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MP4 to MPG converter

MP4 to MPG Converter is a total video converter and video joiner to convert video to various video formats for your digital video and audio player, such as,mp4,mpg and also a video joiner for you to join several video files into one, it is the best MP4 to MPG converter in the world. MP4 to MPG converter is the most popular mpgvideo file converter download.

See also: best MP4 to MPG converter, MPGvideo file converter, MPG converter, MPG converter software

Buy MP4 to MPG converter (only $35.95)Download MP4 to MPG converter (Size: 9819 KB) Cel2Fah 1.01

Cel2Fah is a temperature converter that can calculate the temperature based on a different scale. Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit Cel2Fah is the second most popular mpgvideo file converter download.

See also: fahrenheit, celsius, calculator, converter, convert, file, temperature

Buy Cel2Fah 1.01 (only $9.95)Download Cel2Fah 1.01 (Size: 944 KB) Miles2Kms 1.01

Miles2Kms is a distance converter that can calculate the distance based on a different scale. Convert Miles to Kilometers Convert Kilometers to Miles Miles2Kms is the third most popular mpgvideo file converter download.

See also: miles, kilometers, kilometres, calculator, converter, convert, file

Buy Miles2Kms 1.01 (only $9.95)Download Miles2Kms 1.01 (Size: 944 KB)

Any DWG to DXF Converter 2005.01.1

Any DWG DXF Converter is a batch DWG and DXF bi-directional converter that allows you to convert DWG to DXF, DXF to DWG without the need of AutoCAD. It allows you to choose the AutoCAD version of the output DWG and DXF file. Key Features: 1. AutoCAD NOT required. 2. Convert DWG to DXF, and DXF to DWG in batches. 3. It is also a DWG/DXF file version converter. 4. Supports R2.5 to 2005 DWG/DXF files. 5. Very easy to use.

See also: dwg file converter, convert dwg to dxf, dwg converter, dxf converter, dwg to dxf, dwg to dxf converter

Buy Any DWG to DXF Converter 2005.01.1 (only $75.00)Download Any DWG to DXF Converter 2005.01.1 (Size: 1351 KB)

Access2MySQL PRO 5.1.3

Access2MySQL Pro is an effective converter which performs MS Access (mdb) to MySQL and MySQL to Access conversions. Features: Unicode Support, Primary keys and Indexes conversion, Interactive (GUI) mode / command line mode, Built-in scheduler, Renaming of tables, fields, indexes before conversion. There is an ability to save data to PHP script or to a dump file that allows you to get over the restrictions on access to MySQL database if any.

See also: Converter, MS Access, convert, MySQL, database, MySQL to Access, MySQL2Access, database converter, Access2MySQL PRO, Conversion, Access to MySQL, command line mode, database, programmers, data convertibility, data conversion, data converter, data alteration, data restructuring, application software, data incompatibility, interchange problems, PHP script, dump file, scheduler, built-in scheduler, taskplanner, Unicode, primary key, index.

Buy Access2MySQL PRO 5.1.3 (only $55.00)Download Access2MySQL PRO 5.1.3 (Size: 7266 KB)

AccessForms2Web (PHP&MySQL Editon) 1.0.0

AccessForms2Web (PHP&MySQL Editon) is an effective application which allows you to convert mdb (Microsoft Access forms) to WEB page. Now you can easily convert forms and their elements to Web page, filling form fields with data from the fields of your Access tables. During conversion elements' position, color pallet and fields type are saved. Unicode support, Primary keys and indexes conversion available.

See also: Converter, MS Access, MS Access forms, MS Access form, Access forms, Access form, forms, form, convert, convert forms, convertAccess forms, MySQL, database, converter, AccessForms2Web, conversion, command line, data conversion, data converter, PHP script, Dump file, primary key, index, indexes, forms to web, web application.

Buy AccessForms2Web (PHP&MySQL Editon) 1.0.0 (only $99.00)Download AccessForms2Web (PHP&MySQL Editon) 1.0.0 (Size: 4571 KB)

FeedFile Creator 1.065

Optimize your work! You can automatically create all advertizers feed files! Only open a file with your goods (Excel or CSV) and convert it to any advertizer. The program is intended for creation and converting of feed files which you can use with: BizRate, BrokenBin, CNet, CwebUSA, DealTime, Froogle, Google, iBuyer, NextTag, PowerSource, PriceGrabber, PriceScan, StreetPrice, Yahoo. You can add new advertizers. Searching, Sorting...

See also: feed file, creator, advertizer, feed manager, feed generator, csv feed file, converter, BizRate, BrokenBin, CNet, CwebUSA, DealTime, Froogle, Google, iBuyer, NextTag, PowerSource, PriceGrabber, PriceScan, StreetPrice, Yahoo

Buy FeedFile Creator 1.065 (only $89.99)Download FeedFile Creator 1.065 (Size: 1705 KB)

Converter PSP Movie 1.01

PSP Video Converter transfers your digital camcorder tapes and various video files into high quality movie playable on PSP. It is a video editing and MPEG-4 video file converting software. With ANVSOFT PSP Movie Maker, you can capture video clips from your camcorder, add various video files, edit your home movies right on your computer and turn your digital media into memorable projects on PSP to share with family and friends.

See also: transfer video file to PSP, PSP move maker, PSP converter, converter psp, convert video to psp

Buy Converter PSP Movie 1.01 (only $19.95)Download Converter PSP Movie 1.01 (Size: 6348 KB)

MP3 Files Rename Software 7.0

Change filenames of many MP3 files. Change case to upper, lower, proper (title) or sentence case. Add character(s) to beginning, end or inside of file. Remove and replace character(s). Remove alpha, numeric, alpha-numeric or non-alpha-numeric.

See also: rename mp3, mp3 renamer, renaming mp3s, mp3 rename software, program that renames mp3 files, remove underscores from mp3 filenames, mp3 file renamer, mass renaming mp3s before burning, MP3 utilities, MP3 tools, MP3 organizers, mass rename mp3's, mp3 reorganize, Auto MP3 Renamer, Rename mp3 files from id3 info, Working MP3 Renamer, Mass Mp3 renamer, MP3 rename script, File and MP3 Renamer, freeware MP3 renamer and tagger, Simplest Mp3 Renaming Tool, mp3 filename name, mp3 filename rename, mp3 filename fix, mp3 uppercase lowercase, mp3 proper case, downloaded mp3, naming downloaded mp3 files, MP3 Renaming, Artist - Track - Title, Fix Your MP3 Tags & Names, MP3 Catalog, mp3 organize, mp3 organizer, MP3 Song rename, mp3 audio rename, rename songs, rename files, MP3 rename tool, mp3 rename software, MP3 renaming program, File Naming, MP3 CLEANED UP, Mp3 Cleaning, MP3 Clean Up, MP3 Filename Formatter, Renames MP3 Filenames, renaming directories and folders with mp3s, Correct format for Mp3 Filename, ID3v1, ID3v2, ID3v3, Mass Rename of Files, mp3 file renaming program, mp3 file renamer, FAST mp3 file renamer, renaming mp3 files, Rename mp3 files from id3 info, repairing damaged mp3 file names, mp3 collection, rename mp3 collection, mp3 collections renamer, software to rename many mp3 files, Help with file renaming, Auto-rename mp3 files, editing MP3 files, editing MP3 file names, MP3 File Rename Software, Renaming a batch of mp3 files, Best Software for rename a folder of mp3s, Cannot rename mp3s, Tag and rename mp3, rename mp3 file automatic, rename tagger, CDDB, looking for app to rename my mp3 files, Bulk rename of mp3, rename itunes, winamp, rename tracks, music match, Renaming All Tracks in a folder, mp3 name change, mp3 filename changer, mp3 filename converter, mp3 file corrector, mp3 file fixer, mp3 adjust, MP3 naming conventions, catalog my MP3's, keep mp3s in order, keep mp3s readable, my mp3 filenames are too long, remove bad characters in mp3 filenames, fix kazaa mp3s, duplicate mp3 namer, downloaded mp3 renamer, change mp3 downloads name, mp3 name formatter, mp3 Autorenaming, mp3 autoname, mp3 autorenamer, Modifying mp3 files

Buy MP3 Files Rename Software 7.0 (only $19.99)Download MP3 Files Rename Software 7.0 (Size: 355 KB)

Mp3 Audio Editor 5.5

Mp3 Audio Editor is a multi-award winning mp3 editing software tool. The Mp3 Audio Editor software includes a powerful MP3 editor feature that can edit MP3 as well as WMA, WAV, and OGG files with ease!

See also: recorder, editor, mp3 editor, mp3 file editor, mp3 music editor, mp3 audio editor, mp3 sound editor, mp3 editor download, mp3 wav editor, converter, mp3 converter, mp3 to wav converter, mp3 to wave converter, wma to mp3 converter, cd to mp3 converter

Buy Mp3 Audio Editor 5.5 (only $29.95)Download Mp3 Audio Editor 5.5 (Size: 12550 KB)

MSI to EXE Package Setup Creator

MSI to EXE maker utility converts .NET framework Microsoft Installer file format into executable setup file in single click. MSI to EXE creator software is easy to use and user friendly setup builder application that converts installation packages from .msi to .exe extension file for your software products. MSI package to exe setup builder application saves generated exe setup package according to user specified location in your laptop or desktop.

See also: Converter, MSI, setup, EXE, builder, software, create, installer, interface, developer, executable, file, Microsoft, wizard, framework, extension, .Net, user, windows, install, converts, generate, package, format, conversion, maker, solution, tool

Buy MSI to EXE Package Setup Creator (only $69.00)Download MSI to EXE Package Setup Creator (Size: 903 KB)

Loaris chm2web 1.0

Using chm2web (chm to html converter) you can convert documentation in the chm format (html help) into a full-featured browser-based platform-independent html help system that can be viewed in any modern web browser. The set of HTML files created by chm2web can be as well uploaded to your web server or used locally as a help system for your products.

See also: chm file, web help, online help, convert chm to html, online documentation, hlp chm, documentation tool, software documentation tool, html help, chm viewer, microsoft help online, chm convert, chm converter, help file converter, publishing, chm2web

Buy Loaris chm2web 1.0 (only $19.00)Download Loaris chm2web 1.0 (Size: 474 KB)

Word to HTML Converter Software

Files converter software software converting MS Word (doc, docx), HTML, Rich Text File (RTF) and Text (txt) file formats. DOC to HTML conversion tool application convert makes make generate fully formatted, linked HTML publications from within MS Word. RTF to HTML Creator software tool lets you to publish Word documents like a press release, tech manual, articles or other specifications on the Web in a very fast, easy and automatic.

See also: files, converter, software, convert, Word to HTML, MS Word, HTML, RTF, DOC, DOCX, Text, txt, creator, conversion, converting, create, change, make, file, maker, utility, program, tool, generate, produce, build, compose, generator, producer, composer

Buy Word to HTML Converter Software (only $24.95)Download Word to HTML Converter Software (Size: 790 KB)

Text to Audio Converter Software

Text to audio speech conversion reader software reads all text contents like web pages, RSS feeds, eBook, PDF, plain text, email, word, Excel, html, rtf file and save it to wave format. You can simply play this file in future using PC, iPod, mp3, zune player. Clipboard document to speak converter creator producer composer generator maker tool make convert change build generate compose produce all type of text documents into wav sound file.

See also: Word, text, audio, voice, sound, speech, converter, software, clipboard, speak, wav, talk, eBook, talking, read, webpage, documents, creator, create, wave, file, maker, generate, email, reader, convert, change, files, converting, produce, compose

Buy Text to Audio Converter Software (only $9.95)Download Text to Audio Converter Software (Size: 308 KB)

DBF Tools 2.45

DBF Tools is a full set of tools for viewing, editing and converting all types of DBF databases. The set includes a full-featured viewer with editing abilities called DBF Viewer, a tool for automatic recovery of corrupt and damaged databases named DBF Repair, and a utility for converting DBF files to other data formats, DBF Converter. All tools are available as trial versions

See also: dbf tools, dbf, dbf viewer, dbf repair, dbf converter, dbf file

Buy DBF Tools 2.45 (only $99.95)Download DBF Tools 2.45 (Size: 3204 KB)

Emicsoft Mod Converter for Mac 3.2.6

Emicsoft Mod Converter for Mac is a professional Mac software to help you convert Mod Mac to any other video formats (NDS DPG, AVI, MOV, MPEG 1/2, DivX, XviD, ASF, WMV, MPEG-4, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, MKV, FLV, VOB, etc.), audio formats (MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, etc.) and portable devices (iPod, iPhone, PSP, PS3, Xbox, Wii, BlackBerry, etc.).

See also: mod converter for mac, mac mod converter, mod converter mac, convert mod mac, mod video converter mac, mod to avi mac, mod file converter mac, mod converter os x, convert mod video mac

Buy Emicsoft Mod Converter for Mac 3.2.6 (only $25.00)Download Emicsoft Mod Converter for Mac 3.2.6 (Size: 9809 KB)

Word To PDF Creator 3.5

Word to PDF Convertor makes PDF files from MS Word (DOC, DOCX) & RTF files. It converts all Word files such as .DOC, .DOCX into PDF in batch process and not need Adobe Acrobat Software or any Other Software. It is a quickest PDF files Generator from Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) files and .RTF files.

See also: word to pdf converter, word to pdf, pdf from doc file

Buy Word To PDF Creator 3.5 (only $29.00)Download Word To PDF Creator 3.5 (Size: 8265 KB)

AZ XML to PDF Converter 1.2

AZ XML to PDF Converter is a powerful PDF tool that convert a variety of document formats, including XML, HTML, HTM, TXT, PHP, ASP into PDF file. It can combine up to 2000 documents into one PDF document. With AZ XML to PDF Converter, you will be able to convert dozens of documents to PDF files on the fly, and NO Adobe Acrobat needed. Download and try the best document to PDF conversion software and make your office burdern lighter.

See also: Convert HTML, HTM To PDF, TXT To PDF converter, Free, Free Download, XML To PDF, Document To PDF, File2PDF, PDF Creator, Text, Encrypt PDF, File to PDF, PDF document, PDF maker

Buy AZ XML to PDF Converter 1.2 (only $29.95)Download AZ XML to PDF Converter 1.2 (Size: 1456 KB)

Apex JPG to PDF Converter

JPG to PDF converter has main feature change JPG images into appropriate PDF document. Application allow to manage your upcoming PDF file through integrated functions like page size, page margin, PDF Meta Properties and security setting. Using above option you can make user define PDF document. Utility permitted to change photo, picture, snap, shots, screenshot, snapshot etc into PDF file. Tool lets setting title, author, subject and keyword.

See also: JPG, PDF, Converter, Software, Converting, Converter, Conversion, Transform, Add, Join, Import, Turn, Creator, Photographs, Document, Snaps, Organize, File, Picture, Insert, Make, Change, Combine, Compose, Screenshot, Snapshots, Image, Batch, Acrobat

Buy Apex JPG to PDF Converter (only $14.90)Download Apex JPG to PDF Converter (Size: 1161 KB)

4Easysoft M2TS Converter 4.2.28

4Easysoft M2TS Converter has been designed to convert M2TS files, manage and enhance your M2TS files. It can convert M2TS file to other popular video and audio formats. It can also convert MTS, TS and other video file. It can perfect your video with professional effects including Trim the M2TS length, crop the video play screen, adjust visual effect (brightness, contrast, saturation), merge several M2TS segments together and add watermark.

See also: M2TS Converter, convert M2TS, M2TS Video Converter, convert M2TS file, convert M2TS video, M2TS converting, M2TS conversion

Buy 4Easysoft M2TS Converter 4.2.28 (only $29.95)Download 4Easysoft M2TS Converter 4.2.28 (Size: 7792 KB)

Excel Converter Software

Don?t you know how to convert XLS into XLSX file? Conversion software from has interactive user graphical user interface that helps in converting XLS into XLSX file. Excel Converter Software is capable of interchanging row data into column.

See also: Excel, converter, software, translate, multiple, XLSX, folder, subfolder, database, XLS, record, program, data, type, Microsoft, file, extension, tool, save, computer, system, download, translator, application, migrate, row, column, table

Buy Excel Converter Software (only $45.00)Download Excel Converter Software (Size: 2385 KB)

A1 WMV to 3GP Converter 1.0

With A1 WMV To 3GP you can also convert easlly WMV to 3GP all by two mouse clicks, with quality results. Want to add video effects to your destination video files? Use the Video Effects Creator of the software to make and to add an AVS file quick and easy. A1 WMV To 3GP contains the ability to set many events at the end of the converting mode, and the ability to set the destination video/audio scenario, so you can use it at a later time.

See also: WMV to 3GP, WMV 3GP Converter, Convert WMV 3GP, WMV, 3GP, Windows Media Video, 3GPP File Format, Video, Movie, Convert, Converter, Conversion.

Buy A1 WMV to 3GP Converter 1.0 (only $19.50)Download A1 WMV to 3GP Converter 1.0 (Size: 3629 KB)

Aimersoft Audio Converter

Aimersoft Audio Converter is a powerful easy-to-use wma to mp3 converter that helps you convert present audio file to your desired audio format, such as convert WMA to MP3 or MP3 to WAV, convert WAV to MP3 and so on. It supports all common audio formats, for instance: MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, AC3, OGG, APE, M4A, etc.

See also: Aimersoft Audio Converter, Audio File Converter, convert mp3 to m4a, convert WMA to MP3

Buy Aimersoft Audio Converter (only $25.95)Download Aimersoft Audio Converter (Size: 6365 KB)

AnyMP4 PDF Converter for Mac 3.0.6

AnyMP4 PDF Converter for Mac is the superior software to convert PDF files to document formats like Text, Microsoft Word 97-2003 (*.doc), Microsoft Word 2007 (*.docx) and more, image formats like TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TGA and so on.Besides, it supports the OCR technology to improve the output file effect like accuracy, speed, and stability. Also it can help to set the size, color and choose the storage path.And it supports batch conversion.

See also: PDF Converter for Mac, convert PDF File on Mac, Mac PDF Converter, PDF File Conversion for Mac

Buy AnyMP4 PDF Converter for Mac 3.0.6 (only $49.00)Download AnyMP4 PDF Converter for Mac 3.0.6 (Size: 105472 KB)

Doc to RTF Converter 2.0.0

Doc to RTF Converter Batch is quick and effective utility which covert large number of MS word files from Doc to Rtf sequentially. This utility is high processing utility and can process various word files sequentially. The utility reliable for text editing, where text editor doesn?t support doc files. It lets the user to add or delete the selected files. This utility can add the folder which contains number of files.

See also: Doc to rtf converter, doc to rtf, convert doc to rtf batch, convert doc to rtf, convert doc file to rtf, convert doc to rtf file

Buy Doc to RTF Converter 2.0.0 (only $29.99)Download Doc to RTF Converter 2.0.0 (Size: 1460 KB)

Audio Music Batch Converter 3.0.3

Audio Music Batch Converter is a convenient, powerful, and configurable application for converting among nearly all popular audio formats (APE, FLAC, MP3, WMA, AAC, AC3, AIFF, AU, OGG, WAV, MP2, MOD, XM, IT, MTM, GSM, U-LAW, A-LAW, DSP). Features: 1. Works with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/2003 Server. 2. Supports ID3v1 and ID3v2 tag. 3. Supports customizable audio format. 4. Supports 4 themes. 5. The upgrade is free for registered user.

See also: ape to mp3, flac to mp3, mp3 converter, audio converter, music converter, audio file converter, MOD converter

Buy Audio Music Batch Converter 3.0.3 (only $29.95)Download Audio Music Batch Converter 3.0.3 (Size: 6970 KB)

RTF to HTML Converter

RTF to HTML converter software converts document in all format to any format. This software makes WebPages from the RTF (Rich Text Format), MS-Word, Word, XML, Text, Notepad. This software can also support Microsoft Word 98, 2000, 2003 and 2007 and it is successfully works on Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Win7 and both x32 & x64 bits Operating System. With the help of this utility you can save your valuable time.

See also: RTF, Word, HTML, Converter, Software, Website, Text, MS-Word, Translator, Change, WebPage, Pages, Changer, Notes, Create, Format, Tools, Convert, Pages, Make, produce, build, Maker, Generate, Translate, XML, Web, File, Document, Notepad, compose

Buy RTF to HTML Converter (only $9.90)Download RTF to HTML Converter (Size: 1135 KB)

Apex Convert TIFF to PDF

Convert TIFF to PDF software add multi-photos image files to Adobe or insert multi-frame image files into Adobe file without changing its original quality. Convert image, graphic, snaps, picture, screenshots, scan shots into the Adobe files format. It includes various features like changing paper size, image size and page margin. This utility has an option of providing password security encryption parameters on the generated Acrobat documents files.

See also: Convert, TIFF, PDF, Software, Converting, Converter, Conversion, Image, Change, Insert, Paste, Add, Import, TIFF to PDF, Make, TIF, Adobe, Create, Page, Multi-page, Free, Download, Page size, Maker, Batch, Password, Margin, Single, File, Multi-photos

Buy Apex Convert TIFF to PDF (only $14.90)Download Apex Convert TIFF to PDF (Size: 1175 KB)

Tipard MXF Converter 6.3.16

Tipard MXF Converter gives you a hand in transcoding MXF or P2 MXF files to iPhone, iPad, HTC, Kindle Fire, etc. potable devices supported file formats. It also can help you convert MXF, TS, MTS, M2TS, TP and TRP to popular video and audio formats, like MP4, M4V, 3GP, MKV, MOV, MPG, VOB, etc. video formats and AAC, AC3, AIFF, AMR, AU, etc. audio formats. It also can help you convert 2D to 3D videos.

See also: MXF Converter, Best MXF Converter, transcode MXF file, convert MXF file

Buy Tipard MXF Converter 6.3.16 (only $29.00)Download Tipard MXF Converter 6.3.16 (Size: 24473 KB)

4Easysoft PDF Converter Platinum 3.3.30

4Easysoft PDF Converter Platinum is a professional PDF file converting software, which can convert PDF to various text and image formats, including word, txt, rtf as well as JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG and other popular formats. Also, this professional PDF converter totally supports multiple language. So, with it, you can convert all PDF pages, actual page, or specified pages by entering page numbers or page ranges.

See also: PDF Converter, convert PDF, PDF file converter, convert PDF file, PDF conversion, PDF converting, PDF

Buy 4Easysoft PDF Converter Platinum 3.3.30 (only $35.00)Download 4Easysoft PDF Converter Platinum 3.3.30 (Size: 3409 KB)

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