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Kybernet 2011.1

This software can open files, run programs, play sounds, open a web site and make your computer power off, reboot, stand by, hibernate or log out. You can also set a specific date and time when you want to run task. Any task running without having to manually be present at the machine. Use it to automating your work. Kybernet is the most popular play sounds download.

See also: This program can open files, run programs, play sounds, open a web site and make your computer power off, reboot, stand by, hibernate or log out. You can also set a specific date and time when you want to run task.

Buy Kybernet 2011.1 (only $14.95)Download Kybernet 2011.1 (Size: 1616 KB)

Nero 2014 15.0.02400

Nero 2014 is the ultimate standard to manage, create, convert, play and burn your movies, music, and photos for the best entertainment experience at home or on the go. Fully integrated applications throughout the suite let you achieve pro-like results. Best ripping and conversion, all-round mobile device support, full media management, superior disc and file playback and best burning makes Nero 2014 your companion for all your multimedia needs. Nero 2014 is the second most popular play sounds download.

See also: Nero, Nero 2014, ultimate, manage, create, convert, play, burn

Buy Nero 2014 15.0.02400 (only $89.99)Download Nero 2014 15.0.02400 (Size: 278807 KB)

Nero 2014 Platinum 15.0.03500

Nero 2014 Platinum. Ultimate standard to manage, create, convert, play and burn movies, music, and photos for the best entertainment experience at home or on the go. Fully integrated applications throughout the suite let you achieve pro-like results. Ultimate ripping and conversion, best video editing with Ultra HD (4K) support, superior mobile device support and best burning makes Nero 2014 Platinum your state of the art companion. Nero 2014 Platinum is the third most popular play sounds download.

See also: Nero, Nero 2014, Nero 2014 Platinum, manage, burn, create, play, burn, music, photos

Buy Nero 2014 Platinum 15.0.03500 (only $109.99)Download Nero 2014 Platinum 15.0.03500 (Size: 278807 KB)

Balloon Park 1.0

In this exciting game you will become an assistant in Balloon Park. Your objective is to connect the tubes properly to deliver some helium into the balloons, and as fast as you can. We are positive that you will be pleased by nice relaxing music, funny sound effects, the bonuses system and of course, the happy children laughter.

See also: balloon, flight, play balloon, balloon game, baloon, ballon

Buy Balloon Park 1.0 (only $14.95)Download Balloon Park 1.0 (Size: 1873 KB)

Kids Mask Print 2006 1.0.6

Kids Mask Print, is a program which is aimed at both children and parents, depending on age and skill. The program is designed to create masks which can be worn. This is done by selecting face parts and adding them to the mask. Freehand lines can also be used with color to great effect. Masks can be created in just black and white which can then be printed and colored in with felt tip by the child; or can be filled with color.

See also: kids, mask, print, felt, pen, draw, creative, flood fill, fun, play, colour, color, skills, art, artistic

Buy Kids Mask Print 2006 1.0.6 (only $22.36)Download Kids Mask Print 2006 1.0.6 (Size: 2018 KB)

Jo-Go 1.01

Jo-Go, the ultimate tactical board game. Deceptively simple yet complex enough to stimulate your visual skills for ages to come. Jo-Go supports PBEM (play-by-email) and a handicapping system so beginners can play advanced players on fair ground. Fun, stimulating, and educational, Jo-Go is perfect for visual skill development with the pattern recognition used in the moves. Try it out today!

See also: gojo, pbem game, logic game, tactical game, play by email game, chess trainer, pbem board game, jo-go, jogo, thinking game

Buy Jo-Go 1.01 (only $19.95)Download Jo-Go 1.01 (Size: 4333 KB)

Advanced Tetris for Windows Mobile 2.3

Advanced Tetris for Windows Mobile is a reworking of the classic Tetris game with some extra features and variations. It's in fact nine games in one: the original Tetris, Pentix, Colour Tetris, Kids Tetris and Kids Pentix, Advanced Tetris and Advanced Pentix, Crazy Tetris and Crazy Pentix. Add light-hearted background music, eight different block sets to play with and you certainly have an advanced version of the old favourite Tetris game.

See also: Tetris, Windows Mobile, Smartphone, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile Tetris, Tetris download, play Tetris

Buy Advanced Tetris for Windows Mobile 2.3 (only $12.95)Download Advanced Tetris for Windows Mobile 2.3 (Size: 618 KB)

MacVCD 3.2

Discover the easy way to play VCD and almost everything else with this easy to use media player for OS X. This software offers all the playback features you need and the ease of use you really want from a video player. With Video CD Format recognition, you can play VCDs in just one step. You can also play all your other movies - XVCD, AVI, DivX, MPEG, video, Quicktime movies, Photo VCD, Karaoke VCD and more.

See also: video cd, player, vcd, avi, divx, media, mpeg, movie, karaoke, quicktime, mpeg-1, video-cd, videocd, software, viewer, view, play, photo vcd, mac, os 8, os 9, os9, .avi, .divx, xvid, mpg, watch, macintosh, full screen

Buy MacVCD 3.2 (only $15.00)Download MacVCD 3.2 (Size: 436 KB)

Easy Karaoke Player 3.0.24

Easy Karaoke Player plays karaoke, records karaoke song to wav file. Easy Karaoke Player can play all kinds of multimedia files with a build-in powerful multimedia player. Easy Karaoke Player plays many audio formats such as MP3, MIDI, KAR, WAV, WMA, AC3, OGG, MPA, MP2, AU, AIF, SND, etc., and video formats VCD, MPEG, AVI, WMV, ASF, OGM, DIVX, DAT, SVCD etc. You can sing your favorite song and record it to high quality WAV file.

See also: karaoke, karaoke software, play karaoke, karaoke player, karaoke music, karaoke machine, karaoke song, karaoke download, midi karaoke, karaoke mixer, karaoke recorder, record karaoke

Buy Easy Karaoke Player 3.0.24 (only $29.99)Download Easy Karaoke Player 3.0.24 (Size: 518 KB)

File Audio Processor 4.0

Complete solution for Multimedia Editing -Management includes: File Manager for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP, File Renamer, ID3 Tag manager. Audio Converter - Editor, Visual Audio Editor, CD Audio Grabber, CD-DVD Writer, Audio - Video Player, Audio Recorder, Playlist Manager Picture Viewer, Zip Archiver, Media Library and more. Supported formats: MP3, MP2, WMA, OGG Vorbis, WAV, Compressed WAV, GSM, RAW, VOX, G726, G723, G721, MIDI, MPEG, WMF, AU

See also: crypt, visual, disc, burner, writer, iso, burn, write, archive, zip, wma, wav, ogg, cddb, playlist, edit, record, convert, play, track, grab, explorer, ID3, manager, file, tag, rename, audio, mp3

Buy File Audio Processor 4.0 (only $49.00)Download File Audio Processor 4.0 (Size: 15803 KB)

Guitar & Drum Trainer 2.3

Learn to play your favorite music on any instrument. Slow down music, create loops, pitch shift, filter frequencies with 16 band EQ and low pass filter, use volume FX to play over-top of songs, save song configurations, count in to songs. Learn new songs easily: * Slow Down Music * Loops * Pitch Shift * Filter Out Instruments Just open MP3s to learn your favorite music. Download the award winning GDT at

See also: Guitar, Drum, Trainer, Slow down music, learn, loop, mp3, ogg vorbis, 16 band equalizer, pitch shift, guitar tab, play guitar

Buy Guitar & Drum Trainer 2.3 (only $39.95)Download Guitar & Drum Trainer 2.3 (Size: 1010 KB)

Intricate Words 1.0

Follow in the tracks of the Magic Cheshire Cat and make up as many words consisting of the letters provided as you can. Use hints and shuffle letters, think very hard and suggest new words. Be creative and the stripy Cheshire Cat will appreciate it by letting you see his happy pleased smile.

See also: word, game, download, word game, combine words, words play, free download puzzle

Buy Intricate Words 1.0 (only $14.95)Download Intricate Words 1.0 (Size: 2219 KB)

Ronin Solitaire 1.0

Not far from Fuji Mountain, in a small Japanese village lives ex-samurai who is sorry for his careless behavior. He wants to win back his new master's favor and become employed. He has been a target of humiliation and satire for a long time. Besides, life without lord's stipend is getting rather difficult. Complete the solitaire and help the ronin to get employed by a new master and win back all samurai privileges.

See also: play solitaire game, download solitaire, canfield solitaire

Buy Ronin Solitaire 1.0 (only $14.95)Download Ronin Solitaire 1.0 (Size: 3194 KB)

GFI EndPointSecurity 3

GFI EndPointSecurity lets you control entry and exit of data via portable storage devices, allowing you to prevent users from taking confidential data or introducing viruses and Trojans to your network. GFI EndPointSecurity allows you to actively manage user access to media players (including iPod and Creative Zen), USB sticks, CompactFlash, memory cards, PDAs, Blackberries, mobile phones, CDs, floppies and more.

See also: usb, media, viruses, media control, plug and play, removable storage, removable storage control, portable storage control, portable storage, memory card, PDA, CompactFlash, Blackberry, iPod

Buy GFI EndPointSecurity 3 (only $625.00)Download GFI EndPointSecurity 3 (Size: 9718 KB)

FantasyDVD Player Platinum 9.01

FantasyDVD is a exquisite and powerful software DVD player, Have with the same features and controls of the living- room DVD player. and support over 70 type video and audio media files, Support the ts, tp, trp mpeg2 HDTV and wmv HDTV, X264 video file. Supports 2 - 7.1 channel audio output, dolby ProLogic, Dolby ProLogicII and SRS TruSurround XT audio output mode. Supports Low frequency effect(LFE). 10 Band Equalizer, Echo/Delay etc.

See also: dvd, vcd, media, fantasy, fantasysoft, fantasydvd, play, player, equalizer, mp4, mp3, ogg, divx, mpeg2, rmvb, news, real, decoder, software, soft, HDTV, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, Platinum, TruSurround, X264, Effect

Buy FantasyDVD Player Platinum 9.01 (only $39.80)Download FantasyDVD Player Platinum 9.01 (Size: 4863 KB)

PhotoPlayer 6 6.07

A must have for every PC user, addictive to the senses. PhotoPlayer 6 enables you to zoom freely over the entire image by only moving the mouse and its wheel and without clicking any buttons, quickly discover new images in the same image, one click create new images from the same image, watch a movie like or very fast slide show in full screen even with large image files, and read books saved as images in addition to to many other rich features.

See also: photo, zoom, zooming, create, image, fast, play, player, playing, fastest, slideshow, slide, presentation, magnify, enlarge, mega, pixel, graphics, show, view, viewer, browse, power, create, discover, addictive, senses, digital, imaging, photography, camera, media

Buy PhotoPlayer 6 6.07 (only $23.00)Download PhotoPlayer 6 6.07 (Size: 41487 KB)

Sudoku Soft-Book 1.0

Sudoku is a recently popular number puzzle game from Japan. You need to fill the grid with numbers in such a way that all rows, columns and 3x3 squares have all digits (1-9). [br] This Sudoku softbook offers you about 50,000 puzzles in 12 books. You can play 3 different sudoku games, Regular sudoku, Killer sudoku and Greater than sudoku.

See also: Sudoku, Killer, comparison, futoshiki, number places, math, puzzle, logic, book, software, generate, play, japanese

Buy Sudoku Soft-Book 1.0 (only $24.99)Download Sudoku Soft-Book 1.0 (Size: 2880 KB)

UnitedSetup 1.6

Automatic software installation. Unattended Installtion. Accelerate your work on a computer. UnitedSetup allows you to automate all routine and periodic actions such as software installation, disks burning, system service, program launching, backup and restore, etc. Automate the work of any programs. Record an exact reproduction of your work. Unattended Installation Software. Create your own unattended installation CDs/DVDs.

See also: automatic, software, installation, faster, acceleration, accelerator, accelerate, automatize, automation, install, installer, setup, auto, autoit, multiset, almeza, autorun, autoplay, software, record, play, reproduction, routine, periodic, actions, chore, seriated, iterant, iterative, reiterative, seriate, thick, recurring, speeded, speed

Buy UnitedSetup 1.6 (only $29.00)Download UnitedSetup 1.6 (Size: 3369 KB)

Algebra Vision 1.2

Algebra Vision is a unique educational software utility to help students develop algebraic problem solving strategies. It provides an environment to play and see algebra in a more tangible light. You can literally move expressions around!

See also: algebra, educational, software, help, play, strategy

Buy Algebra Vision 1.2 (only $29.95)Download Algebra Vision 1.2 (Size: 5341 KB)

Sequence PC game 2.5

Play your cards (placing a chip on one of the corresponding card images on the board). The object of the game is to form numbers of rows of 5 chips (be it horizontally, vertically or diagonally) before the other players.

See also: sequence, play sequence, sequence board game

Buy Sequence PC game 2.5 (only $7.49)Download Sequence PC game 2.5 (Size: 8205 KB)

Red Apple MP3 music Fixed-time player 10.0

1. Used by school, army, companies, factories for the self-control of work and rest time, and replace the traditional electronic bell or human?s broadcast. 2. Used to play the background music by garden, ballroom, marketplace, public house, Internet bar, office, kindergarten and so on;3. used for automatic music play in station and dock; 4. Used for Wireless broadcast or cablecasting of English software or other teaching software in school;

See also: Red Apple MP3 music, ring timing player background music music Fixed-time play

Buy Red Apple MP3 music Fixed-time player 10.0 (only $29.95)Download Red Apple MP3 music Fixed-time player 10.0 (Size: 6911 KB)

RedBaron 3.7

Aces Up game on can be a hard solitaire puzzle to do and play on your own! Our auto cheat software RedBaron for use on the Aces Up pogo game is the perfect way to get help and win thousands of tokens. Run your aces up game on and use the cheat RedBaron to win! It is free to try our helper cheat.

See also: aces up, aces up pogo cheat, aces up cheat, aces up cheat program, pogo aces up auto, how to play aces up

Buy RedBaron 3.7 (only $10.99)Download RedBaron 3.7 (Size: 609 KB)

MouseRobot 2.1

MouseRobot is not only a visual macro script editor, mouse recorder, macro player and keyboard recorder, but also a powerful windows scheduler and automation macro editor. All recorded keyboard and mouse actions can be saved as a macro, bound to hotkeys, extended with custom commands or converted to an executable. MouseRobot automation utility will save you a lot of time on repetitive work.

See also: action, keyboard macro, mouse, keyboard, repeat, visual, play, tasks, automate, key combination, keystroke, backup, autoit, macro, key, actions, excel, start programs, tool, script editor, scheduling, mouse macro, macros, office, scheduler

Buy MouseRobot 2.1 (only $49.95)Download MouseRobot 2.1 (Size: 11000 KB)

Wedding Salon 1.0

Try your hand at the wedding business! Holly runs a chain of wedding salons, and your job is to help her develop it, while providing top-notch customer service. Once you find the right approach to each customer, your efforts will be rewarded with generous tips. Use the money you earn to hire staff and upgrade equipment. Your experience will also come in handy soon: Holly is getting married, and she wants her wedding to be absolutely perfect!

See also: time management, action, click management, arcade, kids, family, casual games, logic, play, game, Wedding Salon, wedding, salon, romance, business, service, bridegroom, bride, fiancee

Buy Wedding Salon 1.0 (only $9.95)Download Wedding Salon 1.0 (Size: 52458 KB)

Mp3 Speed Accelerator 2.85

Mp3 Speed Accelerator enables you to speed up your audio files - mp3 files, ogg files and other formats. It can also rip audio track from video files and speed them up. Did you know that you can still easily understand spoken word even if it's 50% faster than normal? You can save enormous amount of time with this software utility. It does exactly what it says and does it well. Mp3 Speed Accelerator can also slow down your audio files.

See also: mp3 speed, change mp3 speed, accelerate mp3, mp3 speed changer, faster mp3, play mp3 faster, slow down mp3, ogg speed, wma speed, rip audio from video, faster ogg, faster wma, mp3 accelerator

Buy Mp3 Speed Accelerator 2.85 (only $19.95)Download Mp3 Speed Accelerator 2.85 (Size: 2406 KB)

CDA Player Plus 3.1

CDA Player Plus 3.0 is software that designed for personal computer which lets you to play and to convert CDA tracks into many types of audio format, fast, easy, with an high quality results and fast. The CDA Player Plus 3.0 also lets you to edit the CDA tracks, with this you can edit the tracks before playing or converting them - with a few mouse clicks only.

See also: CDA Player, Play CDA, Convert, CDA, MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, APE, AIF, APE, CDA, VOX.

Buy CDA Player Plus 3.1 (only $24.50)Download CDA Player Plus 3.1 (Size: 2160 KB)

Nero Video 2014 15.0.01200

Nero Video 2014 is the perfect companion for the video enthusiast. It is the only fully integrated video editing product that combines easy organizing, with powerful video editing and authoring as well as superb playback of all your media. If you're looking for a unique solution to capture and organise your footage, edit and author video and slideshows and to play them back on your TV or PC, Nero Video 2014 is the answer.

See also: Nero, Nero Video 2014, video, editing, disc authoring, capture, create, play video, slideshows

Buy Nero Video 2014 15.0.01200 (only $39.99)Download Nero Video 2014 15.0.01200 (Size: 230030 KB)

Atmosphere Deluxe( PC Nature Sounds Generator) 7.0

Atmosphere is a sound generator that has many uses, primarily as a home sound environment generator and as a utility for creating custom nature CDs and audio for home video. Atmosphere has won numerous awards including USAToday and ZDnet Tech Pick for its authenticity. Atmosphere is extremely easy to get to grips with, yet extremely powerful and versatile. No experience is required and you can have your first soundscape running in under 30 seconds

See also: nature sounds, thunder, rain, waterfall, forest, birds, birdsong, sounds of nature, nature, natural, relaxing, relaxation, relax, destress, unwind, nature, seashore, audio, sounds, birdsongs, desktop

Buy Atmosphere Deluxe( PC Nature Sounds Generator) 7.0 (only $34.95)Download Atmosphere Deluxe( PC Nature Sounds Generator) 7.0 (Size: 65472 KB)

Lee MP3 Player 1

Use the Lee MP3 Player software for listening to cool MP3 music or custom subliminal programs on your PC. Silent Music sounds would be perfect for this software. Allow the Lee MP3 Player to run in the background unnoticed while listening to the silent sounds or your favorite music. The Player will run 1 MP3 song at a time that includes subliminal messages.

See also: MP3, MP3 Player, music, music player, jukebox, bacground music, mp3 files, mp3 software, fun, audio player, tunes, favorite music, background tunes, sounds

Buy Lee MP3 Player 1 (only $10.90)Download Lee MP3 Player 1 (Size: 509 KB)

Halotea 1.061

Mirolit Halotea is an application for sound atmosphere creation and relaxation. It is enough to choose and turn on a sound theme and enjoy relaxing sounds of the nature and pleasant noises; to make the very sound surrounding, which matches your mood or can help tune in to a definite rhythm of work or rest. You can also make your own presets and sound themes. Application has a built-in audio player, sound recorder and scheduler.

See also: mirolit, halotea, relaxation, relax, application for relaxation, relaxation music, rest, nature sounds, sounds of nature, sound atmosphere, therapy, scheduler, audio player

Buy Halotea 1.061 (only $55.07)Download Halotea 1.061 (Size: 57897 KB)

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