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TUTU Animated Screen 1.0

TUTU Animated Screen is an animated user interface to replace your standard PPC UI. It comes with smooth animations, advanced graphic effects and faster access to the system functions. With TUTU Animated Screen, you can enjoy animated home screens and menu patterns by a single click. Two themes are included in the package. TUTU Animated Screen is the most popular pocket pc and windows mobile user interface download.

See also: Pocket PC Themes, Pocket PC Animated Themes, Pocket PC and Windows Mobile User Interface, Animated Home Screen, PPC Flash UI

Buy TUTU Animated Screen 1.0 (only $9.99)Download TUTU Animated Screen 1.0 (Size: 1164 KB)

Text Messaging Software for PC

PC to mobile text messaging tool designed to send sms from computer to any mobile phone just in single click. Bulk sms text messaging utility does not require any internet connection to send text messages. Bulk sms text message software provides user friendly graphical interface to send text message via computer to cell phones. Bulk sms text messaging software provides Unicode so that any non english user can easily send sms in other language. Text Messaging Software for PC is the second most popular pocket pc and windows mobile user interface download.

See also: Unlimited, message, text, send, language, Windows, application, mobile, device, phone, import, network, contact, memory, utility, sms, group, software, technical, internet, bulk, connection, Unicode, device, interface, pocket, tool, communication

Buy Text Messaging Software for PC (only $45.00)Download Text Messaging Software for PC (Size: 1996 KB)

Sea puzzle for Pocket PC 1.0

Like naval games with sailboats and brave seaman but prefer thinking rather then fighting? Great! Try Sea Puzzle - world's most popular logic game with a naval theme. The playing field is dividing into squares. Some of them contain ships of different colors. Connect them together, without touching the lines of other colors to get to a new level. I know it sounds simple but wait till you get past level 3! Sea puzzle for Pocket PC is the third most popular pocket pc and windows mobile user interface download.

See also: free PDA games, PDA games, PDA, Windows mobile, mobile, games, game, PocketPC, board games, puzzle games, logic games, Pocket PC games, axim games, ipaq games, free pocket pc games, download pocket pc games

Buy Sea puzzle for Pocket PC 1.0 (only $14.95)Download Sea puzzle for Pocket PC 1.0 (Size: 3524 KB)

Stock Quotes for Smartphone

Stock Quotes for Smartphone is an easy-to-use application for modern mobile platform. It allows you to monitor stock quotes information from Yahoo in real time. Besides, you can view news relevant to the selected stock, set customizable alerts, search for ticker and get company summary info by stock symbol. Stock Quotes for Smartphone consists of 4 main views: portfolio, stock, news and alerts.

See also: Stock quotes, investment portfolio, smartphone, windows mobile, pocket, stock chart

Buy Stock Quotes for Smartphone (only $9.95)Download Stock Quotes for Smartphone (Size: 1046 KB)

DragonDB - MVB Edition (commercial) 1.1.0

DragonDB - MVB Edition is an SQL database engine and software development toolkit for creating Microsoft Pocket PC and Smartphone database applications using AppForge MobileVB (version 3.2 or later). DragonDB is built upon SQLite3 so its databases are portable to all platforms and applications which support the SQLite3 database format.

See also: SQLite, AppForge, Mobile VB, Database, SQL, Fuser, VB6, Visual Basic, Pocket PC, SmartPhone, Windows Mobile

Buy DragonDB - MVB Edition (commercial) 1.1.0 (only $179.00)Download DragonDB - MVB Edition (commercial) 1.1.0 (Size: 4863 KB)

TxReader Special Edition 1.0

TxReader converts documents into spoken words and MP3. TxReader is much more than just a program that reads any document presented to it. It is actually three programs in one, first is the quality easy to use text to speech program that give great reading result making use of the lasted natural sounding voice from all the top sellers.

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Buy TxReader Special Edition 1.0 (only $99.95)Download TxReader Special Edition 1.0 (Size: 15544 KB)

Spb Pocket Pc Tips Tricks 1.5

More than 200 tips for Pocket PC. Spb Pocket PC Tips & Tricks is the most complete collection of tricks on using the Pocket PC, written by 10 professional Pocket PC authors. This is Pocket PC software for iPAQ, Dell Axim, Acer, T-Mobile MDA, O2 XDA, Orange SVP, Siemens E-Ten and other PDA devices.

See also: Windows, Mobile, 2005, For, pocket, Pocket, 2003, POCKET, 2005, PPC, 2005, AXIM, iPaq, qTek, spb, windows, mobile, windows, mobile, 2003, windows, mobile, 2005, windows, 5.0, version, ppc6700

Buy Spb Pocket Pc Tips Tricks 1.5 (only $19.95)Download Spb Pocket Pc Tips Tricks 1.5 (Size: 5060 KB)

Spb GPRS Monitor 2.4.2

Spb GPRS Monitor is a traffic counter. Complete solution for measuring the amounts of data transfers via your GPRS, CDMA or GSM network connection and calculating network usage costs. This is Pocket PC software for iPAQ, Dell Axim, Acer, T-Mobile MDA, O2 XDA, Orange SVP, Siemens E-Ten and other PDA devices.

See also: gprs, Windows, Mobile, 2005, For, pocket, Pocket, 2003, POCKET, 2005, PPC, 2005, AXIM, iPaq, qTek, spb, windows, mobile, windows, mobile, 2003, windows, mobile, 2005, windows, 5.0, version, smartphone

Buy Spb GPRS Monitor 2.4.2 (only $19.95)Download Spb GPRS Monitor 2.4.2 (Size: 572 KB)

Spb Imageer 1.2

Spb Imageer provides photo viewing, editing, optimizing, and sharing on the go. Equipped with an incredibly rich set of features, Spb Imageer will make your work with images fast and fun. This is Pocket PC software for iPAQ, Dell Axim, Acer, T-Mobile MDA, O2 XDA, Orange SVP, Siemens E-Ten and other PDA devices.

See also: painting, photo, contacts, Windows, Mobile, 2005, For, pocket, Pocket, 2003, POCKET, 2005, PPC, 2005, AXIM, iPaq, qTek, spb, windows, mobile, windows, mobile, 2003, viewer

Buy Spb Imageer 1.2 (only $14.95)Download Spb Imageer 1.2 (Size: 6956 KB)

BrickGenius for Pocket PC 1.10

This new game named BrickGenius proposes you to build the mosaics by sliding bricks. It offers a really innovative gameplay and I guarantee that you have never seen anything like this before. Really, I think there is nothing better then a great challenging puzzle with simple rules and BrickGenius looks like one of these games - a square gamefield, the bright-colored bricks, and built-in tutorial helps you to start playing.

See also: Pocket PC games, ipaq games, axim games, palm treo 700w, square screen, ipaq 6515, PocketPC, game, games, Windows mobile, PDA, PDA games, free PDA games, free pocket pc games, download pocket pc games, Windows CE, MIPS, SH3, Jornada 720 games

Buy BrickGenius for Pocket PC 1.10 (only $14.95)Download BrickGenius for Pocket PC 1.10 (Size: 1071 KB)

TS Man 1.0.2

TS Man is a professional computer service & repair tool. TS Man is designed to support the computer service & repair businesses in achieving a fast, professional and accurate service delivered to their customers. It is the ideal choice for small companies and individuals who are in the business of computer maintenance and repair.

See also: TS Man, computer service and repair tool, support the computer service and repair business, support, service, repair, free database server, multi-user, Reporting, Back-up, Firendly user interface

Buy TS Man 1.0.2 (only $95.00)Download TS Man 1.0.2 (Size: 14369 KB)

Windows Mobile Forensic Utility

Pocket Computer examiner software support all manufactures of PDA, Smart phone, Handheld Computer and other similar windows based mobile phone to describe hardware or software details. Forensic application display product manufactures name, processor type, registry details, database records, mobile IMEI number, SIM IMSI number and battery status, memory status, saved files folders information and many other relevant data and helps in various investigations.

See also: Pocket, forensic, software, display, PDA, details, Handheld, device, describe, SIM, SMS, battery, status, investigator, tool, show, registry, database, record, picture, music, folders, windows, mobile, examiner, application, find, model, name

Buy Windows Mobile Forensic Utility (only $79.00)Download Windows Mobile Forensic Utility (Size: 1198 KB)

Pocket PC Group Messaging Tool

Pocket Computer group messaging software provides easiest and quickest way by which you can send personalized SMS (friends or family), business news, event alert and notifications, season greeting, invitations, job alert and many more to individuals or group. Easy to use text messaging tool allows you to send mass SMS from your smartphone supported by Microsoft ActiveSync and Windows Mobile Device Center to all worldwide mobile phone networks.

See also: Bulk, sms, software, Pocket PC, mobile, create, send, unlimited, group, text, message, national, international, network, worldwide, utility, support, windows, Microsoft, ActiveSync, PDA, Smartphone, tool, broadcast, business, news, language, Unicode

Buy Pocket PC Group Messaging Tool (only $45.00)Download Pocket PC Group Messaging Tool (Size: 71 KB)

PDA Bulk Text Messaging Tool

Pocket Computer bulk SMS sender is an authentic software and user friendly SMS component that conveys your message to your targeted customers in the right time and right method. Mass SMS sending utility provides an instant solution to forward text messages to individual contacts or multiple groups via windows mobile phone and PDA devices. Corporate text messaging utility can operate without internet connection to broadcast bulk SMS worldwide.

See also: Pocket PC, Group, SMS, bulk, text, messaging, software, create, generate, send, free, limitless, multiple, personalized, messages, utility, PDA, unlimited, contact, numbers, support, GSM, CDMA, windows, based, mobile phones, handsets, tool

Buy PDA Bulk Text Messaging Tool (only $45.00)Download PDA Bulk Text Messaging Tool (Size: 71 KB)

JCrossword 1.3

JCrossword is a Japan Crossword puzzle application If you like to exercise your brain by solving puzzles and riddles, you've just found a perfect software to entertain yourself! Japan Crossword features several thousand puzzles known as Japanese crosswords, Nonograms, Griddlers and Point-By-Numbers. We are introducing perfect game created for pleasure time spending using your Windows Mobile device.

See also: JCrossword, Japanese crosswords, Nonograms, Griddlers, Point-By-Numbers, JCrossword for PDA, JCrossword for Pocket, JCrossword for Windows Mobile

Buy JCrossword 1.3 (only $14.00)Download JCrossword 1.3 (Size: 1185 KB)

SMS from Computer

Comprehensive and powerful SMS from computer application empowers to successfully send several number of bulk messages from computer system to GSM/CDMA (windows operating system based) mobile users without internet connection and sms server prerequisite. Professional SMS from computer software presents economical and quick way to make one way-communication with the family members, friends, relatives, employees, students etc locate anywhere in the world.

See also: SMS, bulk, group, mass, message, smart, phone, mobile, CDMA, GSM, computer, windows, technology, user, device, national, international, globally, network, service, broadcast, send, event, job, business, product, promotion, tool, application, software

Buy SMS from Computer (only $49.00)Download SMS from Computer (Size: 6359 KB)

RealtyJuggler Real Estate Calculator for Windows Mobile 1.2.4

Five Pocket Computer and Windows Mobile PDA Real Estate Calculators for Realtors and other actual estate professionals. 30 day FREE Trial. Qualify clients quick with maximum loan, mortgage payments and seller net calculators. Double-check your commissions with commission calculator. The Rent vs. Own calculator is a great way to convert renters into buyers. Save your calculations for later. Foolproof and fast. Download 30-day FREE trial.

See also: real estate, software, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, realtor, realtyjuggler, realorganized, pda, calculator, free, commission, seller net

Buy RealtyJuggler Real Estate Calculator for Windows Mobile 1.2.4 (only $9.00)Download RealtyJuggler Real Estate Calculator for Windows Mobile 1.2.4 (Size: 569 KB)

Healthcare Barcode Labels

Healthcare Barcode Labels is unique software for organise healthcare organization by barcode images in dissimilar designing objects akin to rectangle, ellipse, text, pencil, line and etc. Healthcare Barcode Labels software lets creating multiple barcode labels within a time in diverse designing substance approximating TIFF, PNG, GIF etc from stand alone computer system. Application provides a unique GUI interface for simply access software.

See also: Healthcare, barcode, label, software, images, pictures, fonts, format, unique, graphical, user, interface, cheaper, wonderful, attractive, creator, multiple, linear, dimension, computer, systems, Windows, cost, time, convenient, industry

Buy Healthcare Barcode Labels (only $42.00)Download Healthcare Barcode Labels (Size: 4997 KB)

SecuBox for Pocket PC 1.6

On-the-fly encryption of sensitive data stored on Windows Mobile phone and its media cards. Creates an encrypted volume that looks and feels like a Windows Mobile storage card. Data written to this card is transparently encrypted with AES 256-bit algorithm. SecuBox prevents data theft even if the phone is lost or stolen. Desktop support, Dekart Private Disk compatible.

See also: pda, encryption, ewallet, pocket pc, on-the-fly, transparent, encryption, security, secure, data, Aes Encryption, windows mobile encryption, Disk Encryption, Encrypted Disk, Transparent Encryption, Virtual Encrypted Disk, windows mobile

Buy SecuBox for Pocket PC 1.6 (only $39.95)Download SecuBox for Pocket PC 1.6 (Size: 1724 KB)

Postal and Banking Barcode Download

Postal and Banking Barcode Download software provide an effective and unique solution for handle banking and postal activities by barcode images in 2D or linear dimensions with different file format like BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, EXIF and etc. Postal and Banking Barcode Download software allow creating multiple barcode images in a same time with wonderful designing pattern like circle, line, text and etc without any internet connection required.

See also: Postal, banking, barcode, download, images, linear, dimensions, unique, generate, wonderful, application, software, devices, cheaper, effective, requirement, graphical, user, interface, manage, labels, Windows, distinct, object, time, convenient

Buy Postal and Banking Barcode Download (only $27.00)Download Postal and Banking Barcode Download (Size: 5058 KB)

PDA Group Text Messaging Utility

PDA group SMS messaging tool provides facility to send unlimited number of massive text messages from your Pocket Computer to mobile phones just in one click. Bulk text messaging software can also send multilingual text messages supported by Unicode characters to all national or international mobile phone networks. Mass SMS broadcasting application is very easy to use and does not require internet connection to send messages across the world.

See also: Pocket PC, group, text, messaging, software, create, send, unlimited, massive, message, PDA, bulk, SMS, broadcasting, utility, multilingual, Unicode, national, international, windows, mobile, phone, network, multiple, contact, number, ActiveSync

Buy PDA Group Text Messaging Utility (only $45.00)Download PDA Group Text Messaging Utility (Size: 71 KB)

GSM Modem for SMS

Convenient SMS broadcasting application is enormously cooperative for entire user to convey text information or messages inter-related to reminders, business market, job alerts, price alert, seasonal greetings, event notification etc from wherever to globally at any mobile phone through your desktop in lucrative approach. Handy GSM modem for SMS software efficiently conveys messages or text information at worldwide mobile network in easy steps.

See also: GSM, modem, SMS, program, convey, bulk, messages, sends, text, information, application, transmits, national, international, global, mobile, network, contact, group, numbers, cell, phone, transfer, compose, data, graphical, user, interface, software

Buy GSM Modem for SMS (only $49.00)Download GSM Modem for SMS (Size: 3860 KB)

Text Message Online

Powerful and efficient text message online application utility enables user to compose customize text SMS and send enormous quantity of messages from windows operating system supported mobile phone connected to computer machine within simple mouse clicks. Cost effective message text tool allows user to forward mass quantity of SMS to all network cell phones by attaching Windows mobile to portable palmtop, pocket PC, PDA devices at any corner of the world.

See also: Broadcasts, bulk, customized, business, notification, alert, text, message, online, windows, mobile, phone, software, tool, send, personal, greeting, SMS, forward, utility, publish, Smartphone, pocket, PDA, compose, store, contact, phonebook

Buy Text Message Online (only $45.00)Download Text Message Online (Size: 3952 KB)

PDA Forensics Tool

PC forensics investigator software is capable to collect all PDA mobile configuration information for all commonly used windows based mobile phone handsets like Nokia, Siemens, Samsung, Motorola, LG etc. Mobile phone forensics utility offers support for searching of text for forensic investigation organizations like names, address, phone numbers, SIM card battery status, IMSI number etc. Tool can also generate printed reports of fetched data.

See also: Pocket, forensic, software, investigate, PDA, Smart, phone, windows, mobile, palmtop, analyze, registry, hardware, utility, mobile, device, monitoring, application, analysis, IMEI, number, extract, phonebook, call, history, manufacturer, detail

Buy PDA Forensics Tool (only $79.00)Download PDA Forensics Tool (Size: 1198 KB)

PDA Mobile Forensic Software

Pocket Computer forensic utility extract detailed information of windows based mobile phone and other similar devices. Mobile phone forensic software analyzes all saved phone book contact numbers and text messages along with person name. Affordable investigation utility is used to get relevant information of mobile phone such as mobile model name, IMEI number, database records, OS registry, calendar, word lists, images, videos etc.

See also: Pocket, forensic, monitor, tool, investigate, extract, record, registry, IMSI, IMEI, model, number, PDA, surveillance, software, display, SIM, contact, details, inbox, outbox, text, messages, mobile, windows, iMate, iPAQ, Samsung

Buy PDA Mobile Forensic Software (only $79.00)Download PDA Mobile Forensic Software (Size: 1198 KB)

Free Bulk SMS Software

Visit and safely download best text messaging application to make and send contacting employees messages from pocket PC. Free Bulk SMS Software is used for sending messages from computer system to single or mass user?s mobile phones.

See also: Messaging, program, tool, send, business, meeting, job, alert, news, new, schemes, Windows, mobile, phone, bulk, sms, software, application, utility, create, marketing, campaigns, laptop, system, pda, pocket,

Buy Free Bulk SMS Software (only $49.00)Download Free Bulk SMS Software (Size: 6307 KB)

SMS from Windows

Bulk sms software for windows based pocket PC/PDA device facilitates users to quickly broadcast entire significant information to select or group of people by adding their contact numbers manually or from cell phone memory. Professional text messaging application lets users to transmit sms to your family members and business relatives in few simple steps and in anywhere in world (including national or international mobile phone networks).

See also: Bulk, sms, software, windows, mobile, phone, pocket, PDA, device, compose, send, group, text, message, worldwide, cell, network, communicate, medium, broadcast, Unicode, character, business, information, job, alert, event, reminder, campaign

Buy SMS from Windows (only $45.00)Download SMS from Windows (Size: 3952 KB)

PC to Mobile Bulk SMS

Windows bulk message sender tool is used to send any number of SMS to family members and friends mobile without using internet connection. Bulk SMS sender application is capable to send text message alert to every GSM or CDMA mobile phone users. Professional SMS sender utility allow user to quickly send text alert to any mobile phones. Computer to mobile SMS sender software perfectly delivers message not only in English but in many other languages also.

See also: bulk, messaging, sender, software, compose, broadcasting, national, international, text, alert, mobile, phone, Unicode, user, windows, communication, utility, send, unlimited, phonebook, SMS, ActiveSync, business, service, group, notification

Buy PC to Mobile Bulk SMS (only $45.00)Download PC to Mobile Bulk SMS (Size: 930 KB)

Data Doctor Pocket PC Forensic

Pocket Computer examiner tool extracts mobile model number, phonebook record, text SMS saved in inbox/outbox, mobile manufacturer name and service provider information etc. Data Doctor Windows mobile phone inspector analyzes data from PDA, handheld device, Smartphone and displays complete detail like operating system registry, database record and software hardware configuration information. Software produces several forensic reports in text or html file format.

See also: Pocket PC, forensic, software, examine, windows, mobile, phone, investigator, tool, display, SIM, IMSI, IMEI, number, memory, status, surveillance, utility, monitor, PDA, cell, phonebook, detector, analyze, SMS, extract, file, database, record

Buy Data Doctor Pocket PC Forensic (only $79.00)Download Data Doctor Pocket PC Forensic (Size: 1198 KB)

Pocket PC Investigation Tool

Smart phone investigator examines all useful data from Pocket Computer devices. Pocket Computer forensic software gathers information like SIM IMSI number, mobile IMEI number, operating system registry, database files, phone book information etc. Mobile phone monitoring utility works with all Pocket Computer brands and provides support to windows operating system. PDA surveillance tool facilitates user with systematic help manual and used in scientific, forensic investigation.

See also: Pocket, cell, phone, investigation, tool, extract, windows, mobile, data, PDA, surveillance, utility, display, IMEI, IMSI, SMS, forensic, software, detect, handheld, device, track, information, application, analyze, Vista, Business, Ultimate

Buy Pocket PC Investigation Tool (only $79.00)Download Pocket PC Investigation Tool (Size: 1198 KB)

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