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Advanced Consolidation Manager 1.0

The add-on is designed for merging tables and consolidating Microsoft Excel data. In comparison to a standard data consolidation in Microsoft Excel, Advanced Consolidation Manager will allow you to process any number of files per one program run as well as to combine data from different files in one. Advanced Consolidation Manager is the most popular merge workbooks download.

See also: excel, xls, consolidate worksheets, excel add-in, merge workbooks, joining tables, combine workbooks, combining worksheets, excel consolidation, combine tables, microsoft excel, consolidate worksheets, excel plugin, join excel tables, excel plug-in

Buy Advanced Consolidation Manager 1.0 (only $39.00)Download Advanced Consolidation Manager 1.0 (Size: 3895 KB)

Tables Transformer for Excel 1.0

This add-in for Excel 2000-2007 will allow you to fast and easy transform current tables to construct pivot ones, to divide one table into several ones or to unite two tables in one. Tables Transformer for Excel is the second most popular merge workbooks download.

See also: excel, xls, format worksheet, excel software, multiple workbooks, excel add-in, format sheet, microsoft excel, excel download, excel 2003, Combine cells, excel 2007, worksheets, ms excel, excel 2000, spreadsheet format, excel add ins, merge tables, excel tips, excel add-on, multiple sheets, excel plugin, combine tables, excel plug-in, pivot tables

Buy Tables Transformer for Excel 1.0 (only $39.00)Download Tables Transformer for Excel 1.0 (Size: 3149 KB)

File Stitcher 1.2

File Stitcher is the easiest file merging utility there is. Hands down. Simply drag and drop the files you wish to merge on the application icon and click the "Stitch" button. Don't re-encode your MP3s, File Stitch them together!. File Stitcher is the third most popular merge workbooks download.

See also: merge, file, stitcher, pariahware, stitch

Buy File Stitcher 1.2 (only $12.00)Download File Stitcher 1.2 (Size: 1220 KB)

FastTrackMail 7.5

FastTrackMail offers a new, simple and very convenient interface for processing e-mail and it's a powerful email management tool with features to increase your productivity and enhance your communications. The program provides extensive filtering and processing capabilities for incoming correspondence and requests. It allows automatic sorting of incoming messages based on preset criteria and their placement in individual mailboxes.

See also: fast, fasttrack, mail, client, template, multiple, email, mail client, software, mailing list, list, merge

Buy FastTrackMail 7.5 (only $29.95)Download FastTrackMail 7.5 (Size: 2336 KB)

Visual Comparer 1.50

Visual Comparer is a software utility with its main functionality being comparison of source cod? containing text files. Its use is indisputable as software engineers and programmers are always in the need to compare and synchronize various versions of the source code. It allows you to load the comparable files, perform a matching operation and edit the text as with a fully functional text-editing tool.

See also: file, compare, merge, utility, synchronize, comparison, visual, comparer, diff, difference, syntax, highlight

Buy Visual Comparer 1.50 (only $29.00)Download Visual Comparer 1.50 (Size: 1923 KB)

Active File Compare 2.0

Active File Compare is an advanced utility for the comparison and synchronization of any text files in visual mode, it reports the results of the comparison in two side-by-side windows on the screen. This utility is an excellent tool for comparing source code versions since it allows you to correct the source code and also supports syntax highlighting for the programming languages. Active File Compare has its own File Manager.

See also: version, folder, directory, synchronization, code, source, management, difference, visual, merge, tool, utility, text, compare, file, highlight

Buy Active File Compare 2.0 (only $14.95)Download Active File Compare 2.0 (Size: 1039 KB)

Brillante 2.0

Easy to use contact management with properties, Alerts and Mail Merge. Contacts are grouped in subcategories within categories which you customize according to your individual business need. Save detailed property information for every contact, set unlimited alerts and use the mail merge for your real estate marketing needs.

See also: Contact, Management, real, estate, properties, alerts, mail, merge, labels, print, listing, sales, information, closing, date, square, footage

Buy Brillante 2.0 (only $29.95)Download Brillante 2.0 (Size: 4006 KB)

Direct MP3 Splitter Joiner 2.1

Direct MP3 Splitter Joiner is a simple software utility that allows a person with no technical expertise or special training to join or split sound files (MP3 or WAV) as well as perform basic editing (such as, trimming files or removing silence.) ID3 tags and MP3 files with variable bitrate are supported. The program comes with an automatic pause detection feature, especially handy for splitting recorded streaming audio files into songs.

See also: mp3 cutter, mp3 splitter, mp3 cut, mp3 split, wav cut, wav split, split mp3, mp3 spliter, cut mp3, mp3 cuter, wav cuter, mp3 joiner, mp3 merger, join mp3, merge mp3, insert silence, mp3 combine, mp3 join

Buy Direct MP3 Splitter Joiner 2.1 (only $29.95)Download Direct MP3 Splitter Joiner 2.1 (Size: 1794 KB)

SyncBookmarks 1.0

SyncBookmarks keeps bookmarks up to date between browsers on your computer. It does not require any Internet server to sync your bookmarks, so your favorites are more protected from unauthorized access. SyncBookmarks supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, SeaMonkey, XBEL and others.

See also: bookmarks, favorites, my favorites, hotlist, sync, syncing, synchronize, up to date, merge, import, export, Internet Explorer, NetCaptor, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, SeaMonkey, Opera, XBEL

Buy SyncBookmarks 1.0 (only $14.95)Download SyncBookmarks 1.0 (Size: 1956 KB)

Merge Cells Wizard for Excel 1.35

With Merge Cells Wizard you can merge data from several Excel cells using any separator you like (e.g. carriage return / line break). You can merge row by row, column by column or data from selected cells into one cell. The Merge Cells Wizard preserves all data if the selection contains multiple data values. Your data in Microsoft Excel will never be lost! Merge Cells Wizard is an add-in for Microsoft Excel 2003, 2002 (XP) and 2000.

See also: Excel, Merge

Buy Merge Cells Wizard for Excel 1.35 (only $29.95)Download Merge Cells Wizard for Excel 1.35 (Size: 1402 KB)

MagicPDF Pro 3.2

Turn your graphics and electronic documents to Adobe PDF with professional quality. Useful features, such as encryption, compression, font embedding, RGB, sRGB, CMYK color space conversion, automation options, PDF attachment, merge, append, overwrite options, active hyperlink, custom paper size, terminal server compatibility, and premium technical support, 3-year free support and upgrades are ALL included. Save up to 75% with Volume Licensing.

See also: pdf, pro, professional, encryption, compression, CMYK, create, convert, creation, conversion, magic, automation, color, space, merge, append, custom, terminal, server, citrix, adobe

Buy MagicPDF Pro 3.2 (only $49.95)Download MagicPDF Pro 3.2 (Size: 1285 KB)

PDF Combine 1.1

Combine-PDF is a professional PDF merging tool that is still very user-friendly. You select the files you want to combine and press Start button. The software does the rest automatically. Combine-PDF is very flexible. You may arrange and rearrange the files in any order to achieve perfect results. The software can be run via user interface as well as via command line. Get your evaluation copy now to test it on your side before the purchase.

See also: PDF Combine, PDF, Combine, Merge

Buy PDF Combine 1.1 (only $59.90)Download PDF Combine 1.1 (Size: 2664 KB)

Download PDF Merger

Download PDF Merger tool create add join PDF document pages. Split PDF merger application can also Watermarking, bookmarking, change page size, password protection PDFs documents. PDF combiner can use to make ebook fro web, remove or delete blank pages from PDFs files. Splitter PDF merger software divide, cut, break, fuse, torn, delete, remove pages from PDF document. Join PDF joiner can help to divide the pages into single even merge them.

See also: Extract, software, PDF, documents, merge, splitter, remove, divide, cut, add, page, multiple, editor, joiner, joining, combining, PDFs, acrobat, program, make, generate, concatenate, combiner, arrange, join, sorting, create, files, tool, utility, gen

Buy Download PDF Merger (only $29.85)Download Download PDF Merger (Size: 1362 KB)

CL Fusion 1.0.7

CL Fusion merge two OpenOffice Calc tables into new by key column(s) . If you work with electronic worksheets, you often need to merge several worksheets into one. For example, when you have to compare price lists from different suppliers providing the same goods or put together information from several tiny worksheets into a big one. CL Fusion is used for merging several electronic worksheets into one automatically.

See also: worksheet, merge, tool, electronic, table, data, excel, add, open, office, spreadsheet

Buy CL Fusion 1.0.7 (only $19.95)Download CL Fusion 1.0.7 (Size: 3144 KB)

Image overlay merge and watermark Pro 2012.1.0.0

The software is a great utility if you want to enhance any picture for personal use or a marketing campaign or making your images stands out on your website or your eBay listings. Image overlay merge and watermark lets you to make attractive images in simple steps. The software mainly has two modes; Single Merge and overlay mode and Batch merge and overlay mode, all combined with watermark (text or image) and placing several images on one photo.

See also: image overlay, image watermark, merge images, photo overlay, photo image watermark, photo watermark, overlay photos, photo editor, image editor

Buy Image overlay merge and watermark Pro 2012.1.0.0 (only $69.00)Download Image overlay merge and watermark Pro 2012.1.0.0 (Size: 9353 KB)

PDFEase PDF Merger Splitter 2.5.5

PDFEase PDF Merger Splitter is a combined application to merge multiple PDF files into a single PDF and split a multipage PDF into several individual pages without Adobe Acrobat. While using the PDF merger, you can adjust the files to merge them in the order needed. The PDF splitter is able to delete a page or several pages from an existing PDF file, and split a PDF file into single pages according to Page Range or Page Numbers.

See also: pdf tool, pdf previewer, pdf reader, pdf viewer, pdf merger, pdf splitter, pdf merger splitter, merge pdf, split pdf, preview pdf

Buy PDFEase PDF Merger Splitter 2.5.5 (only $29.95)Download PDFEase PDF Merger Splitter 2.5.5 (Size: 6857 KB)

EMCO Remote Registry Merge 2.2.4

Remote Registry Merge is a visual utility for centralized exporting and modifying registry keys on remote PCs across the local network. It lets you to export registry data from multiple remote PCs and save it as .reg files. Registry changes can be performed on multiple remote PCs by merging registry keys from provided .reg files. All export and merge operations can be executed with multiple remote PCs at once on demand and on schedule.

See also: registry, merge registry, import registry, admin tools, nt tools

Buy EMCO Remote Registry Merge 2.2.4 (only $179.00)Download EMCO Remote Registry Merge 2.2.4 (Size: 50055 KB)

Apex PDF File Joiner

PDF file joiner is professional software that performs operation splitting and merging of PDF document. Application offer you several feature like split, merge, delete, extract, remove, cut, divide, join, combine, compare, add, append, concatenate etc. You can split, merge and delete and extract PDF pages into vary format like specific page range, specific pages and odd/even pages. You can split PDF file into single pages, delete corrupt pages.

See also: PDF, File, Joiner, Software, Split, Merge, Join, Adobe, Acrobat, Document, Add, Concatenate, Extract, Cut, Divide, Break, Combine, Compare, Remove, Pages, Rearranging, Manage, Several, eBook, Compose, Append, Multiple, Tool, Two, Utility, Application

Buy Apex PDF File Joiner (only $14.90)Download Apex PDF File Joiner (Size: 3564 KB)

Boilsoft Video Joiner 7.02.1

Boilsoft Video Joiner (formerly AVI/MPEG/RM/WMV Joiner) can Merge / join multiple AVI, MPEG(MPG), RM(Real Media), 3GP, MP4 or ASF/WMV video files into one "non-stop" video file quickly and easily. With just a couple of mouse clicks, you can enjoy your movie clips without break. It can function as AVI Joiner, MPEG Joiner, RM Joiner, WMV/ASF Joiner, 3GP Joiner, MP4 Joiner all-in-one.

See also: Video Joiner, Video combiner, Video Merger, join video, merge video, all-in-one video joiner, HD joiner, join AVI, join MPEG, join RM, join 3GP, join MP4, join ASF, join WMV, AVI joiner, MPEG joiner, RM joiner, 3GP joiner, ASF joiner, WMV joiner

Buy Boilsoft Video Joiner 7.02.1 (only $29.95)Download Boilsoft Video Joiner 7.02.1 (Size: 10577 KB)

PDF Split Merge

PDF Split Merge applications supports password protected and protected pages for adobes manipulation. Merging software can successfully merge multiple pages into one PDFs file straightforwardly and quickly. Combiner utility for windows portable application was developed to be a tiny program that lets you to join together and divide adobe. Joining tool developed for faster and more efficient access to information needed from documents.

See also: PDF, merge, editor, PDF, splitter, remove, divide, software, cut, add, page, multiple, Merging, documents, joiner, joining, combining, PDFs, acrobat, program, make, generate, concatenate, combiner, arrange, join, sorting, create, files, tool, utility

Buy PDF Split Merge (only $29.85)Download PDF Split Merge (Size: 1843 KB)

Convert JPG to PDF documents

Convert JPG to PDF documents is a simple to use, yet sophisticated file conversion tool specifically designed to convert JPG into PDF files. JPG2PDF Maker merge several JPG files into a single PDF file or convert each JPG file into a separate PDF document pages. JPG into PDF Converter product converts all *.jpeg or *.jpg format photos, snapshots, pictures. JPG to PDF creator set password protection, merge multiple JPG images into one PDF file

See also: Jpg2pdf, jpeg2pdf, JPG to PDF, convert, converter, conversion, picture into pdf, Images to PDF, picture2PDF, creator, utility, create, PDFs, software, tool, join, combine, insert, import, turn, add, merge, graphics, scans, faxes, photos, picture

Buy Convert JPG to PDF documents (only $14.85)Download Convert JPG to PDF documents (Size: 600 KB)

WMV Joiner

WMV Joiner is an easy-to-use utility for joining several WMV files into a bigger one. Because the software does not recompress the wmv files, the audio and video of the output wmv file do not have any quality loss. And the conversion speed is extremely fast. It also supports to drag-n-drop files. Only the WMV files, which have same frame rate, frame size, video and audio codec parameters, can be joined. WMV Joiner supports multi-languages.

See also: wmv joiner, join wmv, wmv merger, merge wmv, wmv combiner, combine wmv, connect wmv, wmv Connecter, wmv Editor

Buy WMV Joiner (only $29.99)Download WMV Joiner (Size: 797 KB)

Apex Merge and Split PDF

Split and merge PDF supports splitting, merging, joining, combining or adding multiple Adobe Acrobat documents. Splitting PDF can split large Adobe pages as per ODD EVEN numbers, range. You can add directly file by using drag-n-drop operation. Splitter PDF tool can remove unwanted blank page from PDF file. PDF application can extract page from document and make a single PDFs. PDF merging software set prefix suffix to the resultant file name.

See also: Split, Merge, PDF, Join, Combine, Break, Merger, Splitter, Make, Remover, Appending, Producer, Arranging, Manage, ODD, EVEN, Number, Range, Protected, Password, Prefix, Suffix, Segments, Single, Individual, Adobe, Acrobat, Drag, Drop, Page, Documents

Buy Apex Merge and Split PDF (only $14.90)Download Apex Merge and Split PDF (Size: 3561 KB)

Apex Splitting PDF Documents

Splitting PDF documents software provide advance and simple feature such as split PDFs, merge PDFs, combine two into one, divide large document, extract pages, remove pages, concatenate PDFs, append PDFs, etc. User has option to set page such as page size, page range, odd pages, even pages or specific pages before run application. If you want add and more information for this software link Apex PDF Splitter Merger from

See also: Splitting, PDF, Documents, Software, Merging, Multiple, Cutting, Adding, Extracting, Joining, Removing, Combining, Appending, Delete, Divide, Concatenate, Page, Size, Odd, Even, Batch, Split, Merge, Create, Arrange, Manage, Program, Free, Tool, Files

Buy Apex Splitting PDF Documents (only $14.90)Download Apex Splitting PDF Documents (Size: 3560 KB)

Apex PDF Merging

PDF Merging supports several feature like split into single pages, split into page range, make single PDF, delete pages, extract pages, combine or compare, change page size, change Meta properties, password protect, watermark and bookmark. You can extract PDF pages from PDF file as per your requirement and delete or remove blank as well as unrequited PDF pages. Application lets you to resize approaching PDF page through page size setting.

See also: PDF, Merging, Software, Merge, Split, Join, Combine, Append, Multiple, Secure, Password, Protect, Adobe, Acrobat, Download, Files, Merger, Splitter, Tool, Extractor, Remove, Delete, Extract, Pages, Cut, Batch, PDFs, Document, Add, Watermark, Bookmark

Buy Apex PDF Merging (only $29.90)Download Apex PDF Merging (Size: 3599 KB)

Apex Adobe PDF Splitter

Adobe PDF splitter software can adjust pages before run application such as page size, page range, odd pages, even pages or specific pages. If want to delete remove unwanted pages from PDF file this software help you. Software provide multiple option in one utility such as cut, join, break, divide, extract, remove, concatenate, etc. If you want add and more information for this software link Apex PDF Splitter Merger from

See also: Adobe, PDF, Splitter, Software, Batch, Split, Merge, Adder, Joiner, Combiner, Append, Cut, Break, Divide, Delete, Extract, Remove, Splitter, Merger, Create, Make, Arrange, Organize, Page, Size, Range, Odd, Even, Program, Utility, Tool, File, Document

Buy Apex Adobe PDF Splitter (only $14.90)Download Apex Adobe PDF Splitter (Size: 3560 KB)

Apex Merge PDF Software

Merge PDF software is quickest growing splitter and merger application combine, join PDF files or extract Acrobat pages specified by user. PDF tool allows you to merge or join segments of PDFs into new copy PDF documents with user-specified number of pages. PDF splitter split multi-page PDF file in the several numbers of individual Adobe pages. Divide larger documents into different PDFs then manage these PDFs as per page numbers or page range.

See also: Merge, PDF, Software, Split, Extract, Cut, Add, Append, Odd, Even, Divide, Combine, Make, Join, Creator, Merging, Splitting, Remove, Delete, Bulk, Batch, File, Arrange, Multiple, Pages, Number, Concatenate, Adobe, Manage, Program, Documents, Generate

Buy Apex Merge PDF Software (only $14.90)Download Apex Merge PDF Software (Size: 3561 KB)

Apex Combining 2 PDF Pages

Combining 2 PDF pages software provide functionality to split large PDF file, merge PDF file, combine 2 into 1, divide one to many, remove page, extract page, set Meta properties, adjust page range and number. Software can adjust page range, odd even pages or specific pages before run application. If you want to split merge file simple step without any tech skill download this software from link Apex All in One PDF Tools.

See also: Combining, PDF, Pages, Software, Range, Size, Odd, Even, Splitting, Merging, Add, Join, Cut, Break, Concatenate, Extract, Remove, Split, Merge, Batch, File, Splitter, Merger, Single, Manage, Create, Adobe, Free, Watermark, Bookmark, Tool, Document

Buy Apex Combining 2 PDF Pages (only $29.90)Download Apex Combining 2 PDF Pages (Size: 3605 KB)

Apex Combine PDF

Combine PDF add, merge, join, append files, extract pages according to page range, delete useless pages from documents then produce a single PDF file. Merging PDF files tool watermarks on the selected pages or all pages of files. PDF utility has facility of PDF page resizing and organising these according to user requirements. PDF combiner software remove odd pages, even pages and also encrypt password on multiple PDF file to protecting PDF files.

See also: Combine, PDF, Merge, Split, Cut, Add, Delete, Page, Join, Divide, Software, Documents, Append, Extract, Merger, Splitter, Tool, Remove, Combiner, Cutter, Splitting, Merging, Multiple, Watermarks, Batch, Files, Organize, Adobe, Acrobat, Prefix, Suffix

Buy Apex Combine PDF (only $29.90)Download Apex Combine PDF (Size: 3599 KB)

MarshallSoft Client Mailer for Foxpro 4.0

MarshallSoft Client Mailer is e-mail marketing software used to send personalized email, newsletters, e-zines, and notifications to a permission based mailing list directly from a Visual FoxPro program, programmable database or spreadsheet. Check responses for bounced e-mail or replies (REMOVE, CONFIRM, OPT-OUT, etc). Send text or html e-mail with multiple attachments. Supports SMTP and POP3 authentication, SSL/TLS, ISO-8859 and UTF-8 messages.

See also: email marketing, personalized email, bulk mailer, email html, mailing list, email foxpro, merge email, notification software, email ssl, group mail, direct mailer, email newsletter, email software, html email, mass email, SMTP, POP3, email notifier, email campaign

Buy MarshallSoft Client Mailer for Foxpro 4.0 (only $119.00)Download MarshallSoft Client Mailer for Foxpro 4.0 (Size: 487 KB)

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