. It doesn't require an Internet connection or a dedicated server, because it utilizes your network, enabling your staff to prioritize and communicate effectively. This program makes it easy to simultaneously exchange files, clipboard data, and text messages. Best of all, your users will have equal access to all of the tools and functions.

See also: natural, born, chatter, lan, instant, messenger, messaging, messages, secure, chat, winpopup, replacement, file, transfer, net, network, send, receive, netsend, communication, software, room, local, area, network, ICQ, for, chatting, broadcast

Buy Natural Born Chatter 2.9.8 (only $22.00)Download Natural Born Chatter 2.9.8 (Size: 970 KB)

Desktop Dozen 2.82

Desktop Dozen is an award-winning collection of 12 business-oriented productivity tools. Includes Postage Calculator, Time Calculator, Date Calculator, Alarm Clock, Area Code Finder, Zip Code Finder, Astronomy Calculator, State Abbreviation Tool, Perpetual Calendar, Measurement Converter, Stopwatch, Printing Calculator. You have the option to view them as skinned windows, or with the standard Windows interface. Very handy and a great value!

See also: productivity, calculator, postage, zip code, area code, calendar, time, date

Buy Desktop Dozen 2.82 (only $24.95)Download Desktop Dozen 2.82 (Size: 9537 KB)

Gate-and-Way Fax 2.2

The Gate-and-Way fax service allows you to use one or more faxmodems and one or more telephone lines to send and receive faxes. Any enabled user on the LAN can send faxes simply printing his documents to a virtual Windows printer, Incoming / Outgoing faxes will be routed to client's e-mail in PDF format. Other Gate-and-Way's modules: Mail, Fax, Internet, Voice, RAS. All them integrated and centrally managed.

See also: Unified Messaging System, Client, Server, Mail, Fax, Internet, Voice, Backup, Remote Access, RAS, remote, lan, LAN, local, area, network, ethernet, Windows, Linux, Outlook, Express, Mutt, Pine, Fetchmail, Netscape, Navigator, Messenger, router, firewall

Buy Gate-and-Way Fax 2.2 (only $49.00)Download Gate-and-Way Fax 2.2 (Size: 927 KB)

CommFort 2.20

CommFort is a client-server chat with voice chat support designed for use in local networks. It combines all attributes of the best network communication utility, such as channels-based chat, user profiles, file and folder transfers, sound notification system and 100 graphical emoticons. The program has a well-rounded user interface, which is easy to work for both experienced users and chat first-timers.

See also: commfort, chat, network, communications, server, client, lan, local area network, voice chat

Buy CommFort 2.20 (only $79.00)Download CommFort 2.20 (Size: 2529 KB)

LanTalk XP 2.93

Effective communications for the office and home environment. If you work in a busy environment and need to communicate with others in the office, or maybe even colleagues in another building, make life easy for yourself and install LanTalk. LanTalk enables you to talk in real time to anybody on the same computer network, as long as they too have the application. LanTalk has been specifically designed for the office. Terminal server supported.

See also: LAN messenger, Net send, LanTalk, Lan Chat, LanChat, Winpop, Winpopup, Instant messenger, Message, Send, Receive, Exchange, Netsend, Note, Sticky, Local Area Network, Project managment, SMB, Samba, Popup

Buy LanTalk XP 2.93 (only $14.95)Download LanTalk XP 2.93 (Size: 862 KB)


Ever wonder how many Eastern Mediterranean Piks are in a French Arpent? how many meters per statue mile? or how many liters there are in a British bucket? Well, wonder no more and get Conversions+, conversion software with over 600 different conversions. Linear Measure, Area, Temperature, Weight, Liquid, Volume, Speed and Time measurements can all be converted within their specific category. With web-updates.

See also: area, liquid, time, weight, volume, linear, convert, Measure, Consulting, JSoft

Buy Conversions+ (only $19.95)Download Conversions+ (Size: 1770 KB)

Phone Calls Filter 1.0

Call block for unwanted phone call with professional log software: Phone Calls Filter 1.0. Are you bothered with unwanted phone calls ? not anymore ! just set filters for incoming phone calls.. use categorized answering modes - such as: hanging up, personalized greetings etc... All based on caller ID. filter your incoming calls so that all your unwanted calls will go unnoticed. Try it!

See also: call block, block call, block phone call, block unwanted call, block incoming call, block unknown call, block out of area calls, caller id, callerid. modem, software, windows, TAPI, Teley, UNKNOWN, OUTOFAREA

Buy Phone Calls Filter 1.0 (only $19.00)Download Phone Calls Filter 1.0 (Size: 2152 KB)

ABF Value Converter 2.2

ABF Value Converter is an application for measurement units conversion. This software easily converts various measurement values into any other possible ones. Inches to centimetres, pounds to kilograms, Fahrenheit to Celsius... and more than 5000 other conversions, grouped according to categories. ABF Value Converter also calculates the values of many mathematical functions, as well as makes it possible to conduct geometric constructions.

See also: temperature, speed, pressure, prefix, math, power, weight, mass, consumption, distance, length, square, area, freeware, shareware, ware, free, share, abfsoftware, software, abf, calculation, calculate, units, unit, measurement, conversion, converter, value, valueconverter, volume

Buy ABF Value Converter 2.2 (only $19.95)Download ABF Value Converter 2.2 (Size: 970 KB)

CDXZipStream 10.2.1

CDXZipStream is a complete solution for analyzing address and census data into Microsoft Excel. Using an intuitive, patented interface, you simply specify the data you want and where you want it. CDXZipStream features geocoding, maps, zip code lists by state, city or county, reverse look-up plus distance and radius calculations. Optional premium data feeds include demographic data by zip code, state, city, county, CBSA and area code.

See also: Excel, MapPoint, Geocoding, Address Verification, Census, Demographic, Zip Code, Phone, State Data, Area Code, Add in, Analysis, Database, Distance, Radius, Reverse Lookup, Zip Code Lists, Maps, Route, Driving Distance, Route Optimization

Buy CDXZipStream 10.2.1 (only $29.95)Download CDXZipStream 10.2.1 (Size: 7555 KB)

Barcode Free

Professional edition of Barcode label creator software is popular among users with amazing barcode designing view available with the program. The feature makes it unique as provides with various image designing objects to craft eye catching barcode images in less time and efforts required. Utility has option to print multi-copies of same barcode tags in a single paper. Program offers you to save barcode images in special graphic format JPEG,TIFF.

See also: Barcode, free, utility, application, tool, program, professional, bulk, font, image, designing, object, printers, retail, sector, formats, customized, comprehensive, warehouses, transportation, postal, services, business, area, GUI, multi, copies

Buy Barcode Free (only $69.00)Download Barcode Free (Size: 5140 KB)

PDF Copy Paste 1.01

The software lets you to take images or text out of a PDF file and use it in web pages, word processing documents, PowerPoint presentations, or in desktop publishing software. Simply use your cursor to draw out a rectangle around the area you want to crop, press Ctrl-C, and the text in your selected area will be copied to Windows clipboard; press Ctrl-X, and the selected area will be copied as an image to clipboard. You can also save to file.

See also: crop, pdf, text, graphics, cut, out, portion, copy, paste, cropping, picture, image, photo, chart, graphical, element, selected, area, windows, clipboard, save, selection, word, excel, powerpoint, visio, publisher, adobe, photoshop, illustrator, coreldraw, JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF

Buy PDF Copy Paste 1.01 (only $69.00)Download PDF Copy Paste 1.01 (Size: 2130 KB)

Scientific Unit Converter 1.0

Scientific Unit converter is a simple to use unit converter software that lets you to convert between hundreds of units of measurement. It supports 650 units of measurements in 30 different categories. It also comes with a Unit Manager utility to add your own custom units. And a History feature to view your past conversions. A must have utility for all Students, Engineers and Scientists.

See also: Unit, Converter, Measurements, Area, Angle, Pressure, Distance, Mass, Volume, Velocity, Acceleration, Force, Energy, Power, Fuel Consumption, Flow, Torque, Engineering, Science, Math, physics

Buy Scientific Unit Converter 1.0 (only $10.00)Download Scientific Unit Converter 1.0 (Size: 1004 KB)

MITCalc - Profiles Calculation 1.18

The calculation solves area characteristics of profiles created in a simple graphic editor and mass characteristics of solids created by extrusion or rotation of the profile. Area characteristic are solved for main and turned axis and also all graphs are available as well. Application is developed in MS Excel, is multi-language and supports Imperial and Metric units.

See also: area characteristic, profile characteristic, mass characteristic, profile editor, profile design, graphics editor, profile extrusion, profile rotation

Buy MITCalc - Profiles Calculation 1.18 (only $16.00)Download MITCalc - Profiles Calculation 1.18 (Size: 1464 KB)

SAM 1.52

SAM is a collection of useful utilities that can help you in day to day life. SAM is easily accesibly via the system tray or using keyboard shortcuts. The modules include Reminders manager, Notes, Tasks, Unit conversion, World time clocks, StopWatch and Timer, Anniversaries, A small calculator, Russian and Greek alphabets, Calendar Utilities and International dialing codes.

See also: utilities, reminder, notes, PIM, information manager, unit conversion, stopwatch, dialing codes, collection, tray icon, personal assistant

Buy SAM 1.52 (only $12.00)Download SAM 1.52 (Size: 1831 KB)

My Passwords

My Passwords is a secure, central repository for managing personal information for Internet sites, software licenses, and credit cards just to name a few uses. It has 16 data fields whose names can be changed by category to customize to your specific needs and style. One password can be used with the program to access all others. Provides one click linking to web sites and with auto data fill in and logon.

See also: password, passwords, mypasswords, my passwords, web site management, personal information, credit cards, PIN, PINs, code, codes, key, keys, license key, license keys, license

Buy My Passwords (only $24.95)Download My Passwords (Size: 12433 KB)

WinI2C-DDC 4.05

WinI2C/DDC is a powerful solution that lets you to control display devices in the Windows environment via the DDC/CI protocol. It lets you to send DDC/CI commands via the standard video cable (VGA or DVI) and control all display devices that support the DDC/CI protocol: CRT/LCD monitors, projectors, plasma panels, etc.

See also: Delphi, VB.NET, display, DDC/CI control codes, OSD, monitor capabilities, Intel, NVIDIA, ATI, EDID format, HDMI, DVI, VGA, get EDID, CI commands, tool, VESA, Windows, monitor, read EDID, bus, WinI2C/DDC, MCCS, EDID, DDC/CI, I2C, DDC

Buy WinI2C-DDC 4.05 (only $795.00)Download WinI2C-DDC 4.05 (Size: 1599 KB)

Unlock IE Password

IE identity password breaker tool efficiently restores unreadable multilingual passwords of different e-mail accounts. Internet explorer passwords unlock software revives lost identity passwords of online shopping, web forms, magazine subscription or other similar accounts saved on websites. IE password recovery utility helps users to regain forgotten password of newsgroup account and saves recovered password list in text format for further use.

See also: Internet, explorer, password, recovery, software, recover, lost, forgotten, asterisk, secret, codes, utility, unlock, encrypted, login, name, email, account, windows, tool, support, multilingual, language, Unicode, .zip, .ace, compress, files

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Label Designer Free

Technically innovative identification card and label making software design and generate customized business cards with wonderful image designing application to use innovative designing objects including lines, text, pencils, ellipse, triangle, stars, bar code, pictures, images, arc and others. Tool offers users to simply produce easily scanable and printable identification cards with frequently used scanners and printers in few clicks of mouse.

See also: Software, tool, utility, identification, card, labeling, logos, printing, retail, visiting, student, badges, tags, business, corporate, facility, lines, text, pencils, ellipse, rectangle, triangle, stars, photographs, bar codes, product, organization

Buy Label Designer Free (only $45.00)Download Label Designer Free (Size: 10649 KB)

Price Label Addin for Microsoft Excel 1.5.1

Price Label Addin for Microsoft Excel Software designed to automate the process of price label creation using worksheets data and drawing objects in Excel. Include more then 100 free templates. Sale price creation. QR-codes and EAN-13 barcodes support. Export labels to XPS, PDF.

See also: price labels, label, labels, price tag, price tags, pricetag, pricelabel, address card, address cards, excel addin, print, qr-codes, qrcodes, barcodes, ean-13, tags, graphic editor

Buy Price Label Addin for Microsoft Excel 1.5.1 (only $29.00)Download Price Label Addin for Microsoft Excel 1.5.1 (Size: 26699 KB)

Postal Barcode Generator Program

Cost-efficient Postal Barcode Generator Program downloaded from our award winning website lets you to make stylish innovative professional bar code stickers with multi-color shapes and fonts using inbuilt flexile image, color and font settings without requiring any tech knowledge in few mouse clicks using any Windows based computer.

See also: Postal, barcode, generator, software, creates, scan able, bar codes, linear, labels, tags, stickers, documents, banking, courier, mails, post, service, colorful, barcodes, utility, design, font, text, line, pencil, ellipse, objects, MICR

Buy Postal Barcode Generator Program (only $27.00)Download Postal Barcode Generator Program (Size: 5150 KB)

Accounting Purchase Order

Label creator utility enables user to design variety of tags with different color, size and font that helps in uniquely identifying product. Accounting Purchase Order software helps in avoiding data redundancy and maintains record integrity. Financial accounting software enables to make inventory and purchase order report very quickly. Tag designing utility provide facility to generate bulk of coupons in minute and print them in countable clicks.

See also: Bar, codes, label, designing, application, generate, attractive, tags, labels, font, style, color, accounting, purchase, financial, order, software, system, print, coupons, inventory, sales, stock, payment, management, transaction, records, report

Buy Accounting Purchase Order (only $69.00)Download Accounting Purchase Order (Size: 6184 KB)

SpadeMaid 4.8

SpadeMaid plays pogo Spades for you. For all of you SpadeHeads that prefer to do it yourself but just need a spade counter....relief has come. Click the SETTINGS tab and you have a counter. If you buy or have bought SpadeMaid you get the counter for free. Either let it play your pogo spades game for you or use the counter to keep track of the cards on pogo spades for free. SpadeMaid is a pogo spades cheat.

See also: pogo spades, back door to pogo spades, pogo spades game, pogo spades cheat, pogo spades for free, pogo spades cheat codes

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