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ActiveXPowUpload 1.0

ActiveXPowUpload is easy client-side solution that can be used to perform multiple files uploads from a user machine to the web server. ActiveXPowUpload is a ActiveX supported by only Internet Explorer but don't needs anything on user side and supports any standard file processing script on server side. ActiveXPowUpload is the most popular client side file upload download.

See also: activex file upload, multiple files upload, file upload activex control, activex multiple file upload, http file upload activex, client file uploader, client file upload, client side file upload, upload folder, upload folders, upload a folder

Buy ActiveXPowUpload 1.0 (only $199.00)Download ActiveXPowUpload 1.0 (Size: 419 KB)

XKat 2.02

XKat is a simple-to-use, affordable backup program. XKat is a file synchronization tool. And XKat is an FTP client. Using XKat, you can compress, copy, backup, and synchronize your files in a click or on a schedule. XKat's +Internet edition expands the range, adding the ability to copy and synchronize files with an Internet computer. Free to try, XKat Basic sells for $25.50 while XKat +Internet sells for $35.50. XKat is the second most popular client side file upload download.

See also: backup program, synchronize files, FTP client, file backup, zip, compress files automatically, upload files, download files, scheduled backups, copy files to Internet, copy files, compress, file sync, archive files, thumb drive, backup my files

Buy XKat 2.02 (only $35.50)Download XKat 2.02 (Size: 10742 KB)

FTP Now 2.6.36

FTP Now is a fast, multi-threaded Windows FTP client software with the look-and-feel of Windows Explorer. It makes moving files between the Internet and your computer as simple as local file manipulation. Features include full drag and drop FTP upload and download, transfer entire folders at once, connection wizard, upload/download multiple files simultaneously, fully customizable user interface, CERN proxy support, and bookmark remote folders. FTP Now is the third most popular client side file upload download.

See also: ws_ftp, cuteftp, cute, bulletproof, getright, voyager, web, broken, restart, recover, resuming, ftp, client, software, program, file, files, transfer, upload, download, downloads, share, ware, free, search, now, ftpnow, command, pro, ftpsite, engine, site, explorer, resume

Buy FTP Now 2.6.36 (only $29.95)Download FTP Now 2.6.36 (Size: 1734 KB)

Uploader! 3.2

Uploader! is a quick and easy FTP upload tool to send your files to your web site. You simply enter an ftp address, username, and password and select the files to send. Uploader! includes a drag and drop interface. After you have your settings filled out, you can simply drop files onto the Uploader! icon on your desktop to have them instantly sent to your web site. It certainly does not get any easier than this.

See also: ftp client, upload, ftp tool, FTP, file transfer

Buy Uploader! 3.2 (only $10.00)Download Uploader! 3.2 (Size: 457 KB)

FTP Uploader Creator 4.9

A tool for creating pre-configured FTP upload droplets (FTP Clients). A droplet will upload files and folders to an FTP server as per settings specified with FTP Uploader Creator. Files and folders are just dragged and dropped onto the droplet to start the upload process. The tool to help your clients to send you files and folders.

See also: Dev Zero G, ftp, ftp upload, ftp uploader, ftp client, ftp droplet, droplet, uploader, uploader client, ftp tool, file transfer

Buy FTP Uploader Creator 4.9 (only $95.00)Download FTP Uploader Creator 4.9 (Size: 1399 KB)

FTP Client Uploader Creator for Windows 5.1

With FTP Uploader Creator you can create pre-configured droplets (ftp client). Your clients just drag and drop files and folders onto them to upload to your FTP server. Brand the ftp droplets (ftp clients) with your logo, specify username, password, path, compress files before upload and much more. Preconfigured ftp droplets (ftp clients) are saved as an installer you can email directly to your customers. Save on support and common FTP problems.

See also: ftp, ftp uploader, ftp client, ftp droplet, uploader, ftp upload, uploader client, ftp tool, file transfer, Dev Zero G

Buy FTP Client Uploader Creator for Windows 5.1 (only $95.00)Download FTP Client Uploader Creator for Windows 5.1 (Size: 2493 KB)

FTP Client Uploader Creator for Mac 4.9

With FTP Uploader Creator you can create pre-configured droplets (ftp client). Your clients just drag and drop files and folders onto them to upload to your FTP server. Brand the ftp droplets (ftp clients) with your logo, specify username, password, path, compress files before upload and much more. Preconfigured ftp droplets (ftp clients) are saved as an installer you can email directly to your customers. Save on support and common FTP problems.

See also: ftp, ftp uploader, ftpuploader, ftp client, ftpclient, ftp droplet, ftpdroplet, Droplet, Uploader, Upload FTP, Uploader Client, ftp tool, file transfer

Buy FTP Client Uploader Creator for Mac 4.9 (only $95.00)Download FTP Client Uploader Creator for Mac 4.9 (Size: 2621 KB)


A fast, reliable and easy to use ftp client integrated in the Windows Shell. Explorer like user interface. Typical folder and files operations. Selective and recursive upload/download. Virtual FTP file system on your PC.

See also: FTP, client, explorer, extension, virtual file system, download, upload, transfer

Buy FTP4Shell (only $27.00)Download FTP4Shell (Size: 484 KB)

Hitonic WebSite Uploader 1.0.1

Hitonic WebSite Uploader is an easy utility for webmasters or other people who often upload many files by FTP protocol. The software scans local files and files on a server and displays all the changes on the screen. So all the differences may be controlled. Now you can upload website changes in a few clicks. The software may be used as a powerful FTP client.

See also: Hitonic, WebSite, Uploader, Upload, FTP, Client, File, Webmaster, Web, Development, Tool

Buy Hitonic WebSite Uploader 1.0.1 (only $15.77)Download Hitonic WebSite Uploader 1.0.1 (Size: 1370 KB)

FTP2Web 1.0

FTP2Web is an ASP.NET application intended for creation of the automated file exchange solutions via Microsoft FTP service in the Internet and Intranet environments. The application provides a high-level model of shared FTP resource organizing, based on the management of logical folders and access to them of users and groups. It offers innovative features of FTP like folders and multiple files resumable download and upload.

See also: web ftp based file manager, web file management over ftp, ftp file manager, document management system, check in, check out, ftp web access, web ftp upload, web ftp download, web based ftp client, automated IIS FTP manage

Buy FTP2Web 1.0 (only $100.00)Download FTP2Web 1.0 (Size: 1013 KB)

FTPDummy! 4.80

FTPDummy! is an easy FTP client, allowing you to upload, download, transfer files and manage your FTP site and web site with ease. It is one of the only ftp clients to combine online editing and builtin previewing of files directly on the ftp site. Send and receive files with a single click or drag-n-drop interface. Create directories, remove, rename, change permissions chmod, and much more.

See also: ftp client, internet, ftp, upload, download, file transfer

Buy FTPDummy! 4.80 (only $24.95)Download FTPDummy! 4.80 (Size: 816 KB)

WinXfer 1.0

WinXfer is a versatile file transfer utility that allows transferring files between two computers directly connected through the serial port or through a modem. It is very easy to use and very intuitive. WinXfer has three interfaces. A GUI interface for standalone use, a command line interface for batch file use, and an application programming interface that allowa application to direclty access it.

See also: client, server, RS232, serial port, modem, program, utility, file transfer, backup

Buy WinXfer 1.0 (only $99.95)Download WinXfer 1.0 (Size: 5691 KB)

SynchronEX File Synchronizer, Backup/FTP

Realizes robust multi-directional file tree synchronization and backup over local & network paths in any situation: From laptop synchronization to scheduled backup tasks to incremental FTP/FTPS/DAV website upload. Supports true synchronization of (re)moved files and directories, provides collision detection, advanced wildcard filters, ZIP compression and Python script automation. More than 15 GUI wizards. Duplicate file finder included.

See also: synchronizer, file, backup, ftp, ftps, dav, webdav, upload, directory, free, synchronization, synchronisation, directories, copy, collision, detection, tree, incremental, duplicate, files, mirroring, tool, software, utility

Buy SynchronEX File Synchronizer, Backup/FTP (only $19.95)Download SynchronEX File Synchronizer, Backup/FTP (Size: 1660 KB)

IceFTP 1.0

IceFTP is an incredibly user-friendly FTP client with a transfer queue that's able to download multiple files at the same time while still allowing you to browse the FTP site. -Downloads mp3 music, movies, software and much more. -Drag and drop interface -Multi threaded with up to 8 synchronous transfers -Download from multiple servers at the same time -Original Napster type interface -Anti-idle

See also: ftp, ftp client, file transfer protocol, file transfer, ftp program, client

Buy IceFTP 1.0 (only $14.95)Download IceFTP 1.0 (Size: 751 KB)

Internet Neighborhood Pro 5.53

Internet Neighborhood lets you access FTP servers within Windows Explorer. A Windows shell extension that lets you browse remote FTP sites, upload and download entire directory structures and manage files as if they were on your local hard drive. You don't need to run a separate FTP client to work with remote files. Simply launch Windows Explorer, then drag and drop to transfer files and directories. SSL and SSH support provide security.

See also: FTP, FTP Client, FTP Utility, KnoWare, download, File Transfer, Internet Neighborhood, Namespace

Buy Internet Neighborhood Pro 5.53 (only $39.95)Download Internet Neighborhood Pro 5.53 (Size: 4882 KB)

FTP Commander Pro 7.87

Powerfull FTP client that allows to assign access permission to remote files, synchronize directories, resume interrupted file transfer. The program lets you upload and download data or delete one or more files, including whole folders along with subdirectories. It can also automatically resume and complete file transfers, which for some reason, have been interrupted. More info at

See also: FTP, ftp client, ftp software, ftp program, upload, download, transfer, command, navigator, server, resume, website

Buy FTP Commander Pro 7.87 (only $29.95)Download FTP Commander Pro 7.87 (Size: 777 KB)

Advanced FTP 2.04

Full featured FTP client for uploading and downloading files of any type from all hosts. This software includes advanced features like file filters, common file save list, sorting, and more. Supports both binary and ascii transfers, and includes various sort options for easier viewing of your server files, and gives you the ability to customize lists of files you upload often, so you can easily select these again. Also includes viewing filters.

See also: ftp, file, transfer, windows, ftp client, ftp shareware, ftp software, file transfer, share ware, software, host, webhost, hosting, linux, unix, server, ftp share ware, free ware, ftp software, windows

Buy Advanced FTP 2.04 (only $19.95)Download Advanced FTP 2.04 (Size: 560 KB)

AceFTP 3 Pro 3.72.0

Visicom Media's AceFTP 3 Pro is an advanced FTP client software solution designed for ease of use by both novices and professionals. A powerful and secure file transfer solution, the AceFTP 3 Pro FTP program emphasizes total control, security, efficiency, and simplicity.

See also: ftp software, ftp program, ftp client software, ftp upload software, ftp program download, best ftp software, ftp, ws ftp, cute ftp, free ftp, ftp software, free ftp software, ftp program, ftp program

Buy AceFTP 3 Pro 3.72.0 (only $29.95)Download AceFTP 3 Pro 3.72.0 (Size: 3164 KB)

Porta+ FTP Client 4.1

A FTP Client for Windows, Pocket PC and Windows Mobile that gives you a fast, easy and reliable way to upload or download files and directories between your desktop computer or mobile device, and the FTP server. Working with Porta+ FTP Client is as simple as dragging files and directories from Windows Explorer onto the Porta+ FTP Client.

See also: ftp, ftp client, file transfer protocol

Buy Porta+ FTP Client 4.1 (only $14.95)Download Porta+ FTP Client 4.1 (Size: 542 KB)

FTP Voyager

FTP Voyager lets you perform FTP tasks as if working locally in Windows Explorer. Connect to any FTP site, drag-n-drop files, synchronize, simultaneous transfers, auto-resume downloads, and more! Maintains web sites with one click, transfers only files that need to be transferred. FTP Voyager includes direct server-to-server transfers, multiple window support, scheduler, queuing, and much more!

See also: ftp, ftp client, program, utility, web, internet, download, upload, ssl, ssh, ssh2, tls, sftp, ftps

Buy FTP Voyager (only $39.95)Download FTP Voyager (Size: 4022 KB)

BatchSync Secure FTPS/SFTP 2.0.31

BatchSync is a secure and reliable tool for automating remote server backups, file synchronization, mirroring, and replication over FTP. It utilizes industry standard FTP/SSL and FTPS over SSH protocols to ensure data safety and encrypts all data with strong encryption ciphers. It's designed to be run scheduled and unattended at the server, with extensive logging options and email notifications to help with remote monitoring.

See also: ftp, ftp client, remote backup, server backup, sync, synchronize, synchronization, synchronizing, mirror, mirroring, replication, replicating, replicate, backup, file sync, folder sync, multithreaded, multi-threaded, schedule, scheduling, web site,

Buy BatchSync Secure FTPS/SFTP 2.0.31 (only $599.00)Download BatchSync Secure FTPS/SFTP 2.0.31 (Size: 7307 KB)

History Explorer 1.0

History Explorer gives you simple version control while keeping a local backup of your significant files. History Explorer looks and works much like Windows Explorer except it's designed to let you view the history of your files. Source control has never been easier! This is the most intuitive backup software that you have ever seen and everything is done automatically, so you just have to install it and sit back.

See also: simple source control, source control, version control, local backup, file, version, backup, undelete, rewind, undo, office, word, simple, easy, mistake, regret, history, explorer, client

Buy History Explorer 1.0 (only $30.00)Download History Explorer 1.0 (Size: 870 KB)

ZalmanFtpClient 2010 1001

In a single click, the owner of the website can view the history of all the changes that were made on the site and with a powerful and seamless archive engine that automatically backs all data (both to remote and local folders).The solution provides a diff utility which lets the developer to compare the local copy with the remote copy before overwrite occurs.

See also: FTP server, Secure File Transfer, Secure FTP Server, File transfer, managed file transfer, managed file transfer servers, MOVEit, enterprise file transfer, HTTPS, SSH, SSH client, SSH Server for windows, SSL

Buy ZalmanFtpClient 2010 1001 (only $79.00)Download ZalmanFtpClient 2010 1001 (Size: 5709 KB)

EA Flash Upload 1.0

Client-side flash based files upload control that lets upload multiple file at once without page reload. It has three different type of user interface. The EAFlashUpload has many innovative features such as: file management before upload; restrict files for upload by size, type, count; assign description for each file; JavaScript API; compatible with any server-side platform such as ASP.NET, PHP, Perl etc. Includes examples of server-side scripts

See also: flash file upload, flash upload, multiple files upload, upload multiple files, flash uploader, php file upload, javascript file upload.

Buy EA Flash Upload 1.0 (only $49.00)Download EA Flash Upload 1.0 (Size: 1113 KB)

CommFort 5.60

CommFort is multifunctional client-server software providing all types of network communication: chatting in channels, message exchange, audio and video chats, file and folder exchange. CommFort has an easy-to-use, comfortable and user-friendly interface. CommFort is equally good both for tiny networks consisting of several or several dozen users and for large networks connecting thousands of computers.

See also: commfort, chat, communications, client-server, local chat, LAN, network, voice chat, video chat, video communication, video conference, file transfer

Buy CommFort 5.60 (only $90.00)Download CommFort 5.60 (Size: 7436 KB)

Cute FTP Lite 8.3.4

CuteFTP Lite is an entry-level File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client used to transfer files of any size and/or type, including Web pages, multi-media files, or other documents, between your computer and FTP servers, the standard for moving files across the Internet. It has all of the basic features you need to finish your file transfer task.

See also: CuteFTP, FTP, FTPS, Secure FTP, File Transfer Protocol, utility, publish, upload, download

Buy Cute FTP Lite 8.3.4 (only $24.99)Download Cute FTP Lite 8.3.4 (Size: 12456 KB)

FastTrack FTP 3.01

This FTP client features modern security standards including SSL, TLS, SSH, PGP, and password encryption. The software supports a multitasking data transfer mode, files and folders synchronization, scripts, 128-bit encoding, and more. Fast-Track FTP lets you to make and configure various error processing rules, file overwriting rules, action processing and more. The built-in scheduler can do all the night work while you are sleeping.

See also: FastTrack, FTP, secure ftp, ssl, ssh, spft, ftps, ftp client, ftp software, ftp program, upload, download, transfer, command, navigator, server, resume, website

Buy FastTrack FTP 3.01 (only $39.95)Download FastTrack FTP 3.01 (Size: 2777 KB)

OutDisk FTP for Outlook 4.6.1

OutDisk FTP helps you upload your large files to a webserver so that you can share the download URL by e-mail or through an instant message. It helps you avoid file size limitations in email. OutDisk both a desktop software and an add-in for Outlook (2003/2007/2010/2013). Outdisk can insert the download link directly into your Outlook e-mail message. It works with your web server, so there are no expensive monthly service fees.

See also: Outlook, ftp, zip, file compression, encryption, email, plug-in, add-in, upload files, big files, send files, large files, MS Outlook, file share, cloud hosting

Buy OutDisk FTP for Outlook 4.6.1 (only $49.99)Download OutDisk FTP for Outlook 4.6.1 (Size: 17400 KB)

Online Modem Text Messaging

Download bulk message application from company website to broadcast thousands of SMS with the help of multiple modems connected with desktop. Online Modem Text Messaging utility deliver boundless SMS.

See also: Online, text, modem, software, deliver, SMS, USB, system, application, forward, data, detail, mobile, phone, computer, tool, send, file, compose, broadcast, client, friend, customer, internet, connection, relatives, laptop, business, contact, number

Buy Online Modem Text Messaging (only $49.00)Download Online Modem Text Messaging (Size: 3993 KB)

Blaze Audio ePodcast Express 1.0

ePX will help you publish your podcast or existing audio file, automatically generate an RSS Feed or Subscription File and Web Page, and upload it to the internet. ePX supports RSS 2.0 specifications as well as iTunes proprietary tags for listing in the Apple iTunes directory. ePX will make a single subscription feed and maintain and update an existing subscription feed. ePX also supports the addition of ID3 tags to your podcast or audio file.

See also: Podcast Software, Podcasting Software, podcast creator, upload podcast, create feed, upload audio file, podcast production.

Buy Blaze Audio ePodcast Express 1.0 (only $29.95)Download Blaze Audio ePodcast Express 1.0 (Size: 1392 KB)

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