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QuickRDC is the premier software choice for developers, system administrators, and enthusiasts. By combining all of their Remote Desktop shortcuts into one place, they can easily connect to their favorite servers referencing them by host name, alias, or both. The server health option will also ping servers at a user designated interval, informing the user if a server is not responding. QuickRDC is the most popular fast rdc download.

See also: QuickRDC, Quick RDC, Quick Remote Desktop, Quick Remotedesktop, Fast remote desktop, fast RDC, Remote Desktop shortcut

Buy QuickRDC (only $14.99)Download QuickRDC (Size: 0 KB)

MuvAudio 1.3

MuvAudio© is a .NET© software application for recording/converting the audio of most video/audio items playable by Windows Media Player©. It takes "realtime" and turns into into "unrealtime", recording, that is. It supports the ability to record up to 5X as fast, uses sound-seclusion, and provides the best possible quality recording of any real-time recording program. It can output to WAV, MP3 (CBR and VBR), WMA, OGG, MP4, FLAC and more... MuvAudio is the second most popular fast rdc download.

See also: awesome, unreal, music, settings, lame, cbr, vbr, free, freeware, dvd, movie, avi, mpg, manual, automatic, id3v2, id3v1, id3, tag, playback, sound, record, muvaudio, player, media, windows, muvenum, wpl, wmp, wav, audio recorder, ogg, mp3, wma, fast

Buy MuvAudio 1.3 (only $18.99)Download MuvAudio 1.3 (Size: 2729 KB)

Instant Backup 1.3.1

Instant Backup lets you backup your important data fast and easy from/to a Network, CD-RW, ZIP, JAZ or any other drive. It is designed in a way that gives you full control through customization and reports. The backed up files are stored separately, with the same hierarchy as in the source. You can specify filters for folders and file extensions to include/exclude. Instant Backup is the third most popular fast rdc download.

See also: backup, fast, easy, scheduler, separate, files, include, exclude, filter, report, log, email

Buy Instant Backup 1.3.1 (only $15.00)Download Instant Backup 1.3.1 (Size: 841 KB)

Active Backup Expert Pro 1.92

A full-featured backup tool creates automated zip- or cab-format backups of local and network files on hard disks, CDs and other removable devices, local network or FTP site. Creating a backup-set, select the folders and filters for included and excluded files. Use Incremental or Differential mode to back up only new or changed files. Other features include Blowfish encryption, Self-extracting backups, backup browsing and restoring facilities.

See also: backup, synchronize, copy, protect, automatic, zip, CDR, CD-R, CDRW, CD-RW, file, folder, drive, store, lock, removable, media, exchange, smart, fast, quick, keep

Buy Active Backup Expert Pro 1.92 (only $45.00)Download Active Backup Expert Pro 1.92 (Size: 2582 KB)

Quick Templates for Outlook 1.2

Quick Templates is designed for fast insertion of text templates into Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP/2003 mail messages. It will help you with entering frequently repeated text fragments, save the time you spend on message writing, and you will have no more misprints in your messages. You can create a template list and insert the text from template into a message by a single mouse click or through a hotkey you can set for each template individually.

See also: outlook templates, outlook software, plugin, addon, addin, outlook, msoutlook, insert templates, fast insert

Buy Quick Templates for Outlook 1.2 (only $24.00)Download Quick Templates for Outlook 1.2 (Size: 1679 KB)

Complete Mail Server 1.52

Complete Mail Server is high-performance professional SMTP/POP3 server software engineered for corporations and ISPs to satisfy business needs in ultra fast, flexible and reliable mail server. It works along with any email program or mailer and offers a lot of security features and options to allow you to protect the server from the outside and restrict the SPAM activity.

See also: smtp, pop3, complete, mail, server, gateway, email, message, queue, mail, servers, isp, internet, fast, service, sending, securely, secure, reliable, providers, outlook, mailer, isps, program

Buy Complete Mail Server 1.52 (only $95.00)Download Complete Mail Server 1.52 (Size: 1755 KB)

1st Mail Sender 2.62

1st Mail Sender is a powerful program used for sending notification messages or requested newsletters to your subscribers by email. Providing some service, you would like to notify your users about significant events, send invoices or price lists as well as organize email-based subscriptions on your web sites. 1st Mail Sender is the best solution for such purpose.

See also: sender, send, messages, mailing lists, subscription based, server, smtp, smart, program, fast, emails, easy, usage, topic, service, purchase, outgoing, online, newsletters, maintain, groups, filtering, download, boxes, address, windows, using, uses, users, speed, solution

Buy 1st Mail Sender 2.62 (only $59.00)Download 1st Mail Sender 2.62 (Size: 1749 KB)

Quick File Rename Personal Edition 5.0

Quick File Rename is a full featured batch file and folder (2-in-1!) renaming utility that is both easy to use and has features such as Undo, Real-time Preview, instant rename by dragging and dropping, DOS 8.3 file convert, file rename using wildcards, file mask, mixed case rename, updating of time stamps, enumeration, MP3 id3 v1 tagging, regular expressions and many more. It also supports international characters, the ONLY renaming app to do so

See also: batch rename, file rename, folder rename, fast folder rename, quick file rename, file renamer, renamer, multiple rename, file utility, file rename, multiple file rename, rename many files, mp3 rename, mp3 utility, batch renamer, folder rename

Buy Quick File Rename Personal Edition 5.0 (only $29.95)Download Quick File Rename Personal Edition 5.0 (Size: 1084 KB)

AK-Player 2.1

Zoom Video, Multi-Screen (Run many object in the same time with high performance) Rate (20 levels to fast and slow video or audio. 6 levels to fast and slow MP3 with clear voice). Auto-continue and auto-play with multimedia search engine. Open hidden files and system files through quick search engine. support Play (Video, Audio, Image). Eject and inject all your CD or DVD in the same time. Learn how to use through James character.

See also: Zoom, Player, Multi-Screen, Fast, Slow, Rate, Search Engine, AutoSearch, Mp3, Movie, Picture

Buy AK-Player 2.1 (only $8.96)Download AK-Player 2.1 (Size: 10331 KB)


SmartWebReader intelligently Navigates the Internet letting you Rapidly Explore search engine results and Entire Websites. SmartWebReader Finds What You Want and Filters Out the Rest. Version 2.1 introduces a simplified GUI making it even easier to get far more Extensive and Accurate Results than Surfing by hand.

See also: active web reader, affordable search engine optimization, best search, computer user, fast internet, googlefor, health search engine, html search engine, internet mind reader, internet reader, internet scanner, internet scanners, internet search engi

Buy SmartWebReader (only $99.95)Download SmartWebReader (Size: 3779 KB)

Ace RGBmachine 1.0

Extremely fast but very accurate color correction tool. Consider that you can process now 10 or 20 digital shots per minute! Besides, the program uses exclusive color correction engine for extra accuracy. Ace RGBmachine does not include usual file-open or file-save dialogs. The organization of processing reminds reloading in automatic weapon: as soon as you have finished with one image, another is available for processing.

See also: ace, rgbmachine, machine, color, correction, digital, photography, fast, quick, rapid, image, editor, editing, processing, enhancement, photo, photos, software, photograph

Buy Ace RGBmachine 1.0 (only $24.20)Download Ace RGBmachine 1.0 (Size: 1141 KB)

BetterStreams 1.0

.Net library consisting of three classes for simplified asynchronous I/O (AsyncStream), using alternate data streams (AlternateStreams), and efficient stream peeking and seeking (BetterBufferedStream). BetterStreams can easily improve the performance of new or existing applications, sometimes dramatically, with as little as a single-line change to the code. Free for limited academic use.

See also: stream, streams, asynchronous, alternate, data, ads, buffer, buffered, I/O, file, files, disk, input, output, efficient, efficiency, performance, async, asyncstream, betterstreams, better, alternatestreams, betterbufferedstream, multithreaded, background, fast, filestream

Buy BetterStreams 1.0 (only $59.00)Download BetterStreams 1.0 (Size: 604 KB)

SyncCopy 1.1

SyncCopy® is the powerful sync tool designed for Windows 9x/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003 you have been looking for. It makes a same copy of your data files to another directory, disk or computer across the network.

See also: Fast, Easy Use, Bi-Directional Folder Sync, Transfer Files Easy, Secure and Private

Buy SyncCopy 1.1 (only $19.95)Download SyncCopy 1.1 (Size: 6198 KB)

Search GT 1.0

Search GT is a replacement for Windows "File Search" - based on a new, extremely fast and light search engine. Completely integrated into the Windows Explorer, Search GT looks like the standard search tool, but is up to 100 times faster. Unlike most of the desktop search programs Search GT does NOT use background indexing - so it has NO footprint on the system performance.

See also: file search, fast, find, no indexing, explorer integration

Buy Search GT 1.0 (only $14.95)Download Search GT 1.0 (Size: 345 KB)

Frontype 2.1.0

Instead of lessons do your usual work and type still faster and faster! Frontype is a virtual onscreen keyboard. It also can be used for emulation of any national keyboard layout because it reflects all your operations with physical keyboard and all the keys shown in their proper places in chosen language. Frontype looks like a grey transparent film over the screen. It's easy to adjust and customize: size, transparency, color, key sets etc.

See also: keyboard, virtual, onscreen, typing, touch, fast, tutor

Buy Frontype 2.1.0 (only $24.00)Download Frontype 2.1.0 (Size: 2457 KB)

Taggtool 2.1.8

Tagg is a file tool which helps you organise your files through the use of tags. Use it to catalog your personal files as well as your media assets such as clip art,sound files or video clips.

See also: tag file, file tags, file manager, clutter, your files, organise files, organize files, find files fast, tags, Tag, Tagging, Tagged Files, Catalog, Keyword, Metadata, Keywords, File Search, Desktop Search, Personal Files, Digital Media Assets, Keyword Association, Catalog CDROM, Catalog DVD, Digital Asset Management, Windows XP tool, Windows Vista tool, tag editor, id tags, key tags, label tags

Buy Taggtool 2.1.8 (only $29.99)Download Taggtool 2.1.8 (Size: 9292 KB)

iStarSoft Audio Converter 1.7.5

iStarSoft Audio Converter is an all-in-one audio converter and designed for converting any AUDIO&VIDEO files to most popular audio formats MP3/WMA/AAC/WAV/AC3/MP2/M4A/OGG and AMR with extremely high speed and quality. Then you can enjoy them anywhere/anytime. Easy-to-use and using a clear and intuitive interface are our strongpoint. And you can convert files individually or in batches .

See also: audio converter, audio to mp3 converter, video to audio converter, audio video converter, mp3 audio converter, real audio converter, fast audio converter, mp3 converter, wav converter, wma converter, amr converter, media converter, m4a converter, acc converter

Buy iStarSoft Audio Converter 1.7.5 (only $23.95)Download iStarSoft Audio Converter 1.7.5 (Size: 6120 KB)

vBulletin Traffic Storm 1.0.0

vBulletin Traffic Storm is a utility used to make backlinks and to generate lots of unique and actual traffic from vBulletin boards and forums to your website using different types of posters such as Comments Poster or Topics Creator and PMs Sender.

See also: vbulletin, traffic, forum, board, storm, poster, topics, comments, pms, auto, generate, manage, post, message, send, create, vbts, profile, content, backlink, marketing, online, business, easy, fast

Buy vBulletin Traffic Storm 1.0.0 (only $119.90)Download vBulletin Traffic Storm 1.0.0 (Size: 2757 KB)

PlunkIt Mac 1.0

PlunkIt! is the premier cross-platform, private and secure file transfer tool for your office. Instantly send files on your local network. Plunkit! uses peer-to-peer technology and unlike public file transfer systems, does not rely on Internet servers. Plunkit! increases security and productivity as there is no risk of sending or receiving files from outside your office. Seamlessly connects Mac and Windows computers on your LAN or WAN!

See also: fille-transfer, cross-platform, peer-to-peer, private, LAN, fast, in-house, file transfer, cross platform, simple, easy, quick, secure

Buy PlunkIt Mac 1.0 (only $13.00)Download PlunkIt Mac 1.0 (Size: 7167 KB)


Free your audio from its limitations. Convert audio files other programs can't into MP3, WMA, OGG, MP4, FLAC, WAV and many other formats. And since it converts your audio files super fast, you can spend less time waiting and more time listening. Because it's your audio and you should be able to listen to it wherever you move.

See also: wma, mp3, ogg, audio recorder, wav, wmp, wpl, muvenum, windows, media, player, muvaudio, record, sound, playback, tag, id3, id3v1, id3v2, automatic, manual, mpg, avi, movie, dvd, vbr, cbr, lame, settings, music, awesome, fast, muvixer, flac

Buy MuvAudio (only $18.99)Download MuvAudio (Size: 6195 KB)

Manage Folder Now 1.6

Manage Folder Now lets you to hide folder or fast jump your folders.You can keep your personal data away from others. Others will not know where your personal files exist.Launch of it is password protected. Manage Folder Now helps you quickly jump to your frequently used folders in the Windows Explorer, in standard Open/Save as/Browse dialogs,the desktop and the Start Button.It can runs automatically as part of your context menu in them.

See also: hide folder, lock folder, folder guard, jump folder, folder navigator, access folder, favorite folder, browse folder, hide folders, change folder, explore folder, open folder, folder shortcut, shell tool, shell enhance, fast access

Buy Manage Folder Now 1.6 (only $19.95)Download Manage Folder Now 1.6 (Size: 866 KB)

Fav-It 1.00

Fav-It is a task-bar application that lets you to quickly launch your favorite web sites with just two single clicks. It detects your existing web favorites and you can also add new sites that will be automatically visible to your web browser. It optionally removes from your favorites list any obsolete web sites that have no connection anymore.

See also: tools, favorites, launcher, automatic, taskbar, software, demos, windows, applications, quick, fast, shortcut

Buy Fav-It 1.00 (only $13.00)Download Fav-It 1.00 (Size: 5066 KB)

Barcodes Generator Healthcare Industry

Specially designed medical industry barcode generator software facilitates to print general barcode labels and stickers using advance print setting option. Reliable and simple healthcare industry barcode label designer software facilitates to generate barcode labels using advance image designing tool. Efficient health organization barcode sticker maker software produces barcode labels and stickers in few simple steps.

See also: Healthcare, clinical, sample, fast, accurate, automation, free, error, barcode, linear, font, graphical, object, industry, line, text, GUI, interface, colorful, scanable, size, shape, rounded, rectangular, circle, ellipse, generator, software

Buy Barcodes Generator Healthcare Industry (only $42.00)Download Barcodes Generator Healthcare Industry (Size: 4997 KB)

PC RAM software

PC RAM software is a clever memory management software that with one click, or automatically Free, Optimize and Defrag your system's memory. Computer RAM software is easiest and quickest way to RAM management.

See also: memory, control, system, ram, optimization, faster, fast, desktop

Buy PC RAM software (only $19.99)Download PC RAM software (Size: 1793 KB)

Agnitum Outpost Antivirus Pro (64-bit) 8.0

Fast all-in-one anti-malware plus web control. Improved System and Application Guard keeps OS and applications protected, and the software activity tracker allows you review system modifications in actual time. Enhanced proactive protection module blocks zero-day threats, ID Block prevents confidential information like logons and passwords from leaving your Computer over IM, e-mail or the web.

See also: inexpensive program, Outpost, Proactive Protection, antivirus, antispyware, HIPS, transaction security, web safety, blocked sites, blacklist, anti-rootkit, anti-Trojan, Windows 8, 64-bit, Internet security, fast antivirus, unknown threats, virus scan

Buy Agnitum Outpost Antivirus Pro (64-bit) 8.0 (only $29.95)Download Agnitum Outpost Antivirus Pro (64-bit) 8.0 (Size: 124499 KB)

Modern PDF Converter 1.02

Create high-quality and searchable PDF documents from any Windows application. Convert any PDF file back to popular image formats, Microsoft Word documents, and web pages.

See also: convert, pdf, converter, conversion, prepress, press, printing, modern, truetype, opentype, type1, high, quality, searchable, vector, word, image, web, page, export, rendering, intent, cmyk, fast, web, view, attachment, page, number, split, merge, encrypt, decrypt, sRGB, RGB, color

Buy Modern PDF Converter 1.02 (only $99.00)Download Modern PDF Converter 1.02 (Size: 2996 KB)

Data Transfer Software 2.0.0

This file transfer utility is very adept at transferring data from one computer to other, within a network or otherwise. USP of this utility is it provides the option of preserving date and time stamp or customizing it. Advanced features of the software enable swift data transfer. This utility not only facilitates data migration within network but also through different drives preserving date and time stamp.

See also: Data transfer software, Data Transfer pc, file copy, fast file copy, files copying, Data copy software, Date and time stamp, copy folder, file copy software

Buy Data Transfer Software 2.0.0 (only $29.00)Download Data Transfer Software 2.0.0 (Size: 1072 KB)

Auslogics BoostSpeed 5.5.1

If your computer or Internet feels slower than usual, Auslogics might have a remedy - its award winning Auslogics Boost Speed. Run the software on a weekly basis to clean up disks and the registry, fix errors, and tune up the one-size-fits-all Windows settings to your particular computer configuration. Not only will this improve Internet speed, it will reduce computer startup and shutdown time, and tweak Windows to its top performance.

See also: boost speed, boost modem, fast internet, optimize dsl, speedy internet, pc boost, slow internet, slow computer, speed up pc

Buy Auslogics BoostSpeed 5.5.1 (only $49.95)Download Auslogics BoostSpeed 5.5.1 (Size: 12318 KB) Database 1.00

This software is your perfect utility to organise any kind of data just as quick and easy as possible! Add some columns and name them as a base for your data, of course you can always add and remove columns later. Then enter as much data as you wish, your Computer hardware is the only limit for the amount of data sets. Sort your data just by clicking a column headline, copy a data set to Windows clipboard or print out your whole list locally or via network.

See also: database, data, base, organize, check, save, print, collect, collections, csv, file, files, business, software, private, organizer, organization, date, sort, print, import, export, column, columns, set, sets, fast, quick, easy, use, mobile, windows, Vista, for

Buy Database 1.00 (only $9.99)Download Database 1.00 (Size: 451 KB) File Renamer 5.00

Add as many files as you want to a file list, change the file positions if required and define how filenames should look like. You can decide by your own if the new filenames include today's date and time, file creation date and time, numbers, the original file name, customized text or what ever you think. A preview feature lets you to see the final filenames as they will be after renaming, and if you are satisfied, just start the process!

See also: rename, name, renaming, file, files, folder, folders, batch, mode, image, picture, video, videos, mp3, music, document, documents, holiday, automatic, automatically, easy, fast, images, directory, directories, path, paths, renamer, filename, change, modify, modifying, changing

Buy File Renamer 5.00 (only $14.99)Download File Renamer 5.00 (Size: 392 KB)

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