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TurboDemo 6.5

TurboDemo records and captures your desktop and automatically creates online demos and software simulations within in minutes in FLASH, EXE, JAVA, and movies. No programming knowledge required. It's so simple! In only 3 steps: 1: Capture 2: Edit 3: Publish Features: a) Created demos and tutorials are freely distributable and royalty-free b) Only 100-300 KB per minute for playback c) Interactive tutorials with 1 click and much more. TurboDemo is the most popular movie recording download.

See also: demos, tutorials, learning, e-learning, demo, authoring, support, training, capture, screen, screenshot, tutorial, presentation, help, online help, recorder, creator, screencam, CBT, Builder, video, avi, movie, FLASH, Macromedia, recording, GIF, ASF

Buy TurboDemo 6.5 (only $299.00)Download TurboDemo 6.5 (Size: 12394 KB)

BB FlashBack Express 1.4.5

This easy to use screen recorder creates compact, high quality movies for tutorials, demos and presentations. Record sound and export to Flash or AVI. Enables easy publishing of Flash movies in HTML pages with customisable playback controls. Radical new technology means a perfect capture of your Windows desktop with minimal impact on PC performance. Download now and be making movies in minutes. BB FlashBack Express is the second most popular movie recording download.

See also: screen, recorder, capture, movie, desktop, recording, flash, avi, Tutorial, Demo, Demonstration, Training, authoring

Buy BB FlashBack Express 1.4.5 (only $39.00)Download BB FlashBack Express 1.4.5 (Size: 4187 KB)

ScreenNemo 1.2

ScreenNemo is the desktop screen recording program that allows users to capture screen as a movie from any kind of sessions including Remote Control, X-Windows, or SSH. ScreenNemo can be started remotely as a background application. With ScreenNemo you can audit PCs, or exercise Parental Control or produce demonstrable support solutions including software installs, business presentations, and educational materials such as tutorials ScreenNemo is the third most popular movie recording download.

See also: Presentations, Player, Recording, Activity, Desktop, Record, Capture, Screen, Movie, Tutorial

Buy ScreenNemo 1.2 (only $39.00)Download ScreenNemo 1.2 (Size: 2355 KB)

VoDMaker 1.2

VoDMaker allows users to record any online/offline movies, news and online lectures from the Internet in virtually mirror-image quality, at only a fraction of the original size. Users can make their own VOD libraries and watch it at their own demand. VoDMaker helps users to adjust Video and Audio settings for the finest quality recording with just a click of the mouse. Movies can be exported to compressed AVI format.

See also: movie recording, record video, VOD, on demand

Buy VoDMaker 1.2 (only $19.00)Download VoDMaker 1.2 (Size: 4291 KB)

Pocket DVD Wizard 4.3.2

Watch DVDs on your favorite handheld device. The Pocket DVD Wizard will allow you to convert standard DVD content, Mpeg and AVI files into Windows Media Player files suitable for your Pocket PC, Palm, PSP, iPod Video and more! You can fit over 90 minutes of content on a single 128mb memory card! The latest version now includes support for high resolution (VGA) Pocket PC's and the new Portable Media Centers.

See also: Pocket PC, PSP, 2003, DVD, backup, play, film, movie, copy, windows, media, player, 128mb, ipod, Archos, Gizmondo, video

Buy Pocket DVD Wizard 4.3.2 (only $28.95)Download Pocket DVD Wizard 4.3.2 (Size: 1988 KB)

ACA Capture 5.20

ACA Capture allows you to quickly capture screenshots including desktop, scrolling web pages, web images, menus and more. Getting started is as easy as pressing a hotkey. In addition, you can apply capture masks, including circular, rectangle and other shapes, Captures can optionally include the mouse cursor, or can automatically send the captured images to MS Office applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

See also: screen capture, screen recording, screenshot, snapshot, video capture, screen print, print screen, game capture, screencam, avi, SuperCapture, professional, standard, ACA Capture, screen recorder, directx, freeware, free software downloads, technical writing

Buy ACA Capture 5.20 (only $29.95)Download ACA Capture 5.20 (Size: 1766 KB)

Virtuosa all-in-one music and movie jukebox ! 5.20

Download Virtuosa, the ultimate all-in-one music and movie software jukebox to rip, import, play, burn, mix, convert, organize, normalize, visualize, print and enjoy all standard audio files and to import, burn, view, organize and appreciate all standard video files on your computer (Data CD/DVD burning/importing, mp3 player, divx jukebox, wma converter, wav CD burner, mp2,...). Fully functional 30-days trial available. Now in 6 languages !

See also: all-in-one jukebox, burn, rip, import, normalize, audio converter, mp3 player, automix, mp3 to wav converter, wav to mp3 converter, cd burning, free divx player, mp3 music, movie jukebox, divx jukebox, wav converter, mp3 jukebox, clean metadata

Buy Virtuosa all-in-one music and movie jukebox ! 5.20 (only $39.99)Download Virtuosa all-in-one music and movie jukebox ! 5.20 (Size: 15442 KB)

Vanilla Baby 2 2.0

Instant create and edit the digital video software with number of sources such as video devices(camcorder, digital camera, other capture devices) including file-based sources. Vanilla BABY lets you easy to create Live and On-demand video in real-time on your PC. You can encode to Windows media video or Real media video for your broadcasting over the internet, and can record back to tape, save the file to hard drive, and can convert to AVI.

See also: video, digital video, graphic, edit, slideshow, BGM, recording back to tape, encode, windows media, real media, titles and graphics, streaming, convert to AVI, capture, broadcast, NTSC, PAL, timeline, storyboard, mixing mode

Buy Vanilla Baby 2 2.0 (only $34.95)Download Vanilla Baby 2 2.0 (Size: 18159 KB)

Vectorian Giotto 2.01

Quickly and easily create professional Flash animations for websites. Powerful vector drawing tools - freehand pen and brush, vector text, eraser, lasso and much more. Combine and manipulate text, images and shapes to create Flash movies. Animation is based on simple motion tween concept: use drawing tools to set start and end look of objects and Giotto does the rest by itself. No programming, no scripting. Complete animation in several minutes.

See also: drawing, multimedia, vector, menus, buttons, navigation, cartoons, clipart, interactivity, interactive, effects, text, presentation, movie, tweening, tween, motion, graphical, graphics, design, webpage, website, page, site, web, software, editor, tool, authoring, animators, animated, animation, shockwave, macromedia, FLA, SWF, flash, scripting, script

Buy Vectorian Giotto 2.01 (only $49.95)Download Vectorian Giotto 2.01 (Size: 2115 KB)

Super Screen Recorder 2.1

Super Screen Recorder is a easy to use and powerfull video screen capture software for recording screen activities into standard avi video files. The file size is very small. You can record the full screen, window screen, fixed region or any part of the screen video. You can even record audio into the AVI, from the microphone, line-in, or speakers. You can Choose video and audio codec and quality.

See also: screen recording, video capture, screen recorder, video screen capture, screen capture

Buy Super Screen Recorder 2.1 (only $29.95)Download Super Screen Recorder 2.1 (Size: 507 KB)

Video to 3GP Converter 2.0.3

All Ok Video to 3GP Converter is a powerful and handy video converter for mobile phone and PDA. It can convert almost all video format, e.g. DivX, XviD, AVI, WMV, MPG, MPEG, MP4, M4V, FLV, 3GP, ASF, RM, RMVB, MOV, ASX, MKV, OGM, SVCD, VCD, VOB to 3GP, 3GP2, MP4, AVI Video format. Integrated world class H263 XviD MPEG4 encoder brings you amazing video quality with super fast conversion speed.

See also: 3GP Converter, 3GP Video, 3GP Movie, AVI to 3GP, MPEG to 3GP, 3GP, video, to 3gp, 3gp, convert 3gp, convert, converter, cell, phone, mobile, allok, pda, 3G2, 3GPP2, MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, RMVB, DIVX, XVID, VCD, VOB, QuickTime, allok video to 3gp, converter, pcsoftware1

Buy Video to 3GP Converter 2.0.3 (only $29.00)Download Video to 3GP Converter 2.0.3 (Size: 3952 KB)

Video to PSP Converter 2.0.2

Video to PSP Converter is a powerful and handy video converter for Sony PSP Movie and PSP Video. It can convert almost all video format, e.g. DivX, XviD, AVI, WMV, MPG, MPEG, MP4, M4V, FLV, 3GP, ASF, RM, RMVB, MOV, ASX, MKV, OGM, SVCD, VCD, VOB to PSP Movie / PSP Video format. Integrated world class MPEG4 encoder brings you amazing video quality with super fast conversion speed, And the output PSP movie/video supports PSP screen.

See also: PSP Converter, PSP Video, PSP Movie, AVI to PSP, MPEG to PSP, PSP, video, movie, to PSP, PSP, iPod, sony, sony psp, convert psp, convert to sony, convert, converter, allok, mpeg4, MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, RMVB, DIVX, XVID, VCD, VOB, QuickTime, allok video to PSP, pcsoftware1

Buy Video to PSP Converter 2.0.2 (only $29.00)Download Video to PSP Converter 2.0.2 (Size: 3872 KB)

CoffeeCup Flash Website Font 3.0

Just choose any Font you want and it will be rendered as text regardless if the visitor has the font on their computer or not. Website Fonts can be seen and indexed by search engines too! You don't have to use images to have nice Fonts on your Website anymore! Create a style and a Website like no one has ever seen before with CoffeeCup Flash Website Font!

See also: flash, gif, jpg, animation, swf, image, mp3, import, convert, movie, intro, fonts, website fonts

Buy CoffeeCup Flash Website Font 3.0 (only $29.00)Download CoffeeCup Flash Website Font 3.0 (Size: 4498 KB)

Acoustica Spin It Again 1.1_b30

Record your old 45 and 33 LPs to CD or to your new MP3 player! This dedicated LP and tape recording software makes it child's play to record and edit your old albums. The wizard driven process guides you through connecting your hardware, getting the correct recording level, and splitting your recording into multiple tracks. The software automatically removes clicks and pops and that unwanted tape hum and hiss.

See also: music recording, recording software, music recording software, cassette to cd, lp record, lp to cd, audio restoration, 45 rpm, 45 record, 45 rpm record, 33 rpm, tape recording enhancement, noise removal, noise cancellation

Buy Acoustica Spin It Again 1.1_b30 (only $34.95)Download Acoustica Spin It Again 1.1_b30 (Size: 8948 KB)

Reallusion iClone 2.0 Studio Edition 2.0

iClone 2 transforms any desktop into a complete virtual movie studio. Create 3D characters, scenes, and special effects for films inside a total 3D real-time environment. Designed for users of any skill level, iClone is equipped to break the barriers of storytelling offering simplified 3D character creation using any photos, custom face and body shapes, easy design of 3D wardrobe and real-time foliage ecosystem.

See also: Real-Time 3D Filmmaking, 3d avatar, 3d animation, 3d character, personalize character, facial animation, 3d movies, 3d footage, machinema movie maker, 3d screensaver software, create a screensaver, custom 3d screensaver

Buy Reallusion iClone 2.0 Studio Edition 2.0 (only $199.95)Download Reallusion iClone 2.0 Studio Edition 2.0 (Size: 221453 KB)

AllStar Video to PSP Converter 2.0

AllStar Video to PSP Converter is a professional PSP movie converter software which helps you convert any video to PSP movie. AllStar Video to PSP Converter is able to convert almost all kinds of video files. It supports converting among DIVX, VXID, AVI, WMV, ASF, MPG, MPEG, VOB, MOV, VCD, SVCD, RMVB, RM to Sony PSP MP4 files, with high speed and perfect video quality.

See also: video to psp, psp converter, psp video converter, video psp, psp movie, movie psp, psp video, psp software, video to psp, psp convert, movie psp, divx to PSP, xvid to PSP, avi to PSP, wmv to PSP, asf to PSP, rm to PSP, rmvb to PSP, mov to PSP

Buy AllStar Video to PSP Converter 2.0 (only $29.95)Download AllStar Video to PSP Converter 2.0 (Size: 7297 KB)

InLoox 5.6.2

InLoox - project management integrated in Microsoft Outlook. The project management software InLoox operates within Outlook, simplifying and combining the organization of projects, documents, resources and budgets. InLoox provides highly effective support for everyday standard business processes: Project planning, scheduling and monitoring. Activity, cost and time recording. Team coordination. Document management and more.

See also: InLoox, Outlook, Project, Management, Project, Planning, Project, Administration, Project, Controlling, Project, Accounting, Budgets, Document, Management, Time, Expense, Billing, Recording, Project, Software, Office, Microsoft, Exchange, Server, Excel, Word, Sharepoint

Buy InLoox 5.6.2 (only $611.87)Download InLoox 5.6.2 (Size: 46376 KB)

Auvisoft iPod Converter 1.0

Auvisoft iPod Converter is a professional software to convert video files to iPod movies. It can rip DVD or convert video files from 3gp, asf, avi, flv, mp4, mpg, rm, rmvb, vob, wmv and more into iPod mp4 format. Auvisoft iPod Converter is easy to use. You can easily choose preset output iPod movie quality or set a customized quality. With just a few clicks it will complete the task of batch converting videos to iPod!

See also: video to ipod, DVD to ipod, ipod movie converter, ipod converter, ipod mp4

Buy Auvisoft iPod Converter 1.0 (only $9.95)Download Auvisoft iPod Converter 1.0 (Size: 17810 KB)

AinSofts Blu-ray Copy 6.07.25

This convenient and simple Ainsoft Blu-ray Copy can help you copy Blu-ray movies to Blu-ray or DVD discs. It can not only copy the main movie, but also support copying overall content on Blu-ray disc including BD BonusView, BD Live etc.

See also: blu-ray copy, copy blu-ray, copy blu-ray to blu-ray disc, back up blu-ray movie

Buy AinSofts Blu-ray Copy 6.07.25 (only $49.95)Download AinSofts Blu-ray Copy 6.07.25 (Size: 7107 KB)

Ultra Audio Recorder

The Ultra Audio Recorder professional software to record your tapes, LPs, live performances, Internet radio, TV, DVD or any sound you can hear and helps you to transfer audio data to your hard drive with on loss of quality. It is also an effective utility to defend your valuable recordings.

See also: recorder, audio recorder, music recorder, record, record sound, record music, recording, digitize recording, recording software, recording application, mp3, wma, wav

Buy Ultra Audio Recorder (only $14.95)Download Ultra Audio Recorder (Size: 7347 KB)

Aviosoft DVD to iPad Converter

Professionally designed for Apple iPad, DVD to iPad Converter is a flexile and easy to use software helping you easily convert your favourite DVD movies to MP4 format for your Apple iPad, expanding you a more wonderful entertainment life. Now you can rip and convert DVD to iPad format in highest speed and unmatchable quality just in a few easy steps. Moreover, the mulit converting mode could help you choose your desired DVD title to convert.

See also: dvd to ipad converter, dvd ipad, dvd to ipad, dvd ipad converter, convert dvd ipad, convert dvd to ipad, dvd ipad software, rip dvd to ipad, dvd to ipad software, ipad converter, convert movie to ipad

Buy Aviosoft DVD to iPad Converter (only $29.95)Download Aviosoft DVD to iPad Converter (Size: 15286 KB)

Memory Stick Pro Duo Photo Recovery

Memory card data recovery application rescues data lost due to accidental deletion of data stored in memory card. Memory card data retrieval utility retrieves data from various USB port memory cards. Memory card data rescue software easily recovers lost data from formatted or reformatted memory cards. Memory card file retrieval tool restores data when system generated errors like "drive not formatted" occurs while accessing memory cards from PC.

See also: lost, audio, video, song, utility, retrieve, restore, recover, card, data, flash, delete, file, missing, information, tool, folder, software, memory, undelete, smart, media, recording, USB, format, application, storage, recovery, rescue, salvage

Buy Memory Stick Pro Duo Photo Recovery (only $69.00)Download Memory Stick Pro Duo Photo Recovery (Size: 1863 KB)

iGame Capture

iGame Capture is a first-class recording game realtime video,audio and screen capture utility for Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8.It lets player to capture the game using DirectX orOpenGL Technology. iGame Capture support MP4,AVI,MPG,FLV format.

See also: iGame Capture, Game video Capture, Game realtime video record, movie capture, free, benchmark, DirectX, OpenGL, D3D, AVI, fps, capture, games, frame rate, frames per second, screenshots, movie maker

Buy iGame Capture (only $15.99)Download iGame Capture (Size: 794 KB)

DiscCool DVD to Video Converter 2.2.1

DiscCool DVD to Video Converter enables you to convert any part in the DVD, even those bonus materials. It also gives two options to quickly select all the titles or just the main movie part. Within each title, you can set the chapters as needed. No matter it is a long part or just a small clip, our DVD converter gets it precisely. This DVD converter supports multiple language discs and enables you to select audio tracks or subtitles to convert.

See also: dvd convert, dvd ripper, dvd copy, video dvd ripper, dvd video ripper, dvd converter, video dvd converter, dvd video converter, convert dvd, convert video dvd, rip video dvd, rip movie dvd

Buy DiscCool DVD to Video Converter 2.2.1 (only $29.95)Download DiscCool DVD to Video Converter 2.2.1 (Size: 4961 KB)

EZ AVI to MPEG Converter 1.0

With EZ AVI to MPEG Converter you can convert AVI files to MPEG files, also, you can convert AVI to DVD capiblity MPEG files, VCD/SVCD capiblity MPEG files, and from one to another, easily and fast! The Video Effects Creator of the EZ AVI to MPEG Converter you can add many video effects to your destination video files. Just add the video files you want to convert by adding them from the software dialog box, or by dragging and drop them..

See also: AVI to MPE, AVI MPE Converter, Convert AVI MPE, AVI, MPE, Audio Video Interleave, Moving Picture Experts Group, Video, Movie, Convert, Converter, Conversion.

Buy EZ AVI to MPEG Converter 1.0 (only $19.50)Download EZ AVI to MPEG Converter 1.0 (Size: 3608 KB)

Advanced Time Reports Premier 10.0.75

Advanced Time Reports is an intuitive time tracking & project management solution that will help you increase your billable hours by better managing all your projects, clients and working hours. Used by professionals and project-oriented businesses worldwide to perform essential functions such as timesheet reporting and project management. A tiny team multi-user version with innovative functionality, filters and reports. Increase your profits!

See also: time tracking, timesheets, project tracking, client tracking, customer tracking, task tracking, time recording, project recording, time management, task management, project management, timekeeping, time keeping, time allocation, timesheets, timesheet

Buy Advanced Time Reports Premier 10.0.75 (only $69.95)Download Advanced Time Reports Premier 10.0.75 (Size: 20992 KB)

Digital Picture Unerase

Company provides especially designed Digital Picture Unerase software with highly advance features supporting all major file types to recover corrupted images, pictures, photos, snaps, films, files and folders from multimedia storage devices. Best image recovery software has interactive GUI interface for users to easily use utility for restoring their lost data and files from removable portable devices in minimum time and efforts.

See also: Digital, photo, recovery, software, restores, erased, corrupted, images, pictures, photos, formatted, snaps, clips, retrieves, damaged, multimedia, files, folders, deleted, films, movie, portable, pen, drive, removable, USB, devices, audio/video

Buy Digital Picture Unerase (only $69.00)Download Digital Picture Unerase (Size: 1505 KB)

Igbo for beginners 2.8

This interactive course covers food, colours, shopping, parts of the body, numbers, telling the time, countries, greetings and essential phrases. You will hear the language all of the time and you can start speaking straight away. Play interactive language games, learn new words along with pictures to reinforce your memory

See also: games, quizzes, tests, recording, language course, learn Igbo, Igbo course, Igbo lessons, Igbo language course, Igbo for beginners, essential phrases, iPod

Buy Igbo for beginners 2.8 (only $43.00)Download Igbo for beginners 2.8 (Size: 167452 KB)

Movavi PSP Video Converter

PSP Video converter is a simple yet smart and powerful PSP video conversion program. With PSP Video converter, you can easily convert any of your favorite videos and movies to MP4 format to watch on your PSP at blazing speeds!

See also: psp converter, videos to psp, video to psp, psp movie converter

Buy Movavi PSP Video Converter (only $29.95)Download Movavi PSP Video Converter (Size: 16718 KB)

Movavi SWF to Video Converter 1.0.1

Movavi SWF to Video Converter gives you a convenient way to convert cute and funny cartoons in SWF format to video for viewing on Mac or PC. Prepare SWF files for DVD players. Save artistic and tempting commercials in SWF format into MP4 format - perfect for playing back on Apple iPhone, iPod, Sony PSP, and other mobile devices. Make your favorite cartoon character speak with your voice - record and overlay narrations. Adjust video settings.

See also: swf converter, convert swf, swf converter to avi, swf to avi, swf to video, swf to avi conversion, swf to video converter, swf to mpeg4, swf to mpeg, swf to flv, convert swf to movie, swf converter flv, swf converter download, swf converter to mp4

Buy Movavi SWF to Video Converter 1.0.1 (only $29.95)Download Movavi SWF to Video Converter 1.0.1 (Size: 13591 KB)

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