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HotKey Magic 1.3.1

HotKey Magic helps you consolidate your most frequently used programs, files, and folders, into a single launch-pad. HotKey Magic puts your favorite programs at your finger-tips with the magic key combination! Assigning hotkeys is a snap with HotKey Magic. You can drag and drop an existing shortcut into the HotKey Magic main window, assign a hotkey combination, and your through! HotKey Magic is the most popular hotkey download.

See also: HotKey, hot, key, launch, system, tray, win, shortcut, short, cut

Buy HotKey Magic 1.3.1 (only $9.95)Download HotKey Magic 1.3.1 (Size: 1470 KB)

AutoMate 6.0.5

AutoMate 6 is the leading software for automation of business and IT processes. Combining raw power with intelligent design, AutoMate enables IT professionals to build and deploy system automation projects in record time. AutoMate tasks are assembled via drag-and-drop, without writing a single line of code, this allows automated tasks to be developed rapidly and maintained at lower cost. AutoMate is the second most popular hotkey download.

See also: network, enterprise, hotkey, automate 5, AutoMate 5, unisyn, Unisyn, task, Task, vba, scripting languages, script, robot, batch files, batch, macro recorder, macros, macro, automate, automation, enterprise server, boilerplate, keyboard capture

Buy AutoMate 6.0.5 (only $795.00)Download AutoMate 6.0.5 (Size: 31965 KB)

Hotkeys Buddy 2.1

Hotkeys Buddy 2.1 automatically enters text and launches applications when customized hotkeys are hit - by: [a href='']Hotkeys Buddy[/a] Hotkeys Buddy is the third most popular hotkey download.

See also: auto, send, text, hot, keys, hotkey, hotkeys, application, url, szamody, vsisystems

Buy Hotkeys Buddy 2.1 (only $19.95)Download Hotkeys Buddy 2.1 (Size: 1732 KB)

ABHotKeys Ver 3.2

ABHotKeys allows programs to be launched from a single key stroke. It also has built in commands for registery editing, ejecting of Plug and play devices, changing the volumes of multimedia devices, starting and stopping of services, sending of keystrokes to programs, and various other system functions. ABHotkeys supports batching, which allows users to execute a number of commands or programs from a single 'HotKey'

See also: abhotkeys, hotkey, hotkeys, hot, keys, macro, service, eject, client, server, windows

Buy ABHotKeys Ver 3.2 (only $15.00)Download ABHotKeys Ver 3.2 (Size: 988 KB)

Active Keys 2.31

Modern operating systems offer the increasing number of features that bring computing to new edge. However, computers are still bound to traditional hierarchical interfaces. Active Keys software will turn your ordinary keyboard into full-blown remote controller for your entire system. Just imagine being able to control sound settings and screen resolution, start screensaver, insert current time and date or custom text with just one key press!

See also: key, hot, hotkey, keyboard, shortcut, accelerator, fast, access, macro, keystroke, combination, start, open, action, control, softarium

Buy Active Keys 2.31 (only $19.95)Download Active Keys 2.31 (Size: 1628 KB)

Turbo Email Answer & Autoresponder 2.1.3

Speeds up interactive email answering by smart text templates and also enables selective auto-responding and forwarding. Shifts answered emails to pre-defined folders. Puts reusable reply text snippets at your fingertips. Windows-wide hotkey access. Integrates with MS Outlook, Outlook Express, MAPI clients, POP/SMTP, IMAP.

See also: email, autoresonder, reply, auto, responder, response, template, answer, tool, filter, free, download, software, e-mail, hot, key, hotkey

Buy Turbo Email Answer & Autoresponder 2.1.3 (only $24.90)Download Turbo Email Answer & Autoresponder 2.1.3 (Size: 1660 KB)

nnCron 1.91b12

Advanced scheduler, reminder and automation manager with powerful scripting language. It can start applications, display messages, dial and hang up, shutdown/hibernate and wake up your PC, manage clipboard/files/registry, run tasks as specified user and many more. It is managed with easy-to-edit text crontab files and has a convenient graphical shell which can be used to remove, add, edit and run tasks, set up reminders, change program settings

See also: scheduler, reminder, automation, cron, crontab, macro, winspy, regex, script, hotkey, file monitor, clipboard monitor, file exist, window exist, automation manager, forth, forth language, sound, remote administration, scripting

Buy nnCron 1.91b12 (only $25.00)Download nnCron 1.91b12 (Size: 877 KB)

Hotkeys Buddy 2.1

Hotkeys Buddy 2.1 automatically enters text and launches applications when customized hotkeys are hit - by: [a href=''][/a]

See also: auto, send, text, hot, keys, hotkey, hotkeys, application, url, szamody, vsisystems

Buy Hotkeys Buddy 2.1 (only $19.95)Download Hotkeys Buddy 2.1 (Size: 1732 KB)

ActiveActions 1.21

ActiveActions is an launch tool that also acts like hotkey manager. You can launch documents, links, open folders or desktop objects and do any thing of this type with just one keyboard click. This program can be used as assistant in email creating (inserting standard phrases into mail clients, chat clients and so on ...), programming, for easy access to daily Windows function (like, exit, logoff, hibernate and more).

See also: automation, easy, quick, action, manager, hotkey, launch

Buy ActiveActions 1.21 (only $19.95)Download ActiveActions 1.21 (Size: 881 KB)

Active Tray 2.2

Active Tray is ground-breaking software which finally allows you to transform your meager Windows System Tray into the most important and useful area of your screen! Go ahead; add programs, documents, folders, internet links, and more! Now imagine adding hotkeys, cascading popup menus, and password protection - and it's all right there, at your fingertips! Get your copy of Active Tray today and watch your productivity skyrocket!

See also: tray menu, tray icon, hotkey manager, tray launcher, program launcher

Buy Active Tray 2.2 (only $24.95)Download Active Tray 2.2 (Size: 1263 KB)

Hotkeycontrol 5.5

Hotkeycontrol is the award winning solution to create keyboard shortcuts for routine tasks. These tasks include, but are not limited to opening files, ejecting cdrom drives, restarting the computer, typing frequently used text, controlling active windows, changing volume and recording macros.

See also: Hotkeycontrol, hotkey, keys, keyboard, mouse, volume, run, osd, longhorn, shortcuts, hibernate, transparent, plugins, control, macro, simulate, eject, information, manager

Buy Hotkeycontrol 5.5 (only $29.95)Download Hotkeycontrol 5.5 (Size: 1289 KB)

EnergyKey 2.2

EnergyKey is a new personal productivity tool. Whether you are working, or just having fun, EnergyKey helps you make computer tasks faster. EnergyKey is the premier application to use for all of your hotkey making needs. No other program is as feature-rich, yet as easy to set up and use as EnergyKey. Save yourself from repetitive tasks. Make your personal hotkeys to improve your task's performance.

See also: energykey, energy, key, hotkey, hot key, hot, key, keyboard, hot keyboard, hotkeys, keyboard hotkeys, windows hotkeys, hotkey keyboard, shortcut keys, shortcut, shortcut key, keyboard shortcuts, keystrokes

Buy EnergyKey 2.2 (only $29.95)Download EnergyKey 2.2 (Size: 900 KB)

La Boss Key 2.1

A simple yet powerful tool for your privacy and productivity needs. Keep your internet surfing habits, email, and application uses private. Unexpected visits and interruptions are handled gracefully, no awkward moments. Hide windows. Hide tray icons. And More! Eliminate desktop clutter. Reorder your favorite applications and icons in the taskbar so they are exactly where you want them, all the time!

See also: Boss, Key, Window, Hider, Icon, Manager, Privacy, Productivity, Tool, Hotkey, Hot, Key, Hide, Sort, Order, Windows

Buy La Boss Key 2.1 (only $5.95)Download La Boss Key 2.1 (Size: 390 KB)

Active Keyboard 3.1

HotKey Program, Launch applications, documents, and URLs, and over 80 other actions to hot keys - Control your Winamp player - Hide application windows - Open, Play and close your CD-ROM - Change the volume, mute - Logon and Power management - Open dialup connections - Empty recycle bin - Create New Folder - Lock/Unlock Desktop - Show/Hide Windows - Show/Hide Icons from Desktop - Restart Explorer - Lock/Unlock Mouse - more...

See also: Hotkey, Manager, Keyboard, macro, utility, Hot, Key, manager, control, CD-ROM, Winamp, Window, shortcut, manager, for, windows

Buy Active Keyboard 3.1 (only $29.95)Download Active Keyboard 3.1 (Size: 914 KB)

Macro MD 1.0

Macro MD is a very powerful, flexible and very easy to use automation tool for Microsoft Windows. With Macro MD, you can automate any task on your computer and eliminate most of your repetitive tasks. You can control every aspect of your computer without writing a single line of code.

See also: macro, macros, macro recorder, batch, automation, automate, batch files, robot, script, scripting, task, hotkey, keyboard

Buy Macro MD 1.0 (only $99.00)Download Macro MD 1.0 (Size: 5714 KB)

LaunchOnFly 1.5

LaunchOnFly is a Start Menu alternative and hotkey manager. It lets you launch applications, open files, folders, Web sites, and send e-mails faster and easier using quickly accessible and easily configurable menu which you can open using either mouse or keyboard. After setup initial menu is created for you. It's very easy later to add new items to menu using Send To menu or by dragging and dropping them onto LaunchOnFly Settings window.

See also: launch, launcher, hotkey, start menu, alternative, productivity

Buy LaunchOnFly 1.5 (only $15.99)Download LaunchOnFly 1.5 (Size: 3021 KB)

TouchCursor 1.2.2

TouchCursor lets you use the home keys as cursor keys - in all Windows programs - keeping your fingers in the best position for fast typing.

See also: cursor, key, home, touchtype, touch, type, faster, keyboard, keyboarding, shortcut, short, cut, hotkey, hot, key, configurable, wordstar, edit, editor, wordprocessor, word, processor

Buy TouchCursor 1.2.2 (only $20.00)Download TouchCursor 1.2.2 (Size: 927 KB)

Aquarius Soft PC Shutdown 3.9.2

Aquarius Soft PC Shutdown is a simple, elegant and professional PC shutdown software that lets you quickly shutdown your system even when your pc goes to sleep. Shutdown actions can be configure to run automatically at a specific time of the day, once or daily. Keyboard hotkeys can be setup to activate the shutdown actions instantly via the keyboard. You can even automate cleaning up your PC during shutdown!

See also: Automatic shutdown computer, auto shutdown timer, power off computer, shutdown PC, reboot, hibernate, suspend, log off, lock up workstation, Fast keyboard hotkey shutdown. Clean up PC.

Buy Aquarius Soft PC Shutdown 3.9.2 (only $29.80)Download Aquarius Soft PC Shutdown 3.9.2 (Size: 1710 KB)

Comfort Keys 2.0

Comfort Keys is a new generation shortcut (hotkey) manager that will help you automate frequently repeated actions and work with the keyboard in a professional way. You can use shortcut keys to quickly paste text, manage windows and applications, control the clipboard, switch the language for already typed text and much more. The built-in on-screen keyboard will show what shortcut keys are available for you.

See also: comfort, fast, hotkey, shortcut, hot, key, manager, keyboard, on-screen, automate, repeat, block, change, press, action, run, desktop

Buy Comfort Keys 2.0 (only $24.95)Download Comfort Keys 2.0 (Size: 2587 KB)

Desktop Adviser 5.5

Desktop Adviser is an invisible spy screen capture software that help you to control PC activity in your family or in your office. Desktop Adviser captures screenshots of the active application window or the entire desktop at the predefined time intervals varying from 1 second to several hours and saves the recorded images to a specified directory on the hard drive in image or video format.

See also: desktop, adviser, windows, privacy, hotkey, surveillance, screen, capture

Buy Desktop Adviser 5.5 (only $24.95)Download Desktop Adviser 5.5 (Size: 699 KB)

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