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Alkonost MaxFormat 3.60

Alkonost MaxFormat lets you format floppy disks to maximum capacity with maximum efficiency. In addition to formatting floppies, MaxFormat can also duplicate diskettes with standard and non-standard formats, verify, make bootable (even with DMF format), clear disks, format only when needed and copy files to the diskette after formatting. MaxFormat provides very fast formatting as a multi-task background operation. Alkonost MaxFormat is the most popular non standard download.

See also: disk, format, duplicate, DMF, copy, files, boot, non-standard, floppy, bootable, backup, storage

Buy Alkonost MaxFormat 3.60 (only $16.00)Download Alkonost MaxFormat 3.60 (Size: 528 KB)

ACA Capture 5.20

ACA Capture allows you to quickly capture screenshots including desktop, scrolling web pages, web images, menus and more. Getting started is as easy as pressing a hotkey. In addition, you can apply capture masks, including circular, rectangle and other shapes, Captures can optionally include the mouse cursor, or can automatically send the captured images to MS Office applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint. ACA Capture is the second most popular non standard download.

See also: screen capture, screen recording, screenshot, snapshot, video capture, screen print, print screen, game capture, screencam, avi, SuperCapture, professional, standard, ACA Capture, screen recorder, directx, freeware, free software downloads, technical writing

Buy ACA Capture 5.20 (only $29.95)Download ACA Capture 5.20 (Size: 1766 KB)

Time Calculator Pro v2 2.20

Add, minus, divide and multiply time values in hours, minutes and seconds. Convert to and from fractional time units. Use the DAE (date analysis engine) to find the day of any date in the Gregorian calendar (the one used worldwide) within a range of up to 15 centuries since the inception of that calendar (about 1583 AD). Military time conversion supported. Use the program for work, research or just plain fun! Time Calculator Pro v2 is the third most popular non standard download.

See also: time, calculator, add, minus, subtract, divide, multiply, gregorian, calendar, analysis, day, date, fraction, military, standard, minutes, seconds, hours

Buy Time Calculator Pro v2 2.20 (only $11.95)Download Time Calculator Pro v2 2.20 (Size: 1276 KB)

Hangman Bible for the Macintosh 1.0.5

Hangman Bible is a religious take on the classic hangman word-guessing game. It features colorful, non-violent graphics, digitized sounds, and word categories such as Apostles, Bible Stories, Books of the Old Testament, Books of the New Testament, Christmas, Jewish Months, Popes, Prophets in the Koran, Prophets in the Old Testament, Religious Words and Phrases, Sacraments, Saints and Women in the Bible.

See also: hangman, bible, religion, educational software, games, spelling, non-violent, sunday schools

Buy Hangman Bible for the Macintosh 1.0.5 (only $14.95)Download Hangman Bible for the Macintosh 1.0.5 (Size: 986 KB)

Hangman Bible for Windows 1.0.5

Hangman Bible is a multi-religious take on the classic hangman word-guessing game. It features colorful, non-violent graphics, digitized sounds, and word categories such as Apostles, Bible Stories, Books of the Old Testament, Books of the New Testament, Christmas, Jewish Months, Popes, Prophets in the Koran, Prophets in the Old Testament, Religious Words and Phrases, Sacraments, Saints and Women in the Bible.

See also: hangman, bible, religion, educational software, games, spelling, non-violent, sunday schools

Buy Hangman Bible for Windows 1.0.5 (only $14.95)Download Hangman Bible for Windows 1.0.5 (Size: 855 KB)

Barcode System

Standard barcode image maker software builds attractive assets tag using variety of fonts like Codebar, Code 11, Code 128 etc that are easily scanned by all major barcode scanners. Easy to use barcode label creator system offer facility to modify created barcode stickers according to user requirement. Affordable asset tag generator tool saves generated sticker at user specified location on desktop in various formats such as gif, jpeg, tiff etc.

See also: Standard, barcode, label, maker, system, generate, colorful, sticker, shape, size, font, save, extension, tiff, jpeg, software, design, printable, readable, assets, tag, image, object, random, constant, organization, Windows, application, word, excel

Buy Barcode System (only $45.00)Download Barcode System (Size: 1443 KB)

Free Barcode Software

Technically developed barcode image generator software creates most comprehensive and affordable barcode label to fulfill business needs of large, mid or tiny level industries. Free barcode software provides easy to make interface and several barcode image creation options that need just few clicks to develop versatile barcode tags. Best barcode developer software makes barcode tags that are editable hence bulk generation of barcode tag is easy.

See also: Software, produce, text, data, generate, print, scanner, printer, labeling, generator, manage, standard, barcode, customize, maker, label, creator, organize, free, Windows, utility, inventory, make, reader, create, security, tag, sticker, bulk, image

Buy Free Barcode Software (only $45.00)Download Free Barcode Software (Size: 1443 KB)

Barcode Inventory Management

Professional barcode tag creator application is simple functioning utility for developing informative, remarkable barcode stickers, labels etc. Barcode inventory management software makes wide range of barcode labels of different color, design, style, shape, density, size, dimension etc. Outstanding barcode labeling tool provides facility to import all generated barcode labels in various Windows applications such as MS-word, paint, excel etc.

See also: Professional, barcode, inventory, management, tool, create, different, industry, standard, label, image, Windows, application, print, bulk, ribbon, color, size, design, style, dimension, software, generate, various, tag, sticker, graphics, object

Buy Barcode Inventory Management (only $69.00)Download Barcode Inventory Management (Size: 5140 KB)

Bar Code

Easy to use barcode sticker producer software is flexile solution to generate business specific and printable images with the help of innovative barcode settings option. Affordable bar code software is useful to produce eye catching assets tags in multiple shapes, dimensions, bar width etc. Professional barcode label creator application provides sequential, constant and random barcode series generating option to design bulk barcode list easily.

See also: Barcode, design, software, make, customize, business, specific, high, resolution, versatile, image, sticker, producer, tool, create, industry, standard, label, circle, ellipse, rectangle, tag, generator, program, import, ribbon, word, excel, paint

Buy Bar Code (only $69.00)Download Bar Code (Size: 5140 KB)

Usmania Calculator 1.0

Usmania Calculator provides calculation in linear style, lengthy input entry just like it is written on paper. It enables you to write in normal, superscript and subscript. Calculation with numbers upto 36 bases are possible by using Usmania Calculator. Answer mode may be selected standard or scientific; and answer upto 13 decimal places are available. Built-in collection of physical constants and atomic weights. Comes in colors!

See also: usmania, calculator, math, maths, mathematics, standard, scientific, desktop, application, software, long entry, linear style, constants, atomic weights, trigonometry, number system

Buy Usmania Calculator 1.0 (only $19.95)Download Usmania Calculator 1.0 (Size: 1319 KB)

Billing Software

Award winning accounting application provides facility to manage multiple company records with specified user profile details. Professional Billing Software has advance accounting financial modules for maintaining and managing tiny to large sector organization account reports. Easy to operate accounting application produces company, voucher entry, reports, ledgers, automatic Bill generation and other detailed reports in an easiest manner.

See also: Standard, billing, accounting, software, utility, manage, maintain, company, business, account, reports, details, voucher, entry, inventory, bill, generation, official, bank, cash, debit, credit, note, journal, book, balance, sheets, backup

Buy Billing Software (only $45.00)Download Billing Software (Size: 6195 KB)

Inventory Control 2D Barcodes

Bar code generator application offers user to simply set bar heights and density lets them to modify shapes, sizes, fonts, styles, dimensions, color setting of created bar code labels. Retail industry bar code labeling application allow you to craft high resolution and multicolor sticker images using enhanced bar code designing view facility including lines, text, pencils, ellipse, rectangle, triangle, stars, circle, images, pictures etc.

See also: Retail, industry, bar, code, designing, application, craft, best, quality, customized, stylish, sticker, coupon, badge, inventory, control, generate, colorful, image, shape, size, linear, font, standard, track, business, product, information

Buy Inventory Control 2D Barcodes (only $45.00)Download Inventory Control 2D Barcodes (Size: 5068 KB)

2D Barcodes for Packaging Supply

2D Barcode label designing software produces customized barcode labels for food packaging industry. Shareware barcode label maker tool is an innovative tool to make barcode labels or stickers in an economical way. 2D barcode maker application uses various designing objects such as pencil, line or text to generate attractive barcode labels or tags. Barcode printing software prints multiple barcode labels along with print preview functionality.

See also: Food, packaging, barcode, label, maker, application, create, design, versatile, colorful, printable, customized, sticker, asset, tag, price, coupon, bar code, image, dimension, caption, color, font, utility, support, linear, standard, Windows,

Buy 2D Barcodes for Packaging Supply (only $38.00)Download 2D Barcodes for Packaging Supply (Size: 5048 KB)

Packaging Barcode Label Designing

Packaging Barcode Label Designing software is downloaded from helps customer to generate standard resolution rolls, sticker with recent drawing objects like pencil, text, line etc.

See also: Download, Packaging, Barcode, Label, Designing, software, program, create, generate, multicolor, sticker, tags, badges, ribbon, rolls, linear, font, standard, symbologies, background, color, caption, option, print, preview, setting

Buy Packaging Barcode Label Designing (only $38.00)Download Packaging Barcode Label Designing (Size: 5140 KB)

Manufacturing Warehousing Barcodes

Manufacturing and warehousing barcodes image generator software provides various file formats to design stylish barcode labels, impressive images, stickers and coupons etc including JPEG, GIF, BMF, PNG, WMF, and EXIF etc. Manufacturing and warehousing free download barcodes label maker software provides standard and efficient barcode images to fulfill labeling need as per business requirement of manufacturing development industries.

See also: Barcode, label, software, design, print, warehousing, industrial, manufacturing, images, tag, coupon, sticker, professional, application, tool, standard, format, style, color, font, linear, generator, graphical, object, packaging

Buy Manufacturing Warehousing Barcodes (only $45.00)Download Manufacturing Warehousing Barcodes (Size: 5058 KB)

Barcode Software for Publishers

Innovative barcode label publishers and library software provides manageable design book labels and different tags in sequential series. Barcode label software provides modified and colorful combinations of barcode images and attractive labels on textbooks and other library products. Efficient and comprehensive publisher barcode label software provides various printing design labels as per requirement in libraries and publishing industries.

See also: Barcode, software, label, images, maker, printable, font, generates, standard, scan able, colorful, data bar, application, utility, publishers, library, products, toolkits, customized, linear

Buy Barcode Software for Publishers (only $38.00)Download Barcode Software for Publishers (Size: 4986 KB)

Free Barcode Maker for Mac

Barcode application for Macintosh Machine produces stylist, dazzling barcode ribbons, coupons etc in easiest and fastest manner. Free barcode maker software for Mac is specially designed for developing bright, effective, multicolored barcode labels, images using latest barcode settings. Best Mac barcode utility produces barcode labels in various forms like photo ID, CD label, Price coupons, Asset tags, Holograms, security tags, barcode badges etc.

See also: Free, barcode, maker, software, generate, various, tag, sticker, graphics, object, utility, permit, user, create, different, industry, standard, image, label, Mac, apple, application, print, bulk, ribbon, ticket, color, size, design, style, dimension

Buy Free Barcode Maker for Mac (only $29.00)Download Free Barcode Maker for Mac (Size: 2037 KB)

Barcode for Manufacturing Industries

Company software developers use most advance, advanced and edge-cutting technology to design barcode labeling and printing software for all size manufacturing and warehousing industries that looking for cost effective solution for product labeling and price tagging to manage various services, products and operation in actual time. Brilliant barcode software provides dynamic thumbnail view of all created labels at printing and designing time.

See also: Standard, barcode, label, generator, software, create, product, tag, linear, font, coupon, sticker, scan, print, designing, objects, text, graphics, images, line, sequential, constant, random, value, warehousing, manufacturing, industries

Buy Barcode for Manufacturing Industries (only $45.00)Download Barcode for Manufacturing Industries (Size: 5058 KB)

Print Barcode

Excellent barcode label maker software efficiently produces impressive, eye-catching, versatile barcode tickets, ribbons for major business usage. Professional print barcode software makes barcode images using various graphics objects such as lines, text, pictures, ellipse, rectangle and many more. Powerful barcode tag generator application lets users to produce own style, noticeable barcode labels, stickers with innovative barcode settings.

See also: Barcode, print, software, create, attractive, label, sticker, different, color, style, dimension, design, font, size, standard, graphic, object, professional, application, business, utility, generate, tag, image, sequential, random, constant, series

Buy Print Barcode (only $69.00)Download Print Barcode (Size: 5140 KB)

Recover Deleted Message

SIM card data recovery tool is used by many reputed forensic Science laboratories and investigation agencies for forensics and evidences investigations. SIM card SMS recovery tool provides details of sim card like service provider name, IMSI or card identification number and other similar information. SIM card data recovery utility allows user to recover inbox outbox text messages with date and sending time.

See also: SIM, card, data, recovery, tool, software, rescue, deleted, text, message, SMS, contact, number, name, network, service, provider, memory, IMSI, restore, salvage, phone, book, support, inbox, outbox, sending, time, report, forensic, phoenix, standard

Buy Recover Deleted Message (only $69.00)Download Recover Deleted Message (Size: 985 KB)

ID Card Printing Software

Company announced advance ID card builder software that helps in designing and printing attractive photo ID cards incorporate with logos, snaps, name, id or other useful user define data in simplified manners. Cost effective advanced ID software allowed user to builds own style and shape business cards and visiting cards for office purposes. Brilliant business card maker utility generates simple or complex product labels in few mouse clicks.

See also: Business, photo, card, software, generate, printing, professional, standard, customized, visiting, tag, coupon, logo, sticker, image, label, text, pencil, constant, random, sequential, value, designing, object, linear, barcode, font

Buy ID Card Printing Software (only $45.00)Download ID Card Printing Software (Size: 5416 KB)

Mac Barcode Scanner Software

Freeware mac barcode ribbon building application enables user to generate attractive and flexile labels with the help of random and sequential barcode series in effective ways. Reliable mac barcode scanner software is easy solution to build high quality assets tags with flexile page and font setting options. Affordable mac barcode image maker software supports variety of barcode font standards including Codabar, Code 39, MaxiCode, Postnet etc.

See also: Mac, barcode, management, software, create, industry, standard, label, circle, line, rectangle, tag, design, program, import, ribbon, word, excel, paint, sticker, producer, tool, make, customize, business, specific, high, resolution, versatile, image

Buy Mac Barcode Scanner Software (only $29.00)Download Mac Barcode Scanner Software (Size: 2037 KB)

Warehouse Industry Barcode Fonts

Download Warehouse Barcode Fonts Software and make eye catching product and inventory tags as per your choice and business requirements without any extra efforts. Innovative industrial barcode tag builder utility provides most cost effective solution to craft classy labels for tracking business assets and product to maintain up-to-date record in actual time. Software easily designs and prints barcodes simultaneously by advance print settings.

See also: Professional, software, create, generate, customized, coupon, printable, barcode, scanable, manufacturing, product, assets, track, labels, record, security, tags, stickers, linear, fonts, text, line, image, standard, warehouse, industrial

Buy Warehouse Industry Barcode Fonts (only $45.00)Download Warehouse Industry Barcode Fonts (Size: 5058 KB)

Free Barcode Software for MAC OS X

Mac apple barcode maker utility generates large amount of barcode labels that easily scan and print by all latest barcode scanners, printers available in market. Free barcode software for Mac operating system X produces printable barcode images using sequential, random and constant value series generation methodologies. Mac barcode scanner tool designs customized barcode images, stickers, rolls, tickets, postal tags etc for fulfilling commercial requirements.

See also: Free, barcode, utility, design, business, standard, sticker, ribbon, label, maker, application, permit, user, generate, tag, coupon, different, color, style, shape, size, dimension, font, Mac OS X, software, create, bulk, image, graphics, object

Buy Free Barcode Software for MAC OS X (only $29.00)Download Free Barcode Software for MAC OS X (Size: 2037 KB) File Encrypter 6.00 File Encrypter protects files of any file type with a personal password. To encrypt a file you just have to add it to your file list and click on 'Encrypt Now'. To decrypt it, you can select files the same way and click on 'Decrypt Now'. 11 symmetrical and asymmetrical encryption methods are available, and all of them can be combined with each other. Protect your private data - use File Encrypter to secure your privacy!

See also: encrypt, decrypt, encryption, decryption, encrypting, decrypting, secure, securely, save, protect, protection, private, privacy, file, files, Caesar-3, Caesar-9, XOR, Password, AES, Advanced, Encryption, Standard, HEX

Buy File Encrypter 6.00 (only $19.99)Download File Encrypter 6.00 (Size: 476 KB)

Barcode for Packaging Supply Industry

Proficient packaging supply industry barcode tag builder for designed dazzling barcode labels in such a way that these can easy readable and scan able by any ordinary or advance barcode scanner in actual time to maintaining up-to-date details of products and services. Barcode label maker software used to print enormous barcode stickers at same time. Reliable packaging barcode creator tool allowed user to instantly make barcode directly on PC.

See also: Packaging, industry, barcode, tag, generator, software, tool, create, product, printable, image, standard, label, scanable, professional, coupon, graphic, sticker, linear, font, line, pencil, text, designing, objects, distribution, supply

Buy Barcode for Packaging Supply Industry (only $38.00)Download Barcode for Packaging Supply Industry (Size: 5048 KB)

ID card Software

Click on company website and download ID card Software that provides easy and simple steps to make wonderful ID cards by any type of user without hiring any tech help. ID card maker utility creates cards in rectangle, rounded rectangle and ellipse shape and get them printed by flexile print feature. ID card maker tool designed ID cards for professional and business users.

See also: card, tool, create, logo, line, text, rectangle, triangle, size, shape, application, design, standard, colorful, badges, tags, labels, windows, business, utility, print, stickers, coupons, linear, pencil, computer, system, industry

Buy ID card Software (only $49.00)Download ID card Software (Size: 10752 KB)

Postal Barcode Label Creator

Advanced Postal Barcode Label Creator utility has feature to make high resolution postal tags, courier stickers or account statements. Barcode label designing application has feature to make hundreds of colorful barcode tags, stickers, ribbons or coupons in an affordable cost. Highly tech barcode designing tool facilitates user to generate high resolution linear, random or sequential barcode fonts on business cards, product stickers.

See also: Postal, Barcode, software, generate, image, tags, labels, color, dimension, design, font, patterns, standard, graphic, object, professional, application, Windows, print, make, inventory, sticker, ribbons, sequential, random, constant, bank, tool

Buy Postal Barcode Label Creator (only $45.00)Download Postal Barcode Label Creator (Size: 5058 KB)

BlackBerry SMS messaging

Effective BlackBerry SMS messaging application from company website fulfills your desired mobile marketing needs for transmitting group SMS at feasible cost. BlackBerry text dispatching tool delivers alerts messages for business events/meetings from desktop using BlackBerry mobile.

See also: Multiple SMS sender application, BlackBerry SMS messaging software, deliver standard messages, BlackBerry text dispatching tool, text sender program for BlackBerry, transmit group notifications, message dispatching utility

Buy BlackBerry SMS messaging (only $45.00)Download BlackBerry SMS messaging (Size: 3112 KB)

Databar UPCE Barcode Generator

Professional Databar UPCE Barcode Generator facilitates user to design barcode stickers using random, sequential and constant value series and copy/paste generated barcode tags in user specified location including MS word, MS excel and MS paint. is famous Software Development Company which provides facility to design different size and shape barcode coupons for manufacturing industries, Health care sector, banking sectors etc.

See also: Databar, UPCE, Barcode, Generator, application, create, color, coupon, stickers, font, identify, product, composite, component, standard, encode, number, feature, printer, scanner, application, retail, manufacture, industry, design, ribbon, graphics

Buy Databar UPCE Barcode Generator (only $69.00)Download Databar UPCE Barcode Generator (Size: 5140 KB)

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