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Kybernet 2011.1

This software can open files, run programs, play sounds, open a web site and make your computer power off, reboot, stand by, hibernate or log out. You can also set a specific date and time when you want to run task. Any task running without having to manually be present at the machine. Use it to automating your work. Kybernet is the most popular play sounds download.

See also: This program can open files, run programs, play sounds, open a web site and make your computer power off, reboot, stand by, hibernate or log out. You can also set a specific date and time when you want to run task.

Buy Kybernet 2011.1 (only $14.95)Download Kybernet 2011.1 (Size: 1616 KB)

Advanced Tetris for Windows Mobile 2.3

Advanced Tetris for Windows Mobile is a reworking of the classic Tetris game with some extra features and variations. It's in fact nine games in one: the original Tetris, Pentix, Colour Tetris, Kids Tetris and Kids Pentix, Advanced Tetris and Advanced Pentix, Crazy Tetris and Crazy Pentix. Add light-hearted background music, eight different block sets to play with and you certainly have an advanced version of the old favourite Tetris game. Advanced Tetris for Windows Mobile is the second most popular play sounds download.

See also: Tetris, Windows Mobile, Smartphone, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile Tetris, Tetris download, play Tetris

Buy Advanced Tetris for Windows Mobile 2.3 (only $12.95)Download Advanced Tetris for Windows Mobile 2.3 (Size: 618 KB)

Sudoku Ace 1.3

Sudoku Ace 1.0 is new puzzle software based on Sudoku - a Japanese game initially introduced in 1986. A tough Sodoku puzzle may take a few hours to solve. This is where the benefit of software comes in. Since Sudoku Ace 1.0 isn't pen and paper, there are an unlimited number of corrections that can be done. The program is able to generate millions of different random Sudoku grids and has "Hint" and "Solve" features to ease the solution process. Sudoku Ace is the third most popular play sounds download.

See also: sudoku, su doku, sudocu, puzzle, japanese, board game, sodoku, play sudoku, suduko, suduku, sudoku solver, logic game, puzzles, puzlle, free cell, freecell

Buy Sudoku Ace 1.3 (only $14.95)Download Sudoku Ace 1.3 (Size: 1156 KB)

Shredder Classic 1.3

Shredder Classic is a professional computer chess program by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen, the nine times world computer chess champion. It combines extremely powerful play with easy handling. The play of the program can be variably adjusted to any strength, so that everyone can find an adequate chess partner. Many functions for analysing one's own games as well as a built-in coach, who is alert of one's mistakes, help to improve your play.

See also: chess, computer chess, Shredder, world champion, chess program, play chess, chess game, chess software, board games, games, chess download, pc chess

Buy Shredder Classic 1.3 (only $29.95)Download Shredder Classic 1.3 (Size: 5814 KB)

Tower Constructor 1.0

In this exciting game you have to become the tower builder. Your main responsibility is to build a tower as more balanced and stable as you can. And your main problem is lack of materials. Sometimes provider brings you absolutely useless things. There are two game modes. First one is Quest mode where you have to pass a full way from novice to profy builder, and the second mode is Practice where you can choose a difficulty level.

See also: tower, free download, play, builder, blaster, arcade, game, kids, get free

Buy Tower Constructor 1.0 (only $14.95)Download Tower Constructor 1.0 (Size: 4313 KB)

Guitar & Drum Trainer 2.3

Learn to play your favorite music on any instrument. Slow down music, create loops, pitch shift, filter frequencies with 16 band EQ and low pass filter, use volume FX to play over-top of songs, save song configurations, count in to songs. Learn new songs easily: * Slow Down Music * Loops * Pitch Shift * Filter Out Instruments Just open MP3s to learn your favorite music. Download the award winning GDT at

See also: Guitar, Drum, Trainer, Slow down music, learn, loop, mp3, ogg vorbis, 16 band equalizer, pitch shift, guitar tab, play guitar

Buy Guitar & Drum Trainer 2.3 (only $39.95)Download Guitar & Drum Trainer 2.3 (Size: 1010 KB)

MacVCD X 4.5.2

Discover the easy way to play VCD, SVCD and almost everything else with this easy to use media player for OS X. This software offers all the playback features you need and the ease of use you really want from a video player. With Video CD Format recognition, you can play VCDs and SVCDs in just one step. You can also play all your other movies - XVCD, SXVCD, AVI, DivX, MPEG, video, Quicktime movies, Photo VCD, Karaoke VCD and more.

See also: video cd, player, vcd, avi, divx, media, mpeg, movie, svcd, karaoke, quicktime, super vcd, mpeg-1, mpeg-2, video-cd, videocd, software, viewer, view, play, photo vcd, mac, os x, osx, .avi, .divx, xvid, mpg, watch, macintosh, full screen

Buy MacVCD X 4.5.2 (only $19.95)Download MacVCD X 4.5.2 (Size: 1843 KB)

5star freeTunes

Do you have DRM Copy-Protected files lying around that just won't play on your MP3 player? With 5star freeTunes you can legally copy all your DRM protected music, audio books, podcasts and video clips by parallel playback from WMA, WMV, M4P, AAC, MP4 and M4V formats into your choice of any of the MP3, OGG, WMA or WAV formats.

See also: Sony Atrac, Microsoft Digital Rights Management (DRM), Apple Play Fair, M4P, WAV, WMA, OGG, MP3, convert, M4V, MP4, AAC, M4P, WMV, WMA, WMP, itunes, DRM, bite, tune

Buy 5star freeTunes (only $17.90)Download 5star freeTunes (Size: 9280 KB)

MP3Producer DE 2.53

MP3Producer DE is a special version for German speaking users with the German interface and Help file. Rips audio CD tracks to WAV,MP3,OGG,WMA files; WAV to MP3,OGG,WMA; OGG,WMA to WAV. MP3Producer supports FreeDB(CDDB), MPEG1, MPEG2, 8-320kbps, constant, variable bitrates, "Extract CD segment" function, ID3v1,2 tags. Has built-in CD player, flexible settings. Handy interface and Help in German make your work with MP3Producer enjoyable and easy.

See also: vbr, cbr, sound, tag, id3, bitrate, album, play, audio cd, editor, edit, extractor, grabber, cdripper, ripping, ripper, rip, conversion, converter, convert, encoder, decode, encode, track, vorbis, freedb, cddb, cdda, wma, ogg, wav, mp3, MP3Producer DE, MPEG

Buy MP3Producer DE 2.53 (only $25.00)Download MP3Producer DE 2.53 (Size: 2233 KB)

FantasyDVD Player Platinum 9.01

FantasyDVD is a exquisite and powerful software DVD player, Have with the same features and controls of the living- room DVD player. and support over 70 type video and audio media files, Support the ts, tp, trp mpeg2 HDTV and wmv HDTV, X264 video file. Supports 2 - 7.1 channel audio output, dolby ProLogic, Dolby ProLogicII and SRS TruSurround XT audio output mode. Supports Low frequency effect(LFE). 10 Band Equalizer, Echo/Delay etc.

See also: dvd, vcd, media, fantasy, fantasysoft, fantasydvd, play, player, equalizer, mp4, mp3, ogg, divx, mpeg2, rmvb, news, real, decoder, software, soft, HDTV, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, Platinum, TruSurround, X264, Effect

Buy FantasyDVD Player Platinum 9.01 (only $39.80)Download FantasyDVD Player Platinum 9.01 (Size: 4863 KB)

Snowfall Solitaire 1.0

Have you ever seen a real Japan fan? In Snowfall Solitaire you can not only play a solitaire, but also admire this part of the Japan culture. You will have to show your quick wits to get over all levels and thread through the whole fall of cards with the help of magic fans from the Land of the Rising Sun.

See also: play solitaire game, download solitaire, canfield solitaire

Buy Snowfall Solitaire 1.0 (only $14.95)Download Snowfall Solitaire 1.0 (Size: 2664 KB)

DART Karaoke Studio CD+G 1.4.9cdgp

Make and Play Karaoke on your computer. Rip & Burn CD+G Karaoke CDs. DART DeVocal - Suppress the Main Vocal from Stereo Recordings. DART Karaoke Author - Import, edit and synchronize lyrics to the music you hear. Customize the graphics with the CD+G track generator. DART Karaoke Wizard - The onscreen guide will assist you step by step to custom Karaoke songs. Sing-Along and Record your Performance. Play CD+G tracks with full audio and graphics.

See also: DART Karaoke Studio, CD+G, karaoke software, DeVocal, De-vocal, vocal remover, vocal eliminator, Suppress Vocal, key change, Reverb, pitch change, pitch shift, create karaoke, author karaoke, play karaoke, CD+G rip & burn, lyrics, trial software

Buy DART Karaoke Studio CD+G 1.4.9cdgp (only $199.95)Download DART Karaoke Studio CD+G 1.4.9cdgp (Size: 11167 KB)

CD Player and Ripper 2.0

CD Player & Ripper is software which allows you to play CDA tracks, rip CDA tracks to MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG or APE audio files formats, with the ability to set the ID3 tags of the destination files, and many other features. This software is extremely easy to use, runs very fast. Version 2+ supports VISTA.

See also: play cd, cd player, audio cd player, play cda tracks, rip cda tracks, convert cda tracks.

Buy CD Player and Ripper 2.0 (only $22.50)Download CD Player and Ripper 2.0 (Size: 1029 KB)

Audio Player and Converter 1.0

Audio Player and Converter 1.0 is software that allows you to play and to convert many types of audio files from one to another, fast and easy. Just add the audio files you wish to convert by adding the files from the dialog box or by dragging and drop to the files list. The software can play APE, OGG, WMA, MP3, WAV, and CDA (from an Audio CD). Also, you can convert those types of audio files from one to another.

See also: play ape, play ogg, play wma, play wav, play mp3, convert ape, convert ogg, convert wma, convert wav.

Buy Audio Player and Converter 1.0 (only $22.50)Download Audio Player and Converter 1.0 (Size: 1092 KB)

Live CD Ripper 1.2.8

Live CD Ripper is an audio CD grabbing tool. It can rip CD tracks to many popular audio formats. Features: 1. Rip CD tracks to WAV files. 2. Rip CD tracks to MP3 files. 3. Rip CD tracks to WMA files. 4. Rip CD tracks to OGG files. 5. Rip CD tracks to APE files. 6. Query CD info from free CDDB server. 7. Supports ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags. 8. Play CD track. 9. Supports 14 skins.

See also: ape, mp3, wav, ogg, wma, split, convert, audio, rip, play, track

Buy Live CD Ripper 1.2.8 (only $16.95)Download Live CD Ripper 1.2.8 (Size: 4466 KB)

Red Apple MP3 audio- sound recorder 10.8

Red Apple MP3 audio- sound recorder software possesses multi-function. By using it, both the inside and outside voices of the computer can be recorded (including voice input by microphone, Line in, or the voice played by internet or other software). For example, to record the content of internet on-line talking or chat, internet conference and then safe the content in hard disk for ever;

See also: Red, Apple, MP3, musi, Fixed-time, player, recorder, play, microphone, Line, internet, on-line, talking

Buy Red Apple MP3 audio- sound recorder 10.8 (only $19.95)Download Red Apple MP3 audio- sound recorder 10.8 (Size: 7462 KB)

MySpace Plays Increaser

Myspace Plays Increaser is the software that can increase your MySpace Music and MySpace Video plays count and give you more visitors and more popularity. Basic multithreading support, new MySpace MP3 player support, automated proxy checker. Software can be run with scheduler to increase plays in fully automated mode.

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Buy MySpace Plays Increaser (only $4.50)Download MySpace Plays Increaser (Size: 459 KB)

DVD Videos Player 3.0.25

Audio effect producer tool allows user to make CDs or DVDs covers by editing layouts and assignment and adjustment of layout background image or color. Download Video morphing utility online to mix source audio tracks.

See also: Video, morphing, software, play, dvd, svcd, record, vcd, movies, download, audio, effect, generator, tool, morph, movies, create, cover, adjust, brightness, contrast, emboss, blur, mix, merge, audios, control, volume, dub, videos, files

Buy DVD Videos Player 3.0.25 (only $49.95)Download DVD Videos Player 3.0.25 (Size: 11468 KB)

iSnooker 2.1.10

2D / 3D Online Snooker Game, Billiards, Tournaments every few hours. Free entry to cash prize snooker events every month for Members. 2D and 3D modes of play, accurate physics and modelling, play snooker and chat with others. Stats & Level XP system which allows you access new features keeping you busy for months, as well as Tournaments and Prized events for competitive users. Try now free for 10-days before deciding if you wish to register.

See also: free online snooker, snooker game, online snooker game, free snooker game, play online snooker, internet snooker, online billiards, download snooker game

Buy iSnooker 2.1.10 (only $7.00)Download iSnooker 2.1.10 (Size: 13289 KB)

A1 WMA Player 1.2

Play and convert WMA (Windows Media Audio) and more sound files (ACM, AIF, APE, CDA, MP3, OGG, SND, VOX, WAV, WMA) easily! Just add your audio files to the Items List of the program, and play them without installing any additional codec. Also, with this software you can convert those types of sound formats with an high quality results.

See also: WMA Player, Play WMA File, WMA Player Converter

Buy A1 WMA Player 1.2 (only $24.50)Download A1 WMA Player 1.2 (Size: 2151 KB)

Championship Euchre for Windows 7.50

March to Victory with this Mid-West Favorite! Discover a new set of friends with an exciting game of Championship Euchre All-Stars! Our 24 All-Star characters span across 5 levels of difficulty. Savvy Euchre players will love challenging realistic opponents, while Euchre beginners get extra help with our personal in-game DreamCoach(TM). We'll go beyond just showing you what to play, we'll explain why you should play it. Learn the more you play!

See also: Euchre, bid euchre, free, card games, game, play euchre, windows, download, shareware, Internet, fun, teams

Buy Championship Euchre for Windows 7.50 (only $19.99)Download Championship Euchre for Windows 7.50 (Size: 6739 KB)

ThunderPopper 6.5

ThunderPopper will pop your pogo Poppit game balloons for you on Let ThunderPopper do the work for you on your pogo Poppit. Get your Poppit game up and run your ThunderPopper. This is the best Poppit cheat you can buy

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Buy ThunderPopper 6.5 (only $10.99)Download ThunderPopper 6.5 (Size: 889 KB)

FarStone VirtualDrive Network 15

VirtualDrive Network is the Original Virtual CD Management, Sharing, Emulation and Burning Software. VirtualDrive Network makes compressed virtual CD/DVD files from physical CD/DVD or Blu-rays. You can make up to 1,000 virtual CD/DVD towers sharing on network. VirtualDrive Network is perfect for schools, public libraries, data center, and CD archive centers.

See also: virtualdrive, manage CD/DVD, virtual CD/DVD, CD/DVD emulation, share CD/DVD/BD, manage CD/DVD/BD, play CD/DVD, rip CD/DVD, clone CD/DVD, copy CD/DVD, burn CD/DVD, create CD/DVD, archive CD/DVD, Create ISO, backup CD/DVD, CD/DVD jukebox, CD/DVD tower

Buy FarStone VirtualDrive Network 15 (only $699.95)Download FarStone VirtualDrive Network 15 (Size: 31677 KB)

GET DVD to Android 7.3.1

With the rapid development of Android OS, many manufacturer regard it as the best choice for their flagship phone. At the same time, as several HTC G-phones are selling well, the smart-phone built in Android platform are among the most sought.

See also: dvd to android converter, android dvd converter, converting dvd video to android, dvd to android ripper, play dvd video on android

Buy GET DVD to Android 7.3.1 (only $29.77)Download GET DVD to Android 7.3.1 (Size: 11923 KB)

DVDFab Media Player for Mac

DVDFab Media Player for Mac plays Blu-ray/DVD discs, folders, ISO image files, and all types of video files, 3D or non-3D, and brings absolutely the best audiovisual experiences on your Mac. It lets you to play Blu-ray/DVD ISO files, folders and other video files free for ever, and Blu-ray/DVD discs free for 30 days. It is definitely your ultimate choice for your Mac-centered home entertainment hub or mobile cinema on your Mackbooks.

See also: media player, Blu-ray media player, DVD media player, play Blu-ray disc, play Blu-ray folder, play Blu-ray ISO file, play BD-J disc, play DVD disc, play DVD ISO file, Blu-ray software, 1080p, video, movie, Blu-ray, Mac, software

Buy DVDFab Media Player for Mac (only $59.99)Download DVDFab Media Player for Mac (Size: 58756 KB)

xBox 360 Blu-ray 06.12.12 061212

xBox 360 Blu-ray Ripper is the best blu-ray decrypter that can rip Blu-ray movies to MKV/AVI/MP4/WMV/M2TS/TS/Audio files for all popular portable devices including Xbox 360, iPod, iPhone (iPhone 4), iPad (The New iPad) or HD player like WD TV Live.

See also: xbox 360 blu ray, does xbox 360 play blu ray, xbox blu ray

Buy xBox 360 Blu-ray 06.12.12 061212 (only $36.90)Download xBox 360 Blu-ray 06.12.12 061212 (Size: 26645 KB)

xBox 360 Blu-ray 06.18.12 061812

xBox 360 Blu-ray Ripper is the best blu-ray decrypter that can rip Blu-ray movies to MKV/AVI/MP4/WMV/M2TS/TS/Audio files for all popular portable devices including Xbox 360, iPod, iPhone (iPhone 4), iPad (The New iPad) or HD player like WD TV Live.

See also: xbox 360 blu ray, does xbox 360 play blu ray, xbox blu ray

Buy xBox 360 Blu-ray 06.18.12 061812 (only $36.90)Download xBox 360 Blu-ray 06.18.12 061812 (Size: 26645 KB)

Free Partition Repair

Free partition repair application produces back every single file that have been misplaced from your various branded FAT hard disks such as Samsung, IBM, Maxtor, Fujitsu and many more in easy and simple manner. Free partition repair software has capability to give simple user interface which is capable to provide brief knowledge on how to repair deleted files and folders from corrupted hard disk.

See also: Recover, restore, retrieve, get back, regain, application, software, corrupted, FAT, hard disk, files, data, folders, partition, bring back, deleted, lost, erased, tool, program, utility, photos, audios, videos, sounds, professional, back up

Buy Free Partition Repair (only $69.00)Download Free Partition Repair (Size: 1525 KB)

FlexiMusic Sound Generator Dec2010

In FlexiMusic Sound Generator you can generate different types of sound with various algorithms using Graphs, Sine definition, wave, envelops, numbers, random, existing wave file, noise etc. Which can follow defined duration, using varying frequency-graph and volume-graph. And apply sound modifiers to it to enhance it. Create your own custom music instrument and generate various unique sounds using endless combinations.

See also: sound generator, create sound, generate sound, tone generator, draw sound, special sounds, create unique sounds, create funny sounds, create game sounds, create robotic sounds, noise generator, soundgenerator for windows 7

Buy FlexiMusic Sound Generator Dec2010 (only $40.00)Download FlexiMusic Sound Generator Dec2010 (Size: 31335 KB)

NTFS Partition File Restore

Download NTFS Partition File Restore application from company website link is easily used by user to retrieve erased significant content from corrupted secondary drives without taking any tech guidance from expertise. NTFS data recovery software provides facility to stop and resume recovery process with save log and load log features.

See also: NTFS Partition File Restore software, recoup deleted files folder, data recovery application, regain missing photographs, document file restoration program, restore lost sounds, NTFS picture regaining utility, restore damage video clips

Buy NTFS Partition File Restore (only $69.00)Download NTFS Partition File Restore (Size: 1740 KB)

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