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Premium Clock 2.40

Premium Clock is a revolutionary program that lets you enhance your Windows desktop by adding clocks, wallpapers, and much more to it. This new look is part of a skin, which is intended to both unify and clear up your desktop. You can switch skins, customize a desktop, or revert to the Windows Classic wallpaper. Premium Clock includes a fantastic new visual style, nearly a fifty high quality skins, analog clock, digital clock, and more! Premium Clock is the most popular reminder software download.

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Buy Premium Clock 2.40 (only $34.95)Download Premium Clock 2.40 (Size: 3249 KB)

WinReminder 2.0

WinReminder is designed to help you keep track of upcoming events through the pop-up window reminders, e-mail or SMS messages. It features repeatable reminders with the powerful scheduler, snooze option, file execution, cd and program launch, internet time synchronization and system tray support. You can sort, search or preview events by types like: birthdays, calls, meetings, etc. The program is run under Microsoft Windows. WinReminder is the second most popular reminder software download.

See also: reminder, alert, date, birthday, calendar, sms, alarm, scheduler, notify, software

Buy WinReminder 2.0 (only $20.00)Download WinReminder 2.0 (Size: 844 KB)

Visual eNote 1.59

A Note & Remider Software. The appearance of your note is highly customizable and add many attachments; Set an alarm for each note as you like, reminders without the clutter, it can roll them up/down, or hide them; To security protect, you can lock them with a password; It can send reminder or note via 6 mode to colleague and friend on the network, and you can instant message send with linkman; it can support multi-user use the same computer Visual eNote is the third most popular reminder software download.

See also: sticky notes, sticky note, stickynote, reminder, reminder software, electronic notes, desktop free notes, desktop note, desknotes, virtual notes, memo, ememo, electronic memo, visual e note, rememder, post it, eNote, e Note

Buy Visual eNote 1.59 (only $24.95)Download Visual eNote 1.59 (Size: 1835 KB)

A VIP Organizer 2.4

VIP Organizer is a time and task management software which uses To Do List method to help you get through more work spending less time. The program increases your personal and professional productivity. Its an organizer, planner, notepad and reminder combined in one powerful application. Use our software to organize, prioritize and track completion of tasks, manage projects, workflow and events, plan your life for days, months and years ahead.

See also: to-do list, list of tasks, PIM, task manager, todo list, organizer software, personal information manager, reminder, notes

Buy A VIP Organizer 2.4 (only $64.95)Download A VIP Organizer 2.4 (Size: 6699 KB)

Talking Secretary 2.03e

Create reminders based on any dates, days or events, and never forget again. This will say the day and time out loud for you, read messages to you, play MP3 files, play video reminders, and display customized messages based on days of the week, weekends, specific dates, or even monthly dates. Never forget birthdays, holidays, or meetings again, and you can even use this as an alarm clock.

See also: alarm, reminder, say, loud, talk, talking, calendar, alerts, voice, alert, date, time, windows, freeware, shareware, software, download

Buy Talking Secretary 2.03e (only $14.95)Download Talking Secretary 2.03e (Size: 708 KB)

Task List 1.0

Task List provides an easy way to manage your everyday tasks, making life easier. Desktop resident at all times, your important issues will always be at your fingertips! Designed for easy access and with a minimum number of mouse clicks for all of its options, adding, deleting, setting alarms and changing priorities has never been easier!

See also: task list, task list programs, to do software, to do, pim, reminder, reminder software, widget, organizer, alarm

Buy Task List 1.0 (only $9.99)Download Task List 1.0 (Size: 2035 KB)

Joy Note Diary and Contact Manager 1.0.1

Joy Note Diary and Contact Manager(Joy Gnotes) is a personal information manager that helps you make plans, organize your private life and company business, it is a powerful combination of diary, note, contact and reminder; Password-protected feature can limit access to your personal informations with password. The user-friendly interface combines all your diaries, notes, contacts and reminders.

See also: virtual sticky notes, digital diary, contact management, information manager, contact manager, diary software, electronic digital, reminder, PIM, personal information manager, Address books, time management, organizer, organize

Buy Joy Note Diary and Contact Manager 1.0.1 (only $39.95)Download Joy Note Diary and Contact Manager 1.0.1 (Size: 3167 KB)

Efficient Reminder 1.0

Efficient Reminder is a professional, elegant and handy appointment, meeting, holiday and event reminder application. With her help, you will be able to catch up with your meetings, amaze your girl when dating her, pay each month's bills in time and prepare for your mom's birthday in time. What are you waiting for? Use Efficient Reminder and experience leisureliness in work and comfortableness in life now!

See also: reminder, reminders, birthday reminder, calendar reminder, reminder software, appointment reminder, calendar reminders, desktop reminder, daily reminder, event reminder, reminder program, appointment reminders, schedule reminder, meeting reminders

Buy Efficient Reminder 1.0 (only $19.95)Download Efficient Reminder 1.0 (Size: 2677 KB)

Efficient Calendar 1.0

Efficient Calendar is an elegant and easy-to-use scheduler, planner and reminder. Multiple calendar views, such as Day, Week, Month and Year views as well as list view are available so you can better arrange and track your events. By setting subtasks at any level, you can better organise and manage the to-do list. All appointments, meetings, events and tasks can be reminded in time as configured, and you will never miss any significant event!

See also: calendar, calendars, planners, scheduling, scheduler, events calendar, reminder, daily planner, event planner, to do list, event calendar, calendar software, day planner, reminders, task scheduler, appointment calendar, calendar program, reminder software

Buy Efficient Calendar 1.0 (only $24.95)Download Efficient Calendar 1.0 (Size: 2683 KB)

EQMS 2010 My Edition 2010R5.0

Enquiry Management/Sales Lead Management Software. Struggling to maintain your Enquiries/Leads in Excel. Planning for a more organized way to manage your sales leads. Sales opportunities is an significant source of business initiation, it is very significant to track every aspect of enquiry process for planning and goal setting. Lot of time and money is invested in generation of lead, but due to irregular follow-up the deal is lost.

See also: Enquiry Management Software, CRM Software, Sales Lead management System, EQMS Software, Enquiry management system, sales follow up software, Contact management Software, Follow-up popup Reminder, Business enquiry, payment reminder, Customer followup

Buy EQMS 2010 My Edition 2010R5.0 (only $22.00)Download EQMS 2010 My Edition 2010R5.0 (Size: 5673 KB)

Android PC to SMS

Android Mobile SMS Software provides quick and speedy way for sharing of information by broadcast text messages to group of people simultaneously. Technically powerful yet easy to use bulk messaging software provides inbuilt list wizard option that efficiently save list of mobile numbers and details at the time of sending messages. Tremendously enhance business revenue and productivity by sending product advertising SMS by using messaging software.

See also: Download, freeware, Android, mobile, bulk, SMS, software, utility, create, send, deliver, forward, broadcast, personalized, professional, business, message, news, alert, event, reminder, notification, birthday, wishes, seasonal, greetings

Buy Android PC to SMS (only $45.00)Download Android PC to SMS (Size: 2969 KB)

Software for Bulk SMS

Resourceful bulk messages broadcasting software is coming with latest featuers that lets user to connect more than one devices with personal computer. Innovative application for mass SMS lets user to communicate with each other by sending messages in quick way. Amazing Windows based group SMS deliver tool supports advance wizard option that helps user to include or exclude contact numbers during text messages sending time.

See also: Software, bulk, SMS, message, multi, device, internet, broadcast, internet, network, deliver, text, mobile, phone, communicate, retail, market, business, industry, notification, price, alert, reminder, advertisement, GUI, Windows

Buy Software for Bulk SMS (only $49.00)Download Software for Bulk SMS (Size: 3788 KB)

Bulk SMS BlackBerry Mobile

Innovative Blackberry text SMS application provides comprehensive way to stay in touch with your family member, relatives, customers, friends, clients or business partners by sending seasonal greeting messages from computer using blackberry mobile phones. Bulk SMS BlackBerry tool easily broadcasts single text messages to targeted audience in one time from computer or laptop via blackberry phone without requiring any internet connection.

See also: Software, forward, Bulk, SMS, Blackberry, send, greeting, alert, reminder, events, notification, message, national, international, mobile, networks, broadcast, meeting, personalized, text, deliver, birthday, greeting, wishes, laptop, utility

Buy Bulk SMS BlackBerry Mobile (only $45.00)Download Bulk SMS BlackBerry Mobile (Size: 4157 KB)

Send Mobile Phone SMS

Innovative Send Mobile Phone SMS Mac software free download on to send multiple numbers of bulk text messages provides complete solution for your send receive messages inbox/outbox records and company logo launching details in a few mouse clicks without any tech help. Best bulk sms software sends information for your overall company employee day to day work performance, training information, shift details.

See also: GSM, software, bulk, sms, send, phone, mobile, internet, Mac, computer, business, laptop, application, program broadcast, service, alert, tool, global, network contact, international, convey, utility, delivery forwarding, reminder, transmit

Buy Send Mobile Phone SMS (only $45.00)Download Send Mobile Phone SMS (Size: 5611 KB)

OrgScheduler Pro 6.3

A complete calendar and scheduling system. With OrgScheduler Pro, you can use email or SMS to send appointments, reminders and invitations to colleagues, friends and family members. The software is designed to enable the communication between different scheduling applications. The software simplifies information transmission between different platforms by implementing iCalendar RFC 2445 standard support.

See also: day planner, business organizer, personal organizer, pim, calendar, orgscheduler, orgschedulerpro, scheduling, scheduler, organizer, planner, reminder, personal assistant, organize, Outlook, timeline, organizer software, planning, task management, information manager

Buy OrgScheduler Pro 6.3 (only $39.95)Download OrgScheduler Pro 6.3 (Size: 15005 KB)


Powerful SMS messaging software provides interactive GUI for tech as well as non tech person that helps user to operate the software in easiest way. Website introduces Web SMS application that is useful when need to send emergency mass text message alerts regarding weather forecast, traffic delays, accident information from computer to national and international phone numbers.

See also: Web, SMS, program, compose, send, save, text, message, universities, banks, computer, mobile, GSM, windows, numbers, software, system, interview, news, national, international, reminder, events, device, communication, laptop, notification

Buy Web SMS (only $45.00)Download Web SMS (Size: 4218 KB)

Mac Bulk SMS Android

Comprehensive Mac Bulk SMS Android software easily broadcast new products information like offers or discounts in a few minutes without any extra knowledge anyplace. Company offers Mac text sender bulk messages software sends multiple numbers of bulk sms that contains Unicode character and inform products launching details, business campaigns over worldwide location within minimal time without internet connection in a few mouse clicks any networks.

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Buy Mac Bulk SMS Android (only $45.00)Download Mac Bulk SMS Android (Size: 5939 KB)

Download Bulk SMS Software

Website Provides easiest way to Download Bulk SMS Software from which empowers you to convey same information messages from Computer to end user mobile phone via using any Microsoft Window operating system based Pocket PC/PDA devices. Innovative Bulk messaging software helps to deliver emergency alert, reminders, seasonal, greeting messages worldwide GSM technology based mobile network in few mouse clicks without required any internet connection.

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Buy Download Bulk SMS Software (only $49.00)Download Download Bulk SMS Software (Size: 6154 KB)

Free SMS GSM Phone

Highly tech Free SMS GSM Phone software download company website provides to sends unlimited bulk text messages and informs new jobs opening detail, increase prize, stock market updates in a few minutes.

See also: Advance, Computer, GSM, bulk, sms, text, send, advertisement, free, products, tools, broadcast, standard, notification, reminder, contact, business, greeting, transfer, forward, national, software, mobile, phone, international, application

Buy Free SMS GSM Phone (only $45.00)Download Free SMS GSM Phone (Size: 3778 KB)

GSM Mobile SMS Gateways Mac offers GSM Mobile SMS Gateways Mac Software broadcasts single text messages to targeted audience from Apple laptop via connecting GSM phone devices without requiring any internet connection. Text SMS software delivers personalized messages to your friends, relatives, family member and other special member.

See also: GSM, Mobile, SMS, Gateways, Mac, Software, send, bulk, reminder, alert, promotional, professional, message, national, international, network, deliver, standard, notification, broadcast, infinite, text, Apple, computer, utility

Buy GSM Mobile SMS Gateways Mac (only $45.00)Download GSM Mobile SMS Gateways Mac (Size: 5611 KB)

PC to GSM Mobile SMS

Visit website for download Computer to GSM Mobile SMS software which empowers you to stay in touch with your family member, relatives, clients, customers, business partners and other knowing person through sending text messages. Bulk messaging application sends infinite SMS from Computer to end user mobile via connecting GSM technology based cell phone handsets.

See also: Mobile, SMS, software, send, invitational, promotional, advertising, personal, professional, message, worldwide, deliver, standard, notification, reminder, event, alert, text, globally, GSM, utility, transmit, seasonal, greeting, wishes

Buy PC to GSM Mobile SMS (only $45.00)Download PC to GSM Mobile SMS (Size: 3840 KB)

Gantt Chart for Workgroup 3.8

The Gantt Chart for Workgroup is extremely easy-in-use project plan system with the additional capability to share data over the network. This system lets you to specify complex tasks sequences - a task or multiple tasks can be required to be completed before other tasks can be started. You can edit task dependencies, make new task connectors and re-schedule individual tasks. The software has data import, export and password protection.

See also: gantt, chart, calendar, task manager, project manager, scheduler, scheduling, scheduler, organizer, planner, reminder, personal, assistant manager, timeline, gantt chart, gantt software, project management software, pim gantt, project scheduling, gantt project

Buy Gantt Chart for Workgroup 3.8 (only $69.95)Download Gantt Chart for Workgroup 3.8 (Size: 29992 KB)

Online SMS

Today it is possible to communicate with your friends and relatives located nationally or internationally by sending personalized text messages, funny jokes, invitations, greetings, wishes, etc at anytime from pc on their mobile phone with help of cost effective Online SMS Software from website.

See also: Bulk, online, sms, software, compose, job, alert, business, promotional, advertisement, news, broadcast, seasonal, greeting, text, message, reminder, notification, meeting, schedule, computer, GSM, mobile, phone, internet, connection, delay, delivery

Buy Online SMS (only $49.00)Download Online SMS (Size: 6307 KB)

GSM Mobile Text SMS

Company offers extraordinary GSM Mobile Text SMS application from for sending messages at different brand of mobile including Nokia, Motorola, LG, Samsung, Sony etc without facing any problem. Highly reliable SMS gateway tool delivers group text messages over worldwide in easy way.

See also: GSM, mobile, text, sms, software, send, group, message, job, alert, notification, reminder, computer, phone, product, invitation, market, telecom, connection, network, internet, gateway, broadcast, update, contact, Unicode, deliver, save, template

Buy GSM Mobile Text SMS (only $49.00)Download GSM Mobile Text SMS (Size: 3932 KB)

USB Modem Text SMS

Company offers bulk messages sending tool from that easily delivers thousand of text messages locally and globally without internet connection. Resourceful USB Modem Text SMS software saves all messages details for future reference.

See also: USB, modem, software, deliver, multiple, text, sms, message, alert, reminder, notification, connect, computer, phone, product, banking, loans, telecom, network, internet, broadcast, update, Unicode, send, save, greeting, template, Windows,

Buy USB Modem Text SMS (only $49.00)Download USB Modem Text SMS (Size: 3993 KB)

SMS from Windows

Bulk sms software for windows based pocket PC/PDA device facilitates users to quickly broadcast entire significant information to select or group of people by adding their contact numbers manually or from cell phone memory. Professional text messaging application lets users to transmit sms to your family members and business relatives in few simple steps and in anywhere in world (including national or international mobile phone networks).

See also: Bulk, sms, software, windows, mobile, phone, pocket, PDA, device, compose, send, group, text, message, worldwide, cell, network, communicate, medium, broadcast, Unicode, character, business, information, job, alert, event, reminder, campaign

Buy SMS from Windows (only $45.00)Download SMS from Windows (Size: 3952 KB)

Bulk SMS for GSM Phones

How to broadcast a large number of text sms? Quickly download professional Bulk SMS for GSM Phones software from link and broadcast a bunch of text sms, alerts, reminders, templates etc from GSM technology based Mobile phone connected with pc.

See also: Send Bulk SMS tool, sms sender software, compose text messages, deliver bulk text sms, send alert messages, send sms from GSM phone, broadcast unlimited text messages, message sender application, deliver bulk text reminder

Buy Bulk SMS for GSM Phones (only $45.00)Download Bulk SMS for GSM Phones (Size: 1873 KB)

Free Bulk SMS Software

Professional user easily communicates with large number of people simultaneously by broadcasting group text messages by using Free Bulk SMS Software which is available at site. Time and money saving utility with innovative technology to dispatch group messages such as business schemes, product advertisements or meeting alerts from computer to any phone.

See also: SMS, marketing, utility, transfer, news, headlines, windows, national, international, mobile, text, delivering, tool, dispatch, advertisements, schemes, broadcasting, software, transmit, bulk, reminder, notifications, messages, greetings, phone

Buy Free Bulk SMS Software (only $49.00)Download Free Bulk SMS Software (Size: 6307 KB)

SMS Software Blackberry Mobile

You can visit company website to download SMS Software Blackberry Mobile supports all Unicode languages (English or Non-English character) for broadcasting massive text messages. Text SMS Application provides list wizard to maintain list of large group of contact number.

See also: SMS, Software, compose, mass, text, deliver, promotional, professional, personalized, message, send, bulk, standard, message, notification, Blackberry, Mobile, phone, broadcast, alert, reminder, event, advertisement, worldwide

Buy SMS Software Blackberry Mobile (only $45.00)Download SMS Software Blackberry Mobile (Size: 4218 KB)

SMS GSM Gateway

Download group SMS software for USB modem to send instant text messages to mass audience with an option to import phone number from inbuilt contact list details in simplified manner. SMS gateway provides integrated solution to deliver bulk messages in text format with instant support to Non-English or Unicode characters. Group messaging software delivers text SMS to your friends, relatives or customers at same time without internet gateway.

See also: Bulk, SMS, software, USB, modem, sends, instant, messages, GSM, mobile, phone, connect, multi, USB, modem, device, application, forwards, text, job, alerts, price, details, greetings, event, notification, reminder, international, contact, number

Buy SMS GSM Gateway (only $49.00)Download SMS GSM Gateway (Size: 3860 KB)

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