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Advanced Wedding Organizer 1.0

Advanced Wedding Organizer is wedding planning software designed to simplify your wedding preparation process. It will help you to manage all information concerning your coming wedding such as wedding gift list and thank you notes, guest list, invitations, vendors, wedding budget and expenses, wedding reception menu, events related to wedding, wedding day schedule, seating arrangement, wedding announcements, etc. Advanced Wedding Organizer is the most popular checklist program download.

See also: wedding, planning, planner, organizer, invitation, flower, gift, program, checklist, budget, guest, list, expenses, vow, vows, readings, Bible, seating, arrangement, celebration, place

Buy Advanced Wedding Organizer 1.0 (only $30.00)Download Advanced Wedding Organizer 1.0 (Size: 7062 KB)

Checklist Software 5.306

Checklist Software lets you to easily manage your check list of tasks. It is very easy to use and efficient.Easily reorder tasks using drag and drop; Reminders; Recurring tasks; Color tasks by priority; Carry it on a USB thumb-drive; Print/export; Batch edit tasks; Batch add tasks; Cut/copy/paste tasks; Can be set always on top; Import CSV/TXT/TSV files; System-wide hotkeys; Customization options; Custom priorities; Archive old tasks. Checklist Software is the second most popular checklist program download.

See also: check list, checklist, checklist software, checklist organizer, checklist manager, checklist app, checklist program, check list organizer, check list manager, check list program, check list app, organizer, todo app, check list management

Buy Checklist Software 5.306 (only $19.95)Download Checklist Software 5.306 (Size: 5483 KB)

Simple To-Do List 2.303

Simply organise your tasks, notes, reminders and recurring tasks. Easily reorder everything using drag and drop. The features include Archive for old tasks, powerful print and export, ability to add or edit multiple tasks at once, task coloring, robust customization options, many columns to choose from (including Priority, Task Type, Due Date, Context, Start Date, Completion Date, Time etc) and more. Portable: Carry it on a USB thumbdrive. Simple To-Do List is the third most popular checklist program download.

See also: simple to do, simple todo, simple to do list, simple to-do list, simple task, simple task manager, simple organizer, simple list, simple check list, simple checklist, simple pim, simple todo app, simple to do app, simple todo program

Buy Simple To-Do List 2.303 (only $29.95)Download Simple To-Do List 2.303 (Size: 5548 KB)

EDraw Organizational Chart 2.1

Organizational charts are the best way to visualize and understand your workforce. EDraw Organizational Chart is a new, rapid and powerful organization chart software, novel, small and exquisite, which is the simplest way to create professional-looking organizational charts - with no drawing required. Ideal for smaller businesses who want to chart up to 100 employees, EDraw Organizational Chart helps you visualize your organization easily.

See also: Organizational Charts, Organization Charts, Organizational Chart Software, Organization Chart Software, Org Charts, Organizational Chart tool, org chart program, org chart software, organisation charts

Buy EDraw Organizational Chart 2.1 (only $39.95)Download EDraw Organizational Chart 2.1 (Size: 7304 KB)

eReminder Pro EZ Calendar and Reminder 2.1

eReminder is a full-featured calendar application designed specifically for planning, managing, and scheduling your important dates and times. It runs in the background, sits in the system tray, and makes it nearly impossible to forget birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, appointments, meetings, and other important events. What's more, it provides plenty of reminding ways, and provides an easy way to share your data with Microsoft Outlook.

See also: reminder, appointment, task, planner, calendar, alarm, scheduling program, to-do list, colorful notes, Outlook Integration, talking agent, Recurring tasks

Buy eReminder Pro EZ Calendar and Reminder 2.1 (only $35.00)Download eReminder Pro EZ Calendar and Reminder 2.1 (Size: 42112 KB)

Backup Platinum 20

Backup Platinum is an easy-to-use yet powerful backup program designed for Microsoft Windows. It makes a reserve copy of your critical data virtually to any type of storage media: hard or USB drives, CD-R/W, DVD, FTP or LAN. Strong file encryption and multichoice ZIP compression on the fly are available to keep your backups small and secure. It can run in service mode under NT/2000/XP/2003 to execute scheduled tasks even when nobody is logged in.

See also: backup, software, data, dvd, outlook, file, utility, network, windows, back up, program, backup program, ftp, backup platinum, pcsoftware1

Buy Backup Platinum 20 (only $67.00)Download Backup Platinum 20 (Size: 2021 KB)

RemShutdown 1.6

RemShutdown allows remotely shutdown or restart network computers. You can specify a delay during which a message you specify can be displayed and applications running on the remote computer at the time of shutdown can be allowed to close. In addition, RemShutdown offers the user the option to cancel the shutdown. The tool is designed with a user-friendly interface and is easy to use.

See also: shutdown, restart, remote, computers, shutdown nt, program to shutdown pc, remote pc shutdown, remote control, reboot, restart, admin tools, administrator tools, network software, network tools, network monitoring, network utilities, freeware

Buy RemShutdown 1.6 (only $14.50)Download RemShutdown 1.6 (Size: 1116 KB)

Absolute StartUp Lite 6.0

Windows startup manager to tune Windows startup configuration. Selected startup items can be enabled/disabled. Absolute StartUp provides a convenient backup interface in an understandable format. You can restore items on any system manually with one command. All data is backed up using the original windows startup configuration and the current Absolute StartUp configuration.

See also: windows startup software, advanced startup manager, startup programs unnecessary, startup program manager, startup control, windows startup tool

Buy Absolute StartUp Lite 6.0 (only $29.95)Download Absolute StartUp Lite 6.0 (Size: 2890 KB)

Quick Starter 3.1

Quick access to your favorite applications, documents, folders and network shared. Automatically start programs at specific times. Pop up a reminder message. Shutdown the computer at specific times. Automatically launch of files and programs after loading system. Built-in the PlacesBar Constructor (the folder bar in Open/Save dialog).

See also: quick launch, quick launcher, launcher, program launcher, starter, program starter, quick starter, scheduler, reminder, placesbar constructor

Buy Quick Starter 3.1 (only $19.95)Download Quick Starter 3.1 (Size: 859 KB)

Atomic Clock Service 3.1

It is an Internet PC atomic clock synchronizing application with some useful options (time offset, synchronize periods, time sources choosing, etc). This application uses the list of 18 presetting synchronizing URLs all over the world. The list can be easy enhanced. The application consists of the windows service program and the console program. The package can be used as personal computer or office workstation synchronizing solution.

See also: atomic clock, atomic time, nt service, PC clock, sync, synch, atomic, NTP, SNTP, NIST, synchronization, time, Internet, synchronic, synchronize, daily, Windows, tool, tools, utility, utilities, program, programs, DST, local

Buy Atomic Clock Service 3.1 (only $15.00)Download Atomic Clock Service 3.1 (Size: 843 KB)

Files Cipher 2.0

Files Cipher is a special cryptographic tool that is easy to use and understand. The encryption algorithm with private key was specially developed by FC Soft and has been proven to be effective over many years of operation. Features include a wide scope of application, high performance rate and strong encryption. Due to a comfortable and intuitive interface, Files Cipher allows any user to protect data, even novices in information security.

See also: Files, Cipher, Utilitie, Tool, Soft, Program, Security, Cryptography, Encoding, Encode, Decode, Decoding, Encrypt, Decrypt, RSA, DES, PGP, Password, Internet, ShareWare, Windows

Buy Files Cipher 2.0 (only $49.95)Download Files Cipher 2.0 (Size: 1564 KB)

MSSQL to MySQL converter Tool

Download MSSQL database migration application convert MSSQL database into MySQL without any change in the original records. Distributed database converter software is easy to use for all user either beginner or expert without require of tech skill. MS SQL server database migration software supports all key constraints (unique, primary and foreign), data types, default value, null value, attributes and entities of MSSQL and MySQL databases.

See also: MSSQL, MySQL, database, migration, program, convert, tables, views, rows, columns, records, stored, procedure, triggers, SQL, functions, MDF, LDF, index, files, tool, maintain, integrity, conversion, software, supports, unique, primary, foreign, key

Buy MSSQL to MySQL converter Tool (only $45.00)Download MSSQL to MySQL converter Tool (Size: 1423 KB)

Recover iPod Music

Advanced iPod data retrieval application facilitates to recover and restore damaged images, music directories and subdirectories, audio songs, significant pictures, wallpapers, precious sound tracks, favorite playlists, video recordings, snapshots and other valuable data from formatted iPod digital media player. iPod file salvage software recovers lost or formatted data in original format without affecting system speed and performance.

See also: iPod, lost, data, recovery, software, restores, undetected, audio, music, damaged, video, Shuffle, file, retrieval, utility, undelete, deleted, erased, formatted, picture, corrupted, folder, Nano, photo, salvage, program, rescues, inaccessible, song

Buy Recover iPod Music (only $69.00)Download Recover iPod Music (Size: 639 KB)

Digital Camera Video Recovery

Digital camera photo recovery software salvage erased, formatted video and picture files from all major brands of digital camera with different pixel size. Handy cam deleted video restoration utility facilitates user to recovers lost files from all type of digital camera such as Specialty camera, Professional camera, Novelty Camera etc. Digital camera image repair tool work on any windows OS platform including windows Vista.

See also: Digital, camera, photo, recovery, software, handy cam, video, retrieval, utility, camcorder, photograph, restoration, application, corrupted, image, rescue, tool, deleted, snapshot, repair, program, recover, damage, crashed, memory, card, Nikon, Sony

Buy Digital Camera Video Recovery (only $69.00)Download Digital Camera Video Recovery (Size: 1617 KB)

Apple iPod Recovery

iPod data salvage software easily restores inaccessible or corrupted files with all file formats including audio format mp3, mp4, wav, video format avi, mpeg, mpg and picture format jpeg, jpg, gif even error message like ?drive not formatted? is displayed on computer screen. iPod digital music files restoration tool supports all famous iPod manufacturer brands including Kingston, SanDisk, KingMax, Sony, Lexar, Toshiba, Panasonic, Apple etc.

See also: iPod, data, recovery, software, recover, lost, deleted, music, file, folder, salvage, program, restore, erased, mp3, mp4, document, digital, device, regain, rescue, application, retrieve, corrupted, damaged, photo, song, image, picture, utility, tool

Buy Apple iPod Recovery (only $69.00)Download Apple iPod Recovery (Size: 1546 KB)

NTFS Hard Disk Recovery Software

NTFS hard disk data recovery software recovers lost digital photos, images, song list, pictures, audio-video clipping, multimedia files and significant business documents from NTFS and NTFS5 partitioned hard disk drives. NTFS data salvage tool provides GUI with systematic help manual, so no tech skill require to operate the software. NTFS data revival software recovers data even if deleted from recycle bin and by pressing shift + delete key.

See also: Windows, NTFS, partitioned, recovery, software, restore, deleted, data, NTFS5, computer, hard, disk, rescue, tool, recover, lost, compressed, encrypted, MFT, file, salvage, program, corrupted, MBR, DBR, revival, utility, regain, audio, video, folder

Buy NTFS Hard Disk Recovery Software (only $69.00)Download NTFS Hard Disk Recovery Software (Size: 1525 KB)

Repair Hard Disk

Advanced data retrieval software restores missing files from damaged hard disk drive on FAT file system without losing integrity of deleted details. Download files restoration utility to get back erased multimedia files and folders in short time and few mouse clicks. Freeware data recovery software offers best drive scanning technique to completely recover corrupted compressed or executable files, pdf files or database details from FAT32 HDD.

See also: FAT32, hard, disk, data, recovery, software, partition, repair, lost, files, corrupted, folders, storage, device, formatted, drive, program, FAT, deleted, recover, system, multimedia, crashed, corrupted, backup, document, audio, video, image, restore

Buy Repair Hard Disk (only $69.00)Download Repair Hard Disk (Size: 1515 KB)

USB Recovery Data

USB drive data recovery utility has strong capability to reestablish erased recorded document by human fault, improper device handling, mistakenly formatted removal USB media and virus infected digital data pen drive storage device etc. Removal drive recovery software easily retrieves formatted data from smart media, flash drive media and many more. Software provides interactive function you can easily retrieve misplace data from USB flash media.

See also: Remake, recovery, program, folder, damage, memory, stick, regain, snap, reestablish, recorded document, formatted, removal, retrieval, flash, drive, media, application, digital, rescue, erased, repairing, erased, delete, tool, disk, corrupted, USB

Buy USB Recovery Data (only $45.00)Download USB Recovery Data (Size: 1464 KB)

Business Accounting Program

Enterprise billing and inventory software has login and freeze date option which secures your confidential financial records and personal documents. Business accounting software is cost effective utility that easily manages all financial status including stock, inventory records, employee details and sales purchase order etc. Bookkeeping application is completely password protected, thus only authorized user can login and use this software.

See also: Business, accounting, barcode, program, manage, financial, invoice, billing, balance, sheet, report, bookkeeping, tool, generate, ledger, stock, record, calculate, expense, enterprise, inventory, software, maintain, transaction, sale, purchase, order

Buy Business Accounting Program (only $69.00)Download Business Accounting Program (Size: 6184 KB)

Advanced Task Scheduler Professional

Advanced Task Scheduler Professional is a multifunctional task scheduler, which lets you to automate all your day-to-day tasks. Start programs, scripts, shut down your system, establish network connections: everything you could want to automate. In addition to all the basic capabilities, Professional Edition lets you to encrypt your settings and task list, assign multiple schedules for each task, use the run-on-holiday feature and much more.

See also: task, schedule, scheduling, scheduler, automate, program, boot, network, auto, start, run, application, reminder, kill process, dial, auto-dial, turn off, reboot

Buy Advanced Task Scheduler Professional (only $59.95)Download Advanced Task Scheduler Professional (Size: 6127 KB)

DVD Label

DVD Label application facilitates to devise and print ID cards including School ID card, Employee ID card, Visiting card, Photo ID card, Business cards, and Blank ID card. Economical DVD Label software is easy to use and you can download it at affordable prices. DVD Label offers flexile solution to produce high quality printable cards and tags with barcode in simplified and easiest manner. Utility has various advance features and functionalities.

See also: DVD, label, utility, software, application, card, tags, colorful, designs, creator, Sequential, Random, visiting, product, object, expert, Employee, Business, Tickets, Postcards, Photo, Shipping, Address, printable, program, tool, stickers

Buy DVD Label (only $45.00)Download DVD Label (Size: 10649 KB)

USB Pen Drive Recovery

Memory stick data unerase utility restores deleted office documents, pictures, videos, database tables, presentation file from USB drive, key drive, thumb drive, jump drive, Pen drive, Flash drive etc. Software works with Windows OS including Windows 7, Vista and XP. USB drive data repair tool salvages files even if DIRVE NOT FORMATTED, FILE SYSTEM NOT DETECTED message being displayed while accessing USB device on your system.

See also: Pen, drive, data, recovery, software, USB, memory, stick, files, restoration, application, retrieval, program, salvage, tool, unerase, utility, recover, restore, deleted, lost, corrupted, office, documents, images, video, SanDisk, Kingston, Vista

Buy USB Pen Drive Recovery (only $69.00)Download USB Pen Drive Recovery (Size: 1484 KB)

Barcode Maker for Mac

Affordable barcode maker for Mac software at makes elegant looking business goods sticker tags supporting all type of linear and 2D barcode image designing font standards. Professional barcode image designer tool enables user to craft desired appearing industry product tags providing simple and flexile image designing tools like graphical pencil, color themes, icon editor, header-footer tools and many more.

See also: Design, colorful, customized, reliable, industry, product, labels, creator, application, utility, barcode, maker, Mac, software, program, print, bulk, quantity, elegant, scan able, high, resolution, business, product, linear, tag, image, sticker

Buy Barcode Maker for Mac (only $69.00)Download Barcode Maker for Mac (Size: 2037 KB)

Barcode Maker

Barcode software can multiple bar picture to print according to uses of it, application can support more than thirty fonts to print for multiple different products such as EAN, UPC, ISBN, CODABAR, USPS, Code 39, code 93, Post net, planet and many more. Barcode Maker print multiple different bar code in color and black/white image. Program is Easy to use and user friendly utility for barcode generation and making. Create, print, design and save bar.

See also: barcode, maker, software, create, print, save, generate, labels, labeling, label, barcoding, application, program image, making, generating, windows, version, support, batch, data, process

Buy Barcode Maker (only $39.99)Download Barcode Maker (Size: 2978 KB)

Link Building

Manual Link Building Services provides cost effective and affordable price one by one manuals directory submission to improve your site rank on search engine including Google, yahoo, msn, bing and many more. Data doctor link building technique easily increases website traffic on the internet for improve your website software search engine rank and provides first-class customer service for solving any query about directory submission.

See also: Website, engine, manual, company, building, increase, higher, traffic, services, program, rank, position, internet, improve, quality, directory, SEO, link, submission, url, site, search, exchange, promote, software, One way, position, keywords

Buy Link Building (only $45.00)Download Link Building (Size: 2048 KB)

Pen Drive Recovery Mac

Professional Pen Drive Recovery Mac software is a secure and trustworthy application to retrieve lost photo, data and document without affecting the quality of image. Remarkable Pen Drive Recovery Mac Utility offers you to restore data from various USB drives like Thumb drives, Flash drives, Handy drives, Key drives, Jump drives etc. Application has capability to recover lost, deleted and missing valuable photos quickly and instantly.

See also: Mac, utility, program, application, software, tool, photo, document, digital, data, valuable, missing, lost, deleted, pen, drive, USB, removable, recoverable, retrieve, image, snap, word, file, music, collection, picture, MP3, MP4

Buy Pen Drive Recovery Mac (only $45.00)Download Pen Drive Recovery Mac (Size: 1812 KB)

Free Fat File Recovery

Free Fat File Recovery software presented by lets user to regain corrupted data from hard disk partition based on FAT file system that lost due to some tech error. Image revival utility having an option of searching to search the drive and recover deleted document easily.

See also: IDE, ATA, SATA, drive, disk, hard, audio, lost, damaged, corrupted, image, picture, photograph, unformatted, formatted, revive, program, document, text, folder, deleted, regain, tool, software, application, recovery, file, Fat

Buy Free Fat File Recovery (only $69.00)Download Free Fat File Recovery (Size: 2560 KB)

Windows Fat Drive Recovery Software is used to easily download regain tool to recover deleted images due to virus infection from hard disk. Windows Fat Drive Recovery Software is capable for retrieving significant data without any tech knowledge due to incomplete partition of hard disk.

See also: disk, hard, data, file, video, audio, snapshots, photograph, formatted, corrupted, retrieve, tool, program, regain, media, storage, document, images, pictures, missing, recover, application, software, Retrieve

Buy Windows Fat Drive Recovery Software (only $69.00)Download Windows Fat Drive Recovery Software (Size: 4331 KB)

Packaging Barcodes Generator

Packaging Barcodes Generator utility makes tags, stickers, rolls, images, badges and lots more by using different features like font, color, size etc within few clicks of mouse. provides step by step guidance for usage and downloading label creator software within few minutes.

See also: shape, size, color, font, scanner, printer, copy, multiple, generates, program, creator, label, series, value, custom, random, sequences, badge, roll, tags, pictures, images, design, application, maker, sticker, Packaging

Buy Packaging Barcodes Generator (only $38.00)Download Packaging Barcodes Generator (Size: 5140 KB)

Wedding Cards Designing Software

If you are searching for cost-effective wedding card maker software on internet, then download Wedding Cards Designing Software which is available at to make marriage invitation cards in ellipse or rectangle shape using different types of addition features.

See also: template, picture, clipart, text, barcode, style, WordArt, creates, system, computer, install, Windows, download, application, generator, invitations, marriage, makes, software, creator, cards, wedding, rectangle, ellipse, generates, prints, Program

Buy Wedding Cards Designing Software (only $49.00)Download Wedding Cards Designing Software (Size: 5263 KB)

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