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Admin Script Editor 2.0

The Admin Script Editor is an editor designed specifically for the Windows Administrators. It provides the ability to quickly create a secure EXE file from your script, which may include any required support files. It supports KiXtart, VBscript, AutoIt and Batch. Syntax pop-ups, keyword highlighting, syntax wizards, macro auto-completion, integrated COM browser, keyword help and a powerful editing environment make this an indispensable tool. Admin Script Editor is the most popular autoit download.

See also: script, logon, KiX, KiXtart, Admin, Visual Basic Script, VBS, AutoIt, VBScript, editor, make exe

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UnitedSetup 1.6

Automatic software installation. Unattended Installtion. Accelerate your work on a computer. UnitedSetup allows you to automate all routine and periodic actions such as software installation, disks burning, system service, program launching, backup and restore, etc. Automate the work of any programs. Record an exact reproduction of your work. Unattended Installation Software. Create your own unattended installation CDs/DVDs. UnitedSetup is the second most popular autoit download.

See also: automatic, software, installation, faster, acceleration, accelerator, accelerate, automatize, automation, install, installer, setup, auto, autoit, multiset, almeza, autorun, autoplay, software, record, play, reproduction, routine, periodic, actions, chore, seriated, iterant, iterative, reiterative, seriate, thick, recurring, speeded, speed

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RoboSetup 2.1

Automatic software installation of any complexity, including inserting your data into installation dialog boxes automatically. Using RoboSetup you can create a disk with an AutoRun shell, which will install software automatically. You can copy the disk to a CD/DVD or to a folder on your hard (or flash) drive and use it to perform automatic installation on your or any other computer. Such disks can be used to install necessary software very fast. RoboSetup is the third most popular autoit download.

See also: robosetup, robot, robotic, automatic, software, installation, automatize, automation, tools, install, installer, setup, auto, autoit, multiset, almeza, autorun, autoplay

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MouseRobot 2.1

MouseRobot is not only a visual macro script editor, mouse recorder, macro player and keyboard recorder, but also a powerful windows scheduler and automation macro editor. All recorded keyboard and mouse actions can be saved as a macro, bound to hotkeys, extended with custom commands or converted to an executable. MouseRobot automation utility will save you a lot of time on repetitive work.

See also: action, keyboard macro, mouse, keyboard, repeat, visual, play, tasks, automate, key combination, keystroke, backup, autoit, macro, key, actions, excel, start programs, tool, script editor, scheduling, mouse macro, macros, office, scheduler

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