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A FamilyMail Email Program 8.3

FamilyMail is an ultra simple email program, which provides the training wheels for inexperienced computer users. With its ergonomic user interface, its large font display and its step-by-step learning modes, end-users will become emailers without being overwhelmed by complexity. Its anti-spam filter and its proprietary architecture guarantee the highest security level. Just try it, 30-days free trial on A FamilyMail Email Program is the most popular friendly download.

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Buy A FamilyMail Email Program 8.3 (only $29.90)Download A FamilyMail Email Program 8.3 (Size: 6188 KB)


Toleron SchedInspector application aims for helping people to stay on schedule with minimum efforts spending. Such useful features as computer clock adjustment accordingly to atomic world clock are provided together with desktop notifications and programs scheduled execution. Built as native Windows application, SchedInspector uses system tray and lots of generic Windows features along with authentic user interface design and ergonomics. SchedInspector is the second most popular friendly download.

See also: clock, scheduler, notifier, planner, inspector, toleron, threads, time, management, email, notification, easy, interface, popup, custom, user, friendly, useful

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EULA Magic 2004

EULA Magic is the ultimate visual basic distributed application license form builder incorporating both one off retail version licenses, or trial version licenses that include your promotional material with a purchase button to optimise sales. EULA Magic uses FieldCraft's revolutionary GreenLock technology to both enforce trial periods and ensure that your company's trial locking entries do not build up to levels that could damage Windows. EULA Magic is the third most popular friendly download.

See also: application licensing, visual basic, trial lock, trial locking, trial enforcement, program licensing, project licensing, environmentally friendly shareware, promotional licensing, purchase button

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Password Datasafe 3.2

You manage and save passwords with the Password Datasafe.Password manager with print report.The Password Datasafe can also be used with USB-Stick

See also: efficient, and, user-friendly, password, manager.

Buy Password Datasafe 3.2 (only $18.50)Download Password Datasafe 3.2 (Size: 2504 KB)

Printer Friendly 1.3

Printer Friendly allows you to print all of your favorite online content in a printer-friendly, reader-friendly format, even if the website itself doesn't have a printer-friendly link. The pages printed through Printer Friendly retain all of the content you need, without any of the banner advertisement, or uncomfortable web page formatting.

See also: Printer, Friendly, Web, Page, Printing, Ink, Paper, Online, News, Browser, Internet, Explorer

Buy Printer Friendly 1.3 (only $12.95)Download Printer Friendly 1.3 (Size: 447 KB)

Binaware Jukebox 2006 R1 -

Play and organize digital media files. Primarily designed for use in physical personal computer based jukebox machines, but it is suitable for use in desktop computers or anywhere where intuitive interface, ease of use and quick access to digital media files is the priority.

See also: audio, binaware, credit, customizable, digital, easy, intuitive, jukebox, machine, money, mp3, multimedia, music, organize, play, powerfull, radio, screenshot, software, user-friendly, windows, wma

Buy Binaware Jukebox 2006 R1 - (only $24.95)Download Binaware Jukebox 2006 R1 - (Size: 5298 KB)

TxReader Special Edition 1.0

TxReader converts documents into spoken words and MP3. TxReader is much more than just a program that reads any document presented to it. It is actually three programs in one, first is the quality easy to use text to speech program that give great reading result making use of the lasted natural sounding voice from all the top sellers.

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Buy TxReader Special Edition 1.0 (only $99.95)Download TxReader Special Edition 1.0 (Size: 15544 KB)

Media Studio 1.0

Media Studio focuses on media processing for home users, everyone can enjoy the smartn design, very friendly user interface, various art effects, high efficiency media processing, visual edit, easy understandable help.

See also: Media Processing, batch operation, friendly interface, rich effect

Buy Media Studio 1.0 (only $29.58)Download Media Studio 1.0 (Size: 3491 KB)


Numculator is an user-friendly, easy-to-use but powerful expression calculator. It allows you to calculate the whole expression, not just one operation at time. Don't spent time on each operation - get the final calculation result immediately! Numculator supports activation by NumLock key so you can start just after it pressed. About 40 built-in skins will help you to personalize your Numculator.

See also: calculate, numlock, num lock, easy, user-friendly, cool, skins, powerful, expression, calculator

Buy Numculator (only $15.00)Download Numculator (Size: 2543 KB)

All-Round Invoice 2.01.03

All-Round Invoice is a reliable and easy to use utility for your company. But it's much more than an invoicing system, it's a complete system for managing your company billing, stock, customers. Make quotes recurring invoices as well as making statistics. Use the built-in PDF maker and direct email function to quickly make and email you invoices to the customer. furthermore you can use the direct email function for your marketing campaigns.

See also: Invoicing, billing, inventory management, customer management, recurring invoicing, PDF maker, direct mail, customizable invoice design, built-in statistics, data import/export, backup feature, quote, automatic quote to invoice, user friendly

Buy All-Round Invoice 2.01.03 (only $49.95)Download All-Round Invoice 2.01.03 (Size: 8876 KB)

iPrint 6.0

Eco-Friendly Printing that Saves you Time and Money. iPrint is a revolutionary new utility that can save up to 60% on printing expenses. In addition to saving you money, iPrint is easy-to-use and environmentally friendly. iPrint features: Delete unwanted or empty pages, Print multiple pages on each piece of paper, Group print jobs together, Tracks and reports what you are saving, Works with Click to Convert to make PDF and HTML.

See also: iPrint, eco-friendly printing, print driver, cut printing costs, reduce printing costs

Buy iPrint 6.0 (only $29.00)Download iPrint 6.0 (Size: 5879 KB)

eSobi Mobile 1.0

The solution integrates handy Internet information management features to let everyone enjoy, manage, and to-go favorite news, podcast, and personal contents from eSobi Computer to mobile device. Whether you are on the way to work, school, or simply during leisure time, eSobi Mobile gives you the freedom to enjoy the essence from your entire Computer contents.

See also: RSS reader, News reader, Podcast, Windows Mobile, Sync, Finger-friendly, on-the-go, Default Channel, PDF, HTML, Word, Playlist, OPML, Summary, Text-only, Full Page, Download Podcast, Social Network Update

Buy eSobi Mobile 1.0 (only $5.99)Download eSobi Mobile 1.0 (Size: 1101389 KB)

Feuersalamander 2.5

Easy-to-use internet browser for children that lets parents full control over possible activities: allowed websites, allowed executables, and daily time quota are configured with just a few clicks. Includes a child-friendly symbolic bookmark manager and has a cool name! All this works without installation even in an account with limited user rights! Just start it, and the Computer is family safe.

See also: children, internet, browser, kids, safety, time, quota, full, control, parents, family, filter, whitelisting, easy, friendly, child, symbolic, bookmarks, exchange, intelligent, limited, user, account, installation

Buy Feuersalamander 2.5 (only $30.00)Download Feuersalamander 2.5 (Size: 2235 KB)

Find Junk Files 7.98

Find Junk Files is a user-friendly tool designed to free up disk space by deleting useless junk files. Each time you use your PC, unwanted files are created that increasingly uses more space on your hard drives. Find Junk Files can find well over 75 types of junk files with ease!

See also: utility, junk, files, clean, disk, remove, space, hard, drive, friendly, eyeclaxton

Buy Find Junk Files 7.98 (only $19.95)Download Find Junk Files 7.98 (Size: 3474 KB)

digilibris manager AB206

The digi-libris software is the perfect tool for organization of knowledge and managing your collection of physical objects (books, toys, antiquities etc.) and digital documents (manuals, monographs, scientific papers etc.). Classification using Dublin Core inside or user defined criteria. Embed meta data in PDF, EPUB or HTML files (= library friendly) or add bookmarks and interactive TofCs to PDF files (= user friendly). Build Tables of Contents.

See also: the well-behaved document, software for collectors, authors, content managers, user friendly, library friendly, embed meta data, Dublin Core inside, create tables of contents, bookmarks in PDF, organize knowledge and collections, EPUB

Buy digilibris manager AB206 (only $84.90)Download digilibris manager AB206 (Size: 21452 KB)

Courier Mails Barcode Maker

Smart barcode maker software has varied special and amazing functionality and it has a data series feature which is used to make good looking barcode labels in vast amount. To fasten daily routine work in post offices and banking department this technology is mostly used. Courier Mails Barcode Maker tool is technically advance and build high resolution barcode images in just a second and this software is easy to operate.

See also: Utility, Software, Business, application, program, post, office, recognition, identity, authentication, scrutinize, technically, advanced, bank, high, resolution, barcode, images, printable, quality, economical, user, friendly, documents, papers

Buy Courier Mails Barcode Maker (only $27.00)Download Courier Mails Barcode Maker (Size: 5058 KB)

Courier Mails Barcode Labels

Advance Courier Mails Barcode Labels application offer the copy and paste option in any application such as Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel and paint as requirement of user. User can easily edit the barcode label by use of Courier Mails Barcode Labels software. Courier Mails Barcode Labels software does not require any tech skill and tech person to easily operate the Courier Mails Barcode Labels application.

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Buy Courier Mails Barcode Labels (only $27.00)Download Courier Mails Barcode Labels (Size: 5058 KB)

MessLess Inventory Management System 8

MessLess lets you to make a custom inventory management solution that will 100% fit your needs. The application includes 6 visual editors that let you fully customize the software and you will not have to ask programmers for help. When we say "fully", we do not mean that you will only be able to add a logo or change fonts - you can really re-create the software including the database structure, forms, scripts and any other parts of the soft.

See also: inventory, household, easy, friendly

Buy MessLess Inventory Management System 8 (only $149.95)Download MessLess Inventory Management System 8 (Size: 10302 KB)

Print a Birthday Card

Company Offer Print a Birthday Card utility helps to generate and design various types of wonderful looking birthday cards including for husband, sister, wife, brother, personal friend, father, mother and many more etc without help of extra tech skills. Simplified Print a Birthday Card tool also provides an advance image designing objects to generate high quality of printed cards in different shapes like ellipse and rectangle.

See also: Advanced, effective, simple, card, technology, wonderful, birthday, software, tool, design, convenient, ideal, size, flexible, professional, object, picture, creator, business, best, user, print, special, shape, friendly, personal, premium, amazing

Buy Print a Birthday Card (only $29.00)Download Print a Birthday Card (Size: 13004 KB)

eSobi Mobile for Android

The solution integrates handy Internet information management features to let everyone enjoy, manage, and share their favorite news, podcast, and personal contents via mobile device. Whether you are on the way to work, school, or simply during leisure time, eSobi Mobile gives you the freedom to benefit from the essence of the entire Internet ambiance.

See also: Finger friendly, SMS, Google Reader, News Filter, Monitor Keyword, Search, Feed Reader, RSS Reader, Document Management, Information Management, RSS News, Podcast Reader, Playlist, Plurk, Twitter

Buy eSobi Mobile for Android (only $5.99)Download eSobi Mobile for Android (Size: 1360 KB)

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