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Bronze Tools 4.1

Bronze Tools is a package of two utilities - IconEdit2 and Twin Folders. IconEdit2 is a truecolor icon editor. Twin Folders is a file and folder synchronizer and backup utility. Bronze Tools is the most popular gif file download.

See also: Bronze Tools, icon, edit, editor, icon editor, web, design, screen, capture, utility, graphic, ICO, BMP, GIF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, background, image, generator, wallpaper, maker, twin, folders, file, folder, directory, synchronization, synchronize files

Buy Bronze Tools 4.1 (only $34.95)Download Bronze Tools 4.1 (Size: 2669 KB)

Duplicate Image Finder 1.0.18

Duplicate Image Finder finds duplicate images on your computer. DIF compares images like you do: it compares 'what they look like' on the screen. DIF can match up resized images, rotated images, images with different filenames, or images in a different file format. DIF compares JPEG, BMP (bitmap), and GIF files. Once found, you can delete, move, and view your image files. Duplicate Image Finder is the second most popular gif file download.

See also: image finder, duplicate file, duplicate, gif, bmp, bitmap, jpg, jpeg, picture, image, picture finder

Buy Duplicate Image Finder 1.0.18 (only $29.00)Download Duplicate Image Finder 1.0.18 (Size: 16495 KB)

Any Image 3.4

Image File Format Batch Converter - Supports all more common image file formats. - Convert one file or many files - same quick 3-step procedure! - No-compromises code optimized for both conversion quality and speed. - Image processing operations: Image resizing (by factor or to fit), framing, undithering, sharpness, color, contrast and gamma control, and more! - Quality color depth reduction. - Affordable price! Any Image is the third most popular gif file download.

See also: image, graphics, converter, file, format, batch, picture, gif, jpeg, bmp, png, tiff, tga, pcx

Buy Any Image 3.4 (only $39.95)Download Any Image 3.4 (Size: 764 KB)

FotoBatch 5.0.2

FotoBatch is a powerful batch image converter and processor. It will allow you to convert image files using scripts, the script file will be automatically created when you editing image. Create scripts so that all of your images have the same enhancements and adjustments made to them. It offers over 30 imaging functions such as resize, rotate, blur, add border, text watermark, image feather, etc.

See also: raw converter, fotobatch, pdf converter, image converter, image optimize, converter, magic converter, jpg optimizer, gif optimizer, gif, tif, script file, optimize web graphics, graphic converter, photo editor, ascii picture, slide show, batch processing

Buy FotoBatch 5.0.2 (only $29.95)Download FotoBatch 5.0.2 (Size: 3841 KB)

Miraplacid Form Professional 2.3.1

Miraplacid Form is for filling out and printing scanned forms or forms in read-only documents. Package includes Miraplacid Form Designer and Miraplacid Form Viewer. Scan a form, load it to Miraplacid Form Designer, add input fields and push a button to open the form in the Miraplacid Form Viewer. Fill the form and print it. You can save form layout and fill the form again later. You can export form to PDF file with editable fields.

See also: Scanned Form, Paper Form, letterhead, Miraplacid, Fill in, Fill out, View, scan, document, merge data, CSV file, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, handwriting

Buy Miraplacid Form Professional 2.3.1 (only $79.95)Download Miraplacid Form Professional 2.3.1 (Size: 976 KB)

FLV to AVI Converter 3.1

FLV to AVI Converter allows converting Flash Video (FLV) and Adobe Flash Files (SWF) into all popular graphic formats such as Projector EXE, AVI, animated GIF and frame-by-frame JPEG/GIF/BMP image series targeting almost any potential customer. Now users don't need to install Flash player into their systems since Advanced Projector is enables users to view FLV and SWF movies even without installing Flash Player OCX into their systems.

See also: FLV to AVI, FLV to AVI Converter, SWF to AVI, SWF to EXE, SWF to GIF, SWF to BMP Flash SWF Converter, Convert Flash SWF file

Buy FLV to AVI Converter 3.1 (only $39.95)Download FLV to AVI Converter 3.1 (Size: 7321 KB)

xD Card Data Recovery

Memory card data restoration software restore deleted word, excel, power point, ms access office documents data, application program, jpg, jpeg, mpeg, picture from digital camera, Compact Flash, Multimedia Card, Memory Stick, Smart Media, PC Card. Retrieval utility retrieves sD secure digital card image xD extreme digital card picture while disk is virus affected or memory card is corrupted. Restoration utility supports windows operating system.

See also: software, utility, restore, multimedia, undelete, erased, rescue, recovery, retrieve, deleted, formatted, tool, lost, memory card, file, folder accidentally, corrupted, data, digital camera, clip memory stick, compact flash, picture, gif, jpg

Buy xD Card Data Recovery (only $69.00)Download xD Card Data Recovery (Size: 1511 KB)

Any File Split & Join Mobile 3.0

Quick and easy way for the splitting files into any number of smaller files as well as joining components back into the original file for Windows Mobile devices. The number of files can be entered or calculated based on expected length of individual files (in bytes). Once file components are generated they can be emailed using any of e-mail accounts and to any contact from the contact list.

See also: free, new, file, split, join, e-mai, email, outlook, mobile, pdf, wav, mp3, xls, rtf, txt, iso, avi, png, jpeg, gif, zip, rar, html, doc, eps, avi, bmp, exe, ico, xml, css

Buy Any File Split & Join Mobile 3.0 (only $19.95)Download Any File Split & Join Mobile 3.0 (Size: 457 KB)

FILEminimizer Pictures 2.0

Compress your JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP and EMF images, pictures and photos by up to 98% and preserve their original quality. FILEminimizer Pictures does not make any zip or rar archive, no unzipping is necessary. Optimized images, photos and pictures are much smaller, perfect for sharing on Facebook, Flickr and other online platforms or sending via e-mail. The batch process lets you to compress whole digital photo albums at once to share them.

See also: compress, compression, resize, resizer, compressor, file size, reduce, shrink, zip, image, pictures, photo, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG, EMF, optimizer, optimiser, optimize, optimise, e-mail, presentation

Buy FILEminimizer Pictures 2.0 (only $29.95)Download FILEminimizer Pictures 2.0 (Size: 4324 KB)

NTFS Data Recovery 1.8

A powerful data backup utility to retrieve entire deleted files and folders in exact format. Software efficiently retrieves accidentally erased images, music, audio, video files safely. NTFS data recovery software is developed using latest technology algorithm to speed up data rescue operation. Free download for data recovery software is available at that lets users to try application for the period of 30 days.

See also: Windows, NTFS, partition, data, recovery, software, undelete, deleted, files, restore, lost, image, music, audio, video, folder, retrieve, accidentally, erased, hard drive, recover, jpg, gif, mp3, mpeg, text, office, document, file, salvage, utility

Buy NTFS Data Recovery 1.8 (only $18.00)Download NTFS Data Recovery 1.8 (Size: 1049 KB)

Generate Barcodes

Bulk barcode generator make barcodes with support to different font standards such as MSI Plessey, UPCE Tray label, UCC/EAN-128, LOGMARS, code 39 full ASCII, coda 128 set B, code 39, EAN 13 etc. Barcode builder software provides facility to modify barcode color, background, barcode size, caption size, value size fonts and length etc. Application is useful for all small, large scale industries such as shipping company, retail store, library etc

See also: Professional, bulk, barcode, builder, utility, software, generate, standard, text, color, size, length, caption, background, fonts, printable, labels, ribbons, images, graphics, machine, readable, codabars, save, jpeg, gif, bmp, file, formats

Buy Generate Barcodes (only $69.00)Download Generate Barcodes (Size: 4505 KB)

Free Barcode Label Software

Effective barcode ribbon building application designs own style assets tags by using different designing objects such as line, circle, ellipse, rectangle etc in just few easy steps. Affordable free barcode label software is helpful to print multiple stickers at a time with flexile print settings. Easy to use barcode image maker software offers only primary user to modify size, shapes, dimensions of printable ribbons as per your business needs.

See also: Barcode, ribbon, building, application, save, created, sticker, graphical, file, extension, jpeg, jpg, gif, tiff, png, wmf, emf, exif, image, design, software, generate, flexible, high, quality, customized, ready, print, stylish, asset, tag

Buy Free Barcode Label Software (only $69.00)Download Free Barcode Label Software (Size: 5140 KB)

Recover Deleted Picture

Proficient image recovery tool is specially designed for regaining missing images, photos from Digital camera or other similar removable storage media. Recover deleted picture software completely scan your device and able to retrieve missing images and picks from bad sectors of disk drive. Digital snapshot revival application is technically innovative tool that supports image recovery in various formats including jpeg, jpg, gif and many more.

See also: Software, recover, deleted, digital, photograph, image, formatted, removable, disk, storage, media, flash, device, application, retrieve, missing, snap, picks, jpeg, gif, file, format, tool, rescue, restore, lost, erase, photo, picture, Windows,

Buy Recover Deleted Picture (only $45.00)Download Recover Deleted Picture (Size: 1546 KB)

Ivan Image Converter 3.0

Winner of 7 awards and acclaimed in publications worldwide, Ivan Image Converter is the perfect solution for instant batch processing of all your images. The most comprehensive software of its kind on the market today, it reads over 170 file types and converts to a choice of 44. With full photo editing capabilities, simple interface, Command Line support and more, it is a powerful and inexpensive way to make image processing hassle-free.

See also: batch, image, file, process, processing, convert, conversion, edit, jpg, jpeg, bmp, gif, properties

Buy Ivan Image Converter 3.0 (only $69.95)Download Ivan Image Converter 3.0 (Size: 6071 KB)

Label Software

Professional barcode label generator software effectively makes business specific bulk stickers, images, ribbons, tags as per industry needs. Easy to use barcode tag creator application provides random, sequential series and constant value methods to generate high resolution versatile stickers, ribbons in just few easy steps. Professional label maker software is very helpful to produce eye catching assets tags in all size, shapes and colors.

See also: Professional, barcode, label, building, application, save, create, sticker, graphical, file, extension, jpeg, jpg, gif, tiff, png, exif, image, design, software, generate, flexible, high, quality, customized, ready, print, stylish, asset, tag

Buy Label Software (only $69.00)Download Label Software (Size: 5140 KB)

Canon Digital Camera Repair

Advanced Digital Camera photo recovery tool is helpful to restore lost or misplaced snapshots, digital photos, pictures, audio-video clippings etc saved in jpeg, mpeg, mov, gif, tiff and other similar file formats from your digital storage media. Digital camera photo undelete utility salvages all your data files even if the media is corrupted and you cannot access it or if memory card is taken out from the running digital camera device.

See also: Digital, camera, handycam, data, file, folder, recover, rescue, salvage, retrieval, software, tool, utility, image, photo, snap, Kodak, IBM, Nikon, Toshiba, Kodak, Konica, Epson, Ericsson, jpg, jpeg, tiff, gif, avi, png, bmp, 3gp, mpeg

Buy Canon Digital Camera Repair (only $69.00)Download Canon Digital Camera Repair (Size: 1976 KB)

Repair Corrupted Memory Card

SD memory card data revival utility easily recovers erased mp3 music files, snapshot, photos from various memory cards including XD Picture Card, Secure Digital SD (mini SD, micro SD), MMC Card, Compact Flash Card etc. Application recovers data lost due to virus infection, hardware or software malfunction, human error etc. Software proves to be cost effective and reliable data regaining tool that supports all type of USB port memory card reader.

See also: Memory, card, data, recovery, software, rescue, deleted, picture, recover, restore, lost, photo, damaged, images, corrupt, video, MP3, tool, retrieve, erased, JPG, GIF, MPEG, MOV, file, folder, repair, compact, flash, multimedia, smart, media

Buy Repair Corrupted Memory Card (only $69.00)Download Repair Corrupted Memory Card (Size: 1863 KB)

Removable Media Data Rescue Tool

Removable media file backup utility ensures complete data recovery from accidentally formatted or logically crashed USB drives, memory cards, iPods etc. Smart media files recovery software supports restoration of all formats of photos, images, music, audio, video files lost due to virus affect, accidental deletion or formatted media. Removable media data recovery software deeply scans storage media drives and restores all lost or deleted files

See also: Removable, media, data, restore, tool, recover, lost, deleted, folder, utility, undelete, retrieve, damaged, file, crashed, formatted, pen, zip, thumb drive, flash, MMC, card, memory stick, erased, jpg, jpeg, gif, files, recovery, software

Buy Removable Media Data Rescue Tool (only $45.00)Download Removable Media Data Rescue Tool (Size: 652 KB)

iPod Music Files Recovery

iPod video songs recovery utility salvages inaccessible not detected data audio video clips mp3 songs repair undelete digital picture, games etc. portable digital media player recovery software fetches playlist, rating, play count, audible audio book, MP3, WAV, MP4A formats. iPod music retrieval tool support hard drive based iPod classic, video capable iPod nano or iPod shuffle to recover all corrupted data in quick and efficient manner.

See also: Inaccessible, iPod, player, undelete, recovery, music, digital, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, regain, Audible, audio, repair, lossless, retrieve, file, play count, MP3, video, shuffle, nano, corrupted, detected, library, iTunes, picture, frozen, MPEG

Buy iPod Music Files Recovery (only $69.00)Download iPod Music Files Recovery (Size: 640 KB)

Digital Picture Recovery Software

Just download freeware Digital Picture Recovery Software from to restore and fix memorable digital photos, wedding images, wallpapers and other graphic files from formatted XD picture card.

See also: Download, digital, picture, recovery, software, rescue, corrupted, accidentally, lost, wedding, photos, animated, GIF, snap, graphic, file, salvage, program, restore, deleted, wallpaper, formatted, USB, pen, drive, memory, card

Buy Digital Picture Recovery Software (only $45.00)Download Digital Picture Recovery Software (Size: 3246 KB)

Digital Photo Restoration Software

Digital photo restoration software facilitates to salvage corrupted or undetectable images, snaps or gif, jpg, tif, tiff, png, jpg format files from inaccessible or damaged DSLR camera, memory stick, compact flash card, zip drive and secure digital card (sD). Lost digital image recovery utility can easily recover deleted photo files, digital pictures and photographs from unrecognized or formatted windows FAT NTFS partitioned hard disk drive.

See also: Digital, photo, restoration, software, retrieves, lost, image, snap, formatted, hard, disk, drive, picture, recovery, utility, rescue, damaged, jpeg, gif, file, deleted, photograph, retrieval, tool, salvage, corrupted, removable, USB, storage, media

Buy Digital Photo Restoration Software (only $69.00)Download Digital Photo Restoration Software (Size: 1505 KB)

Recuperare File Cancellati

XD picture card di utilitÓ di recupero dati Ŕ una soluzione flessibile per ottenere nuovamente i file eliminati e le cartelle come file audio, immagini digitali, clip video, canzoni, ecc immagine da dispositivi di memoria della scheda di memoria. Memory Stick PRO Duo di recupero di dati della carta di riparazioni delle applicazioni mancanti i tuoi record personali e di dati dalla scheda multimediale.

See also: Memory, card, il ripristino dei dati, software, ripristino, foto, immagini, musica, file, documento, USB, rimovibile, logicamente, danni, corrotto, Undelete, mp3, mp4, txt, gif, mpeg, jpg, jpeg, formato, applicazione, ritrovare, umano, virus

Buy Recuperare File Cancellati (only $45.00)Download Recuperare File Cancellati (Size: 1873 KB)

USB Media Files Recovery Software

Removable media data recovery software is developed to recover lost files and folders from commonly used USB removable media drive. File salvage utility ensures data retrieval in case of accidental deletion, formatting, virus attacks, hardware malfunction, improper shutdown, human errors and other kind of failure to access your data. USB drive data retrieval tool is easy to use and support all type of media files including mp3, mpeg, avi etc.

See also: USB, digital, removable, media, recover, retrieve, restore, salvage, rescue, software, tool, utility, lost, crashed, damaged, erased, deleted, corrupted, data, file, folders, mp3, picture, external, drive, mpeg, mov, jpg, jpeg, gif, riff

Buy USB Media Files Recovery Software (only $45.00)Download USB Media Files Recovery Software (Size: 1454 KB)

Retrieve Lost Files Mac

Affordable Retrieve Lost Files Mac software enables users with highly innovative feature to economically recover overall misplaced or removed precious data saved in hard disk drive or removable storage media device in simplified manner. Digital picture restoration tool for apple Macintosh offer users to quickly recuperate and regain entire missed memorable digital photograph or priceless snapshots by using innovative disk scanning technology.

See also: Data, restoration, application, apple, Macintosh, retrieve, regain, missed, accidentally, erased, memorable, digital, picture, snapshots, precious, images, photographs, stored, file, formats, jpg, png, tiff, gif, hard, disk, removable, storage, media

Buy Retrieve Lost Files Mac (only $45.00)Download Retrieve Lost Files Mac (Size: 2304 KB)

Library Barcode Tag Software

Company provides Library Barcode Tag Software to print bar code labels by using advance image designing objects include circle, line, ellipse, rectangle, text, pictures and many more.

See also: Library, barcode, tag, software, generate, linear, font, style, labels, stickers, coupons, publishing, book, retailers, image, designing, objects, rectangle, text, ellipse, line, circle, picture, file, format, jpeg, tiff, bitmap, gif, png

Buy Library Barcode Tag Software (only $38.00)Download Library Barcode Tag Software (Size: 5068 KB)

Card Recovery Software

Memory card songs salvage application quickly recovers lost data information due to virus corruption, human fault, software/hardware malfunction, improper restoration, system error and power failure. SD card data recovery software provides complete file retrieval facility which restores deleted, erased and missing mp3 songs, photographs, snaps and video files. Multimedia card image backup software allows user to recover corrupted or formatted data

See also: Memory, card, song, retrieval, program, retrieve, corrupted, photo, gif, mpeg, midi, jpeg, recovery, software, rescue, erased, deleted, document, audio, video, clips, multimedia, data, backup, utility, recover, lost, missing, file, image, snaps

Buy Card Recovery Software (only $69.00)Download Card Recovery Software (Size: 2242 KB)

GIF Image to PDF

GIF image to PDF is superior and ordered tools for converting. It can works on only .GIF extension pictures format to PDF document. It converts both good and poor resolution GIF images into PDF file. It also has a feature to change PDF Meta information i.e. Title, Author, Subject and Keywords and you also cerate a password protected private file with help of security setting option. Image to PDF software is totally separate utility.

See also: GIF, Image, PDF, Software, Picture, Convertor, Adobe, Files, Multipage, Transform, Multiple, File, Batch, Format, Group, Converts, Screenshot, Document, Snapshot, Combine, Conversion, Graphics Acrobat, Utility, Change, Page, Size, PDFs

Buy GIF Image to PDF (only $14.90)Download GIF Image to PDF (Size: 1286 KB)

Buy Birthday Card Designing Software

Buy Birthday Card Designing Software from website to make attractive and striking birthday cards in different shapes and dimension as per defined by users. Birthday card creator utility enables you to craft birthday invitation cards using images from gallery within single mouse click.

See also: Birthday, card, maker, application, software, program, design, craft, image, designing, objects, shapes, dimension, objects, triangle, star, text, arc, rounded, rectangle, ellipse, printer, templates, print, graphic, file format, gif, bitmap, jpeg

Buy Buy Birthday Card Designing Software (only $29.00)Download Buy Birthday Card Designing Software (Size: 6225 KB)

Data Recovery Digital Pictures

Digital picture retrieval tool recovers formatted photographs, snaps from undetected or inaccessible USB hard drive. Photo restoration utility restores logically corrupted image files and folders from memory stick, pen drive etc. Digital image salvage software rescues deleted files including GIF, JPG, TIFF and JPEG format. Digital picture recovery software supports all major hard disk manufacturers like Seagate, Olympus, Kingston, Acer and HP.

See also: Digital, picture, recovery, software, retrieve, deleted, photos, images, lost, snaps, utility, restore, corrupted, GIF, JPEG, formatted, hard, disk, damaged, USB, drive, application, unerase, JPG, file, multimedia, card, flash, memory, mobile, phone

Buy Data Recovery Digital Pictures (only $69.00)Download Data Recovery Digital Pictures (Size: 1495 KB)

Photos Recovery Tool

Pictures recovery software recover unintentionally lost digital photos, images, snaps and photographs which have been lost due to any reasons. Digital photos rescue tool is GUI based software which provides fast data recovery from all corrupted or formatted removable media devices. Digital images retrieval application regain erased data from all supporting USB drives, memory stick, xD card, multimedia cards and other multimedia devices.

See also: Digital, photographs, recovery, software, salvage, corrupted, file, format, JPG, JPEG, GIF, pictures, rescue, utility, retrieve, deleted, image, USB, card, pen drive, memory, stick, removable, media, storage, hard, disk, Windows, Vista

Buy Photos Recovery Tool (only $69.00)Download Photos Recovery Tool (Size: 1505 KB)

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