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AutoImager 3.05

Powerful and full-featured batch image editing, processing, and conversion software. Over 140 image formats and 80+ editing and processing operations are provided. The software's interface is very intuitive and can be utilized quickly and efficiently by computer users of any experience level. All operations have numerous options that can be optionally set for maximum control, and extensive command-line support is present for advanced purposes. AutoImager is the most popular pcd to pdf download.

See also: WPG, WMF, WBMP, XWD, XPM, XBM, SVG, SUN, SMP, SHP, SCT, RAS, PTOCA, PTK, PPM, PNM, PLT, PGM, PCT, PCL, PCD, PBM, MSP, MDA, MAC, LBM, JTF, JIF, J2K, ITG, IMG, IFF, ICA, GEM, GBR, FPX, FAX, EXIF, EPS, EMF, DXF, DWG, DWF, DRW, DIB, DGN, CUT, CUR, CMX, CMP, CLP, CGM, CAL, MODCA, JBIG, PCX, Hole Punch, WFX, TGA, SGI, PSD, PSP, PNG, IOCA, AFP, ICO, AWD, GIF, BMP, JPG, JPEG, TIFF, PDF, process, convert, editing, photo, conversion, edit, graphic, photos, image, graphics, batch, editor, converter, processor, Trim, Crop, Flip, Mirror, Resample, Resize, Rotate, Contrast, Border, Remove, Brightness, Buttonize, Dot, Gamma, Grayscale, HolePunch, Hue, Invert, Line, Saturation, Sharpen, Smooth, Blur, Resolution, Deskew, multi-page, images

Buy AutoImager 3.05 (only $60.00)Download AutoImager 3.05 (Size: 18350 KB)


Convert images (Format Bitmap, JPeg , Tiff, Gif ,PCX, PCD , EMF und WMF ) to PDFOne or more images to one pdf document Batch processing Encryption Adobe Standart ( encryption properties , permission ...) BLS IMAGE TO PDF is the second most popular pcd to pdf download.

See also: converter, image, pdf, batch, bitmap, tiff, gif, pcd, emf, wmf

Buy BLS IMAGE TO PDF 1.0 (only $29.00)Download BLS IMAGE TO PDF 1.0 (Size: 1657 KB)

WinGraphic 2.2.3

WinGraphic is an all in one image editor, animation editor, batch converter, montage maker and thumbnailer. WinGraphic can apply 44 effects and transformations to your images, load 86 image formats, save 63 image formats and save 22 animation/multi-page image formats. Using the animation editor is ideal for editing your multi-page TIFFs, PDFs and GIFs. WinGraphic also has the ability to acquire, copy, paste and print your images. WinGraphic is the third most popular pcd to pdf download.

See also: image editor, animation editor, image converter, animation disassembly, montage, append image, thumbnail, gif, jpg, bmp, tif, pcd, pdf

Buy WinGraphic 2.2.3 (only $29.95)Download WinGraphic 2.2.3 (Size: 3866 KB)

ST Thumbnails Explorer 1.2.2190

Fastest Thumbnails Viewer with explorer-like interface. It allows you to browse the thumbnails of files Adobe Illustrator v.7-12 (AI, AIT, EPS), CorelDRAW v.4-12 (CDR, CMX, CCX, CDT, PAT, CLK,CPT,CMV,DES,CSL), Macromedia FreeHand v.7-11 (FH7-11, FT8-11), CorelXARA/Xara X (XAR, ART, WEB) and others (MDI, WMF, EMF, PDF, PS, JP2, TIF, GIF, PSD, WCN etc). Animation and multipage support. Shows version, type, keywords, notes, size and other file info.

See also: cur, ico, bmf, pcd, dcx, pcx, pdd, ras, doc, png, bmp, tpl, jp2, avi, tif, jpg, wmf, emf, wcn, psd, web, art, xar, prn, epsi, epsf, epi, eps, pdf, mdi, cmv, cpt, clk, ccx, cmx, cdr, vector, viewer, explorer, photopaint, macromedia, adobe, thumbnail, freehand, Illustrator, coredraw

Buy ST Thumbnails Explorer 1.2.2190 (only $29.95)Download ST Thumbnails Explorer 1.2.2190 (Size: 2164 KB)

PDF Converter Pro 5.2

Quickly convert 100 file formats to pdf including searchable Word(doc) to PDF, Excel(xls) to PDF,PowerPoint(ppt) to PDF, TXT to PDF, PSD to PDF , DWF to PDF, EMF to PDF , TIF to PDF , PNG to PDF , GIF to PDF , PCD to PDF , PSP to PDF , EPS to PDF , TGA to PDF , BMP to PDF , ICO to PDF,DWG to PDF, DXF to PDF, CMW to PDF, IMG to PDF,PTK to PDF, PCD to PDF, JBG to PDF and many more. PDF Converter Pro Converter makes file conversion to PDF.

See also: doc to PDF, xls to PDF, ppt to PDF, TXT to PDF, PSD to PDF, DWF to PDF, EMF to PDF, TIF to PDF, PNG to PDF, GIF to PDF, PCD to PDF, PSP to PDF, EPS to PDF, TGA to PDF, BMP to PDF, ICO to PDF, DWG to PDF, DXF to PDF,

Buy PDF Converter Pro 5.2 (only $29.95)Download PDF Converter Pro 5.2 (Size: 7895 KB)

PDF Converter Pro 5.4

Quickly convert 100 file formats to pdf including searchable Word(doc) to PDF, Excel(xls) to PDF,PowerPoint(ppt) to PDF, TXT to PDF, PSD to PDF , DWF to PDF, EMF to PDF , TIF to PDF , PNG to PDF , GIF to PDF , PCD to PDF , PSP to PDF , EPS to PDF , TGA to PDF , BMP to PDF , ICO to PDF,DWG to PDF, DXF to PDF, CMW to PDF, IMG to PDF,PTK to PDF, PCD to PDF, JBG to PDF and many more. PDF Converter Pro Converter makes file conversion to PDF.

See also: doc to PDF, xls to PDF, ppt to PDF, TXT to PDF, PSD to PDF, DWF to PDF, EMF to PDF, TIF to PDF, PNG to PDF, GIF to PDF, PCD to PDF, PSP to PDF, EPS to PDF, TGA to PDF, BMP to PDF, ICO to PDF, DWG to PDF, DXF to PDF,

Buy PDF Converter Pro 5.4 (only $29.95)Download PDF Converter Pro 5.4 (Size: 8034 KB)

Image to PDF Creator

Image to PDF Creator software provide options to set page size, pages margin and images sizes according to your requirement and this application will directly converting them into a single multipage or individual PDFs documents. JPEGs to Adobe transform free download utility supports fast exchange of numerous batches of image document into Adobes consist of entire graphics, text and resolution without any misrepresentation in original formats.

See also: creator, program, tool, GIF, PIC, TGA, DCX, BMP, image, conversion, JPG, TIFF, files, PCX, PCD, PSD, utility, software, PDF, JPEG, EPS, WMF, convert, PDFs, picture, PNG, photos, Image2PDF, snapshots, EMF, converter, application, create, converting

Buy Image to PDF Creator (only $19.85)Download Image to PDF Creator (Size: 1122 KB)

Snapshot to PDF

Snapshot to PDF software is several images like TIFF, PNG, GIF, JPEG, JPG, and BMP into converting PDF document pages. BMP2PDF is conversion photos, pictures, snapshots, screenshot, photographs, snaps, stills, shots into PDF files. Image to PDF Software product which is converting PDF documents pages into multiple picture snapshot formats. GIF image to PDF Conversion is single tool conversion multiframe, multipage TIFF into PDF pages.

See also: convert, picture, PDF, converter, photos, image, images, snapshots, files, conversion, software, converting, TIFF, PNG, GIF, JPEG, JPG, BMP, EPS, WMF, PCX, PCD, PSD, EMF, PIC, TGA, DCX, Image2PDF, creator, program, tool, utility, application, create

Buy Snapshot to PDF (only $19.85)Download Snapshot to PDF (Size: 512 KB)

PDF Splitter 1.01

Easily split your PDF file by pages. This new, handy program helps you solve the problem of splitting different pages of one multi-page PDF file. PDFSplitter is easy-to-use and has a transparent interface. Just set it up and go!

See also: PDF, divide, split, page, utility, software

Buy PDF Splitter 1.01 (only $39.90)Download PDF Splitter 1.01 (Size: 1736 KB)

Advanced PDF to TEXT converter 1.9.1

PDF to TEXT converter effortlessly extract text information from your PDF files, preserving the original multi-column page layout. You can take advantage of the batch conversion utility to process several PDF files at once. The PDF to TEXT converter is a must have tool for document authors creating a lot of editable text based on existing PDF documents and citing other writings presented as PDF documents.

See also: pdf, convert, converter, text, txt, citation, edit

Buy Advanced PDF to TEXT converter 1.9.1 (only $39.95)Download Advanced PDF to TEXT converter 1.9.1 (Size: 1003 KB)

PageFocus Draw 3.54

An easy-to-use, yet powerful drawing, and desktop publishing program. Supports multiple page document, speller, vector drawing, import and export of image files, multi-column and curved text, and tables. Works with open source Ghostscript for importing and exporting PDF files. Great for creating brochures, e-book, graphics, charts and patterns. Supports double-byte (multi-language), right-to-left text, and English/Spanish spell-checking.

See also: Draw, Drawing, Vector, PageFocus, Graphics, Line, Curved Text, Art, Table, Multi-Language, Double-Byte, Right-to-left Text, PDF Generation, PDF Import, English and Spanish Language spell-checking

Buy PageFocus Draw 3.54 (only $35.00)Download PageFocus Draw 3.54 (Size: 3696 KB)

PageFocus Pro 6.54

A versatile application for creating drawing, form, document, hypertext, and form-based database applications. It provides a set of runtime commands for developing form database applications. The system includes multi-language spell check, image and PDF import/export. The runtime program includes a build-in database engine for database management. The package supports double-byte languages, including vertical text entry.

See also: Form, Database, Desktop Publishing, Application Development, multi-language, PDF

Buy PageFocus Pro 6.54 (only $69.00)Download PageFocus Pro 6.54 (Size: 6773 KB)

AnyCount 3

AnyCount produces automatic word counts, character counts, line counts, and page counts using characters with spaces, characters without spaces, lines, pages, custom units for all common file formats. Supported file formats: .DOC, .RTF, .XLS, .PPT, .PPS, .HTM, .CSV, .PDF, .TXT, .ZIP. Supported volume units: words, characters with spaces, characters without spaces, lines, pages, custom count units.

See also: Word Count, Character Count, Line Count, Page Count, Count, Software, wordcount, number, Microsoft, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, XLS, DOC, RTF, TXT, PPT, CSV, HTML, HTM, words, lines, characters, pages, calculate, stats, statistics, accounting

Buy AnyCount 3 (only $37.00)Download AnyCount 3 (Size: 1774 KB)

SunRav BookOffice 3.0

Your school, college or university can too drastically cut costs and become more environmentally friendly by offering students electronic textbooks, manuals and syllabi in HTML, CHM, PDF, EXE, XML or custom formats. These e-textbooks can be made available for download or handed out on floppies, CDs or DVDs. Plus, you'll be able to use multimedia files - sounds, music and video. Find out how with this free trial version of SunRav BookOffice.

See also: e-Textbook, eBook, e-Book, EXE book, EXE-book, manual, syllabi, electronic textbook, HTML book, CHM book, PDF book

Buy SunRav BookOffice 3.0 (only $39.00)Download SunRav BookOffice 3.0 (Size: 5126 KB)

eDock Server 2.1

eDock Server is a secure document server that provides fast and convenient access to your documents from anywhere. Revolutionize the way you publish, share and distribute your documents online. Access eDock Server using a standard web browser from your local network or from anywhere on the Internet. Gain full-text search capabilities, image thumbnail generation, HTML previews and easy user management.

See also: 602Pro, secure, document, storage, electronic, sql, system, doc, xls, pdf, thumbnail, metadata, 602software, DES, edock, server, portal, management, sharepoint, share, content, file, sharing, Intranet, Internet, fulltext, full-text, search, knowledge, record, online, retrieval

Buy eDock Server 2.1 (only $199.95)Download eDock Server 2.1 (Size: 25455 KB)

PDFViewer OCX 2.0

PDFViewer OCX is an ActiveX component which enables your application to display and interact with PDF files. Simply place the control on your form, set the Path property, and you are all set! PDFViewer OCX is identical to Adobe Acrobats PDF Reader program.

See also: component, OLE, COM, OCX, DLL, Visual Basic, PDF, Acrobat, Adobe, ActiveX

Buy PDFViewer OCX 2.0 (only $299.95)Download PDFViewer OCX 2.0 (Size: 1660 KB)

DWG to PDF Converter 3.15

AutoDWG DWG to PDF Converter let you batch convert DWG TO PDF, DXF TO PDF without need of AutoCAD.Supports AutoCAD 2007. Features includes: 1. Create a single merged PDF file from several DWG files or create an individual PDF file for each DWG file selected; 2. Both model space and paper space supported; 3. Batch mode supported; 4. Multiple choice of output paper size; 5. Doesn't need of AutoCAD

See also: DWG to PDF, DXF to PDF, DWG2PDF, AutoCAD, Converter

Buy DWG to PDF Converter 3.15 (only $99.00)Download DWG to PDF Converter 3.15 (Size: 3797 KB)

zsCompare Standard Edition 3.03

The Standard Edition contains all of the features in the Lite edition plus it adds several additional features. It includes support for creating and comparing snapshots as well as support for changing attributes, timestamps, and file names directly from the results. It also has more powerful text comparison options, and the ability to directly edit the text of a file from the results. You can also view results in a binary mode.

See also: compare, synchronize, file, folder, text, word document, pdf, backup, zip, jar, comparison, sync, synchronization, crc, diff, match, file size, file date, file timestamp, Zizasoft, zsCompare, directory, patch files, snapshots, binary

Buy zsCompare Standard Edition 3.03 (only $99.95)Download zsCompare Standard Edition 3.03 (Size: 9409 KB)

Able Batch Converter

Able Batch Converter allows you to easily convert multiple graphics files at the click of a button. More than that, you can also edit images directly in Able Batch Converter, to produce a variety of effects (rotate, flip, resize, mirror, auto crop, filters, noise remove, deskewing, watermarks, margins, color enhancements). Able Batch Converter can take any number of images in any format (over 90 file formats supported) and convert them.

See also: convert, jpg, png, bmp, tif, pcx, gif, dib, rle, tga, emf, wmf, pdf, eps, pxm, raw, psd

Buy Able Batch Converter (only $27.00)Download Able Batch Converter (Size: 1547 KB)

GetPDF Terminal Server 2.21

GetPDF TSE allows your terminal users to create PDF files from any printable document. It installs a virtual printer named GetPDF, which is accessible for all terminal users. All they have to do is to click Print from their application to create PDF files. GetPDF TSE is a feature-rich PDF creator of industrial strength, which give business the means to effectively deliver existing business documents to partners, customers and employees.

See also: terminal, server, getpdf, pdf, writer, converter, create, convert, printer

Buy GetPDF Terminal Server 2.21 (only $1200.00)Download GetPDF Terminal Server 2.21 (Size: 1233 KB)

Able Image Browser 1.7

Able Image Browser is a full featured image viewing solution which is fast, simple-to-use and inexpensive. Supports all common image formats: JPEG (JPG and JPE), GIF, Bitmaps (BMP, RLE and DIB), TIFF (TIF and FAX), Metafiles (WMF and EMF), Icons (ICO), PNG, PCX, TGA (TARGA, VDA, ICB, VST, PIX), PBM, PGM and PPM. Image manipulation functions including rotate, flip, crop, resize and various filters and effects.

See also: View, convert, jpg, png, bmp, tif, pcx, gif, dib, rle, tga, emf, wmf, pdf, eps, pxm, raw, psd

Buy Able Image Browser 1.7 (only $9.95)Download Able Image Browser 1.7 (Size: 2300 KB)

Adolix PDF Converter PRO 3.2

Adolix PDF Converter PRO is a pdf writer software that will help you create PDF files from virtualy any application. The ideea is very simple: open the file you want to convert to pdf, click print and select the PDF Converter printer. This set of actions will open the main PDF Converter PRO windows and you will be able to manage you PDF file.

See also: pdf writer, pdf converter software, adolix pdf converter, pdf writer utilty

Buy Adolix PDF Converter PRO 3.2 (only $49.95)Download Adolix PDF Converter PRO 3.2 (Size: 5864 KB)

Lizard Safeguard PDF Security 2.6

PDF document security software with US Government strength encryption and DRM digital rights management controls. Control who can view your PDF documents and how they are used. Prevent copying, sharing, modifying, and screen grabbing. Control the number of views and prints or disallow printing altogether. Control when documents expire (if at all) and instantly revoke them. No passwords for users to enter, manage, forget or pass on to others.

See also: Pdf security, pdf document security, pdf security software, pdf drm, pdf password, pdf secure, pdf secured, pdf protection, pdf protected, pdf file security, pdf protect, pdf password print, pdf password security, pdf digital rights management

Buy Lizard Safeguard PDF Security 2.6 (only $2495.00)Download Lizard Safeguard PDF Security 2.6 (Size: 5329 KB)

Advanced TIFF Editor 2.9

FAX, TIF, PDF, EPS, PS, AI, DCX viewer, editor and converter, offers you a full solution for viewing, editing, printing, saving, converting. Advanced TIFF Editor can convert one- and multipage files to standard TIFF/FAX format, jpeg, png, bmp, pcx, gif, dib, rle, tga, pdf, ps, eps and more. TIFF Editor can edit loaded images - extract, move, insert, delete, rotate, flip, invert pages, remove noise, deskewing image, color adjust, add margins.

See also: fax, tif, tiff, view, edit, print, save, convert, draw, jpg, png, bmp, pcx, gif, dib, rle, tga, pdf, eps

Buy Advanced TIFF Editor 2.9 (only $39.95)Download Advanced TIFF Editor 2.9 (Size: 5967 KB)

All-Round Invoice 2.01.03

All-Round Invoice is a reliable and easy to use utility for your company. But it's much more than an invoicing system, it's a complete system for managing your company billing, stock, customers. Make quotes recurring invoices as well as making statistics. Use the built-in PDF maker and direct email function to quickly make and email you invoices to the customer. furthermore you can use the direct email function for your marketing campaigns.

See also: Invoicing, billing, inventory management, customer management, recurring invoicing, PDF maker, direct mail, customizable invoice design, built-in statistics, data import/export, backup feature, quote, automatic quote to invoice, user friendly

Buy All-Round Invoice 2.01.03 (only $49.95)Download All-Round Invoice 2.01.03 (Size: 8876 KB)

PDF Splitter 1.1

PDF Split is a most powerful tool to split multi-page PDF files in all possible ways. Unlike other programs PDF Split can split PDF files by bookmarks or by blank pages (you may select the depth of bookmarks and the number of blank pages in a row). Split PDF is very flexible. If you want to extract certain pages from a PDF files it will do that in minutes. Split PDF can also be run via command line. Try the free demo version now.

See also: split pdf, splitting pdf, pdf, adobe

Buy PDF Splitter 1.1 (only $59.90)Download PDF Splitter 1.1 (Size: 3498 KB)

Picture to PDF Converter

Picture to PDF converter free download software converts combine image to PDF, photos to PDF, scan to PDF and graphics to PDF. Image2PDF conversion utility converting JPG to PDF, GIF to PDF, BMP to PDF and TIF to PDF files. TIFF to PDF convertor application software create add insert join import turn snapshot to PDF. Image 2 PDF creator utilities change image size, page size and page margin and merge JPEG to PDF, JPE to PDF and JFIF to PDF creation.

See also: picture, images, PDF, converter, software, convert, tool, join, combine, insert, import, turn, add, merge, transform, graphics, scan, faxes, photo, files, acrobat, conversion, converting, Image2PDF, creator, free, download, utility, create, PDFs

Buy Picture to PDF Converter (only $19.90)Download Picture to PDF Converter (Size: 1266 KB)

PDF Joiner Software

PDF joiner software joins multiple Adobe documents into one document. Portable PDF joining utility has several options to combine join merge concatenate batch Acrobat files. Join PDF pages application combining appending managing merging PDF files together and also has feature to split break divide cut large PDF into smaller PDFs. PDF splitter combiner tool delete remove extract blank or unwanted pages from several documents on a single click.

See also: PDF, Joiner, Software, Combiner, Tool, Join, Combine, Multiple, Large, Acrobat, Files, Joining, Pages, Extractor, Extract, Arrange, Append, Break, Cut, Add, Delete, Divide, Remove, Batch, Adobe, Splitter, Merger, Cutter, Split, Merge, Two, Documents

Buy PDF Joiner Software (only $14.90)Download PDF Joiner Software (Size: 1333 KB)

Combine PDF Files

Combine PDF files software has best splitting and merging technique to add or split PDF files at incredible speed. PDF software utilities add, join, extract, delete, cut, remove, append, divide, break, concatenate, build and manage make organize arrange single or multiple documents. Tool can help you to split files into tiny segments, parts or chunks and merge them back, and the split size is up to you. Its support password protected PDF files.

See also: Combine, PDF, Files, Software, Split, Merge, Add, Join, Extract, Delete, Cut, Remove, Append, Divide, Break, Concatenate, Multiple, Prefix, Suffix, Margin, Odd, Even, Tools, Free, Pages, Range, Common, Password, Protected, Adobe, Download, Documents

Buy Combine PDF Files (only $14.90)Download Combine PDF Files (Size: 3560 KB)

Advanced Batch Imager 4.8

A multipurpose software for viewing, converting, and editing images, with a robust tool set, and various effects and filters. Use Batch mode to avoid repetitive operations in processing a large number of images. The software has the convenient ability to run a slide show and capture images from the screen. It also includes handy features such as the ability to print your digital images. Supported formats: tiff, bmp, jpeg, png, psd, tga, pcx, gif etc.

See also: Batch, converter, image, graphic, resize, rotate, flip, mirror, swap, negative, grayscale, eps, wbmp, bitmap, converter, bmp, jpg, gif, png, tif, jpeg, rle, dib, pcd, rgb, ico, cel, icb, wmf, tiff, tga, pcx, scr, emf, jif, jpe, jfif, win, afi, vst

Buy Advanced Batch Imager 4.8 (only $69.95)Download Advanced Batch Imager 4.8 (Size: 4150 KB)

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