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Flash CalendarPro 1.2

Introducing the new fully interactive flash calendar software for your flash movie, browser based solutions or applications. We designed this calendar for personal usage, community website and integration with any other web-based applications. Publishing events with robust HTML description, images, links to external page URL and allowing seamlessly browsing Year, Month and Day views is easy. Flash CalendarPro is the most popular interactive flash calendar download.

See also: Flash Calendar, Online Event Flash Calendar, interactive Flash Calendar, event flash calendar, interactive calendars, calendar in flash, web based calendar

Buy Flash CalendarPro 1.2 (only $99.99)Download Flash CalendarPro 1.2 (Size: 10229 KB)

Rich Chart Server 1.0

Rich Chart Server generates captivating dynamic Flash charts from ASP.NET. Use the included authoring tool to visually design a chart template which can include stunning animation effects, audio narration, text and image elements, links and tooltips. Apply the template to any available .NET data source or XML document to generate an interactive Flash chart with drill-downs, enabling sophisticated data navigation between multiple charts. Rich Chart Server is the second most popular interactive flash calendar download.

See also: ASP.NET Scripts, ASP.NET, .NET, .NET Component, ASP.NET Component, Layouts, Templates, Narration, Voice, Audio, Doughnut, Pie, Bar, Line, Column, Spreadsheet Import, Plot, Graph, Chart, Presentation, SWF, Flash, Drill-Down Charts, Multimedia, Rich Media, Charting, Graphics, Plots, Graphs, Charts, Interactive, Interactive Charts, Animated, Animated Charts, Dynamic Charts, Flash Charts, Web Server Tools, Flash Generator, Flash Tools

Buy Rich Chart Server 1.0 (only $695.00)Download Rich Chart Server 1.0 (Size: 5612 KB)

Rich Chart Builder 1.0

Rich Chart Builder transforms your data charts into enjoyable and captivating communication. Data charts don't have to be plain and austere, they can be interactive experiences with attractive visuals, animation and even voice explanations describing the important facts behind the numbers. Rich Chart Builder is the third most popular interactive flash calendar download.

See also: Column, Plot, Graph, Chart, Presentation, PPT, PDF, SWF, Flash, PowerPoint, Excel, Office, Drill-Down, Multimedia, Rich Media, Flash, Charting, Graphics, Plots, Graphs, Charts, Interactive, Animated Charts, Flash Charts, Bar, Line, Pie, Doughnut

Buy Rich Chart Builder 1.0 (only $225.00)Download Rich Chart Builder 1.0 (Size: 4684 KB)

WireChanger 3.4.0

Wallpaper changer with desktop clocks and notes. Designed for big collections! Smart wallpaper changer, which can do the magic with your background image via customizable templates (interactive calendar, picture mixer, memo pad and more) with all popular options. Your desktop can be enlivened with real digital or analog clocks (from huge ColClocks collection) and clickable sticky notes. Built-in support for all major image formats and archives

See also: Wallpaper changer, desktop clocks, desktop notes, slide show screensaver, active calendar, calendar on desktop, interactive desktop, image effects, blend, emboss, disposition

Buy WireChanger 3.4.0 (only $20.00)Download WireChanger 3.4.0 (Size: 3590 KB)

SWiSHmax 3.0

SWiSHmax has everything you need to create stunning fully interactive Flash animations. You can create shapes, text, buttons, sprites, and motion paths. You can also use more than 230 ready-to-use animated effects or create your own effects. You can make an interactive movie by adding actions to objects and a scripting language allows you to program sophisticated operations into your animations. SWiSHmax creates all the files you need to upload.

See also: flash, SWF, FLA, macromedia, shockwave, animation, animated, animators, authoring, tool, editor, software, web, site, page, website, webpage, design, graphics, graphical, motion, tween, tweening, movie, presentation, text, effects, interactive, interactivity, clipart, cartoons, navigation, buttons, menus, vector, multimedia, drawing, scripting, script

Buy SWiSHmax 3.0 (only $99.95)Download SWiSHmax 3.0 (Size: 8996 KB)

Demo Builder 5.0

Demo Builder is a powerful, yet simple to use, software tool for creating professional and fully interactive application demonstrations and simulations, presentations and tutorials. Support staff, educators and marketing personnel can use the extensive and expanded features, objects and editing tools of Demo Builder to create great looking audio-visual Flash movies that graphically demonstrate your software, processes and other subjects.

See also: presentation software, flash presentation, flash tool, flash demo, presentation tool, interactive demonstration, interactive flash, screen capture

Buy Demo Builder 5.0 (only $199.00)Download Demo Builder 5.0 (Size: 13918 KB)

Flash Demo Builder 1.0

Build flash presentations, tutorials, product demonstrations and quizzes quickly and easily. Start by taking a series of screen captures which include mouse movement and key-press. Enhance by inserting callout, text, image, voice narration, video, interactive quiz and PowerPoint presentation. Publish it online, send it via email, burn it as a DVD video playable on TV, export as a Word document. Publish as an executable file or an autorun CD.

See also: build flash presentation, build product demonstration, build interactive quiz, flash presentation, flash interactive quiz, e-learning tools, e-learning software, flash product demonstration, capture desktop activity, screen capture, online tutorial, online quiz, multimedia presentation, presentation software

Buy Flash Demo Builder 1.0 (only $99.95)Download Flash Demo Builder 1.0 (Size: 24200 KB)

Vectorian Giotto 2.01

Quickly and easily create professional Flash animations for websites. Powerful vector drawing tools - freehand pen and brush, vector text, eraser, lasso and much more. Combine and manipulate text, images and shapes to create Flash movies. Animation is based on simple motion tween concept: use drawing tools to set start and end look of objects and Giotto does the rest by itself. No programming, no scripting. Complete animation in several minutes.

See also: drawing, multimedia, vector, menus, buttons, navigation, cartoons, clipart, interactivity, interactive, effects, text, presentation, movie, tweening, tween, motion, graphical, graphics, design, webpage, website, page, site, web, software, editor, tool, authoring, animators, animated, animation, shockwave, macromedia, FLA, SWF, flash, scripting, script

Buy Vectorian Giotto 2.01 (only $49.95)Download Vectorian Giotto 2.01 (Size: 2115 KB)

CoffeeCup Web Calendar 3.0

Now you can add a cool Flash Calendar to your Website and highlight your events, meetings or holidays. Add descriptions of your special days and times and they will appear when someone clicks a date. No HTML experience is required, simply use our wizard to create your Website calendar. Customize the colors to fit your layout and each type of day on your calendar too.

See also: calendar, web calendar, html, flash, macromedia, tools, calendar

Buy CoffeeCup Web Calendar 3.0 (only $34.00)Download CoffeeCup Web Calendar 3.0 (Size: 5260 KB)

CoffeeCup Menu Builder 3.0

CoffeeCup Flash Menu Builder is a quick and easy way to create great looking flash menus for your Website. Dozens of high quality buttons included, or you can choose one of your own. Flash Menu Builder requires no knowledge of Flash or HTML. Simply create your menu, save and upload it's that easy. Now you can create Flash Menus for your Website quickly and easily.

See also: calendar, menu, navigation, html, flash, macromedia, tools

Buy CoffeeCup Menu Builder 3.0 (only $34.00)Download CoffeeCup Menu Builder 3.0 (Size: 5169 KB)

TaskRun 1.0

Work Smarter and get things done with this Task and Project Planning Software. TaskRun is a Flash Card based Planner for planing projects, making todo lists and writing notes. TaskRun was inspired by Benjamin Franklinwho believed in daily self improvement through planning. Keep track of your big projects with a separata calendar, todo list and Time and Money trackers. Includes a Diet & Health Planner

See also: Task, To do, todo, GTD, Calendar, Organizer, Project Planner, Planner, PIM, Flash, Flach Card, Project Plan

Buy TaskRun 1.0 (only $29.00)Download TaskRun 1.0 (Size: 3007 KB)

Crisol Mind Web Pro 2010

Provides databases to store your questions, make written and interactive exams, 3 methods to make your exams, 12 written question types, 8 interactive question types, formula editor for Math, Physics and Chemistry, 4 interactive exam modes, Sound, Video & Images, exams management module, automatic gradebook, Calendar with reminders, automatic Diploma creation, import or export questions, integrated FTP client, high level of security.

See also: exam, quiz, test, exams, tests, quizzes, written exams, interactive exams, grade book, certificates, diplomas, database, calendar, grading, teaching tools, professor tools, Educational Tools, learning tools, quiz maker, exam maker, test maker

Buy Crisol Mind Web Pro 2010 (only $99.00)Download Crisol Mind Web Pro 2010 (Size: 110164 KB)

Calendarscope Portable Edition

Keep information about your schedule, meetings and special events always with you on a portable flash drive! Plan your day, manage your time, and schedule appointments quickly and easily with Calendarscope Portable Edition. Carry the software and all data with you on a flash memory drive! USB Sticks, U3 smart drives and smart cards are supported.

See also: calendar, flash, USB, portable

Buy Calendarscope Portable Edition (only $29.95)Download Calendarscope Portable Edition (Size: 3868 KB)

USA Real Estate Map Pro 3.1

Interactive Real Estate Map Professional has all USA states and counties and it has been created for Real Estate business. It gives you wide possibilities for comfortable presention of any geo-spatial data. Real Estate map can display a detailed county map with custom locations, has innovative search tools, is easy to integrate with database listings and present information in a table or a grid with HTML formatted text.

See also: USA Real Estate Map Pro, flash map, real estate maps, interactive real estate map, usa real estate maps

Buy USA Real Estate Map Pro 3.1 (only $399.00)Download USA Real Estate Map Pro 3.1 (Size: 10669 KB)

CARTHAGO Groupware 2005

CARTHAGO Groupware 2005 is a application server for MS Windows to manage email, contacts, groups, appointments and tasks using a standard web browser. Through a webserver, you have access to your personal data from everywhere in the world. Special groupware features allow multiple users to share contacts and appointments. CARTHAGO supports international domain names (IDN) and is thus suitable for email addresses with special characters.


Buy CARTHAGO Groupware 2005 (only $355.00)Download CARTHAGO Groupware 2005 (Size: 7857 KB)

Mobile Master 6.1.0

Mobile Master is a powerful PIM for mobile phones. Synchronize mobile addresses and calendar with Outlook (97-03), O.Express, Windows adress book, Lotus Notes, Netscape/Mozilla/Thunderbird, ACT!, Palm Desktop, David, Eudora, The Bat,... Many filter and options. Or easily manage and edit your phones data. Full integration in Outlook and Palm Desktop. SMS Center to easily send/receive SMS. For Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and Nokia phones.

See also: mobile, cell, phone, sync, contacts, addresses, phone, numbers, calendar, outlook, outlook, express, lotus, notes, the, bat, act, mozilla, netscape, thunderbird, palm, desktop, act, eudora, windows, address, book, opera, SMS, PIM, Siemens, Sony, Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung

Buy Mobile Master 6.1.0 (only $25.90)Download Mobile Master 6.1.0 (Size: 10742 KB)

ReadyToPrint Organizer 4.77

ReadyToPrint Organizer incorporates the data on your computer with your hard copy organizer. You can print calendars, address books, expense forms, labels and envelopes. Store notes in the calendar with ease or use one of the many editors to add appointments, tasks, birthdays, holidays and contacts. Explorer type calendar and contact windows will organize and sort your data based on type, date and group association.

See also: calendar, contact, organizer, PIM, address, book

Buy ReadyToPrint Organizer 4.77 (only $19.95)Download ReadyToPrint Organizer 4.77 (Size: 1568 KB)

Always On Time

Fast, simple-to-use calendar and task list to help you create reminders, alarms, and multiple to-do lists. Always On Time's small graphical calendar features custom event icons and easy-to-use reminder options. Tasks, to-do's, chores, shopping lists... Always On Time will keep them organized and at your finger tips. With its powerful Task List Manager, you can create multiple lists, store them in convenient folders, and print them out.

See also: organizer, calendar, reminders, alarms, planner, tasks, lists, PIM, to-do, timers

Buy Always On Time (only $14.95)Download Always On Time (Size: 1000 KB)

PalmaryClock Wireless Edition 1.0

PalmaryClock Wireless Edition s not just an improved clock, it is a technological breakthrough. Your Palm can now be not only a powerful organizer but a real-time assistant in your business! The latest currency information, weather forecasts and exact time are seamlessly integrated for you!

See also: best, clock, skin, alarm, timer, calendar, stopwatch, and, world, time, map, nice, new, slideshow, mp3, jpg, analog, digital, weather, forecast, currency

Buy PalmaryClock Wireless Edition 1.0 (only $19.95)Download PalmaryClock Wireless Edition 1.0 (Size: 2662 KB)

Active Multiwallpaper Changer 3.7

Tired of boring desktop wallpaper? Want to try something new? Want to have an adjustable calendar highlighting holidays, birthdays and other important dates on your desktop? Want to download new high-quality wallpapers from the Internet? Then Active Multiwallpaper Changer is for you!

See also: abf, wallpaper, changer, change, automatically, desktop, download, picture, calendar

Buy Active Multiwallpaper Changer 3.7 (only $24.95)Download Active Multiwallpaper Changer 3.7 (Size: 2714 KB)

MyTime Assist 2.2

MyTime Assist is a easy-to-use project manager. With its help you can easily plan and control your personal affairs as well as business projects.

See also: time, management, PIM, project, manager, organizer, todo, list, planner, scheduler, calendar, task

Buy MyTime Assist 2.2 (only $18.95)Download MyTime Assist 2.2 (Size: 1169 KB)

The Time Machine 1.32.1

Professional looking clocks, skinable calendar, atomic synchronizer, task scheduler and organizer. The Time Machine is a massive set of components and functions, completely covering all the tasks of managing your computer clocks. That includes managing appearance of clocks, display of various time zones, synchronization of time through atomic time servers, tasks scheduler, diary, handy calendar and much more.

See also: calendar, claendar program, skinable calendar, tray clock, clock replacement, atomic clock, clock manager, alarm, reminder, organizer, diary, sinzhronize, exact time atomic clock, atomicclock, atomictime, atomic clock, atomic time, Atomic clock, time synchronization, synchronize, clock, NIST, free claendar program

Buy The Time Machine 1.32.1 (only $29.95)Download The Time Machine 1.32.1 (Size: 4283 KB)

GreetSoft Attractive Clock 2.0.4

Attractive Clock is analog desktop skinable clock with a calendar and date.Great number of various attractive skins will allow you to pick up appearance of clock according to your preferences, and diversify your desktop. You can create any personal skin! Just choose any picture and adjust the size and color of clock hands. All new skins you can download from our site. You can set any size and kind of Attractive Clock.

See also: attractive, clock, analog, skin, calendar, greetsoft, date

Buy GreetSoft Attractive Clock 2.0.4 (only $14.95)Download GreetSoft Attractive Clock 2.0.4 (Size: 2700 KB)

OrgScheduler 1+1 4.4

OrgScheduler 1+1 gives you low cost network solution for sharing central planner simultaneously with everyone in your workgroup. This program does allow multiple users to update one calendar. Meaning the calendar belongs to everyone and everyone can read and write to it. You can even set network alarms to remind the whole office of an important event, like a meeting, in real-time.

See also: 1+1, calendar, orgscheduler, orgscheduler 1+1, scheduling, scheduler, organizer, planner, reminder, personal, assistant manager, organize, Outlook, timeline

Buy OrgScheduler 1+1 4.4 (only $49.95)Download OrgScheduler 1+1 4.4 (Size: 10399 KB)

Schemax Calendar 2.0

Schemax Calendar is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007. It helps you schedule meetings, manage resources like meeting rooms and equipment and forecast activity by category and resources. You can view appointments as calendars, timelines or bar charts. You can filter and group appointments by category and resource and view up to twelve months in a single screen. Calendar overlays help quickly schedule meetings with busy attendees.

See also: microsoft, outlook, calendar, schedule, group, overlay, forecast

Buy Schemax Calendar 2.0 (only $49.95)Download Schemax Calendar 2.0 (Size: 14887 KB)

Pimero 2009.R3

Working as part of your team, Pimero is a convenient appointment calendar and contact list manager - the perfect companion for tiny teams and individuals. With its automatic, serverless synchronisation you need not give a second thought to how you maintain your appointments up-to-date. With its multi-user capabilities, you have the perfect utility for team-work. Display the appointments of colleagues next to one another - easily and clearly.

See also: address book, network, appointment, contact manager, team, calendar, group calendar, task, synchronization, client, server, team scheduler, teamwork

Buy Pimero 2009.R3 (only $49.00)Download Pimero 2009.R3 (Size: 33652 KB)

Coaditor-assistant to arrange your work 4.0

Various meetings, reports,visitors,seminars...Do you often forget things in such breathless haste? Do you feel like it a mess? Still using a notepad to record your work? Limited functions are out of your expectation. Using a calendar like software? No sorting, no summary list, poor search...No matter you are a manager, a secretary, or just a common employer, Coaditor is what you need to manage work better and easier.Try it now for free!

See also: assistant, manager, task, assignment, arrangement, information, PIMS, calendar

Buy Coaditor-assistant to arrange your work 4.0 (only $29.50)Download Coaditor-assistant to arrange your work 4.0 (Size: 8090 KB)

Portable Efficient Lady's Organizer 1.08

Efficient Lady's Organizer is a personal information management package specially designed for ladies! It has a fashionable and pretty interface - a choice only of happy and demanding ladies! Many great features such as time management, contact manager, planner, reminder, diary, notepad, password manager, and more...are integrated in just one package. A lady's day, starts from opening Efficient Lady's Organizer!

See also: pim, contacts, organizer, planner, calendar, reminder, scheduler, tasks, notes, passwords, personal information manager, personal organizer, address book, contact manager, time management, daily planner, diary

Buy Portable Efficient LadyDownload Portable Efficient Lady

Crisol Mind Exam Writer 2010

Provides databases to store your questions, make written exams, 3 methods to make your exams, 12 question types, questions can include images, formula editor for Math, Physics and Chemistry, 4 interactive exam modes, exams management module, automatic grade book, Calendar with reminders, import & export questions, high level of security.

See also: Exam Software, Quiz Software, Teaching Software, Teacher Software, Exam Generator, Quiz Maker, Exam Maker, Test Maker, Teaching Quizzes, Quiz Creator, Exam Creator, Written Exams, Grade Book, Calendar, Printable Exams, Teaching Tools

Buy Crisol Mind Exam Writer 2010 (only $99.95)Download Crisol Mind Exam Writer 2010 (Size: 103655 KB)

Aston2 1.6.1

Aston2 will provide the unique appearance for your Desktop. Aston2 has enhanced the basic shell components and added original elements, extending the Desktop capabilities: widgets (calender, clock, weather forecast etc.), live wallpapers in themes, easily adjustable panels. Aston2 is one of the most stable and reliable Windows shells ever, incredible adjustment and application simplicity of which will never be unnoticed even by a novice user.

See also: menu, start button, customize, Vista menu, skinnable, search, calendar, weather, skins, widgets, desktop, Aston, taskbar, shelll

Buy Aston2 1.6.1 (only $29.95)Download Aston2 1.6.1 (Size: 15834 KB)

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