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Dispexplorer 1.2

Hard disk utility that helps you track disk space usage. It uses stylish and unique 3d graphics. Helps you understand where is lost most of disk space. It's unique disk utility that makes your file system more organized. You can zoom in / zoom out unique 3d pie chart that shows each folder as pie slice. Change colors also. Gradient bar charts shows size ratio between file / folder and root folder. More info on site. Free trial 20 days. Dispexplorer is the most popular folder monitoring download.

See also: disks, drives, drive, folders, folder, size, report, monitor, monitoring, analyze, bar, pie, chart, software, application, tool, utilitiy, disk, Hard

Buy Dispexplorer 1.2 (only $29.00)Download Dispexplorer 1.2 (Size: 837 KB)

Space Searcher 1.5

The technology evolution brings new demands and a 'massive 20Gb HDD' we've bought only a couple of years ago seems really tiny today. We get completely lost in all those files without ever knowing which of them are actually important and worth keeping and which are not. Space Searcher allows you visually manage your hard disk space by letting you know which files and folders take too much space on your hard drive. Save your money on HDD upgrades! Space Searcher is the second most popular folder monitoring download.

See also: free drive space, disk free space, folder size, Space, Size, File, Directory, Disk, Folder, Hard, Drive, Report, Manager, Disk analize, monitoring, temp files, waste space

Buy Space Searcher 1.5 (only $14.90)Download Space Searcher 1.5 (Size: 1328 KB)

ShareAlarmPro 2.0.5

ShareAlarmPro is a network tool that allows network administrators and users easily perform a network shares monitoring. Using ShareAlarmPro you can monitor users attempting to access secured shares and confidential files, detect and log network access to shared folders, monitor security events, monitor accessed files, disconnect users from open files or deny network users access, monitor sharing permission changes. ShareAlarmPro is the third most popular folder monitoring download.

See also: shared folders, network monitoring, access detect, monitor, folder monitoring, network security, intrusion detection, event log, access monitoring, security events, network protection, network access, alert, network shares, network share, network sharing, file share

Buy ShareAlarmPro 2.0.5 (only $28.50)Download ShareAlarmPro 2.0.5 (Size: 1681 KB)

USB Port Locker

Computer data leakage protection utility captures malicious activities of USB mass storage device with in LAN. Windows network USB data leakage protection application prevents local area network from unauthorized data access from pen drive, thumb drive or other similar removable storage media in actual time. USB drive data theft protection utility monitors USB port activities and save transferred data in log file with client system IP address.

See also: Employee, monitoring, software, captures, USB, port, activity, saves, information, log, folder, windows, LAN, network, data, leakage, protection, tool, blocks, file, transfer, client, server, machine, records, system, hardware, address

Buy USB Port Locker (only $120.00)Download USB Port Locker (Size: 2908 KB)

Emails Monitoring Software

Company offers clipboard recorder tool from that supports business manager to record each online and offline activities performed by employee during job hours in hidden mode. Most technically powerful Emails Monitoring Software totally operates in hidden mode and is not visible by user.

See also: monitoring, utility, trace, activities, performed, hidden, mode, record, typed, sites, email, visited, data, file, folder, internet, pressed, clipboard, keystroke, character, screenshot, content, save, log, encrypted, capture, stealth,

Buy Emails Monitoring Software (only $45.00)Download Emails Monitoring Software (Size: 1638 KB)

Computer Monitoring Software

Company offers extraordinary Computer Monitoring Software from for recording and save all unauthorized Computer activities performed by user in hidden mode. Most technically powerful keystroke recorder application totally operates in hidden mode.

See also: Monitoring, computer, software, capture, activities, typed, keystroke, pressed, key, hidden, mode, internet, website, URL, Emails, detect, visited, secrete, data, log, encrypted, file, folder, save, txt, report, record, chat, conversation

Buy Computer Monitoring Software (only $45.00)Download Computer Monitoring Software (Size: 1638 KB)

FileMove Pro 2.05.09

FileMove Pro is a job based utility for file handling. Backup, copying, moving, deleting, compressing, synchronizing, file and folder surveillance and many more. All jobs can be executed in intervals, daily, weekly, monthly or by date and time. FileMove Pro runs its jobs local or in a network, is multi user able, file actions and can be executed as NT service and the interfaces are multilingual.

See also: delete, move, copy, compress, uncompress, synchronize, files, folder, backup, surveillance, automatically, surveillance, monitoring

Buy FileMove Pro 2.05.09 (only $52.00)Download FileMove Pro 2.05.09 (Size: 6697 KB)

SendTo Magic 3.0.3

SendTo Magic 3.0 helps you maximize the powerful SendTo menu by giving you more file management options. SendTo Magic allows you to use the SendTo menu for copying and moving files, creating shortcuts and zip files, as well as uploading files to FTP sites. SendTo Magic can help you copy and move files more quickly by remembering the folders you have recently used, and by providing a simple, yet powerful interface.

See also: sendto, sendto menu, file, folder, shell, copy, move, shortcut, zip, ftp

Buy SendTo Magic 3.0.3 (only $19.95)Download SendTo Magic 3.0.3 (Size: 1586 KB)

Change Folder Icons 7.5

Don't you know how to change standard yellow folder to a colourful and bright? Change Folder Icons is an award-winning tool for Windows intended to find thousands of bright icons in your computer and change Windows folder icons simply and fast! As against other similar programs Change Folder Icons changes folder icons so that while copying to another computer, CD or any removable drive colourful icons are kept.

See also: change, folder, icons, colourful, bright, icon, Windows, default, standard, yellow, search, exchange, drive, replace, extract, find, resource, ico, files

Buy Change Folder Icons 7.5 (only $19.00)Download Change Folder Icons 7.5 (Size: 1653 KB)

Folder Password Protect 2.8

Folder Password Protect is a software program that lets you set a password on folders of your choice. What makes Folder Password Protect better than built-in security of Windows XP? You don't have to create separate user accounts or use the NTFS file system. Folder Password Protect can protect a folder on both NTFS and FAT32 volumes. Moreover, you can protect folders on USB flash drives and network drives as well as on the hard drive.

See also: folder, password, protect, protection, security, lock, protecting, hide, folders

Buy Folder Password Protect 2.8 (only $39.95)Download Folder Password Protect 2.8 (Size: 669 KB)

Folder Pilot 1.00

Get a handy folder shortcut menu and find your favorite and recently used folders quickly with an enhanced Address bar in Windows Explorer. The Folder Pilot shortcut menu can be used within the Windows Explorer, the File Selection Dialogues, or even from the desktop. The next generation of Windows (codename "Longhorn") will have similar functionality - with Folder Pilot experience the tomorrow's folder navigation today.

See also: shell utilities, shell utility, file manager, explorer extension, tools, desktop, shell, folder organizer, folder browser, fast access, jump folder, favorite folder, browse folder, change folder, right click, folder shortcut, explore folder, shell enhancement

Buy Folder Pilot 1.00 (only $19.95)Download Folder Pilot 1.00 (Size: 1742 KB)

Disk Recon 3.1

This utility combines all tools that you need to manage your hard disk space locally or on a network server. With its intuitive interface you can easily find all the information you need to make allocation decisions. Folder treeview with sizes, Duplicate filefinder, Folder monitor, File search with preview.

See also: disk, space, folder, directories, disks, network, NTFS, compression

Buy Disk Recon 3.1 (only $29.99)Download Disk Recon 3.1 (Size: 1937 KB)

Alive Folders 1.1

Imagine that your hard disk crashed. How much work will you lose? This convenient sync files program helps you to keep all you need. It makes a mirror of your important information and keeps it actual. It works as a background process. It also can be used for synchronizing your home computer's and notebook's working files. The program supports mirroring on a secondary hard disks, flash memory and network shared folders.

See also: files backup, files sync, wild card, file, files, folder, folders, store, save, backup, restore, filter, filtering, sync, sinchro, synchronizing, synchronization, synchronizer, mirror, mirroring, utility, utilities

Buy Alive Folders 1.1 (only $10.00)Download Alive Folders 1.1 (Size: 352 KB)

Quick File Rename Personal Edition 5.0

Quick File Rename is a full featured batch file and folder (2-in-1!) renaming utility that is both easy to use and has features such as Undo, Real-time Preview, instant rename by dragging and dropping, DOS 8.3 file convert, file rename using wildcards, file mask, mixed case rename, updating of time stamps, enumeration, MP3 id3 v1 tagging, regular expressions and many more. It also supports international characters, the ONLY renaming app to do so

See also: batch rename, file rename, folder rename, fast folder rename, quick file rename, file renamer, renamer, multiple rename, file utility, file rename, multiple file rename, rename many files, mp3 rename, mp3 utility, batch renamer, folder rename

Buy Quick File Rename Personal Edition 5.0 (only $29.95)Download Quick File Rename Personal Edition 5.0 (Size: 1084 KB)

Space Hound 4 4.0.1741

Sniff out wasted space with The Best Duplicate File Finder available. Space Hound 4 eliminates duplicate and unused files that are cluttering up your hard drive and causing problems. Make your operations faster because your system doesn't have to look through thousands of unnecessary files to find the ones you need. Now, much more than a duplicate File finder... Space Hound 4 is an education about the files on your computer.

See also: Duplicate File Finder, Duplicate Files, Remove Duplicates, Find Files, Folder Synchronization, Duplicate, file, finder, unistall, disk manager, file tools, utility, disk, folders, move, copy, uninstall, remove, delete, view, hex, icons, cleanup, cle

Buy Space Hound 4 4.0.1741 (only $40.00)Download Space Hound 4 4.0.1741 (Size: 7226 KB)

Undelete NTFS Hard drive data

Undelete NTFS hard drive data software utility recover crashed Windows NT 2000 2003 XP partition volume files folders directories rescue corrupted root directory master file table entries restore lost accidentally deleted erased digital media iPod memory card pen drive usb images pictures documents retrieve formatted not detected inaccessible hdd storage disk devices ide ata sata scsi eide unformat laptop desktop pc computer damaged information

See also: ntfs, hard, pen, drive, disk, partition, files, data, recovery, directory, lost, overwritten, crashed, mft, boot, sector, root, storage, media, iPod, software, card, ide, ata, sata, scsi, eide, deleted, formatted, corrupted, retrieve, restore, folder

Buy Undelete NTFS Hard drive data (only $69.00)Download Undelete NTFS Hard drive data (Size: 5355 KB)

Chameleon Icons 1.0

Chameleon Icons converts images of any format into Windows icons with just a few clicks. Convert any picture or photo in BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD, TIFF format into icons for your Windows desktop, applications, folders, email and ICQ contacts. As it supports Windows XP icons in 32-bit color depth with an alpha channel, you can easily create semi-transparent XP icons. Chameleon Icons is equipped with a rich frame styles collection.

See also: design tools, icon design, PSD to icon, PNG to icon, GIF to icon, JPEG to icon, BMP to icon, 32-bit icon, XP icon, icon constructor, email links, folder icon, windows icon, image to icon, any2icon, icon builder, icon creator, icon

Buy Chameleon Icons 1.0 (only $49.00)Download Chameleon Icons 1.0 (Size: 3524 KB)

File and Folder Privacy 2.51

Password-protect and hide your files and folders with a click of mouse. The program will always prompt to enter your access password when protection is enabled and a user is trying to access a protected file or folder. The protected file or folder will become accessible only is a valid password is entered. Windows Explorer integration is supported and upon installation the program creates convenient items in the context menu of Windows Explorer.

See also: program, password, folder, file, windows, user, protected, menu, explorer, accessible, access

Buy File and Folder Privacy 2.51 (only $49.00)Download File and Folder Privacy 2.51 (Size: 737 KB)

FolderCloak 2.1

FolderCloak is a tool that hide your private folders easily. With FolderCloak, you can hide your folders and thus prevent access by anyone else to your personal files and documents. FolderCloak just puts a "Harry Potter's invisibility cloak" on your folder so the folder looks invisible.

See also: FolderCloak, Folder Cloak, Folder hide, Folder protect, private folder, hide folder

Buy FolderCloak 2.1 (only $19.95)Download FolderCloak 2.1 (Size: 917 KB)

GrandBackup Business 1.2

Automatically copy essential documents and other important files and folders to a reserve location on the same drive, another drive, or across the network. You set up Tasks that describe the source, destination, and the backup schedule. GrandBackup Business monitors the source files for changes or additions and then automatically copies the new or changed files to their designated destinations.

See also: onlimemedia, grandbackup, backup, data, synchronize, ZIP, file, folder, copy, move, save, filter, schedule

Buy GrandBackup Business 1.2 (only $49.95)Download GrandBackup Business 1.2 (Size: 3728 KB)

FolderClone Professional Edition 1.6.2

FolderClone Professional provides flexible and easy backup, synchronization, replication, and mirroring of important files. Once configured, it monitors the source folders for changes and copies new or changed files to the target. This process runs in the background without any further user-interaction required. NTFS Security attributes are copied with the files. Able to copy most in-use files. Email notifications can be sent to an admin.

See also: second copy, visa versa, back up, file sync, file synchronization, data mirroring, replication software, folder sync, folder synchronization, folder cloning sofware, enterprise edition, professional back up software

Buy FolderClone Professional Edition 1.6.2 (only $44.95)Download FolderClone Professional Edition 1.6.2 (Size: 4279 KB)

Sync Last Files Professional 2.0

Sync Last Files Professional designed for folders synchronization. This application can apply these filters to files: list of file masks, file age, maximum file size. Program can create backup copies of replacing and deleting files. Also, program can mantain not only last version of backups, but previous versions too. Sync Last Files Professional can be very helpful for synchronizing files between two or more computers by using Flash drive.

See also: synchroniz, file, folder, catalog, backup, copy, date, time, day, change, mask, office, home

Buy Sync Last Files Professional 2.0 (only $39.95)Download Sync Last Files Professional 2.0 (Size: 2310 KB)

Softalk Share Server 1.0.4

Softalk Share Server provides native support for folder sharing in Microsoft Outlook. It shares folders in a very similar way to Exchange Server. There is no synchronization involved. This means that changes you make in Outlook can be seen instantly by other users that have access to your folders. Softalk Share Server lets you share both personal and public folders.

See also: share outlook, outlook folder sharing, exchange alternative

Buy Softalk Share Server 1.0.4 (only $275.00)Download Softalk Share Server 1.0.4 (Size: 13385 KB)

HideFlash 1.2

HideFlash is a security software to protect files and folders on USB flash drive from viewing them without your permission. Your files and folders are hidden and remain invisible on any computer to which you connect your USB flash drive. It is useful for anyone who wants to protect their private data.

See also: hide, folders, files, folder, file, usb, flash, filesystem, hidden, remove, lock, password

Buy HideFlash 1.2 (only $19.95)Download HideFlash 1.2 (Size: 102 KB)

Restore FAT Partition Data

FAT partition recovery software recovers accidentally deleted files of all formats including PCX, MDB, PPT, DOC etc. FAT files undelete software restores data lost from hard disk due to improper system shutdown, virus infection and hardware malfunctioning. FAT data retrieval tool allows user to salvage files and folders from previously existing FAT32 and VFAT file system partition. Software recovers data deleted using (Shift + Del) key.

See also: Restore, FAT, partition, data, files, recovery, software, hard, disk, restoration, application, drive, retrieval, tool, rescue, utility, recover, salvage, repair, restore, deleted, corrupted, erased, damaged, directory, document, folder, MBR, MFT

Buy Restore FAT Partition Data (only $69.00)Download Restore FAT Partition Data (Size: 798 KB)

NTFS Hard Disk Recovery Software

NTFS hard disk data recovery software recovers lost digital photos, images, song list, pictures, audio-video clipping, multimedia files and significant business documents from NTFS and NTFS5 partitioned hard disk drives. NTFS data salvage tool provides GUI with systematic help manual, so no tech skill require to operate the software. NTFS data revival software recovers data even if deleted from recycle bin and by pressing shift + delete key.

See also: Windows, NTFS, partitioned, recovery, software, restore, deleted, data, NTFS5, computer, hard, disk, rescue, tool, recover, lost, compressed, encrypted, MFT, file, salvage, program, corrupted, MBR, DBR, revival, utility, regain, audio, video, folder

Buy NTFS Hard Disk Recovery Software (only $69.00)Download NTFS Hard Disk Recovery Software (Size: 1525 KB)

Recover Files

Recover Files Software is most efficient data recovery tool to recover lost data from hard disk or all types of digital data storage devices and safely restore them in specified location. Recover files software automatically recovers data, music, video, digital photo and other significant files and folder lost due to different types of failures like hard disk failure, software failure, partition deletion, formatting hard disk and virus attacks.

See also: Software, utility, recover, file, folder, deleted, lost, partition, hard, disk, drive, retrieve, information, data, document, picture, video, music, device, USB, system, tool, 001Micron, premium, memory, format, delete, damage, crash, virus, restore

Buy Recover Files (only $59.00)Download Recover Files (Size: 1925 KB)

SaveMail Pro 1.00.0045

Save your e-mail & attachments. Does it worry you that you have all your e-mail sitting in Outlook? What if Outlook crashes and takes your e-mail with it? SaveMail puts YOU in control over YOUR email. With SaveMail, you choose what you want to save, where you want to save it and how you want to save it. Do you like to file things by date? by subject? by who they are from? Your e-mail can be saved with all this information right there in the filename.

See also: email, outlook, save, backup, msg, message, list, folder, sender, from, date, received, sent, batch, command line, attachments

Buy SaveMail Pro 1.00.0045 (only $24.95)Download SaveMail Pro 1.00.0045 (Size: 313 KB)

How To Restore Deleted Files

Company offers first-class solution How To Restore Deleted Files and folder from card storages device. DDR professional software provides best solution to retrieve text files from corrupted Windows hard disk. DDR professional software presents safe and sound facility to salvage intentionally deleted music files, digital data from USB data storage device. DDR professional application to bring back significant files corrupted due to power failure.

See also: DDR, professional, data, recovery, software, restore, missing, deleted, damaged, audio, video, songs, images, pictures, regain, repair, documents, text, file, folder, retrieval, application, program, utility, rescue, salvage, restoration, tool

Buy How To Restore Deleted Files (only $79.99)Download How To Restore Deleted Files (Size: 2211 KB)

Disk Repair Utilities

FAT Data Recovery software can recover any type of deleted file like (.doc, .ppt, mp3, zip, video files) or even folders from damaged or corrupted disks. File regain software provides facility of saving the recovered file at user specified location for future purpose. Software support recovery even if system displays error messages like ?Disk not found?, or ?drive not formatted? while accessing hard drive. Restoration software is 100% FREE to try.

See also: FAT, windows, fat32, fat16, deleted, damaged, recovery, restore, formatted, corrupted, crashed, retrieve, partition, file, data, folder, storage, software, volume, dbr, mbr, hard, disk, drive, file system, root, directory, boot, sector, table

Buy Disk Repair Utilities (only $69.00)Download Disk Repair Utilities (Size: 1515 KB)

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