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NeuroXL Predictor 3.0.1

NeuroXL Predictor is a neural network forecasting utility that quickly and accurately solves forecasting and estimation problems in Microsoft Excel. It is created from the ground-up to aid experts in solving real-world forecasting problems. NeuroXL Predictor interface is easy-to-use and intuitive, does not require any prior knowledge of neural networks, and is integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Excel. NeuroXL Predictor is the most popular financial prediction download.

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Buy NeuroXL Predictor 3.0.1 (only $49.95)Download NeuroXL Predictor 3.0.1 (Size: 1611 KB)

NeuroXL Predictor 4.0.4

NeuroXL Predictor is a neural network forecasting utility that quickly and accurately solves forecasting, classification and estimation problems in Microsoft Excel. It is created from the ground-up to aid experts in solving real-world forecasting problems. NeuroXL Predictor interface is easy-to-use and intuitive, does not require any prior knowledge of neural networks, and is integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Excel. NeuroXL Predictor is the second most popular financial prediction download.

See also: neural net, predictions, data classification, prediction, neural net software, neural network, financial forecasting, prediction software, neural network software, forecasting software, financial prediction, financial predictions

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Family Funds Tracker Pro 2.2

Easily construct a budget with the figures at your finger tips. Track income, expenses and savings. Sort expenses by category and type. Average category spending by day, week, month and year. View colored graphs of activities. Print reports and graphs. Includes features such as closing out a year, recurring items, frq. used notes, and can be password protected if desired. Search and sort data several ways. Easily get a handle on your finances. Family Funds Tracker Pro is the third most popular financial prediction download.

See also: family, finance, bookkeeping, reporting, income, expense, tracking, financial, personal finances, business

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ESBPCS for VCL - Components and Routines 4.2.2

ESBPCS for VCL is a collection of over 6000 routines/methods and over 235 classes/components in over 140 units for Borland Delphi 5, 6, 7, 2005/Win32 and BDS2006/Win32, which are aimed at making "data entry and manipulation easier" for Developers and their Customers. Includes full source to all components and routines.

See also: richedit, memo, Checkgroup, Radiogroup, Checkbox, Regression, Calendar, Vectors, Matrix, Fraction, Complex, Financial, Currency, Time, Date, Labels, Stats, Math, Edit, Data Aware, Components, Delphi

Buy ESBPCS for VCL - Components and Routines 4.2.2 (only $199.00)Download ESBPCS for VCL - Components and Routines 4.2.2 (Size: 17011 KB)

Home Buyers Calculator Suite 2.2.04

A real estate calculator that helps home buyers calculate the financial scenarios related to the purchase of a new home. Includes 13 Calculators; a Mortgage Qualifier, 2 Loan Amortizers, Loan Spread Calculator, a Bi-weekly Payment Calculator, a Refinancing Calculator, an Estimated Closing Cost Calculator, Home Sellers Proceeds and Prepayment Calculator. Includes a Documentation List to help you gather your paperwork and a Home Inspection form.

See also: real estate calculator, home loan calculator, mortgage calculator, refinance, amortization, finance, financial, home loan, loan, PMT

Buy Home Buyers Calculator Suite 2.2.04 (only $29.95)Download Home Buyers Calculator Suite 2.2.04 (Size: 1489 KB)

Hearthside Family Records 3.0

Hearthside Family Records is software designed to take much of the stress out of our lives by providing easy retrieval and retention of important family and financial papers and records. It is installed on the home computer and gives immediate access to vital records in the areas of personal, career, financial, legal, investment, insurance, and medical information, as well as the information needed in case of the loss of a loved one.

See also: family, records, financial, insurance, medical, organizer, organization, estate, planning, storage, find, legal, address, antiques, collectibles, security

Buy Hearthside Family Records 3.0 (only $9.95)Download Hearthside Family Records 3.0 (Size: 28876 KB)

Bronze Inventory POS System 1.1

This is a complete inventory management system performs a Point of Sale function and multi warehouse stock control. System has receiving and shipping functions generates invoices, sale receipt. Export and import functions.More than 200 reports. Product labels with barcodes, transfer orders between locations, customers and vendors balances.Posibility to create planing transactions and to clone invoices.

See also: inventory, software, system, executive, retail, good, product, job, book keep, business, work, customer, vendor, book, pay, payment, money, credit, bar code, code, import, export, financial, e-mail, windows, billing, free, shareware, statements

Buy Bronze Inventory POS System 1.1 (only $99.00)Download Bronze Inventory POS System 1.1 (Size: 1872 KB)

EsInventory 4

EsInventory is an universal inventory tool with multilocation feature.You can use this system in your business,office,rental store and home. This program will guide you through the creation of items list, tracking receiving, shipping and rental actions. This is in addition to transfer orders between locations and various types of reports for monitoring your inventory.

See also: inventory, software, system, executive, retail, good, product, job, book keep, business, work, customer, vendor, book, pay, payment, money, credit, bar code, code, import, export, financial, e-mail, windows, billing, free, shareware, statements

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Business Inventory Accounting Software

Professional financial accounting and inventory management application is used to generate income tax report, profit and loss report, balance sheet report, sales and purchase report, item report, revenues, expenses, company productivity and provides password facility so that only administrator or authorized users can change company database. Tool is used in various work fields like Real Estate, IT Sector, Offices, Hotels, Financial services etc.

See also: Billing, accounting, software, manage, business, productivity, financial, management, application, analyses, income, tax, ledger, record, balance, sheet, Inventory, invoice, utility, produce, sale, purchase, report, stock, information, tool, product

Buy Business Inventory Accounting Software (only $45.00)Download Business Inventory Accounting Software (Size: 6051 KB)

Portfolio Performance Monitoring 1.0

The Portfolio Performance Monitoring model enables the ongoing monitoring and periodic valuation of a portfolio of financial investments. The model lets the entering of investment transactions during a reporting period to calculate performance. Furthermore, incremental investment transactions undertaken during a period are fully accounted for in the period's performance calculations.

See also: Excel, portfolio, monitoring, valuation, management, financial, investments, assets, personal, wealth, stocks, bonds, shares, market, performance, return, transactions, money, weighted, analysis, business

Buy Portfolio Performance Monitoring 1.0 (only $22.00)Download Portfolio Performance Monitoring 1.0 (Size: 103 KB)

Rylstim Budget 4.1

Start planning and managing your finances in a new way-take advantage of this simple friendly calendar. The software includes all necessary functions for managing money: account and category management, reporting, spotting budget excess, multiple currencies, data protection, and much more.

See also: rylstim, budgeting software, money calendar, personal finance, personal finances, money management, financial planning, financial software, budget, money, calendar, home finance, accounting, incomes, expenses, income, expense, budget

Buy Rylstim Budget 4.1 (only $24.95)Download Rylstim Budget 4.1 (Size: 6464 KB)

Official Accounting Software

Billing and inventory management tool allows users to economically make different companies accounts at one place and easily record their financial transaction. Official Accounting Software enable users to properly maintain accounting records and generate their reports including sales order reports, purchase order reports, ledger accounts, income and expenses accounts reports, items reports, inventory reports and others in comprehensive way.

See also: Official, accounting, software, maintain, financial, transaction, track, inventory, item, details, sales, purchase, order, income, expenses, record, ledger, folios, utility, organization, profit, loss, utility, billing, analysis, generate, reports

Buy Official Accounting Software (only $45.00)Download Official Accounting Software (Size: 6195 KB)

Best Accounting Tools

Best Accounting Tools provides effective way to fetch accounting details even from other system, connected through LAN by making use of inbuilt data connectivity option. Enterprise edition Financial Accounting Software provides complete solution for instant product details recognition and implementation of entire data with accurate records having no errors and in turn helps employers in cost cutting such as labor cost as well as precious time.

See also: Financial, accounting, software, application, maintain, business, transaction, details, tool, create, report, companies, stock, pricing, billing, records, manage, voucher, entries, balance, sheets, sales, purchase, order, vendor, clients, customer

Buy Best Accounting Tools (only $69.00)Download Best Accounting Tools (Size: 6184 KB)

Business Building Tools

Financial accounting software helps you to run your business accounts using an automated utility specifically developed to organise your business details and entire sale/purchase orders or customer and vendor details in manageable charge sheet format. Business Building Tools is created such that every accounting rule is implemented correctly while developing software and successfully support any tiny or large scale organization financial details.

See also: Business, Building, Tools, organizes, financial, accounting, details, manages, customer, vendor, sales, purchase, orders, transaction, reports, balance, sheet, tax, information, tracks, stock, inventory, entries, company, records, account

Buy Business Building Tools (only $45.00)Download Business Building Tools (Size: 6195 KB)

Investment and Business Valuation 2.2

The Investment and Business Valuation template is perfect for evaluating a wide range of investment and business case scenarios. While it is based on the discounted cash flow method of valuation, its also provides ability to evaluate economic value added valuation, accounting impact, and a range of other evaluation parameters. Furthermore, the step by step input flow makes usage straightforward to gain fast results to drive decision making.

See also: Excel, investment, financial, valuation, spreadsheet, template, EVA, DCF, discounted, cash flow, economic, value, added, analysis, business, evaluation, NPV

Buy Investment and Business Valuation 2.2 (only $26.00)Download Investment and Business Valuation 2.2 (Size: 166 KB)

Accounting Purchase Order

Label creator utility enables user to design variety of tags with different color, size and font that helps in uniquely identifying product. Accounting Purchase Order software helps in avoiding data redundancy and maintains record integrity. Financial accounting software enables to make inventory and purchase order report very quickly. Tag designing utility provide facility to generate bulk of coupons in minute and print them in countable clicks.

See also: Bar, codes, label, designing, application, generate, attractive, tags, labels, font, style, color, accounting, purchase, financial, order, software, system, print, coupons, inventory, sales, stock, payment, management, transaction, records, report

Buy Accounting Purchase Order (only $69.00)Download Accounting Purchase Order (Size: 6184 KB)

Blank Purchase Order

Easy to handle Blank purchase order maintaining tool provides a best option than other web enabled technology by generating entire financial report in just few clicks. Freeware Inventory sales management utility does not require internet connection or any extra resource to generate sale, quote, delivery, receipt, purchase, stock report. Non destructive requisition utility automatically delete similar data or duplicate record in fast manner.

See also: Blank, purchase, utility, software, order, sales, purchase, accounting, financial, report, inventory, freeware, downloads, database, invoice, deposit, business, customer, receipt, record, management, bills, tracking, transaction, stocks, accounting

Buy Blank Purchase Order (only $45.00)Download Blank Purchase Order (Size: 7577 KB)

Computer Billing Software

Computer Billing Software is downloaded from website for managing overall billing records of any organization. Reliable accounting utility allows business users to manage tax information, production details, and other business related data within few minutes.

See also: Billing, details, manage, organize, business, information, reports, application, utility, download, software, computer, accounting, customer, vendor, financial, data, company, office, program, maintaining, purchase, sales, generate, tool

Buy Computer Billing Software (only $45.00)Download Computer Billing Software (Size: 6195 KB)

Download Accounting Software

Website provides incredible and effective Download Accounting Software that allow user to manage companies records related customer sales, purchase, production, tax information, income, expense etc in simplified manner. Accounting software easily fetch various companies records from other computer that are work in same LAN network.

See also: Download, accounting, software, manage, track, customer, billing, financial, data, folder, invoices, records, create, production, expense, goods, vendor, sale, purchase, order, financial, information, report services, generate, save

Buy Download Accounting Software (only $45.00)Download Download Accounting Software (Size: 6195 KB)

Computer Accounting

Most widely used financial accounting management software supports user to organise different type of reports related to balance, profit, loss, purchase order, sales etc in right format. Easy to download standard computer accounting software is coming with full security that lets only authorized user to enter into system. Best accounting tool provides extraordinary printing option so those users easily generate print report of all details.

See also: Financial, accounting, computer, software, management, create, maintain, company, database, details, customer, vendor, inventory, transportation, sale, income, bill, stock, voucher, balance, sheet, ledger, cash book, print, Windows

Buy Computer Accounting (only $45.00)Download Computer Accounting (Size: 6195 KB)

Free Accounting Software

Professional and advanced Free Accounting Software for download is available at website which is used to efficiently manage customer/vendor details, sales/purchase order, tax related information and other financial business activities of any organization.

See also: Financial, accounting, management, program, tool, application, control, manage, invoicing, billing, sales, purchase, profit, loss, details, information, company, software, automate, systems, organization, maintain, business, transactions

Buy Free Accounting Software (only $42.00)Download Free Accounting Software (Size: 6195 KB)

Small Business Accounting

Visit our site that provides flexible, reliable, time saving and cost effective Small Business Accounting software that lets user to easily and quickly maintain multiple companies financial details simultaneously. Accounting utility is easy to use and not required any advance or tech knowledge to operate.

See also: Small, large, business, accounting, application, maintain, financial, transaction, tool, software, manage, customer, information, vendor, detail, voucher, type, generate, tax, report, sale, purchase, item, industries, offices

Buy Small Business Accounting (only $45.00)Download Small Business Accounting (Size: 6195 KB)

Business Software Solutions

Downloads Business Software Solutions from trusted website to make your business more enhanced, effective and easily manageable resources like as finance, inventory and accounting.

See also: Financial, records, management, application, business, software, solution, generate, status, sheet, accounting, billing, sales, vouchers, transaction, profit, loss, salary, slip, expenditure, create, industrial, product, barcode

Buy Business Software Solutions (only $69.00)Download Business Software Solutions (Size: 6184 KB)

Best Billing Software

Do you want to know how to maintain invoices and ledgers of your business in simple manner? Visit company website provides Best Billing Software which is helpful to manage tax information on your organizations sale/purchase of items.

See also: Download, financial, accounting, software, maintains, business, billing, transactions, inventory, customer, vendors, sale, purchase, records, ledger, bookkeeping, invoices, voucher, maintains, stock, production, reports, Windows, desktop

Buy Best Billing Software (only $45.00)Download Best Billing Software (Size: 4556 KB)

Software for Accounting

Now download Software for Accounting easily available on developer?s website that is used to manage record and accounting details in a user-friendly manner. Billing Software Package maintains employee sales and purchase statements as well as salary details.

See also: Business management accounting software, inventory management program, business billing accounting tool, Billing management software, industrial inventory software, Financial Accounting and Inventory Management utility

Buy Software for Accounting (only $45.00)Download Software for Accounting (Size: 6195 KB)

Cash Accounting Software

Click on company website to download affordable Cash Accounting Software that is useful for managing balance sheet, day book, bank book and other accounts reports of industries without creating any trouble for user. Inventory management utility quickly maintains all financial accounting information of company.

See also: Billing accounting program, manage business productivity software, financial management utility, record company balance sheet, download Inventory manage application, software maintain sale purchase report, transaction recording application

Buy Cash Accounting Software (only $45.00)Download Cash Accounting Software (Size: 6195 KB)

Purchase Order System

If you are getting bored with the manual database entries and want such software that minimizes your lengthy paper work process then visit website URL to download Purchase Order System to maintain entire records. Company offers attractive sales order management application to manage customer sold, purchased or returned item details within shortest time of duration in an accurate manner.

See also: Download, purchase, order, organizer, software, manage, company, business, customized, product, financial, account, details, generate, forms, program, maintain, profit, loss, vendor, records, invoice, stock, backup, computer, system

Buy Purchase Order System (only $45.00)Download Purchase Order System (Size: 7526 KB)

Barcode Software

Advance barcode label designing utility instantly makes stylish and high class printable linear and 2D barcode labels in few mouse clicks. Professional edition barcode image creator software designs text or picture barcode labels just by changing font, color, bar space, shape, text, image, background etc. Premium barcode tag producer software provides facility to make and print bulk barcode labels simultaneously with advance printing settings.

See also: Professional, freeware, barcode, label, maker, software, generate, line, ellipse, rectangle, picture, text, linear, fonts, tags, scanner, stickers, design, create, print, shape, color, creator, tool, utility, records, financial, billing, business

Buy Barcode Software (only $69.00)Download Barcode Software (Size: 5140 KB)

Power-Tarot Espaņol 1.0.16

Our Tarot Software contains several spreads of the Waite-Rider Tarot: The Cross spread is particularly suitable for less complicated questions. The relationship game is meant particularly for the interpretation of the relationship between two people and is one of the most interesting components of our tarot software. One can use The deciding match in our Tarot Software as a little help in case of doubt.

See also: Tarot, Tarot games, Tarot spread, Tarotsoftware, Tarot_Cards, Tarot-Software-Download, divination, readings, download, intuition, decision making, advice, relationships, problem solving, prediction, new experiences, inspiration

Buy Power-Tarot Espaņol 1.0.16 (only $16.00)Download Power-Tarot Espaņol 1.0.16 (Size: 3686 KB)

SwingNN 2.0

Your data is imported into a grid and used to train a neural network. The input values are forced to swing beyond their limits. The output values are forecasted by the neural network. A new neural network is created using the new inputs and forecasted outputs.

See also: forecast, prediction, neural network, artificial intelligence

Buy SwingNN 2.0 (only $49.00)Download SwingNN 2.0 (Size: 2319 KB)

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