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EditPlus 3.51

EditPlus is a text editor, HTML editor, PHP editor and Java editor for Windows. While it can serve as a good Notepad replacement, it also offers many powerful features for Web page authors and programmers. Syntax highlighting for HTML, PHP, Java, C/C++, CSS, ASP, Perl, JavaScript, VBScript, Python and Ruby on Rails. Seamless Web browser for previewing HTML pages, and FTP commands for uploading local files to FTP server. EditPlus is the most popular notepad download.

See also: text editor, html editor, php editor, java editor, python editor, ruby editor, notepad, hex viewer, syntax highlighting, sftp, ftp, perl, css, asp, javascript, vbscript, programming

Buy EditPlus 3.51 (only $35.00)Download EditPlus 3.51 (Size: 1964 KB)

BatteryMon 2.0 1006

An easy to use Windows program that allows the monitoring of laptop computer batteries and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Graphically see the battery charge / discharge rate, diagnose problem battery cells, compare your batteries performance with expected discharge rates and see the status of each individual battery pack (when multiple batteries are in use). More than 20 statistics are provided including voltage, chemistry and capacity. BatteryMon is the second most popular notepad download.

See also: laptop, battery, UPS, monitor, charge, computer, power, utility, voltage, portable, notepad, test, ACPI

Buy BatteryMon 2.0 1006 (only $24.00)Download BatteryMon 2.0 1006 (Size: 913 KB)

InternetNotePad! 1.5

InternetNotePad! is just like the notepad program issued with Windows machines, but allows you to work over the Internet. InternetNotePad! is the third most popular notepad download.

See also: notepad, editor, web page editor, html, internetnotepad

Buy InternetNotePad! 1.5 (only $18.00)Download InternetNotePad! 1.5 (Size: 536 KB)

Desktop Notepad 1.2.4

Desktop Notepad is a tool which displays the text on your desktop wallpaper. It is user-friendly but feature-rich tool. Now you can write down reminders or work plans and you will see them on the screen. Desktop Notepad can be used to streamline your note-taking. Move your mouse over Desktop Notepad text and the tool will 'wake up' and display its transparent and resizable window.

See also: desktop, notepad, write, screen, note

Buy Desktop Notepad 1.2.4 (only $14.95)Download Desktop Notepad 1.2.4 (Size: 669 KB)

Desktop-3D Notes 3.0.3

Desktop-3D Notes (D3D) is a PC Sticky Notes software that is fully and individually customizable. You can send notes across the internet to all your friends. Change colors and fonts within each Note. You can also print your Notes. D3D is so fun and addicting!

See also: Post-It Notes, Sticky Notes, PC Notes, Notepad, PIM, Personal, Information, Manager, Notes, Alarm Clock, Reminder, Cool, Desktop, Desktop Utility

Buy Desktop-3D Notes 3.0.3 (only $29.95)Download Desktop-3D Notes 3.0.3 (Size: 3300 KB)

EditPad Pro BR 5.4.5

EditPad Pro is a powerful yet easy to use syntax coloring text and hexadecimal editor with a convenient tabbed interface, and all the features a solid text editor needs without any bloat. Open as many files at a time as you want, with no arbitrary file size limit. Open and save Unix and Mac files. Search and replace across all open files. Unlimited undo and redo. Powerful print preview. Compare files (diff) to visualize changes. Spell checker.

See also: EditPad, EditPad Pro, notepad, wordpad, text editor, jgsoft, just great software, editor, html, web, editpro, editplus, edithex, hex editor, hexadecimal, spell, syntax, coloring, highlighting, email

Buy EditPad Pro BR 5.4.5 (only $39.95)Download EditPad Pro BR 5.4.5 (Size: 2534 KB)

EmEditor Professional (Windows 98/Me) 4.13

With EmEditor Professional, a text editor for Windows, you can create functionally-rich macros using JavaScript or VBScript, allowing you to define most operations. Not only can you define a macro which records keystrokes that you use and reference repeatedly, but you can also write your own macros which can manipulate other applications, Windows files, or network functionalities. Designed for Windows XP.

See also: text editor, text editors, text editing, editor, html editor, download, windows, notepad, unicode, unicode editor, text editor, programming, javascript, vbscript, html, asp, php, jsp, java, tex, xml, UTF-8, utf8

Buy EmEditor Professional (Windows 98/Me) 4.13 (only $39.99)Download EmEditor Professional (Windows 98/Me) 4.13 (Size: 1614 KB)

EmEditor Professional 6.00.2

EmEditor Professional, a text editor for Windows, supports JavaScript or VBScript macros, Unicode, plug-ins, syntax highlighting (including embedded scripts in HTML, ASP, and PHP files), drag-and-drop, and menu and keyboard customizations. This release supports not only JavaScript and VBScript for the text editing macros, but also PerlScript, PHPScript, Python, Ruby, and other languages as long as script engines you want to use are installed.

See also: text editor, text editors, text editing, editor, html editor, download, windows, notepad, free editor, unicode, unicode editor, text editor free, programming, javascript, vbscript, html, asp, php, jsp, java, tex, xml, UTF-8, utf8

Buy EmEditor Professional 6.00.2 (only $39.99)Download EmEditor Professional 6.00.2 (Size: 2273 KB)

e 1.02

The e text editor is a fast & elegant notepad replacement for Windows. It offers advanced features such as tabbed editing and fast incremental search, as well as some unique features like a powerful visual undo. In most text editors, undoing more than a few steps back is cumbersome. The powerful visual undo history in e makes backtracking fast and effortless. You can even resume editing and still retain the old branch.

See also: texteditor, text editor, notepad replacement, visual undo, tabbed editing

Buy e 1.02 (only $18.00)Download e 1.02 (Size: 1306 KB)

GridinSoft Notepad

For purposes such as software development, GridinSoft Notepad has a code templates, scripting engine, search commands with regular expressions. Sets of files in a directory tree can be searched, and text can be replaced in all open documents at once. The output of user defined tools can optionally be captured in the built-in Console Window. This editor has a many other nice features for beginners and professional programmers!

See also: script, java, sql, perl, asp, php, html, web, notepad, editor

Buy GridinSoft Notepad (only $35.00)Download GridinSoft Notepad (Size: 1882 KB)


Ever wonder why such a wimpy text editor shipped with Windows? Why Notepad has no features? How do you spell check a text document? How do you open more than 1 text file at a time? How do you open large text files? Well, wonder no more and download NoteMagic, integrated text management for Windows with more features than some word processors.

See also: evaluate, Windows, notepad, html, file, check, spell, editor, text, magic, note

Buy NoteMagic (only $19.95)Download NoteMagic (Size: 7558 KB)

AddSnippet 1.0

AddSnippet helps you to collect the necessary information easily not distracting the attention from your main business. Simple and convenient, invisible when you do not need it AddSnippet will become your irreplaceable assistant in the information world. AddSnippet is very simple in use: from any application window supporting ?drag and drop? function drag a text into the floating window of Addsnippet.

See also: text snippet, collecting information, text processing, clipboard, notepad, outlook, AddSnippet

Buy AddSnippet 1.0 (only $14.50)Download AddSnippet 1.0 (Size: 711 KB)

eLinx 1.0.6

eLinx provides you with single key click access to all references contained in its database(s). Every time you enter a character on your keyboard it filters the contents of the database to fewer and fewer items until you find what you are looking for. Then it provides all the execution capability that you need whether you are executing a program, viewing the contents of a document or viewing headline news items from the internet.

See also: multi, tab, browser, headline, viewer, file, scanner, multimedia, encrypted, notepad, word, processor, backup/restore, archive, manager, desktop, search

Buy eLinx 1.0.6 (only $29.95)Download eLinx 1.0.6 (Size: 5847 KB)

Info Angel Professional 3.2

Info Angel Professional is a personal organizer and reliable partner for those who value their information and time. This personal manager will help you create documents with its text editor similar to Microsoft Word, store contact information about your friends and colleagues, work in the Internet with its built-in browser and plan your time.

See also: Info Angel, pim, personal information manager, personal organizer, info, notepad, address book, bookmark manager

Buy Info Angel Professional 3.2 (only $39.95)Download Info Angel Professional 3.2 (Size: 3869 KB)

Twistpad 1.00

Twistpad is a fully featured Text Editor for Windows. Twistpad can be used as a simple notepad replacer, or an featured packed editor targeting web and software developers. Features include Easy to design syntax highlighting, find and replace in files, outline blocks of text and many more features.

See also: IDE, web editor, programmer's editor, notepad, Text editor

Buy Twistpad 1.00 (only $19.95)Download Twistpad 1.00 (Size: 1750 KB)

Article Notepad 1.0

Article Notepad is a very useful piece of software which allows you to create, edit, and save your internet articles in one place allowing you easier organisation of your articles. No longer do you need to keep your articles in txt or doc files scattered thoughout your hardrive.

See also: Article Notepad, Article Editor, Editor, Notepad, Article Software, Article Tool, Article Utility, Tool, Utility

Buy Article Notepad 1.0 (only $15.00)Download Article Notepad 1.0 (Size: 556 KB)

Info Angel 4.0

Info Angel is a personal information manager (PIM) that combines a notebook, an address book, an organizer and a bookmark manager into a single interface. You can manage your daily notes, create a database of personal and professional contacts, organize your time, store bookmarks and much more.

See also: Info Angel, pim, personal information manager, personal organizer, info, notepad, address book, bookmark manager

Buy Info Angel 4.0 (only $29.95)Download Info Angel 4.0 (Size: 3813 KB)

DzSoft WebPad 2.1

DzSoft WebPad is an extensible HTML editor with PHP and ASP syntax highlighting. Features one-click preview in built-in browser, HTML Tidy tool from the World Wide Web Consortium to format and cleanup your HTML code and much more. You can add virtually any feature to DzSoft WebPad with the power of conventional HTML and JavaScript.

See also: asp, php, w3c, tidy, html, palette, component, highlighting, syntax, preview, dzsoft, webpad, notepad, editor, html

Buy DzSoft WebPad 2.1 (only $19.00)Download DzSoft WebPad 2.1 (Size: 1201 KB)

GreetSoft Desktop Notepad 2.0.3

Desktop Notepad is a program with which you can write directly on a desktop. Now you can add any text to your desktop wallpaper. You can place here any notes or instructions, jokes or messages. It is not a standard notepad. This is absolutely new text editor for work and home needs. Only in Desktop Notepad your text can flash on desktop, it can be transparent, and can be colored in any color.

See also: desktop, notepad, write, screen, note, greetsoft

Buy GreetSoft Desktop Notepad 2.0.3 (only $14.95)Download GreetSoft Desktop Notepad 2.0.3 (Size: 675 KB)

Speaking Notepad 3.5

Hello! I'm Speaking Notepad! I am useful and handy analog of Microsoft Notepad. I will read your DOC, HTML, RTF and TXT documents with different voices! With my help you'll solve a lot of your problems at home or in the office. Give rest to your eyes. I can also read texts with various speeds and pitches, read clipboard content, read to MP3 or WAV sound file and even read every word your are typing. I'm sure, we'll become friends!

See also: text to voice, text to voice converter, text to speech, text-to-speech engine, notepad replacement, speaking notepad, natural reader speech text voice synthesis, voice changer software, computer voice software

Buy Speaking Notepad 3.5 (only $14.95)Download Speaking Notepad 3.5 (Size: 3374 KB)

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