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Hide Window Hotkey 2.1

Hide Window Hotkey is a utility which allows you to hide the windows,and programs which are running on your screen.It will instantly hide or close all (or some) programs through Mouse Hotkey or Keyboard Hotkey. Resize your programs automatically every time they start,such as maximize,minimize,normal,minimize to tray.Set application windows transparency.Reorder the windows on taskbar based on your choice.Show window property of application. Hide Window Hotkey is the most popular lock game download.

See also: hide windows, boss key, hide application, hide program, hide applications, game hide, hide task, hide windows tool, current window, active window, password protect, bosskey, Password Lock, custom window, window customize, manage window, max window, transparent window

Buy Hide Window Hotkey 2.1 (only $19.95)Download Hide Window Hotkey 2.1 (Size: 868 KB)

Gili Exe Lock 1.5

Gili Exe Lock can lock any executable programs on your local computer,a person can not run the locked programs without a password. If you do don't want other persons to use your tax preparation software, personal finance or other programs you like, you simply need to run this application. Gili Exe Lock is the second most popular lock game download.

See also: Lock exe, Lock Program, Lock Application, Lock game, Lock SKYPE, LOCK MSN

Buy Gili Exe Lock 1.5 (only $12.95)Download Gili Exe Lock 1.5 (Size: 1498 KB)

I Hate This Key Deluxe Edition 5.0

This handy tool sits in the system tray and lets you to control special key behavior. You can easily defend yourself from accidentally pressing unwanted key combinations. The software is intelligent enough to let you disable Windows Logo keys in fullscreen games only, or disable the Insert key in text editors while allowing it in combinations like Ctrl+Ins. "Doubleclick" and "Press and hold" modes, sound notifications and more... I Hate This Key Deluxe Edition is the third most popular lock game download.

See also: keyboard, key, windows, logo, windows logo, windows logo key, game, action, full screen, full, screen, caps, caps lock, num, num lock, lock, power, sleep, power key, sleep key

Buy I Hate This Key Deluxe Edition 5.0 (only $11.95)Download I Hate This Key Deluxe Edition 5.0 (Size: 832 KB)

GiliSoft Exe Lock 3.0.7

GiliSoft Exe Lock can lock any executable programs on your local computer,a person can not run the locked programs without a password. If you do don't want other persons to use your tax preparation software, personal finance or other programs you like, you simply need to run this application.

See also: Lock exe, Lock Program, Lock Application, Lock game, Lock SKYPE, LOCK MSN

Buy GiliSoft Exe Lock 3.0.7 (only $19.95)Download GiliSoft Exe Lock 3.0.7 (Size: 147 KB)

ShutDownOne 3.02

Auto local and remote ShutDown Windows. Auto Login, Scheduled operation, Remote ShutDown, Batch shutdown, Password Protection, Hot Key, Running in Silent Mode, Executing application before taking action, Command line support, ShutDown/Restart through locked workstation, Privacy Control including IE history, cookies, typed URLs and much more.

See also: auto login, shutdown+, power off, lock workstation, restart, reboot, force, schedule, timed shutdown, emergency, command line, password protection, activity timer, delete tmp files, delete cookies, delete history, clear typed URLs

Buy ShutDownOne 3.02 (only $18.95)Download ShutDownOne 3.02 (Size: 294 KB)

Chris PC-Lock 2.00

Chris PC-Lock - The best way to protect your computer privacy - developed by Chris P.C. srl. Chris PC-Lock is a useful Windows application with keyboard locking functions. Now you can enjoy your spare time without any worry that somebody unauthorized will access your computer. More than that, you can ensure that your work remains unaltered and meanwhile benefit of your children joy when playing around your laptop or desktop PC.

See also: disables access to the task manager, desktop PC, laptop, unauthorized, keyboard locking functions, keyboard, key, unlock, lock, Chris PC-Lock, Stealth-mode

Buy Chris PC-Lock 2.00 (only $20.00)Download Chris PC-Lock 2.00 (Size: 1898 KB)

Windows Security Officer

Windows Security Officer is an autonomous provider of log-on and resource restriction security application integrated with, yet independent of, the Windows operating system. It has the capability of providing extremely strong, secure control of who can access a personal computer resources, and exactly what they can do and when they can do it while they have access to those resources.

See also: access, control, security, securing, windows, administration, lock, protect, privacy, guard, file, folder, internet, password

Buy Windows Security Officer (only $24.95)Download Windows Security Officer (Size: 1541 KB)

Hide Files & Folders 2.51

Hide Files & Folders is a an easy-to-use password-protected security utility you can use to password-protect certain files and folders, or to hide them from viewing and searching. Upon accessing any protected file or folder, dialog box querying password appears on the screen, and by entering a valid password, user gets access to the selected file or folder.

See also: screen, free, download, computer, restricting, restrictions, restrict, privacy, protect, control, access, security, password, lock

Buy Hide Files & Folders 2.51 (only $39.00)Download Hide Files & Folders 2.51 (Size: 737 KB)

1st Security Agent 6.41

Password-protected security utility for all Windows. Restrict access to Control Panel, disable Start Menu items, hide local, network and USB drives, disable DOS, boot keys, Registry editing, taskbar, task manager, network access, hide desktop icons, apply password protection to Windows, disable running applications. Secure Internet Explorer, disable individual menu items, individual tabs in Internet Options, as well as other settings, etc.

See also: password, security, administrator, access, control, protect, privacy, restrict, lock, screen, free, download

Buy 1st Security Agent 6.41 (only $49.00)Download 1st Security Agent 6.41 (Size: 1105 KB)

1st Evidence Remover 2.2

When you work with your PC, all activity information is stored in various files and in the Windows registry. All pictures you have seen on the Internet, all passwords and bank accounts you use and other detailed information can be easily extracted from your PC by any person with a minimal computer knowledge. This program lets you destroy all hidden needless activity information that may potentially contain evidence and endanger you needlessly

See also: free, lock, restrict, privacy, protect, control, remover, administrator, security, password, download

Buy 1st Evidence Remover 2.2 (only $59.00)Download 1st Evidence Remover 2.2 (Size: 1177 KB)

PDF Encrypt Tool 2.00

PDF Encrypt Tool V2.0 can be used to protect your PDF files with 128-bit strength user and owner passwords, set all permissions(such as coping, editing, printing, selecting text and graphics, fill in etc), and prevent PDF files from being printed, changed, copied, extracted, signed, filled, assembled and/or merged. It is the fast, affordable way to encrypt a lot of pdf files to encrypted pdf files once time for saving your time! Its easy-to-use i

See also: PDF, encrypt pdf, pdf secure, lock secure pdf permission, pdf protector, protection, pdf security, acrobat

Buy PDF Encrypt Tool 2.00 (only $29.95)Download PDF Encrypt Tool 2.00 (Size: 3123 KB)

Exe Guarder 1.842

Protects Exe-file with its own password from non-authorized execution or copy. Add a little more size (about 2k bytes); Custom the password-box notice; Keep the original file icon unchanged.Identify the computer intellectually; Show the password in special time. Can not get original exe file without password; Operate easily; Absolutely safe; Launch with high speed, all operations are in memory; Encrypt all size exe file, from k bytes to M bytes.

See also: encrypte exe file, decrypte exe file, encrypte pe file, add password to exe, lock exe file, protect exe file, protect executable file, lock exe, protect executable file, exe password, chang exe main icon

Buy Exe Guarder 1.842 (only $19.95)Download Exe Guarder 1.842 (Size: 566 KB)

Bird Pirates 1.16

Sail away on a buccaneering adventure with the blue jay pirate Captain Sparrow and his faithful flock of pirates. Shoot birds from your cannon and match their colors to visit seven different islands

See also: Game, Games Download, Download Free Game, games, Arcade games, Action games, Puzzle games, Adventure games

Buy Bird Pirates 1.16 (only $13.33)Download Bird Pirates 1.16 (Size: 15779 KB)

Ez OFF 2.8

Ez OFF helps you to control Computer ON / OFF Time on your or your children PC. It will auto shutdown, log off, lock down or reboot computer and will keep your PC locked for as long as you schedule it. Ez OFF has time accumulation feature, system time protection and allows to create multiple schedules.

See also: PC Auto Shutdown, Computer Lock Up, Parental Control, lock down, auto reboot, auto restart, auto log off, software for parents, children protection, time restriction, computer control, parent control, Computer Timer, PC Timer, programs for parents

Buy Ez OFF 2.8 (only $23.99)Download Ez OFF 2.8 (Size: 1704 KB)

Bubble Bobble Quest 1.5

Bubble Bobble Quest is a brand new remake of the popular classic game "Bubble Bobble". The main heroes are two little dragons named Bub and Bob. They live in a magical world that has been flooded with insidious monsters who are now after our two little friends. But no worries! In spite of their size the dragons are brave and clever. Plus they have a magical ability to blow bubbles, which can entangle their enemies inside of them.

See also: bubble, bubbles, bubble bobble, bubble bobble quest, bubblebobble quest, arcade, bubble bobble game, free download, game

Buy Bubble Bobble Quest 1.5 (only $14.95)Download Bubble Bobble Quest 1.5 (Size: 3563 KB)

MultipliK12 1.0.0

MultipliK12 is an educational game for learning and practicing the multiplication tables. Put your kids' multiplication skills at test! MultipliK12 is Shareware; try it before you buy it!

See also: multiplication, multiplication tables, time tables, educational game

Buy MultipliK12 1.0.0 (only $15.00)Download MultipliK12 1.0.0 (Size: 1945 KB)


Numculator is an user-friendly, easy-to-use but powerful expression calculator. It allows you to calculate the whole expression, not just one operation at time. Don't spent time on each operation - get the final calculation result immediately! Numculator supports activation by NumLock key so you can start just after it pressed. About 40 built-in skins will help you to personalize your Numculator.

See also: calculate, numlock, num lock, easy, user-friendly, cool, skins, powerful, expression, calculator

Buy Numculator (only $15.00)Download Numculator (Size: 2543 KB)

Blow Up 1.64

The purpose of this new flash arcade seems easy - to clear the board from the colorful balls. But to fulfil the task, you should spend some time and a lot of your skill. You can shoot with the ball that appears at the bottom of the board. Collect 3 or more balls of the same color and they will burst up! Do not allow balls to fill the playing board till the bottom, otherwise you will loose. You can both play online and download the game.

See also: Game, flash, arcade, balls, puzzle, addictive, points, Windows, shoots, bonus, colors, download, free, shareware, online.

Buy Blow Up 1.64 (only $15.99)Download Blow Up 1.64 (Size: 1024 KB)

TLS Brain Training 1.0.0

Only the best new and classic puzzles: Easy to Learn, Tough to Master, Fun to Play! We entertain and challenge players with a mix of exciting new games and proven, well-loved favorites. Unlike our competitors, our puzzles are fun and have staying power; each is playable many times without becoming tedious or repetitive. With a simple, elegant and content robust interface, we have the perfect product for the brain training market.

See also: brain training, brain trainer, puzzles, word puzzles, memory puzzles, logic puzzles, math puzzles, spatial puzzles, crosswords, code words, anagrams, tilt mazes, memory game, polyominoes, jigsaw puzzles

Buy TLS Brain Training 1.0.0 (only $14.95)Download TLS Brain Training 1.0.0 (Size: 8868 KB)

FolderMage Pro

Powerful and flexile software to hide, lock and password defend your files against other users, applications and malicious programs. FolderMage Pro enables you to password defend all the private or sensitive information on your hard drive(s) and external devices. You can make your files and folders inaccessible, invisible or defend them from modification, deletion or execution.

See also: Hide folder, lock folder, hide file, lock file, protect folder, protect file, manage access, read-only access, protect usb

Buy FolderMage Pro (only $19.95)Download FolderMage Pro (Size: 1631 KB)

Word Sudoku to Learn Chinese 3.0

Print, play and solve word sudoku to learn Chinese.You can make your own word list and print it to your students.A fun and effective way to reinforce Chinese vocabulary. Available to submit self-defined Chinese characters to the Internet, and share with other users of word sudoku to learn Chinese. Of course, you can also download word or phrase published by other users from the Internet.

See also: sudoku, word sudoku, chinese, puzzle, game, hanzi

Buy Word Sudoku to Learn Chinese 3.0 (only $14.95)Download Word Sudoku to Learn Chinese 3.0 (Size: 839 KB)

Unlock PDF File

Unlock PDF file software can removes the master password and security settings within few clicks. This software unlock all locked or restricted feature such as copy text, print content, edit content, modify document, comment, extract document, annotation, view, signing, assemble, content for accessibility, etc. If you have gain more knowledge of this software so click this link Apex PDF Password & Restrictions Remover

See also: Unlock, PDF, File, Software, Batch, Lock, Copy, Modify, Content, Comment, Form, Fill, Extract, Assemble, Annotation, Permission, Limitation, Enable, Disable, User, Owner, Decrypt, Encrypt, Protect, Prevent, Password, Program, Download, Tool, Document

Buy Unlock PDF File (only $19.90)Download Unlock PDF File (Size: 1131 KB)

Tet Walls 1.1

A fun and unique Tetris game with 8 puzzle pieces. All the standard ones are included and even some different designed ones. Each level the game will speed up and throw you a large funky piece to make it more difficult. Every so often you will receive a lightning bolt bonus that when engaged will fry all the blocks in its path while moving upwards. Enjoy 10 randomly played smooth music tracks while making those rows of lines. Very addictive.

See also: tetris, tet, puzzle, board, blocks, free, game, games, arcade, download, software, windows, vista

Buy Tet Walls 1.1 (only $9.99)Download Tet Walls 1.1 (Size: 3652 KB)

Hide Folders 2009 3.7

Hide Folders 2009 effectively protects data on your computer by hiding and locking your secret files. It lets you to set different protection (hide, lock, read-only) for your files and folders and defend them with a password. Powerful, and in the same time easy to use, it suits a broad range of computer users - from newcomers to experts. Download FREE trial now!

See also: protect, folder, file, lock, hide, hidden, invisible, private, protected, secure, security, access, control, password, prying, eye, data, magic

Buy Hide Folders 2009 3.7 (only $29.95)Download Hide Folders 2009 3.7 (Size: 1530 KB)

Baby Keyboard Game 1.6.2

Our Game 'Baby Keyboard Game' Let your baby pound and strike the keyboard safely and freely, This will develop self-confidence and make for your baby to see the computer as a friendly device. It provides a fun and exciting introduction to numbers, the alphabet and the Computer for children as young as 6 months!

See also: Baby, Keyboard, Game, kids, screensaver

Buy Baby Keyboard Game 1.6.2 (only $19.95)Download Baby Keyboard Game 1.6.2 (Size: 3509 KB)

Arcade Convoy Revelation 3.1

Unique take on classic games. An all new way to play the best Tetris game. An all new Virtual Deck with over 40 card games. We have 7 different style arcade games each one unique and special. All new graphics, particle engine, shapes and textures. Compete for high scores and times on all new games like Brick Buster and Space Racer. Including all new full screen races. Includes tools to mod your Arcade Convoy, make your own levels, games and more

See also: Tetris, best, best tetris game, cards, race, arcade, break out, arkanoid, checkers, dominos, action

Buy Arcade Convoy Revelation 3.1 (only $1.00)Download Arcade Convoy Revelation 3.1 (Size: 68699 KB)

Apple Soda Balls 1.1

You control a paddle and must knock your apple into the soda cans as in arkanoid or breakout. Play by yourself or against an internet opponent from all over the world. You meet in the game lobby inside the game and have access to a chat system and player statistics. 50 stunning randomly chosen levels for you to enjoy with several unique bonuses like earthquakes and apple freeze plus many more. Plenty of configurable options also included.

See also: ball, breakout, arkanoid, arcanoid, online, free, game, games, arcade, download, windows, vista

Buy Apple Soda Balls 1.1 (only $10.00)Download Apple Soda Balls 1.1 (Size: 5289 KB)

Rainbow Web 2 for Mac 1.1

Rainbow Web 2 welcomes you again to the wonderful world of the Rainbow Kingdom! Your hero has already broken the spells laid upon the magic land by a wicked and powerful Sorcerer Spider. In this game you are to free the Royal Palace from evil spells, and bring the castle to its former splendor by completing 82 different levels in 14 unique rooms with 7 spider web patterns and 2 kinds of exciting mini-games: Jigsaw Puzzle and Hidden Object.

See also: puzzle, action, Rainbow Web, game, board, kids, family, casual games, logic, Rainbow Web 2

Buy Rainbow Web 2 for Mac 1.1 (only $19.95)Download Rainbow Web 2 for Mac 1.1 (Size: 25330 KB)

Recover Mac USB Media

Did you have any problem to restore data from deleted removable device? Visit at website to access Recover Mac USB Media software to salvage lost file and folder in little time.

See also: USB, data, recovery, software, restore, accidentally, deleted, Mac, media, storage, device, file, salvage, image, picture, song, game, music, text, folder, repair, damage, memory, card, Pen, drive, lost, still, photograph, corrupted, hard, disk

Buy Recover Mac USB Media (only $45.00)Download Recover Mac USB Media (Size: 3143 KB)

Solitaire Epic (Mac) 1.311

Play Solitaire on Mac and Windows. You get over 110 fun levels to play, and three unique solitaire games in one package! Enjoy the three games Klondike, Tri Peaks and Matching, accompanied by soothing music and beautiful background images. Solitaire Epic features an intuitive and easy to use interface, unlimited undos and in-game hints. You can also make your own levels.

See also: solitaire, card game, cards, klondike, matching, tripeaks, tri peaks, puzzle, logic, windows, mac

Buy Solitaire Epic (Mac) 1.311 (only $9.95)Download Solitaire Epic (Mac) 1.311 (Size: 10929 KB)

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