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NeuroXL Predictor 3.0.1

NeuroXL Predictor is a neural network forecasting utility that quickly and accurately solves forecasting and estimation problems in Microsoft Excel. It is created from the ground-up to aid experts in solving real-world forecasting problems. NeuroXL Predictor interface is easy-to-use and intuitive, does not require any prior knowledge of neural networks, and is integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Excel. NeuroXL Predictor is the most popular financial predictions download.

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NeuroXL Predictor 4.0.4

NeuroXL Predictor is a neural network forecasting utility that quickly and accurately solves forecasting, classification and estimation problems in Microsoft Excel. It is created from the ground-up to aid experts in solving real-world forecasting problems. NeuroXL Predictor interface is easy-to-use and intuitive, does not require any prior knowledge of neural networks, and is integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Excel. NeuroXL Predictor is the second most popular financial predictions download.

See also: neural net, predictions, data classification, prediction, neural net software, neural network, financial forecasting, prediction software, neural network software, forecasting software, financial prediction, financial predictions

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APSW Budget Planner V3 Pro

Learn how to budget effectively to reduce your debt and increase your liquid funds. Features include a loan and mortgage calculator with 'what-if' multiple scenario planning, a loans and savings target goal tracker, due-dates and reminders chart, notes, reporting and graph modelling, internal web browser, context sensitive online help, auto store functionality and a fully customizable categories menu. Real budgeting, real returns! APSW Budget Planner V3 Pro is the third most popular financial predictions download.

See also: personal finance, financial, financial software, financial calculators, personal finance software

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Graphic Accounts 1.3

A powerful personal financial planning and budgeting tool. Dynamic dual-chart display. Easy-to-see spin controls to adjust all parameters. Instant visual feedback on all your changes. Optimize your expenditure based on current income data. Synchronize this with your budget total. Adjust parameters for income, interest, tax and inflation rates and see your budget rescale instantly. Now Graphic Accounts takes the tedium out of budgeting!

See also: personal budget, home budget, personal finance, home finance, financial planning, interest rate, inflation rate, tax rate, financial calculator

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Account Xpress 3.3.4

Account Xpress is a personal finance management and budget planning software loaded with features designed to help you manage your money easily and efficiently. It can track and reconcile transactions for virtually any accounts (credit cards, savings, checking, credit line, cash, etc.). Budget management is made easy with the help of user-defined income and expense categories, budget projections, and budget versus actual comparison reports.

See also: personal finance, budget planning, budget planner, electronic checkbook, financial planning, personal accounting, money management, credit card, cash flow, money, cashflow, accounting, account, budget, income, expenses, checkbook, chequebook, portfolio, quicken, finance

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Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator 1.7.00

Calculates the following results for each of 14 cash flow series: Initial Investment, Smallest and Largest Cash Flows, Range, Average, Number of Cash Flows, Undiscounted Sum of Cash Flows, IRR and Undiscounted Payback Period. For each of 5 discount rates associated with the 14 cash flow series, it calculates: NPV, NFV, NUS, MIRR, Present Worth Cost, Present Worth Revenue, Benefit/Cost Ratio and Present Value Ratio.

See also: discounted cash flow, cash flow analysis, MIRR, IRR, NFV, NUS, payback, cashflow, term, period, financial

Buy Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator 1.7.00 (only $69.95)Download Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator 1.7.00 (Size: 2659 KB)

Loan Spread Calculator Pro 4.3.00

Compare 135 loans at once with Loan Spread Calculator Pro and drill down to see a summary of any of the 135 loans you choose. It displays financial answers on a 2-dimension grid as you enter or update loan variables. View grids of loan amounts, interest rates, terms in months, or payment amounts based upon your loan variables. Provides the ability to easily calculate loan scenarios based upon variable payment frequency.

See also: period, term, rate, loan calculator, payment calculator, time value of money, TVM, loan, calculator, payment, interest, financial

Buy Loan Spread Calculator Pro 4.3.00 (only $29.95)Download Loan Spread Calculator Pro 4.3.00 (Size: 1560 KB)

Financial Advisor 2.6

An extensive and easy to use collection of financial tools and calculators aimed at both home and professional users. Features include: Mortgage Analysis, Retirement Analysis, Personal Budgeting, Investment, Savings & Annuity calculations, Future & Residual Value calculations, Planning for your children's education, Interest rate conversions, Inflation calculations and more. It even includes a lottery ticket generator (for when all else fails).

See also: mortgage, retirement, budget, investment, savings, annuity, calculations, calculators, invest, money, monthly, budgeting, future value, residual value, inflation, interest rates, finance, personal finance, lottery, retire, financial calculations

Buy Financial Advisor 2.6 (only $35.00)Download Financial Advisor 2.6 (Size: 2813 KB)

Stock Sector Monitor 2.13

Stock Sector Monitor is a personal desktop financial application that allows you instantly monitor over 200 stock industry sector groups and over 7000 public companies online. With Stock Sector Monitor you can find daily top leading and losing stocks in each stock sector, see quotes, percentage change, volume and other quotes information, print reports, access news, charts, company financial data on the web and create and maintain portfolios.

See also: stock, sector, monitor, personal, finance, industry, quotes, portfolio, management, chart, news, financial, software, download, market, ticker

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Golden Inventory System 2.3

This is a complete inventory management system that performs the functions of Purchases, Sales and payments. This system will guide you through the creation of vendors list, purchase orders, products list, receiving lists, sales orders, invoices, sale and payment receipts. This is in addition to product labels with barcodes, work orders for creation inventory assemblies, transfer orders between locations, customers and vendors balances.XML synchr

See also: inventory, software, system, executive, retail, good, product, job, book keep, business, work, customer, vendor, book, pay, payment, money, credit, bar code, code, import, export, financial, e-mail, windows, billing, free, shareware, statements

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MyClubV2 2.3

MyClubV2 is a powerful Social Club Management Solution with inbuilt Reporting and Email distribution functions to keep your Members fully informed. MyClubV2 organises your Membership, Meetings, Motions, Agenda's Correspondence, Contact Notes enabling you to quickly lookup past data and manage future events. An easy to learn and intuiative interface will have you up and running quickly enabling you to save time and effort.

See also: social, sporting, religious, club, management, software, organiser, pim, organizer, database, records, membership, email, myclub, solution, financial

Buy MyClubV2 2.3 (only $89.95)Download MyClubV2 2.3 (Size: 4949 KB)

Farsight Calculator 3.1

Farsight Calculator is a easy-to-use programmable calculator which lets you to save your calculating process as a software or function,and perform arithmetic operations in either RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) or ALG (Algebraic) mode.more than one hundred functions are supported, including algebraic, trigonometric, hyperbolic, date, statistical, and financial functions.In addition to Farsight Calculator contains a set of powerful tools

See also: Calculator, Windows Calculator, RPN, RPN Calculator, Financial Calculator, Calculator Download

Buy Farsight Calculator 3.1 (only $29.50)Download Farsight Calculator 3.1 (Size: 1898 KB)

Billing Management Utility

Inventory management utility generates various voucher entries including vendor details, stock record, expenses, sale-purchase etc. Billing and tax management utility prepares tax information report consisting of tax type, taxation type, region etc. Inventory and accounting management utility records voucher entry details of product including quotation, sale, purchase etc. Accounting utility provides data backup and restore facility.

See also: Billing, management, utility, financial, audit, business, stock, inventory, profit, loss, ledger, trial balance, sale, purchase, invoice, voucher, income, expenses, accounting, software, balance sheet, report, expenditure, credit, debit, transaction

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Accounting And Inventory Tool

Account management software helps to analyze sales and purchase records, profit and loss information and tax details of a company. Inventory and accounting application enables to prepare trial balance, profit and loss account, balance sheet, record sales and purchase order, income and expenses, invoice reports, ledger report for all types of businesses. Accounting utility supports all types of windows operating system including VISTA.

See also: Accounting, inventory, management, financial, billing, software, estimate, database, record, maintain, business, balance sheet, create, tax, information, bookkeeping, generate, company, details, client, sale, purchase, stock, bill, invoicing, report

Buy Accounting And Inventory Tool (only $45.00)Download Accounting And Inventory Tool (Size: 7526 KB)


DataScene is a data graphing, animation, and analysis software package. It lets the user to easily plot 2D & 3D graphs with scientific, financial, and statistical data, to manipulate, print, and export high quality graphs, to analyze data with various mathematical methods (fitting curves, calculating statics, FFT, and more), to make graph animations for presentations, classes, and web pages, and to chart and process real-time data sources.

See also: Scientific, Data Graphing, Plotting, Charting, Animation, Data Analysis, Graphing Software, Graph Animation, Animated Presentation, Data Monitoring, Nonlinear Curve Fit, Linear Regression, Statistical, Financial, FFT, Bar, Area, Pie, Line, Polar

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Enterprise Accounting Systems

Financial accounting software handles all financial accounting activities of your company which includes Customer profile maintenance, Vendors record, Stock details, Inventory management etc. Accounting application enterprise edition includes barcode information detection feature and provides data backup facility to maintain records of significant accounting details. Software works with any Windows operating system including Windows Vista and XP.

See also: Financial, accounting, software, enterprise, edition, sales, purchase, stock, inventory, customer, profile, vendor, record, barcode, generate, production, report, manage, business, account, maintain, detail, .Net, Framework, Windows, Vista, data

Buy Enterprise Accounting Systems (only $69.00)Download Enterprise Accounting Systems (Size: 6184 KB)

Invoice Billing Software

Professional financial accounting software is developed to handle all financial-accounting works of any company which includes features like Customer profile maintenance, Vendors record, Stock details, Inventory management etc. Inventory Management utility is completely secure and password protected lets server to permit or restrict access to the accounting records by any external users. Software works on any Windows operating system including Windows Vista.

See also: Financial, accounting, software, standard, edition, generate, record, maintain, sales, purchase, stock, inventory, customer, vendor, production, report, manage, business, account, maintain, .Net, Framework, Vista, backup, secure, password, protected

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Barcode Fonts for Retail Business

Company Offer Barcode Fonts for Retail Business is a popular technology used to make and design various types of professional barcode labels including retail labels, eye catching asset tags and inventory control labels etc which used in convenient form. Reliable Barcode Fonts for Retail Business utility provides comprehensive solution to develop productivity and operational efficiency of the business organization for future welfare.

See also: Industry, business, print, barcode, software, inventory, products, retail, label, fonts, design, program, tool, scanned, sector, professional, financial, linear, bulk, format, file, computer, expert, technical, advance, version, freeware

Buy Barcode Fonts for Retail Business (only $45.00)Download Barcode Fonts for Retail Business (Size: 5068 KB)

Book Keeping Software

Highly interactive Book Keeping Software demo version available on company website which facilitates you to maintain final account reports on your personal system and provides advance security option on your Computer so any unauthorized can?t modify your business transaction.

See also: control, order, purchase, sale, create, program, expense, income, company, report, business, maintain, utility, stock, inventory, review, loss, profit, calculate, details, accounting, financial, billing, product, records, Software, Keeping, Book

Buy Book Keeping Software (only $45.00)Download Book Keeping Software (Size: 6195 KB)

Inventory Software

Financial Accounting and Inventory Management Software helps to get organise complex inventory data records together in well organized format to track any details within seconds. Inventory record management utility reduces wastage of time and resource in order to enhance productivity in an easy way. Handling bulk of item, sale, purchase and other accounting details in organized way gets easier through such smart inventory record handler program.

See also: Financial, accounting, data, record, management, software, maintain, salary, payroll, item, customer, vendor, purchase, sale, detail, billing, tool, provide, password, security, inventory, control, utility, create, balance, sheet, expense

Buy Inventory Software (only $45.00)Download Inventory Software (Size: 6195 KB)

Enterprise Financial Software

Accounting and billing software manages complete business details of multiple enterprises without requiring manual data entry process. Enterprise Financial tool facilitates data connectivity feature which is useful to access the accounting data from other network connected parallel computer machine or local drive. Inventory and billing utility supports user friendly interface and can be used without having any tech or non-technical skill.

See also: Enterprise, financial, accounting, utility, calculate, manage, ledgers, balance sheets, inventory, billing, application, manage, records, employee, details, sales, purchase, transaction, barcode, technology, support, business, management, software

Buy Enterprise Financial Software (only $69.00)Download Enterprise Financial Software (Size: 6184 KB)

Best Financial Accounting Software

Company website provides Best Financial Accounting Software to effectively manage company?s database without requiring lengthy pen paper work. Time saving accounting application effectively manages customer-vender reports, sale-purchase orders, and multiple accounting details of group of companies at a single place that is on your Windows computer system.

See also: Maintain, billing, accounting, reports, financial, record, sales, purchase, orders, inventory, download, standard, software, generate, tax, information, security, data, balance, sheets, stock, market, loss, profit, business, vouchers, program

Buy Best Financial Accounting Software (only $45.00)Download Best Financial Accounting Software (Size: 6184 KB)

Purchase Order Billing Management

Purchase Order Billing Management tool is well established on site that provides password protected option for users to control unauthorized access on company data. Inventory tracking application prepares company visitors records.

See also: Billing, management, tool, create, maintain, sales, customer, vendor, supplier, reports, database, manager, tool, process, business, financial, inventory, transaction, payment, invoice, system, software

Buy Purchase Order Billing Management (only $45.00)Download Purchase Order Billing Management (Size: 7639 KB)

Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders software download from company website to monitor entire company financial accounting records in easy way. Advance purchase order tool provides facility to search required sales and purchase record in less time by using search option.

See also: Purchase, order, management, software, maintain, records, business, financial, transaction, accountants, translations, data, manage, generate, sales, reports, vendors, information, stocks, invoice, payment, customers, vender, delivery, receipt

Buy Purchase Orders (only $299.00)Download Purchase Orders (Size: 7833 KB)

Accounting Tool

Download inventory software from site to maintain account information of multiple companies at a time from your PC. Accounting Tool is able manages information about tax including tax type, bill sundry and sales transfer form etc that charged during sale and purchase process of any items.

See also: Financial, management, accounting, software, program, generate, report, stock, inventory, details, inventory, application, utility, record, sale, purchase, information, maintain, tax, type, manage, profit, loss, balance sheet

Buy Accounting Tool (only $45.00)Download Accounting Tool (Size: 6195 KB)

Best Billing Software

Best Billing Software manages downloads from to prepare various report including ledger, sales-purchase order, income-expenses details, customer-vendor details and other types of account records in accurate way.

See also: Billing, Software, maintain, sale, purchase, order, income, expenses, inventory, invoice, manage, tax, information, customer, vendor, record, business, transaction, cash, bank, book, generate, final, report, accounting, financial

Buy Best Billing Software (only $45.00)Download Best Billing Software (Size: 6195 KB)

Purchase Order Accounting

Exclusive offer, company presents purchase order management application that helps users to make and updates business sales/purchase transaction details at one place. Purchase Order accounting software has advance authentication features help you to manage sale/purchase records in secure manner by restricting external user to access database.

See also: Purchase, order, accounting, utility, maintain, sales, records, business, organization, software, data, backup, restore, program, create, vendor, customer, delivery, quote, receipt, financial, transaction, report, inventory, stock

Buy Purchase Order Accounting (only $45.00)Download Purchase Order Accounting (Size: 7639 KB)

Investment and Business Valuation 2.3

The Investment and Business Valuation template is perfect for evaluating a wide range of investment and business case scenarios. While it is based on the discounted cash flow method of valuation, its also provides ability to evaluate economic value added valuation, accounting impact, and a range of other evaluation parameters. Furthermore, the step by step input flow makes usage straightforward to gain fast results to drive decision making.

See also: Excel, investment, financial, valuation, spreadsheet, template, EVA, DCF, discounted, cash flow, economic, value, added, analysis, business, evaluation, NPV

Buy Investment and Business Valuation 2.3 (only $26.00)Download Investment and Business Valuation 2.3 (Size: 178 KB)

Purchase Order Software

Professional Purchase Order Software is helpful in entire sales purchase monitoring application in easiest and quickest manner. Windows based PO form is easy to use in computer and helps user to edit existing account billing reports in simplified manner. New PO management software records products update information, vendor details and financial transaction successfully. Advanced PO application produces fast and accurate billing information.

See also: Manage, purchase, product, record, sales, items, delivery, inventory, order, create, invoice, customers, database, organizer, software, download, tool, company, transaction, business, tax, utility, professional, financial, application, information

Buy Purchase Order Software (only $45.00)Download Purchase Order Software (Size: 7464 KB)

trendingBot 1.0.1

trendingBot represents an alternative to the conventional data analysing software. It can be defined as an "equation seeker" or a "trend finder". Three main features characterise its advanced algorithm: * as detailed calculations as required (minimum number of simplifications possible); * no user parameters; * to-the-point solutions (directly applicable equation or "trend not found").

See also: simulation, predictions, trends, mathematical modelling, modeling, innovative equations

Buy trendingBot 1.0.1 (only $1300.00)Download trendingBot 1.0.1 (Size: 22265 KB)

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