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QuickRDC is the premier software choice for developers, system administrators, and enthusiasts. By combining all of their Remote Desktop shortcuts into one place, they can easily connect to their favorite servers referencing them by host name, alias, or both. The server health option will also ping servers at a user designated interval, informing the user if a server is not responding. QuickRDC is the most popular fast rdc download.

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NitroBOOT 3.00

Manage your Windows startup and make your computer faster. NitroBOOT is simple and intuitive, yet surprisingly powerful. You can disable programs from starting with Windows, delay their start, or confirm their start. NitroBOOT has been known to make the Windows boot up process 3 times faster by reducing the load on the computer at that point. NitroBOOT automatically detects such programs and even warns you when new programs have been installed. NitroBOOT is the second most popular fast rdc download.

See also: NitroBOOT, Windows, Startup, start, fast, slow, speed, delay, disable, program, the, confirm, ask, question, boot, load, auto, autoload, autoboot, advanced, simple, easy, use

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Max Secure Registry Cleaner 2.0

The Windows registry is a central hierarchical database in Windows used to store information necessary to configure the system for one or more users, applications, and hardware devices. The registry contains information that is constantly referenced during operation, such as profiles for each user, the applications installed on the computer; and the types of documents each can create, property sheet settings for folders and application icons, wha Max Secure Registry Cleaner is the third most popular fast rdc download.

See also: Scans registry, optimize registry, linearize registry, fast pc, preformance boost, defrag registry, back up registry

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AusLogics BoostSpeed

AusLogics BoostSpeed - the ideal solution to keep your PC running faster, cleaner and error-free. This powerful optimization suite will boost Internet connections, tweak Windows to its peak performance, clean registry, block banners and more. It's a great way to keep your computer clean and optimized. Turbo-charge your PC in minutes!

See also: slow internet, pc boost, speedy internet, optimize dsl, fast internet, boost modem, boost speed, slow computer, speed up pc

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EZ CD Capture 1.1

EZ CD Capture is an extremely easy to use cd ripper and encoder to MP3 for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003. It copies the audio digitally-not through the soundcard-which enables you to make perfect copies of the originals. Only two steps can add MP3 files to the PC. Very Easy ! It copies the audio digitally not through the soundcard, Professional mp3 encoder to help you create hi-fi music , Easy to understand and intuitional interface

See also: ez cd ripper, cd ripper, cd capture, ez cd capture, cd to mp3, cd2mp3, cd encoder, cd encoder to mp3, fast cd ripper, fast cd capture

Buy EZ CD Capture 1.1 (only $19.95)Download EZ CD Capture 1.1 (Size: 1262 KB)

1Click Backup 1.0.1

With 1Click backup, you can take backup of your confidential and important files, folders, emails, Windows Address Book, Internet Explorer Settings and many more in just ONE CLICK!! What's more!! You get 100MB of free space on 1Click Backup remote server to store your important backups. Also, you can save backup on common external storage devices. Visit at: for any kind of free assistance.

See also: Backup utility, Backup software, backup tool, Backup application, Easy restore, Easy backup, Fast backup, One click backup, Quick backup, Remote backup, simple backup, backup, download, Schedule backup, ftp, floppy, online, secure backup

Buy 1Click Backup 1.0.1 (only $24.95)Download 1Click Backup 1.0.1 (Size: 3246 KB)

HSLAB Force Down 2.5.24

The program is intended for fast and guaranteed execution of Windows Shutdown if there is a plenty of open applications. Allows to fulfil: - Accelerated command Shutdown; - Normal command Shutdown; - Accelerated command Shutdown and Restart; - Normal command Shutdown and Restart; - Command og Off; - Start shutdown from command line; - Hook and execute a Windows shutdown; - Eject emovable media (if inserted); - Use "Hot Keys".

See also: line, command, cmd, restart, useful, admin, windows, shutdown, smart, fast

Buy HSLAB Force Down 2.5.24 (only $24.95)Download HSLAB Force Down 2.5.24 (Size: 1666 KB)

Autorenamer&FileListSaver 1.2.0

Rename Resize Compress and Organize your photos . Create File List of your favorites Mp3?s or other files. Free Download Software"

See also: Rename, jpg, File, List, free, Download, Resize, Image, Pic, Picture, Organize, digital, Mp3, Autorename, Autoresize, Rename, and, Resize, Automatic, Your, Files, Fast, and, Ease

Buy Autorenamer&FileListSaver 1.2.0 (only $18.00)Download Autorenamer&FileListSaver 1.2.0 (Size: 737 KB)

aquapack battle boattle 2.5

It's extremely fast and highly dynamic game. Rules are simple. Visual effects are great. The genre is unique. It is the naval shooter. Steering a ship you are to pass through all the missions. Supports two players on one computer. Many types of units and missions to complete. Just try and you will like it.

See also: download, action, games, game, shareware, fun, fast, water, Battle Boattle, nordosteam, war, boats, torpedo, shoot, ship, cruiser, beatyfull games, arcade, new, waves, naval battles

Buy aquapack battle boattle 2.5 (only $17.75)Download aquapack battle boattle 2.5 (Size: 1341 KB)

Cleanse Uninstaller v1.4

Cleanse is a program uninstaller that will find and remove even the most stubborn of programs. Uninstall faster, easier and more completely than other programs do. Firstly Cleanse will try to use the original uninstaller that came with the software then Cleanse will do its own search of the system registry and local drives to find any left over files or registry entries that are often left behind to clog and slow your computer and remove them.

See also: uninstaller, uninstall, add/remove, add, remove, clean, fast, easy

Buy Cleanse Uninstaller v1.4 (only $9.95)Download Cleanse Uninstaller v1.4 (Size: 670 KB)

Disk Write Copy Server Edition

Disk Write Copy Server allows you to use your server or workstation without limitations and launch any programs, even those of unknown origin. Don't worry about the data on your hard drive, at the next startup everything will be restored thanks to Disk Write Copy Server. Disk Write Copy Server provides four hard disk protection modes and supports 64-bit operating systems.

See also: backup, shadow, system software, disk protection, incremental mode, server data protection, system restore, drive image, antivirus alternative, disk keeper, disks, disks and files, backup copy, incremental mode, FAST PROTECTION MODE, computer operability, 64-bit OS, 64-bit

Buy Disk Write Copy Server Edition (only $199.95)Download Disk Write Copy Server Edition (Size: 3292 KB)

007 Email Verify Express 5.0

Bulk Email Validator | Very Fast Professional Email Address Verify Software. 1) Fast verify speed. Can verify about 100000 email per hours. 2) Only verify email is valid or not and nothing is send to the email recipitent. 3) Remove invalid , not existed and duplicate email address. Improve performance of Mailing list. 4) Provide different mailing lists compare, combine and remove tool. 5) Very Simple to use.

See also: email, email address, email software, email verify, email validator, verify email, email verifier, email validation, e-mail verify, verify e-mail, validator, bulk email, email marketing, mailing list, email list, fast, duplicate, remove, opt, mail, bulk, software, free, search, smtp, server, send, 007 email verify express,

Buy 007 Email Verify Express 5.0 (only $40.00)Download 007 Email Verify Express 5.0 (Size: 534 KB)

Multimedia Interactive Calculator Palm 1 1.1

MIC forces premeditation when carrying out calculations by asking for which operators to display, mobiles do the same by having only one operator key or menu from which the operator is chosen. MIC offers different levels of precision; remainders which are commonly used with basic skills students; two decimal places for use in monetary situations and six decimal places for metric work, which is sufficient to shift through two major metric units.

See also: Interactive, software, operator, MultiMedia, between, fast, calculator, version PalmOS

Buy Multimedia Interactive Calculator Palm 1 1.1 (only $15.00)Download Multimedia Interactive Calculator Palm 1 1.1 (Size: 197 KB)

Ezy-FTP 2.43

ezy-Ftp is a Full-Featured FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Client Software. ezy-Ftp can be used to connect to an FTP server and transfer files from or to the server. ezy-Ftp is a fast FTP client with Multi-threaded transfer engine providing up to 10x faster downloads.

See also: ftp, file, transfer, software, server, secure, upload, download, easy, fast

Buy Ezy-FTP 2.43 (only $9.95)Download Ezy-FTP 2.43 (Size: 3060 KB)

Power Off Key 1.0

The Power Off Key tool can save your time every day by minimizing time to power off your computer. You need only one key press to shutdown. Fast and clear tool without any menus, mysterious icons at tray and additional settings. Just press ScrollLock key to power off. This tool can save several seconds of your life every day and up to half an hour a year.

See also: shutdown, power, off, key, save, lifetime, desktop, fast, simple, one, ScrollLock, business, learn, conviniant, switch, turn, switch off, turn off, vista, power off key

Buy Power Off Key 1.0 (only $11.99)Download Power Off Key 1.0 (Size: 343 KB)

LightningChart Basic 1.1.1

LightningChart Basic is a quick chart control. It provides very good real-time monitoring power while keeping the CPU load extremely low. This is a budget version of LightningChart Pro - the quickest chart for .NET and Windows.

See also: .NET, chart, fastest, sample, sampling, cartesian, acquisition, monitoring, real, time, graph, power, scroll, sweep, quick, visualization, plot, oscilloscope, ultimate, fast, Windows, Visual Studio, signal, trace, series, analysis, control

Buy LightningChart Basic 1.1.1 (only $400.00)Download LightningChart Basic 1.1.1 (Size: 19531 KB)

AtomicRobotshareware Find-It-Quick 4.0

AtomicRobot Find-It-Quick 4.0 is quick compact software that saves and displays any information you want to store and remember. There is nothing to install! Simply run the executable file! The software allows you to make 20 main topics, each with up to 20 secondary topics per main topic. For each item, you can save a URL and a block of text. Each may be easily retrieved and copied to the Windows clipboard. A new search has been added.

See also: data, find, quick, atomicrobot, 4.0, fast, information, manager

Buy AtomicRobotshareware Find-It-Quick 4.0 (only $15.00)Download AtomicRobotshareware Find-It-Quick 4.0 (Size: 398 KB)

Crimson512 QuadCore 3.0

Crimson512 is the ultimate file encryption system. It is fast, easy-to-use and completely secure even from brute-force attacks. Protect your files from prying eyes with confidence. Crimson512 uses single license system that lets any number of installations using the same license key. With its hardware key support, encrypting with extremely complex passwords has never been easier.

See also: privacy, security, file encryption, fast encryption, hardware key, password manager

Buy Crimson512 QuadCore 3.0 (only $10.00)Download Crimson512 QuadCore 3.0 (Size: 351 KB)

Warp Disk 1.0.568.0

Warp Disk makes a slow Computer run and boot quick by using a technique never used before in similar software. Instead of just installing a Windows application, Warp Disk extends the NTFS file system with fragmentation prevention and boot optimization capabilities. Not only is the file system continuously kept defragmented behind the scenes, Warp Disk also does extensive read-ahead caching during boot, dramatically decreasing the boot time of Windows.

See also: slow pc, fast boot, pc speed, windows speed, quick boot, slow boot, fast startup, quick startup, slow startup, defragmenter, disk defrag

Buy Warp Disk 1.0.568.0 (only $14.99)Download Warp Disk 1.0.568.0 (Size: 12858 KB)

Dr.Salman's Window Power Tools 2012.7.15

Dr.Salman's Window Power Tools is a comprehensive Computer care tool that offers a one-click approach to help clean, optimize and secure your computer. By using its powerful arsenal of optimization tools Window Power Tools keeps your Computer clean, quick and secure. It includes System Optimizer, Computer Cleaner, Internet Cleaner, Memory Booster, Security Toolkit and File Encryptor for Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7.

See also: window power tools, power tools, optimize windows, boost internet speed, optimize internet connection, fast modem, fast internet, more ram, fast ram, increase ram, security tools, tweaks for windows, winboost, boost windows, bost internet, defragment ram

Buy Dr.SalmanDownload Dr.Salman

Database Converter provides advance quality Database Converter application to proficiently convert database records MSSQL to MySQL data format easily without any extra tech skills with its simple graphical user interface in cost effective manner and can be easily used by any non tech users. Database Converter software is convenient to convert data and can be easily saves at any location of computer system in proficient manner.

See also: Database, converter, application, solution, MSSQL, MySQL, fast, accurate, conversion, data, developer, DBA, business, analyst, organizations, automatically, records, table, key, attribute, migration, tool, software, utility, program, version, asset

Buy Database Converter (only $29.00)Download Database Converter (Size: 2836 KB)

PlunkIt 1.0

PlunkIt! is the premier cross-platform, private and secure file transfer tool for your office. Instantly send files on your local network. Plunkit! uses peer-to-peer technology and unlike public file transfer systems, does not rely on Internet servers. Plunkit! increases security and productivity as there is no risk of sending or receiving files from outside your office. Seamlessly connects Mac and Windows computers on your LAN or WAN!

See also: fille-transfer, cross-platform, peer-to-peer, private, LAN, fast, in-house, file transfer, cross platform, simple, easy, quick, secure

Buy PlunkIt 1.0 (only $13.00)Download PlunkIt 1.0 (Size: 7167 KB)

DBF to DBF 2.45

The DBF to DBF software allows you to convert your dbf files from one format to another. The software supports dBase III, dBase IV, FoxPro, VFP and dBase Level 7 formats. Besides, you can choose BlockSize in memo fields and change codepage OEM / Ansi.

See also: cdbf, dbf, csv, convert, export, fast, small, win32, linux, unix, cgi, database, php, perl, dbase, xbase

Buy DBF to DBF 2.45 (only $29.95)Download DBF to DBF 2.45 (Size: 1246 KB)

Easy File Search

Easy File search is small tool for search and manager local files in your Computer according file name,file size and file time(created time,modifted time).While it has the function of copy and remove seleted files to target folder..File Search is quick than windows search.Using File search you can search files in compression files!

See also: File, Search, Local, File, Search, Easy, File, Search, Fast, File, Search

Buy Easy File Search (only $19.95)Download Easy File Search (Size: 925 KB)

Multiple Copy and Paste Software 1.0

Multiple copy and Paste Software is an easy clipboard utility software. You can cut/copy multiple text items and paste the text items at anytime. You can also save often used messages and paste the message to any program. Multiple copy and Paste Software is showed in the top of all windows. You only need to click once then the text is pasted into your program. It is very fast. Multiple copy and Paste Software support multiple hotkeys paste.

See also: multiple copy and paste, fast paste, multiple copy, multiple cut, multiple paste, multiple copies, multi copy, multi cut, multi paste, fast copy and paste, copy and paste, fast paste multiple text item, multiple clipboard

Buy Multiple Copy and Paste Software 1.0 (only $49.95)Download Multiple Copy and Paste Software 1.0 (Size: 2410 KB)

File Copy Utility 2.0.0

We would like to present a unique data transfer tool, ?File Copy Utility?. This Data copy software has been primarily developed to assist in quick data transfer from one computer to other. USP of the software is quick and seamless Data export. The software provides options of preserving date and time stamp or customizing it. The software has been equipped with whole lot of innovative features to facilitate Data migration within network and otherwise

See also: File Copy Utility, Data Transfer, file copy, fast file copy, files copying, Data copy software, Date and time stamp, copy folder, file copy software

Buy File Copy Utility 2.0.0 (only $29.00)Download File Copy Utility 2.0.0 (Size: 1072 KB)

DBF to MDB (Access) 2.45

The DBF to MDB (Access) software allows you to convert your dbf files to MDB (Microsoft Access) format. MDB format is the most frequently used format, but sometimes Access is unable to open DBF files or damages them. Besides, Microsoft Access does not understand long Character fields (more than 255 characters). The DBF to MDB (Access) software decides these problems. The software supports dBase III, dBase IV, FoxPro, VFP and dBase Level 7 formats.

See also: cdbf, dbf, csv, convert, export, fast, small, win32, linux, unix, cgi, database, php, perl, dbase, xbase

Buy DBF to MDB (Access) 2.45 (only $29.95)Download DBF to MDB (Access) 2.45 (Size: 1489 KB)

Andromeda RAM Optimizer

Andromeda RAM Optimizer is a clever memory management software that with one click, or automatically Free, Optimize and Defrag your system's memory. Andromeda RAM Optimizer is easiest and quickest way to RAM management.

See also: memory, control, system, ram, optimization, faster, fast, desktop

Buy Andromeda RAM Optimizer (only $19.99)Download Andromeda RAM Optimizer (Size: 1726 KB)

ZeroIn 3.4

Fast CD replacement with Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP long file name support, history,aliases, fixes your spelling, partial name matching. A must have for Windows 95 long filenames. Does NOT require index files. List for multiple matches. Matches / and /, ... etc. Create dir if not found.

See also: replacement, fast, error, check, long filename, win95, directory, chdir

Buy ZeroIn 3.4 (only $19.95)Download ZeroIn 3.4 (Size: 654 KB)

RAM Memory Cleaner and Optimizer

RAM Memory Cleaner and Optimizer is a clever memory management software that with one click, or automatically Free, Optimize and Defrag your system's memory. RAM Memory Cleaner and Optimizer is easiest and quickest way to RAM management.

See also: memory, control, system, ram, optimization, faster, fast, desktop

Buy RAM Memory Cleaner and Optimizer (only $19.99)Download RAM Memory Cleaner and Optimizer (Size: 1791 KB)

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