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Magic DVD Ripper 3.6

Magic DVD Ripper is a powerful and easy-to-use DVD backup software. It can copy protected DVD to hard drive with 4 optional mode (disc fully, main movie, split DVD-9 into DVD-5, files). It can also convert DVD to VCD, SVCD, AVI(DivX) and WMV formats. It provides fast ripping speed and wonderful output quality. And it can automatically detect DVD-ROM and select appropriate settings for beginner, so you can get started with just one click. Magic DVD Ripper is the most popular backup cd download.

See also: dvd backup, dvd copy, dvd ripper, convert dvd, dvd to vcd, dvd to svcd, dvd to avi, dvd to divx, dvd to wmv

Buy Magic DVD Ripper 3.6 (only $34.97)Download Magic DVD Ripper 3.6 (Size: 1577 KB)

EZ FireFox Backup Pro 3.0

EZ FireFox Backup Pro makes it easy to backup your bookmarks and cookies to a ZIP archive or to CD/DVD and works with the Windows Task Scheduler to provide a completely automated backup solution. The wizard interface makes the program incredibly easy to use and a restore utility is included. EZ FireFox Backup Pro is the second most popular backup cd download.

See also: burn, dvd, cookies, bookmarks, backup, firefox, backup

Buy EZ FireFox Backup Pro 3.0 (only $14.95)Download EZ FireFox Backup Pro 3.0 (Size: 973 KB)

WinXfer 1.0

WinXfer is a versatile file transfer utility that allows transferring files between two computers directly connected through the serial port or through a modem. It is very easy to use and very intuitive. WinXfer has three interfaces. A GUI interface for standalone use, a command line interface for batch file use, and an application programming interface that allowa application to direclty access it. WinXfer is the third most popular backup cd download.

See also: client, server, RS232, serial port, modem, program, utility, file transfer, backup

Buy WinXfer 1.0 (only $99.95)Download WinXfer 1.0 (Size: 5691 KB)

Back4WinXP 5040

Burn backup discs to CD-R and CD-RW with this full-featured utility. Reliable and easy to use. Backup data accessible in Linux, Windows(all) Mac and so on. Stealth mode monitors and automatically backs up selected files as they are changed, keeping each version. Instant Backup with only one mouse click! Backup your data as an EXE file that can be expanded on most machines without decompression software. Many other features incl Mozilla backup.

See also: backup, backup software, computer backup, data backup, backup utility, window backup, ZIP,

Buy Back4WinXP 5040 (only $24.95)Download Back4WinXP 5040 (Size: 1246 KB)

Arctor Disk-To-Disk Backup

Arctor is hard disk backup made smart, fast, simple and powerful. At a price of less than $1 per GB, today's cheapest and fastest backup media are hard disks - so why not simply use one for your backups? Backups on hard disks are much quicker and easier to restore, check and update.

See also: backup, disk2disk, disk-to-disk, hard disk backup, D2D

Buy Arctor Disk-To-Disk Backup (only $39.95)Download Arctor Disk-To-Disk Backup (Size: 4238 KB)

SmartSync Pro 2.11

SmartSync Pro is a universal solution to back up and synchronize data to the local drive, external Flash/USB/ZIP drive, CD/DVD, NAS, network volumes or even remote computer. The main built-in features are step-by-step wizard, task scheduler, data compression, activity logging and password protection. As a unique feature, SmartSync Pro lets synchronize files and folders when computers cannot be connected via local network (via e-mail or FTP).

See also: utility, replication, file, mirror, restore, incremental, synchronization, synchronize, sync, backup, copy, recovery

Buy SmartSync Pro 2.11 (only $35.00)Download SmartSync Pro 2.11 (Size: 2167 KB)

Abexo Registry Cleaner 4.1

By time Windows registry gathers a lot of invalid entries that cause system complications and slow down your computer significantly. Included in Complete Registry Cleaner is a registry defragmenter also called compressor which removes the empty spaces after a cleanup and thereby reduces registry size. Registry defragmentation increases the performance of your computer dramatically. One-click registry backup, cleanup and defrag.

See also: compress, defrag, cleanup, clean, defragmenter, optimizer, backup, cleaner, registry, system

Buy Abexo Registry Cleaner 4.1 (only $29.95)Download Abexo Registry Cleaner 4.1 (Size: 992 KB)

FoxMail BackUp Expert 1.11

FoxMail BackUp Expert is an utility designed to easily create a backup file of your email data from FoxMail client, which may easily be restored when necessary. It allows you to backup and restore your messages, accounts, rules, address book, templates & preferences. The schedule feature allows you to backup your important data daily, weekly, monthly or at specified time of day. For every backup file you can set a password to protect it!

See also: foxmail, backup, expert, email, mail, foxmail backup expert, restore, autobackup

Buy FoxMail BackUp Expert 1.11 (only $14.95)Download FoxMail BackUp Expert 1.11 (Size: 2199 KB)

1Click Backup 1.0.1

With 1Click backup, you can take backup of your confidential and important files, folders, emails, Windows Address Book, Internet Explorer Settings and many more in just ONE CLICK!! What's more!! You get 100MB of free space on 1Click Backup remote server to store your important backups. Also, you can save backup on common external storage devices. Visit at: for any kind of free assistance.

See also: Backup utility, Backup software, backup tool, Backup application, Easy restore, Easy backup, Fast backup, One click backup, Quick backup, Remote backup, simple backup, backup, download, Schedule backup, ftp, floppy, online, secure backup

Buy 1Click Backup 1.0.1 (only $24.95)Download 1Click Backup 1.0.1 (Size: 3246 KB)

ABF Outlook Express Backup 2.0

ABF Outlook Express Backup is a backup and synchronization tool for the popular Outlook Express mail client. It allows you to backup and restore your messages, address book, settings, mail and news accounts, message rules, blocked senders lists, signatures, and even your favorites. All backup functions can be processed either separately or together. ABF OE Backup allows you to backup data on the one computer and restore to another.

See also: favorites, signature, account, rule, folder, message, mail, express, outlook, restore, save, synchronize, backup, abf

Buy ABF Outlook Express Backup 2.0 (only $29.95)Download ABF Outlook Express Backup 2.0 (Size: 2127 KB)

Easy Backup for Outlook Express 1.71

Easy Backup for Outlook Express lets you backup restore and move your Outlook Express data such as identities, email messages, email account settings, message rules, the address book, list of blocked senders, signatures and settings, Favorites, Windows Address Book and My Documents. The program also supports multiple user accounts and identities.

See also: backup, restore, archiv, protect, identities, message, user, rules, accounts, outlook, express, data

Buy Easy Backup for Outlook Express 1.71 (only $34.00)Download Easy Backup for Outlook Express 1.71 (Size: 880 KB)

ComparatorPro 3.20

ComparatorPro will compare files, folders and sub-folders (if desired) to quickly update backup set before you get down to some serious work. It can easily sync the files to ensure a perfect match. This comparison utility will compare and verify your files based on your choice of Data, Size, Timestamp and/or CRC. ComparatorPro synchronize your files between PCs, backups or any removable media such as CD-RW, ZIP/JAZ drives etc.

See also: file comparison, compare file, compare files, compare directory, file compare, files compare, file comparison, file backup, comparing files, compare folder, compare files software, file comparing, folder compare, folder comparison, directory comparison, compare directory, directory compare, synchronize files, file sync, file synchronization, file synchronize, file synchronizer, file replication, file synchronizing, backup files, backup data, backup hard drive, hard drive backup, hard disk backup, system backup, backup hard disk, duplicate files, duplicate file, duplicate file finder, database comparison, file comparison software, briefcase, microsoft briefcase, comparator, comparatorpro

Buy ComparatorPro 3.20 (only $29.95)Download ComparatorPro 3.20 (Size: 2958 KB)

Eastsea Outlook Express Backup 1.50

Eastsea Outlook Express Backup is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to backup and restore your Outlook Express data. It saves email and news messages, address book, rules, email and news accounts, block senders lists, Stationery, signatures and all Personal Settings; and restores the saved data back to Outlook Express.

See also: outlook express backup, email backup, oe backup, rules backup

Buy Eastsea Outlook Express Backup 1.50 (only $29.95)Download Eastsea Outlook Express Backup 1.50 (Size: 3421 KB)

Icesun Outlook Backup 1.80

Icesun Outlook Backup is a backup and restore tool for the Microsoft Outlook. It allows you to save Personal Folders, Contacts, Personal Address Book, Mail folders, Mail accounts, Message rules, signatures, stationery, tasks, notes, calendar, Templates, and all personal settings. It allows you to backup data on one computer and restore it to another one. This program is easy to use and has a simplified user interface, very useful fo beginners.

See also: outlook backup, backup, outlock, outlok, outlook 2003, outlook xp, outlook 97, outlook 2000, office outlook, microsoft outlook, outlook, move outlook, synchronize outlook, save outlook, synchronize, outlook restore, restore, outlook backing up

Buy Icesun Outlook Backup 1.80 (only $39.99)Download Icesun Outlook Backup 1.80 (Size: 3377 KB)

ABC DVD Copy 3.0

ABC DVD Copy is DVD cloning software to get duplicates of your favorite movies on DVD or hard drive with just a few clicks. The transcoding engine can fit any DVD video (up to 9.4GB) on to your DVD disc (4.7GB single layer or 8.5GB dual layer) with no loss of content or quality. It also provides a preview function and supports a broad range of DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW (including double layer) burners.

See also: dvd, copy, dvd, backup, copy, dvd, backup, dvd

Buy ABC DVD Copy 3.0 (only $39.95)Download ABC DVD Copy 3.0 (Size: 1345 KB)

Windows Data Files Undelete

Windows undelete data restoration utility restore all deleted lost files folders bad sector of FAT FAT16 FAT32 NTFS NTFS5 hard disk. Software detects and repair corrupted MBR DBR MFT system folders root directory. Recovery tool unformat formatted audio video picture images movie music songs. Recover old partition to rebuild file structure. Retrieve missing erased doc xls ppt dat mp3 jpg gif bmp mdb sys dll com exe zip text html files of windows.

See also: Undelete, windows, recover, formatted, data, restore, deleted, files, folder, unformat, FAT, NTFS, crashed, hard disk, partition, MBR, DBR, boot, recovery, retrieve, corrupted, FAT32, FAT16, drive, storage, unerase, sector, backup, software, MFT

Buy Windows Data Files Undelete (only $69.00)Download Windows Data Files Undelete (Size: 5980 KB)

File Backup Watcher Lite Edition 2.7.11

Manual and semi-automated backup systems are as effective as using a screwdriver for driving nails into wood. File Backup Watcher allows all kinds of backup activities from manual to fully automated process. Your vital data can be backed up to local or network drives, CDs and DVDs. The convenient scheduler offers flexible time and condition-based backups, saving your time, money and nerve!

See also: Backup, Copy, Compress, Compression, Mirroring, Safekeep, passwordprotection, PKZip, Synchronize, Automaticbackup, Auto-dial, Auto-Login, Multi-user, Multi-threaded, Win32, Windows98, WindowsNT, Windows2000, restore

Buy File Backup Watcher Lite Edition 2.7.11 (only $20.00)Download File Backup Watcher Lite Edition 2.7.11 (Size: 2534 KB)

XP Tools 6.93

XP Tools is a collection of tools to fix, speed up, maintain and protect your PC! These utilities include Clean Disk, Clean Registry, XP Uninstaller, Organize StartUp, Hide Folder, Clean Tracks , Exe Password, Clean BHO, Backup Drive, Auto Shutdown, Manage Windows, Manage Process, XP Shell and Folder Size. You can get your system running at peak performance levels in few minutes with it.

See also: Clean Disk, Clean Registry, Organize StartUp, Hide Folder, Protect File, Protect Folder, Folder Guard, Clean Tracks, Driver Backup, Protect IE, Manage Window, Manage Process, Uninstall Plus, Favorites guard, Startmenu guard

Buy XP Tools 6.93 (only $59.95)Download XP Tools 6.93 (Size: 3328 KB)

Disk Write Copy Server Edition

Disk Write Copy Server allows you to use your server or workstation without limitations and launch any programs, even those of unknown origin. Don't worry about the data on your hard drive, at the next startup everything will be restored thanks to Disk Write Copy Server. Disk Write Copy Server provides four hard disk protection modes and supports 64-bit operating systems.

See also: backup, shadow, system software, disk protection, incremental mode, server data protection, system restore, drive image, antivirus alternative, disk keeper, disks, disks and files, backup copy, incremental mode, FAST PROTECTION MODE, computer operability, 64-bit OS, 64-bit

Buy Disk Write Copy Server Edition (only $199.95)Download Disk Write Copy Server Edition (Size: 3292 KB)

Radix Reload 8

The Reload turns any computer into a time-traveling machine, enabling smooth, failure-free operation and easy maintenance of a single computer or hundred of computers simultaneously. Traveling into the past and back, or switching between different configurations - takes only a few seconds. Take snapshots on-the-fly in less than 10 sec, Snapshot size is less than 1% of the HDD space, add/delete snapshots, Instant Recovery and more

See also: recover, recovery, backup, restore, instant, file, files, syncronize, fix, pc-fix, time machine, system restore, auto restore, instant recovery, file recovery, system fix, registry fix, desktop recovery, block-level recovery, vss, shadow

Buy Radix Reload 8 (only $89.00)Download Radix Reload 8 (Size: 16389 KB)

Novosoft Office Backup

Novosoft Office Backup is an easy-to-use backup software with multilingual support running under Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista. It allows you to back up any data types to almost all types of storage media including DVD, CD, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, HDD, USB and Flash drives. Email Backup via POP3 directly from the mail server. A wide variety of free plug-ins considerably enlarges its functionality and allows using it as a professional backup tool.

See also: backup, backup software, backup to CD, backup to DVD, backup to HD-DVD, backup to Blu-Ray, backup to FTP, backup to SFTP, registry backup, backup to USB, backup to flash, file synchronization, Outlook backup, Outlook Express backup, ICQ backup

Buy Novosoft Office Backup (only $39.00)Download Novosoft Office Backup (Size: 4740 KB)

Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite 2008

Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite 2008 - all-in-one suite to completely protect, maintain and manage your PC. It provides you with all of the tools you need to manage today?s hard drives, including partitioning, backup, cloning, defrag, hard drive disposal, system management and system recovery.

See also: hard disk manager, system management, system recovery, backup tool, disk backup

Buy Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite 2008 (only $49.95)Download Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite 2008 (Size: 29878 KB)

Data Doctor Recovery Windows

Windows partition file retrieval tool is very helpful to undelete deleted data from various FAT, VFAT, FAT12, FAT16, NTFS, NTFS5 file systems. Hard disk data backup software rescues all deleted database files, digital snaps, text files, movies, office document files etc. Software supports various operating systems like windows XP, Vista, 98, 2000, 2003, ME and NT. Windows file rescue tool facilitates users to preview files before actual recovery.

See also: Windows, file, retrieval, utility, recover, formatted, directory, Vista, FAT, NTFS, partition, data, rescue, tool, salvage, crashed, damaged, hard disk, drive, VFAT, NTFS5, FAT12, FAT32, software, backup, lost, deleted, information, MFT, MBR, DBR

Buy Data Doctor Recovery Windows (only $69.00)Download Data Doctor Recovery Windows (Size: 734 KB)

PowerFolder 3.1

PowerFolder is a software to synchronize, share, backup and access files. PowerFolder connects computers and lets to exchange all kind of data, which you want to sync or share between multiple computers. It can keep your office and home computer in sync or backup significant data to another computer. It automatically detects new or changed files and keeps all your computers in sync.

See also: powerfolder, synchronization, synchronize folders, synchronize directories, synchronize archives, synchronize files, share folders, share directories, share archives, share files, sync files, sync folders, sync file, sync, backup, peer-to-peer

Buy PowerFolder 3.1 (only $54.00)Download PowerFolder 3.1 (Size: 21009 KB)

SyncEXPnet 3.7

SyncEXPnet syncs quickest second to none. It excels in processing great amount of mirroring data. Whether you are an individual or a corporate user, SyncEXPnet is your indispensable backup tool! It supports all kinds of database with a ODBC connection such as Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, Pervasive SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and desktop database products such as FileMaker, and Microsoft Access.

See also: data sync, file synchronization, backup, data replication, PC sync software, file sync, data synchronization software, database sync tool, ODBC utility

Buy SyncEXPnet 3.7 (only $49.00)Download SyncEXPnet 3.7 (Size: 2148 KB)

True Image Home 2010 Netbook Edition 13.0

Acronis True Image Home 2010 Netbook Edition is a powerful and comprehensive backup and recovery solutions purpose-built for Netbook PCs. Based on Acronis’ award-winning patented backup and recovery technologies, the Netbook Edition can assure you that all your significant data including images, music, documents and applications are well protected and can easily be recovered in the event of any disaster.

See also: acronis true image, backup software, disaster recovery, privacy expert suite, disk director suite, corporate solutions, online disk backup, corporate products, server, workstation, trial download online

Buy True Image Home 2010 Netbook Edition 13.0 (only $29.99)Download True Image Home 2010 Netbook Edition 13.0 (Size: 100512 KB)

Digionica SyncTool 2.0.0

Digionica SyncTool is a software for synchronizing files and folders in several computers in net, on local storages and removable media. Once adapted, it will copy changes by itself and according to schedule. It also can be used for backuping your data. If installed as Windows service it will work even without user logon.

See also: backup, synchronization, replication, folder, copy

Buy Digionica SyncTool 2.0.0 (only $56.71)Download Digionica SyncTool 2.0.0 (Size: 836 KB)

FohX 1.0.0

FohX has a simple to use menu system. It is fully functional with Windows 7, Vista, and Windows XP. FohX lets you to backup your system for full protection. It also has a simple to use automated recovery process that is easy to use should you find yourself in a malware bind. A few clicks and you're on your way again. FohX has Desktop Support available to subscribers that lets our technicians to remotely connect to your computer for assistance.

See also: Anti-Spyware, Fohx, Backup and Recovery, anti-spyware, antispyware

Buy FohX 1.0.0 (only $41.00)Download FohX 1.0.0 (Size: 5095 KB)


AngelFTP is a small FTP backup client software which support backup on time and backup rules such as FTP files'name,size and modified time.

See also: FTP, client, FTP, backup, backup, time, backup, rules

Buy AngelFTP (only $63.00)Download AngelFTP (Size: 1395 KB)

FolderMatch 3.6.3

FolderMatch makes it fast and easy to compare and synchronize the contents of any two files or folders. Whether you're trying to keep files and folders organized on a desktop computer, performing backups to removable disks, synchronizing rapidly changing laptop data with your main computer, or doing network file maintenance, FolderMatch offers one-button synchronization for the novice, and a range of sophisticated tools for the innovative user.

See also: file synchronizer, file compare utility, file compare, backup program, file folder, directory compare, synchronize, backup, folder match, synchronization, file synchronization, compare files, file comparison software, duplicate file finder, windiff

Buy FolderMatch 3.6.3 (only $35.00)Download FolderMatch 3.6.3 (Size: 5672 KB)

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