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NameSpire 1.2

Entertaining and distinctive name ranking and charting software. NameSpire lets you easily peruse the most popular names, including origin and meaning, in the United States as determined by the Social Security Administration. Is a name becoming too popular? Are you looking for a name with a certain number of syllables? How about names that sound like a particular word or other name? Let NameSpire show you! NameSpire is the most popular name meanings download.

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Buy NameSpire 1.2 (only $9.95)Download NameSpire 1.2 (Size: 4279 KB)

zsDuplicateHunter Standard Edition 2.30

zsDuplicateHunter Standard edition allows you to safely and easily find and remove duplicate files. Step by step instructions help you to eliminate the duplicate files that clutter your hard drive and slow your computer down. Deleting duplicate files is safe with a prompt before files are permanently deleted and the ability to move files to a temporary folder. zsDuplicateHunter Standard Edtion provides 4 methods of deleting duplicates. zsDuplicateHunter Standard Edition is the second most popular name meanings download.

See also: duplicate, file, finder, eliminate, remove, find, checksum, name, duplicates, files, delete, hunter, zsDuplicateHunter, Zizasoft

Buy zsDuplicateHunter Standard Edition 2.30 (only $19.95)Download zsDuplicateHunter Standard Edition 2.30 (Size: 4674 KB)

Expired Domain Sleuth 5.4b

Powerful software to find Expired Domains. Search for onhold, expiring, pending delete, and recently expired domain names through search engine lookups, custom text and url lists, and domains lists. Expired domains with expired traffic can have huge value from link popularity. Software also allows you to filter, find whois dropped expiry and whois status. Track unlimited numbers of domains. Automate and schedule domain downloads, exody lists Expired Domain Sleuth is the third most popular name meanings download.

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Buy Expired Domain Sleuth 5.4b (only $69.95)Download Expired Domain Sleuth 5.4b (Size: 2441 KB)

MIKLSOFT Renamer 1.65

Robust tool for multiple file renaming in the selected folder. This renaming tool allows you to rename big mass of files in the batch mode. Preview list will show you, how your files will be look like after renaming. Visual templates system will helpfully assist you in making up new names. You can save name pattern as template and apply its later to the same files.

See also: rename, download, templates, system, name, miklsoft, renaming, renamer, file, tool, utility, files, manager

Buy MIKLSOFT Renamer 1.65 (only $14.95)Download MIKLSOFT Renamer 1.65 (Size: 1136 KB)

O&K Print Watch 4.00

O&K Print Watch print monitor and print manager.Audit print jobs and paper usage. It can track the full information of each job. High precision page counter and copies determination. Export reports to HTML. Set printing quotas and limit printing for any object. Viewing images of printed jobs. Support for unlimited numbers of printers for each print-server. Manage all print-servers in network.

See also: printer, manager, count, print, page, audit, monitor, usage, paper, size, user, name, document, queue, spool

Buy O&K Print Watch 4.00 (only $99.95)Download O&K Print Watch 4.00 (Size: 6624 KB)

Domain Name Pro 5.2

Find the ultimate popular domain name using powerful brainstorming with a built-in automatic thesaurus, advanced search with word groups and positional settings, advanced pattern search, acronyms and Net Speak. Domain Name Pro also identifies expired and expiring domain names, calculates search engine and link popularity, includes trademark searches, sorting, exporting, 500+ domains, configurable performance, custom word lists, and much more!

See also: domain, name, search, whois, link, popularity, utility, tool, web, address, url, generate, find, internet, site, email, generate, list, trademark

Buy Domain Name Pro 5.2 (only $64.95)Download Domain Name Pro 5.2 (Size: 7977 KB)

Avensen Domain Name Finder 2.20

Avensen Domain Name Finder is a domain name generation and availability check software, capable to lookup thousands of domain names per minute. Create high quality domain names using the brainstorming technique. Lookup domain names availability in bulk. Find domains in secure form, without using third-party web sites. Program features include: misspelled domain names generator, build-in thesaurus, and multithreaded availability checking.

See also: web, branding, brand, naming, internet, availability, checking, checker, finder, generator, DNS, name, domain, site, search

Buy Avensen Domain Name Finder 2.20 (only $39.95)Download Avensen Domain Name Finder 2.20 (Size: 1895 KB)

NameWiz 4.10

NameWiz rename files, file renamer, renaming folders, batch file renaming en masse. A powerful interface with an advanced file renaming utility. Select any group of files, folders and or sub-folders (if desired) and do what you want. Rename your MP3 files using the music headers, such as Author name, Album name, Song name etc. Rename sequentially named files plus many more features. Any files or folders can be renamed, no restrictions.

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Buy NameWiz 4.10 (only $29.95)Download NameWiz 4.10 (Size: 4707 KB)

Start Menu Fast 1.1.1

Start Menu Fast is utility which helps you find your programs in the Windows Start Menu faster. Do you have many programs in your START menu? Do you have situations where you know the name of the program, but cannot find the program in your large START menu? If you can say YES, then you should try "Start Menu Fast" application.

See also: start, menu, fast, booster, find, name

Buy Start Menu Fast 1.1.1 (only $11.00)Download Start Menu Fast 1.1.1 (Size: 414 KB)

Advanced ID Creator Enterprise 6.14.35

Create and print professional ID cards and badges instantly! Advanced ID Creator allows you to create great looking id cards. Use the wide variety of tools to add text, graphics, shapes, barcodes, shadows and other effects to your design. Use the previously saved template to get started in a matter of seconds. Once your basic design is created tweak it or print it just the way it is. Create you own ID cards and badges in minutes!

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Buy Advanced ID Creator Enterprise 6.14.35 (only $199.99)Download Advanced ID Creator Enterprise 6.14.35 (Size: 4524 KB)

GetNetworkInfo 2.3

This software monitors changes in your external IP and displays major network parameters of your cumputer such as: computer name, workgroup or domain, internal IP and subnet, external IP. If the external IP of your computer has been changed by your internet provider a sound is played and notification message is displayed.

See also: internal, external, monitoring, workgroup, domain, subnet, network, name, ip monitor, ip monitoring, tcp-ip, netwokr

Buy GetNetworkInfo 2.3 (only $19.95)Download GetNetworkInfo 2.3 (Size: 438 KB)


X-Lizard is the compact and simple management program, created especially for storage of your confidential data, such as the passwords, usernames, etc. X-Lizard will allow to get easy and simple access to records, quickly to edit records containing names and the passwords, one click of the mouse will reproduce your password and a user?s name in the form of input for any program or a website.

See also: password, saver, manager, user name, username, AES encryption, Rijndael, unicode support, password generator, skins

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Data Doctor Recovery Sim Card

Professional SIM card data backup application retrieves erased or lost SMS from inbox, outbox, drafts and phonebook directories contact numbers along with names. Sim card information recovery program performs extensive search of sim card and produce report that allows users to view date and sending time of deleted text messages. GSM mobile sim card data recovery can retrieve information from sim cards of any network service providers.

See also: Cell, phone, SIM, card, data, recovery, application, retrieve, SMS, lost, text, messages, contact, number, damaged, mobile, software, backup, missed, name, inbox, outbox, draft, sent, items, undelete, tool, restore, damaged, phonebook, IMSI, ICC-ID

Buy Data Doctor Recovery Sim Card (only $69.00)Download Data Doctor Recovery Sim Card (Size: 536 KB)

Simcard Phonebook Recovery Tool

Cell phone SIM card recovery utility is capable to backup lost text messages, contact number and name, phonebook directory SIM card. Mobile phone SIM card deleted SMS backup software can recover inbox, outbox, draft, sent items etc. SIM card information backup tool supports Phoenix type USB SIM Card Reader or PC/SC Standard based SIM card Reader. Data recovery utility provides easy help manual to safely and securely recover lost data from SIM card.

See also: Cell, phone, SIM, card, data, recovery, software, retrieve, lost, text, messages, undelete, SMS, damaged, mobile, application, backup, missed, contact, number, name, inbox, outbox, draft, sent, items, short, message, tool, rescue, damaged, phonebook

Buy Simcard Phonebook Recovery Tool (only $69.00)Download Simcard Phonebook Recovery Tool (Size: 540 KB)

Staff Training

Affordable employee training project management software is mostly used by multiple service based business organizations such as small, mid and large in simplest ways. Cost effective staff training software is useful to maintain variety of companies visiting and travel requirement at one place. Download course project management application easily regains corrupted, accidentally lost and damaged records, information by using data backup facility.

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Buy Staff Training (only $29.00)Download Staff Training (Size: 7618 KB)

Sales Training Management

Easy to use employee training business management software is flexile solution to schedule and manage different corporate sectors travel and tour needs in actual time. Sales training management software is capable to track company employee overall visiting and trip activities in effective ways. Affordable online training project management application easily produces precious and significant travel and training reports for better decision making.

See also: Employee, training, management, software, track, trip, report, schedule, business, organization, travel, detail, real, time, application, assign, tour, need, name, department, designation, tool, generate, visit, pass, prevent, unauthorized, user

Buy Sales Training Management (only $29.00)Download Sales Training Management (Size: 7618 KB)

Business Travel Software

Reliable education management tool is complete solution to organize, schedule and track your company staff members overall visiting and training needs in calculated style. Freeware business travel software analysis workers tour details such as tour time, sales, industrial etc in effective ways. Download sales training management application has innovative option to schedule manufacturing industries official trip requirements in actual time.

See also: Employee, training, management, software, track, trip, report, assign, tour, need, name, department, designation, tool, generate, visit, pass, prevent, unauthorized, user, application, schedule, business, organization, travel, detail, real, time

Buy Business Travel Software (only $29.00)Download Business Travel Software (Size: 7618 KB)

SL Directory Printer 1.11

SL Directory Printer is a application enables users to print or export as a file a list of directories, sudirectories and/or files.Program can sort by name, type, extension, date created, date last modified, date of last access or attributes.SL Directory Printer filters output using file/folder filter: by name, type, extension, date, size or attributes.User can save a output as text, rtf or csv files.

See also: print, file list, folders list, list, file name, file extension, date created, date last modified

Buy SL Directory Printer 1.11 (only $24.95)Download SL Directory Printer 1.11 (Size: 260 KB)

ID Cards Designer

ID Cards Designer application offers users to efficiently make and print colorful and striking identification card images in minimum span of time. ID card maker tool allows enhanced feature for users to use attractive image designing tools while generating high quality and eye catchy identification for their organization including lines, text, pencils, ellipse, rectangle, triangle, barcode labels, stars, picture, images and many others.

See also: Identification, card, designing, software, generate, print, colorful, stunning, images, employees, student, faculty, information, name, designation, work, profile, photographs, objects, lines, text, pencils, rectangle, triangle, star, barcode, labels

Buy ID Cards Designer (only $38.00)Download ID Cards Designer (Size: 10547 KB)

Easy Card Creator Enterprise 11.20.79

Enterprise Edition is the solution that provides you with a complete set of tools to satisfy a wide range of design and print application requirements, each with a supreme level of professionalism and quality. The straight-forward user interface and great design capabilities make Enterprise Edition the software of preference for users of all skill levels, from beginner to expert.

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Buy Easy Card Creator Enterprise 11.20.79 (only $294.95)Download Easy Card Creator Enterprise 11.20.79 (Size: 19215 KB)

Sim Card Messages Recovery

Company website offers Amazing Sim Card Messages Recovery software that smoothly works with PC/SC standard or phoenix Sim card reader used to connect Sim card with user system. File restoration software easily recover accidently deleted data from all type of GSM Sim card.

See also: Sim, Card, Messages, Recovery, software, recover, unintentionally, deleted, formatted, data, contact, list, sent, SMS, application, provide, information, IMSI, manufacturer, name, identification, number, program, forensic, department, investigation

Buy Sim Card Messages Recovery (only $69.00)Download Sim Card Messages Recovery (Size: 2447 KB)

How to Restore Sim Card

Are you thinking about How to Restore Sim Card messages? visit to download contact number restoration utility that is fully capable to restore all lost details whether it is missing due to virus infected sim cards or other similar information loss reasons.

See also: Lost, Information, recovery, sim, card, contacts, restoration, application, deleted, missing, text, messages, draft, inbox, outbox, mobile, phone, corrupted, data, retrieve, name, number, location, GSM, service, provider

Buy How to Restore Sim Card (only $69.00)Download How to Restore Sim Card (Size: 2447 KB)

Recover Deleted Message

SIM card data recovery tool is used by many reputed forensic Science laboratories and investigation agencies for forensics and evidences investigations. SIM card SMS recovery tool provides details of sim card like service provider name, IMSI or card identification number and other similar information. SIM card data recovery utility allows user to recover inbox outbox text messages with date and sending time.

See also: SIM, card, data, recovery, tool, software, rescue, deleted, text, message, SMS, contact, number, name, network, service, provider, memory, IMSI, restore, salvage, phone, book, support, inbox, outbox, sending, time, report, forensic, phoenix, standard

Buy Recover Deleted Message (only $69.00)Download Recover Deleted Message (Size: 985 KB)

Employee Management Software

Company suggests you to download Employee Management Software from developer?s website at an affordable cost which helps to manage and make business records related to official tour and training details in particular DB format which helps in information extraction etc for your organizational growth.

See also: Free, download, professional, version, employee, management, software, create, design, records, official, tour, training, details, type, employee, name, training, course, trainer, information, supports, windows, operating, system, generate, passes

Buy Employee Management Software (only $29.00)Download Employee Management Software (Size: 7802 KB) Personal Addresses 5.00

This software organizes all your personal contact data quick and easily. It starts directly without annoying splash screens and anything you enter is saved automatically. Access can be protected with a password and you decide where the data is located. Search for single entries using wild cards in each part of it. Get a result table with all entries matching your search. You can also sort the whole list or the filtered data with just one click!

See also: personal, address, addresses, name, first, last, street,, telephone, phone, mobile, handy, fax, e-mail, website, homepage, sort, protect, password, sqlite, database, organize, order, alphabetical, contact, contacts, business, private, manager, management, secure, easy, use

Buy Personal Addresses 5.00 (only $14.99)Download Personal Addresses 5.00 (Size: 606 KB)

Create ID Cards

Create ID Cards application lets users to craft id cards in various types including student identification cards, employee id cards, faculty ID cards, company staff member id cards, visitor id cards, travel agent id cards, governments id cards, security guard identification cards, photo id cards, blank id cards and many others. Employee id badges maker tool enables users to efficiently design professional quality identification cards images.

See also: Employee, identification, card, designing, software, create, print, multicolor, stunning, images, company, information, name, designation, photo, signature, contact, number, work, profile, utility, generates, student, shapes, rectangle, ellipse

Buy Create ID Cards (only $38.00)Download Create ID Cards (Size: 10547 KB)

Sim Undelete

Website announces professional Sim Undelete application has capability to retrieve misplaced significant contact numbers and phonebook entries due to accidentally or intentionally formatting mobile phone sim card.

See also: Sim, card, undelete, software, recover, deleted, text, messages, application, restore, dial, contact, numbers, retrieve, inbox, utility, save, outbox, program, folders, regain, service, revive, provider, data, name, retrieval, identification, tool

Buy Sim Undelete (only $69.00)Download Sim Undelete (Size: 2293 KB)

Hr Training

Reliable employee training business management tool helps to keep large volume of travel, tour related information at individual location and provides accurate information when required. Affordable Hr training software is capable to generate organizations employee visiting reports in safe manner. Easy to use training course management application is flexile option to save workers significant tour time by reducing business workload effectively.

See also: Employee, training, management, software, track, trip, report, assign, tour, need, name, department, designation, tool, generate, visit, pass, prevent, unauthorized, user, application, schedule, business, organization, travel, detail, real, time

Buy Hr Training (only $29.00)Download Hr Training (Size: 7618 KB) File Renamer 5.00

Add as many files as you want to a file list, change the file positions if required and define how filenames should look like. You can decide by your own if the new filenames include today's date and time, file creation date and time, numbers, the original file name, customized text or what ever you think. A preview feature lets you to see the final filenames as they will be after renaming, and if you are satisfied, just start the process!

See also: rename, name, renaming, file, files, folder, folders, batch, mode, image, picture, video, videos, mp3, music, document, documents, holiday, automatic, automatically, easy, fast, images, directory, directories, path, paths, renamer, filename, change, modify, modifying, changing

Buy File Renamer 5.00 (only $14.99)Download File Renamer 5.00 (Size: 392 KB)

Recover Email Password

Password recovery software will instantly recover internet explorer passwords and also the URLs of sites and their logins. Secret code revelation software fetch various password of users chat messengers, game site display Autocomplete string, types billing address, credit card numbers etc. Freeware software reset authentication code of administrator FTP account, private folders, network login, encrypted office documents, ZIP, RAR and acrobat file.

See also: Internet, explorer, password, revelation, application, recover, lost, web, login, form, account, secret, code, software, reveal, authentication, string, login, name, key, recovery, program, unmask, asterisk, character, Autocomplete, information

Buy Recover Email Password (only $38.00)Download Recover Email Password (Size: 558 KB)

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