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SmartSync Pro 2.11

SmartSync Pro is a universal solution to back up and synchronize data to the local drive, external Flash/USB/ZIP drive, CD/DVD, NAS, network volumes or even remote computer. The main built-in features are step-by-step wizard, task scheduler, data compression, activity logging and password protection. As a unique feature, SmartSync Pro allows synchronize files and folders when computers cannot be connected via local network (via email or FTP). SmartSync Pro is the most popular file utility download.

See also: copy, backup, sync, synchronize, synchronization, incremental, restore, mirror, file, replication, utility, recovery

Buy SmartSync Pro 2.11 (only $45.00)Download SmartSync Pro 2.11 (Size: 2486 KB)

WinXfer 1.0

WinXfer is a versatile file transfer utility that allows transferring files between two computers directly connected through the serial port or through a modem. It is very easy to use and very intuitive. WinXfer has three interfaces. A GUI interface for standalone use, a command line interface for batch file use, and an application programming interface that allowa application to direclty access it. WinXfer is the second most popular file utility download.

See also: client, server, RS232, serial port, modem, program, utility, file transfer, backup

Buy WinXfer 1.0 (only $99.95)Download WinXfer 1.0 (Size: 5691 KB)

Backup Wolf 3.13

Backup Wolf Data Defense : The Surgical Backup / Recovery System: Easily create Backup Profiles that target any file or folder on your computer. One click of a button and your files are backed up and safe. Quickly recover from any data loss by selecting the Restore option. Back up across network drives and update old backups in seconds! Its sophisticated software thats designed for anyone that can find the power button on their computer! Backup Wolf is the third most popular file utility download.

See also: backup, recover, file, utility, restore, system, back up, data, recovery

Buy Backup Wolf 3.13 (only $29.95)Download Backup Wolf 3.13 (Size: 5311 KB)

Visual Comparer 1.50

Visual Comparer is a software utility with its main functionality being comparison of source cod? containing text files. Its use is indisputable as software engineers and programmers are always in the need to compare and synchronize various versions of the source code. It allows you to load the comparable files, perform a matching operation and edit the text as with a fully functional text-editing tool.

See also: file, compare, merge, utility, synchronize, comparison, visual, comparer, diff, difference, syntax, highlight

Buy Visual Comparer 1.50 (only $29.00)Download Visual Comparer 1.50 (Size: 1923 KB)

MID Converter 4.2

MID Converter includes several MIDI tools in one. MIDI to Audio (WAV, MP3, OGG, WMA) recording feature lets you easily record MIDI files to the most popular audio formats. MIDI types converting tool lets you to convert various .mid formats from one to another. The program also features the built-in sequencer engine. That allows to playback MIDI directly in the program and record to Audio with the highest quality.

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Buy MID Converter 4.2 (only $29.95)Download MID Converter 4.2 (Size: 1449 KB)

System Shield 2.1c

Fight identity and information theft! Anything you have ever installed, used, or looked at on your PC is still there, EVEN if you delete it or format your drive! Thieves can use simple tools to very easily retrieve credit card numbers and other personal data from your computer. System Shield works by eliminating all insecure and unintended information/evidence that exists on your PC.

See also: delete, file, permanent, secure, privacy, remove, wipe, clean, empty, space, free, utility, internet, windows, download, theft, identity, information

Buy System Shield 2.1c (only $39.95)Download System Shield 2.1c (Size: 656 KB)

LAN Spider

LAN Spider is a full-featured network file searching utility. LANSpider is designed as multitask application that accelerates network operations. With even involved network infrastructure LANSpider can help you locate critical files dramatically fast. LAN Spider allows organizing more detailed scan using a great amount of patterns. Each item can be executed, copied, moved, drag-n-dropped and so on. Result of a search can be exported to 4 formats.

See also: search, network, file, LAN, report, fast, hidden, resource, share, drive, browse, searching, utility, tool, mask, regular, expression, string, attribute, date, size, scan, extension, result, lanspider

Buy LAN Spider (only $29.00)Download LAN Spider (Size: 985 KB)

Digital Image Restore

Digital picture recovery software recovers deleted digital camera pictures video clips. Restoration software support jpg, jpeg, mpeg, tiff files to retrieve lost image. Utility retrieve photo from formatted hard disk, USB pen drive, multimedia memory card and mobile phone. Tool extract snap file from disk even disk is corrupted from virus or drive not detected message is displayed on the screen retrieval utility supports windows operating system

See also: digital, picture, Software, utility, restore, recovery, formatted, photograph, snap, clips, multimedia, rescue, USB, pen drive, memory card, tool, retrieve, corrupted, camera, mobile, images, jpg, jpeg, mpeg, tiff, undelete, lost, file, folder, photo

Buy Digital Image Restore (only $69.00)Download Digital Image Restore (Size: 1384 KB)

System USB Monitor Software

Secure USB drive monitor application tracks USB mass storage media access activities of client computers. System USB device activity surveillance software records local area network clients computer USB ports activities with their computer name, IP address, data-time, used USB information. Windows networks data theft monitor software works in stealth mode and does not show its presence in desktop, control panel and task manager.

See also: Universal, serial, port, USB, reader, device, surveillance, software, record, LAN, activities, utility, change, read, write, access, permission, program, send, log, report, file, administrator, tool, block, pen, drive, data, theft, monitor, card

Buy System USB Monitor Software (only $120.00)Download System USB Monitor Software (Size: 2908 KB)

Files Joiner Splitter Software

File splitter joiner utility easily join and split multiple documents in minutes. Download file combiner splitting utility to split or break big files into tiny chunks. Tool works with advance splitting and merging techniques. User can extract original file from splitted files. Spilt and join all type of files like word, excel, power point, audio, video, songs, documents, mp3, midi, mpg, jpg, bmp, gif, tiff, png, zip, exe, doc, txt, avi.

See also: Files, joiner, splitter, tool, combine, split, file, splitting, software, join, text, doc, word, joining, utility, merge, html, jpeg, bmp, merger, creator, breaker, combining, pages, download, combiner, add, generate, documents, create, page

Buy Files Joiner Splitter Software (only $14.95)Download Files Joiner Splitter Software (Size: 299 KB)

Apple iPod Repair

iPod file retrieval tool recovers lost digital picture, mp3, mp4 songs, bmp, jpg, gif files from all Apple iPod model. iPod data recovery software retrieves formatted files from virus infected iPod music player. Advanced iPod data restoration utility restores files lost due to software hardware malfunction or improper usage. iPod music recovery software salvage inaccessible files and folders even your computer displays an error message.

See also: Apple, iPod, data, recovery, software, restore, deleted, mp3, mp4, music, file, tool, recover, lost, picture, images, photographs, utility, retrieve, erased, audio, video, clip, song, mini, shuffle, nano, rescue, folder, formatted, player, memory

Buy Apple iPod Repair (only $69.00)Download Apple iPod Repair (Size: 1546 KB)

Word to HTML Converter Software

Files converter software software converting MS Word (doc, docx), HTML, Rich Text File (RTF) and Text (txt) file formats. DOC to HTML conversion tool application convert makes make generate fully formatted, linked HTML publications from within MS Word. RTF to HTML Creator software tool lets you to publish Word documents like a press release, tech manual, articles or other specifications on the Web in a very fast, easy and automatic.

See also: files, converter, software, convert, Word to HTML, MS Word, HTML, RTF, DOC, DOCX, Text, txt, creator, conversion, converting, create, change, make, file, maker, utility, program, tool, generate, produce, build, compose, generator, producer, composer

Buy Word to HTML Converter Software (only $24.95)Download Word to HTML Converter Software (Size: 790 KB)

How to Recover Data

Most advanced How to Recover Data software conveniently retrieves lost data from all type of hard disk drives having different capacities and manufacturing brands and doesn?t require any prior tech skill or special training to make use of it. Advanced FAT files restoration tool provides the effective way to regain erased files of different extension like gif, jpg, jpeg, bmp, mpeg, mp3, mp4 and png etc in cost effective and timely way.

See also: Data, recovery, restoration, retrieval, tool, software, utility, rescue, salvage, regain, corrupted, deleted, formatted, lost, erased, missing, misplaced, files, images, data, folders, songs, FAT, file, system, save, recovered, document, laptop

Buy How to Recover Data (only $69.00)Download How to Recover Data (Size: 1525 KB)

Mac Recovery Disc

Most technically powerful lost images Macintosh restoration tool is coming with extraordinary features that facilitate user to recover all deleted memorable pictures, cute baby photo, beautiful wallpaper, marriage video, party clip, mp3/mp4 songs folder at few clicks on mouse. Mac recovery disc lets user to save all restored data into different file format such as tiff, gif, riff, Jpg, Jpeg, mpeg and many others for future purpose.

See also: Download, disc, restore, Mac, regain, permanent, lost, data, virus, formatted, undelete, corrupted, damage, missing, misplaced, file, folder, audio, video, clip, photograph, picture, software, digital, camera, image, utility, scan, disk, OS X

Buy Mac Recovery Disc (only $45.00)Download Mac Recovery Disc (Size: 2990 KB)

Corrupt XD Picture Card Recovery

Memory card data restoration software recovers images, music, pictures and other multimedia files from media card. Memory card data retrieval application restores snaps, songs, text documents from compact flash, secure digital, multimedia, picture card etc. Memory card data recovery tool rescue data from picture card lost due to virus attack or hardware failure. Memory card data rescue software supports file formats like jpg, gif, mp3, wav.

See also: Memory, card, data, recovery, software, restore, utility, retrieval, mpeg, mp3, picture, images, music, song, audio, video, file, folder, rescue, multimedia, compact, picture, data, information, multimedia, tool, USB, reader, deleted, erased, format

Buy Corrupt XD Picture Card Recovery (only $69.00)Download Corrupt XD Picture Card Recovery (Size: 1863 KB)

Hard Disk Cleaning Software

Notebook files wiper tool is a permanent data removal method for wiping deleted data and safeguards your computer system privacy. Hard drive files sanitation software clean up records of all offline and online internet activities including administrator temporary file, system registry traces, typed URL, cache, cookies. Hard disk data sanitization utility wipes entire hard drive, USB drive, jump drive, memory stick and other removable media.

See also: Hard disk, cleaning, software, wipe, file, clean up, application, storage, media, remove, windows, cluster, eliminate, cookies, computer, privacy, cache, eraser, partition, record, drive, data, utility, FAT, NTFS, file system, USB, sanitization, tool

Buy Hard Disk Cleaning Software (only $45.00)Download Hard Disk Cleaning Software (Size: 1751 KB)

Retrieve Files Mac

If your images deleted or formatted in digital camera or Mac machine, visit company website and download retrieve files mac software to regain all lost unforgettable moment?s digital photos from any kind of removable or fixed media in fraction of time. Technically advance and powerful retrieve files mac application recover all pictures and snaps that lost due to turning off digital data storage device without completing its write/read process.

See also: Download, image, recovery, software, retrieve, lost, picture, formatted, hard, disk, drive, Apple, Mac, photo, rescue, utility, recover, misplaced, snapshots, undelete, application, salvage, tool, restore, file, removable, storage, media, camera

Buy Retrieve Files Mac (only $45.00)Download Retrieve Files Mac (Size: 2304 KB)

Apex Merge and Split PDF

Merge and split PDF application permitted you to split large PDF file into smaller segment as per your need. Tool lets merging number of pages into PDF file. Application lets managing PDF document into batch processing that?s save your valuable time. You can handle PDF document through splitting, merging, deleting, extraction, combining, joining, dividing, adding, appending, breaking etc. You can set Meta properties like title, author etc.

See also: Merge, Split, PDF, Software, Splitting, Merging, Odd, Even, Add, Combine, Append, Multiple, Document, Tool, Extract, Remove, Cut, Compose, Manage, Pages, Delete, Specific, Batch, Several, Utility, Dividing, Bulk, Files, Adobe, Acrobat, File, Range

Buy Apex Merge and Split PDF (only $14.90)Download Apex Merge and Split PDF (Size: 3564 KB)

Fix Corrupt NTFS Partition

NTFS file recovery utility is non destructive tool that identifies and retrieve lost files without affecting other files stored on system. NTFS missing data restore software recovers files and folders from inaccessible hard drives due to any virus attack or system error. NTFS data retrieval software does not require any tech knowledge for the end user. NTFS damaged file rescue application can be easily install and uninstalled when required.

See also: NTFS, NTFS5, file, system, Windows, partitioned, hard, disk, program, software, application, tool, utility, corrupted, deleted, formatted, lost, missing, damaged, deleted, data, information, folders, compressed, recovery, restore, salvage, retrieve

Buy Fix Corrupt NTFS Partition (only $69.00)Download Fix Corrupt NTFS Partition (Size: 1525 KB)

Mac Data recovery software for USB Drive

Get benefit of innovative Mac Data recovery software for USB Drive from to easily salvage deleted or missing images, wallpapers, audio files and other media from logically damaged USB pen drive.

See also: Download, free, Mac, data, recovery, software, restore, accidentally, deleted, photos, mp3, music, song, audio, file, salvage, utility, recover, misplaced, digital, pictures, wedding, snaps, repair, damaged, video, clips, formatted, USB, pen, drive

Buy Mac Data recovery software for USB Drive (only $45.00)Download Mac Data recovery software for USB Drive (Size: 3450 KB)

Cell Phone Recovery Mac

Ideal Cell Phone Recovery Mac software provides best data reinstallation facility for users which help to quickly retrieve your complete valuable digital records including video songs, contact name, messages, songs, phone numbers, photographs, early day?s snaps, marriage pictures etc. Professional Cell Phone Recovery Mac utility is a secure skill which offers compressive features for users to use this software within an easy form.

See also: tool, scanning, photo, professional, video, regain, utility, file, format, contact, images, rescue, audio, missing, photographs, device, program, mobile, recovery, phone, save, software, digital, restoration, Mac, memory, data, cell, images, Lost

Buy Cell Phone Recovery Mac (only $45.00)Download Cell Phone Recovery Mac (Size: 3010 KB)

Android Data Recovery Software

Android Data Recovery Software is used to restore corrupted photograph due to software/hardware malfunction from tablet PC. is used for installing restore software to regain missing document file in less time from android mobile phone devices.

See also: File, recovery, program, software, restore, deleted, corrupted, lost, photograph, images, document, file, folder, android, mobile, phones, regain, utility, tool, retrieve, damaged, audio, video, snapshot, smart, tablet, devices

Buy Android Data Recovery Software (only $49.00)Download Android Data Recovery Software (Size: 4290 KB)

Fat Recovery Program

Free download data rescuing utility from is used to regain lost document and deleted folder from laptop. How to recover photos that missing from storage device by Fat Recovery Program? Easy and best file recovery application enables to rescue significant data that remove from pc due to power failure.

See also: Application, software, utility, file, restoring, tool, retrieve, revive, missing, images, lost, photo, corrupted, data, laptop, storage, device, program, fat, recovery, regain, rescue, deleted, snapshot, erased, picture, computer, system, hard, disk

Buy Fat Recovery Program (only $69.00)Download Fat Recovery Program (Size: 4239 KB)

USB Media Data Recovery Software

Digital media data recovery utility has inbuilt disk scanning feature which restores erased file from thumb drive in countable time. Click on company website URL and get USB Media Data Recovery Software for rescuing lost picture, video, audio files from logically damaged flash media.

See also: File, Recovery, software, salvages, regains, loss, erased, image, photo, audio, video, corrupted, USB, media, flash, disk, pen, drive, utility, program, rescue, deleted, formatted, document, folder, memory, card, backup

Buy USB Media Data Recovery Software (only $45.00)Download USB Media Data Recovery Software (Size: 2304 KB)

Mobile Text Message Apps refers to Mobile Text Message Software provides facility to user for loading contact numbers from file saved in text or excel format. Highly advance Mobile Text Message Software is has user friendly visual interface so any prior tech training is not required to operate this tool.

See also: Text, messaging, utility, sends, alert, notifications, mobile, software, broadcasts, multiple, SMS, application, transmit, bulk, internet, connection, excel, file, forwards, information, GSM, windows, cell, phone, device

Buy Mobile Text Message Apps (only $49.00)Download Mobile Text Message Apps (Size: 6307 KB)

Restore Removable Drive

USB media file restoration tool easily recovers deleted, missing data from formatted removable drives including memory stick, compact flash card, pen drive, jump drive, thumb drive, multimedia card and zip drive. Removable drive data recovery software restores all corrupted audio video shoots, mp3, mp4 files, pictures, albums, music collection from damaged removable storage devices. Application securely retrieves erased document from USB drive

See also: Removable, media, file, retrieval, application, restore, lost, data, image, music, picture, backup, software, support, USB, thumb, pen, drive, recovery, utility, recover, formatted, deleted, audio, video, song, inaccessible, jpeg, mpeg, document

Buy Restore Removable Drive (only $45.00)Download Restore Removable Drive (Size: 1423 KB)

Memory Card Data Recovery Download

Memory Card Data Recovery Download application refers for downloading trial version that helps in getting back their lost significant moments photographs with their dear ones from any multimedia storage devices. Restoration utility recovers lost audio music collections from SD card.

See also: Memory card data regain tool, xD-picture card restore software, MMC card photo recovery tool, restoration application, file revival utility, SD card retrieval program, PC card recovery tool, download card revival software

Buy Memory Card Data Recovery Download (only $49.00)Download Memory Card Data Recovery Download (Size: 2529 KB)

Mobile Phone File Recover for Mac

Remarkable tool is capable to restore deleted and missing memorable photos, data, audio and video files instantly. Proficient utility quickly restores missing memorable photographs, mp3 / mp4 songs, and other memory card saved data immediately. Mobile Phone File Recover for Mac provides facility to view your recovered mobile phone data before real recovery. Modern utility offers immediate revival of your missing phone data with least efforts.

See also: Recovery, data, retrieve, lost, missing, mobile, phone, deleted, digital, photograph, clips, images, software, utility, program, application, pictures, tool, snapshot, quality, real, restore, salvage, revival, audio, video, file, wallpaper, Nokia

Buy Mobile Phone File Recover for Mac (only $45.00)Download Mobile Phone File Recover for Mac (Size: 3010 KB)

Mac USB Media Recovery

Have you unintentionally erased or removed your precious files, snaps, folders, documents, songs etc? Mac USB Media Recovery Software existing at is consistent tool which provides facility to recuperate accidentally corrupted, unintentionally erased or removed valuable files, folders, documents, snaps and songs from mobile phone, memory card, digicam, pen drives etc.

See also: Mac, USB, Media, Software, rescue, file, recovery, revive, picture, memory, card, retrieve, corrupted, formatted, data, folder, document, photo, video, audio, clip, digital, storage, device, snap, song, utility, recuperate, pen, drive, tool, regain

Buy Mac USB Media Recovery (only $45.00)Download Mac USB Media Recovery (Size: 3143 KB)

Professional Card Recovery

Best Professional Card Recovery application supports latest features that easily regain all official documents from formatted drive within a short time of period. Most technically powerful Windows operating system based card restoration tool allows user to regain data from data storage device of different capacity. Inexpensive file recovery application retrieve all files in original form without affected another saved data without facing any problem.

See also: Recovery, card, software, restore, save, regain, retrieve, deleted, damage, corrupted, lost, file, folder, video, clip, audio, utility, tool, hard, disk, drive, formatted, storage, device, USB, scan, disk, search, missing, misplaced, Mac

Buy Professional Card Recovery (only $79.99)Download Professional Card Recovery (Size: 2211 KB)

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