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Advanced System Optimizer 3.0

Advanced System Optimizer 3 has tools for improving PC's performance. It has One Click Computer care which can speed up and tune up a Computer with Single Click of mouse. The new features include Spyware Protector, Driver Updater, Game Optimizer, Computer fixer and a Backup tool. We also improvised Secure Delete, File Encryption, Search Duplicate Files, Registry Optimizer and System Cleaner. So is why it`s trusted by millions of users since past 8 years. Advanced System Optimizer is the most popular defrag file download.

See also: registry, tune-up, speed, maintain, boost, clean system, defrag, disk info, secure, privacy, undelete, driver, spyware, memory, disk space, game performance, encrypt, decrypt, realtime, recovery, security adviser, duplicate file, optimize, backup

Buy Advanced System Optimizer 3.0 (only $29.95)Download Advanced System Optimizer 3.0 (Size: 10230 KB)

Advanced System Optimizer 2.10

ASOv2 has more than 200 tweaks for customizing Windows and supercharging your PC's performance. New features include a spyware detective, an icon manager and a comprehensive backup tool. You can back up the registry and restore it if it's damaged. The system cleaner removes junk and obsolete files from the system. The registry cleaner ensures that invalid information is removed, and the registry defragger helps you get maximum speed from your PC. Advanced System Optimizer is the second most popular defrag file download.

See also: advanced system optimizer, data, block, blocker, ad-aware, adware, freeware, spyware, shareware, popup, pop, advanced, manage, manager, backup, back, blue, screen, crash, crashes, damage, error, errors, hang, hangs, junk, kill, list, lost, problem, problems, shred, clutter, terminate, trouble, troubleshoot, troubleshooting, boost, tweak, tweaker, performance, speed, speed-up, optimize, optimizer, optimization, fast, accelerate, acceleration, ace, tidy, transparent, change, changer, erase, eraser, process, processes, check, checker, tool, tools, settings, compatible, duplicate, copy, theme, information, clean, cleaner, cleaning, cure, fix, fixes, fixer, heal, help, improve, defrag, fix-up, mechanic, remove, repair, replace, restore, configuration, configure, diagnose, download, downloads, recover, recovery, start, startup, support, sweep, command, task, tasks, taskbar, uninstall, uninstaller, update, scan, upgrade, upgrading, view, slow, split, join, maintenance, management, administer, administration, notification, overview, system, computer, desktop, software, utility, utilities, ram, memory, physical, icon, icons, internet, explorer, autorun, logon, media, program, pentium, intel, peripheral, peripherals, technology, hard, disk, drive, email, e-mail, planner, analyzer, analyze, advisor, cookie, cookies, registry, wallpaper, organizer, customize, decrypt, encrypt, defrag, delete, deleted, secure, security, privacy, safe, protect, protection, guard, prevention, evaluation, free, trial, file, files, file system, zip, image, images, Windows, Win, 2003, 2000, winxp, win2003, win2k3, winnt, winme, win98, office, ms-office

Buy Advanced System Optimizer 2.10 (only $39.95)Download Advanced System Optimizer 2.10 (Size: 9025 KB)

Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is a collection of system tools and utilities to fix, speed up, maintain and protect your PC.It allows you to clean common system junk files, as well as invalid registry entries and Internet traces(plug-in support for 45+ external programs).Furthermore, Glary Utilities includes powerful functions such as disk analysis,software uninstaller,startup manager,memory optimizer,duplicate files finder,secure file deletion and more Glary Utilities is the third most popular defrag file download.

See also: optimizer, RAM, memory, physical, boost, defrag, free, speed, remove, delete, editor, list, software, programs, manager, start, startup, errors, error, registry, system, disk, disks, hard, sweep, tidy, repair, fix, maintenance, configuration, administration, protection, improval, performance, acceleration, optimization, booster, tweaks, tweaker, problems, problem, crashes, crash, errors, error, performance, cleaning, tweaking, tuning, computer, system, win95, winme, win98, win2k, win2000, winxp, 2000, Win, Windows, clean, tweak, optimize, accelerate, speed, tune, configure, protect, remove, fix, improve, repair, cleaner software, disk cleaner, find duplicate files, duplicate file finder, tracks eraser, internet privacy, clean registry, registry repair, registry cleaner, Utilities, Glarysoft, Glary Utilities, diagnose, system, information, overview, view, booster, inspect, manage, uninstall, remove, delete, shred, wipe, application, applications, software, program, programs

Buy Glary Utilities (only $29.95)Download Glary Utilities (Size: 2479 KB)

Defrag Winner

Defrag Winner is created for quick optimization. It provides a fast, comprehensive solution to disk defragmentation, which also offers very detailed reporting before and after cleaning up a disk. By using Defrag Winner, you no longer need to worry about the fragmentation status of your hard disk. Moreover, it will give you a complete diagnosis of your actual hard drives, then defragment and speed up disk performance in minutes by one-click.

See also: Defrag, defragment, fragment, defrag disk, defrag file, system crashes, fragmentation, analyze disk

Buy Defrag Winner (only $29.95)Download Defrag Winner (Size: 2338 KB)

Paragon Total Defrag 2009 2009

Paragon Total Defrag 2009 is a new comprehensive product for total file system defragmentation and optimization. Built on original Paragon technologies, it performs complete low-level defragmentation that provides almost zero fragmentation level.

See also: defrag, defragmentation, speed disk, hard disk, hard drive, optimization, speed up disk, mft defragmentation, file system

Buy Paragon Total Defrag 2009 2009 (only $29.95)Download Paragon Total Defrag 2009 2009 (Size: 17870 KB)

Advanced Win7 Optimizer 3.5

Advanced Win7 Optimizer optimizes your Computer easily, quickly and efficiently. Optimize memory, clean junk files, defrag the hard disk, defend your privacy and much more with this powerful suite. It is a special product which powers-up the average user with its tools to perform operations which may not be easy even for the highly tech person. This product optimizes Windows performance in depth and enhances the overall system security.

See also: optimize performance, manage backup, tweak, increase system speed, boost, clear registry fragments, clean, disk defrag, startup, maintenance, security, customize system settings, monitor hard drive, system information, file clutter, stability

Buy Advanced Win7 Optimizer 3.5 (only $29.97)Download Advanced Win7 Optimizer 3.5 (Size: 6294 KB)

Cobra File Defrag 2.1

Cobra File Defrag is a useful tool that performs file as well as disk based defragmentation. Most defragmentation tools work on an entire disk or individual drives. Cobra File Defrag is different as it lets you, using an Explorer style screen, to see defragmentation of every file and folder on each of your disks. Each fragmented file or folder can be individually defragmented, as well as an entire disk. Also includes command line option.

See also: file defrag, file, folder, defrag, frag, fragmentation, defragmentation, disk, space, tool, application, utility, cobra, tiny

Buy Cobra File Defrag 2.1 (only $12.00)Download Cobra File Defrag 2.1 (Size: 174 KB)

Complete Process Manager 1.1

Complete Process Manager helps you detect the invisible applications which are running in the background and identify them. Furthermore Complete Process Manager helps you detect the startup programs which start automatically whenever you turn on your computer. Typical examples are adware, spyware, trojan and malware which start automatically and run in the background without your permission.

See also: registry, optimizer, compress, optimize, clean, cleaner, defrag, defragger, defragment, defragmenter, compressor

Buy Complete Process Manager 1.1 (only $19.95)Download Complete Process Manager 1.1 (Size: 675 KB)

MindSoft Defrag 4.0

MindSoft Defrag is a tool specifically designed to organize and compile stray files and folders on your computer. Disk fragmentation is a phenomenon that slows down your computer and ultimately results in potential data loss. However, MindSoft Defrag is a complete solution that can quickly defrag your Hard Drive and arrange your files systematically.

See also: defrag, disk defragment

Buy MindSoft Defrag 4.0 (only $14.95)Download MindSoft Defrag 4.0 (Size: 5443 KB)

Puran Defrag 7.1

Puran Defrag is a very easy to use defragmentation and optimization utility. It provides many features which include revolutionary PIOZR, Automatic Defragmentation, Boot Time Defragmentation, Low Priority Defrag, Individual File/Folder Defrag, GUI and Console Command Line, Restart/Shutdown after Boot Time Defrag, Native support for 64 Bit Systems and many more... These all features combine togather to give your system a actual speed boost.

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Buy Puran Defrag 7.1 (only $19.95)Download Puran Defrag 7.1 (Size: 2459 KB)

Windows NTFS Partition Recovery

Hard disk data recovery software recovers lost formatted files, emptied data from the recycle bin folder. Economical NTFS data recovery application gets back missing files folders even windows partition table and Master boot record table is corrupt. Notebook windows NTFS data recovery utility restore deleted MS access, word, power point, outlook and excel document files. Laptop NTFS data recovery utility retrieve damaged password protected documents.

See also: Windows, data, recovery, software, recover, lost, deleted, formatted, root, directory, utility, restore, damaged, MFT, MBR, file, tool, rescue, erased, corrupted, hard, disk, application, salvage, crashed, photographs, retrieve, mp3, songs, images

Buy Windows NTFS Partition Recovery (only $69.00)Download Windows NTFS Partition Recovery (Size: 734 KB)

Files Email Finder 5.0.0

This is a quick and reliable e-mail extractor software developed to help extract e-mail addresses from various types of files like Word, Excel, PDF, Text, PowerPoint and Publisher. Tool not only helps extract Email IDs but also save them in .CSV or .TXT format. Tool provides innovative filter options that let the users to set criteria for e-mail ID extraction to facilitate extraction of only relevant IDs excluding irrelevant ones.

See also: Extract email address, email address finder, email extractor software, email address in excel, extract email from excel, email from word, email finder, email file

Buy Files Email Finder 5.0.0 (only $39.00)Download Files Email Finder 5.0.0 (Size: 9279 KB)

Delete Files Permanently

Delete Files Permanently is easiest and quickest way to securely delete (or "wipe") sensitive files from your hard drive. You can be assured that once you delete a file with Delete Files Permanently, it will be gone for good, cause data will actually be overwritten several times using specialized methods to preclude data recovery software from being able to undelete the file.

See also: eraser, deleter, wiper, shredder, file, security

Buy Delete Files Permanently (only $29.99)Download Delete Files Permanently (Size: 1779 KB)

Files Phone Number Finder 5.5.0

File phone number extractor is efficient number extractor software. This software follows accurate search algorithm for extract numbers from various files. It extracts all the relevant phone numbers requires by the user. It automatically removes all the duplicate phone numbers. It can extract numbers from files like doc, docx, dot, xls, xlsx, html, etc. It can extract numbers from pdf files without using Acrobat.

See also: Files phone number extractor, numbers extractor, Phone Extractor software, numbers from word, extract numbers from text file, extract phone numbers, numbers from excel

Buy Files Phone Number Finder 5.5.0 (only $39.00)Download Files Phone Number Finder 5.5.0 (Size: 9140 KB) Backup 5.00 Backup is a very easy-to-use software including all fast and smart features to do scheduled copies for security reasons automatically for you and without all these innovative functions of overloaded professional backup tools that slow down your system and that often cost 40 US$ or more. Just add files and folders to the backup list, select days, hours and minutes and let the software do backups automatically for you.

See also: backup, schedule, copy, automatic, automatical, automatically, scheduled, files, file, data, folder, folders, regular, regularly, day, minute, hour, days, minutes, hours, incremental, startup, background, music, video, videos, document, documents, picture, pictures, image, images

Buy Backup 5.00 (only $24.99)Download Backup 5.00 (Size: 392 KB)

Data Recovery Tool

For downloading Data Recovery Tool Visit Company website which facilitate user to retrieve lost text documents, pictures, images, movie, audio video files and folders from FAT file system. FAT data rescue software allows user to preview missing files and folders before real recovery.

See also: Download FAT data recovery tool, file retrieving application, data regaining software, FAT text restore application, images recoup tool, data file recover application, FAT document retrieving software, image recoup application

Buy Data Recovery Tool (only $69.00)Download Data Recovery Tool (Size: 2539 KB)

Wedding Card Designer

Website provides user friendly Wedding Card Designer software to make high resolution wedding invitation cards of various shapes and sizes using inbuilt designing tools. Extraordinary card maker application has inbuilt card printing setting which enables user to print multiple cards using standard printers.

See also: Free, download, wedding, card, designer, software, creates, unlimited, colorful, greeting, invitation, save, designs, image, file, formats, send, email, print, multiple, graphics, background, library, clipart, shapes, sizes, dimensions, Windows,

Buy Wedding Card Designer (only $49.00)Download Wedding Card Designer (Size: 5273 KB)

How to Restore Mac

How to restore Mac images! Company offers complete and affordable data recovery software that allowed user to undelete all deleted wedding photographs, holiday snaps, memorable video, audio etc from storage media of any device including digital camera, mobile phone, camcorder etc in simplified manner. Advance file retrieval utility to restore personal collection of documents including songs, movie, files, photos, e-books from crashed hard disk.

See also: Download, file, retrieval, software, recover, formatted, data, documents, Mac, undelete, utility, restore, deleted, digital, image, photographs, text, folders, songs, music, wallpaper, audio, video, corrupted, hard, disk, memory, card, USB, drive

Buy How to Restore Mac (only $69.00)Download How to Restore Mac (Size: 3409 KB)

Digital Camera Card Recovery

Visit website presents Digital Camera Data Recovery Software is fully professionally utility to rescue missing or deleted picture file saved in various file extensions. Digital picture restoration utility rescue corrupted data file from formatted digicam.

See also: Digital, camera, data, recovery, software, restore, retrieve, inaccessible, lost, missing, misplaced, erased, program, application, salvage, accidentally, deleted, formatted, memorable, image, videos, picture, file, video, clips, snaps, photographs

Buy Digital Camera Card Recovery (only $69.00)Download Digital Camera Card Recovery (Size: 1853 KB)

RTF to HTML Converter

RTF to HTML converter software converts document in all format to any format. This software makes WebPages from the RTF (Rich Text Format), MS-Word, Word, XML, Text, Notepad. This software can also support Microsoft Word 98, 2000, 2003 and 2007 and it is successfully works on Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Win7 and both x32 & x64 bits Operating System. With the help of this utility you can save your valuable time.

See also: RTF, Word, HTML, Converter, Software, Website, Text, MS-Word, Translator, Change, WebPage, Pages, Changer, Notes, Create, Format, Tools, Convert, Pages, Make, produce, build, Maker, Generate, Translate, XML, Web, File, Document, Notepad, compose

Buy RTF to HTML Converter (only $9.90)Download RTF to HTML Converter (Size: 1135 KB)

Recovery Toolbox for OneNote 2.0.1

Recovery Toolbox for OneNote is a super-compact, quick and efficient utility with a 1-2-3 approach to restoring damaged data. The recovery process consists of just three simple steps - selection of the damaged source file, file analysis and image extraction and, finally, saving of the recovered data to the specified output folder. Even if you are not a data recovery guru, this utility will help you solve your data corruption problems in no time!

See also: onenote Recovery, Recovery for onenote, onenote data Recovery, Recover onenote files, onenote Repair, Recover onenote, onenote file Recovery, Recovery for onenote 2007, Recover onenote files from hard drive, onenote Repair fails

Buy Recovery Toolbox for OneNote 2.0.1 (only $27.00)Download Recovery Toolbox for OneNote 2.0.1 (Size: 3151 KB)

Photo Recovery

Amazing digital photo recovery application supports user to regain all beautiful scrap, cute baby photo, wedding photograph, party pictures, birthday images, mp3/mp4 songs, anniversary video from different removable media and within a short time of period. Fast lost images restoration tool provides a preview on system screen of all regains images so that user easily select desired snaps that are recover which saves time and money both.

See also: Photo, recovery, software, restore, regain, permanent, lost, corrupted, damaged, misplaced, file, folder, audio, video, clip, digital, picture, image, multimedia, snap, removable, media, pen drive, camera, hard, disk, USB, utility,

Buy Photo Recovery (only $45.00)Download Photo Recovery (Size: 3246 KB)

Outlook Phone Number Finder 5.5.0

Outlook Phone Number Finder is phone number finder software which extract the number from MS Outlook files. This software retrieve the phone numbers from already store .PST and DBX files. It grants the user to add new .PST file. It lets to extract the phone number from personal and sub folders like in-box, drafts, sent items, etc. It removes the duplicate phone number and gives accurate result.

See also: phone number finder, pst file phone number, recover outlook phone numbers, dbx file phone number, number extractor software, phone number finder, outlook express phone number, outlook phone number extractor

Buy Outlook Phone Number Finder 5.5.0 (only $49.00)Download Outlook Phone Number Finder 5.5.0 (Size: 1034 KB) Database 1.00

This software is your perfect utility to organise any kind of data just as quick and easy as possible! Add some columns and name them as a base for your data, of course you can always add and remove columns later. Then enter as much data as you wish, your Computer hardware is the only limit for the amount of data sets. Sort your data just by clicking a column headline, copy a data set to Windows clipboard or print out your whole list locally or via network.

See also: database, data, base, organize, check, save, print, collect, collections, csv, file, files, business, software, private, organizer, organization, date, sort, print, import, export, column, columns, set, sets, fast, quick, easy, use, mobile, windows, Vista, for

Buy Database 1.00 (only $9.99)Download Database 1.00 (Size: 451 KB)

Downloads Photo Recovery

Install picture card recovery software for retrieving corrupted, images, missing screenshots, wallpaper from user multimedia drive within few minutes. Downloads Photo Recovery application from that regains all formatted photograph from your computer easily.

See also: Downloads, Photo, Recovery, application, retrieve, regain, corrupted, folder, file, damage, screenshots, missing, picture, lost, images, formatted, wallpaper, crashed, snapshots, USB, thumb, restore, software, install, memory, media, user,

Buy Downloads Photo Recovery (only $45.00)Download Downloads Photo Recovery (Size: 1505 KB)

PDF Snipping Tool 3.0

A text and graphic snipping utility that lets taking snips of any PDF file, rectangular areas, or the entire page. Snips can then be cut and pasted to other programs or windows using a mouse, saved as an image file (PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP, or TIFF file), or a web page (HTML file), or a plain text (TXT file), or e-mailed, or sent to other applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Visio, Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw.

See also: pdf, snipping, tool, snip, snippers, text, graphic, graphics, file, document, cut, paste

Buy PDF Snipping Tool 3.0 (only $69.95)Download PDF Snipping Tool 3.0 (Size: 1631 KB)

iCoolsoft iPhone Transfer 3.1.20

iCoolsoft iPhone Transfer is an expert in transferring your music, movies, ringtones, photos, etc. between iPhone and computer. You can also convert DVD movies and other fashionable videos to iPhone MP4/MOV/M4V so that you can enjoy them on your iPad, iPhone and iPod. It lets you to make ringtone for your iPhone with local music and DVD movies. You can convert your files in batch.

See also: transfer iphone, pc to iphone, iphone to pc, iphone to itunes, iphone to ipod, ipod to iphone, movie to iphone, songs to iphone, load file to iphone, copy iphone file, import video to iphone

Buy iCoolsoft iPhone Transfer 3.1.20 (only $25.00)Download iCoolsoft iPhone Transfer 3.1.20 (Size: 29900 KB)

Sim Card Contacts Recovery

Easily download Sim Card Contacts Recovery software from website that is fully capable for restoring all contacts numbers, names, messages and many others information. Simple and reliable lost sim card information retrieves all information and saves into encrypted log file which easily view in future.

See also: Lost, data, recovery, software, sim, card, mobile, phone, cell, damaged, file, image, retrieve, save, view, message, SMS, retrieve, missed, misplaced, inbox, outbox, regain, repair, salvage, contacts, number, text, Windows, storage, call history

Buy Sim Card Contacts Recovery (only $69.00)Download Sim Card Contacts Recovery (Size: 2447 KB)

USPS Sack Label Barcode Creator

Do you know how to generate and print colorful striking barcode holograms, badges, stickers, tags etc in your own pattern? Innovative USPS Sack Label Barcode Creator Software simply downloaded from to design and print multi-colored beautiful holograms, tags, stickers, coupons, badges with the help of first-class image designing objects like text, arc, triangle, rectangle, square etc using advance printing or coloring settings.

See also: Label, Creator, Tool, generate, barcode, sticker, software, USPS, Sack, design, coupon, print, construct, produce, badge, hologram, bulk, linear, font, format, series, download, object, triangle, rectangle, ellipse, user, file, save, image

Buy USPS Sack Label Barcode Creator (only $45.00)Download USPS Sack Label Barcode Creator (Size: 3921 KB)

DVDFab Media Player

DVDFab Media Player is a Windows based media player software which is called "the world's leading Blu-ray Player Software" by users. It not only plays Blu-ray & DVD discs, but also plays Blu-ray & DVD folders, ISO image files and other video files in different formats. And full navigation menu for Blu-rays and Cinavia protected Blu-rays and videos are also supported.

See also: media player, Blu-ray media player, DVD media player, play Blu-ray disc, play Blu-ray folder, play Blu-ray ISO file, play BD-J disc, play DVD disc, play DVD ISO file, Blu-ray software, 1080p, video, movie, Blu-ray, software

Buy DVDFab Media Player (only $49.00)Download DVDFab Media Player (Size: 9747 KB)

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