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Dispexplorer 1.2

Hard disk utility that helps you track disk space usage. It uses stylish and unique 3d graphics. Helps you understand where is lost most of disk space. It's unique disk utility that makes your file system more organized. You can zoom in / zoom out unique 3d pie chart that shows each folder as pie slice. Change colors also. Gradient bar charts shows size ratio between file / folder and root folder. More info on site. Free trial 20 days. Dispexplorer is the most popular folder monitoring download.

See also: disks, drives, drive, folders, folder, size, report, monitor, monitoring, analyze, bar, pie, chart, software, application, tool, utilitiy, disk, Hard

Buy Dispexplorer 1.2 (only $29.00)Download Dispexplorer 1.2 (Size: 837 KB)

Space Searcher 1.5

The technology evolution brings new demands and a 'massive 20Gb HDD' we've bought only a couple of years ago seems really tiny today. We get completely lost in all those files without ever knowing which of them are actually important and worth keeping and which are not. Space Searcher allows you visually manage your hard disk space by letting you know which files and folders take too much space on your hard drive. Save your money on HDD upgrades! Space Searcher is the second most popular folder monitoring download.

See also: free drive space, disk free space, folder size, Space, Size, File, Directory, Disk, Folder, Hard, Drive, Report, Manager, Disk analize, monitoring, temp files, waste space

Buy Space Searcher 1.5 (only $14.90)Download Space Searcher 1.5 (Size: 1328 KB)

ShareAlarmPro 2.0.5

ShareAlarmPro is a network tool that allows network administrators and users easily perform a network shares monitoring. Using ShareAlarmPro you can monitor users attempting to access secured shares and confidential files, detect and log network access to shared folders, monitor security events, monitor accessed files, disconnect users from open files or deny network users access, monitor sharing permission changes. ShareAlarmPro is the third most popular folder monitoring download.

See also: shared folders, network monitoring, access detect, monitor, folder monitoring, network security, intrusion detection, event log, access monitoring, security events, network protection, network access, alert, network shares, network share, network sharing, file share

Buy ShareAlarmPro 2.0.5 (only $28.50)Download ShareAlarmPro 2.0.5 (Size: 1681 KB)

USB Port Locker

Computer data leakage protection utility captures malicious activities of USB mass storage device with in LAN. Windows network USB data leakage protection application prevents local area network from unauthorized data access from pen drive, thumb drive or other similar removable storage media in actual time. USB drive data theft protection utility monitors USB port activities and save transferred data in log file with client system IP address.

See also: Employee, monitoring, software, captures, USB, port, activity, saves, information, log, folder, windows, LAN, network, data, leakage, protection, tool, blocks, file, transfer, client, server, machine, records, system, hardware, address

Buy USB Port Locker (only $120.00)Download USB Port Locker (Size: 2908 KB)

Emails Monitoring Software

Company offers clipboard recorder tool from that supports business manager to record each online and offline activities performed by employee during job hours in hidden mode. Most technically powerful Emails Monitoring Software totally operates in hidden mode and is not visible by user.

See also: monitoring, utility, trace, activities, performed, hidden, mode, record, typed, sites, email, visited, data, file, folder, internet, pressed, clipboard, keystroke, character, screenshot, content, save, log, encrypted, capture, stealth,

Buy Emails Monitoring Software (only $45.00)Download Emails Monitoring Software (Size: 1638 KB)

Computer Monitoring Software

Company offers extraordinary Computer Monitoring Software from for recording and save all unauthorized Computer activities performed by user in hidden mode. Most technically powerful keystroke recorder application totally operates in hidden mode.

See also: Monitoring, computer, software, capture, activities, typed, keystroke, pressed, key, hidden, mode, internet, website, URL, Emails, detect, visited, secrete, data, log, encrypted, file, folder, save, txt, report, record, chat, conversation

Buy Computer Monitoring Software (only $45.00)Download Computer Monitoring Software (Size: 1638 KB)

FileMove Pro 2.05.09

FileMove Pro is a job based utility for file handling. Backup, copying, moving, deleting, compressing, synchronizing, file and folder surveillance and many more. All jobs can be executed in intervals, daily, weekly, monthly or by date and time. FileMove Pro runs its jobs local or in a network, is multi user able, file actions and can be executed as NT service and the interfaces are multilingual.

See also: delete, move, copy, compress, uncompress, synchronize, files, folder, backup, surveillance, automatically, surveillance, monitoring

Buy FileMove Pro 2.05.09 (only $52.00)Download FileMove Pro 2.05.09 (Size: 6697 KB)

ViceVersa PRO 2.0

Windows File Synchronization, File Replication and Backup Software. ViceVersa PRO delivers an easy way to backup, mirror, replicate and synchronize files and folders. ViceVersa works with any type of storage media on laptop, desktop, servers. ViceVersa implements both on-demand visual execution or automatic set-it-and-forget-it scheduled operation. Synchronize, replicate, mirror, backup files and folders with ease.

See also: Folder Synchronization, File Distribution, File Mirroring, Backup Software, File Backup, File Replication, File Synchronization, Synchronize Files, Synchronize Folders

Buy ViceVersa PRO 2.0 (only $59.95)Download ViceVersa PRO 2.0 (Size: 3054 KB)

Archive & Restore 1.1

Archive & Restore enables you to put away and save different versions of files and folders. Files are stored separately, either compressed or in their original format. The access will then be preserved by administrable archives with removable disk support, shell extension, search capabilities and links. Saved versions of a file are listed under its properties on an additional page - there you can open or restore a previous version quickly.

See also: archive, archiving, backup, save, saving, version, versions, versioning, file, files, folder, folders, management, manage, managing, manager, search, find, gzip

Buy Archive & Restore 1.1 (only $29.00)Download Archive & Restore 1.1 (Size: 1976 KB)

Abacre File Encryptor 1.0

Abacre File Encryptor encrypts any files or folders by using 39 advanced encryption algorithms (CAST, Blowfish, Twofish, Rijndael and others). Files maybe encrypted into a single file or individually and compressed during encryption. Secure Password Generator suggests reliable passwords. Use Text Pad to encrypt any text and Wipe Files command to permanently remove files from computer. Rich set of command line parameters and shell integration

See also: file encryptor, file, encryptor, decrypt, code, decode, encryption, wipe, delete, security, secure, software, internet, free, windows, password, generator, encrypting, decrypting, documents, private, privacy, strong, cryptographic, cipher, algorithm, folder, text

Buy Abacre File Encryptor 1.0 (only $29.99)Download Abacre File Encryptor 1.0 (Size: 938 KB)

Folder Vaccine Home Edition 3.1

Folder Vaccine Home Edition is a powerful desktop utility that keeps files and folders secure and safe by hiding and locking them, or by making them read-only with a password. With Its' simple to use drag-and-drop interface; Folder Vaccine Home Edition is the easiest way to protect your important files and folders. Its robust locking capabilities can also lock floppies, CD-ROMs, removable disks, and local hard drives.

See also: folder, desktop security, file lock, lockdown, lock-down, hide files, block control panel, application lock, executable file, folder, lock file, guard

Buy Folder Vaccine Home Edition 3.1 (only $29.95)Download Folder Vaccine Home Edition 3.1 (Size: 856 KB)

Folder Crypt 2.2

With Folder Crypt you can password protect any Windows file or folder using low level encryption and standard algorithms, such as DES, Rijndael and Blowfish with keys up to 2048 bits. The program performs a true bit per bit encryption of your data. Original files and folders may be shredded. The encryption process is not reversibile. Easy to use with its improved shell integration. Full international characters support.

See also: folder, encryption, file, encryption, password, protect, security, lock, DES, TripleDES, Blowfish, Rijndael, AES, ARC4, RC4

Buy Folder Crypt 2.2 (only $24.99)Download Folder Crypt 2.2 (Size: 1270 KB)

ShareContacts 2.30.0142

Share and synchronize Contacts folders in Microsoft Outlook without a server. Share different Contacts folders with different group of people. "Subscribe" your folders'/subfolders' data for your clients. Share Microsoft Outlook Contacts with your own custom forms and imported items. You can use Contacts4Outlook to synchronize Outlook Contacts' data between your desktop PC and laptop. Work offline or online.

See also: outlook calendar share, net folders, microsoft outlook, management, folder, contact, contacts, outlook, share, microsoft exchange, group calendar, calendar sharing, Workgroup Calendar, outlook calendar sharing, outlook groupware

Buy ShareContacts 2.30.0142 (only $24.95)Download ShareContacts 2.30.0142 (Size: 6091 KB)

TreeSize Personal 4.0

Powerful and flexible harddisk space manager for Windows. TreeSize Personal shows you the size, allocated and wasted space, number of files, 3D bar and pie charts, the last access date, the file owner, the NTFS compression rate and much more information for several folders or drives. It also lets you search for old, big, temporary, obsolete and browser cache files.

See also: file, FAT32, NTFS, FAT, Explorer, TreeSize, allocated, large, manager, tool, server, owner, ACL, rate, hard, space, disk, directory, utilities, compression, space, wasted, size, folder, monitor, usage, disk, hard, harddisk, TreeSize, Windows, Personal, TreeSize

Buy TreeSize Personal 4.0 (only $19.95)Download TreeSize Personal 4.0 (Size: 3845 KB)

Professional Renamer 2.45

Rename files and folders with Professional Renamer. Its user friendly and intuitive interface allows you to rename files and folders easily. Unique templates system will helpfully assist you in making up new names. All changes on new name immediately appear in the files list, what allow you to see the result before renaming. Put in good order your mp3 collection and photo archive, by adding date, time and counter to its names.

See also: templates, file, name, rename, professional, renamer, tool, renaming, files, folders, folder

Buy Professional Renamer 2.45 (only $19.95)Download Professional Renamer 2.45 (Size: 1168 KB)

zsCompare Standard Edition 3.03

The Standard Edition contains all of the features in the Lite edition plus it adds several additional features. It includes support for creating and comparing snapshots as well as support for changing attributes, timestamps, and file names directly from the results. It also has more powerful text comparison options, and the ability to directly edit the text of a file from the results. You can also view results in a binary mode.

See also: compare, synchronize, file, folder, text, word document, pdf, backup, zip, jar, comparison, sync, synchronization, crc, diff, match, file size, file date, file timestamp, Zizasoft, zsCompare, directory, patch files, snapshots, binary

Buy zsCompare Standard Edition 3.03 (only $99.95)Download zsCompare Standard Edition 3.03 (Size: 9409 KB)

Synchromat 4.6.8

Synchromat synchronizes files among all your computers, and their local, network and removable devices, ensuring that you always have your most current files wherever you are. With just a few clicks, you can set up this powerful and reliable utility. Use it to synchronize your documents, photos, MP3 library, software archives, contacts, e-mail and any other data files. The multili ngual user interface is really intuitive and instructive.

See also: backup, sync, synchronize, synchronization, folder, file

Buy Synchromat 4.6.8 (only $29.99)Download Synchromat 4.6.8 (Size: 2101 KB)

Total Wipe 2.4

Total Wipe is an application that will wipe and clean file on your local disk, removable drive, wiped file and folder no possibility undelete specjalistic software to regaining data.

See also: wipe, clean, delete, file, files, folder, folders

Buy Total Wipe 2.4 (only $15.95)Download Total Wipe 2.4 (Size: 2847 KB)

Outlook Password Recovery Wizard 2.0.2

First a user thinks of a good, reliable password for his mail account, then of a way to somehow recall it. If this is you, you surely need Outlook Password Recovery: a program that restores passwords for MS Outlook email accounts and PST personal folders, regardless of their length and their author's ingenuity. System administrators will appreciate the thorough and clear-structured account reports, ideal for backup and security tasks.

See also: outlook, lost, password, recovery, pst, email, mail, microsoft, recover, folder, office, open, account, login, pop3, pop, http, e-mail

Buy Outlook Password Recovery Wizard 2.0.2 (only $29.95)Download Outlook Password Recovery Wizard 2.0.2 (Size: 984 KB)

ReplaceMagic ExcelOnly Standard 1.6.0

Have you ever been in situation that you need to change text, header, footer, comments, OLE object links, hyperlinks or even more in thousands of files and you had to open each file manually to make changes? With ReplaceMagic you can scan folders for files and by entering search and replace strings let application to do all changes automatically for you. Our prices start from 25 EUR...

See also: word, excel, powerpoint, visio, project, search and replace, microsoft office documents, search and replace on network, fix broken links, fix header, fix footer, header, footer, broken link, data migration, file migration, folder reoganization

Buy ReplaceMagic ExcelOnly Standard 1.6.0 (only $62.00)Download ReplaceMagic ExcelOnly Standard 1.6.0 (Size: 1872 KB)

Alive Backup 1.0

Imagine that your hard disk crashed. How much work you will lose? This convenient backup files program helps you to keep all you need. It makes a mirror of your important information and keeps it actual according scheduler. It works as a background process. Many programs make temporary files and folders. Alive Backup allows to use a powerful filter. It never stores files that you do not need.

See also: files backup, files sync, wild card, file, files, folder, folders, store, save, persist, backup, restore, filter, filtering, sync, sinchro, synchronizing, synchronization, synchronizer, mirror, mirroring, utility, utilities, system, tool, tools

Buy Alive Backup 1.0 (only $10.00)Download Alive Backup 1.0 (Size: 356 KB)

Okoker Encrypt Folder 1.5

Okoker Encrypt Folder is a secure and easy to use program that lets you password-protect and easily prevent access to your important folders.A protected folder and its contents will be prevented from being renamed, modified, deleted, copied, moved, accessed or even seen on the system.

See also: encrypt folder, protect folder, folder security, encrypt directory

Buy Okoker Encrypt Folder 1.5 (only $24.95)Download Okoker Encrypt Folder 1.5 (Size: 2245 KB)

DiskScout 2.01 build 130

DiskSCOUT is a diskmonitor and foldermonitor allowing you to compare current folder-sizes to previous sizes so you can quickly see and understand which directories have grown over time. Track your diskspace, foldersize, treesize over time. Watch the historical development of folders and diskspace usage and analyze hard disk space.

See also: diskmonitor, diskanalyzer, treesize, foldersize, disksize, track harddisk, monitor harddisk, monitor hard disk, monitor directory, monitor folder, watch folder, watch directory, monitor directories, watchdisk, diskspace tracker, drivespace, drive space

Buy DiskScout 2.01 build 130 (only $29.00)Download DiskScout 2.01 build 130 (Size: 3072 KB)

ActiveXPowUpload 1.0

ActiveXPowUpload is easy client-side solution that can be used to perform multiple files uploads from a user machine to the web server. ActiveXPowUpload is a ActiveX supported by only Internet Explorer but don't needs anything on user side and supports any standard file processing script on server side.

See also: activex file upload, multiple files upload, file upload activex control, activex multiple file upload, http file upload activex, client file uploader, client file upload, client side file upload, upload folder, upload folders, upload a folder

Buy ActiveXPowUpload 1.0 (only $199.00)Download ActiveXPowUpload 1.0 (Size: 419 KB)

File Data Recovery 1.0

Recover deleted files and folders with ease. Data Cure combines sophisticated data recovery algorithms with simple, easy to use user interface, allowing anyone to recover lost data with just a few clicks and a bit of patience. The wizard-based user interface will never test your knowledge by asking you about drives, partitions, sectors or file tables. Just select the location where your lost files and folders were, and click Next!

See also: undelete file, unerase file, recover file, restore file, data recovery, file recovery, file data recovery, folder recovery, lost file, lost data, lost folder, aquatra

Buy File Data Recovery 1.0 (only $39.95)Download File Data Recovery 1.0 (Size: 5905 KB)

FruitfulTime BookmarkManager 3

Web browser independent portable bookmark manager for Windows 7 / Vista / XP. Can import from all major web browsers while retaining category information and avoiding duplicates. Bookmark web sites from within all major web browsers without installing any plug-ins. You can also bookmark documents, photos, file, and folders on your computer to organise your work and be able to find and open work stuff quickly.

See also: bookmark manager, web browser independent, USB pen drive, internet bookmarks, file bookmarks, folder bookmarks, windows bookmark manager, portable bookmark manager, bookmark management software

Buy FruitfulTime BookmarkManager 3 (only $24.95)Download FruitfulTime BookmarkManager 3 (Size: 3252 KB)

Data Recovery Software

Advanced and professional data recovery software is specially design for restoring mistakenly formatted or corrupted data, files and folders from your hard disk partition. Using quick data renewal software efficiently get back missing or misplaced various multimedia files like snaps, picture, audio- video songs, albums, animated movies, event photographs and various similar data and directories from your Computer storage media just in few mouse clicks.

See also: Recover, rescue, data, delete, file, folder, picture, image, office, document, directory, subdirectory, audio, video, song, snap, lost, erased, missing, misplace, DDR, partition, mistakenly, corrupted, format, crashed, hard, disk, drive, Windows

Buy Data Recovery Software (only $79.99)Download Data Recovery Software (Size: 2211 KB)

Removable Media Files Salvage

Removable storage media data retrieval tool is capable to recover lost files and folders from all major brands of removable media. Removable drive files salvage software easily retrieves erased images, pictures, mp3 files and folders from iPod, camcorder hard drive. Removable media data restoration application is reliable solution to restore unintentionally deleted all your precious photographs, audio video clips from mobile phone memory cards

See also: Removable, media, data, recovery, software, retrieve, lost, picture, recover, accidentally, deleted, file, damaged, memory, card, formatted, pen, drive, program, salvage, corrupted, images, restore, erased, folder, utility, rescue, USB, drive, mobile

Buy Removable Media Files Salvage (only $45.00)Download Removable Media Files Salvage (Size: 623 KB)

NatrualNotes FolderMonitor

NatrualNotes Folder Monitor is a fast, effective and easy-to-use disk change monitoring solution allowing one to monitor one or more disks or directories and to detect file creations, file modification, file attribute changes and file delete operations in real-time.

See also: Monitor Folder, Watch Folder, Monitor Directory, Watch Directory

Buy NatrualNotes FolderMonitor (only $49.98)Download NatrualNotes FolderMonitor (Size: 599 KB)

NTFS Data Recovery

NTFS Data Recovery software facilitates user to successfully revive or regain missing data, text file, official documents/report, picture, photos, music, audio songs, video clipping from logically corrupted NTFS partition. Simple to download file recovery application easily get back your virus infected file, word documents, music clippings, snaps and image folder from logically formatted or reformatted NTFS5 partition due to power failure.

See also: NTFS, data, recovery, software, restore, missing, data, text, word, file, folder, official document, report, tool, revive, regain, formatted, reformatted, picture, photos, images, application, retrieve, audio, clipping, music, snap, disk, partition

Buy NTFS Data Recovery (only $69.00)Download NTFS Data Recovery (Size: 1536 KB)

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