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JPEG Imager 2.3.1

An interactive image compressor. Provides various compression controls and a real-time preview of a resulting image. May prove to be very useful if you need to optimize your images for publishing in the Web. Includes a set of image enhancement tools, simple built-in batch processor and thumbnail generator. JPEG Imager is the most popular batch compress download.

See also: compress, optimize, jpeg, jpg, gif, png, view, edit, convert, picture, image, process, enhance, correct, gamma, brightness, color, tone, adjustment, balance, resample, resize, crop, rotate, blur, sharpen, filter, dithering, grayscale, clean, batch, thumbnail

Buy JPEG Imager 2.3.1 (only $24.95)Download JPEG Imager 2.3.1 (Size: 1242 KB)

ReaCompressor - image optimizer 1.8

Optimize your pictures & images for the best quality, look and size conformity when preparing for the web, e-mail, fax, storing, etc. and see changes in real time. It supports 340 input formats, multipage GIF/TIF files, TWAIN devices (scanner, digital camera), region specific compression that allows to produce JPG files some areas of which are compressed more or less than others, basic image editing options and features multilingual interface. ReaCompressor - image optimizer is the second most popular batch compress download.

See also: picture optimization, image optimization, jpg compression, compress, image resize, jpg image optimizer, multipage gif/tiff optimization, region compression, JPG region specific compression, optimize, jpg, gif, png, tif, bmp, reduce image, resize image, batch image compression

Buy ReaCompressor - image optimizer 1.8 (only $19.95)Download ReaCompressor - image optimizer 1.8 (Size: 1495 KB)

Batch Sizer 1.01.15

Batch Sizer is the simple visible solution to resizing your digital photos and images for publication on the net or ot send to friends and family. Simply load in the pictures you want, visually rotate and edit them (including crop) then process the selection. You can also add watermarks, trim with proportions, upload the files directly via ftp, compress them into a zip/cab file. All in a simple clean and easy to use interface. Batch Sizer is the third most popular batch compress download.

See also: Batch, Image, Photo, Reduce, Resize, Compress, Jpg, Jpeg, Digital, Camera, Sizer, Resample, Thumbnail

Buy Batch Sizer 1.01.15 (only $27.50)Download Batch Sizer 1.01.15 (Size: 3414 KB)

Zipghost 3.60

Zipghost is a powerful time-saving and easy-to-use 'Batch compression' and 'Batch decompression' utility. Features: ZIP and UNZIP. Easy to use and powerful Batch Processing. Compress each file to be one archive in batch processing. Compress each folder to be one archive in batch processing. Compress all files include its sub folders to be one zip. DeCompress any selected zip files in batch processing.

See also: zip, unzip, batch, batch processing, compress, decompress, context menu, password

Buy Zipghost 3.60 (only $39.95)Download Zipghost 3.60 (Size: 1073 KB)

Batch Picture Resizer 1.2

Batch Picture Resizer is a new easy to use user-friendly image resizer. It helps you to resizes a large groups of photos at once. Batch Picture Resizer can work with the major image formats, including JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG, PCX, TGA. Pictures can be resized with high quality or rotated (without loosing quality - lossless rotation). You can optimize colors levels or convert images to grey scale in one click.

See also: batch image resize, batch photo resize, batch picture resize, picture, jpg, resize, batch, simple, free, download, photos, digital, compress, print, images, show your photos, reduce, enlarge, email, digital camera, software, edit, search, email photo

Buy Batch Picture Resizer 1.2 (only $19.50)Download Batch Picture Resizer 1.2 (Size: 1021 KB)

Batch Picture Protector 1.0

Batch Picture Protector is a powerful and easy-to-use batch image watermarking tool. It protects your digital images and artwork by adding professional transparent watermarks that combine text, illustrations and graphics. This watermarking software is particularly useful to designers, artists and banner makers who send artwork proofs to customers for evaluation.

See also: watermark, watermarking, add image watermark, batch image resize, batch photo resize, batch picture resize, picture, jpg, resize, batch, simple, free, download, photos, digital, compress, print, images, show your photos, reduce, enlarge, email, digital camera, software, edit, search, email photo

Buy Batch Picture Protector 1.0 (only $27.50)Download Batch Picture Protector 1.0 (Size: 1441 KB)

Image Compressor 2008 Home Edition 6.0.2

The perfect after-the-shot software, IMC2008 provides comprehensive set of tools. You can easily import, capture, scan, retouch, compare, create photo album, share and compress your images more efficiently than ever before. + NEW! Professional image viewer + NEW! Image comparison tool + NEW! Image retouching tools + Improved compression engine + Enhanced digital eye + NEW! Screen capture functions + Web photo album creation

See also: batch compress, batch resize, batch rotate, best image compression, compress, compress image, compress jpeg, compressing image, compressing jpeg, compression, compression image, digital image compression, digital photo, digital photo frame, image, image compress, image compresser, image compression, image compression software, image compressor, image-compressor,, jpeg, jpeg compression, jpeg compression software, jpeg compressor, jpeg image compression, photo, picture, resize, rotate, view, retouch, nikon, canon, olympus, pentax, leica, kodak, fuji, sony

Buy Image Compressor 2008 Home Edition 6.0.2 (only $49.99)Download Image Compressor 2008 Home Edition 6.0.2 (Size: 9489 KB)

AutoImager 3.05

Powerful and full-featured batch image editing, processing, and conversion software. Over 140 image formats and 80+ editing and processing operations are provided. The software's interface is very intuitive and can be utilized quickly and efficiently by computer users of any experience level. All operations have numerous options that can be optionally set for maximum control, and extensive command-line support is present for advanced purposes.

See also: WPG, WMF, WBMP, XWD, XPM, XBM, SVG, SUN, SMP, SHP, SCT, RAS, PTOCA, PTK, PPM, PNM, PLT, PGM, PCT, PCL, PCD, PBM, MSP, MDA, MAC, LBM, JTF, JIF, J2K, ITG, IMG, IFF, ICA, GEM, GBR, FPX, FAX, EXIF, EPS, EMF, DXF, DWG, DWF, DRW, DIB, DGN, CUT, CUR, CMX, CMP, CLP, CGM, CAL, MODCA, JBIG, PCX, Hole Punch, WFX, TGA, SGI, PSD, PSP, PNG, IOCA, AFP, ICO, AWD, GIF, BMP, JPG, JPEG, TIFF, PDF, process, convert, editing, photo, conversion, edit, graphic, photos, image, graphics, batch, editor, converter, processor, Trim, Crop, Flip, Mirror, Resample, Resize, Rotate, Contrast, Border, Remove, Brightness, Buttonize, Dot, Gamma, Grayscale, HolePunch, Hue, Invert, Line, Saturation, Sharpen, Smooth, Blur, Resolution, Deskew, multi-page, images

Buy AutoImager 3.05 (only $60.00)Download AutoImager 3.05 (Size: 18350 KB)

Complete File Renamer 2.0

Complete File Renamer is a multiple file renaming tool. It makes it easy to keep movie, music, image and other file's names consistent and organized. It comes with lots of renaming options, mp3 tag support, instant preview and undo/redo support. This version of Complete File Renamer comes with a command line utility tool cmdren.exe, aka Command Line File Renamer 1.0. You can use cmdren.exe in scripts and batch files to automate your tasks.

See also: renamer, rename file, rename files, file renamer, file renaming, mp3 renamer, batch renamer

Buy Complete File Renamer 2.0 (only $14.95)Download Complete File Renamer 2.0 (Size: 547 KB)

CodedColor PhotoStudio 4.1.4

CodedColor PhotoStudio is a powerful and versatile photo organizer and image editing software for digital camera users. Features include photo editing & printing, web album galleries, slide shows, photo management & cataloging, custom sorting, IPTC & EXIF editor, thumbnail generation, resize & resample images, jp2000, batch conversion, database keyword searching, red eye removal, color / sharpness / brightness & contrast correction, etc.

See also: viewer, photo, image, editor, graphics, archive, album, publish, JPG, JPEG, GIF, TIF, TIFF, BMP, WMF, organize, print, view, thumbs, catalog, photo, foto, camera, exif, digital, database, batch, conversion, annotation, exif, iptc, multimedia, acdsee

Buy CodedColor PhotoStudio 4.1.4 (only $39.00)Download CodedColor PhotoStudio 4.1.4 (Size: 3956 KB)

Minos Batch Images 1.8.2

Minos Batch Images is an automated batch-imaging editor that allows you to resize, rename ,add text and compressing images.  Wrap the images into a standalone .Exe file.You may send to people with convenient. It can work with the major image formats, including JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIF, TIFF, PCD, PNG, PSD, JPEG2000 and MAC. The default setting can stretch images proportionally.

See also: image, picture, resize, batch, rotate, multi, shrink, big, small, reduce, digital, camera, photos, fit, image resizer, jpeg resizer, image resizing, jpg resize, picture resize, resizer

Buy Minos Batch Images 1.8.2 (only $18.95)Download Minos Batch Images 1.8.2 (Size: 5209 KB)

Image Recognition Web Test Plugin 4.30

It is the world's first technology that allows you to automate and test web sites using images instead of cumbersome X/Y coordinates. It relies only upon the images that are rendered in the browser, regardless of the technology that created them. Simply give the software information about a button or an image. The program will find and click the button, even if it is in a different location or has changed colors.

See also: Automate, web, flash, test, java, applet, testing, script, scripting, Flash, recorder, form, filler, batch, robot, agent, wsh, surfing, autocomplete, automate, automation, HTML, Java, Applets, ActiveX, component, upload, download, cache, popup, redial, scheduler, simulate, response times

Buy Image Recognition Web Test Plugin 4.30 (only $998.00)Download Image Recognition Web Test Plugin 4.30 (Size: 389 KB)

Music Tag Editor 1.4

Music filenames and tags are never what they should, and rarely consistent. Changing the artist, song title and album title can be a long and grueling process if done manually. Music Tag Editor is a simple-to-use program that allows you to change "tagged" information about your MP3/WMA music files. Open up a world of options where you can quickly change music filenames, create playlists and even add lyrics to your music files.

See also: mp3 batch editing, lyrics editor, mp3 organizer, pls playlist, UNICODE mp3 tag, m3u playlist, mp3 tag editor, music tag editor

Buy Music Tag Editor 1.4 (only $19.95)Download Music Tag Editor 1.4 (Size: 2808 KB)

DXF to AutoCAD DWG Converter 2.35

DXF to AutoCAD DWG Converter let you batch convert DWG Files into DXF files and vice versa without AutoCAD. It is also a AutoCAD drawing file version converter, supports both low to high and high to low conversion. Active DWG DXF Converter Supports version from AutoCAD R3 to latest version AutoCAD 2007.

See also: DWG DXF Converter, DWG DXF convert, AutoCAD DWG, Batch converter, DWG2DXF, File Version Convert

Buy DXF to AutoCAD DWG Converter 2.35 (only $69.00)Download DXF to AutoCAD DWG Converter 2.35 (Size: 1172 KB)

Quick Web Photo Resizer

Normally, you need to resize your digital photos or other images before uploading them to the Web or sending via e-mail. This program offers an ingenious way of processing your images. You simply select a resizing scheme and drag images to the program's window. The program will automatically choose a JPEG Quality/Compression level for each image to best fit the file size and dimensions that you selected.

See also: web, photo, resizer, resize, jpeg, optimize, optimizer, batch, image, publish, dzsoft

Buy Quick Web Photo Resizer (only $29.00)Download Quick Web Photo Resizer (Size: 2154 KB)

Window Shutdown 2.0.3

WinShutDown is a simple yet powerful computer shutdown utility that lets you quickly power off, shutdown, reboot, hibernate or log off your computer. A shutdown timer can be configured to automatically activate shutdown actions at a specific time. Or you set it to automatically shutdown idle PC that has no activity for some time.

See also: WinShutDown, window shutdown, computer software, pc auto shutdown, log off, reboot, restart, hibernate, timer, CPU idle, DOS command, batch file, download

Buy Window Shutdown 2.0.3 (only $5.00)Download Window Shutdown 2.0.3 (Size: 1588 KB)

dwgPlotX 2.2.1

dwgPlotX is a utility to batch plot and process AutoCAD files. It features a scriptless plotter,exporter and string-replacer for AutoCAD full version. Using scripts, it can be used to perform any operation on thousands of files. It features AutoCAD Command Capture to script, Step Into script debugger, Test Run, and also bundles in a bulk file name changer and Scheduler. (Compatible with both AutoCAD full and LT).

See also: AutoCAD 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, batch plot, batch print, batch script, autocad automate, automation, batch scripting, file rename, multiple print, multiple plot, strings replace, dwg plotting, plot multiple files, DXF, BATCH SCRIPT

Buy dwgPlotX 2.2.1 (only $79.95)Download dwgPlotX 2.2.1 (Size: 7247 KB)

Boxoft Batch Photo Processor 1.0

Boxoft Batch Photo Processor is a simple, lightning-fast and powerful photo editor utility that allows you to perform common modifications on a series of images, you can to batch apply multiple graphical filters to your pictures, the filters are divided into four main categories: annotate, touch up, transform, and effects. The software brings the power of batch processing to every digital camera owner

See also: Batch, Image, foto, photo, Processing, Software, tiff, jpg, bmp, pdf, tif, gif, convert, free, download

Buy Boxoft Batch Photo Processor 1.0 (only $27.00)Download Boxoft Batch Photo Processor 1.0 (Size: 2100 KB)

Convert Multiple TIFF to PDF

Convert multiple TIFF to PDF software converting batch photo files into multipage or single PDF files, that makes easy to sending out or bringing out over the web.TIF to PDF software is a simple, desktop tool program that converts your images, screenshots, graphic, snaps, photos, pictures, scan, drawings, faxes, photographs and scans into PDF documents. TIF to PDF convertor combine merge join snapshot, screen shot and image to multi page PDFs.

See also: Convert, Multiple, TIFF, PDF, Converter, Software, TIF, Combine, Conversion, Add, Insert, Paste, Join, Creator, Converting, Batch, Page, Size, Margin, Snapshot, Scan, Picture, Screenshot, Image, Adobe, Acrobat, Create, Documents, Download, Files

Buy Convert Multiple TIFF to PDF (only $14.90)Download Convert Multiple TIFF to PDF (Size: 1266 KB)

Batch Files Renamer 1.0

Batch File Renamer is a utility to rename files in a batch process, it is a very easy and simple utility to rename any type of file.You can add remove,insert and replace or text from your file's name,and you can replace filename extension to UPPERCASE,lowercase,littile case or sentence case.

See also: batch file renamer, bulk file renamer, free batch file renamer, freeware batch file utility, batch file renamer software, Batch Rename File with Date, Free Batch File Rename Utility, Rename File Name, Batch Rename Tool, Rename File Utility Windows, Rename File

Buy Batch Files Renamer 1.0 (only $29.00)Download Batch Files Renamer 1.0 (Size: 600 KB)

Luxand Glamourizer 1.01

Enhance portrait shots automatically! Glamourizer makes it easy to make perfect glamour portraits from ordinary snapshots. Automatically locating all human faces in a picture, Glamourizer makes skin look smooth and natural while removing tiny imperfections. Automatic skin tone adjustments and red-eye removal make batch image enhancement a matter of just a few mouse clicks!

See also: face, portrait, glamour, glamourize, photo, images, automatical, batch, red-eye, red eye, smooth skin, enhancement

Buy Luxand Glamourizer 1.01 (only $29.95)Download Luxand Glamourizer 1.01 (Size: 7702 KB)

Apex PDF Merging Tool

PDF merging utility can work as a splitter, merger, joiner, combiner, cutter, breaker, remover, etc. This software solve multiple application like split large file, merge multiple PDF, combine 2 into 1, delete unwanted pages, concatenate PDFs, etc. Application support both type file like protected or non-protected PDF file. You have checked the efficiency of this software go link All in One PDF Tools and verify the software.

See also: PDF, Merging, Tool, Software, Splitting, Split, Merge, Batch, Combining, Adding, Joining, Delete, Remove, Divide, Reduce, Break, Cut, Append, Concatenate, Page, Specific, Odd, Even, Splitter, Merger, Arrange, Manage, Organize, Program, Document, File

Buy Apex PDF Merging Tool (only $29.90)Download Apex PDF Merging Tool (Size: 3605 KB)

Apex PDF Joining

PDF joining software is convenient and rich program that convert PDF in single or multiple PDF file by batch process. It can effortlessly done split PDFs, merge PDFs, combine two or more PDF into 1, divide single to thousand, extract pages, remove blank pages, watermark, bookmark, resize pages, Meta properties, etc. Make you output PDF file as per your need like select page range, odd pages, even page or specific pages.

See also: PDF Joining, Software, Cut PDF, Joiner, Breaking PDF, Append, Splitting, Merging, Create, Split, Merge, Page Remover, Size, Batch, Splitter, Merger, Combiner, Tool, Extracting, Remove, File, Document, Organize, Watermark, Bookmark, Adobe, Acrobat

Buy Apex PDF Joining (only $29.90)Download Apex PDF Joining (Size: 3605 KB)

Apex Convert Multiple Image to PDF

Convert multiple image to PDF software combine images, graphic into single Adobe file and use password protection on it. Change, switch .JPG, .EMF, .WMF, .JPEG, .TIF, .ICO, .PNG, .BMP to PDF documents. JPEG to PDF utility helps to converting various image, picture, snaps and screen shot into PDFs files easily. Image to PDF converter software may set image size, page margin, page size, page layout before converting batch picture, image or snaps to PDF.

See also: Convert, Multiple, Image to PDF, Files, Converter, Insert, Add, Creator, Maker, Conversion, Converting, Image2PDF, Software, GIF to PDF, JPG to PDF, Bitmap, TIFF, EMF, WMF, PNG, JIF, Batch, Multi-pages, Pictures, Pages, Single, Adobe, Documents, Tool

Buy Apex Convert Multiple Image to PDF (only $19.90)Download Apex Convert Multiple Image to PDF (Size: 1175 KB)

SharePoint Batch Check In 2.8.1228.2

The SharePoint default environment does not allow for checking-in multiple documents. After uploading or checking out multiple documents, the user would have to check in all the documents back in one by one. This takes a lot of time, and requires performing the same action again and again for each document. SharePointBoost provides a solution to this situation with Batch Check-In.

See also: SharePoint Batch Check In, SharePoint check in multiple documents, SharePoint check in multiple files, SharePoint document library, SharePoint mass check in

Buy SharePoint Batch Check In 2.8.1228.2 (only $799.00)Download SharePoint Batch Check In 2.8.1228.2 (Size: 1191 KB)

Apex Unlock PDF Document

Unlock PDF document software is the correct guide for so many users those who are really looking for an suitable solution to unlock Adobe PDF security as this utility allows users to unlock PDF security print, unlock PDF security copy, unlock PDF security edit in right way without effecting any original Adobe files. If you have gain more knowledge of this software so click this link Apex PDF Password & Restrictions Remover

See also: Unlock, PDF, Document, Software, Batch, Permission, Limitation, Enable, Disable, User, Owner, Decryption, Encryption, Protect, Prevent, Password, Lock, Copy, Modify, Content, Edit, Comment, Form, Fill, Assemble, Annotation, Program, Adobe, Tool, File

Buy Apex Unlock PDF Document (only $14.90)Download Apex Unlock PDF Document (Size: 1131 KB)

Apex File Splitter

File splitter software download and store the downloaded files into Floppy disk, CD ROM, DVD, CD, USB etc. It?s possible only if the downloaded file size is less than or equal to Floppy Size (1.38 MB), CDs Size (700 MB) or DVDs Size (4GB). You can split any file into multiple files of the same size. The software can split any file by bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes or text files by lines. It is save or secure your files with unknown person.

See also: File, Splitter, Software, Merger, Batch, Cut, Break, Divide, Split, Merge, Join, Combine, Extract, Multiple, ZIP, RAR, AVI, EXE, Transfer, Small, Segment, Byte, Giga, Mega, Line, Page, Size, Floppy, Disk, USB, DVD, Adobe, Download, Tool, Document

Buy Apex File Splitter (only $14.90)Download Apex File Splitter (Size: 821 KB)

PDF Protector Splitter and Merger Pro 1.0.8

PDF Protector, Splitter and Merger Pro is a BEST PDF software to Encrypt,Split, Merge Multiple PDF,Extract Images and Text from PDF files in Batch Process. You can add password to your PDF files by using 128-bit encryption, split PDF files into many PDF files with various splitting options.This software can merge thousands of PDF files into single PDF file and user can Extract images and Text from PDF Files.

See also: PDF protecter, pdf encrypter, pdf splitter, pdf merger, encrypt pdf file in batch, merge pdf file, split pdf file, delete page from pdf, pdf encryption 128 bit

Buy PDF Protector Splitter and Merger Pro 1.0.8 (only $19.00)Download PDF Protector Splitter and Merger Pro 1.0.8 (Size: 2021 KB)

Apex GIF to PDF Conversion

GIF to PDF conversion software has option to page and image setting such as page size, page margin and image size. Software can directly convert all graphics image to PDF document. Software can transform various image, picture, photo, scan, still, photograph, screenshot, snapshot to PDF document. If you want to check efficiency of software to go download by this link Apex GIF to PDF Converter and convert image to PDF file.

See also: GIF, PDF, Conversion, Software, Convert, Image, Photo, Photograph, Scan, Picture, Snapshot, Still, Fax, Screenshot, Transform, Converter, Change, Multiple, Merge, Join, Combine, Insert, Batch, Page, Size, Files, Format, Free, Download, Tool, Document

Buy Apex GIF to PDF Conversion (only $14.90)Download Apex GIF to PDF Conversion (Size: 1089 KB)

PDF to TIFF Converter Pro 2.21

AXPDF PDF to TIFF converter Pro is easy-to-use for batch converting PDF to TIFF, it also supports more than 8 image formats including JPEG, TIFF, PS, PNG, BMP, PCX, GIF and EPS. AXPDF is an efficient application which allows you best handle the output of your converted images. By the way, there is no need to install PDF readers on your machine, it is a stand alone converter. So, which is your best choice? That is AXPDF PDF to TIFF converter Pro.

See also: convert PDF to TIFF, batch convert PDF to TIFF, batch convert PDF to JPEG, PDF to JPEG, pdf to image, batch convert PDF to JPG, PDF to JPEG batch converter, batch convert pdf to image

Buy PDF to TIFF Converter Pro 2.21 (only $229.00)Download PDF to TIFF Converter Pro 2.21 (Size: 3519 KB)

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