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NeuroXL Predictor 3.0.1

NeuroXL Predictor is a neural network forecasting utility that quickly and accurately solves forecasting and estimation problems in Microsoft Excel. It is created from the ground-up to aid experts in solving real-world forecasting problems. NeuroXL Predictor interface is easy-to-use and intuitive, does not require any prior knowledge of neural networks, and is integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Excel. NeuroXL Predictor is the most popular financial prediction download.

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NeuroXL Predictor 4.0.4

NeuroXL Predictor is a neural network forecasting utility that quickly and accurately solves forecasting, classification and estimation problems in Microsoft Excel. It is created from the ground-up to aid experts in solving real-world forecasting problems. NeuroXL Predictor interface is easy-to-use and intuitive, does not require any prior knowledge of neural networks, and is integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Excel. NeuroXL Predictor is the second most popular financial prediction download.

See also: neural net, predictions, data classification, prediction, neural net software, neural network, financial forecasting, prediction software, neural network software, forecasting software, financial prediction, financial predictions

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APSW Budget Planner 2.13

The Budget Planner V2.0 is a real budget manager! You don't have to calculate a thing! The Budget Planner is fully customizable - it allows you to add any item description to your budget with any amount and within a timeframe you choose, (weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or yearly), then generates a budget report for you to learn from or live by. APSW Budget Planner is the third most popular financial prediction download.

See also: home budget software, budget planner, finance, personal financial, savings, budgeting software, home budgeting software, home budgeting applications, budget planner

Buy APSW Budget Planner 2.13 (only $12.99)Download APSW Budget Planner 2.13 (Size: 5094 KB)

CNG 4.18

CNG-CALC is an economic analysis system for alternate fuel vehicles.  Compare the cost of any alternate fuel scenario, for any type of vehicle.  Use to produce financial comparisons (cost/savings) for CNG/Methanol/Ethanol/Gas/LNG/Diesel/Elec/Propane. CNG-CALC will also accommodate the costs of refueling stations.  Useful for Fleet managers, or anyone else interested in determining the economic benefit of converting any vehicle to any fuel.


Buy CNG 4.18 (only $750.00)Download CNG 4.18 (Size: 7617 KB)

Currency Converter FX 1.0

Currency Converter FX is an easy to use financial utility that allows you to get latest currency exchange rates for more than 150 currencies. All rates are collected live from the internet so they are always current. It comes with an in build calculator. It features a complete skinable interface so you can completely change the look and feel of the software. It also includes free life-time updates and technical support.

See also: current exchange rate, financial tool, exchange rate, euro exchange rate, euro converter, foreign exchange software, currency converter, Currency Converter FX, dollar price, exchange rate software, euro dollar exchange rate, foreign exchange

Buy Currency Converter FX 1.0 (only $14.95)Download Currency Converter FX 1.0 (Size: 1223 KB)

Visual Money 1.1

Visual Money allows you to control your finances and stay on top of your expenses. Visual Money supports multiple virtual accounts that reflect real-world bank accounts, credit cards accounts, cash money and investments. You can put your income and expenses into different categories such as dinning out, clothes or automobile. Visual Money offers a variety of visual reports helping you to see your financial situation at a glance.

See also: Personal Finance Manager, Personal Budget, Personal Accounting, Budget Planner, Finance, Financial Planning, Budget Tracking, Budget Organizer, Money, Accounts, Cash, Credit Card, Save, Savings, Save Money, Income, Expenses, Family Budget, Budget

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Abacus Calculated Fields for ACT! 2006 8.5

Abacus Calculated Fields for ACT! now brings you the ability to calculate fields, copy fields, manipulate data and produce results dependent on data within other fields all within a simple, easy-to-use interface. Make calculations in Contact, Group or Company fields based on data within other fields and over 80 supported functions. Assign a formula to a field (make the field auto "calculated"). Use "if" and "case" statements to build scenarios.

See also: Abacus, Calculated, Fields, ACT, Sage, calculation, formula, function, mathematical, string, datetime, financial, Mortgage, loan, case, statement, scenario

Buy Abacus Calculated Fields for ACT! 2006 8.5 (only $39.95)Download Abacus Calculated Fields for ACT! 2006 8.5 (Size: 353 KB)

Chart ModelKit 2.1

Chart ModelKit is a component for graphical data representation. A built-in WYSIWYG designer makes intuitive the process of graphs and charts creation. The product is remarkable for its advanced data binding model, unique object architecture, rich library of standard elements and a set of available series types. Build fully customizable and non-standard chart elements and series. Chart ModelKit allows using any .NET data sources.

See also: chart net, net charting, chart component, charting component, pie chart, Stock chart, winforms chart, 2D charts, .NET graphs, Financial Charts, charting software, net diagram, winforms diagram, chart control, net diagramming

Buy Chart ModelKit 2.1 (only $300.00)Download Chart ModelKit 2.1 (Size: 32299 KB)

RichOrPoor 3.0

Easily and quickly manage your daily personal financial affairs such as cash, savings, checking, credit cards, liabilities, creditor's rights, loans, investments, insurance, budgets and so on with 33 types of reports or charts.

See also: personal finance, money management, home finance, family finance, small business, financial management, finance, money, financial, loan, investment, insurance, bill, budget, software, richorpoor

Buy RichOrPoor 3.0 (only $29.95)Download RichOrPoor 3.0 (Size: 5080 KB)

What's In My Piggybank? (Excel XP, 2003) 1.00

Comprehensive and intuitive Excel budgeting software for the creation of personal budgets and the complete management of personal finances. Microsoft Excel-based budgeting and money management tool designed for the every-day saver. The every-day saver who wants to track, budget, analyse, and forecast their income, expenditure, and monetary sources, and wants immediate visibility and powerful insight into their every-day financial affairs.

See also: Excel, budget, budgeting, spreadsheet, spreadsheets, software, personal, home, family, money, cash, finance, finances, financial, planner, planning, management, forecasting, calculator, template, templates

Buy WhatDownload What

Money Decoder 1.1.3

Your financial organizer, teacher, guide, motivator, and calculator. Be minutes from complete financial organization, elimination of files, boxes, statements, policies and documents. Free 15-20 minute profile permanently places you "2-clicks" from all your personal monetary information, definitions, summations, calculations, projections and estimations for; real estate, mortgages, debts, credit, investments, insurance, budget, and more!

See also: Financial management, money management, financial software, financial organization, financial calculator, retirement, college, budget, insurance, complete financial management, consumer finances, personal money management

Buy Money Decoder 1.1.3 (only $79.98)Download Money Decoder 1.1.3 (Size: 9587 KB)

Accounting and Inventory Software

Accounts management software quickly produces bookkeeping records, reduces account error and improves customer service. Program observes every voucher entries including payment voucher, sale/purchase order, receipt voucher, journal voucher etc and generate reports on them for printing purpose. Billing accounting software provides contingency billing facility at any time without making any accounting error for making business invoices.

See also: Accounting, inventory, software, generate, transaction, report, bill, ledger, payment, tax, business, information, invoice, stock, billing, management, tool, produce, balance, sheet, record, organization, financial, order, sales, purchase, item

Buy Accounting and Inventory Software (only $45.00)Download Accounting and Inventory Software (Size: 7526 KB)

Purchase Order Form

Purchase order form provides best alternative solution to generate invoices of stock, item/product sold, sales purchase order and facilitates to print them. Invoicing management software facilitates all companies (small level to large level) to record complete information about all relevant persons like distributor, supplier, vendor, seller. Software automatically updates saved records and removes duplicate entries.

See also: Invoicing, management, program, record, stock, income, expense, company, financial, transaction, business, inventory, organize, application, manage, item, account, create, receipt, report, purchase, order, tracking, software, calculate, credit, debit

Buy Purchase Order Form (only $45.00)Download Purchase Order Form (Size: 3983 KB)

Accounting Bookkeeping Software

Billing and invoice management tool manages all invoicing or accounting activities of an enterprise. Accounting bookkeeping software records inventory/stock details with real date and time. Invoice management utility maintains complete information about all outstanding client debts of the company. Accounting bookkeeping software produces detailed report including profit/loss account, trial balance, balance sheet and saves at specific location.

See also: Invoice, management, software, records, company, income, expense, product, details, calculate, profit, loss, review, inventory, stock, report, create, sale, purchase, order, control, financial, accounting, bookkeeping, maintain, business, billing

Buy Accounting Bookkeeping Software (only $45.00)Download Accounting Bookkeeping Software (Size: 6051 KB)

PO Management Software

Sales order recording tool helps invoicing department to enter all customers, vendor and items information using keyboard instead of using pen and paper. PO management application is useful for all tiny and big organization to maintain entire company transaction reports with exact date and time. Purchase order management software facilitates Windows user to effectively create, process and track various sales or purchase transactions details.

See also: Purchase, order, organize, program, manage, customer, vendor, stock, inventory, details, generates, receipt, invoice, financial, transaction, reports, sales, order, management, software, keep, track, backup, maintain, items, purchase, quantity, price

Buy PO Management Software (only $45.00)Download PO Management Software (Size: 5017 KB)

Personal Accounting Software

Invoice management tool facilitates to generate report for different accounting attributes of company like ledger report, balance sheet, cash book, pay book and billing record. Personal accounting utility provides database connectivity feature which help user to access company data through secured LAN networks. Account bookkeeping software allows administrator to freeze data so that no outside intruder can change data within time period mentioned.

See also: Business, financial, utility, maintain, business, transaction, item, order, credit, debit, accounting, tool, generate, company, detail, sale, expense, stock, bill, inventory, management, software, manage, ledger, information, balance, sheet, database

Buy Personal Accounting Software (only $45.00)Download Personal Accounting Software (Size: 6195 KB)

Mini Finance Calculator 3.2

Mini Finance Calculator is a easy-to-use Finance calculator.It give you the ability to calculate the time value of money, interest rates, cash flow, and depreciation. Additionally, you can view, print, and save amortization schedules.

See also: Calculator, Financial Calculator, Finance calculator

Buy Mini Finance Calculator 3.2 (only $19.50)Download Mini Finance Calculator 3.2 (Size: 1002 KB)

Real Option Valuation 2.2

The Real Option Valuation template encompasses a suite of option pricing tools to quantify the embedded strategic value for a range of financial analysis and investment scenarios. Real option valuation models include modified Black-Scholes, binomial trees and Nash equilibrium Game Theory for competitive environments.

See also: Excel, real options, valuation, template, spreadsheet, strategic, financial, pricing, black, scholes, binomial, option, Nash, equilibrium, game, theory, strategic, embedded, analysis, business, project

Buy Real Option Valuation 2.2 (only $26.00)Download Real Option Valuation 2.2 (Size: 166 KB)

Accounting Application

Affordable Accounting Software is available at to maintain entire company financial transaction from sales/purchases order to report generation of several companies at one single place. Financial Accounting application recommends backup and restore feature to get entire database records at user defined location so that in case of original data loss company accounting management process can be execute effectively.

See also: Accounting, management, software, application, maintain, organize, manage, company, financial, transaction, profit, expenses, income, ledger, balance, sheets, billing, information, invoice, generate, computerize, report, inventory, stock, details

Buy Accounting Application (only $45.00)Download Accounting Application (Size: 4556 KB)

Accounting Software

Accounting Software lets tracks billing details of organization in secure manner and supports reducing data redundancy. Simple Accounting Software does not require any manual and lengthy process for managing financial transaction. Accounting Software is operated easily by novice users and does not require any special training or skills to operate software. Program records financial transaction details without any complexity.

See also: inventory, accounting, software, barcode, features, report, billing, manage, database, record, sale, purchase, stock, taxation, voucher, balance sheet, data, entry, income, expense, password, protected, restrict, access, customer, vendor, financial

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Purchase Order Organizer Software

Professional Purchase Order Organizer Software provides scheme to make and update client/customer details, vendor records and item transaction details including name, price, vendor company, creation date etc to manage inventory process. Visit website to install purchasing order management application in simplified way with password protection feature.

See also: Purchase, Order, Organizer, Software, records, generates, monitors, industrial, invoices, payments, receipts, delivery, income, expanse, client, customer, vendor, item, transaction, daily, cash, flow, sale, financial, reports

Buy Purchase Order Organizer Software (only $45.00)Download Purchase Order Organizer Software (Size: 7639 KB)

Business Accounting Utilities

Download best innovative accounting database management application from to generate ledger, balance sheet and sales receipt with high accuracy. Business Accounting Utilities is having Barcode enabled facility to identify particular company?s products uniquely.

See also: Business, utilities, records, financial, accounting, transactions, generate, billing, inventory, information, balance, sheet, ledger, sales, purchase, order, profit, income, reports, customized, barcodes, maintains, employees, customer, databases

Buy Business Accounting Utilities (only $69.00)Download Business Accounting Utilities (Size: 6184 KB)

Web Accounting Software

Are you still finding out solution to generate different accounting records about sales and purchase on PC? Then do not waste your time just download Web Accounting Software from trusted website which helps you to maintain multiple company records on computer.

See also: Download, Windows, web, accounting, software, manage, business, company, accounts, financial, program, generates, balance, sheets, profit, loss, file, formats, bookkeeping, stock, purchase, management, ledger, transaction, bills, computer, system

Buy Web Accounting Software (only $45.00)Download Web Accounting Software (Size: 6195 KB)

General Ledger Accounting Software

Computerized financial accounting software has innovative tool with quick processing and an additional barcode generating feature for easy product identification and calculating accounting transactions within minutes. Bookkeeping software facilitates voucher entry details related to sale & purchase, payment voucher, receipt voucher, debit-credit note and also helps you to make faster and accurate decisions through actual time business intelligence.

See also: Financial, accounting, software, tool, download, evaluate, accounts, utility, calculate, ledgers, balance sheets, enterprise, inventory, billing, wizard, maintain, employee, details, client, records, barcode, technology, support, business, ecommerce

Buy General Ledger Accounting Software (only $69.00)Download General Ledger Accounting Software (Size: 6184 KB)

Best Business Accounting Software

Download Best Business Accounting Software from company website URL which is able to generate reports including account report, cash book, bank book, day book, debit credit notes, final report, balance sheet, profit loss report, trial balance etc without any prior knowledge of accounting.

See also: Manage company finance, book keeping program, business accounting utility, report generator software, financial accounting tool, manage customer details, inventory management application, record vendor information

Buy Best Business Accounting Software (only $45.00)Download Best Business Accounting Software (Size: 6195 KB)

Make Barcode

Professional barcode label creator software produces printable barcode labels with support to major Linear and 2D barcode font standards in an easiest way. Affordable barcode label maker software produces multicolored high resolution text or image barcode labels and product stickers of any shape such as ellipse, sphere, elliptical, rectangle and saved them at specified application including MS-Word/Paint etc to enhance business productivity.

See also: Barcode, label, creator, software, make, text, images, shape, color, linear, fonts, line, ellipse, rectangle, professional, generate, picture, design, tags, sticker, maker, utility, business, tool, records, print, scanner, financial, billing

Buy Make Barcode (only $45.00)Download Make Barcode (Size: 3860 KB)

Inventory Management Software

Business account management software is secure for every company and provides precise financial details including balance sheet, ledger records, and trail balance, Profit/loss details etc. Inventory Management Software for enterprise with exclusive barcode features offers user for generating clear and accurately solution to accounting tasks. Accounting utility not require any tech skill to operate and easily calculate financial reports.

See also: Financial, accounting, application, increase, business, productivity, inventory, management, software, calculate, income, tax, expenses, barcode, generate, technology, enterprise, invoice, utility, user, login, secure, data, solve, complex, tasks

Buy Inventory Management Software (only $69.00)Download Inventory Management Software (Size: 6184 KB)

Financial Accounting Software

Financial Accounting Software fetches data from other terminal using network management system. Go to and download Accounting Software that control tax and purchasing information of organization.

See also: Financial, tool, eliminate, manual, calculation, optimize, data, company, utility, generate, report, application, track, organization, barcode, system, accounting, software, save, time, analyze, program, provide, security, record

Buy Financial Accounting Software (only $69.00)Download Financial Accounting Software (Size: 6184 KB)

NeuroXL Package 3.1.2

NeuroXL Package is a neural network add-in for Microsoft Excel. It consists of Predictor and Clusterizer. Predictor is created for forecasting and estimating numeric amounts such as sales, prices, etc. Its ability to discover non-linear relationships in input data makes it ideally suited for forecasting dynamic systems like the stock market. Clusterizer is created for data cluster analysis in Microsoft Excel.

See also: neural network, neural network software, neural networks, data mining, prediction software, forecasting software, excel add-ins, data analysis, knowledge mining

Buy NeuroXL Package 3.1.2 (only $99.95)Download NeuroXL Package 3.1.2 (Size: 2102 KB)

El Horóscopo Chino 2.2

Complete Chinese Astrology in your PC: Personality, Work, Love, Your Life Script. A study of 12 aspects of personality: Regent Sign, Ascendent, Your Birth Chart, Yin/Yang Balance, The Agents Triade... 28 Constellations Oracle. Daily, monthly & yearly predictions, personal compatibility, also that or parents & children. Based on Chinese Astrological Charts for 500 years, till 2100. Printable images & texts.

See also: Chinese, Astrology, Oriental, Lunar, Personality, Character, Prediction, Destiny, Fate, Love, Work, Future

Buy El Horóscopo Chino 2.2 (only $32.00)Download El Horóscopo Chino 2.2 (Size: 1323 KB)

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