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Bronze Tools 4.1

Bronze Tools is a package of two utilities - IconEdit2 and Twin Folders. IconEdit2 is a truecolor icon editor. Twin Folders is a file and folder synchronizer and backup utility. Bronze Tools is the most popular image capture download.

See also: Bronze Tools, icon, edit, editor, icon editor, web, design, screen, capture, utility, graphic, ICO, BMP, GIF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, background, image, generator, wallpaper, maker, twin, folders, file, folder, directory, synchronization, synchronize files

Buy Bronze Tools 4.1 (only $34.95)Download Bronze Tools 4.1 (Size: 2669 KB)

Webcam Uploader 2004 4.0

The only tool you'll need to set up Your very OWN Online Webcam! Webcam Uploader is a Webcam Image Uploader. You can choose to upload an image to the Internet from your webcam, for instance every minute. The program uploads the picture to your FTP-account. Everything is included. For instance timestamp, add text to picture, timestamp in separate text-file, unique filenames and capture bmp, jpg & avi. It now also features Motion Detection! Webcam Uploader 2004 is the second most popular image capture download.

See also: webcam, webcam uploader, webcam image uploader, uploader, ftp, webcam ftp, upload webcam, upload webcam image, webcam image, upload webcam picture, webcam picture, motion detection, motion, video capture, AC Webcam Uploader, AC Software, download webcam, webcam software, download webcam software, 2000, 2001, 2004

Buy Webcam Uploader 2004 4.0 (only $19.00)Download Webcam Uploader 2004 4.0 (Size: 2301 KB)

SmartCapture 1.6.1

SmartCapture is the professional, easy to use screen capture tool for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP! The clear and intuitive user interface and powerful features make it the ideal utility for everyone who wants to capture any contents of the Windows desktop. SmartCapture supports all major file formats, image manipulations (e.g. resize, flip, rotate,and much more! SmartCapture is the third most popular image capture download.

See also: screen, capture, print, image, screenshot, hardcopy, twain, scan

Buy SmartCapture 1.6.1 (only $30.00)Download SmartCapture 1.6.1 (Size: 357 KB)

HardCopy Pro 2.5.1

HardCopy Pro is the professional, easy to use screen capture tool for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP! It can capture rectangular screen areas and whole windows. Images can be saved in all major file formats, copied to the clipboard, edited with any image editing program, printed, emailed, etc. Many options allow the customization of all these actions to individual user needs.

See also: screen, capture, print, image, screenshot, hardcopy

Buy HardCopy Pro 2.5.1 (only $20.00)Download HardCopy Pro 2.5.1 (Size: 229 KB)

PixSmart Digital Imager 1.0

Work like an expert with your digital photos in an easy to use intuitive program! 26 graphic file formats supported, including JPEG, TIF, GIF, BMP, PNG, PSD, WMF, EMF, TGA, PCX, MAC, WPG, and more. Easily convert between formats. Enhance your images for web publishing or send with PixSmart's auto-email. A must see full-featured screen capture system! Create and auto-email portable stand-alone slide shows. Full implementation of IPTC data.

See also: PixSmart, image, graphic, capture, slideshow, slide show, scanner, camera, IPTC

Buy PixSmart Digital Imager 1.0 (only $25.00)Download PixSmart Digital Imager 1.0 (Size: 8811 KB)

Mr. Captor 3.20

Captures regions, windows, menu, cursors, colors, DirectX games, long web pages, PDFs, DOCs using auto-scroll feature. Extracts images from EXE, DLL files. Can record screen action and save it as an AVI file. Saves captured images in a variety of graphical formats. Additional features include hotkeys, image editing, email support, web publishing, printing and more. Useful for designers, web masters, developers, technical writers and other.

See also: screen, capture, software, Mr. Captor, grab, graphics, image, picture, animation, utility

Buy Mr. Captor 3.20 (only $29.00)Download Mr. Captor 3.20 (Size: 1978 KB)

SPX Graphic Editor 2.0

With a full range of graphical tools and functions, SPX Editor handles most projects of low or high complexity. The tools available don't include "everything" but are rather selected from a list of the most recommended tools needed and suggested by our customers. You can start with a white canvas or load an image from your computer. Or - best of all - screen capture with SPX Instant Screen Capture and send it right to SPX Editor.

See also: graphic editor, spx, screen capture, screen, capture, capture screen, print screen, screen grab, grabber, webcam, cam, timer, record, playback, capturing, screenshot, training, marketing, image, graphic, email image, email, zoom, scroll

Buy SPX Graphic Editor 2.0 (only $20.00)Download SPX Graphic Editor 2.0 (Size: 1757 KB)

SPX Studio 2.1

Don't just make screenshots. Design them. Add sticky notes, text, highlights, callouts, shapes, images. Keep as work in progress or save as image. Send to any destination: clipboard, file, email, web, ICQ, Windows messenger, graphic editor, printer/fax.

See also: annotation, annotate, notes, stamp, watermark, spx, screen capture, screen, capture, capture screen, print screen, screen grab, grabber, webcam, cam, timer, record, playback, capturing, screenshot, training, marketing, image, graphic, email image, email, zoom, scroll

Buy SPX Studio 2.1 (only $18.00)Download SPX Studio 2.1 (Size: 1757 KB)

SPX Instant Screen Capture 5.0

Capture any shape, from any source, to any destination in real time. Email screenshots with a program or with SMTP, as attachments or embedded HTML. Capture freehand shapes, rectangles, entire windows, objects. Send captures to clipboard, file, e-mail, web, ICQ, graphic editor, studio, printe/fax. Add watermarks, text stamps, edge effect. Other: Zoom, Scroll, Timer.

See also: screen capture, screen, capture, capture screen, print screen, screen print, webcam, cam, timer, record, capturing, screenshot, training, marketing, image, graphic, email image, email, zoom, scroll

Buy SPX Instant Screen Capture 5.0 (only $25.00)Download SPX Instant Screen Capture 5.0 (Size: 3125 KB)

Capture My Screen 1.02

So easy to use, you capture a particular window, a zone of your screen or the totality of the screen in 1 movement (mouse click or by your keyboard). Simple and lightweight in memory, it is immediately accessible since any application you are using. 'Capture My Screen' is the only screen capture software to be use so easily for instantaneous results. It copies the result in the clipboard, print it, save it, all that in an automatic or manual way.

See also: copy, rip, image, window, screen, capture, tool, screenshot, capture screen, make

Buy Capture My Screen 1.02 (only $14.99)Download Capture My Screen 1.02 (Size: 2290 KB)

Screen Capture Master 2.9

Screen Capture Master 2.9 - is a powerful screen capture application that prints screen and grabs screen shot from Windows desktop. If you want to capture desired desktop screen pictures at will and select capture area in rectangle, window, control, etc., some video games, Screen Capture Master can be your cool and powerful tool.

See also: Screen Capture, Capture Screen, Screen Shot, ScreenShot, PrintScreen, Print Screen, Grab, Image, Picture, Graphic, Save, Download, Utilities, Soft, Ware, Software

Buy Screen Capture Master 2.9 (only $24.95)Download Screen Capture Master 2.9 (Size: 1477 KB)

Video Capturix Suite 5.91.630

Video Capturix 2005 is a video capture utility that lets you create AVI and BMP files from any video source. It works with any Microsoft Video-compatible device, and if you have more than one capture device, it's easy to select between them. Use Video Capturix 2005 to take timed snapshots or timed frames (one frame every three minutes, for example) and make a movie or transform your monitor into a video screen using the Full Screen option.

See also: video, vcr, mpeg, avi, jpeg, jpg, bmp, screen, capture, movie, movies, capturix, multiple, image, capture, snapshots, vhs, dvd, compression, codec, codecs, vfw, wdm, webcam, broadcast

Buy Video Capturix Suite 5.91.630 (only $29.00)Download Video Capturix Suite 5.91.630 (Size: 5127 KB)

ShapeIdeas Sneaky Peek 2006

The Browser with a Brain plus Whiteboard! Ask questions, browse the web, search for anything, capture text, images and your ideas to a layered whiteboard, and get answers! ShapeIdeas seamlessly integrates a Web Browser, Whiteboard, Image Sourcer and Ideas Database with sending to Web, Microsoft Word & Excel.

See also: designing, organize ideas, brainstorm, planning, brainstorming, Process Planning, Process Planning Tool, Process Planning Software, Planning Tool, Mind Map Software, Organization Software, Brainstorming Software, Mind Mapping Software, Planning Software, Flowcharting, Flowchart Software, Flowchart, Mind Map, Project Planning Software, Project Manager, Project Management Tool, Project Management Software, Project Management, Mind Mapping, Mindmap, MindManager, Mindjet, visualization, brainstorming, planning, business mapping, ShapeIdeas Strategic, ShapeIdeas Biblio, ShapeIdeas Sneaky Peek, ShapeIdeas More Fun, Idea Management, Mind Management, Ideas, Idea, Shaping, Shape, Learning Tools, Visual Knowledge, Mind Map, Mind Mapping, ShapeIdeas, Productivity Software, whiteboard software, interactive whiteboard software, screen capture, screen recording, annotation software, annotation tools, on screen keyboard, virtual keyboard, whiteboard, whiteboarding, white board, note taking, sketching, tablet pc software, Notes, Google Site Maps, Web Browser, Image Sourcer, Ideas Database

Buy ShapeIdeas Sneaky Peek 2006 (only $49.00)Download ShapeIdeas Sneaky Peek 2006 (Size: 16931 KB)

CaptureXT Screen Capture 2.1

Belltech CaptureXT is a professional quality screen capture program for Windows. Capture any part of your computer screen, edit in several ways, apply effects to enhance communication and share easily. Put text, lines, arrows, translucent shapes to illustrate your ideas easily and effectively. Save your work in popular image formats (jpg, gif, bmp, png) or email it or paste to your presentations, manuals, marketing materials, web pages.

See also: screen capture, screen taker, screen shots, screen grab, screenshots, screen images, picture viewers, image viewers, screen print, screen snaps, screen presentation, business productivity, screen dump, print screen, documentation, image editor

Buy CaptureXT Screen Capture 2.1 (only $29.95)Download CaptureXT Screen Capture 2.1 (Size: 2189 KB)

Polestar Virtual Printer 1.0

Polestar Virtual Printer is a combination of virtual PDF printer and virtual image printer, which enables you to convert anything printable to PDF, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP,or EMF with high quality, and keep the exact look and content of the original documents. Polestar Virtual Printer is truly a low-cost, all-in-one document converter software. You'll get a PDF converter and an image converter for the Price of only One.

See also: PDF printer, virtual PDF printer, image printer driver, virtual image printer, Printing Utilities, Print Capture, PRINT CAPTURE, print capture, printer capture, Screen Capture, software, download, free, utility, shareware, Polestar Virtual Printer

Buy Polestar Virtual Printer 1.0 (only $29.95)Download Polestar Virtual Printer 1.0 (Size: 2581 KB)

Image Grabber 2.0

Image Grabber screen capture software is designed for the user who needs a convenient and easy to use tool for capturing and manipulating snapshots of Windows screens. This program allows you to easily capture screen images from your favorite Internet WebPages, desktop applications. You can then save captured images to a clipboard and paste it into other applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

See also: Screen Capture, Image Capture, Snapshot

Buy Image Grabber 2.0 (only $8.99)Download Image Grabber 2.0 (Size: 300 KB)

Captus 2.00

Captus is an elegant and handy screen capturing software with quick and easy post-processing of captured images. Capture whole screen, window(s), screen region(s). Add custom cursor, shadows, borders and other effects. Use hot-keys for different capture scenarios. Post-processing Effects are applied to the image after capture is done and can be modified in Captus Graphics Editor.

See also: screen, capture, screenshot, image, jpeg, gif

Buy Captus 2.00 (only $29.99)Download Captus 2.00 (Size: 1984 KB)

CaptureScreen 1.7

CaptureScreen is easy to use: Right-click for contextual menu access. Move and size the window to the desired location, and select the "Capture" command for a region capture of the screen. Save the capture with the "Save" command. The "Clear" command erases the capture ...

See also: screenshot, screen capture, thumbnail, image effect, transparency, selective grayscale, photomontage, tracing paper

Buy CaptureScreen 1.7 (only $15.00)Download CaptureScreen 1.7 (Size: 962 KB)

i Screen Recorder

i Screen Recorder is a powerful, yet full-featured screen record tool that allows you to easily capture and annotate anything on the screen including windows, objects, menus, full screen, rectangular/freehand regions and even scrolling windows/web pages, and save the images in BMP or JPG formats. It also allows you to capture video or image from DV, TV Tuner and Other Device, and browse or edit recorded media files.

See also: screen recoder, screen recording, screen capture, video capture, capture video, capture image, AVI, real-time video, grab video, grab image, record video, record image. real-time record, video capture software, video recording software

Buy i Screen Recorder (only $24.99)Download i Screen Recorder (Size: 3028 KB)

VideoCapX 6.3

VideoCapX video-capture and processing ActiveX control allows software developers to easily add access to USB cam, TV tuner, DV camcorder, IP camera, PCI grabber cards and other video-capture devices from their applications. It can capture, process and play AVI/WMV videos. Whether you are creating a Web cam, a networked security application, a photo ID database, an industrial monitoring system, or a medical imaging device, VideoCapX has it.

See also: video, capture, process, convert, play, AVI, WMV, MPEG, ActiveX, OCX, control, multimedia, player, surveillance, still-image, frame, brightness, lightness, saturation, contrast, hue, pan, tilt, zoom, RGB, pixel

Buy VideoCapX 6.3 (only $99.00)Download VideoCapX 6.3 (Size: 1610 KB)

Extensions for Windows 1.0

Extensions for Windows is the first community driven, modular upgrade for Windows XP and Vista. It contains numerous new features, tools and applications seamlessly integrated with Windows, such as: 2-panel Windows Explorer with tabs, Video Converter, Screen Capture, Desktop Recorder, Keyboard Shortcut Manager, Image Converter, FTP & SFTP Client, Disk Analyzer, Enhanced Task Manager, Document and PDF Converter, File Search and Replace, and more.

See also: Windows, Vista, Windows 7, upgrade, desktop, utilities, screen capture, desktop recorder, Windows Explorer, keyboard shortcut manager, image converter, disk analyzer, ftp client, sftp client, file compression

Buy Extensions for Windows 1.0 (only $49.95)Download Extensions for Windows 1.0 (Size: 15538 KB)

Internet Graphic Hunter 2.0

GraphicHunter is a robotic download tools which will find and download millions of pictures from the Web automatically. Just specify a URL address. GraphicHunter automatically follows very link to get the pictures you want, including pictures linked by JavaScript. GraphicHunter also provides Image Preview and Slide Show features, so that you can enjoy the picture during the download.

See also: capture, image, graphic, picture, web, internet, automatically, image viewer, slide show, graphichunter, internet graphic hunter

Buy Internet Graphic Hunter 2.0 (only $39.95)Download Internet Graphic Hunter 2.0 (Size: 2134 KB)

Capturemation 3.01

Do you need to capture a screen shots series according to a certain scenario? What if you have to make dozens (or hundreds) of screen captures? Ever need to add a screen capture ability to your application, written on Visual Basic, C++, Delphi? Are you using batch files to automate the routine tasks and wish you could add a "screen capture" command to your .bat files? Capturemation is here now.

See also: screen, capture, capturing, image, printscreen, screenshot, command, batch

Buy Capturemation 3.01 (only $39.00)Download Capturemation 3.01 (Size: 740 KB)

AWinware Screen Capture Tool

Tryout free screen capture software to capture full screen window, selected rectangular area and active window. Screenshot creator instantly capture screen and save picture on user defined location. Tool is also capable to take save image on clipboard and can be easily paste on any image editor for processing. Software can save snapshots in JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and TIF format. Image capturing utility is quick and affordable desktop utility.

See also: Screen, Capture, Software, active, window, selected, portion, full, region, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF, image, picture, maker, creator, area, rectangle, Ctrl + Q, save, desktop, application, hard, disk, clipboard, shortcut, keys

Buy AWinware Screen Capture Tool (only $15.00)Download AWinware Screen Capture Tool (Size: 627 KB)

Clarify 1.0.1

Clarify is a screen capture application with a built-in document editor. Many screen capture applications let you work with one picture at a time. But combining multiple screen shots into clear documents is a pain. Clarify gets rid of all of the hassle and frustration of creating documents out of screenshots. Say goodbye to working with multiple screen capture, image editing and word processing applications and say hello to instant productivity.

See also: screen, capture, screenshot, annotate, communicate, annotations, image, pdf, screencapture

Buy Clarify 1.0.1 (only $29.99)Download Clarify 1.0.1 (Size: 5611 KB)

FemtoScan Online 2.3.219

FemtoScan Online is a powerful software for analysis of different kinds of microscopic images. Mainly oriented for the scanning probe microscopy 3D images processing and analysis, but can be also used for optical and electron microscopy images. Impressing 3D representation with ability to record movies, clipboard integration, USB cameras support, Fourier analysis, pattern recognition functions. Median, Wiener, Gauss, Laplace, Sobel filters e.c.

See also: AFM, STM, SPM, TEM, NSOM, microscopy, image, processing, data, analysis, video, capture, TWAIN

Buy FemtoScan Online 2.3.219 (only $1299.00)Download FemtoScan Online 2.3.219 (Size: 43003 KB)

GWDView 4.51

GWDView is a powerful and easy-to-use image viewer that supports over 20 image formats including BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG and more. It is capable of acquiring images from scanners, and taking screenshots. You can use a wide variety of image editing tools to modify, correct, and enhance your images. This software allows you easily find, organise and manage your files. With the image batch processing tool, you can process multiple image files at once.

See also: image viewer, image batch processing, format conversion, watermark, slide show, file management, file search, screen capture

Buy GWDView 4.51 (only $39.95)Download GWDView 4.51 (Size: 2886 KB)

Crazy Boomerang Screen Shot 2.01

Crazy Boomerang Screen Shot is a quick, simple and easy-to-use utility for capturing anything on your screen for your presentations, documents and blogs. Just choose the type of capture and your image will be ready in an instant! Here are some key features: capture entire screen, capture window, copy image to clipboard, cut out part of captured image, save image in BMP, JPEG and PNG format, send image via email, global hotkeys, multi-monitor support

See also: screen shot tool, screenshot tool, screen-shot tool, screen capture, print screen, printscreen, copy screen, screen image, window image, crop

Buy Crazy Boomerang Screen Shot 2.01 (only $19.95)Download Crazy Boomerang Screen Shot 2.01 (Size: 1596 KB)

Fox Video Capture

Fox Video Capture is a simple, easy to use video recorder that lets you to capture video directly from a webcam (video camera), DV or any analog video source. You can set video compression codec and audio compression codec, output frame size and frame rate. You can also set properties of each capture device, preview and record real-time video, watch TV (TV Tuner is installed).

See also: capture video and image, video capture, image capture, capturing software

Buy Fox Video Capture (only $27.95)Download Fox Video Capture (Size: 2969 KB)

Mac Recovery Software for Camera

Mac Recovery Software for Camera easily available on website which supports to recover all types of deleted or lost images, pictures, photographs, snapshots etc in original quality without any change in data quality and integration.

See also: Digital, Image, restoration, application, regain, deleted, corrupted, damaged, images, audio, videos, retrieves, audio, video, files, folders, install, Macintosh, operating, system, restores, wedding, capture, snapshots, original, format

Buy Mac Recovery Software for Camera (only $45.00)Download Mac Recovery Software for Camera (Size: 3031 KB)

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