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PlanSwift Digital Takeoff & Estimating 8.4

PlanSwift is the quickest and easiest to use software for accurately completing digital construction takeoffs on your computer screen. With PlanSwift's visual point-and-click interface, users can drag-n-drop individual parts or assemblies directly onto a digital blueprint. PlanSwift calculates the takeoffs automatically - saving valuable time and effort. Supports all major graphics & CAD formats including TIF, PDF, DXF, DWG, DWF, JPG, and more. PlanSwift Digital Takeoff & Estimating is the most popular digitizer software download.

See also: takeoff software, estimating software, digital takeoff, construction takeoff software, construction estimating software, plan viewer, cad viewer, digitizer software, bidding, blueprint takeoff, estimating, takeoff, image viewer, paperless

Buy PlanSwift Digital Takeoff & Estimating 8.4 (only $950.00)Download PlanSwift Digital Takeoff & Estimating 8.4 (Size: 16992 KB)

NH's Function Point Analyzer 1.0

With NH's Function Point Analyzer it is easy to get a quick and clear documentation of function point countings according to IFPUG (International Function Point Users Group) standard 4.2. Functions are shown as tree view graphics. So you will get a understandable documentation of your application or project too. Context menues, short cuts and tool tipps support this process. Different reports make analysis of your counting an easy task. NH's Function Point Analyzer is the second most popular digitizer software download.

See also: Software, function point, COCOMO, effort estimation, project effort, function points

Buy NHDownload NH

Trans-Project Office 1.7

Trans-Project Office was specially developed to meet the needs of translation agencies' administration and staff. This multi-purpose system of business management provides solutions to many administrative tasks and issues. Trans-Project Office is the third most popular digitizer software download.

See also: translation industry, translation company, translation agency, translation, project management, project management software, project manager, project, Trans-Project Office, TPO, transproject

Buy Trans-Project Office 1.7 (only $419.00)Download Trans-Project Office 1.7 (Size: 10302 KB)

SpamAI Anti-Spam Filter Software DR-3.00.0

SpamAI centralizes anti-spam efforts for companies with 1-25 employees to filter 99% of spam. SpamAI uses spammer evasions to trip them up. SpamAI immediately flags as [SPAM] misspellings such as vi@gra, invisible images to track you, and many other cloaking behaviors. SpamAI supports all POP3 email clients, including Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora, TheBat!, Courier, Poco Mail, Mozilla, and many others.

See also: Bayesian, multi, multi-user, spamfilter, opt-out, opt-in, out, opt, Eudora, unwanted, antispam, bulk, unsolicited, mail, junk, Express, Outlook, killer, business, blockers, email, blocking, block, stop, filtering, software, shareware, multiuser, blocker, anti, filter, spam

Buy SpamAI Anti-Spam Filter Software DR-3.00.0 (only $29.95)Download SpamAI Anti-Spam Filter Software DR-3.00.0 (Size: 772 KB)

PC-Cash Register

PC Cash Register that has some unique features including: - smart database design providing ingredient of relation - completely changeable POS printed bill layout - quick entry of most often used articles in a graphic multi layer grid - complete set of useful reports all of which are adapted for printing on POS printer (no need for another printer) - automatically calculates buying price for all articles (including combined articles)

See also: PC-Cash, Cash Register, POS, Cashier software

Buy PC-Cash Register (only $24.95)Download PC-Cash Register (Size: 1673 KB)

A-class Organizer 1.00

This organizer software differs from other organizers in its simplicity and reliability. Our users have no problems with note titles and locations. Quickly find the necessary note without having to remember its location. A-class Organizer can be used for managing notes, addresses, phones, passwords, credit card numbers and other information. We send the link to the full version of the organizer in a few hours.

See also: electronic, personal, office, manager, pim, software, electronic personal manager

Buy A-class Organizer 1.00 (only $19.95)Download A-class Organizer 1.00 (Size: 96 KB)

Cafe Manager Pro for Internet Cafes 3.8.4

Cafe Manager Pro - Internet cafe software for cyber cafe manager. Produce charges using unlimited, completely configurable billing schemes. Pay As You Go, Pre-Paid and Membership pre-paid payment methods are supported. Use integrated, configurable Point Of Sales system sell snacks, drinks and charge printer, scanner and etc. Control clients with Screen Shield - our Cyber Cafe client software.Reports and Membership service programs are included.

See also: internet timer, cyber cafe program, Internet cafe management, Cafe Manager, cyber cafe software, Internet cafe software, cafe software, charge timer, client, server

Buy Cafe Manager Pro for Internet Cafes 3.8.4 (only $129.00)Download Cafe Manager Pro for Internet Cafes 3.8.4 (Size: 13671 KB)

CTI Data Connector 2.2.45

You would like to dial directly from your application and see who is calling - even pop up the customer file? Your address information is stored in different databases (ERP, CRM, Marketing or MS-Outlook). The solution is CTI Data Connector. CDC connects your applications with CTI Servers and phone systems. For additional information see

See also: CTI, CTI Software, TAPI, Computer Telephony Integration, CTI interface, outlook cti, pc phone, pc dial, cti server, TAPI OCX,

Buy CTI Data Connector 2.2.45 (only $55.00)Download CTI Data Connector 2.2.45 (Size: 12503 KB)

Employee Task Chaser 1.3

Develop the EXECUTION abilities of your work team. Employee Task Chaser is new execution control software specifically designed to register and monitor all tasks assigned to employees until their conclusions. Co-workers will capture all daily activities using a consistent process, creating a common inventory of the things that needs to be done, accessible at any time from a computer with Internet access. Simply, the best way to get things done!

See also: labor scheduling, monitoring, coworkers, co-workers, abilities, perform, management, Software, Control, Execution, Employee Task Chaser, employee screening

Buy Employee Task Chaser 1.3 (only $29.90)Download Employee Task Chaser 1.3 (Size: 14330 KB)

MacVCD 3.2

Discover the easy way to play VCD and almost everything else with this easy to use media player for OS X. This software offers all the playback features you need and the ease of use you really want from a video player. With Video CD Format recognition, you can play VCDs in just one step. You can also play all your other movies - XVCD, AVI, DivX, MPEG, video, Quicktime movies, Photo VCD, Karaoke VCD and more.

See also: video cd, player, vcd, avi, divx, media, mpeg, movie, karaoke, quicktime, mpeg-1, video-cd, videocd, software, viewer, view, play, photo vcd, mac, os 8, os 9, os9, .avi, .divx, xvid, mpg, watch, macintosh, full screen

Buy MacVCD 3.2 (only $15.00)Download MacVCD 3.2 (Size: 436 KB)

OlapX Application 4.0

OlapX is a sophisticated multidimensional database browsing tool. It enables the creation of multidimensional cubes and then interactive analysis, reporting and presentation of Microsoft's Analysis Services databases. Designed for users at any business or technical skill level in a company to perform their own multidimensional analysis, create reports, and share them for better decision making.

See also: olap, olap tools, olap software, olap browser, olap viewer, olapX, microsoft analysis services, microsoft, bussines inteligence, cube creation

Buy OlapX Application 4.0 (only $99.00)Download OlapX Application 4.0 (Size: 7899 KB)

Audiotools 6.40

Audiotools is a powerful, flexible audio recorder that can be used for any task from archiving old LP's and cassettes, to ripping CD's, to converting audio files. It includes an Auto-track feature to automatically split LP's and tapes into individual songs. Audio processing such as eq, gain and noise reduction can be applied whilst recording or to existing files. Support is included for a variety of file formats including MP3, WAV, OGG and WMA.

See also: recording software, mp3 converter, wav converter, mp3 to wav, wav to mp3

Buy Audiotools 6.40 (only $25.00)Download Audiotools 6.40 (Size: 6121 KB)

QBuild 3.50

QBuild is an Education/Entertainment software that allows you to design and play quizzes. With QBuild you can create quizzes containing simple text questions - True or False, Multiple Choice, or Single answer - , or questions featuring Pictures, Photographs, Sound, and even Video. You can then play your quiz in the popular jeopardy style using one of the four supplied themes or a theme you have created with the software.

See also: Games design, Education Software, Quiz designer, Home Entertainment, Entertainment

Buy QBuild 3.50 (only $35.00)Download QBuild 3.50 (Size: 37850 KB)

Computerize Your Assets 2.1

What would you do if a disaster struck your home? What if you lost everything? Could you remember every item in your home? Would you have your important phone numbers and documents available? Even if your records weren't destroyed, could you find them? Don't rely on memory for something this important. Use Computerize Your Assets to document your home inventory and provide instant proof. Don't put off something this important another minute.

See also: computerize your assets, asset management, asset manager, home inventory, home inventory software, home inventory list, asset inventory, insurance, insurance inventory, home insurance inventory, disaster preparedness, disaster recovery, home inventory program

Buy Computerize Your Assets 2.1 (only $29.95)Download Computerize Your Assets 2.1 (Size: 5839 KB)

Mortgage Wizard Plus 6.7b

Crush your US, Cdn and foreign loans sooner and save on cumulative interest. Intuitive program. Does late payments, lumpsum payments, changed payments, interest changes, etc. Use 360-day or Exact day factor method. Amort. schedule is in scrollable spreadsheet format with screen splitting and editing capabilities. Reports, charts, extensive help, nice printouts. Customization features. Bonus programs. For more info visit

See also: mortgage software, loan software, loan, mortgage, finance, financial, business, accounting, accountant, lease, legal, lawyer, software, real estate, amortize, amortization, schedule, calculate, equity, software, spreadsheet, interest, payment

Buy Mortgage Wizard Plus 6.7b (only $27.00)Download Mortgage Wizard Plus 6.7b (Size: 1200 KB)

CoffeeCup Flash Blogger 4.5

A Blog is a Journal or Diary that is available on the Web. The activity of updating a blog is "blogging" and someone who keeps a blog is a "blogger". Blogs are typically updated daily using software that allow people with little or no technical background to maintain or add to their blogs with just the push of a button. (no HTML experience is needed !) Flash Blogger lets you create, edit and publish your blog entries to the Web.

See also: shareware, html editor, software, xml, dhtml, gif animator, applets, flash, image map, applets, java, javascript, html, ftp, editor, web site, freeware, shareware, flash, editor, html, free, download, software, website design, html editor, journal, blogsite, blogger, blog, ftp, html

Buy CoffeeCup Flash Blogger 4.5 (only $29.00)Download CoffeeCup Flash Blogger 4.5 (Size: 5103 KB)

Wing FTP Server For Solaris(x64) 3.6.6

Wing FTP server is a multi-protocol file server(FTP, HTTP, FTPS, HTTPS, SFTP) for Windows, Linux, Mac, freeBSD and Solaris. It includes a new set of innovative tools (web based remote control, web based client, administrator console, task scheduler). It provides event manager for the software to respond to different events, scripts support let users extend the server by Lua language.

See also: ftp server, ftp server software, windows ftp server

Buy Wing FTP Server For Solaris(x64) 3.6.6 (only $139.00)Download Wing FTP Server For Solaris(x64) 3.6.6 (Size: 9914 KB)

Windows NTFS Recovery Programming

Windows NTFS Recovery Programming providing by and easily to install on your pc. NTFS Recovery utility is an advance technology and recover video and picture in laptop. NTFS recover application is useful for student purpose it recover the formatting of significant data from windows NTFS partition hard disk.

See also: NTFS, recovery, program, recapture, document, data, picture, file, video, image, folder, receive, hard, disk, duplicate, formatting, removable, system, laptop, storage, device, software, application, processor, partition

Buy Windows NTFS Recovery Programming (only $69.00)Download Windows NTFS Recovery Programming (Size: 3993 KB)

Purchase Order for Multi Company

Easy to operate Purchase Order for Multi Company produces and control sales, purchase records of multiple tiny to big size companies in actual time. Powerful and reliable PO management application is very useful for business managers that assist them to search the specific record of customers from company database records just in smaller amount of time and effectively maintain product details and overall purchases through purchase order.

See also: Purchase, order, management, software, maintains, invoice, sales, business, transaction, record, generate, create, report, payment, items, sold, return, stock, estimate, finance, credit, debit, vendor customers, company, organization, industry

Buy Purchase Order for Multi Company (only $299.00)Download Purchase Order for Multi Company (Size: 7772 KB)

Digital Camera Image Rescue Utility

Digital camera picture recovery software rescues images, snaps, pictures, still images, photographs, snapshots, audio video file from digital flash cameras lost due to accidental deletion, virus infection, hardware or software malfunction etc. Formatted digital camera image retrieval software is the best data backup and rescue utility works with all brands of digital flash cameras like Fuji film, LG Electronics, Hitachi, Panasonic, IBM, Canon, Philips

See also: Digital, camera, data, recovery, software, retrieve, images, pictures, rescue, tool, undelete, unerase, photograph, utility, recover, corrupted, photos, restore, formatted, lost, files, repair, damaged, deleted, multimedia, missing, windows, download

Buy Digital Camera Image Rescue Utility (only $69.00)Download Digital Camera Image Rescue Utility (Size: 1617 KB)

Recover File Mac Software

Visit website and use Recover File Mac Software to repair erased snapshots of different extension in similar manner without change their previous structure, location on computer system, appearance, brightness, height, width, screen resolution or any other quality.

See also: Download, Apple, MAC, recover, files, software, install, retrieve, regain, lost, missing, USB, HDD, pictures, snapshots, photos, songs, inaccessible, corrupted, formatted, invisible, video, clips, deleted, data, undelete, utility, repair, pics

Buy Recover File Mac Software (only $69.00)Download Recover File Mac Software (Size: 3153 KB)

How to Recover Photos from Memory Card

Want to know How to Recover Photos from Memory Card of major brands? Browse company website to download photo restoration utility that has ability to get back your deleted or formatted memorable pictures within shortest time of span.

See also: Recover, lost, formatted, reformatted, memory, data, files, compact, flash, multimedia, secure, digital, smart, media, card, drives, restore, deleted, missing, folders, storage, sector, disk, user, photographs, pictures, software

Buy How to Recover Photos from Memory Card (only $45.00)Download How to Recover Photos from Memory Card (Size: 4259 KB)

Bulk SMS Software GSM Mobile

Advance tech software from provides solution to keep connected with family by sending SMS without internet connection. Bulk SMS Software GSM Mobile is capable to forward limitless text from system connected with GSM phone.

See also: Bulk, SMS, GSM, mobile, tool, broadcast, deliver, phone, limitless, customer, job, business, laptop, product, download, software, send, national, bulk, alert, international, message, unlimited application, event, compose, text, system, detail

Buy Bulk SMS Software GSM Mobile (only $49.00)Download Bulk SMS Software GSM Mobile (Size: 3932 KB)

LepideAuditor for SQL Server 13.04.01

LepideAuditor for SQL server lets you to capture who, what, when and where information about each change in SQL server for successful auditing. It lets you to collect data from all SQL servers in the network and store it in a centralized database. Comprehensive reporting, real-time alerts, scheduled reports, long-term archiving are the key features of software.

See also: sql server auditor, audit sql server, sql server auditing, sql server audit, ms sql server auditing, track sql sever changes, sql server auditing software

Buy LepideAuditor for SQL Server 13.04.01 (only $499.00)Download LepideAuditor for SQL Server 13.04.01 (Size: 18534 KB)

Online Modem Text Messaging

Download bulk message application from company website to broadcast thousands of SMS with the help of multiple modems connected with desktop. Online Modem Text Messaging utility deliver boundless SMS.

See also: Online, text, modem, software, deliver, SMS, USB, system, application, forward, data, detail, mobile, phone, computer, tool, send, file, compose, broadcast, client, friend, customer, internet, connection, relatives, laptop, business, contact, number

Buy Online Modem Text Messaging (only $49.00)Download Online Modem Text Messaging (Size: 3993 KB)

CD Label Print Software

CD Label Print Software provides amazing features to build high resolution and most effective identity cards and barcode images like tags, stickers, coupons and labels in few mouse clicks. Software facilitates to print large volume of barcode labels and ID cards with innovative dataset series generating options like sequential, constant and random options. Users can save generated identify cards and labels in their system for future reference.

See also: Software, labels, cards, program, application, tool, utility, design, create, generate, print, identification, visitors, security, business, professional, photo, image, text, barcode, logo, custom, personalized, tags, stickers, asset

Buy CD Label Print Software (only $45.00)Download CD Label Print Software (Size: 10649 KB)

Barcode Creator Mac

Barcode software for apple mac machine makes high quality, attractive barcode images, stickers, assets tags in few click of mouse. Easy to use barcode for macintosh machine makes own style barcode labels using various font standards like Code 93, Postnet, DataMatrix, MICR, CodaBar, DataBar etc. Barcode for mac os offers facility to alter created barcode image?s color, size, dimension, height, length etc using innovative barcode setting option.

See also: Barcode, software, mac, generate, attractive, ribbon, linear, font, standard, object, line, rectangle, circle, application, create, printable, high resolution, assets tags, sticker, designing, algorithm, constant value, random, sequential, series

Buy Barcode Creator Mac (only $29.00)Download Barcode Creator Mac (Size: 2037 KB)

Mac USB Repair

Mac USB Repair application for MAC operating system X quickly recuperates accidently deleted or missing crucial office files and your favorite collection similar to memorable marriage anniversary photographs, cute baby video snaps, movies, mp3/mp4 music files and more from external hard disk. Mac USB Repair successfully restores corrupted data from all type data loss cases like accidentally formatting/reformatting USB drive or hardware/software malfunctions.

See also: Apple, Mac, digital, data, retrieval, rescue, lost, erased, missing, corrupted, logically, virus, attack, audio, video, snaps, clip, music, multimedia, document, photographs, image, picture, memory, card, compact, flash, application, tool, software

Buy Mac USB Repair (only $45.00)Download Mac USB Repair (Size: 1812 KB)

ID Card Design Maker represents ID Card Design utility for designing identity proofs according to each profession and location as per details without any tech assistance. Verification card creator software used to generate ID proofs for visitors and employees as well without any difficulty.

See also: card, designer, application, makes, security, doctor, visitor, identification, proofs, colors, size, text, images, companies, identity, generator, program, creates, employee, student, faculty, shape, pictures, verification, software, organization

Buy ID Card Design Maker (only $38.00)Download ID Card Design Maker (Size: 6154 KB)

Variable Barcode Batch Printing V15.7.130.327

SmartVizor is a stand alone,powerful and extremely easy to use variable barcode print application. SmartVizor Suite is a application for creating personalized communications and professional one to one documents. It is one of the least expensive full-featured variable barcode print solutions available today.With SmartVizor Suite, merge any design with any database and print on any printer.

See also: Barcode, Label, Bill, Statement, Batch, VDP, Variable, Data, Printing, Software

Buy Variable Barcode Batch Printing V15.7.130.327 (only $295.00)Download Variable Barcode Batch Printing V15.7.130.327 (Size: 17076 KB)

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