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DoubleSafety 3.5

DoubleSafety is an easy-to-use program intended to automatically back up important data to your hard disk, a local area network, a CD or DVD. Compressed backups (in the zip format) save space and incremental backups save time. Thanks to the built-in scheduler, you can stop worrying about the safety of your data. DoubleSafety makes backups of your data in a fully automatic mode. DoubleSafety is the most popular automatic browsing download.

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Buy DoubleSafety 3.5 (only $44.95)Download DoubleSafety 3.5 (Size: 1988 KB)

AdSenseLog 2.7.2

A tool for checking (Tracking) and analyzing your Adsense data (Content, Search and Custom/URL Channels). Automatically check for new statistics at an interval of your choosing, analyze your data with extensive statistics, and chart graphs. Alerts include a pop-up window, sound and a e-mail message. AdSenseLog is the second most popular automatic browsing download.

See also: Adsense, Log, Statistics, stats, analyze, google, automatic, graph, real time, track

Buy AdSenseLog 2.7.2 (only $50.00)Download AdSenseLog 2.7.2 (Size: 2676 KB)

MyForums Plus 1.2.1

MyForums software is designed to help you participate in billions of Internet communities and discussions, thus increasing your presence and building reputation, right away. It eventually saves your time on registrations, log in procedures and profile management operations. Less odd moves means more communication. MyForums Plus is the third most popular automatic browsing download.

See also: myforums, plus, service, .net, forum, bulletin, board, automatic, passport, registration, script, software

Buy MyForums Plus 1.2.1 (only $14.95)Download MyForums Plus 1.2.1 (Size: 616 KB)

MailTalkX 3.41

A SPAM filtering (Anti Spam) and an email monitoring utility, it supports multiple mailboxes, allows you to check each mailbox automatically at specified intervals and can notify you of new mail with pop up messages, sound clips and video clips. Flexible filtering options allow you to automatically delete or respond to messages on the basis of message headers. Automatically forward and reply to messages. Spell check, Multi language interface.

See also: spam, email, mail, pop3, filter, filtering, notification, monitoring, monitor, message, automatic, forward, multiple, mailbox, box, unwanted, spamming, spammer, log, header, file, files, send, receive, mailtalkx, mailx, talk, softbyte, e-mail

Buy MailTalkX 3.41 (only $19.95)Download MailTalkX 3.41 (Size: 1926 KB)

EldoS AutoSaveXL 2.0

AutoSaveXL is an add-in for MS Excel that saves the files you are working with automatically on specified time intervals. Unlike default add-in AutoSaveXL doesn't ask questions, can create as much backup copies as you wish and has two modes of operation -- always update real file or create "snapshots" in different files. AutoSaveXL can create backup copies with ZIP compression and password protection.

See also: Office, save, document, automatic, backup, copy, excel, document, sheet

Buy EldoS AutoSaveXL 2.0 (only $14.95)Download EldoS AutoSaveXL 2.0 (Size: 633 KB)

EP-Gateway 1.60

EPGateway allows you to automate those steps or actions you are performing manually on your inbound messages. EPGateway allow you to create a set of commands and run them in sequence against the email messages. With these commands you will be able to automate processes and: Extract data for use with other applications (databases, spreadsheets and accounting packages). Send auto responses based on conditions. Filter mail automatically.

See also: email, e-mail, parsing, processing, automate, automated email processing, automatic email processing

Buy EP-Gateway 1.60 (only $69.95)Download EP-Gateway 1.60 (Size: 3012 KB)

Auto Backup

Automatically backup your critical data to a local disk, the Network or FTP servers. Backups & restores are amazingly simple. You can create multiple tasks to backup your data manually or automatically. You can select files to restore to the original or a new location. Integrated encryption, compression, and you can use password protection. You can create self-restoring archives. It can work as a Windows NT/2000/XP service.

See also: Auto backup, automatic backup, backup, ftp, service

Buy Auto Backup (only $28.95)Download Auto Backup (Size: 1821 KB)

PTFB Pro 3.1.1

PTFB Pro is a macro recorder and scheduler with unique auto-response capability. Packed full of all the powerful features that you'd expect from a fully-featured professonal macro recorder, PTFB Pro takes automation of repetative tasks to a new level with its capability to trigger a macro in response to a specific window appearing. This makes it ideal for automatically handling confirmation screens and other windows that interrupt your workflow.

See also: Macro, Macro Recorder, PTFB, PTFB Pro, Push the Freakin' Button, Automatic button pushing, button press, button push, dismiss dialog

Buy PTFB Pro 3.1.1 (only $29.99)Download PTFB Pro 3.1.1 (Size: 2917 KB)

Install Unattended 3.0

Automatic program installation, Creation of disk with automatic installation, Remote program installation through the network, Comprehensive solution for managing your programs. Install Unattended allows you to fully solve the fast recovery problem of a user system and guarantees precise operation reproduction and if needed its instantaneous reiteration.

See also: unattended, install, unattended, creator, remote, install, automatic, install, automate, software, uninstall, save, settings, install, unattended

Buy Install Unattended 3.0 (only $99.95)Download Install Unattended 3.0 (Size: 1599 KB)

Install Unattended Pro 3.0

Automatic program installation, Creation of disk with automatic installation, Remote program installation through the network, Comprehensive solution for managing your programs. Install Unattended allows you to fully solve the fast recovery problem of a user system and guarantees precise operation reproduction and if needed its instantaneous reiteration. Uninstall Tool.

See also: unattended install; unattended cd creator; remote install; automatic install; automate software; uninstall; save settings; install unattended, complete program removal, uninstall tool

Buy Install Unattended Pro 3.0 (only $149.95)Download Install Unattended Pro 3.0 (Size: 1699 KB)

MultiSet - Automatic system deployment 4.0

Automate system deployment and create stand-alone unattended installation disks. MultiSet Unattended Installation automates installation of any version of Windows, complete with all the latest service packs, patches and security updates. It installs a pre-configured, ready-to-use operating system to all computers in your organization. Save weeks of monotonous work by installing and configuring all required applications completely unattended!

See also: Automatic and unattended system deployment, installation, automate install, windows unattended, auto setup create stand-alone disks

Buy MultiSet - Automatic system deployment 4.0 (only $44.95)Download MultiSet - Automatic system deployment 4.0 (Size: 3239 KB)

Web Update Wizard

The Web Update Wizard lets you add 'update over the web' functionality to your applications with just a single line of code. You simply upload your revised software files, together with a simple script, to your web server. No server-side processing is needed, so this solution works with any server or ISP. The Web Update Wizard is a single, one-off, non-recurrent cost - there are no ongoing fees or additional costs. And it works with Vista!

See also: Web Update, Update DLL, Update Component, Automatic Update, Delphi, Visual C, MFC

Buy Web Update Wizard (only $249.95)Download Web Update Wizard (Size: 1713 KB)

PixExpose 1.2.1

Are you no good at image processing? Are you not a specialist in the field of WWW? Or perhaps you are good at both but simply you never have enough time to publish your photos on the web while they wait to be showed to your friends? If any of these is your case, PixExpose has been developed exactly for you! By using our program you will quickly create and publish elegant internet galleries. Create and publish picture galleries on the Net easily!

See also: photo gallery, photo album, publish photo albums, photo album software, create photo album, digital photo album software, image, photograph, publish, camera, digital, show, ftp, publishing, jpg, gif, tiff, exif, program, family, automatic

Buy PixExpose 1.2.1 (only $29.90)Download PixExpose 1.2.1 (Size: 9166 KB)

ShutDown Timer 1.1

ShutDown Down Timer- Schedule LogOff,Shutdown,Restart and much more.Register for $5.00 & get Free Upgrades.Trial Version Does not have any Nagging Pop-Ups.

See also: shutdown timer, auto shutdown, shutdown pc, fast shutdown, automatic shutdown, instant shutdown

Buy ShutDown Timer 1.1 (only $5.00)Download ShutDown Timer 1.1 (Size: 374 KB)

FollowUpExpert Personal 4.0

Autoresponder with no monthly fees. Runs on your own PC - you're in full control. It can reply to incoming mail saying you're away. It can send automatic personalized follow-ups and newsletters. The WYSIWYG editor makes it easy to create a great-looking messages and it sends messages REAL fast!

See also: autoresponder, autoresponders, e-mail, windows, followupxpert, responder, automatic responder, sequential autoresponder, sequential autoresponders, automated email, automatic email responder, pop3, bulk mailer, bulk, newsletter

Buy FollowUpExpert Personal 4.0 (only $49.00)Download FollowUpExpert Personal 4.0 (Size: 5226 KB)

WordTempl 1.1.0

WordTempl is a user-friendly software to accelerate the creation of day-to-day Microsoft Word documents.WordTempl saves as much as 60% of work time used for preparing the documents as compared to standard MS Office tools.

See also: Word Template, automatic completion, day-to-day, Microsoft Word documents

Buy WordTempl 1.1.0 (only $14.95)Download WordTempl 1.1.0 (Size: 1068 KB)

STOIK PanoramaMaker 2.1

STOIK PanoramaMaker is new automatic photo panorama software that turns any group of overlapping photos into high quality panoramic image. The software combines very simple user interface, step by step workflow and powerful modern mathematical approach to image matching

See also: photo, panorama, stitching, stitch, automatic, print, overlap, banner, 360, vertical

Buy STOIK PanoramaMaker 2.1 (only $39.00)Download STOIK PanoramaMaker 2.1 (Size: 21583 KB)

Ezidoits PC Care 4.1.2

Ezidoits PC Care provides a solution that will help with the performance and speed of your computer. Computer Care lets you to monitor the "health" of your computer and warns about items of concern related to CPU or memory utilisation. With Computer Care, you can schedule routine clean-up/remedial processes, such as disk de-fragmentation, disk checking, or temporary file and cookie deletion allowing your PC's memory to be more efficientl

See also: Care, speedup, automatic, assistance, animated, speech, hard, drive

Buy Ezidoits PC Care 4.1.2 (only $26.00)Download Ezidoits PC Care 4.1.2 (Size: 558 KB)

Bar One 1.0

Bar One has been designed to be used with a ScanSnap scanner from Fujitsu. It will take the ScanSnap PDF output and automatically separate and rename the file by the contents of a barcode. Ideal uses would be for Work Orders, Delivery Tickets, Invoices, Check Stubs etc. or any other document that could be searched for by a reference number (barcode) and needs to be batch processed.

See also: ScanSnap, Automatic Filing, File Naming, Software

Buy Bar One 1.0 (only $195.00)Download Bar One 1.0 (Size: 32764 KB)

Auto Macro Recorder 5.83

A useful macro recorder for you to record what you operate and make a replayable script.Very easy to use! Just Record -- Save -- Replay 3 steps.Do not need you have any software experiences. Record all operations in any applications even it don't support Macro.Now support DirectX game and Dos Program. Now support Windows Vista and Windows 7

See also: macro recorder, macro program, macro, excel macro, automation, software, easy, quick, automatic

Buy Auto Macro Recorder 5.83 (only $29.95)Download Auto Macro Recorder 5.83 (Size: 2179 KB)

JetPaste 1.1

JetPaste is a tool for storing and pasting commonly used text phrases or formatted text into the applications. You just have to press hotkey or click button 'Insert' and any text you define before will be automatically pasted. You can for example bind your email address on Control+Shift+E, and every time you press Control+Shift+E, JetPaste will automatically type your email address.

See also: JetPaste, Clipboard, Paste, Insert, Hotkey Paste, Hotkey Type, Hotkey Insert, Auto Clipboard, Auto Type, Auto Paste, Automatic Typer, Clipboard Automatization, Keyboard Automatization

Buy JetPaste 1.1 (only $29.95)Download JetPaste 1.1 (Size: 787 KB)

K-Restore 2.5

An automatic boot restore software with which you can quickly restore windows system just by reboot. K-Restore lets in very easy and straightforward way to completely preclude all viruses, spyware or other malicious software that can attack your computer. It uses its not only easy but also transparent meaning that you won't be able to see its running or your computer performance won't be affected in any way.

See also: boot restore, boot recovery, automatic restore, automatic recovery, automatic boot restore, automatic boot recovery

Buy K-Restore 2.5 (only $49.95)Download K-Restore 2.5 (Size: 4572 KB)

Cute Kijiji Poster

Is your advertising costing you your business? Cute Kijiji Poster will help you take advantage of the powerful Kijiji FREE Classifieds and become a huge market success QUICKLY!

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Buy Cute Kijiji Poster (only $69.00)Download Cute Kijiji Poster (Size: 2878 KB)

Handy Backup Small Server 7.3.2

Handy Backup Small Server is a business backup software. It allows you automatically back up any computer data including files, disk images, MS Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, DB2 and other databases. It supports any local and external storage including USB, FTP, SFTP, FTPS, WebDAV, Amazon S3. Open file backup, built-in compression and encryption and other powerful features make it a perfect backup solution for any server.

See also: backup, back up, software, handy, small, server, database, exchange, sql, mssql, mysql, automatic, windows, hard, drive, disk, hdd, image, ftp, db2, open database, online

Buy Handy Backup Small Server 7.3.2 (only $199.00)Download Handy Backup Small Server 7.3.2 (Size: 22216 KB)

Actual Window Guard 7.5.1

Actual Window Guard is simple solution for optimizing your workspace. Use it to always keep all windows on the desktop in the order you like. It can automatically set windows? position and size, minimize and maximize windows on startup, align them, close irrelevant pop-ups, keep windows on top and preclude them from accidental closing. The utility runs on all Windows platforms, works with x64 applications and manages command prompt windows as well.

See also: minimize, maximize, startup, close, popup, automate, automatic, windows, manager, save, order, layout, size, position, align, resize, always-on-top, change, caption, icon, priority, affinity, multi-monitor, 64-bit, command, prompt, console

Buy Actual Window Guard 7.5.1 (only $29.95)Download Actual Window Guard 7.5.1 (Size: 7171 KB)

Handy Backup Home Standard 64-bit 7.3.3

Handy Backup Home Standard 64-bit is an automatic backup software designed for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP and 2012/2008/2003 Server. It lets backing up files and folders, e-mails, Windows Libraries, system registry and other data. Backups can be stored to local and USB drives, CD/DVD, FTP, WebDAV and Cloud services. Supports incremental/differential backup, ZIP and encryption. Can be extended with plug-ins for Disk Image, MySQL, MS SQL, and other.

See also: handy, backup, easy, automatic, data, file, software, utility, synchronize, drive, hdd, folder, local, network, lan, ftp, cloud, outlook, computer, laptop, desktop, workstation, restore, recovery

Buy Handy Backup Home Standard 64-bit 7.3.3 (only $39.00)Download Handy Backup Home Standard 64-bit 7.3.3 (Size: 28400 KB)

K-Backup Suite 3.0

KernSafe K-Backup is an innovative and powerful, full-featured automatic network level backup software, which contains two parts, K-Backup and K-Backup Server, K-Backup can be scheduled to backup data files to data-store (K-Backup Server) in minutely, hourly, daily, on specified time etc. Being a full-featured backup software, K-Backup is fully compatible with Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)...

See also: backup, network backup, automatic backup, replication, synchronous replication, asynchronous replication, network replication

Buy K-Backup Suite 3.0 (only $79.95)Download K-Backup Suite 3.0 (Size: 9833 KB) Wallpaper Rotation 1.00

This software allows you to add as many picture files as you like and the software will change your desktop background image automatically as often as you wish! You can decide if you want to get a new one on each Windows startup, after a week or after a period of any specific amount of days or even seconds. There is also an option to let the software shuffle the order or if your images from the order provided by your file list are used.

See also: desktop, wallpaper, change, automatically, automatic, rotate, rotating, exchange, background, picture, image, graphic, graphics, pictures, images, art, artwork, fun, holiday, day, month, week, regular, regularly, startup, random, daily, seconds, minutes, minute, second,

Buy Wallpaper Rotation 1.00 (only $14.99)Download Wallpaper Rotation 1.00 (Size: 310 KB)

SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator 7.5.1

The software solution for a faster internet connection. SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator is a powerful Windows application designed to optimize and speed up your internet related activities including browsing, downloading, uploading, streaming, online gaming, sending and receiving email. Software to speed up your internet connection.

See also: speed, internet, accelerator, internet accelerator, faster download, faster browsing, faster, web accelerator, optimizer, network optimizer, tweak, tweaker, tcp, tcpip, speed up, speed up internet

Buy SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator 7.5.1 (only $28.00)Download SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator 7.5.1 (Size: 1971 KB)

EvidenceCrypt 5.0

Container and Partition based encryption. Ideal to encrypt USB disks, sticks, secondary disks, partitions, CDs, DVDs, containers etc. EvidenceCrypt also lets to hide data in music files and make hidden containers, partitions. Full disk encryption with pre-boot authentication. Ideal to encrypt an entire computer, notebook, partition or just a single Hard drive. With EvidenceCrypt the Hard drive (including the OS) is encrypted 100 percent.

See also: 128 bit, 1344 bit, 256 bit, 3g security, anonymous web browsing, anonymous web surfing, archive encrypt, biometry, cd encrypt, cell encrypt, computer security, computer security software, container, data encryption, dcpp, disk encryption, drivecrypt

Buy EvidenceCrypt 5.0 (only $99.95)Download EvidenceCrypt 5.0 (Size: 4548 KB)

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