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FilesCollection 2.0b

FilesCollection makes use of an Explorer-like interface to let you index the all fixed, removable media, and network drives on your system and archives on them for further fast, full and convenient search without necessity to insert discs again into the drive. FilesCollection can extract descriptions from TXT, WAV, MP3 (ID3 tags) files and export indexes to a comma-separated text CSV files. FilesCollection is the most popular cataloging software download.

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Buy FilesCollection 2.0b (only $24.95)Download FilesCollection 2.0b (Size: 882 KB)

CDVista 1.44a

CDVista enables you to scan your removable drives or photo CDs and store thumbnail images of the pictures on your PC. The program can optionally extract meta data contained in audio files, internet files, text files and digital images. CDVista offers special browsers to consult your disks easily, as well as extensive search functionality to quickly locate any kind of file. CDVista is the second most popular cataloging software download.

See also: cdrom, Cds, CD-ROMs, cdrom, video, cdvista, catalog, cataloging, disk, removable, zip, mp3, image, cddb, audio, file, program, software, shareware, tree, thumbnail, cdvista.exe, scan, wav, record, contents, drive, explore

Buy CDVista 1.44a (only $18.00)Download CDVista 1.44a (Size: 2819 KB)

Postcard Organizer Deluxe 2.5

Postcard Organizer Deluxe is a Windows software for postcard collectors, hobbyists, dealers, and clubs. Software helps you to organize, catalog, and manage all postcard collections. Organizer is intuitive and easy to use for the beginner, at the same moment feature-rich and powerful enough to satisfy the most advanced users. Postcard Organizer Deluxe is the third most popular cataloging software download.

See also: postcard, software, postcard inventory, postcard cataloging, hobby, windows software, database manager

Buy Postcard Organizer Deluxe 2.5 (only $65.00)Download Postcard Organizer Deluxe 2.5 (Size: 9277 KB)

PicaJet FX 2.5.454

PicaJet Photo Manager helps you automatically manage 1000s of your digital photos in seconds. Additional features include built-in tools to keep your photos safe, an image search engine with support for EXIF data, a slideshow maker and an easy-to-use tool to generate a web gallery from templates. If you have a large photo collection and need an efficient way to organize it, this digital photo album software is a "must-have".

See also: photo gallery software, photo management software, photo organizer, photo album software, cataloging tool, photo organizing

Buy PicaJet FX 2.5.454 (only $39.95)Download PicaJet FX 2.5.454 (Size: 5219 KB)

Collection Studio 3.59

CollectionStudio is a software which tracks your collectibles (coins, banknotes, stamps, posters, books) and shows the whole or partial collection with different points of view. Easy-to-use tools will help you to change information, share it with friends, allowing collection to grow...

See also: custom, coins, stamps, books, paper money, banknote, collection, collector, software, bones, coin, track, catalog, cataloging

Buy Collection Studio 3.59 (only $35.00)Download Collection Studio 3.59 (Size: 4785 KB)

WinCatalog 2012 3.5

WinCatalog makes it easy to handle large collections of files such as music, movies, pictures and documents. Search various media for the files you want! No matter if your files are stored on a CD, DVD, flash memory card or the hard disk, WinCatalog will find exactly what you are looking for in just seconds. The search includes MP3 tags, ZIP archive contents and more. The newest feature: search for digital photos using EXIF tags.

See also: cd-catalog, catalog software, disk cataloguer, cataloging software, cataloger, cataloguer, cd catalogue, search files

Buy WinCatalog 2012 3.5 (only $49.95)Download WinCatalog 2012 3.5 (Size: 7629 KB)

Elecard XMuxer Pro 2.0

Elecard XMuxer Pro is video editing software designed for professionals and enthusiasts to demultiplex, multiplex, and remultiplex MPEG-2 Transport and Program Streams as well as MP4 files, trim HD DVD, iPod, PSP and AVI files. The main XMuxer functions are provided by Direct Show filters performing demultiplexing and multiplexing.

See also: MP4, multiplex, demultiplex, mpeg2, mux, decoder, encoder, directshow, filter, mpeg, video, compression, divx, trim, avc, h.264, codec, transport stream, PSP, dvd, dvb, video editing software, multiplexing, HD DVD, trimming

Buy Elecard XMuxer Pro 2.0 (only $95.45)Download Elecard XMuxer Pro 2.0 (Size: 4061 KB)

Lotto007 XP 2006 8.5

Lotto007 Lottery software offers you the ability to play the lottery with control. Lotto007 is a powerful mathematical tool which helps you, using various filtering (Lotto007 has more than 22 filters,and you can set "Max permit wrong" in filters) criteria using Pick 4,5,6,7 Wheels and using Winning Ticketes for Check Winning. It should not be confused with other lottery software on the market which merely generates random numbers.

See also: lottery software, lotto software, lotto, Rotate Matrix, lotto Statistics, lotto analyze, wheeling system, lottery, otto programs, lottery systems, wheels, lottery filter, winning lottery numbers, how to win the lottery, winning lotto numbers

Buy Lotto007 XP 2006 8.5 (only $59.95)Download Lotto007 XP 2006 8.5 (Size: 11508 KB)

GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP 9

GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP is an email content checking, exploit detection, threats analysis and anti-virus solution that removes all types of email-borne threats before they can affect an organization?s email users. GFI MailSecurity's key features include multiple virus engines, to guarantee higher detection rate and faster response to new viruses; email content and attachment checking and to quarantine dangerous attachments and content.

See also: antivirus, exchange server, microsoft exchange, windows 2000 security, nimda, email security, security software, sircam, exploit, klez

Buy GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP 9 (only $350.00)Download GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP 9 (Size: 26316 KB)

4TOPS Office Link for MS Access 2000 4.0

4TOPS Office Link when you need mail merge / reporting to Word or Excel from your ms access database. With an easy wizard interface it is capable of: Handling multiple data sources using form AND sub forms Automatic naming and storing of documents Automatic document processing: print/fax/e-mail (you can even use it as mail merge email programs) Creation of multiple documents in one go Etc.

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Buy 4TOPS Office Link for MS Access 2000 4.0 (only $299.00)Download 4TOPS Office Link for MS Access 2000 4.0 (Size: 5387 KB)

Hard Disk Data Recovery

NTFS partition recovery from corrupted, deleted, and damaged hard disk drive data files. Repair Windows XP 2000 2003 file system volume data MBR master boot record MFT master file table, root directory. Undelete, unerase, unformat formatted desktop laptop lost word excel documents pictures, photo from not detected inaccessible ide ata sata scsi drive, virus attack power failure boot up problem permanent deletion or executing fdisk command

See also: recovery, backup, windows, ntfs, hard, disk, drive, partition, data, file, deleted, corrupted, mft, mbr, root, damaged, lost, formatted, corrupt, restore, retrieve, directory, master, boot, record, sector, software, crash, ide, ata, sata, scsi, ntfs5

Buy Hard Disk Data Recovery (only $69.00)Download Hard Disk Data Recovery (Size: 5358 KB)

CiAN File Splitter 3.30Pro

Split huge files by Parts Size or Number of Parts; Rejoin using the self-join program; Compression (WinZip Compatible); Password protection; CRC32; Fully integrated with Ms Windows Explorer; Command line generator; Performance adjustment selector.

See also: file, splitter, splitting, split, join, divide, joiner, file splitter, software, split file, separater, filesplit, backup, compress, zip, gigabyte, deluxe, span, large, files, email, floppy, disk, spanning, usb, diskettes, rejoin, internet, windows, free, splitter software

Buy CiAN File Splitter 3.30Pro (only $11.95)Download CiAN File Splitter 3.30Pro (Size: 3204 KB)

Active Date Manager 2.0

How to plan the day of our life? Try Active Date Manager - powerful personal information manager and daytimer software. This smartly developed and good designed event planner will track your everyday tasks, save you diary, remind about holidays, birthdays and other special days. Active Date Manager will help you manage appointments, to-do lists, schedules, and more.

See also: password, generator, list, finder, manager, software, personal, organizer, electronic, rask, manager, sheduler, todo, to-do, day, planner, event, weekly, daily, meeting, calendar, date, planning, calendar, pim

Buy Active Date Manager 2.0 (only $24.95)Download Active Date Manager 2.0 (Size: 1496 KB)

Anti Tracks 6.9.14

Anti Tracks is a complete solution to protect your privacy and enhance your PC performance. With a simple click Anti Tracks securely erase your internet tracks, computer activities and programs history information stored in many hidden files on your computer.

See also: anti tracks, privacy, disk cleanup, privacy software, secure erase, internet, internet privacy, history, tracks, history cleaner, tracks eraser

Buy Anti Tracks 6.9.14 (only $29.95)Download Anti Tracks 6.9.14 (Size: 2748 KB)

Advanced File Vault 1.01

Hide or password-protect any file instantly by clicking on it. Advanced File Vault works with all file types including pictures and movies. Once a file is locked or hidden, it is completely encrypted and none of its contents can be viewed. To lock a file or folder, simply right-click on it and select the lock option. Extremely easy to use. Online help is also available.

See also: file, lock, hide, easy, works, viewed, vault, user, types, software, simply, select, right, protect, pictures, password, option, online, once, offers

Buy Advanced File Vault 1.01 (only $29.95)Download Advanced File Vault 1.01 (Size: 737 KB)

DriveCrypt 4.4

DRIVECRYPT securely and easily protects all proprietary data on notebooks and desktop computers 100% of the time without users having to think about security. Any organization, from a small company to a large international firm with thousands of users in the field, can effectively protect business plans, client lists, product specifications, confidential corporate memos, stock information, and much more with this product.

See also: drivecrypt, securstar, encryption, encryption software, hard disk encryption, disk encryption, steganography, computer security, 256, data security, computer securitz

Buy DriveCrypt 4.4 (only $59.95)Download DriveCrypt 4.4 (Size: 3247 KB)

PrimeExam 1.2.2

PrimeExam enables you to easily create mixed type exams from reusable question banks (multi-choice, True-False, essay, short answer, fill-in), print keys, and embed images. A user-friendly interface will help you to quickly convert existing text-based exams into question banks, create random exams based on detailed criteria as well as create exam forms to discourage cheating. Export your exams to Word, WordPerfect or HTML format.

See also: exam generator, test maker, creating test, exam generation, quiz maker, test software, quiz software, random exam

Buy PrimeExam 1.2.2 (only $89.00)Download PrimeExam 1.2.2 (Size: 12462 KB)

Text Workbench 4.5 sr.7

Multi-purpose search and replace tool with full Unicode support, Text Workbench will increase your productivity and save many hours of manual editing that you spend daily for updating all your files of any type either at your local disks or via FTP. It is a powerful unified solution for web masters, software and web developers, technical writers, office managers and anyone else who wants to search & replace text in many files quickly and easily.

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Buy Text Workbench 4.5 sr.7 (only $49.45)Download Text Workbench 4.5 sr.7 (Size: 2638 KB)


SIP SDK - A powerful and highly versatile VoIP SDK to accelerate development of SIP applications. Our brand-new SIP SDK provides a powerful and highly versatile solution to add quickly SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) based dial and receive phone calls features in your software applications. It accelerates the development of SIP/ RTP compliant soft phone with a fully-customizable user interface and brand name.

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Buy SIP SDK 1.3 (only $999.00)Download SIP SDK 1.3 (Size: 9399 KB)

Card Designing Software

Professional and easy to use Card Designing Software facilitates users to make bulk number of business cards and labels instantly in multiple designing formats and patterns within just fraction of seconds and without any need of programming or tech skills. Card and label making software easily available on website at very low cost cost specially used to make business employees Identity cards along with barcode labels.

See also: Card, label, creator, software, develops, stickers, tags, coupons, holograms, designing, tool, ellipse, line, circle, tool, print, customized, industrial, colorful, logos, images, utility, designs, employee, visiting, cards, members, Windows,

Buy Card Designing Software (only $45.00)Download Card Designing Software (Size: 10270 KB)

Design Visiting Card

Design Visiting Card application is specially developed and designed to craft and print professional log business cards in convenient way. Comprehensive visiting card maker tool generate pretty and attractive business cards including wonderful designing tools like pencil, ellipse, star, picture, text, pencil, triangle, arc, rectangle etc. Excellent Design Visiting Card software provide best user friendly pretty and premium graphical interface.

See also: Design, visiting, photography, logo, creative, jewelry, personal, business, customized, colorful, card, shape, size, photo, image, picture, object, tool, ellipse, triangle, barcode, industry, company, employee, detail, service, software, application

Buy Design Visiting Card (only $38.00)Download Design Visiting Card (Size: 10547 KB)

Projetex: Translation Management System 9.1

Projetex is the Leading Translation Management System for Translation Agencies. It tremendously simplifies task of managing in-house translators and freelance translators, data and files sharing within translation agencies and provides multiple benefits for each translation agency member. Projetex is the most comprehensive translation management software for translation agencies, with over 250 distinct features developed since 1999 to 2012.

See also: translation management system, translation management, translation manager, translation project management, translation management software, localization management, translation workflow

Buy Projetex: Translation Management System 9.1 (only $1406.00)Download Projetex: Translation Management System 9.1 (Size: 156499 KB)

Apex Combine 2 PDF Files into 1

Combine 2 PDF files into 1 utility application is specially designed for solving all problem related to PDF document like split, merge, delete, combine, add, join, compare, cut, divide, extract, append, bookmark, concatenate, password protect, watermark Adobe Acrobat file. Software make PDF according to page range, specific pages, odd, even pages etc. Software is available for download at given link Combine 2 PDF files into 1

See also: Combine, PDF, Files, Software, Splitter, Extract, Join, Remove, Cutter, Add, Cut, Merge, Split, Merger, Break, Rearrange, Delete, Documents, Encrypt, Change, Size, Creator, Bookmark, Watermarks, Several, Compare, Multiple, Append, Batch, Pages, Adobe

Buy Apex Combine 2 PDF Files into 1 (only $29.90)Download Apex Combine 2 PDF Files into 1 (Size: 3599 KB)

Portable Efficient Notes

Efficient Notes is an elegant, easy-to-use and powerful memo and notebook software package. With Efficient Notes, you only need to manage your memos, notes and desktop sticky notes in one interface and one file. With its unique and powerful flash full-text search technique, simply enter a word in a note and you can locate this note quickly! The product has a strong edit function similar to that of Microsoft Word.

See also: notes, note, notebook, sticky notes, sticky note, notes software, note software, desktop notes, desktop note, desktop sticky notes, sticky notes software

Buy Portable Efficient Notes (only $24.95)Download Portable Efficient Notes (Size: 12000 KB)

Professional Data Recovery

Well featured Professional Data Recovery software is specially design for all business industries to quickly retrieve misplace official documents that lost due to shift + delete operational keys. Hard drive data recovery utility easily works on any Windows OS environment to instant get back all valuable wedding and birthday clips from storage media. Files restore tool does not affects system to recover damage/corrupted folders.

See also: Professional, Data, Recovery, Software, regains, missing, misplace, official, text, documents, image, retrieval, tool, restore, damage, corrupted, photos, wallpaper, audio, songs, video, clips, movies, files, folders, storage, media, hard, pen, drive

Buy Professional Data Recovery (only $79.99)Download Professional Data Recovery (Size: 2211 KB)

Russian-English Collins Dictionary 2.1

Extensive electronic talking dictionary, 1.000.000 licenses sold world-wide. One click dictionary contains 126,000 Russian to English translations, 34,700 recorded Russian words, 120,500 meanings and the EasyLex function allowing you to look up translations very quick in many applications. The electronic dictionary has automatic language recognition, searching in any form and fulltext search. Learn Russian with LANGMaster.

See also: Russian to English, English to Russian, electronic dictionary, Collins Dictionary, talking dictionary, pronunciation dictionary, download dictionary, language learning software, English Russian dictionary, learn Russian, Russian translation

Buy Russian-English Collins Dictionary 2.1 (only $14.00)Download Russian-English Collins Dictionary 2.1 (Size: 99588 KB)

Free Recovery Software

Company delivers Free Recovery Software to retrieves deleted image file and folders save in jpg, bitmap, gif, bmp, mov form external storage removable media. Stunning and reliable DDR professional removable software retrieves lost misplace images, audio, video, clipping and official documents from compact disk drive. Free Recovery Software restores lost data due to accidental formatting, sudden shut down system improper device management.

See also: Software, regains, erased, digital, file, application, rescue, lost, information, inaccessible, USB, device, program, recovers, delete, compressed, files, photograph, corrupted, thumb, drive, tool, retrieves formatted image, audio, video, hard disk

Buy Free Recovery Software (only $79.99)Download Free Recovery Software (Size: 2211 KB)

SMS for Windows

Best and affordable group text messaging application quickly deliver unlimited sms including seasonal greetings, business alerts, news, notification, reminders, birthday invitation, marketing campaign, product promotion, advertisements, share market information, budget details and many more activities. Windows based mobile phone text messaging software offer users to quickly forward SMS to thousand of destination in just single click of mouse.

See also: Windows, group, sms, software, deliver, mass, text, message, computer, mobile, phone, transmit, globally, internet, connection, compose, send, business, alert, event, information, notification, budget, training, product, promotion, campaign

Buy SMS for Windows (only $45.00)Download SMS for Windows (Size: 3952 KB)

Android Data Restore Software

Visit to download Android Data Restore Software that is strong enough to retrieve textual and media files from inaccessible android based storage devices.

See also: DDR, recover, file, software, restore, corrupted, erased, emails, word, documents, smart, phone, salvage, tool, retrieve, lost, misplaced, multimedia, images, pictures, audio, video, songs, android, device, tablet, disk, scanning

Buy Android Data Restore Software (only $49.00)Download Android Data Restore Software (Size: 4300 KB)

Outlook Email Spider 5.0.0

This is a useful utility developed to assist in extracting e-mail IDs from MS Outlook and Outlook Express files. Tool can extract e-mail IDs contained in different email folders like inbox, outbox, drafts, sent items, deleted items etc. It also extracts IDs from contacts folder. Tool also equips the user with the option to save extracted numbers in .CSV or .TXT files. Tool provides value added features like filter option and duplicate remover option.

See also: outlook email spider, email extractor, recover outlook email search, email extractor software, email finder, email address finder, outlook mail backup, outlook email

Buy Outlook Email Spider 5.0.0 (only $49.00)Download Outlook Email Spider 5.0.0 (Size: 1026 KB)

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