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Cool Mix Edit 1.02

Cool Mix Edit is an all-in-one multi-track audio editing, mixing and recording utility. It allows you record, overdub, edit and mix multiple tracks of major audio format files. The simple, quick and intuitive interface makes it a no-brainer when it comes to sound editing and mixing. With support for the standard copy, cut, paste, undo and redo you can even make a few mistakes! Cool Mix Edit is the most popular multi track mixer download.

See also: audio mixer, music mixer, sound mixer, multi-track mp3 mixer, mix audio files, audio edit, music editing

Buy Cool Mix Edit 1.02 (only $39.95)Download Cool Mix Edit 1.02 (Size: 6200 KB)

FlexiMusic Beat Studio Dec2010

FlexiMusic Beat Studio is created to compose music of your own with your creativity. Variety of instrumental sounds can be mixed to compose a harmonious melody. Various effects can be added to enhance your music. It provides fun and invites you into the emotion of making music, letting anyone make music on PC. FlexiMusic Beat Studio is the second most popular multi track mixer download.

See also: beat studio, beat studio junior, music maker, music composer, beat maker, track sequencer, multi track mixer, music composing software, music mixer, mix music, compose music, beatstudio for windows 7

Buy FlexiMusic Beat Studio Dec2010 (only $40.00)Download FlexiMusic Beat Studio Dec2010 (Size: 28468 KB)

AEP Audio Studio 2.2

AEP Audio Studio is an all-in-one multi-track audio editing, mixing and recording utility. It allows you record, overdub, edit and mix multiple tracks of major audio format files. The simple, quick and intuitive interface makes it a no-brainer when it comes to sound editing and mixing. With support for the standard copy, cut, paste, undo and redo you can even make a few mistakes! AEP Audio Studio is the third most popular multi track mixer download.

See also: AEP Audio Studio, audio mixer, music mixer, sound mixer, multi-track mp3 mixer, mix audio files, audio edit, music editing

Buy AEP Audio Studio 2.2 (only $39.95)Download AEP Audio Studio 2.2 (Size: 7415 KB)

FlexiMusic Composer Mar2005

FlexiMusic Composer is a program for creating music. To create your music, the user first chooses an instrument. FlexiMusic Composer has three types of music cycles, Step Cycle, Bar Cycle and Single File/Voice. Using that you can quickly create a unique piece of music. You can also add effects to your music. It provides fun and invites you into the emotion of making music, letting anyone create music on their personal computer

See also: music, music composer, audio, music creation, song, composer, composing, melody, tracks, instruments sound, tunes, steps cycle, rhythm, digital musicians, sound, beat, record, lyrics, voice, samples, loop, waveform, mixing, wav, multi track, sequencer

Buy FlexiMusic Composer Mar2005 (only $20.00)Download FlexiMusic Composer Mar2005 (Size: 4892 KB)

BandX 1.50

An easy to use multi-track recorder for musicians who want to record layered recordings without being forced to work with the complexities of a program geared toward dance music or other sample based material. Record multiple instruments and voices then mix to taste in real-time. Easily remove or replace individual tracks, allowing the use of guide vocals and instruments. Export your final mix in a common format such as WAV or MP3.

See also: audio, mp3, musicians, multi-track recorder, wav

Buy BandX 1.50 (only $25.00)Download BandX 1.50 (Size: 1684 KB)

n-Track for Mac 0.3.2-Beta

Multitrack recording and editing software with support for realtime effects through plug-ins (Reverb, Multiband Compression, Chorus, Delay, Pitch Shift, Graphic and Parametric EQ with spectrum analyze effects are included), audio and MIDI tracks, 24 bit soundcards and more. A native 64 bit version is available which exploits the full power of 64 bit processing (10.6.x Snow Leopard required for the 64 bit version).

See also: multitrack, home, software, recording, mp3, DAW, VST, n-track, studio, digital, audio, sound, effects, dsp, processing, DXi, music, VSTi, realtime, MIDI, wave, wav, sequencer, hard disk, sequencing, effect, multi-track, podcast, podcasting

Buy n-Track for Mac 0.3.2-Beta (only $64.00)Download n-Track for Mac 0.3.2-Beta (Size: 7594 KB)

Multi Operator Live Chat Script

Multi operator chat support tool is an innovative live chat application permits multiple customer support executives for multilingual conversation with their online customers or clients. Professional multiuser live help chat software can block all unauthorized user to misuse live chat utility. Ajax based multi operator chat application supports all windows operating system and major web browsers like internet explorer and other similar web browser.

See also: Multi, operator, ASP, live, chat, script, tool, interact, online, customer, real time, visitor, instant, message, AJAX, conversation, software, track, multilingual, internet, hostname, Unicode, address, client, server, utility, administrator

Buy Multi Operator Live Chat Script (only $169.00)Download Multi Operator Live Chat Script (Size: 1177 KB)

Winm8 4.001

Winm8 is a complete organization system based around a multi clipboard. You can save, find and reuse almost everything you will ever need for your work on a PC. There is storage for over 80,000 items. Each item can be a text clip, a graphic, a Web page, an email address, a form filling clip or even a shortcut to a program or work file.

See also: screenshot, screen shots, screen capture, clipboard, multi clipboard, windows clipboard, multi-clipboard, bookmark, cut, copy, paste, clipboard program, clipboard software, clipboard utility, clipboard enhancement, clipboard extender

Buy Winm8 4.001 (only $19.00)Download Winm8 4.001 (Size: 2192 KB)

TimelyWeb 4.2a

TimelyWeb helps you track updates of web pages and ftp resources. When the change is detected, you can be notified in a number of ways including e-mail, SMS or instant messenger message. TimelyWeb can check keywords or exclude parts of web pages (like counters or time). It can also highlight all changes in web pages. Both static and dynamically generated resources can be monitored. If the resource is protected, TimelyWeb will login automatically.

See also: web, site, page, content, contents, http, https, ftp, cgi, update, change, changes, detect, detection, track, notify, notification, monitor, monitoring, observe, alternative, remember, timely, save, download, mind-it, mindit, web site monitor, web site change, web site changes monitor, online tools, webmaster resources, remotely hosted, webmaster, free tools, hosting, abf

Buy TimelyWeb 4.2a (only $49.95)Download TimelyWeb 4.2a (Size: 2162 KB)

Keywords Meta Tag Generator Advanced Version 6.29

This acts on an HTML document, counting occurrences of words and how they are used, and produces a keywords meta tag. It ignores common words such as 'this', and the resulting meta tag depends on user-specified weights assigned to boldface words, etc. It can be used with documents which use CSS and javascript, and it works with non-English text such as Spanish. The Advanced Version can act on multiple documents in a folder and its subfolders.

See also: HTML utilities, HTML, web authoring, meta tag generator, meta tag, keywords, keyword, multi-lingual, non-English

Buy Keywords Meta Tag Generator Advanced Version 6.29 (only $39.00)Download Keywords Meta Tag Generator Advanced Version 6.29 (Size: 1696 KB)

Access Frontend Loader 1.1.3

Deploy new releases of your Microsoft Access applications to workstations automatically. Take control of version management via a server based console. Update workstations with one click saving time and ensuring trouble free administration. Features include automatic desktop/start menu shortcut creation on workstations, advanced group based permissions, version history log, easy rollback to previous versions, force disconnect or lockout users.

See also: microsoft, access, database, deploy, click, once, version, control, 2000, 2002, 2003, multi, user, front, end, mdb, adp

Buy Access Frontend Loader 1.1.3 (only $199.00)Download Access Frontend Loader 1.1.3 (Size: 20834 KB)

MP3Producer FR 2.54

MP3Producer FR is a particular version for French-speaking users (interface and Help file are in French). Converts CD to MP3,WAV,OGG,WMA. Supports ID3v1,2 tagging to save song info in MP3; MPEG1, MPEG2 formats of MP3; 8-320 bitrates, constant and variable; advanced FreeDB(CDDB) function to retrieve the CD info from the Internet. User friendly, stylish interface makes you work with MP3Producer enjoyable and easy.

See also: MPEG, MP3Producer FR, mp3, wav, ogg, cdda, cddb, freedb, vorbis, track, encode, decode, encoder, convert, converter, conversion, rip, ripper, ripping, cdripper, grabber, extractor, edit, editor, audio cd, play, album, bitrate, id3, tag, sound, cbr, vbr, wma

Buy MP3Producer FR 2.54 (only $25.00)Download MP3Producer FR 2.54 (Size: 2168 KB)

Luxena dbExpress eXtension 2.2.4

Luxena dbExpress eXtension is a component set inherited directly from Borland's dbExpress components. It leverages dbExpress application development with a large set of advanced features, sure to simplify BDE/ADO to dbExpress migration. Since these DataSet components are bidirectional, they work well with grids and other db-aware controls

See also: customupdates, database, multi, multidatabase, RequestLive, updateobject, updatesql, bidirectional, aware, data, data-aware, db-aware, dbaware, TClientDataSet, TSQLClientDataSet, SimpleDataSet, native, migration, alternative, BDE, ADO, dbExpress, multitalbe, join, custo

Buy Luxena dbExpress eXtension 2.2.4 (only $149.00)Download Luxena dbExpress eXtension 2.2.4 (Size: 615 KB)

BlueAuditor 1.3.1

BlueAuditor is a easy-to-use program for detecting and monitoring Bluetooth devices in a wireless network. It can discover and track any Bluetooth device and display key information about each device being detected as well as the services device provided. BlueAuditor will enable network administrators to effectively audit their wireless networks against security vulnerabilities associated with the use of Bluetooth devices.

See also: Bluetooth, device, wireless, network, private area network, PAN, services, detecting, monitoring, security, vulnerabilities, discover, track, technology, administrator

Buy BlueAuditor 1.3.1 (only $9.50)Download BlueAuditor 1.3.1 (Size: 1606 KB)

Visual Renamer 1.5

Visual Renamer - you won't imagine renaming template that it can not perform! This most powerful batch renaming tool is unique. Apart from common features of batch renaming, preview & undo options, it can rename karaoke files, supports THM, EXIF, MP3 tags, and has lots of different filters to sort out files, including manual sorting. Visual Renamer also allows you to create your own custom scripts. Any renaming can be easily done if you have VR.

See also: rename files, file renamer, file rename, mp3 rename, multiple rename, OuickRename, multi rename, utility, software

Buy Visual Renamer 1.5 (only $24.50)Download Visual Renamer 1.5 (Size: 3050 KB)

Mailinfo 3.0

Mailinfo helps you make sure your outgoing emails are not blocked as spam, particularly with the flood of spam and virus threats, which have degraded email as a communication tool. Mailinfo gives you real time alerts when your outgoing email is viewed - as it happens. A daily Mailinfo reminder lets you follow up on any of your emails which haven't been confirmed by Mailinfo or emails that appear to be lost.

See also: mailinfo, email, emails, track, tracking, receive, blocked, trial download, spam, alert, notification, daily, reminder, virus, communication, outgoing, confirmed, recipient, viewed, real-time, follow-up

Buy Mailinfo 3.0 (only $49.90)Download Mailinfo 3.0 (Size: 1689 KB)

FileLog 2008 RC0909 2008 RC0909

FileLog tracks all of the changes you make to files and saves them. You can go back to a previous version of a document and restore it at any time. Moreover, FileLog stays in the background and integrated itself into Windows File Explorer for convenience. You will never lose changes of your Microsoft Office documents, images, drawings or other important files.

See also: file, document, data, backup, back up, log, logging, trace, track, tracking, version, revision, repository, explorer

Buy FileLog 2008 RC0909 2008 RC0909 (only $19.95)Download FileLog 2008 RC0909 2008 RC0909 (Size: 2184 KB)

Quicksys RegCleaner 2009

Quicksys RegCleaner 2009 will quickly (multi-thread engine), easily and safely detect and remove invalid references in Windows registry. Lot of invalid entries that cause system complications and slow down your computer significantly. On multiprocessor systems, multithreading an application takes advantage of the additional hardware and can result in greatly improved overall performance.

See also: registry, windows, clean, optimize, repair, multi-thread, multithread, threads, thread, high performance, time gain, windowsxp, vista, registry entries invalid, boost, speed

Buy Quicksys RegCleaner 2009 (only $39.95)Download Quicksys RegCleaner 2009 (Size: 1365 KB)

Deniz SQL Multi Script 1.0

Very often DBA needs to deploy a bunch of transact-sql scripts to multiple servers. Deniz SQL Multi Script give you the ability to run a single script on multiple databases across multiple servers in a single go.

See also: SQL Multi Script, multiple scripts, multiple servers, sql server, databases, query databases

Buy Deniz SQL Multi Script 1.0 (only $115.00)Download Deniz SQL Multi Script 1.0 (Size: 1119 KB)

Staff Training

Affordable employee training project management software is mostly used by multiple service based business organizations such as small, mid and large in simplest ways. Cost effective staff training software is useful to maintain variety of companies visiting and travel requirement at one place. Download course project management application easily regains corrupted, accidentally lost and damaged records, information by using data backup facility.

See also: Employee, training, management, software, track, trip, report, schedule, business, organization, travel, detail, real, time, application, assign, tour, need, name, department, designation, tool, generate, visit, pass, prevent, unauthorized, user

Buy Staff Training (only $29.00)Download Staff Training (Size: 7618 KB)

Purchase Order Forms

Business organizer software easily produces reports of purchase order, payment receipt, delivery information, invoice and other day to day product transaction. Utility maintains Purchase Order Forms to keep an eye on product delivery activities with fast sales/ purchase record management. PO utility is useful for tiny and large business by preparing forms related to vendor payment, invoice, and purchase delivery without taking too much time.

See also: Purchase, order, organizer, program, create, process, company, sales, product, details, prepare, forms, business, management, software, record, supplier, vendor, stock, information, generate, deposit, delivery, report, track, inventory, transaction

Buy Purchase Order Forms (only $45.00)Download Purchase Order Forms (Size: 7577 KB)

Purchase Order for Multi User provides low cost and quick process Purchase Order for Multi User software to make and maintain company database records with extraordinary feature to save all created records at user specified system location. Cost effective Inventory management utility enables user to make sales and purchase reports with extraordinary password protection feature to view general growth of any industry in easiest and accurate way.

See also: Purchase, order, management, program, application, records, estimate, finance, invoice, accounts, sales, record, details, inventory, management, organizer, tool, utility, create, credit, debits, receipt, bills, report, client, vendor, multi, company

Buy Purchase Order for Multi User (only $299.00)Download Purchase Order for Multi User (Size: 7772 KB)

TimeGuard Pro 3.0

TimeGuard is smart and friendly time tracking software. Unlike other solutions, TimeGuard is active and will not wait passively for your input. It will help you to manage your time tracking and expense logging, taking much of the burden off your shoulders. TimeGuard gives you an accurate view of how you spend your time. It will calculate your projects bills and produce professional reports that you can print or email.

See also: project management, task management, time tracking, track time, time track, client billing, billing, time, timer, timing, timesheet, time billing, finance, time sheet, tracker, employee time, expense, expenses, task, lawyer, legal, attendance

Buy TimeGuard Pro 3.0 (only $129.00)Download TimeGuard Pro 3.0 (Size: 5031 KB)

TSplus 2010

TSplus is the costless Citrix/TS product available on XP, VISTA, Windows 7, 2003/2008 SBS. TSplus turns your Windows System into a full blown Terminal Server/Citrix, without any limit. Multiple, unlimited number of concurrent sessions if you want. TSplus includes seamless client, loadbalancing, universal printer, innovative security features and much more at no extra cost!

See also: Windows VISTA, x64, Windows 7, 2008 SBS, 2003 SBS, RDP server, TSE, Citrix, RemoteApp, RDS, Remote Access, Universal Printer, multi site, home working, secure RDP, web access, TSWEB, TS WEB

Buy TSplus 2010 (only $125.00)Download TSplus 2010 (Size: 68872 KB)

Inventory Tracking Barcodes Generator

Company offers first-class Inventory Tracking Barcodes Generator tool to produce most effective and high resolution barcode images to easily track inventory products in simplest manner. With support of innovative dataset series options of software users can print thousands of barcode tags and stickers without requiring any extra efforts. Innovative retail barcode maker utility facilitates to save created barcodes in system for future reference.

See also: Inventory, retail, barcode, software, tool, utility, design, create, produce, generate, track, tags, sticker, coupon, labels, asset, price, professional, business, industry, products, ellipse, rectangle, shape, format, colorful, linear, series

Buy Inventory Tracking Barcodes Generator (only $45.00)Download Inventory Tracking Barcodes Generator (Size: 5068 KB)

Send Bulk Text

Most technically powerful bulk SMS software lets user to connect multiple GSM mobile phone with desktop to send messages in mass amount to different user. Innovative Windows based mass messages sending application supports latest option that is able to delay messages automatically when there is a load of SMS. Amazing text messaging sending software provides quick delivering of messages all over world within a short time of period.

See also: Send, bulk, text, data, SMS, software, multi, phone, broadcast, message, file, internet, connection, GSM, mobile, device, communicate, business, product, software, client, friends, relative, deliver, wizard, contact, number, GUI, Windows

Buy Send Bulk Text (only $49.00)Download Send Bulk Text (Size: 3788 KB)

Purchase Orders PO Organizer

Easy to install and affordable Purchase Orders PO Organizer is available at to manage sales and purchases orders transaction of multiple companies at one place. PO management application is integrated with innovative print settings to print system generated report of receipt and invoice and also facilitates you to send it by email.

See also: Password, protected, purchase, order, organizer, software, application, track, process, sales, records, business, financial, accounting, stock, items, transaction, invoice, receipt, report, creation, requisition, company, database, search, feature

Buy Purchase Orders PO Organizer (only $45.00)Download Purchase Orders PO Organizer (Size: 7526 KB)

Employee ID Badges Creator

Want to design high quality and nice looking identification card in few countable steps? Just download effective Employee ID Badges Creator software from popular company website to design high-resolution and advance featured ID cards including student ID cards, staff ID cards and other similar cards.

See also: Employee, Badges, Creator, software, generates, bulk, multi, solid, gradient, color, identification, card, logos, graphics, page, image, setting, text, line, pencil, tool, staff, student, create, triangular, elliptical, shape, size, system

Buy Employee ID Badges Creator (only $38.00)Download Employee ID Badges Creator (Size: 10752 KB)

Arc Menu 5.3c

Y2K compliant, text-based,mouse-driven,uses NO memory, network support, multi-user, passwords and authority levels +access retrictions. Auto install. Shortcuts and hot keys. Context help and user-defined help. AutoBuild new items. Unlimited menu depth and file links.Screen saver. Usage tracking. DOS 3.0+, 500k disk. $20

See also: Y2K, secure, menu, password, windowed, system, full, DOS, memory, network, multi-user, help

Buy Arc Menu 5.3c (only $19.95)Download Arc Menu 5.3c (Size: 500 KB)

A - Spartan Multi Clipboard 8.00

The Spartan multi clipboard sets a new standard in multi clipboard software. Its unique new interface lets you to choose from up to 150 pre-saved clips without clicking, scrolling or selecting groups. Just pop it up and click on the clip you want. You can arrange your clips anyway that suits you to make them easy to find - all alphabetic, some alphabetic or some highlighted in color.

See also: clipboard, multiclipboard, multi-clipboard, multi clipboard, screeen shot, screen capture, screenshot

Buy A - Spartan Multi Clipboard 8.00 (only $29.99)Download A - Spartan Multi Clipboard 8.00 (Size: 4837 KB)

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