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TaskPilot PRO 2.1

Manage Projects and Tasks. Set Task Reminders. Send SMS Text messages or set SMS Text reminders. Using the Windows Explorer layout you can create folders, subfolders, tasks, etc. Attach an unlimited amount of digital files with each task. Attachments are embedded into the single-file database so all you have to keep track of is one file instead of numerous files on your computer. Familiar Windows Explorer layout. TaskPilot PRO is the most popular checklist manager download.

See also: SMS, Outlook, Task, Tasks, To do list, Checklist, PIM, Personal Information Manager, Organize, Skins

Buy TaskPilot PRO 2.1 (only $29.95)Download TaskPilot PRO 2.1 (Size: 11152 KB)

Checklist Software 5.306

Checklist Software lets you to easily manage your check list of tasks. It is very easy to use and efficient.Easily reorder tasks using drag and drop; Reminders; Recurring tasks; Color tasks by priority; Carry it on a USB thumb-drive; Print/export; Batch edit tasks; Batch add tasks; Cut/copy/paste tasks; Can be set always on top; Import CSV/TXT/TSV files; System-wide hotkeys; Customization options; Custom priorities; Archive old tasks. Checklist Software is the second most popular checklist manager download.

See also: check list, checklist, checklist software, checklist organizer, checklist manager, checklist app, checklist program, check list organizer, check list manager, check list program, check list app, organizer, todo app, check list management

Buy Checklist Software 5.306 (only $19.95)Download Checklist Software 5.306 (Size: 5483 KB)

Simple To-Do List 2.303

Simply organise your tasks, notes, reminders and recurring tasks. Easily reorder everything using drag and drop. The features include Archive for old tasks, powerful print and export, ability to add or edit multiple tasks at once, task coloring, robust customization options, many columns to choose from (including Priority, Task Type, Due Date, Context, Start Date, Completion Date, Time etc) and more. Portable: Carry it on a USB thumbdrive. Simple To-Do List is the third most popular checklist manager download.

See also: simple to do, simple todo, simple to do list, simple to-do list, simple task, simple task manager, simple organizer, simple list, simple check list, simple checklist, simple pim, simple todo app, simple to do app, simple todo program

Buy Simple To-Do List 2.303 (only $29.95)Download Simple To-Do List 2.303 (Size: 5548 KB)

Contact Organizer Deluxe 2.5

Contact Organizer Deluxe is a flexible contact management software for Windows users. Our contact software solution gives you an easy way to gather and organize information about all your business contacts: main contact information, business/account information, related contacts information, history of all activities, contact notes, and more.

See also: windows, contact manager, software, contact management software, contact management, contact software, contact manager, database, contact manager software, customer relationship management

Buy Contact Organizer Deluxe 2.5 (only $65.00)Download Contact Organizer Deluxe 2.5 (Size: 9277 KB)

FreshOutline 1.33

Powerful data manager that helps you to organize your data in tree-like style. The ideal tool for organising your life! Notes, family trees, contacts, diary, recipes, and more. Define your own data structure for each tree and store notes, genealogical trees, to-do lists, contact data, etc. The key features of FreshOutline are: advanced search, state dictionary, bookmarks, WYSIWYG print/preview of tree and data, export, import, and much more.

See also: PIM, tree, outline, FreshOutline, database, cardfile, outliner, notes, treepad, inventory, data, information, search, browse, todo, contact manager, address book

Buy FreshOutline 1.33 (only $24.95)Download FreshOutline 1.33 (Size: 1490 KB)

Wallpaper Sequencer Ultra 4.62

Wallpaper Sequencer Ultra is a new, more powerful wallpaper manager with expanded capabilities, such as desktop clock skins of various types. Now you can choose between the traditional and digital looks of the time keeping devices on your desktop. Plus, you don't worry about wallpaper sizes, formats and resolutions - the program fits everything automatically. Add Active Desktop support and Taskbar transparency to that, too. Grab it now!

See also: transparency, taskbar, desktop, slideshow, software, desktop clock, clocks, changer, manager, calendar, sequencer, wallpaper, icons

Buy Wallpaper Sequencer Ultra 4.62 (only $24.95)Download Wallpaper Sequencer Ultra 4.62 (Size: 4384 KB)

FileBoss 1.3

FileBoss provides the power and flexibility to manipulate files needed by professionals and demanded by today's large and intricate file systems. Providing tools to put you in control of your files and folders, whether it's renaming 1,000's of entries, replicating a tree structure without its files, intricate copying or performing many other tasks, FileBoss performs ordinary, and many not-so-ordinary, tasks in an extra-ordinary fashion.

See also: windows, explorer, replacement, copy, move, rename, sequential, file, manager

Buy FileBoss 1.3 (only $49.99)Download FileBoss 1.3 (Size: 3740 KB)

IDM.Net Configuration

Assemblies for work with .Net.Win and .Net.Web App.config inside client apllications. Collections of special basic classes responsible for getting the xml.config file, its correct division and interpretation. The component contains a strong name and may be registered into Global Assembly Cache (GAC) by means of gacutil.

See also: configuration, config, net config, net config manager, controls, components,, net.web,, net.config, net.configuration, idm,, config, configuration

Buy IDM.Net Configuration (only $119.00)Download IDM.Net Configuration (Size: 232 KB)

Surfpack 2.0.135

Surfpack is an RSS reader that shows all content as a normal Web page inside Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera. You can also use Surfpack to access your top favorites, search engines, latest downloaded files, and auto-generated lists of most popular sites right from your home page. Since Surfpack resides locally on your computer, it loads instantly and frees you from corporate-sponsored content and ads.

See also: homepage, personal homepage, startpage, portal, browser, surfing, favorites, bookmark, bookmarks, manager, RSS, Atom, newsfeeds, feeds, news

Buy Surfpack 2.0.135 (only $29.99)Download Surfpack 2.0.135 (Size: 2503 KB)

Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is a collection of system tools and utilities to fix, speed up, maintain and protect your PC.It allows you to clean common system junk files, as well as invalid registry entries and Internet traces(plug-in support for 45+ external programs).Furthermore, Glary Utilities includes powerful functions such as disk analysis,software uninstaller,startup manager,memory optimizer,duplicate files finder,secure file deletion and more

See also: optimizer, RAM, memory, physical, boost, defrag, free, speed, remove, delete, editor, list, software, programs, manager, start, startup, errors, error, registry, system, disk, disks, hard, sweep, tidy, repair, fix, maintenance, configuration, administration, protection, improval, performance, acceleration, optimization, booster, tweaks, tweaker, problems, problem, crashes, crash, errors, error, performance, cleaning, tweaking, tuning, computer, system, win95, winme, win98, win2k, win2000, winxp, 2000, Win, Windows, clean, tweak, optimize, accelerate, speed, tune, configure, protect, remove, fix, improve, repair, cleaner software, disk cleaner, find duplicate files, duplicate file finder, tracks eraser, internet privacy, clean registry, registry repair, registry cleaner, Utilities, Glarysoft, Glary Utilities, diagnose, system, information, overview, view, booster, inspect, manage, uninstall, remove, delete, shred, wipe, application, applications, software, program, programs

Buy Glary Utilities (only $29.95)Download Glary Utilities (Size: 2479 KB)

Movies Database 1.11

Automatically catalog and organize an entire movie DVD, VCR etc. Collection via retrieval of Multiple Images and Information from the internet by entering Movie Titles or UPC codes manually or with the aid of a BarCode Scanner. Features: 1)Automatic Retrieval: Actors, Characters, Plot, Detailed Plot Summary, Movie Ratings, Quotes, Awards, Writer,Director,Runtime,Genre,Year. 2)TV shows and other information. 3)Multiple Modular Window Image System

See also: cataloger, collector, catalog, catalogue, cataloging, movies, database, dvds, collection, DVD, organize, organizing, actors, collections, collectors, vcr, films, cinema, movie, organizer, manage, manager, managing, laserdisc

Buy Movies Database 1.11 (only $30.00)Download Movies Database 1.11 (Size: 29296 KB)

HTTP Commander 6.0

HTTP Commander Web Based File Manager for Windows servers running IIS. It can be used to create Online File Sharing Solutions. It has many standard features like Create, Cut, Copy, Delete, Paste, Rename, Edit, View, Files search and advanced technical features: Directory Tree, Drag-n-Drop, Disk Quota, Context and Drop Down Menu, SSL (HTTPS) support. Upload/Download and Multiple Files Upload and Download over FTP or Macromedia Flash.

See also: web based file manager, web file manager, web based file storage, web based file sharing, online file manager, asp file manager, file manager, web based file server, online file storage, online file sharing, web-based file

Buy HTTP Commander 6.0 (only $199.00)Download HTTP Commander 6.0 (Size: 2999 KB)

Filedoyen 1.0

Filedoyen is a file and archive (zip) manager with an integrated text and code editor, image viewer and search tool. The single or dual-pane file manager allows for files to be opened with a single click into the editor, viewer or archive manager. Files within an archive can be previewed in the editor or viewer just as easily. By integrating normally separate tools into one, Filedoyen aims to make file management both convenient and easy.

See also: file manager, editor, archive manager, zip, rar, cab, viewer, search, dual pane, tool, utility, integrated, powerful, image viewer, search tool

Buy Filedoyen 1.0 (only $34.95)Download Filedoyen 1.0 (Size: 3111 KB)

C++ Code Library

C++ Code Library is a powerful multi-language source code Library with the following benefits: 1. Built-in library with 10,000+ lines of code 2. Quick and powerful search engine 3. Powerful printing capability 4. Password protection & strong 448 bits encryption (optional) 5. User notes & attachments handling 6. Favorites & rating support 7. Full integration with *all* major programming IDEs And much more!

See also: cpp, source code, source code library, code librarian, code snippet, code snippet manager, code, sourcebook

Buy C++ Code Library (only $129.99)Download C++ Code Library (Size: 5698 KB)

Advanced Task Manager 3.0

Advanced Task Manager shows you all the programs running on your computer, including the invisible ones. It displays a security rating, advice and details about each program, and helps you identify and remove spyware, trojans and other dangerous programs. You can also manage the Windows startup programs, Internet connections, CPU and memory use. Advanced Task Manager can also stop, quarantine or uninstall any rogue process that you find.

See also: security, task, task manager, process, rating, memory, DLL, spyware, malware, trojan, virus, quarantine

Buy Advanced Task Manager 3.0 (only $29.00)Download Advanced Task Manager 3.0 (Size: 2409 KB)

Presentation Manager 2.01

Presentation Manager offers a Powerful and Flexible solution for displaying slide show presentations on large screens using video projectors, typically in the following environments: - Church sermons and song items - Performances such as concerts - Conferences - School Assemblies, Lectures, Presentations and Performances - University Lectures and Presentations - Plus many other presentation and performance environments

See also: Presentation, Manager, Slide, Show, Church, Conference, Seminar, Projection, Overhead, Transparencies, School, University, Easy, Worship, Presenter

Buy Presentation Manager 2.01 (only $189.00)Download Presentation Manager 2.01 (Size: 1489 KB)

Super Login Tool 1.0

Super Login Tool memorizes and securely stores your online and offline passwords, so you wont forget them again. Enjoy easy, one-click logins to your online accounts. Save time by completing online registration and checkout forms with one click. 5 Star Rated ,

See also: Super Login Tool, password manager, password management, password, form filling, form filler, autofill forms, browser, internet, add-on, plug-in, tool, security, Single Sign On, SSO

Buy Super Login Tool 1.0 (only $39.99)Download Super Login Tool 1.0 (Size: 2949 KB)

Password Manager Deluxe 3.1

Don't worry about forgetting passwords anymore! Let Password Manager Deluxe manage your passwords securely! What Password Manager Deluxe can do for you: remembers your usernames and passwords, automatically login to webpages using Drag-Drop, easily locate the desired login, securely encrypt your password entries and files. Securely Store: passwords, usernames, webpage links, registration details for games and programs, notes, information, files.

See also: password manager, secure passwords, password safe, password archive, password storage, password encryption, password protector

Buy Password Manager Deluxe 3.1 (only $19.95)Download Password Manager Deluxe 3.1 (Size: 13714 KB)

HSLAB Print Logger 5 all editions 5.0.31

Reduce your printing expenses by setting quotas for printing! Ideal print management solution for business usage. The Print Logger 5 print management system is intended for a print management (print control and audit printing activity) for printers at the workstation, based on Windows NT operation systems family. Print Logger EE print management system creates HTML graphical reports and can export data in different formats.

See also: print management, total cost of ownership, network printing, audit print, cost recovery, printing management, printing control, print manager, printing security, print tracking, printer management, quota manager, printer monitor, print control, print software tracking, printer management software, printer accounting server, print cost recovery, cost recovery system, quota management, print quota

Buy HSLAB Print Logger 5 all editions 5.0.31 (only $780.36)Download HSLAB Print Logger 5 all editions 5.0.31 (Size: 22233 KB)

LeaderTask 4.3

Set your goals. Achieve them. Enjoy the time you've just saved. Work more effectively and have more free time than ever with LeaderTask! Forget the traditional task organizers. They are good if you live to work. They are great if you just want to plan things and be reminded. Have a life! Try the new generation organizer that helps you plan your work so efficiently that you have more free time than ever. More family time for you with LeaderTask!

See also: time management, smart organizer software, to-do list, PIM, task manager, project manager, todo list, personal information manager

Buy LeaderTask 4.3 (only $34.95)Download LeaderTask 4.3 (Size: 3560 KB)

Vehicle Fleet Manager 2.2.33

Pay only for features you really need with this affordable Vehicle Fleet Management Software. Keep track of your vehicles data including repairs, tires purchase, fuel, oil changes, etc. Instantly and easily access all your vehicles data (drivers, purchase data, insurance, pictures, registration, etc.). Create a Service Schedule. Find everything faster with a powerful search engine. Get a lot of versatile reports and graphs.

See also: vehicle, car, auto, vehicle fleet, car fleet, auto fleet, vehicle manager, car manager, vehicle management, car management, vehicle maintenance, car maintenance, vehicle fleet manager, car fleet manager, vehicle fleet maintenance, fleet manager, fleet maintenance

Buy Vehicle Fleet Manager 2.2.33 (only $49.95)Download Vehicle Fleet Manager 2.2.33 (Size: 11547 KB)

Easy Vista Manager 1.6.2

With Easy Vista Manager you can take complete control of your Windows system with access to hundreds of powerful tweaks and hidden Registry settings. The simple and intuitive user interface enables rapid access to settings that affect the speed, security, efficiency, and convenience of your computer.

See also: Sepanta Soft, Easy Vista Manager, Vista Manager, Windows Manager, Optimize, Tweak, Tune up, Registry, Registry Tools

Buy Easy Vista Manager 1.6.2 (only $39.95)Download Easy Vista Manager 1.6.2 (Size: 4538 KB)

Sinaps Comfort 2.1.24

Sinaps Comfort provides a nifty way to quickly access the shortcuts and files stored on your desktop. Once launched, Sinaps Comfort quietly waits for the moment when you need to see the desktop from under all the open window layers and launch a program or open the file you need from it. Just move the mouse pointer at the top of the screen and voila! Sinaps Comfort lets you perform all basic operations with the desktop icons.

See also: windows, desktop, shell, manager, utility

Buy Sinaps Comfort 2.1.24 (only $25.85)Download Sinaps Comfort 2.1.24 (Size: 583 KB)


PROACTIME is a Personal Information Manager, easy to use in spite of its sophisticated functions. Automatic scheduling and time tracking, workload reviews, help for priority setting, resources grouped in tree hierarchies and linked in a personal knowledge base are some of its highlights. It also includes a filing system for paper documents and books, a heuristic approach for generating keywords and the monitoring of one's solvency.

See also: time, time management, project management, resource management, PIM, personal information manager, organizer, scheduler, notes keeper, filing system, automatic scheduler, personal knowledge base, mental state flow, time tracking, keyword management

Buy PROACTIME PRO 7.2 (only $49.00)Download PROACTIME PRO 7.2 (Size: 60938 KB)

SLWindowManager 2.0

SLWindowManager has been tailored to easily manage a large quantity of windows opened on the desktop. This software has some features that enhance OS capabilities and make computer work more convenient, pleasant, and effective. You can make windows semi-transparent or invisible, arrange windows in many variations, or make a window snapshot even if the window is placed under all other windows and is invisible to you.

See also: window manager, arrange window, semi-transparent window, task manager, resize window, window position, moving window, transparent window

Buy SLWindowManager 2.0 (only $24.85)Download SLWindowManager 2.0 (Size: 1158 KB)

Advanced Replace Tools 4.3

This is a multifunctional manager with a replacer, a finder function and a batch replacer. The batch replacer is a multi-string search-and-replace filter. It can find strings in files and replace them with whatever text you specify. Both text and binary files can be processed by the program.

See also: Art, Batch Replace, search by date, replace in MS Word, Manager, batch search, browse files, search files, replace tool, Multifunctional manager, Batch replace, Multiprocessing

Buy Advanced Replace Tools 4.3 (only $24.95)Download Advanced Replace Tools 4.3 (Size: 3350 KB)

Smart Password Manager 2.0

Smart Password Manager is a secure password manager and intelligent form filler software, help you store and manage your passwords or other significant information securely and conveniently, remember the login or form information of websites and auto-fill them in by one click. And it has built in a strong password generator that can generate random passwords for you. It supports multi-user application, can backup and restore your data easily.

See also: password manager, password safe, remember password, form filler, password management, security manager, store password, manage password, fill forms, form filling software, secure password

Buy Smart Password Manager 2.0 (only $19.97)Download Smart Password Manager 2.0 (Size: 1092 KB)

Crimson512 QuadCore 3.0

Crimson512 is the ultimate file encryption system. It is fast, easy-to-use and completely secure even from brute-force attacks. Protect your files from prying eyes with confidence. Crimson512 uses single license system that lets any number of installations using the same license key. With its hardware key support, encrypting with extremely complex passwords has never been easier.

See also: privacy, security, file encryption, fast encryption, hardware key, password manager

Buy Crimson512 QuadCore 3.0 (only $10.00)Download Crimson512 QuadCore 3.0 (Size: 351 KB)

Tariscope 3.4.7

Tariscope is a call accounting software and telecom billing supporting all major PBXs, VoIP softswitches and routers. It can be used for centralized call accounting of enterprise telecommunication systems. Tariscope can interact virtually with any hotel system. Tariscope lets user to set the restriction on the specified type of calls for the subscriber, group of subscribers, routes or trunks saving companies budget.

See also: Call accounting, VoIP accounting, Cisco Call manager, cucm accounting, CME, Call manager express, Avaya call accounting, call billing, 3cx billing, 3cx accounting, telecom billing

Buy Tariscope 3.4.7 (only $91.05)Download Tariscope 3.4.7 (Size: 69692 KB)

LeaderTask Personal Organizer 7.3.6

LeaderTask planning software is a popular business organizer and e-mail client. It helps you plan your tasks, meetings, manage projects and employees and process your e-mail messages. LeaderTask has all necessary features for a businessman: task list, appointment calendar, address book, e-mail client, file storage in the organizer, mobile version for your PDA, synchronization with Outlook and even more...

See also: scheduling software, planning software, task management, business contact manager, personal organizer, mail client

Buy LeaderTask Personal Organizer 7.3.6 (only $34.95)Download LeaderTask Personal Organizer 7.3.6 (Size: 8767 KB)

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