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Web2Map 1.1

Web2Map is an application to copy complete websites and homepages and manage them in one recherche. Differently than than all comparable Offline-readers Web2Map generates an overview depending on the linkstructure of a website. By structuring several websites in this way, navigating and finding pages will be easy. Additional features: archiving, arranging, linkchecker, fulltextsearch, integrated browser, navigation, ... Web2Map is the most popular integrated download.

See also: internet, recherche manager, offline reader, offline browser, sitegrabber, fulltextsearch, recherche, linkchecker, integrated browser, archiving, ZIP format, sitemaps, recherche, download, offlinereader, maximum linkdepth, filefilter, filter, website

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BlitzCalc 1.0.3

BlitzCalc is a very useful and handy calculator for Windows with revolutionary double-windows user interface. It supports calculations with a single keypress from any window. BlitzCalc supports many standard and special functions (like sine, standard deviation or molecular mass) and constants (like pi or electron mass). It is good for designers, programmers, scientists, and other users who are interested in simple ways to make calculations. BlitzCalc is the second most popular integrated download.

See also: calc, calculator, single, keypress, multi-line, editor, embedded, integrated, useful, handy, anywhere

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IE Catcher 1.3

IE Catcher allow you saving web page as image with one click, it is a plug-in of Microsoft Internet Explorer. It adds a new button to Internet Explorer, you can save the screenshot to a 'bmp' or 'jpg' file; Seamlessly integrated with web browser; Ease of use; Unique Style. IE Catcher is the third most popular integrated download.

See also: Save web page as image with one click, Can save the screenshot to a 'bmp' or 'jpg' file; Seamlessly integrated with web browser, Ease of use, Unique Style

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Graphic Equalizer Studio 2005 2006

* Neu in this version * Correlations Meter * RMS Level Meter and Peak Level for the Input and Output * integrated Compressor, Limiter und Enhancer * 1/3 Octave displaying for the frequency bands * * Automatic Calculation of Band Frequencies with Octave selector * DSP Normalization of Wave files * Programmable Frequency selection with independent Band Calculator * Programmable Q-Factor for fine

See also: RMS Level Meter and Peak Level, Correlations Meter, 1/3 octave, graphic equalizer, integrated Compressor, Limiter und Enhancer

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EasyCVS is an easy,quick and safe solution.It stores your sourcecode in an CVS Repository(CVS is an open-source version control tool),so you needn't to worry about the database crashing.EasyCVS use the Microsoft Source Code Control Interface (MSSCCI ) of Visual StudioŠ to simplify the process of committing sourcecode. It's easy to use because it's integrated into Visual studio. You can use it like using visual soucesafe.

See also: Version control system, cvs, sourcesafe, integrated with VS, Revision control, software development

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LaTexMng 2.0

LaTeX is a high-quality typesetting system, with features designed for the production of technical and scientific documentation. LaTeX is the de facto standard for the communication and publication of scientific documents. LaTexMng is easy to use product of integrated development environment software for Windows. This application integrates all the tools, needed to the creation of LaTeX documents.

See also: Typesetting system, LaTeX, BibTeX, Integrated development environment

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Filedoyen 1.0

Filedoyen is a file and archive (zip) manager with an integrated text and code editor, image viewer and search tool. The single or dual-pane file manager allows for files to be opened with a single click into the editor, viewer or archive manager. Files within an archive can be previewed in the editor or viewer just as easily. By integrating normally separate tools into one, Filedoyen aims to make file management both convenient and easy.

See also: file manager, editor, archive manager, zip, rar, cab, viewer, search, dual pane, tool, utility, integrated, powerful, image viewer, search tool

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Web Publishing Tool with database handler, Multi-purpose for DHTML and Database, CSS and Time 2 enhanced. EMail capabilities over database selection, system procedure data control. Text Editing enhancements, Site Menu delivering, Remote Scripting and Chat Facility.

See also: DHTML, MySql, Database, Remote Scripting, WEB Publishing Tool, EMail Manager, Report Manager, Integrated Chat Facility, CSS Handler, Time 2 Behaviors Handler

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PHP Studio 2009 2.4.3

PHP Studio 2009 is an integrated development environment for PHP, providing comprehensive and easy-to-use solution for developing PHP based web applications. PHP Studio offers built-in HTTP server and internal web browser, convenient code editor supporting configurable syntax highlighting, code completion for PHP functions, code explorer, built-in FTP client, project management, file explorer, find in files, file comparison tool and more..

See also: PHP Studio 2009, PHP Studio, PHP Editor, PHP, Editor, Studio, IDE, Integrated, Development, Environment, Script, FTP Client, Code Explorer, HTTP Server, Debugger, Coding, Software, Engineering, Cayoren Software, Perl, Javascript, XML, CSS, SQL, HTML

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Happy Birthday Card

Simple to operate birthday card making software utilizes assorted card fabricating tools which involves text, arc, pencil, triangle, star, and pictures objects valuable for user to make customized birthday cards. Happy birthday card designer software builds new cards and reworks on earlier cards to present a vivid look. Easy to use happy birthday card making application includes pioneering characteristic which has flexile printing choice.

See also: Happy, birthday, card, software, fabricates, secure, printable, sending, size, shapes, utility, attribute, customized, fabricate, integrated, designing, objects, picture, ingrained, application, setting, wizard, password, protected, competent, tool

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Perl Studio 2.6.2

Perl Studio is an integrated development environment for Perl, providing comprehensive and easy-to-use solution for editing, testing and deploying CGI/Perl based web applications. Perl Studio offers built-in HTTP server, internal web browser, powerful code editor, built-in FTP client, visual file comparison utility, configurable syntax highlighting, file and project explorer, code completion for Perl functions and HTML tags and more...

See also: Perl Studio, Perl Editor, Perl, Editor, Studio, IDE, Integrated Development Environment, CGI, Scripting, FTP Client, Code Explorer, HTTP Server, Debugger, Coding, Software, Engineering, Cayoren Software, Perl, Javascript, XML, SQL

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Design Birthday Card

Steady birthday card generating software for Windows OS produces wonderful best wishes cards in insignificant basic steps. Design Birthday Card tool fabricates eye-catching birth day cards with the help of wizard or empty format method. Trustworthy Design Birthday Card application exploits card manufacturing integrated entities such as pictures, pencil, text, star, arc, square etc to fabricate striking customized Birthday Card.

See also: Design, Birthday, Card, software, fabricates, customized, background, application, creates, printable, images, clipart, integrated, objects, text, line, pencil, star, square, rectangle, ellipse, program, generates, colorful, greetings, best, wishes

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