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Fast Forex Cash 1.02

Our simple step by step guide is guaranteed to help you instantly generating up to tens of thousands of dollars a month by trading FOREX ! FREE Reports available, updates are for a year and access to the private forum Some of the features Simple, Easy to Use, 1 year access to our Exclusive Members Area (or lifetime depending which option you choose) FAST FOREX CASH GUIDE 67 pages filled with FOREX trading strategies PRIVATE MEMBERS FORUM Fast Forex Cash is the most popular auto trading download.

See also: forex trading, forex meta trader, forex course, forex auto pilot, forex signals, forex guide, trading forex, forex e-book, forex tutorials, liberty reserve forex

Buy Fast Forex Cash 1.02 (only $97.00)Download Fast Forex Cash 1.02 (Size: 813 KB)

NewsAutoTrader 1.0

NewsAutoTrader (NAT) is an innovative FOREX news spike trading utility that produces trade signals by processing live news headlines. Using it you can trade many economic indicators, such as US Nonfarm Payrolls, GDP, CPI, and other significant news releases. Can be useful for other markets too. Unlike similar tools that are offered as [expensive] subscription services, NAT is standalone software, it is not a signal service. NewsAutoTrader is the second most popular auto trading download.

See also: news trading, spike trading, forex, trading, expert advisor, trader, autotrading, auto-trading, robot, mt4, metatrader, stock, stocks, futures, economic, indicators, investment, invest, tool, software, newsautotrader, automated, news, market, live news, expert, trade

Buy NewsAutoTrader 1.0 (only $230.00)Download NewsAutoTrader 1.0 (Size: 1285 KB)

Workspace Macro 4.5

Ease your workload. Alienate monotony. Delegate repetitive tasks to WORKSPACE MACRO. Highly accurate keyboard macro & mouse macro. Create macros in any application using a simple, intuitive process. Features unique SMART MACRO technology, password protection, repeat options, accurate high-speed replay, macro management, IE plug-in, customizable UI & scheduler integration. Rely on this 'Record once & play anytime' macro recorder and macro program. Workspace Macro is the third most popular auto trading download.

See also: macro, macros, macro maker, macro recorder, macro program, keyboard macro, mouse macro, window macro, create macro, free macro, macro tool, macro record, automate task, mouse record, keyboard record, automate, auto clicker mouse, keystroke macro

Buy Workspace Macro 4.5 (only $24.95)Download Workspace Macro 4.5 (Size: 1600 KB)

Advanced Task Scheduler

Advanced Task Scheduler - is a multifunctional task scheduler, which allows launching programs and batch files, opening documents and Internet pages, displaying popup reminders, playing sounds, shutting down and restarting computer, turning off monitor only, stopping running processes, establishing and closing dial-up connections - automatically.

See also: turn off, schedule dial, auto-dial, dial-up, stop, kill process, reminder, application, run, start, auto, schedule, task, scheduler, scheduling, reboot, idle

Buy Advanced Task Scheduler (only $39.95)Download Advanced Task Scheduler (Size: 1896 KB)

Virdi Advanced Mail Processor 1.8.1

Vamp is an advanced and very versatile mail processor. Its main purpose is to pre-process that mail which requires standard responses. It can also be used to extract and collate data from the message body (e.g. web forms). Messages can be filtered on any header fields. Data extracted from the message body can be written to a file or used to compose an outgoing message. Run applications remotely by sending email.

See also: Vamp, advanced mail processor, autoresponder, spam filter, auto-reply, mail alerts

Buy Virdi Advanced Mail Processor 1.8.1 (only $65.00)Download Virdi Advanced Mail Processor 1.8.1 (Size: 880 KB)

Right Web Monitor 1.5

Right Web Monitor is a handy tool for detecting changes in web resources (web pages, files etc). It constantly monitors specified resources and notifies you when a change occurs. The program features the ability to check a certain part of a monitored resource, and includes a comprehensive notification system (pop-up windows,sound, e-mail), proxy server support, and multithreaded data transfer. Can download changed files and check maiboxes.

See also: web, page, monitor, notify, check, track, monitoring, auto, ftp, changes, content, pop3, mail

Buy Right Web Monitor 1.5 (only $39.95)Download Right Web Monitor 1.5 (Size: 2674 KB)

Check&Drive 2.34

Car expense tracking and fleet management. Extensive possibilities for scheduling events and maintenance actions, Complete overview on all your expenses, Graphical reports as pie/line or bar charts, Free built in Trip Log, Record keeping of all repairs and fuel ups, Automatic fuel consumption calculation, Integrated calendar for quick overview on all appointments and due maintenance objects, Automatic maintenance reminder and more...

See also: automotive, auto, fuel, consumption, vehicle, maintenance, fleet, management, car, expense, tracking, trip log

Buy Check&Drive 2.34 (only $36.00)Download Check&Drive 2.34 (Size: 4365 KB)

Fleet Maintenance Pro Deluxe 10.0

Fleet Maintenance Pro makes it easy to track preventive and repair maintenance on your fleet. Automated and color-coded alerts instantly show you which vehicles and equipment are due for service. Define your own PM schedules and services to track what you need. Track and schedule unexpected repairs or problems and use the history to monitor PM, repairs, parts, labor, and operating costs. Track vendors, fuel, drivers, registrations, and more.

See also: fleet, maintenance, vehicle, auto, equipment, car, truck, machinery, repair, lawn, service, fuel, gas, diesel, history, management

Buy Fleet Maintenance Pro Deluxe 10.0 (only $579.00)Download Fleet Maintenance Pro Deluxe 10.0 (Size: 7459 KB)

MaxMonkey 2.40

MaxMonkey is a windows maximizer, minimizer, restorer and closer. With one left-click, double-click or middle-mouse-button click from the system tray, MaxMonkey can automatically maximize, minimize, restore or close multiple windows. MaxMonkey can target all windows or only target window titles that contain specific text. MaxMonkey can automatically maximize your windows on system start up and maximize windows that have just been opened.

See also: windows, maximize, minimize, automatically, auto, close, restore, maximizer, startup, minimizer

Buy MaxMonkey 2.40 (only $9.99)Download MaxMonkey 2.40 (Size: 781 KB)

Regression Analysis and Forecasting 1.0

The Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecasting model provides a solid basis for identifying value drivers and forecasting business plan data. While it utilises a range of commonly employed statistical measures to test the validity of the analysis, results are summarized in text for ease of use. Once relationships have been identified, forecasting can be accomplished based on a range of available methodologies.

See also: identification, drivers, value, Coefficient, Pearson, Durbin-Watson, correlation, auto, multicolinearity, testing, statistical, proposal, plan, planning, business, spreadsheet, template, regression, multiple, forecasting, Excel, analysis, business

Buy Regression Analysis and Forecasting 1.0 (only $14.00)Download Regression Analysis and Forecasting 1.0 (Size: 162 KB)

Arovax TraySafe Password Manager Business 4.4

Network Password Manager Arovax TraySafe allows to forget password problems of small offices or whole corporations. It is a multi-user, client-server software that allows employees to manage passwords within their company. In addition to all standard password management functions this software supports the variety of encryption and hashing algorithms, has flexible administrative options, convenient user interface and many advanced functions.

See also: passwords, password manager, network security password, network password manager, password safe, login managers, password generator, forgot windows password, password maker, internet passwords xp, form filler, password software, free trial download, form filling program, auto sale form filler

Buy Arovax TraySafe Password Manager Business 4.4 (only $29.95)Download Arovax TraySafe Password Manager Business 4.4 (Size: 2887 KB)

Auto Shutdown Genius 1.1

With Auto Shutdown Genius, you can automatically shutdown, power off, log off, lock workstation, hibernate, standby or screen save your computers at schedule date and time, when the computer is idle or when excessive CPU usage. Auto Shutdown Genius gives you different ways to schedule the shutdown events, such as daily, weekly, only once, the computer idle and CPU usage. During the shutdown, it can clean up temporary files and recycle bin.

See also: auto shutdown, windows xp auto shutdown, xp auto shutdown, auto shutdown program, computer auto shutdown, auto shutdown software, windows auto shutdown

Buy Auto Shutdown Genius 1.1 (only $19.95)Download Auto Shutdown Genius 1.1 (Size: 1336 KB)

SoftTrader 2.0

SoftTrader is a complete accounts and inventory management software. SoftTrader Inventory module lets you take full control of your inventory and invoicing. Save time, manage customers and get one step ahead of your competition with this inventory control software.

See also: Inventory, Sales, Purchase, Trading, Trader, SoftTrader, Accounts, Accounting

Buy SoftTrader 2.0 (only $10.95)Download SoftTrader 2.0 (Size: 6922 KB)

AutoRun Pro 6.0

Create and edit a professional autorun/autoplay interface and generate autorun and presentations files for CD/DVDs in a WYSIWYG environment. AutoRun Pro can open or execute files and display a professional and beautiful interface for users to open or execute files, print documents, send e-mail, visit Web sites, browse CDs, play sound, music and so on, when your CD is inserted. It supports bitmap, icon, JPEG, EMF, WMF image files, and more...

See also: autorun, autorun cd, cd menu, autorun cd menu, autoplay, autoplay cd, autoplay cd menu, auto run, autorun exe, autorun file, autorun software, autostart cd, auto run cd, autorun creator, cd rom presentation, cd menu creator, make autorun cd, create autorun

Buy AutoRun Pro 6.0 (only $49.00)Download AutoRun Pro 6.0 (Size: 1648 KB)

Smart Suite for MySQL 6.10.9

Database Administrators rejoice! Now you don't have to compare, synchronize, navigate and backup SQL databases manually. Smart Suite for MySQL will do all this for you. Smart Suite for MySQL includes: Backup Watcher for MySQL (for database backup), SQLBalance for MySQL (for synchronization database structure and data) and SQLNavigator for MySQL (for database navigation) One click and your databases are synched, viewed or backed up.

See also: MySQL, Backup, Auto, Windows, Software, Restore, Database

Buy Smart Suite for MySQL 6.10.9 (only $145.00)Download Smart Suite for MySQL 6.10.9 (Size: 9059 KB)

MP3 Files Rename Software 7.0

Change filenames of many MP3 files. Change case to upper, lower, proper (title) or sentence case. Add character(s) to beginning, end or inside of file. Remove and replace character(s). Remove alpha, numeric, alpha-numeric or non-alpha-numeric.

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Buy MP3 Files Rename Software 7.0 (only $19.99)Download MP3 Files Rename Software 7.0 (Size: 355 KB)

RoboSetup 2.1

Automatic software installation of any complexity, including inserting your data into installation dialog boxes automatically. Using RoboSetup you can create a disk with an AutoRun shell, which will install software automatically. You can copy the disk to a CD/DVD or to a folder on your hard (or flash) drive and use it to perform automatic installation on your or any other computer. Such disks can be used to install necessary software very fast.

See also: robosetup, robot, robotic, automatic, software, installation, automatize, automation, tools, install, installer, setup, auto, autoit, multiset, almeza, autorun, autoplay

Buy RoboSetup 2.1 (only $19.95)Download RoboSetup 2.1 (Size: 5000 KB)

progeCAD Professional 2008 DWG CAD 8.0.14

AutoCAD functionality at less than tenth the cost. DWG DXF PDF read write. Similar icons, commands and interface. Raster image embedding, raster-to-vector software included. DWF publishing, IntelliCAD AutoLISP interpreter, ACIS 3D Solids modelling, temporary point snap (like oSnap), layers, blocks. Hatch, block and xref editing. 3D shading and rendering options. approx. 10000 Symbols library.

See also: CAD, cad, drafting, design, AutoCAD, acad, auto CAD, Auto CAD, DWG, dwg, technical drawing, free

Buy progeCAD Professional 2008 DWG CAD 8.0.14 (only $365.00)Download progeCAD Professional 2008 DWG CAD 8.0.14 (Size: 197399 KB)

Kijiji Bot Pro 2.3

Kijiji Bot Pro lets you to automate your personal and business online advertising. With a few simple clicks you can post multiple ads quickly and then manage day after day.

See also: KJ poster, auto marketing, promotion advertising, classified ads, Kijiji autopost software, Kijiji autoposting software, Kijiji automatic posting software

Buy Kijiji Bot Pro 2.3 (only $67.00)Download Kijiji Bot Pro 2.3 (Size: 1753 KB)

Backpage Bot Pro 2.3

Backpage Bot Pro lets you to automate your personal and business online advertising. With a few simple clicks you can post multiple ads quickly and then manage day after day.

See also: BP poster, auto marketing, promotion advertising, classified ads, Backpage autopost software, Backpage autoposting software, Backpage automatic posting software

Buy Backpage Bot Pro 2.3 (only $67.00)Download Backpage Bot Pro 2.3 (Size: 3080 KB)

My Personal Informer

My Personal Informer is a fully customizable utility for monitoring and notifying you of changes in specified Web resources. Unlike the traditional RSS feeds or e-mail newsletters, this solution will allow you to have complete control over information that you receive. The software can automatically handle the tasks of analyzing specified websites, downloading updated pages and informing you as required.

See also: monitoring, monitor, track, notify, web, page, snapshot, changes, content, automation, auto, automatic, analyze, receive, information, automatically, spy, competitor

Buy My Personal Informer (only $49.95)Download My Personal Informer (Size: 9324 KB)

FlashFXP 4.0

FlashFXP is an FTP, SFTP, and FXP client that lets FTP transfers directly between two servers. FlashFXP uses a familiar Explorer-like interface that even the most novice user can master in minutes. It offers features such as drag-and-drop, CHMOD support, SSL/TLS transfer, enterprise-friendly rollout options, firewall and proxy support, strong application encryption, speed limiting, and automated transfer scheduling with Email notifications.

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Buy FlashFXP 4.0 (only $29.95)Download FlashFXP 4.0 (Size: 3350 KB)


TraderPAD helps you to manage and analyze transactions, as results of the personalized analysis, simple and intuitive graphics. It is easy for you to track your trading characteristics that you may never realize. Have you ever reviewed a past transactions and wondered what happened? None of the tech analysis software, stock news sites or trader seminars can save you the time and effort of self appraisal.

See also: transaction logs, trading diary, trading journal, transaction management, trading plan, trading strategy, trader journal, trader diary, trading records, trading results, trading performance

Buy TraderPAD (only $299.95)Download TraderPAD (Size: 36330 KB)

Lookup Column 1.0

Sparqube Lookup Column is powerful component that significantly enhances standard SharePoint 2010 lookup functionality. It lets referencing list data from any site within site collection and provides set of additional controls for easy and intuitive data look-up. Sparqube Lookup column provides ability to build cascading parent-child relations between columns in actual list, so data entered in one field filters out values available in another.

See also: SharePoint lookup column, SharePoint cross-site lookup, SharePoint cascaded lookup, SharePoint AJAX lookup, SharePoint lookup filtering, lookup picker dialog, lookup auto-complete, lookup drop-down checkboxes, SharePoint 2010 lookup

Buy Lookup Column 1.0 (only $295.00)Download Lookup Column 1.0 (Size: 415 KB)

Auto Backup for MySQL Professional 3.2.36

Auto Backup for MySQL Professional Edition is a powerful Windows software that makes it easy to schedule the backing up and restoring of your remote and local MySQL databases. It's easy to back up one or many databases, and restore them to the same server, or to any server. You can to customize the scheduler so that the software would automatically make the backup from the MySQL databases daily, weekly, monthly, any special date or time interval.

See also: backup mysql, mysql backup, restore mysql, mysqldump, mysql auto backup

Buy Auto Backup for MySQL Professional 3.2.36 (only $119.95)Download Auto Backup for MySQL Professional 3.2.36 (Size: 3168 KB)

Mouse Macro Recorder 2.2

Advanced Mouse Auto Clicker is a powerful yet easy-to-use utility with many more features that can free your hands and save your time. it's an inexpensive automatic mouse clicking utility. it's used to automate screen mouse clicks at specified intervals and any location on the screen.

See also: Auto Clicker, Mouse Auto Clicker, Advanced Mouse Auto Clicker

Buy Mouse Macro Recorder 2.2 (only $19.95)Download Mouse Macro Recorder 2.2 (Size: 532 KB)

Copywhiz 4.0

Copywhiz enhances your file copy experience in Windows. It offers more flexibility when copying files by letting you choose which type of files to copy, which to ignore. Offers better error handling and file replacement options. Plus, it allows you collect files from multiple folders & paste-at-once.

See also: Copy files, paste files, compress files, copy file in use, retry or skip files, collect and paste files, auto-shutdown after file copy, file copy replacement

Buy Copywhiz 4.0 (only $19.95)Download Copywhiz 4.0 (Size: 9814 KB)

Mouse Click 1.0

Mouse Click is a simple software tool designed to simulate mouse click. Mouse Click lets to automate right button click of mouse, left button click of mouse, single or double mouse clicks easily with coomand prompt. How to use this software is briefly explained in our website. Mouse Click software tool is free from viruses and other spywares. Download this software and try it.

See also: mouse click, mouse clicker, auto mouse clicker, mouse clicks, mouse clicking, mouse clicker

Buy Mouse Click 1.0 (only $5.00)Download Mouse Click 1.0 (Size: 4762 KB)

Macro Recorder 2.3

Advanced Mouse Auto Clicker is a powerful yet easy-to-use utility with many more features that can free your hands and save your time. it's an inexpensive automatic mouse clicking utility. it's used to automate screen mouse clicks at specified intervals and any location on the screen.

See also: Auto Clicker, Mouse Auto Clicker, Advanced Mouse Auto Clicker

Buy Macro Recorder 2.3 (only $19.95)Download Macro Recorder 2.3 (Size: 532 KB)

TreasureIsland 2.4

Thousand Island solitaire cheat TreasureIsland is the best Pogo Autoplayer ? or Pogo Cheats Auto out there to cheat and win Pogo Thousand Island Solitaire. TreasureIslandwill play and play as your Thousand Island solitaire cheat over and over for you

See also: thousand island solitaire, pogo thousand island solitaire, thousand island solitaire cheat, pogo auto player, helpers, pogo cheats

Buy TreasureIsland 2.4 (only $10.99)Download TreasureIsland 2.4 (Size: 901 KB)

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