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RealTimeQuery 2.0

RealTimeQuery is the perfect tool for offering online support to your customers. The program enables your users to contact you in real time while visiting your website. RealTimeQuery acts as a server on your PC, it listens for connections from your website, opening a direct communication channel between you and your customers. RealTimeQuery is the most popular customers support download.

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Chat Live With Online Customers

Web based chat script is ready to run with your websites. Source code of this AJAX supported software is written in active server page (ASP). No need to pay monthly rental for using this application because it is a single time purchasing program. Online helps, offline messages, business meetings, technical solutions and conferences are used by the sales persons for solving the queries of clients, customers, website visitors or webmasters. Chat Live With Online Customers is the second most popular customers support download.

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Web Chat

Web Chat is a standard way to provides actual time interaction between operators and website visitors to provides immediate response the questions of visitors. Live chat software monitors visitors activities and provides first-class chat assistance with operators. Web chat tool offers perfect customer support service to get actual time feedback about business products from customers to enhance performance of company in economical and efficient way. Web Chat is the third most popular customers support download.

See also: Chat, live, visitors, website, customers, support, tool, utility, operators, software, track, monitor, feedback, services, assistance, queries, business, professional, connect, communicate, interact, email, response, online, real, time, internet

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Chat Websites

Specialized Chat Websites tool allow customer care support agent or company operator to quickly communicate with each other while interacting with website customers or visitors in simplified manner. Online chat application enable users to immediately solve entire company clients queries through actual time chat conversation by using different web browsers such as Opera mini, Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Netscape, Google chrome and others.

See also: Chat, website, application, real, time, interaction, company, operator, visitor, globally, software, support, agent, customers, problems, online, communication, assist, business, products, utility, track, record, client, address, browser, email

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Live Chat Software

Live chat software is specially designed and developed to offer an first-class and reliable self-service supports that helps to easily reduce the gap between the company and online customers. Free live chat software provides you efficient utility to easily analyze what your customer wants and what their expectations from company. Live chat software helps you to easily track company performance and clients view about your product and services.

See also: Live, chat, software, commercial, business, customers, utility, support, service, consumer, visitors, communications, real, time, assistance, location, professional, instant, messages, phone, calls, query, program, facility, attending, web

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Online Chat Website

Best and Comprehensive online Chat Websites application proves itself is the perfect tool for those business organizations where website visitors require company customer care representative or support agent feedback or instructions about their business related products. Live Chat Websites utility facilitates users to efficiently increase their business sales and profitability through actual time chat conversation with website visitors or clients.

See also: Online, chat, website, software, capture, visitors, conversation, details, solve, queries, application, real, time, interaction, company, operator, support, agent, clients, worldwide, program, live, communication, customers, assist, business, product

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Live Help

Professional Live Help utility is easy and easy to use even any untrained person can also operate it. With the help of this application customers can ask queries online and will get the quick response of their questions. Proficient Live help tool helps to trim down communication gap between Company and clients.

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Buy Live Help (only $79.00)Download Live Help (Size: 5683 KB)

Online Chat Software

Company provides specialized freeware Online Chat Software for creating secure chat environment among customers, visitors and support executives. With help of Live Chat software all customers can communicate with executives and get queries answers in actual time using attractive online chat interface. Freeware Online Chat software with help of inbuilt features makes possible to block spammers and chat only with selected users according to need.

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Chat Support

Easy to use Chat Support software Shows each and every website visitor information including visitor name, Arrival time, IP address, and date, Browser used etc. Chat Support application offers that Website visitors can send offline messages when website support operator accessibility status is shown offline or unavailable. Economical software is an easy to setup and easy to operate also you don?t need any practical training to operate this tool.

See also: Support, assistance, live, chat, online, growth, performance, utility, software, interaction, company, representative, website, customers, executive, support, expectation, feedback, product, services, responding, instantly, program, immediately

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Online Web Chat

Technically designed online chat application provides integrated solution to send instant messages to multiple users at same time with extraordinary feature to restore web chat history with complete details in just few easy mouse clicks. Advance Chat Software is technically designed to provide live help to customer to solve their query. Online chat tool sends canned response and pre defined url directly to visitor during fast chats.

See also: Live, chat, software, communicate, interact, clients, customers, company, representative, executive, support, record, web, history, date, time, details, browser, information, block, address, transmit, send, online, canned, instant, messages

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AccelMan is uniquely multipurpose application: you can use that as regular file manager; as ACDSee-style images viewer, supporting 40+ formats; as bookmarks storage; as play lists editor; as media player (23 formats); as functional GUI console; as group files processor; as files e-mailer; as ZIP archiver; as PDF documents manager; as hexadecimal editor and make much more things in the integrated environment.

See also: AccelMan, Norton, manager, player, song lyrics editor, mp3, pictures viewer, wallpaper, winzip, winrar, desktop themes support, font manager, font viewer, ttf viewer

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AccessAble Help Desk Pro Edition 2.55

A help desk program can be comprehensive without being confusing or difficult to learn. The intuitive interface of AccessAble Help Desk Professional Edition was designed to get support personnel up and running quickly. Dozens of reports are supplemented by a spreadsheet wizard to make getting information out as easy as it was to enter the information. Customizable web pages let users request support and technicians update data via browser.

See also: help desk, computer inventory, web enabled help desk, support requests, customer support

Buy AccessAble Help Desk Pro Edition 2.55 (only $499.00)Download AccessAble Help Desk Pro Edition 2.55 (Size: 26935 KB)

SClock Plus 1.7

SClock Plus is an easy-to-use desktop multilingual speaking clock with skin support and full-featured alarm system, that allows an user to set multiple alarms. Each alarm can be set to go off at various intervals: daily, Monday, Tuesday...Saturday, Sunday of every week, etc. You can set each alarm to run an application, play a wave file, open a document or a picture, or just display a message.

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Instant Housecall Remote Support 3.4

Securely control your customer's mouse and keyboard from anywhere through firewalls and routers. No port forwarding and no dynamic IPs to worry about. Invitation-only access. Work from your home, office, or Internet cafe. Reboot your customer's PC into safe mode, Auto-reconnect, Transfer files, Chat, Accept online payment, and Track session history. Vista and UAC support. 15 Day Unlimited Free Trial. Lots of free goodies.

See also: remote support, remote control, remote access, remote desktop, vnc, remote assistance, House call, Housecall, logmein, webex, pcanywhere, gotomypc, help desk, helpdesk, firewall, ultravnc, tightvnc, realvnc, router, nat, port forward, radmin

Buy Instant Housecall Remote Support 3.4 (only $35.00)Download Instant Housecall Remote Support 3.4 (Size: 596 KB)

Camera Picture Recovery Software

Digital camera picture recovery software salvage damaged photo, audio video albums from digital camera memory card. Digital camera photo recovery software support recovery from camera like digital video camera, novelty camera, prosumer camera etc. Photo rescue utility support all major branded camera manufacturers including Kodak, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba. Software performs complete image recovery under any Windows platform like XP, ME, 2003 etc.

See also: Digital, camera, files, data, restores, recover, retrieve, pictures, images, corrupted, deleted, lost, utility, back, audio, video, regain, data, tool, software, formatted, crashed, disk, support, Sony, Samsung, Canon, photo, snaps

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CS Invoice Manager 2.1.1

CUSTOM SOFTWARE ( CS Invoice Manager is a tool to create, manage and print invoices which also features a convenient customer database module, tax rates, discount, shipping, password security and a customizable logo, invoice header and footer, search and lookup facilities etc.. The free text invoice items can be either normal or bold type and the system also lets you to reposition items.

See also: invoicing, billing, customers, tax rates, discount, shipping, customizable, logo, bold, sections

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Unlock IE Password

IE identity password breaker tool efficiently restores unreadable multilingual passwords of different e-mail accounts. Internet explorer passwords unlock software revives lost identity passwords of online shopping, web forms, magazine subscription or other similar accounts saved on websites. IE password recovery utility helps users to regain forgotten password of newsgroup account and saves recovered password list in text format for further use.

See also: Internet, explorer, password, recovery, software, recover, lost, forgotten, asterisk, secret, codes, utility, unlock, encrypted, login, name, email, account, windows, tool, support, multilingual, language, Unicode, .zip, .ace, compress, files

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GSM SMS Software

GSM SMS Software best used for personnel and commercial purposes like sending greetings, SMS marketing, event reminders, taking feedback, personal messages, job notification, group SMS. Software offers reliable and effective SMS marketing facility which used to send free boundless messages from your pc to various contacts. Microsoft GSM SMS Software fulfills the all requirements of users and helps to keep up to date about new products.

See also: Business, communication, employee, device, customers, reasonable, smart, phone, service, global, utility, broadcast, professional, GSM, bulk, Microsoft, software, message, technology, android, windows, SMS, blackberry, worldwide, mobile, pocket,

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X-Lizard Password Manager 4.0

X-Lizard Password Manager is a software specially created to help people store securely valuable information. Data is stored in a special database. All information is encrypted and secure. The software encrypts all data with US Department of Defense approved 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm.

See also: password manager, password keeper, saver, user name, username, AES encryption, Rijndael, unicode support, password generator, skins support, strong encryption

Buy X-Lizard Password Manager 4.0 (only $20.00)Download X-Lizard Password Manager 4.0 (Size: 2387 KB)

Recover Deleted Text Messages

Sim card deleted data recovery utility provides an effective solution for regaining lost text messages from (inbox, outbox or drafts), contact numbers from phone book and recent call details with time from mobile phone sim card. SMS restoration service support sim card of all service providers around the world. Software provides preview facility of IMSI number, name of service provider and ICC mobile identification number of user?s sim card.

See also: Data, recovery, SMS, rescue, software, sim, memory, card, tool, utility, inbox, read, text, message, call, restore, lost, mobile, phone, damage, files, corrupt, delete, contact, number, IMSI, ICC-ID, number, support, GSM, service, erase, corrupt

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NetRCM 1.0

NetRCM functions: acquiring detailed information about a remote computer, management of access to USB Flash drives, console connection to a remote computer, process management, file transfer, messaging to a remote computer, remote shutdown, ping, traceroute. All these functions are also available in batch processing. For example, you can upload files to several computers in one click and then launch them.

See also: NetRCM, remote control, administration, remote admin, usb security, usb lock, usb control, remote pc control, remote help, users support, network admin, network administration, remote computer, Tesei Software, remote pc, help desk

Buy NetRCM 1.0 (only $20.00)Download NetRCM 1.0 (Size: 1481 KB)

Mobile Bulk SMS

With the help of this advance technology you can easily communicate with your business clients, customers, friends and relatives by sending mass text messages instantly. Utility helps to promote your business products, brands and services and drives traffic towards your business. Mobile Bulk SMS Program aids you to attract new customers towards your business and increases sales. Tool offers facility to send standard messages or notification.

See also: Mobile, bulk, SMS, utility, application, send, broadcast, multiple, GSM, text, messages, contact, group, business, product, services, notification, partners, clients, customers, friends, connection, multi, standard, traffic, tool, program, software

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Data Doctor Secure Data Wiper

Data Doctor secure data wiper software completely wipes entire hard disk partitions and erases all sensitive files folders from your storage device. Disk sanitation utility provides destructive and non-destructive wiping modes to ensure permanent removal of data. Data cleaning software erases documents, internet activities, network folders, log files and other sensitive information from the disk that cannot be retrieved using any data recovery tool.

See also: Secure, data, wiper, utility, removes, internet, URL, cookies, permanent, cleanup, software, erases, deleted, passwords, sensitive, files, folder, support, FAT, NTFS, partition, system, hard, disk, sanitation, wipes, entire, USB, drive, unused, space

Buy Data Doctor Secure Data Wiper (only $45.00)Download Data Doctor Secure Data Wiper (Size: 1751 KB)

Barcodes Software

Assets tag creator software is widely used in various industries including Health care industries, Shipping corporation, Postal service, Transport industries, Warehouse, Library, Ticketing, Food industries, Production houses, Retail stores, distributors, Phone company etc to make your product identity unique from other similar product. Barcode utility has user manual guide which helps novice user to easily understand the software features.

See also: Barcode, product, logo, generator, program, create, labels, sticker, ribbon, colors, shape, size, design, caption, product, price, sticker, maker, utility, produce, high, resolution, printable, image, software, modify, support, font, standards

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PSTReporter 1.00

PSTReporter is a command-line utility that produces folder level message and attachment statistics (counts and sizes) for all PST files found in a directory tree. It lets a user to "peek" into Outlook email files to gather summary information prior to further processing. The output generated is a TAB delimited text file report that can be formatted further in Excel, if desired.

See also: litigation, support, tools, notes, outlook, conversion, utility, Lotus, IPRO, Concordance, OCR, bates, lfp, unixtodos, email

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Android Chat Software 1.2

With android chat software like eAssistance Pro you don?t have to leave your customers? query unattended. In fact, anywhere you go with android chat software you can always provide best customer support without facing any hassle. Install the software and track your clients and chat with them the way you always wanted

See also: android chat software, live chat software, online chat software, help desk software, support live, live help desk, live chat app, online help chat software, live chat tool

Buy Android Chat Software 1.2 (only $7.00)Download Android Chat Software 1.2 (Size: 14131 KB)

Custom Barcode Labels

Download demo version of Custom Barcode Labels application from website for creating eye catching business barcode stickers, bands, logos etc of various colors. User friendly barcode generating software has facility to print multiple barcode designs using inbuilt barcode printing setting.

See also: Free, download, custom, barcode, labels, maker, software, creates, unlimited, colorful stickers, ribbons, bands, badges, coupons, inventory, application, support, linear, fonts, print, multiple, designs, objects, ellipse, line, pencil

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FF Inventory Pro Deluxe 5.6

Network Inventory and Billing. UNLIMITED vendors, purchase orders, receivers, invoices, payments, customers and products. Includes email and bar code support, user-defined aging categories, importing/exporting! Features 10 levels of password protection, audit trails, automatic and 9 batch price-changing levels. Automatically calculate sale prices from list or cost. Supports automatic or manual product receivers and a whole lot more!

See also: inventory software, purchase orders, quotes, estimates, network, invoice software, billing, customers, time, statements, windows, ASP, shareware, labels

Buy FF Inventory Pro Deluxe 5.6 (only $179.00)Download FF Inventory Pro Deluxe 5.6 (Size: 3381 KB)

Disk Data Eliminator

Data wiper tool is fully capable to remove most recently used Microsoft office documents including word, power point, excel, Access database & other Windows applications. Download data eraser utility can easily be installed on all major versions of windows OS including windows XP, Vista, 2000, NT, ME & 98 and support both FAT & NTFS file system. Disk data eliminator removes unused clusters which are not linked to any file system.

See also: Disk, data, eliminator, remove, files, wiper, software, eliminate, folders, secure, eraser, tool, delete, partition, utility, internet, GUI, privacy, support, windows, operating, system, application, FAT, NTFS, pen drive, memory card, USB

Buy Disk Data Eliminator (only $45.00)Download Disk Data Eliminator (Size: 1751 KB)

Blackberry Text Messaging

Download cost effective Blackberry Text Messaging software from website to broadcast bulk of text sms to any mobile networks globally. Highly tech text sms gateway software has innovative feature to reject repeated contact numbers while sending fast messages.

See also: Download, free, blackberry, text, messaging, software, delivers, unlimited, short, messages, multiple, mobile, numbers, Windows, computer, internet, connection, sms, gateway, tool, save, send, notification, template, folder, support, Unicode

Buy Blackberry Text Messaging (only $45.00)Download Blackberry Text Messaging (Size: 4218 KB)

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