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SysJewel 1.1(Build 100)

SysJewel collects hardware and software information from the computer. It provides information about the complete list of hardware including the Input Devices, Mass Storage Devices, Mother Board, Controllers, Ports, BIOS, Networking Devices, Power Devices, Printers, Modems, Video Controllers, Cooling Device all in a very detailed way. SysJewel is the most popular hardware information download.

See also: sysjewel, system, information, system information, cpu, hardware information, hardware, info, system info, sysinfo, tool, inventory, sysinfo tool, CPU, processor, test, computer, utilities, CPUID, clock, FSB, cache, display, VESA, HDD, bus, PIO, UDMA, DMA, smart, S.M.A.R.T.

Buy SysJewel 1.1(Build 100) (only $18.00)Download SysJewel 1.1(Build 100) (Size: 1737 KB)

USB Port Locker

Computer data leakage protection utility captures malicious activities of USB mass storage device with in LAN. Windows network USB data leakage protection application prevents local area network from unauthorized data access from pen drive, thumb drive or other similar removable storage media in actual time. USB drive data theft protection utility monitors USB port activities and save transferred data in log file with client system IP address. USB Port Locker is the second most popular hardware information download.

See also: Employee, monitoring, software, captures, USB, port, activity, saves, information, log, folder, windows, LAN, network, data, leakage, protection, tool, blocks, file, transfer, client, server, machine, records, system, hardware, address

Buy USB Port Locker (only $120.00)Download USB Port Locker (Size: 2908 KB)

Free Sim Card Undelete

Download professional and easy to handle sim card data retrieval program? Visit website to download reliable Free Sim Card Undelete software to retrieve all deleted recently dialed numbers and other significant lost data from accidentally formatted sim card of your mobile phone. Free Sim Card Undelete is the third most popular hardware information download.

See also: Professional, sim, card, data, recovery, software, program, create, rescue, restore, corrupted, files, text, messages, information, items, inbox, outbox, sms, details, damaged, computer, system, hardware, multimedia, mobile, phone, memory, device

Buy Free Sim Card Undelete (only $69.00)Download Free Sim Card Undelete (Size: 2447 KB)

Mac File Recovery Software

Document rescuer application retrieves mp3, mp4 from formatted flash drive. Mac File Recovery Software granted by salvages official information from damaged memory card. Data recovery utility easily regains movies from thumb drive on few mouse clicks without tech support.

See also: Data, retrieve, software, video, restore, device, Mac, file, recoup, hardware, document, repair, tool, USB, mp3, retain, desktop, image, recover, hard, disk, document, regain, HFS, photo, salvage, card, recoup, drive, information, rescuer

Buy Mac File Recovery Software (only $69.00)Download Mac File Recovery Software (Size: 3153 KB)

Fat Data Recovery Free

Document retrieval software recoups significant text files from logically crashed memory storage drive. Fat Data Recovery Free software salvages lost information from virus infected system memory disk. grants file restoring application that regains misplaced videos from fat16 partitioned storage media.

See also: HDD, video, regain, tool, fat, file, repair, software, data, recover, computer, system, movie, folder, rescuer, desktop, information, recoup, audio, revive, laptop, mp3, salvage, drive, retain, photo, device, document, retrieve, hardware

Buy Fat Data Recovery Free (only $69.00)Download Fat Data Recovery Free (Size: 4300 KB)

Bmail 1.05

BMail is a powerful, easy to use mailing list manager that allows you to run unlimited opt-in emailing lists. Send personally customized messages to your customers, subscribers or friends. Quickly de-duplicate, add or remove emails from your list. Built in SMTP server sends your emails automatically.

See also: Information Packaging, bmail, bulk email, email marketing, opt in email, bulk email software, bulk email marketing

Buy Bmail 1.05 (only $65.00)Download Bmail 1.05 (Size: 1393 KB)

Network Inventory Expert 2.9

Network Inventory Expert allows you to make up a network inventory without installation of software on the user's PCs. This program allows you to get quick and complete information about operational systems, service packs, hotfixes, hardware, installed software and running processes on remote PCs. You can also create reports about the hardware, installed software, and running processes on the computers in your local network.

See also: network inventory, network inventory software, inventory network, PC inventory, audit PC, audit software, software inventory, hardware inventory

Buy Network Inventory Expert 2.9 (only $99.00)Download Network Inventory Expert 2.9 (Size: 852 KB)

Recipe Catalog 4.0.1

Recipe Catalog stores your favorite recipes and gives you detailed nutrition information. You can create your own categories, input your recipes, and immediately see detailed information about calories, fat, protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It also allows you to keep a daily food diary to keep track of your nutrition needs. Recipe Catalog comes with a database of 2000 ingredients.

See also: recipe catalog, recipe database, recipe collection, recipe nutrition, nutrition information, recipe software, nutrition software

Buy Recipe Catalog 4.0.1 (only $19.95)Download Recipe Catalog 4.0.1 (Size: 2493 KB)

Qnotes 1.1.10

Qnotes is a personal database that allows you to organize passwords, notes, attach documents, and secure confidential information. Text, subject headings, and category names are encrypted and can be password protected. Create your own categories.  Completely searchable. Easy to use.

See also: personal information manager, pim, database, passwords, notes

Buy Qnotes 1.1.10 (only $20.00)Download Qnotes 1.1.10 (Size: 3945 KB)

CardFile Pegasus 3.0

Secure your personal information: CD keys, passwords, telephone numbers, addresses, E-mail and screen names, website links, recipes and all other important data. Use Cardfile Pegasus to replace your rolodex, index cards or any other personal information manager you may be using. Cardfile Pegasus allows you to password protect all your data. When you work with two licenses, say with one at work and one at home for example, you can export

See also: cardfile, index cards, personal information manager, pim, rolodex, notes, personal organizer, address book, pindersoft

Buy CardFile Pegasus 3.0 (only $19.97)Download CardFile Pegasus 3.0 (Size: 5180 KB)

Information Retriever 2.0.0

Store and retrieve information, like phone numbers, addresses, credit card information, etc. with handles. Once you input a piece of information and a handle, you can recall that information by inputting any piece of that handle or data, like part of a name. For example, inputting "pho" will retrieve any data whose handle contains "phone". Print the search results, or copy and paste them into documents or text boxes in other programs.

See also: phone numbers, remember, recall, lookup, look up, database, data, information, retrieve, store

Buy Information Retriever 2.0.0 (only $15.00)Download Information Retriever 2.0.0 (Size: 474 KB)

Remlap KnowledgeBASE 1.2

A free-form text, image and objects organizer for students and researchers. KnowledgeBASE will help store and index all your information, making sure that vital data can be recalled within seconds. From study notes to course-work, research notes, personal information and spreadsheets, all can be managed efficently, easily and securely. Just about anything can be stored within a KnowledgeBASE Document.

See also: personal information manager, research, database, free-form, eductational

Buy Remlap KnowledgeBASE 1.2 (only $34.95)Download Remlap KnowledgeBASE 1.2 (Size: 4506 KB)

Hotkeycontrol 5.5

Hotkeycontrol is the award winning solution to create keyboard shortcuts for routine tasks. These tasks include, but are not limited to opening files, ejecting cdrom drives, restarting the computer, typing frequently used text, controlling active windows, changing volume and recording macros.

See also: Hotkeycontrol, hotkey, keys, keyboard, mouse, volume, run, osd, longhorn, shortcuts, hibernate, transparent, plugins, control, macro, simulate, eject, information, manager

Buy Hotkeycontrol 5.5 (only $29.95)Download Hotkeycontrol 5.5 (Size: 1289 KB)

Compact Notes 1.0

Compact Notes is a personal information manager. It allows user to manage any personal information such as ideas, recipes, notes and tasks. The information is organized in a tree-like hierarchical structure, that helps to find any required record. Notes can be rich-formatted. All the data stored in a reliable loss-safe database which can be easily exported for use on another computer or for backup purposes.

See also: PIM, organizer, manager, information

Buy Compact Notes 1.0 (only $29.95)Download Compact Notes 1.0 (Size: 1281 KB)

King Solomon Web 1.2

Can you organize your web site? KSW creates the hierarchy/index frame of a new or existing site (analogy: a Help window). Users need not write any code, work is all drag & drop. KSW updates the hierarchy/index structures whenever users update the site. Most tasks have been automated - but when users need to change the hierarchy/index manually, that's again drag & drop. Unicode/UTF8, designed for all languages. Ideal for knowledge base publishing.

See also: hierarchy, index, organize, web, pages, information, frame, generator, king, solomon, knowledge

Buy King Solomon Web 1.2 (only $100.00)Download King Solomon Web 1.2 (Size: 5190 KB)


Manage your tasks, projects, notes and other critical information - point and click to add new items or reorganize existing data. Tasks can be viewed and sorted according to status, assigned person, priority and due date fields. Task and project details can be directly edited within the Task Grid and Preview windows. Features such as e-mail, task reminders, recurring tasks, customizable columns, searching and filtering are also provided.

See also: task, project, notes, task manager, project management, information, organizer

Buy TaskMerlin (only $49.95)Download TaskMerlin (Size: 2060 KB)

Wopti Utilities

Wopti Utilities is an all-in-one system utility to optimize,clean up,maintain and speed up your PC.It also gathers detailed and accurate software and hardware information for you to know your PC better.Four general modules(System Information,System Optimization,System Cleaning and System Maintenance)with more than 30 tools are designed for PC's peak performance.Wopti Utilities is an Intel Software Partner,and now is"Certified For Windows Vista"

See also: optimize, clean up, sys info, maintain and speed up PC. detect hardware and software info

Buy Wopti Utilities (only $39.95)Download Wopti Utilities (Size: 3569 KB)

Bookkeeping Software with Barcode

Billing invoicing software with barcode provides comprehensive control over every financial section of business and produces invoices in format of ledger, balance sheet, and purchase order report. Tool embedded with advance accounting mechanism that easily calculate huge number of amounts and effectively manage vouchers without making any accounting error and compatible with all windows OS including Windows Vista.

See also: Bookkeeping, software, barcode, produce, balance sheet, items, commercial, detail, billing, financial, invoice, report, ledger, payment, bill, information, tax, stock, inventory, manager, tool, transaction, record, business, order, sales, purchase

Buy Bookkeeping Software with Barcode (only $69.00)Download Bookkeeping Software with Barcode (Size: 6133 KB)

Enhilex Cards 3.22

The Ultimate personal cardfile database! Enhilex Cards provides a very efficient way to store your personal information, contacts, or any other type of information in a lightweight, quick and easy to search database. Users of other cardfile software will find their productivity skyrocket. Using Enhilex Cards you can become more organized and more effective in the way you work and play.

See also: Cardfile, Contact, Address, Database, Productivity, PIM, Personal, Information

Buy Enhilex Cards 3.22 (only $4.99)Download Enhilex Cards 3.22 (Size: 2538 KB)

AtomicRobot Find-It-Quick 3.0

AtomicRobot Find-It-Quick 3.0 is quick compact software that saves and displays any information you want to store and remember. There is nothing to install! Simply run the executable file! The software allows you to make 20 main topics, each with up to 20 secondary topics per main topic. For each item, you can save a URL and a block of text. Each may be easily retrieved and copied to the Windows clipboard. A new search has been added.

See also: data, find, quick, atomicrobot, 3.0, fast, information, manager

Buy AtomicRobot Find-It-Quick 3.0 (only $15.00)Download AtomicRobot Find-It-Quick 3.0 (Size: 392 KB)

Recover Files

Recover Files Software is most efficient data recovery tool to recover lost data from hard disk or all types of digital data storage devices and safely restore them in specified location. Recover files software automatically recovers data, music, video, digital photo and other significant files and folder lost due to different types of failures like hard disk failure, software failure, partition deletion, formatting hard disk and virus attacks.

See also: Software, utility, recover, file, folder, deleted, lost, partition, hard, disk, drive, retrieve, information, data, document, picture, video, music, device, USB, system, tool, 001Micron, premium, memory, format, delete, damage, crash, virus, restore

Buy Recover Files (only $59.00)Download Recover Files (Size: 1925 KB)

Data Recovery Tool

Data Recovery Tool is the best data recovery software to recover files, folders, audio, video, images, pictures and digital photos that lost due to disk corruption, virus attack, software installation errors, formatting disk or deleted by mistake. Data Recovery Software provides facility to recover data from any type of digital storage device such as hard disk, memory card, digital camera, thumb drive, pen drive and other removable storage media.

See also: Software, data, recover, restore, file, folder, photo, audio, video, document, deleted, lost, hard, disk, fixed, removable, tool, utility, system, hardware, failure, error, drive, partition, USB, device, storage, corrupted, formatted, virus

Buy Data Recovery Tool (only $79.99)Download Data Recovery Tool (Size: 2211 KB)

Purchase Order

Advanced purchase order inventory application is helpful for all tiny and large scale organizations including Retail industries, Import/Export businesses, Transport sector, Manufacturer companies, Healthcare industries and many more similar organizations to easily manage all sales/purchase order records at one place. Best purchase order management software streamlines and organises the entire purchasing process of company in effective manner.

See also: Purchase, order, management, software, records, bills, sold, file, calculate, information, generate, maintains, data, sales, inventory, forms, finance, database, reports, estimate, invoice, sample, manage, create, stock, details, accounts, organizer

Buy Purchase Order (only $45.00)Download Purchase Order (Size: 5017 KB)

Repair Sim Card

Cost-effective SIM card recovery software revives all types of data lost from sim card memory in simple process. Download SIM recovery utility to restore erased text messages phone book numbers from dual sim card in simple steps. New Sim card recovery software restores corrupted pictures text sms from mobile phone sim card in minimal time. Advanced Repair Sim Card software salvage lost images video clips text sms saved in sim card memory successfully.

See also: Restore, deleted, text, messages, lost, contact, phonebook, number, dual, sim, card, repair, missing, picture, mobile, phone, sms, software, download, program, windows, application, service, provider, data, recovery, dialed, detail, information

Buy Repair Sim Card (only $69.00)Download Repair Sim Card (Size: 2385 KB)

Amphis - BizMonitor 1.1

business intelligence dashboard software - monitor key business information from a database, display summary web page and 24 hour history, send (optional) e-mail alerts when thresholds are reached, send (optional) summary e-mails of actual values. write hourly values to a database (optional)

See also: business intelligence, business intelligence dashboard, monitor, database, alert, email, database monitor, monitor database, business monitor, business information

Buy Amphis - BizMonitor 1.1 (only $139.00)Download Amphis - BizMonitor 1.1 (Size: 1003 KB)

Restore Files

Download music file recovery application helps restore all different types of extension file including mpeg4, audible audio book, mp4, wav, and mp3 etc and save at specific location on laptops according to users defined for further use. Restore Files software is developed to provide complete recovery of lost data from various types of music player such as iPod classic, iPod shuffle, iPod Nano, and iPod touch of actual to next generation series.

See also: Restore, software, iPod, music, rescue, accidentally, deleted, song, playlist, storage, device, retrieve, shuffle, audio, file, corrupted, music, player, rescue, mp3, mp4, mpeg, podcast, Apple, multimedia, lost, hardware, malfunction, reclaim, iTunes

Buy Restore Files (only $29.00)Download Restore Files (Size: 1556 KB)

Capture Screenshots Mac

Efficient Mac based keyboard supervision software is broadly utilized at office, school and home for monitoring and recording full detail of personal computer. Capture screen shots Mac utility is able to trace all typed key such as letters, words, numbers, key combinations, system keys etc. Handy keystrokes monitoring tool capable to work in secret mode and send information at predefined e-mail ID by administrator.

See also: Capture, screenshots, Mac, program, supervises, covert, surveillance, mode, tracks, keystroke, information, hidden, monitoring, application, records, activities, URL, email, login, password, secure, saves, data, encrypted, log, file, invisible, tool

Buy Capture Screenshots Mac (only $45.00)Download Capture Screenshots Mac (Size: 998 KB)


eSobi, a 4-in-1 Internet tool, enables users to navigate, acquire and manage Internet information efficiently. Equipped with News Reader and Multimedia Podcast, news and media programs are now constantly updating and on-demand. Internet Search allows you to target information by categories, then refines the results with accuracy. Information Library offers a centralized location to save, annotate and manage your valuable findings for sharing.

See also: RSS Software, Search Engines, RSS Reader, News Reader, Internet Browser, Save Search Results, RSS News, Internet Search, RSS, ATOM, OPML Podcast, Audio Podcast, Video Podcast, Information Storage, Windows Mobile, Android, Sync, Online archive

Buy eSobi (only $19.95)Download eSobi (Size: 16178 KB)

LanAudit Remote Control 2.84

With PC-Monitor you can remotely control any computer as if you were sitting right in front of it - even through firewalls.Allows the Network Administrator to view and control network computers, having the remote desktop on the screen of his own Computer and controlling that remote Computer by using the keyboard and mouse of their own.

See also: Hardware Inventory, software Inventory, Data Loss Prevention, Document Operations, Stop Data leakage, Application Control, Web Access Control, Employee Computer Monitoring, Employee Monitoring, Computer Monitoring, Remote Control, Remote Install

Buy LanAudit  Remote Control 2.84 (only $99.95)Download LanAudit  Remote Control 2.84 (Size: 23938 KB)

EMCO Network Inventory Professional 5.8.6

This network inventory utility for Windows lets you to audit network PCs. It scans remote computers located in a local network and extracts their hardware and software inventory information into a centralized database. Inventory information extraction is performed remotely with no installation of any client modules on remote PCs. Information stored in a centralized database is used to generate per-computer or aggregated inventory reports.

See also: network inventory, software inventory, hardware inventory, inventory software, pc inventory, network audit

Buy EMCO Network Inventory Professional 5.8.6 (only $149.00)Download EMCO Network Inventory Professional 5.8.6 (Size: 26524 KB)

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