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Chat Live with Multiple Customers

ASP based multi user chatting software for those owners who want to give tech support to all their website visitors. Code is based on AJAX script for live chat environment. Simultaneously many administrators handle their clients on one to one basis. Program works with all internet browsers which make it platform independent. You can simply install it on your site and add a chat button on your website for 24x7 assistance to all your clients. Chat Live with Multiple Customers is the most popular interact download.

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Web Chat

Web Chat is a standard way to provides actual time interaction between operators and website visitors to provides immediate response the questions of visitors. Live chat software monitors visitors activities and provides first-class chat assistance with operators. Web chat tool offers perfect customer support service to get actual time feedback about business products from customers to enhance performance of company in economical and efficient way. Web Chat is the second most popular interact download.

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Website Chat

Professionally developed Website Chat tool provides you capability to stop unauthorized access or third person interference when you are exchanging significant files and documents via internet by providing secure hypertext transfer protocol which establishes a secure and reliable channel over an unprotected network until successful delivery of data. Website Chat software analyze overall details of visitors in most effective and convenient way. Website Chat is the third most popular interact download.

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Multi Operator Live Chat Script

Multi operator chat support tool is an innovative live chat application permits multiple customer support executives for multilingual conversation with their online customers or clients. Professional multiuser live help chat software can block all unauthorized user to misuse live chat utility. Ajax based multi operator chat application supports all windows operating system and major web browsers like internet explorer and other similar web browser.

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Online Support

Online support software that allowed business representative to start offering completely secure communication channel to their website visitors for giving accurate answers of all questions in actual time with single click. Easy to setup and use online support software for websites provides chat room for online text conversation between operators and customers that helps in reducing communication gap and increase customer satisfaction level.

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Chat for Websites

Chat for Websites tool provides customers online chat support in multiple departments and helps them in solving their problems. Proficient Chat for Websites utility makes you capable to promote your business, company and websites by interacting with customers via instant messaging and tells them about the product services, benefits and how to use it in simplified way and avoid you from receiving phone calls and sending e-mail of particular query.

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Online Chat Software

Company provides specialized freeware Online Chat Software for creating secure chat environment among customers, visitors and support executives. With help of Live Chat software all customers can communicate with executives and get queries answers in actual time using attractive online chat interface. Freeware Online Chat software with help of inbuilt features makes possible to block spammers and chat only with selected users according to need.

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Online Web Chat

Technically designed online chat application provides integrated solution to send instant messages to multiple users at same time with extraordinary feature to restore web chat history with complete details in just few easy mouse clicks. Advance Chat Software is technically designed to provide live help to customer to solve their query. Online chat tool sends canned response and pre defined url directly to visitor during fast chats.

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