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E-List Distributor for Mac 3.15

Manage your mass mailing through our easy to set up and use, hassle free software. We let you import, export, manipulate and send to as many e-mails as you like, spanning any number of mailing lists. We help you process your subscribe, unsubscribe and bounce back e-mails so you will stay CAN SPAM act compliant. We allow you to customize and personalize each message that leaves our program, so it is intended for that specific recepient. Try it free. E-List Distributor for Mac is the most popular distribute messages quickly download.

See also: mass mail, distribute messages quickly, scheduled sending, track bouncebacks

Buy E-List Distributor for Mac 3.15 (only $97.00)Download E-List Distributor for Mac 3.15 (Size: 7630 KB)

E-List Distributor 6.9

Very easy to set up and use, E-List Distributor is intended for distributing electronic email utilizing mailing lists. It helps you deliver your message to large mailing lists and have full control over who gets it and when. It is an indispensable tool for any business that needs to be in contact with it's clients. You can manipulate your mailing lists and make unlimited number of groups and recepients in each group. E-List Distributor is the second most popular distribute messages quickly download.

See also: mass mail, distribute messages quickly, scheduled sending, track bouncebacks

Buy E-List Distributor 6.9 (only $69.00)Download E-List Distributor 6.9 (Size: 2084 KB)

Birthday Card to Print Out

Capable software amazingly make gorgeous cards by only few mouse clicks. Application offers to make customize greeting card and you can also change the shape, size and style of greeting card according to your way. Utility provides various kinds of templates by which you can produce good looking cards in different style. Remarkable software has various competent features and you can easily download this utility from Birthday Card to Print Out is the third most popular distribute messages quickly download.

See also: Cards, Greeting, Birthday, utility, program, application, tool, designing, quickly, bulk, multiple, software, warm, wishes, messages, text, color, label, image, objects, printers, Printable, dataset, series, options, personalized, color, customize

Buy Birthday Card to Print Out (only $29.00)Download Birthday Card to Print Out (Size: 13004 KB)

CleverCell Phone Manager 1.2

CleverCell Phone Manager is an easy-to-use logging, multimedia and synchronization software designed for cell phones. Program can automatically log and synchronize data of your GSM phone with PC. It also has Multimedia Center for viewing pictures, playing melodies and loading java games. Send SMS messages from PC - it is much faster and easier! Also, you can browse the content of your mobile disk like you do it in Windows Explorer.

See also: cell phone manager, calls, messages, phonebook, logging, logs, synchronization, mobile, browser, sms sending, backup, multimedia center, PIM, infrared, bluetooth, GSM, play melodies, view pictures

Buy CleverCell Phone Manager 1.2 (only $24.95)Download CleverCell Phone Manager 1.2 (Size: 1228 KB)

Vigorous Enterprise Messenger 5.0

Vigorous Enterprise Messenger is developed especially for enterprise to create private and secure messaging network, running on LAN as well as Internet. It provides features similar to Yahoo, AOL and MSN Messenger programs - including send and receive Message, File or Screen Shot; start Voice or Video Chat ; start multi-user Chat Sessions and more.

See also: enterprise instant messenger, eim, enterprise instant messaging, corporate instant messenger, instant messages, instant messaging, instant messenger, instant message, free instant messenger

Buy Vigorous Enterprise Messenger 5.0 (only $19.95)Download Vigorous Enterprise Messenger 5.0 (Size: 4465 KB)

Subliminal affirmations 2.2

Application for subliminal affirmations processing. Includes a large number of subliminal messages for different purposes, includes many categories: self-esteem, weight loss, motivation, skin improvement, etc. Operates with extra-short time intervals (10-100 milliseconds). Working principle is described on its homepage: , and on special forum related to subliminal messages

See also: subliminal software, subliminal messaging software, subliminal messaging program, subliminal messages, subliminal messaging, subliminal, self help, self hypnosis software

Buy Subliminal affirmations 2.2 (only $29.95)Download Subliminal affirmations 2.2 (Size: 500 KB)

1st Mac Mailer 1.2

1st Mac Mailer is a mass-mailing software used by e-commerce providers to deliver personalized email messages to customers. The main features are: high speed; unlimited number of customers and customer data fields; support of plain-text, rich text and HTML message formats; message templates and macro definitions for message personalization; Import and Export features for customer database sharing with spreadsheet or database management systems

See also: mailer, mac, software, program, messages, message, import, email

Buy 1st Mac Mailer 1.2 (only $69.00)Download 1st Mac Mailer 1.2 (Size: 1762 KB)

Pocket PC Bulk Messaging Tool

Pocket PC text messaging utility sends sms in bulk without requiring any external hardware (Laptop or Desktop PC), uses only Pocket PC or other Smart mobile phone device. Group text messaging tool helps you to stay touch via text sms with office colleagues, organizations, family relatives, businesses members, social clubs and friends. Bulk SMS marketing software provides dynamic solution for sending text messages to cell phones in single click.

See also: Download, pocket PC, text, messaging, software, compose, sends, unlimited, group, sms, GSM, CDMA, mobile, phone, Hitachi, Palm, Hagenuk, PiTech, PDA, Smart, device, bulk, message, utility, create, personal, alert, event, greeting, business, messages

Buy Pocket PC Bulk Messaging Tool (only $45.00)Download Pocket PC Bulk Messaging Tool (Size: 71 KB)

SMS Bulk Messaging

Outstanding SMS Bulk Messaging software is organized to generate and delivers bulk text SMS using GSM mobile phones connected with Computer or laptop without establishing any internet connection in smaller amount of time with your name only efforts. Highly interactive Computer to mobile SMS tool consist of specialize delay delivery facility that allow users to control the traffic of group message broadcasting in most affordable and convenient manner.

See also: Software, tool, generate, produce, create, compose, group, bulk, massive, messages, sends, transmit, forward, broadcast, delivers, events, notification, SMS, users, contacts, phone, numbers, use, GSM, mobile, phone, device, internet, connectivity

Buy SMS Bulk Messaging (only $45.00)Download SMS Bulk Messaging (Size: 3706 KB)

Website Chat

Professionally developed Website Chat tool provides you capability to stop unauthorized access or third person interference when you are exchanging significant files and documents via internet by providing secure hypertext transfer protocol which establishes a secure and reliable channel over an unprotected network until successful delivery of data. Website Chat software analyze overall details of visitors in most effective and convenient way.

See also: Live, website, chat, tool, utility, records, analyze, online, conversation, instant, messages, software, application, allow, company, owners, customer, visitors, executive, technical, support, representative, interact, query, communicate, globally

Buy Website Chat (only $79.00)Download Website Chat (Size: 5683 KB)

Online Bulk SMS

Download Online Bulk SMS from website to compose and transmit personal messages via GSM based mobile phone. Send bulk SMS software provides simple GUI wizard for forwarding alerts about traffic delays, accident information and many more to different cell phone users from Computer without any need of SMS gateway.

See also: Send, bulk, SMS, software, transmit, creates, text, application, deliver, free, messages, compose, program, events, alerts, tool, forward, notification, national, international, mobile, phone, computer, utility, broadcast, promotional, campaign

Buy Online Bulk SMS (only $49.00)Download Online Bulk SMS (Size: 6246 KB)

Free Modem Bulk SMS

Company organises Free Modem Bulk SMS application which provides reliable solution to communicate with your friends and family members via sending bulk text messages without seeking any external guidance or help.

See also: Send, bulk, text, jobs, software, free, download, transmit, unlimited, messages, create, application, modem, USB, internet, SMS, alerts, computer, mobile, desktop, program, gateway, guidance, communication, tool, chat, broadcast, multiple, utility

Buy Free Modem Bulk SMS (only $49.00)Download Free Modem Bulk SMS (Size: 3993 KB)

Yahoo Chat Archive Decoder

Yahoo messenger archive decryption software decodes all encoded archive messages, chat conversation, private messages like instant messages, conferences and mobile SMS messages, without knowing login password. Yahoo archive .DAT log file decoder utility is helpful for users who have lost their yahoo id or password and wants to view chat history files. Yahoo messenger archive viewer tool supports multi language chat archive recovery.

See also: Yahoo, messenger, chat, recovery, software, display, archive, messages, decoder, utility, read, view, conversation, decrypt, decode, instant, SMS, viewer, tool, import, .dat, files, decryption, program, support, windows, logging, internet

Buy Yahoo Chat Archive Decoder (only $38.00)Download Yahoo Chat Archive Decoder (Size: 671 KB)

Bulk SMS Gateway Tool

Bulk SMS Gateway Tool providing by is useful to sends message in any other companies without any internet connection on your computer system connected with mobile number. Bulk SMS Technology based mobile phone is used by sends of unicode characters message on user mobile number.

See also: Number, receives, Duplicate, draft, technology, sms, delivers, software, broadcast, internet, global, notifications, Bulk, users, unlimited, inbox, worldwide, connected, network, gsm, phone, mobile, cell, send, messages, text

Buy Bulk SMS Gateway Tool (only $45.00)Download Bulk SMS Gateway Tool (Size: 3747 KB)


With the aid of flexile SMS GSM Modem utility you can easily deliver numerous messages to a list of huge contacts or selective phone number just in few countable steps in most affordable way without having any internet connection. Professionally developed bulk text message sending tool helps user to connect desirable number of USB modems with your personal computer for transmitting group SMS universally within short span of time.

See also: GSM, modem, software, application, program, sends, transmit, massive, text, alerts, bulk, messages, broadcast, event, notification, large, network, user, group, phone, number, individual, increase, traffic, popularity, audience, business, product

Buy SMS GSM Modem (only $49.00)Download SMS GSM Modem (Size: 3860 KB)

MING Wireless Monitor 4.0

MING Wireless Monitor is a simple and affordable application for users who want to control, monitor, and archive unlimited Internet traffic on the local wireless LAN, including instant messages (AOL, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, MySpaceIM, FacebookIM, WarcraftIM and QQ), e-mails sent and received, web sites visited, and files downloaded. The manager can view records in the database, search by key word, watch top users, monitor bandwidth and so on.

See also: network, record, monitor, chat, messages, messenger, mail, web, bandwidth, wireless, WLAN, AirPCap

Buy MING Wireless Monitor 4.0 (only $59.95)Download MING Wireless Monitor 4.0 (Size: 3875 KB)

Live Support

Comprehensive live support software is customer oriented software that helps in improving business performance and enhances sales by provides instantaneous answer to all web site visitors product or service related tech questions that increasing more chances to enforce customer to make purchase only from your business website. Online chat software is perfect and perfect web communication utility to address customer?s issues, problems and concerns.

See also: operator, messages, monitoring, serve, communication, live, interaction, online, desk, help, representative, business, agents, service, solution, question, queries, visitor, website, solve, tool, program, chat, software, support, customer, time, Real

Buy Live Support (only $79.00)Download Live Support (Size: 5683 KB)

Christmas Greeting Card Maker

Do you want to make expressive greeting card that captures spirit of season? Christmas Greeting Card Maker software from makes expressive greeting card by inserting images and text to bring spirit of season.

See also: Greeting, card, creator, tool, design, creative, attractive, invitation, photograph, text, messages, shape, occasion, computer, system, Christmas, designer, composer, application, insert, logos, colorful, photograph, print, celebration, picture

Buy Christmas Greeting Card Maker (only $29.00)Download Christmas Greeting Card Maker (Size: 10342 KB)

SIM Card Undelete Software

SIM Card Undelete Software is read only tool that enables user to recovers unintentionally deleted draft messages. Go to URL and find SIM data backup that helps to rescue entire removed data saved in your virus infected mobile SIM card.

See also: SIM, card, undelete, software, inbox, salvage, deleted, contact, number, text, SMS, restore, mobile, missing, misplaced, files, messages, directory, phonebook, dialed, received, unread, fixed, utility, detail, network, retrieve, name, draft

Buy SIM Card Undelete Software (only $69.00)Download SIM Card Undelete Software (Size: 2355 KB)

Bulk Mac Mail for Tiger 4.25

Bulk Mac Mail for Tiger allows you send personalized mass e-mail messages using templates with multiple custom fields from the recipient database inside your messages. It automatically converts such templates to series of personalized messages by replacing macros with the actual data taken from the database. It allows you import your customer lists from files of any type and delivers most of your messages to the destination.

See also: mail, messages, mac, bulk, customer, email, message, delivery, database

Buy Bulk Mac Mail for Tiger 4.25 (only $97.00)Download Bulk Mac Mail for Tiger 4.25 (Size: 2840 KB)

Printable Birthday Cards Creator

Still searching! Visit that represents Birthday Cards Designer software for generating b?day wish cards by using different pictures and images as well. Printable Birthday Cards Creator utility is used to make attractive cards for expressing your feelings and fun to your family, friends and relatives.

See also: Birthday, card, designer, software, creates, wish, invitation, images, pictures, photos, text, color, font, shape, rectangle, oval, round, triangle, edit, personal, messages, b?day, program, print, craft, printer, application

Buy Printable Birthday Cards Creator (only $29.00)Download Printable Birthday Cards Creator (Size: 6225 KB)

Bulk Text Software

Non destructive Computer to mobile phones group text messaging application offers convenient way for users to remain connected with your friends, relatives, company employees, business partners, family members, office colleagues, students, clients, customers and others in few clicks of mouse. Bulk text software facilitates business users to simply advertise their products and increase revenue through promoting sales in cost effective manner.

See also: Bulk, text, software, transmit, massive, job, alerts, personal, messages, Windows, GSM, technology, mobile, program, send, business, news, national, international, mobile, phone, network, internet, utility, communicate, friends, relatives, customers

Buy Bulk Text Software (only $49.00)Download Bulk Text Software (Size: 6359 KB)

Exchange Server Toolbox 4.0.4

Exchange Server Toolbox is a plug-in for the Microsoft Exchange Server 2003/2007/2010. With Exchange Server Toolbox, you can handle all mails arriving via the SMTP of the Exchange server using technologies already well-established in SmartPOP2Exchange. Filter spam reliably with the proven and tested SpamAssassin, use your favorite virus scanner for checking mails and backup each mail. Save your email to keep your email safe.

See also: SpamAssassin, Backup, Mail backup, Anti-virus, SMTP, Exchange, EMail, E-Mail, EMails, E-Mails, Mail, Mails, Server, Spam, Filter, Spamfilter, Messages, Outlook, Windows, 2007, 2003, 2010, virus

Buy Exchange Server Toolbox 4.0.4 (only $99.95)Download Exchange Server Toolbox 4.0.4 (Size: 44908 KB)

Mobile Text Messaging

Mobile Text Messaging Software includes innovative technology that helps to broadcast multiple business news without internet connection. Go on website to download bulk sms utility for delivery group sms from laptop connected with GSM handsets.

See also: Unlimited, text, sms, sending, software, transmit, security, alerts, job, notifications, GSM, cell, phones, data, delivery, application, broadcast, bulk, business, news, interviews, messages, windows, operating, system

Buy Mobile Text Messaging (only $49.00)Download Mobile Text Messaging (Size: 6307 KB)

Group Text SMS BlackBerry

Need easy to use sms broadcasting software at affordable price for business purpose? Visit website to get Group SMS Software BlackBerry which facilitates quick way of communication with employees, business clients, family members and friends via sms.

See also: Blackberry, mobile, phone, sms, software, application, transmit, free, discount, offers, events, notifications, national, international, news, reminders, multiple, text, messages, users, communication, network, computer, system, laptop, worldwide

Buy Group Text SMS BlackBerry (only $45.00)Download Group Text SMS BlackBerry (Size: 4218 KB)

Free Parental Control

Free Parental Control software helps distinct pc users to trace and record performed computer activities. Download Computer monitoring tool from website to trace typed username and password with effective support to Unicode characters.

See also: Capture, keystroke, software, track, internet, offline, online, web, website, activities, trace, email, text, messages, chat, conversation, spyware, surveillance, computer, monitoring, program, spyware, usage, system

Buy Free Parental Control (only $45.00)Download Free Parental Control (Size: 1843 KB)

Mobile Text SMS Software

Do you want to increase your business productivity through sending bulk messages from PC? Then click on worldwide famous website to download Mobile Text SMS Software which provide complete solution to compose as well as send personalize SMS, news, event, group of messages in different Unicode languages.

See also: Download, Windows, Mobile, Text, SMS, Software, compose, create, send, bulk, messages, Unicode, languages, sets, group, notification, event, price, alert, job, national, international, network, GSM, cell, phone, device, contact, list, internet

Buy Mobile Text SMS Software (only $45.00)Download Mobile Text SMS Software (Size: 3840 KB)


Advance GSM modem USB application efficiently send group quantity of national or international text messages from your Laptop/Desktop computer system to multiple cellular phone numbers simultaneously without needs any web connections. Powerful GSM Modem USB application is more useful to send Seasonal greetings, Event alert notification, job alerts, Product launching details, Share market information, Price alerts etc in short span of time.

See also: GSM, USB, modem, cellular, mobile, phone, send, compose, transmit, broadcast, bulk, text, group, text, messages, sms, job, alert, event, notification, personalized, seasonal, greeting, business, product, advertisement, application, software, utility

Buy GSM Modem USB (only $49.00)Download GSM Modem USB (Size: 3860 KB)

How to Recover provides best solution How to recover accidentally erased phonebook contact number? Card recovery software supports PC/SC standard or phoenix standard reader to restore deleted significant information details from corrupted or virus infected SIM card and saved all recovered data at specific location on system for further references.

See also: Sim, card, recovery, software, retrieve, deleted, send, receive, messages, lost, PLMN, IMSI, ICC-ID, contact, phonebook, number, restore, erase, fixed, missed, dialed, call, rescue, unread, inbox, outbox, message, national, international

Buy How to Recover (only $69.00)Download How to Recover (Size: 2447 KB)

Reallusion CrazyTalk PRO 6.21

CrazyTalk 6 features multiple actor animation for generating real-time dialogue sequences, VividEye technology increasing the high realism of virtual eye movement, and auto human face fitting advancement in Reallusion's remarkably simple image transformation process that converts any 2D image into a fully animated digital actor within minutes.

See also: animation, graphic, image, tts, talking pictures, face puppet, talking photo, facial animation, virtual host, animated photo, digital photo, talking instant messages

Buy Reallusion CrazyTalk PRO 6.21 (only $149.95)Download Reallusion CrazyTalk PRO 6.21 (Size: 84087 KB)

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