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ABarCode ActiveX Control 1.1

ABarcode is an ActiveX control that allows you to print barcodes in any Windows® application that supports ActiveX technology, including the MS Office suite (Word, Excel, Access, PowePoint, FrontPage) and development environments like Visual Studio. The package also includes a Word add-in and an Excel add-in to make it easier to barcode spreadsheets and docs. It supports the most common linear symbologies as well as PDF417 and Code 16K. ABarCode ActiveX Control is the most popular code11 download.

See also: bar code, barcode, activex, access, excel, word, office, add-in, EAN, UPC, ITF, CODE39, CODE93, CODE128, PDF417, POSTNET, CODABAR, CODE11

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Barcode Label Generator

Barcode label generator application allow user to quickly produce printable and machine readable barcode of all keyboard character (including number, alphabet and special keys) using various barcode font file like interleaved 2of5, Code 11, 39, 93, 128 (A, B, C), Postnet, MSI Plessey etc. Barcode asset tag maker software produces flexible and resizable barcode and facilitates to print them on paper or save in picture file (jpg, gif, bmp) format. Barcode Label Generator is the second most popular code11 download.

See also: Barcode, creator, software, generate, printable, machine, readable, colorful, ribbon, asset tag, sticker, utility, produce, code11, code 39, code 93, Codabar, MSI Plessey, Postnet, interleaved 2of5, tool, modify, font, label, image, labeling, builder

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Barcode and Labeling Software

Barcode labeling software produces barcode labels, stickers, ribbons, asset tags and graphics which provide reliability. Barcode label maker tool facilitates users to create, resize, modify and move any size of printable barcode labels according to the needs. Barcode image generation utility supports different symbols like uppercase letters, special characters or numbers and supports all major barcode formats such as code39, code11, Codabar. Barcode and Labeling Software is the third most popular code11 download.

See also: Barcode, image, generation, software, create, labels, sticker, asset, tags, ribbons, labeling, tool, generate, code39, code11, Codabar, formats, scanner, printer, graphics, designer, maker, program, change, text, font, page, settings

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Inventory Barcode Labels Creator

Barcode creator software produces barcode labels of any shape, size and color according to user requirement. Barcode label printing tool creates barcode label in different font styles like MSI PLESSY, CODABAR, CODE11, EAN8, UPCA etc. Barcode image creator utility generated barcodes can be easily read through any barcode scanner. Application can be useful in business like Financial Management, Packaging, Manufacturing, Retail Industry etc.

See also: Barcode, creator, software, generate, asset, tags, image, builder, program, tool, develop, label, sticker, shapes, size, font, code39, code11, EAN-13, business, application, printer, utility, sequential, random, ribbon, gif, jpeg, bmp, jpg, image

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Create Barcode Label

Barcode generating utility creates printable barcode labels, colored stickers, ribbon for all major industries such as Retail stores, Super markets, Price/item marking, Postal services, Telecom sector, Shipping, Warehousing, Library, Healthcare agencies, Transportation etc. Barcode label generator tool supports various symbols like special character (+, =, $), uppercase letter (A-Z), lowercase letter (a-z), number (0-9) to make barcode images.

See also: Barcode, creator, software, generate, image, file, jpeg, bmp, gif, standard, sticker, maker, application, produce, printable, tags, create, code39, code11, Codabar, format, fonts, scanner, colored, labeling, generator, tool, random, sequential, label

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Price Tag Software

Price tag software is made for business developers and healthcare centers to offer safety by using all sequential, random and constant series options. Windows ribbon maker tool facilitates you by offering facility to easily print generated barcode as well as perform alteration according to choice. Free barcode label maker application is well organized product that easily designs scan able and colorful stickers, tags, bar codes, ribbons etc.

See also: Free, barcode, label, maker, software, professional, generate, colorful, price, tag, sticker, ribbon, image, linear, symbologies, fonts, standard, design, print, scan, multiple, create, business, Code11, constant, sequential, random, Jpeg, pencil

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ABarcode for Access 10.2.1

ABarcode is a Microsoft Access add-in that lets you to convert any information in Access reports into bar code symbols. Supports EAN-8, EAN-13, UCC/EAN-128, Code 11, Code 128, Code 39, Code 93, CODABAR, UPC-A, UPC-E, Interleaved 2 of 5, POSTNET, PDF417, QR Code and Code 16K. Several bar codes of several types can be included in any section of reports and subreports. Available versions for Access 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010.

See also: bar code, bar-code, barcode, access, office, add-in, add-on, EAN, UPC, ITF, CODE39, CODE93, CODE128, PDF417, POSTNET, CODABAR, CODE11, QR Code

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BarcodeX 5.5

BarcodeX is an ActiveX control for generating almost any type of barcode. It can be bound to a data source for use in database reports. Barcodes can be exported into bitmaps, metafiles, clipboard...

See also: barcode, code39, ean, upc, code128, ean128, PDF417, codebar, code25, code11

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Barcode Creator Software

Barcode creator software can accurately and efficiently make a large number of barcode tags. Barcode generation software easily builds printable and scannable barcode labels in less time and effort. Barcode maker tool supports all possible barcode font types like UPCE, EAN18, Code11, Codabar, MSI Plessy etc. Barcode designer utility is compatible with all windows OS including windows Vista Business, Vista Ultimate.

See also: Barcode, stickers, maker, software, creates, random, sequential, asset, tags, image, builder, application, make, code11, EAN8, UPCE, fonts, creator, utility, generates, ribbons, shapes, size, product, print, labels, business, tool, jpeg, bmp, gif

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Code 11 Font Barcode Generator

Easy to operate Code 11 Font Barcode Generator tool provides you graphical interface so that you can simply generate linear barcode images which are easily printable, readable and scanable via commonly used printable and scanners without exceeding your budget as well as priceless time. Barcode creator utility makes you capable to produce telecommunication sector specific label images as per client need and supports only digits and the ? symbol.

See also: Linear, barcode, creator, utility, generate, colorful, standard, premium, tags, labels, application, produce, design, customized, images, coupon, ribbon, telecommunication, sector, industry, Code11, font, object, line, arc, rectangle, circle

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