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Internet Filter Comvigo IMLock Pro 2009 2009

Internet Content Filter - Comvigo IM Lock Pro - Internet Filtering, Messenger Blocker, P2P Blocker, Internet Filter, IM Firewall, P2P Firewall, IM Lock 2009 is a powerful instant message blocking, internet content filtering, and Program Firewall software for Business, Education, and Home use. Free Trial, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee IM Lock 2009 is used by thousands of Businesses, Universities, and Homes in over 70 Countries. Get Control! Internet Filter Comvigo IMLock Pro 2009 is the most popular lock msn download.

See also: Internet Content Filter, Messenger Blocker, Web Filter, Page Blocker, Internet Blocker, Parental Controls, Child Protection, Employee Monitor, IMLock, IM Lock, Block AIM, Block MSN Chat, Stop Chat

Buy Internet Filter Comvigo IMLock Pro 2009 2009 (only $47.00)Download Internet Filter Comvigo IMLock Pro 2009 2009 (Size: 3895 KB)

Gili Exe Lock 1.5

Gili Exe Lock can lock any executable programs on your local computer,a person can not run the locked programs without a password. If you do don't want other persons to use your tax preparation software, personal finance or other programs you like, you simply need to run this application. Gili Exe Lock is the second most popular lock msn download.

See also: Lock exe, Lock Program, Lock Application, Lock game, Lock SKYPE, LOCK MSN

Buy Gili Exe Lock 1.5 (only $12.95)Download Gili Exe Lock 1.5 (Size: 1498 KB)

GiliSoft Exe Lock 3.0.7

GiliSoft Exe Lock can lock any executable programs on your local computer,a person can not run the locked programs without a password. If you do don't want other persons to use your tax preparation software, personal finance or other programs you like, you simply need to run this application. GiliSoft Exe Lock is the third most popular lock msn download.

See also: Lock exe, Lock Program, Lock Application, Lock game, Lock SKYPE, LOCK MSN

Buy GiliSoft Exe Lock 3.0.7 (only $19.95)Download GiliSoft Exe Lock 3.0.7 (Size: 147 KB)

Password Safe and Sound 1.2.0

Password Safe and Sound allows you to store all your passwords and related information securely, in an encrypted file that only you can view using your defined password. It also allows you to launch websites, programs, or files associated with your passwords with a simple click of the mouse.

See also: Password, manager, Safe, Encryption, Keeper, Store, safe and sound, vault, store, database, lock, secure, trapper, holder, storage, wallet, convenient, organizer, info, information, simple life, PIN, encrypt, safety, account, secret

Buy Password Safe and Sound 1.2.0 (only $9.95)Download Password Safe and Sound 1.2.0 (Size: 4819 KB)

ShutDownOne 3.02

Auto local and remote ShutDown Windows. Auto Login, Scheduled operation, Remote ShutDown, Batch shutdown, Password Protection, Hot Key, Running in Silent Mode, Executing application before taking action, Command line support, ShutDown/Restart through locked workstation, Privacy Control including IE history, cookies, typed URLs and much more.

See also: auto login, shutdown+, power off, lock workstation, restart, reboot, force, schedule, timed shutdown, emergency, command line, password protection, activity timer, delete tmp files, delete cookies, delete history, clear typed URLs

Buy ShutDownOne 3.02 (only $18.95)Download ShutDownOne 3.02 (Size: 294 KB)

SecuKEEPER 2.7

Are your data safe? SecuKEEPER strongly lock and secure files and folders with all-in-one encryption,which designing four protection method(hide/lock/encrypt/private coffer) and various security level.Password Generator and Password Manager highly integrated into the all feature module. The PG can generate the strong password automatically.The PM allows you to access required password in a second without remembering. Now, new v2.7 released!

See also: file encryption, data security, data protection, password protect, secure, keeper, encryption file, folder lock, lock folder, encryption protect, lock file, encryption tool, encryption disk, hide file, hide folder, data safe, file lock, encrypt, decrypt, keep, v2.7

Buy SecuKEEPER 2.7 (only $29.99)Download SecuKEEPER 2.7 (Size: 3527 KB)

Chris PC-Lock 2.00

Chris PC-Lock - The best way to protect your computer privacy - developed by Chris P.C. srl. Chris PC-Lock is a useful Windows application with keyboard locking functions. Now you can enjoy your spare time without any worry that somebody unauthorized will access your computer. More than that, you can ensure that your work remains unaltered and meanwhile benefit of your children joy when playing around your laptop or desktop PC.

See also: disables access to the task manager, desktop PC, laptop, unauthorized, keyboard locking functions, keyboard, key, unlock, lock, Chris PC-Lock, Stealth-mode

Buy Chris PC-Lock 2.00 (only $20.00)Download Chris PC-Lock 2.00 (Size: 1898 KB)

File Lock DLL Device Driver 1.0

FOBS based device driver designed primarily to hide or deny access to files, folders and registry keys on the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems (Windows NT-based systems, including Windows 2000 and Windows XP). It provides the ability to completely hide the presence of an application and discourage tampering. Allows you to create applications with components for desktop, CD or DVD PIRACY lock.

See also: device drivers, fobs drivers, NTFS Security, FAT Security, File System Drivers XP, File Folder Security, filelock, registry tweaks, norton, file lock, folder lock, file spy, folder spy

Buy File Lock DLL Device Driver 1.0 (only $399.00)Download File Lock DLL Device Driver 1.0 (Size: 580 KB)

FunWebcam 1.0

FunWebcam is software specially designed to add animations to video chat programs. FunWebcam gives you the magic to add exciting animations and stylish frames to your video chat page. Besides, it can transform your cute images into various kinds of fun photos, which you can easily show to your friends.

See also: FunWebcam, webcam, video, fun photo, fun video, video chat, live video, msn video, yahoo video, messenger video, skype video, icq video, aim video, video effect, photo stick, web camera, video conversation, video blog, logitech, creative, d-link, camera, quick cam, video

Buy FunWebcam 1.0 (only $49.99)Download FunWebcam 1.0 (Size: 15855 KB)

Aether Antiboss 1.00

Quickly hide your private files, documents and folders. And don't merely hide individual files, secure any of your currently installed software totally! There's no need to "unhide" or "unlock" hidden software first to be able to run it! It remains totally invisible but still is able to work! And combine all this with unique Antiboss abilities: hide and restore hidden software windows and even tray icons with a customizable hotkey! Try it now!

See also: antiboss, hide, files, folders, programs, windows, lock, invisible, hidden, secure, protect, guard, restrict, security, policy, access, control, parental, password, prying, eye, private

Buy Aether Antiboss 1.00 (only $25.00)Download Aether Antiboss 1.00 (Size: 1295 KB)

Easy File Protector 4.21

Easy File Protector is a very flexible password protected security utility that restricts access to your files and folders by user-defined time schedule. You choose users, define restricted files/folders and time periods for them, and activate the program. After that, your system disables/enables your files automatically depending on current time and user. Protection is achieved by making files and folders undeletable, unrenamable, unreadable, un

See also: screen, free, download, computer, restricting, restrictions, restrict, privacy, protect, control, access, security, password, lock

Buy Easy File Protector 4.21 (only $29.00)Download Easy File Protector 4.21 (Size: 677 KB)

Evidence Exterminator 2.21

Evidence Exterminator cleans all PC usage history information. Clean up your cookies, history, temporary internet files, browser's cache, recycle bin, recent documents, and also clean all the temporary files left by your system. Evidence Exterminator is a complex security system that ensures your privacy by destroying all hidden information connected with your activities on demand, according to a user-defined schedule or on each boot/shutdown.

See also: screen, free, download, computer, restricting, restrictions, Evidence, privacy, protect, control, clean, security, password, lock

Buy Evidence Exterminator 2.21 (only $59.00)Download Evidence Exterminator 2.21 (Size: 984 KB)

1st Evidence Remover 2.21

When you work with your PC, all activity information is stored in various files and in the Windows registry. All pictures you have seen on the Internet, all passwords and bank accounts you use and other detailed information can be easily extracted from your PC by any person with a minimal computer knowledge. This program lets you destroy all hidden needless activity information that may potentially contain evidence and endanger you needlessly

See also: free, lock, restrict, privacy, protect, control, remover, administrator, security, password, download

Buy 1st Evidence Remover 2.21 (only $59.00)Download 1st Evidence Remover 2.21 (Size: 1177 KB)

BabyPiano 1.10

Do your kids likes to play on your keyboard? Tyring lock your system every time you leaving room, don't you? BabyPiano let you way to solve all these problems. Your kids can play on your keyboard while you are missing. It's because you can toggle your keyboard in BabyPiano mode manually and automatically. You will be absolutely calm and your kids will be happy to have this wonderful electro piano on your computer.

See also: kids, entertain, baby, piano, music, keyboard, lock, calm

Buy BabyPiano 1.10 (only $9.95)Download BabyPiano 1.10 (Size: 1201 KB)

Internet Kiosk Pro 3.3

Internet kiosk public access PC software to restrict access to system; allow only certain applications and features such as Internet Explorer. Limit access to the PC desktop using authentication by username and password, time-locked serial number to allow user to access PC for a given period of time only or by a combination of both. The best solution for Internet cafes, public libraries, information terminals, home PCs to limit childrens

See also: security, password, Internet, administrator, access, control, protect, privacy, restrict, lock, screen, download

Buy Internet Kiosk Pro 3.3 (only $49.00)Download Internet Kiosk Pro 3.3 (Size: 2905 KB)

H264WebCam 1.62

16-ch H264 Web camera surveillance software.H264 video encoder and MP3 audio encoder and so forth,high quality video and audio effect with a few bandwidth,video motion detection and Email or FTP alerts,captures images up to 30 frames per second from USB and analog cameras, TV boards, capture cards etc.You can use manual record, scheduled record or motion record, snapshot a JPEG file from you see.

See also: video compress, compress, H264, Mpeg4, video, audio, encode, decode, communication, chat, internet, conference, media, multimedia, G.729, G.722, G.723, mp3, H323, H320, record, DVR, monitor, client, server, H264 encode, H264 video, video encoder, video chat, network, tcp, multicast, broadcast, msn, icq, audio encode, surveillance, FTP, SMTP

Buy H264WebCam 1.62 (only $29.00)Download H264WebCam 1.62 (Size: 5256 KB)

1st Disk Drive Protector 1.4

Protect your PC from abusive use of removable media and enforce whether your users are allowed to use removable media or access your local drives. This software lets you hide, lock and prevent usage of local, network, Floppy and USB drives as well as disable the AutoRun feature for them. If you hide and lock all the drive letters you do not normally use, you will prevent any inserted removable media from appearing and being accessible in My Compu

See also: drives, removable, media, local, prevent, autorun, feature, users, enforce, drive, lock, hide, software, protect, disable, abusive

Buy 1st Disk Drive Protector 1.4 (only $29.00)Download 1st Disk Drive Protector 1.4 (Size: 600 KB)

Disk Drive Administrator 1.4

Hide, lock and protect your local, network, Floppy and USB drives, and disable the AutoRun feature for them. Control access to your drives by clicking on the checkboxes located within the group boxes representing them. Disable the AutoRun feature based on drive types to disable, for instance, only all USB drives, regardless of the drive letters that can be associated with them. The program lets you protect itself from an unauthorized access.

See also: drives, disable, protect, autorun, usb, feature, program, lock, hide, drive, network, local, floppy

Buy Disk Drive Administrator 1.4 (only $29.00)Download Disk Drive Administrator 1.4 (Size: 600 KB)

Net Control 2 Home Edition 6.0

Remote control and administration tool for home local networks. Control Desktop remotely, manage files, send messages, monitor computers remotely. Allows controlling several computers simultaneously.

See also: netcontrol2, remote control, home network, remote control, remote administration, remote monitoring, small network, shutdown, reboot, remote desktop, wake-up, wol, wakeup, lock

Buy Net Control 2 Home Edition 6.0 (only $45.00)Download Net Control 2 Home Edition 6.0 (Size: 1455 KB)

Children Control 1.7

Allows you to control access to PC, Internet sites, programs and system functions. A choise #1 for parents who don't want wheir children play for hours in games, navigate on bad sites, launch unallowed programs or crash an operating system. This program can be protected by your password so nobody else can't use it. It's VERY EASY to use so you will be amased by simplicity and functionality of this program!

See also: locker, IE Lock, lock computer, access control, program access

Buy Children Control 1.7 (only $19.95)Download Children Control 1.7 (Size: 909 KB)

AgataSoft TimeLock 1.2

AgataSoft TimeLock lets you to set time limits of PC usage. The program may be protected by your password and can operate in invisible mode so nobody can't use it except you.

See also: kids, children, child, kid, lock, child lock, children lock, block computer

Buy AgataSoft TimeLock 1.2 (only $10.00)Download AgataSoft TimeLock 1.2 (Size: 321 KB)

Windows Security Officer

Windows Security Officer is an autonomous provider of log-on and resource restriction security application integrated with, yet independent of, the Windows operating system. It has the capability of providing extremely strong, secure control of who can access a personal computer resources, and exactly what they can do and when they can do it while they have access to those resources.

See also: access, control, security, securing, windows, administration, lock, protect, privacy, guard, file, folder, internet, password

Buy Windows Security Officer (only $24.95)Download Windows Security Officer (Size: 1541 KB)

MSN Recorder Max

Record your favorite MSN chatmate's webcam video or capture the whole MSN conversation easily and instantly. All the videos can be captured in real time while chatting on MSN video call. Needless to select a region on screen, just click 'record' button to easily record MSN video. The saved video files are high-quality with a really small size.

See also: MSN recorder, MSN record, capture MSN video, MSN web recorder, MSN video recorder, MSN messenger recorder, record MSN video, record MSN messenger, capture MSN messenger, MSN capture, how to record MSN

Buy MSN Recorder Max (only $29.95)Download MSN Recorder Max (Size: 952 KB) 1.0

Lock any file to add a trial or require a registration code. Disable registrations remotely in the case of a refund or piracy attempt. Many different trial types available. Integrates with your existing payment processor. Can automatically distribute registration codes to your customers via email. With one account you can lock an unlimited number of files.

See also: Locker, EXE Wrapper, Lock Files, Lock EXE, File Locker, EXE Locker

Buy 1.0 (only $14.95)Download 1.0 (Size: 3568 KB)

TSconnect 1.10

TSconnect enables secured, safe and portable and RDP/TSE access from any Computer without installation requirement. To enhance the security, all users settings are encrypted and wrapped into a single Client Access Program which can be locked, at your choice, by (1) a user USB stick serial number, (2) the user Computer name or (3) the user IP adress.

See also: Secured Terminal Services, Secured TSE, Secured RDP, password, unlimited, lock, safe TSE, USB drive, USB stick

Buy TSconnect 1.10 (only $125.00)Download TSconnect 1.10 (Size: 3473 KB)

Manage Folder Now 1.6

Manage Folder Now lets you to hide folder or fast jump your folders.You can keep your personal data away from others. Others will not know where your personal files exist.Launch of it is password protected. Manage Folder Now helps you quickly jump to your frequently used folders in the Windows Explorer, in standard Open/Save as/Browse dialogs,the desktop and the Start Button.It can runs automatically as part of your context menu in them.

See also: hide folder, lock folder, folder guard, jump folder, folder navigator, access folder, favorite folder, browse folder, hide folders, change folder, explore folder, open folder, folder shortcut, shell tool, shell enhance, fast access

Buy Manage Folder Now 1.6 (only $19.95)Download Manage Folder Now 1.6 (Size: 866 KB)

PPC BidMax 5.1

PPC BidMax is an automated PPC bid management utility to help you manage your keyword bids on Google, Yahoo and MSN in one user friendly interface. Automatically monitor your keywords and campaigns, make scheduled bids on keywords and report on your results. PPC BidMax is created to save you time and up to 85% of your bid costs with automated features and an innovative bidding algorithm. It caters for tiny business to PPC Agency level users.

See also: Pay Per Click, PPC, Pay Per Click Bid Management, PPC Bid Management, Pay Per Click Optimization, PPC Optimization, Bid Management, Bid Optimization, Google Adwords, Adwords Google, Yahoo Bid Management, Google Adwords Management, MSN adcenter

Buy PPC BidMax 5.1 (only $49.95)Download PPC BidMax 5.1 (Size: 7427 KB)

Secure Lockdown Multi Application Ed. 2.00.048

Lock down Windows 7 or 8. Inteset's inexpensive Secure Lockdown v2 - Multi Application Edition is perfect for kiosks, trade shows, libraries, schools, hotels, Internet cafes, gaming centers, museums, and correctional facilities. Give access to only the apps you need. Secure Lockdown removes the Windows Desktop functionality and unwanted key strokes and runs an elegant customizable menu with only the programs you allow.

See also: kiosk software, lock down windows 7 or 8, trade show software, menu software, secure windows 7, secure school software, Internet cafe software, secure library software, hotel kiosk software, museum kiosk software, software, launcher

Buy Secure Lockdown Multi Application Ed. 2.00.048 (only $29.95)Download Secure Lockdown Multi Application Ed. 2.00.048 (Size: 20548 KB)

Protect Folders 2.8

Do you have to share your computer with people who seem to nose into your business? Worry no more. Protect files and folders containing potentially damaging information against unwanted access. Install Folder Protect on your computer today, and you will never again have to worry about invasion of your privacy. Folder Protect is fully compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, NT, ME, and 98. Download Folder Protect now.

See also: folder, password, protect, protection, security, lock, protecting, hide, folders, file, encryption

Buy Protect Folders 2.8 (only $39.95)Download Protect Folders 2.8 (Size: 669 KB)

1st Security Center Pro

1st Security Center is a powerful security tool that lets you to restrict access to Windows significant resources. This easy-to-use tool helps you to keep your computer in order. It enables you to impose a variety of access restrictions to defend your privacy. You can deny access to each individual component of several Control Panel applets, DOS programs, Registry editing and network access. It has got the multiuser intuitional interface.

See also: security, center, security center, file, protector, privacy, folders, directory, access, windows, utilities, encryption, crypto, password, administrator, lock, restrictions

Buy 1st Security Center Pro (only $19.95)Download 1st Security Center Pro (Size: 3230 KB)

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