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SizeExplorer Lite 3.7.2

SizeExplorer Lite is a powerful disk space usage analyzer. It provides you with a complete set of tools to help you manage your disk space easily. Features include folder size, graphical charts, file distribution statistics and reports, biggest files, file management, printing of file listing, compress into ZIP file, exports to Excel, html, xml and text files, etc. SizeExplorer Lite is the most popular remove keylogger download.

See also: disk space usage analyzer manager folder size report print export owner file explorer windows charts graphics statistics large files delete remove find big used network local drive shared cut paste copy drag drop owner shell xml html context menu ZIP MP3, disk, space, usage, analyzer, manager, folder, size, report, print, export, owner, file, explorer, windows, charts, graphics, statistics, large, files, delete, remove, find, big, used, network, local, drive, shared, cut, paste, copy, drag, drop, shell, xml, html, context, menu, ZIP, MP3

Buy SizeExplorer Lite 3.7.2 (only $14.00)Download SizeExplorer Lite 3.7.2 (Size: 746 KB)

ComparatorPro 3.13

ComparatorPro will finds, deletes and copies over duplicate files, it will also find missing files and perform full backup routines. It will shows you a side by side list of the contents of any two files so you can see what is missing and what is new. It can easily sync the files to ensure a perfect match. And here, too, is an alternative to the Microsoft Briefcase, install ComparatorPro everywhere you go to keep shared files in sync. ComparatorPro is the second most popular remove keylogger download.

See also: compare, comparing, duplicate, file, finder, backup, back, remove, dup, missing, clone, find, delete, copying, copy, master, files, hard, drive, disk, byte, synchronize, clean, sync, crc, folder, newer, new, directory, briefcase, version, deleting, comparator, pro

Buy ComparatorPro 3.13 (only $19.95)Download ComparatorPro 3.13 (Size: 1321 KB)

CloneMaster 2.19

Clean your hard drive of duplicate files that are just wasting space. CloneMaster searches for TRUE duplicate files (byte for byte), same name files and zero length files and bring them to your attention. It include Smart Delete, Rename, Save as. and other functions. The Smart Delete is a filter for flagging files for deletion. CloneMaster is the third most popular remove keylogger download.

See also: duplicate, files, finder, remove, dup, dups, clone, clean, find, delete, master, file, hard, drive, disk, byte, bit, rename, document, folder, compare, comparing, clonemaster, softbyte

Buy CloneMaster 2.19 (only $29.95)Download CloneMaster 2.19 (Size: 1513 KB)

iRondo Imaging Station V1 1.0

Easy to use iRondo profiles simplify the batch processing of thousands of images per hour by automating common image cleanup and organization functions in a foolproof way. Automatically group image batches by coverpage barcode, rename files by the barcode value, clean up (despeckle, remove border, noise, crop, autorotate) images, prepare PDF files for customer delivery, create barcode extracts for integration with other applications

See also: batch, management, automation, barcode, grouping, batching, renaming, reading, archive, quickscan, TIFF, JPG, image fix, Code39, Code128, PDF417, DataMatrix, deskew, repair image, remove noise, despeckle, autorotate, auto crop, pdf417, datamatrix, code, 128, interleaved 2of5

Buy iRondo Imaging Station V1 1.0 (only $1495.00)Download iRondo Imaging Station V1 1.0 (Size: 5774 KB)

SafeIT File Shredding 2006

SafeIT File Shredding is an application for permanently removing (shred) files and folders from your computer. The software allows you to completely erase selected information on your hard drive and other memories. Supports shredding of individual files, recycle bin, temporary files, unused disk space (free disk space) and Internet history. Very easy to install and use.

See also: Security, Delete, E-mail, E-mails, Email, Emails, Shredder, Shredding, Erase, Remove, Shred

Buy SafeIT File Shredding 2006 (only $29.95)Download SafeIT File Shredding 2006 (Size: 7973 KB)

Mil Shield 4.9

Mil Shield 4.9 protects your privacy by deleting all tracks from your online or offline computer activities: cookies, cache, history, INDEX.DAT files, Firefox tracks and all other tracks. There are some unique features in this program: Selective cleaning (selectively preserves cache, history and/or cookies for chosen by you safe Internet sites), Panic key combination, Automatic cleaning, Support for multiple user accounts.

See also: clean, erase, delete, remove, index.dat, cookies, history, Internet Explorer, Firefox, cache, tracks, evidence, recent documents, MRU, most recently used, privacy, start page, home page, typed URL history, UserData records, automatic, security

Buy Mil Shield 4.9 (only $29.00)Download Mil Shield 4.9 (Size: 1728 KB)

Desktop Icon Toy 1.0

Desktop Icon Toy is a tool to let you play trick on the windows desktop icons. It can animate and dance icons, layout icons, remove the ugly text of desktop icons, show hide desktop icons, Save and restore desktop icon layout, change the font color and background color of desktop icons, and so on.

See also: Desktop Icon, Desktop, Icons, Toy, Dance Icon, Animate Icon, Layout, Hide, Hidden, Remove, Change, Save, Restore, Drag, Drop, Align

Buy Desktop Icon Toy 1.0 (only $12.95)Download Desktop Icon Toy 1.0 (Size: 386 KB)

Fuzzy Duplicates Finder for Excel 1.65

This wonderful Excel plugin will polish off all typos and misprints from your Excel workbooks. It quickly finds and removes partial, or fuzzy duplicates, typos, misspelled words and similar records within a list or a selected range. Fuzzy Duplicates Finder searches for duplicates that differ in 1 to 6 characters. It also recognizes lost and inserted symbols. It supports Microsoft Excel 2003, 2002 and 2000.

See also: Excel, Find, Duplicates, Remove, Microsoft

Buy Fuzzy Duplicates Finder for Excel 1.65 (only $29.95)Download Fuzzy Duplicates Finder for Excel 1.65 (Size: 1191 KB)

QuickUnplug 1.01

A new solution for those who often use different USB devices. As it's quite gangerous to unplug a USB device without any precautions (some important info can be damaged) QuickUnplug allows you to safely remove any USB device without routine. The tool is unique: you can safely unplug USB devices via ommand line as well as via GUI. Besides it displays the disks on the USB device that has been plugged in. Use QuickUnplug to be on the safe side!

See also: unplug, remove, safe, USB

Buy QuickUnplug 1.01 (only $24.50)Download QuickUnplug 1.01 (Size: 1400 KB)

007 Email Verify Express 5.0

Bulk Email Validator | Very Fast Professional Email Address Verify Software. 1) Fast verify speed. Can verify about 100000 email per hours. 2) Only verify email is valid or not and nothing is send to the email recipitent. 3) Remove invalid , not existed and duplicate email address. Improve performance of Mailing list. 4) Provide different mailing lists compare, combine and remove tool. 5) Very Simple to use.

See also: email, email address, email software, email verify, email validator, verify email, email verifier, email validation, e-mail verify, verify e-mail, validator, bulk email, email marketing, mailing list, email list, fast, duplicate, remove, opt, mail, bulk, software, free, search, smtp, server, send, 007 email verify express,

Buy 007 Email Verify Express 5.0 (only $40.00)Download 007 Email Verify Express 5.0 (Size: 534 KB)

PCMesh Internet and Disk Cleanup 5.0

PCMesh Internet and Disk Cleanup is a utility to remove user activity tracks including [a href=""]index.dat files[/a] and to clean the hard disk from junk files. Furthermore disk cleanup functionality to remove Windows and Internet temporary files, Java cache and other junk files is included. Files shredding which means overwrite files a number of times and finally delete them is included.

See also: index.dat, internet, cookies, history, cleanup, delete, remove, disk cleanup, delete history, privacy, security, disk

Buy PCMesh Internet and Disk Cleanup 5.0 (only $34.95)Download PCMesh Internet and Disk Cleanup 5.0 (Size: 1355 KB)

3ddragon Super Material PRO 3.0

A great and useful stuff tool for 3dsmax(especially for architecture design)* It can add unlimited number of material spheres and assign materials to objects swiftly.* You can set your favorite materials as quick materials. * You can add .mat format material library files into My Favorite Material Libraries. * Quick remove missing maps(remove Paths or Materials of missing maps). * Match Renderers automatically

See also: missing maps, kill missing maps, remove missing maps, clean missing maps, 3d plugin, stuff tool, Material Library, 3dsmax, vray, vray tool, vray plugin, 3ddragon, clean maps, clear maps

Buy 3ddragon Super Material PRO 3.0 (only $99.00)Download 3ddragon Super Material PRO 3.0 (Size: 2294 KB)

iTunes Duplicate Music Remover 2.8

Clone Remover is a convenient program for finding file duplicates. It will ask you what you want to search for step by step and then show you the list of found files. Main features: 1)Deleting, moving, copying found duplicates. 2)Searching the hard drive and also network drives for duplicates. 3)Searching for exact duplicates. 4)Searching for similar images. 5)Searching for audio file duplicates.

See also: itunes duplicate library, mp3 duplicate finder, duplicate mp3 finder, duplicate mp3 file finder, find duplicate mp3, find duplicate mp3 files, find duplicate music, find duplicate music files, remove duplicate mp3, duplicate

Buy iTunes Duplicate Music Remover 2.8 (only $32.90)Download iTunes Duplicate Music Remover 2.8 (Size: 1250 KB)

PDF Restrictions Remover

PDF content copying and document printing restrictions remover utility clear owner password security. If a document is encrypted with 40-bits/128-bits RC4 or 128-bits AES encryption and an owner password is required to enable copy and print, then this software activate PDF restrictions without owner password. PDF unlocker tool supports Windows XP, 2000, NT, Vista and Windows 7. PDF decryption software enables print, copy, form filling options.

See also: PDF, security, remover, restrictions, protected, encrypted, decryption, print, content copy, form filling, modifying, unlock, user, owner, password, breaker, remove, clear, permissions, 128 bits, 40 bits, RC4, AES, software, decrypt, activate, enable

Buy PDF Restrictions Remover (only $19.95)Download PDF Restrictions Remover (Size: 660 KB)

DiskFerret 1.0.1

DiskFerret is a disk space analysis and management tool. It analyzes the files within a drive, network share, or folder, and provides charts and detailed information to help you understand where and how disk space is being used. You can think of DiskFerret as a measuring device that you use to determine what is going on inside your disk drive. Fast visual feedback to show you largest files, duplicate files, file owners, temporary files, and more.

See also: remove duplicate files, disk space usage, duplicate file manager, delete duplicate files, disk space analyzer, clean up hard drive, disk cleanup, disk utilization, disk space utility, disk space software, freeing up disk space, disk space, free up disk space

Buy DiskFerret 1.0.1 (only $9.95)Download DiskFerret 1.0.1 (Size: 42211 KB)

Coranti MultiEngine AntiVirusAntiSpyware 1.3.1

Multi-layer security is finally possible! Coranti blends the best-of-breed anti-virus and anti-spyware scan engines of leading security software companies (BitDefender, F-Prot, and Lavasoft) into a multi-engine solution for unprecedented protection against security threats. Coranti guards key entry points through which malware can attack and infect your computer, and offers effective real-time protection.

See also: MultiCore, antivirus, antispyware, security, protection, anti-malware, anti-virus, anti-spyware, malware, multi-core, multi-engine, heuristics, scan engine, best detection, email, virus, spyware, remove, clean, anti-rootkit, trojan, rootkit

Buy Coranti MultiEngine AntiVirusAntiSpyware 1.3.1 (only $49.99)Download Coranti MultiEngine AntiVirusAntiSpyware 1.3.1 (Size: 47020 KB)

OB Excel Text Manager 1.5.1

OB Text Manager is a Microsoft Excel add-in that gives you the power to quick manipulate large amounts of text. Easily find and remove duplicates, merge the content of selected cells , remove special characters and change case in various ways. These powerful functions can save you many hours of manual work with imported text in your worksheets. The interface is very easy and intuitive with smart wizard guidance.

See also: excel, text, change case, remove duplicates, remove characters, merge cell text

Buy OB Excel Text Manager 1.5.1 (only $29.95)Download OB Excel Text Manager 1.5.1 (Size: 928 KB)

PDF Page Combining

PDF Page Combining application specially designed for them who need to use daily in their work and facing many problems. Combining tool program has the facility of arranging, adding, joining, merging, combining and appending pages. Splitting utility application interface is Simple and user friendly that enables to speedily into joins and add document. PDFs Combine software function arranges, rearrange, organise and manage adobe reader files.

See also: PDF, splitter, remove, divide, cut, add, page, multiple, Merging, PDF, software, documents, merge, editor, joiner, joining, combining, PDFs, acrobat, program, make, generate, concatenate, combiner, arrange, join, sorting, create, files, tool, utility

Buy PDF Page Combining (only $29.85)Download PDF Page Combining (Size: 1843 KB)

Join PDF Software

Join PDF Software can manage file in more organized manner in order to produce much lighter and better in memory so that it will simply transfer through mail. Adobes Merger application combine the different e-books to generate a single ebook for ease and break a PDFs file into tiny make the page lighter in memory for easy to communicate or transfer. Combining generator used to make arranges ads multiple pages into one adobe.

See also: PDF, splitter, remove, divide, cut, add, page, multiple, Merging, PDF, software, documents, merge, editor, joiner, joining, combining, PDFs, acrobat, program, make, generate, concatenate, combiner, arrange, join, sorting, create, files, tool, utility

Buy Join PDF Software (only $14.85)Download Join PDF Software (Size: 1843 KB)

Combine PDF Software

Combine PDF Software can combine add append join multiple PDFs and break cut divide large Adobe Acrobat. Merger application has the facility for breaking one or more documents into several tiny sizes of document on a single click. Splitter and Merger File programs generate can divide multi-frame adobes. Joining and Combining tool can compare similar files in one platform and convert breaking page into single or many pages.

See also: PDF, splitter, remove, divide, cut, add, page, multiple, Merging, PDF, software, documents, merge, editor, joiner, joining, combining, PDFs, acrobat, program, make, generate, concatenate, combiner, arrange, join, sorting, create, files, tool, utility

Buy Combine PDF Software (only $14.85)Download Combine PDF Software (Size: 1843 KB)

Apex PDF Merger

PDF merger utility add two or more files into single file and resize multiple PDF pages according to user needs. PDF merger splitting split files into smaller files using numbers. Extract specific pages, odd even pages and make your PDFs more manageable for utilization in different ways. Software is the best with its existing features such add, merge, combine, cut, delete, remove, manage which are extremely apply on several batch PDF documents easily.

See also: PDF, Merger, Merge, Batch, Pages, Join, Split, Combine, Software, Add, Append, Extract, Delete, Cut, Remove, Blank, Arrange, Encrypt, Password, Multiple, Make, Produce, Reduce, Splitter, Divide, Documents, Big, Bulk, Adobe, Smaller, File, Application

Buy Apex PDF Merger (only $29.90)Download Apex PDF Merger (Size: 3599 KB)

Remove 4.1

Remove is a full-featured uninstaller for uninstalling software and removing software entries from the Windows Add/Remove Programs applet in the Control Panel. In addition to the standard uninstall option, Remove highlights phantom software entries and allows you remove, modify, and backup them. Best of all, Remove gives you the ability to get rid of hidden software, unwanted and partially installed applications, and obsolete software entries.

See also: remove, add, add remove, add/remove, control panel, replacement, entry, entries, delete, uninstall, uninstaller, restore, backup, add/remove programs, hidden, shown, salonen, mika salonen, resulttia, software, resulttia software

Buy Remove 4.1 (only $19.95)Download Remove 4.1 (Size: 54 KB)

Apex PDF File Splitter

PDF file splitter application providing user-friendly environment in this way end user can be use this software without facing any problem. You can perform several operation like splitting large PDF file, merging PDF pages and file, delete as well as remove un-usual pages, extract required pages form PDF file into several manner like fixed page range, specific pages, odd pages and even pages. You can set password on PDF file through user & owner.

See also: PDF, File, Splitter, Software, Split, Merge, Delete, Create, Manage, Join, Add, Remove, Cut, Break, Divide, Append, Batch, Document, Extract, Pages, Arrange, Odd, Even, Range, Size, Multiple, Single, Watermark, Bookmark, Program, Free, Tool, Resize

Buy Apex PDF File Splitter (only $29.90)Download Apex PDF File Splitter (Size: 3605 KB)

Aimersoft WMV Converter

Professional DRM remover which can convert DRM protected WMV, WMA, ASF files to MPG, MPEG, VOB, AVI, MP4, MOV,3GP/3G2, H.264, and FLV, features also as a fast audio converter, can abstract audio tracks from DRM protected WMV & WMA files to unprotected WMA, MP3, supports batch mode and output file adjustment, easy-to-use with intuitive interface.

See also: DRM WMV Converter, remove WMV license, convert DRM WMV to MP4, AVI, convert wmv to mpeg4, mpeg wmv converter, remove drm from wmv, convert wmv to vcd, wmv to mp4, wmv to mpg

Buy Aimersoft WMV Converter (only $15.95)Download Aimersoft WMV Converter (Size: 7992 KB)

Apex PDF Merge and Split

PDF merge and split is easy to use software split and merge PDF document. Application supports attractive and effective graphical interface. Utility has option to split, merge, delete and extract PDF pages into several criteria like particular page range, specific pages and even/odd pages. You can remove or delete empty and ineffective PDF pages. Tool lets splitting PDF file into single pages, deleting required pages, extracting mandatory pages

See also: PDF, Merge, Split, Software, Splitter, Merger, Add, Append, Remove, Splitting, Merging, Join, Cut, Extract, Delete, Specific, Remover, Free, Extractor, Rearrange, Divide, Big, Multiple, Bulk, File, Page, Batch, Document, Combine, Program, Range, Tool

Buy Apex PDF Merge and Split (only $14.90)Download Apex PDF Merge and Split (Size: 3561 KB)

Remove Duplicate Contacts for Outlook 4.5.1

Remove Duplicate Contacts is a powerful and easy-to-use Outlook Add-In for searching and processing of duplicate contacts in Outlook folders. High-speed searching and processing (delete, copy, move). More than one Million contact items supported. Compare attachments and attached files of all contact copies. Easy to change the option: Work for all users on this computer, or only work for the actual user.

See also: duplicate contacts, remove duplicate contacts, delete duplicate contacts

Buy Remove Duplicate Contacts for Outlook 4.5.1 (only $19.95)Download Remove Duplicate Contacts for Outlook 4.5.1 (Size: 837 KB)

Apex Merge PDF Pages

Merge PDF pages software is simple and economical utility design to split large PDFs, merge several PDF, delete blank and unwanted PDF pages, compare two PDFs, extract PDF pages, change page size of PDFs, watermark, change PDF Meta properties etc. PDF splitter utility is available to download at given link Apex All in One PDF Tool PDF splitter merger software merges two pages on one page and makes single PDF or individual PDF.

See also: Merge, PDF, Pages, Files, Documents, Splitting, Split, Splitter, Cut, Merger, Merging, Software, Combine, Joiner, Join, Cutter, Add, Breaker, Delete, Extract, Divide, Multiple, Remove, Compare, Create, Protection, Multiple, Bookmark, Watermark, Adobe

Buy Apex Merge PDF Pages (only $29.90)Download Apex Merge PDF Pages (Size: 3605 KB)

Excel Text Cleaner 6.5.0

This is a reliable excel addin developed to help in Cleaning Excel files data. Tool carries out different data cleaning tasks like Removing and replacing characters, Removing empty rows, columns and sheets, Removing excessive spaces, Removing duplicate entries, changing to upper or lower case, changing to proper case. Tool also helps count number of cells, worksheets and active sheets. Tool is compatible with different versions of windows.

See also: Remove duplicates from excel, duplicate remover in excel, Excel data cleaner, excel add in, excel utility, Remove space in excel, Excel utility software

Buy Excel Text Cleaner 6.5.0 (only $39.00)Download Excel Text Cleaner 6.5.0 (Size: 1028 KB)

Apex Merge Two PDF

Merge two PDF with its multi-purpose functionality, extract PDF pages as odd even page number or page range and make single PDF file. Advance splitting and merging techniques of PDF splitter software supports to breaking larger Adobe documents into several files. Split multi-page PDF file in the multiple numbers of individual Adobe pages. Break larger Adobe files application as new version of utility is available on website

See also: Merge, Two, PDF, Join, Remove, Split, Extract, Cut, Add, Append, Free, Concatenate, Download, Software, Reorder, Delete, Combine, Batch, Large, Single, Arrange, Odd, Even, Bulk, Produce, Multiple, Pages, Adobe, Single, Manage, File, Document, Acrobat

Buy Apex Merge Two PDF (only $14.90)Download Apex Merge Two PDF (Size: 3561 KB)

Remove Duplicate Items 10.02.01

Control the menace of duplicate items in Microsoft Outlook mailbox with the most user-friendly outlook duplicates remover, the Kernel for Outlook Duplicates. Search and find the duplicate items, and remove them by choosing the options - flag, copy or move to a folder, delete or permanently delete - provided by the Kernel for Outlook Duplicates. It is an essential utility for Outlook users as it minimizes the errors associated with the size of PST.

See also: remove duplicate items, remove duplicate email, remove duplicate contacts, delete duplicate contacts, remove duplicate messages

Buy Remove Duplicate Items 10.02.01 (only $29.00)Download Remove Duplicate Items 10.02.01 (Size: 2969 KB)

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