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Easily backup, synchronize, or restore your files to another drive, FTP server, ZIP file, networked drive, or removable media. Highly configurable, SyncBackSE includes: open/locked file copying; fast backup; true synchronization; SSL, TLS, MODEZ, UTF8 support; email results; simulated backups; file filters; copy verification; background backups; auto-close of programs; easy and expert modes; profile groups; and extensive context sensitive help. SyncBackSE is the most popular simple to do download.

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Buy SyncBackSE (only $25.00)Download SyncBackSE (Size: 4573 KB)

NitroRAM 2.1

NitroRAM simply the best utility for recovering wasted RAM and optimizing the RAM. NitroRAM will recover leaked memory (memory used by a program, but not freed). NitroRAM will also flush out unused DLLs, closed files, and other information that is wasting the RAM's space. NitroRAM features an intelligent brain to make sure that operation of NitroRAM does not interfere with regular computer. NitroRAM is the second most popular simple to do download.

See also: NitroRAM, memturbo, Internet Rocket, RoadSide Software, LLC, Cache Speed, cacheman, vcache, nitro, fast, faster, RAM, random, access, memory, cool, simple, easy, best, colorful, Road, Side, more, quicker, simple, simplest, picture, amazing, restarts

Buy NitroRAM 2.1 (only $9.99)Download NitroRAM 2.1 (Size: 1156 KB)

Agenda At Once 2.3.226

Agenda At Once could be just what you are looking for a long time. Carefully designed user interface reduces unnecessary mouse clicks and keyboard presses. In other words, Agenda At Once will save your time, your money and system resources. Features: multiple databases, password protection, hierarchical to-do list, percent based task completion, drag&drop support, quick notes, printing, low memory and disk requirements. Agenda At Once is the third most popular simple to do download.

See also: agenda, to-do, tree, schedule, notes, simple

Buy Agenda At Once 2.3.226 (only $29.95)Download Agenda At Once 2.3.226 (Size: 2209 KB)

1Click Backup 1.0.1

With 1Click backup, you can take backup of your confidential and important files, folders, emails, Windows Address Book, Internet Explorer Settings and many more in just ONE CLICK!! What's more!! You get 100MB of free space on 1Click Backup remote server to store your important backups. Also, you can save backup on common external storage devices. Visit at: for any kind of free assistance.

See also: Backup utility, Backup software, backup tool, Backup application, Easy restore, Easy backup, Fast backup, One click backup, Quick backup, Remote backup, simple backup, backup, download, Schedule backup, ftp, floppy, online, secure backup

Buy 1Click Backup 1.0.1 (only $24.95)Download 1Click Backup 1.0.1 (Size: 3246 KB)

InstantCashBook 3.04.4

Simple, easy to use tool to help small business owners or operators record their daily financial activity. Simply enter daily bank or cash payment & receipt transactions and InstantCashBook 3 will prepare all your reports like Income/ Expenses (Profit/Loss) and more. Very easy to use and does not require any accounting experience. InstantCashBook 3 can also prepare tax reports to help you prepare your periodic tax submission to your tax office.

See also: cashbook, cash book, cash accounting, simple accounting, bookkeeping, business acccounting, simple business accounting

Buy InstantCashBook 3.04.4 (only $69.00)Download InstantCashBook 3.04.4 (Size: 1812 KB)

PalmaryCalc 1.0.1

PalmaryCalc from a simple calculator with a user-friendly interface to a scientific with different input methods (including RPN), conversion functions (from cooking to astronomical), credit, base number conversions between binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal; 32-bit, 16-bit, and 8-bit integer math calculations and conversions; logical and bit-manipulation operations, currency conversion, tip and mortgage calculations.

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Buy PalmaryCalc 1.0.1 (only $14.95)Download PalmaryCalc 1.0.1 (Size: 624 KB)

Portello Online SiteEditor 1.05.0036

Portello is a completely new and unique way of updating a web site. Portello is a plug-in to Internet Explorer that puts your page into an editable mode. The easiest and the fastest way of updating your web site. A misspelled word is corrected faster than a Ferrari accelerates from zero to 65 mph! Press a button and your web page as you see it becomes editable. Press another button and your changes will be saved instantly to the web server.

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Buy Portello Online SiteEditor 1.05.0036 (only $29.00)Download Portello Online SiteEditor 1.05.0036 (Size: 5948 KB)

Portello CMS Admin 1.0.1

PortelloCMS Admin is the administration section of the new Portello CMS system. You decide by clicking and pointing which areas each of your users will be able to edit. In only a few minutes you are on the way to administrating an existing homepage, and your clients can immediately begin editing their pages with the help of PortelloCMS Client. Pages don?t need to be re-written, PortelloCMS Admin can be used in conjunction with any webserver.

See also: web editing, web editor, homepage editing, CMS, content management system, web browser, editing, web publishing, publish, homepage, site, simple, browser, database, databases, homepages

Buy Portello CMS Admin 1.0.1 (only $399.00)Download Portello CMS Admin 1.0.1 (Size: 5956 KB)

AccessBar 1.1

AccessBar, the Ultimate Desktop Organizer allows you to launch, find, organize and access applications and documents quickly and efficien AccessBar is the ultimate desktop organization tool. With a simple configuration interface, you can create shortcuts of files, folders, applications and URLs that you use frequently and then they are all only a click away.

See also: AccessBar, windows, desktop, shell, launch, folder, popup, processes, quick, simple

Buy AccessBar 1.1 (only $14.99)Download AccessBar 1.1 (Size: 1030 KB)

PiggyBob Premium 3.0

PiggyBob Premium is a first truly user-friendly personal finances analyzing tool combined with a powerful electronic printable calendar. It will help you keep track of all your income and expenses, sorted by types you will choose yourself. Graphs will help you visualize tendencies in your financial life.

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Buy PiggyBob Premium 3.0 (only $19.95)Download PiggyBob Premium 3.0 (Size: 6939 KB)

PiggyBob Basic 3.0

PiggyBob is a user-friendly personal finances analyzing tool combined with a powerful capabilities calendar. It will help you keep track of all your income and expenses, sorted by types you will choose yourself. Graphs will help you visualize tendencies in your financial life. You will also like PiggyBob?s calendar features with the possibility of entering any number of events for any given day, event alarm set up function.

See also: personal finance, personal finance software, printable calendar, free calendar, calendar software, event calendar, accounting software, simple accounting, personal budget, family budget, personal accounting, personal accounting software, budgeting so

Buy PiggyBob Basic 3.0 (only $7.95)Download PiggyBob Basic 3.0 (Size: 6316 KB)

E-Mail Server 3.02

Robust SMTP/POP3 server program that can be used as a corporate or personal mail server and with any SMTP compliant mail client. Accept mail on behalf of your users. Simple, powerful and bullet-proof. Lots of security features to protect the server from DDoS attacks and block SPAM. Multiple SMTP gateways in case you cannot deliver your email directly to the destination. Use parameterized lists to send customized messages to many recipients.

See also: simple smtp server, desktop smtp server, corporate smtp server, simple pop3 server, simple email server, deliver email laptop, travel smtp server

Buy E-Mail Server 3.02 (only $69.00)Download E-Mail Server 3.02 (Size: 1521 KB)

Power Off Key 1.0

The Power Off Key tool can save your time every day by minimizing time to power off your computer. You need only one key press to shutdown. Fast and clear tool without any menus, mysterious icons at tray and additional settings. Just press ScrollLock key to power off. This tool can save several seconds of your life every day and up to half an hour a year.

See also: shutdown, power, off, key, save, lifetime, desktop, fast, simple, one, ScrollLock, business, learn, conviniant, switch, turn, switch off, turn off, vista, power off key

Buy Power Off Key 1.0 (only $11.99)Download Power Off Key 1.0 (Size: 343 KB)

History Explorer 1.0

History Explorer gives you simple version control while keeping a local backup of your significant files. History Explorer looks and works much like Windows Explorer except it's designed to let you view the history of your files. Source control has never been easier! This is the most intuitive backup software that you have ever seen and everything is done automatically, so you just have to install it and sit back.

See also: simple source control, source control, version control, local backup, file, version, backup, undelete, rewind, undo, office, word, simple, easy, mistake, regret, history, explorer, client

Buy History Explorer 1.0 (only $30.00)Download History Explorer 1.0 (Size: 870 KB)

Artists Portfolio Creator 1.2

The Artists Portfolio Creator lets you to make great looking digital portfolios showcasing your artworks and burn these portfolios to CD. It's easy to use and perfect for making high quality submissions to galleries and magazines. You can include your personal details, resume and artists statement. You can add in images of your artworks and crop, rotate and flip those images and then preview your portfolio's as you make them.

See also: artist, portfolio, create, burn, presentation, gallery, submit, simple, easy, art

Buy Artists Portfolio Creator 1.2 (only $59.00)Download Artists Portfolio Creator 1.2 (Size: 3461 KB)

Deluxe CSS Menu beta

Enhance your website with 100% Pure CSS Menu! No-Javascript drop down menu, based on pure CSS and HTML. Deluxe CSS Menu is fully compatible with Deluxe Menu in visual appearance. If you already use Deluxe Menu, you need just a couple of clicks to convert it to 100% CSS Menu using CSS Menu Generator (Deluxe Tuner). Also Deluxe Tuner lets you to make brand-new CSS menus in minutes without writing a single line of CSS.

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Buy Deluxe CSS Menu beta (only $29.00)Download Deluxe CSS Menu beta (Size: 3603 KB)

Metronome and Polyhythm player 3.0

This utility is especially useful for rhythm practice and explorations. It introduces many capabilities not normally found in metronomes - such as polyrhythms, long bars, syncopated rhythms and so on. You can play all those in an intuitive way - with no need for music notation. You can also adjust volumes and times of individual beats in the bar by hand or get a groove from a recording. Use any Midi instruments for the beats. Many other options.

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Buy Metronome and Polyhythm player 3.0 (only $28.00)Download Metronome and Polyhythm player 3.0 (Size: 6808 KB)

ByteMove FTP 2009.1.1.1

ByteMove FTP is the fast, easy way to transfer files across your network or the Internet. With a fast download, easy installation and simple settings, ByteMove FTP provides reliable multiple FTP server access as well as first-class value for money.

See also: ftp, client, fast, simple, easy to use, reliable, multiple server, free trial, shareware, low cost, internet, secure, advanced, application, side, software

Buy ByteMove FTP 2009.1.1.1 (only $14.95)Download ByteMove FTP 2009.1.1.1 (Size: 1759 KB)

EasyAs Accounting Software 6.0

See how to Get EasyAs Accounting and Bookkeeping Software for FREE - Visit our Website.. With EasyAs Bookkeeping you get all the usual things link invoicing, quoting, income, expenses, sales tax, accounts payable and receivable.. But best of you do not need to have any accounting experience to use our software. Just simple easy to use Small Business and Subcontractor Accounting Software that places you in control of your finances.

See also: small business accounting software, accounting software, accounting, invoice, bookkeeping, software, tax, subcontractor, small business, contractor, easy accounting, simple, free trial

Buy EasyAs Accounting Software 6.0 (only $89.00)Download EasyAs Accounting Software 6.0 (Size: 11218 KB)

Simple To-Do List 2.303

Simply organise your tasks, notes, reminders and recurring tasks. Easily reorder everything using drag and drop. The features include Archive for old tasks, powerful print and export, ability to add or edit multiple tasks at once, task coloring, robust customization options, many columns to choose from (including Priority, Task Type, Due Date, Context, Start Date, Completion Date, Time etc) and more. Portable: Carry it on a USB thumbdrive.

See also: simple to do, simple todo, simple to do list, simple to-do list, simple task, simple task manager, simple organizer, simple list, simple check list, simple checklist, simple pim, simple todo app, simple to do app, simple todo program

Buy Simple To-Do List 2.303 (only $29.95)Download Simple To-Do List 2.303 (Size: 5548 KB)

MultiTranse Oriental 6.4

MultiTranse Oriental is a versatile translation suite for 12 eastern languages, including Indonesian, Thai, Filipino, Chinese, Persian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Turkish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Hindi, Hebrew and 5 European languages. MultiTranse offers a unique alloy of a linguistic instrument with a purely business utility that will help you keep your finger on the pulse of your eastern partners and colleagues and be constantly in sync with them!

See also: translator, translation, tool, oriental, eastern, Chinese, Japanese, simple translator, quick translation

Buy MultiTranse Oriental 6.4 (only $18.95)Download MultiTranse Oriental 6.4 (Size: 2538 KB)

PlunkIt Mac 1.0

PlunkIt! is the premier cross-platform, private and secure file transfer tool for your office. Instantly send files on your local network. Plunkit! uses peer-to-peer technology and unlike public file transfer systems, does not rely on Internet servers. Plunkit! increases security and productivity as there is no risk of sending or receiving files from outside your office. Seamlessly connects Mac and Windows computers on your LAN or WAN!

See also: fille-transfer, cross-platform, peer-to-peer, private, LAN, fast, in-house, file transfer, cross platform, simple, easy, quick, secure

Buy PlunkIt Mac 1.0 (only $13.00)Download PlunkIt Mac 1.0 (Size: 7167 KB)

Ezidoits Security 4.1.2

Ezidoits Security offers antivirus, firewall, and antispyware in one simple package that uses the least amount of your PC's resources and yet gives you one of the most effective protection systems available. Protection is vital when accessing the Internet - Ezidoits Security gives you the peace of mind that comes with being secure, as well as the knowledge that you still have the fullest access to your PC's memory and capabilities.

See also: security, antivirus, antispyware, firewall, small, footprint, simple, safe

Buy Ezidoits Security 4.1.2 (only $26.00)Download Ezidoits Security 4.1.2 (Size: 558 KB)

Turbo Invoicer 2.0

Turbo Invoicer is a billing software for freelancers and SOHOs. Turbo Invoicer is oriented to people who wants to make invoices fast, without fighting with difficult softwares that requires knowledge of accounting and double-entry bookkeeping. Forget about Excel or Word templates, with Turbo Invoicer you can store all your products, your customers and your invoices. And with an extremely easy-to-use interface!

See also: invoices, billing, customers, articles, templates, management, agile, easy, simple, practical, invoice, invoicing, accounting, finance, customers, products, tax, taxes, product, customer, bill

Buy Turbo Invoicer 2.0 (only $75.00)Download Turbo Invoicer 2.0 (Size: 4102 KB)

DesignCAD 3D MAX 22

DesignCAD 3D MAX is an easy-to-use, versatile CAD utility that's perfect for novice designers, but powerful enough to make high-quality 2D/3D designs, models and animations. The intuitive interface and extensive online help make it easy to design anything, from simple hobby projects to professional precision architectural and mechanical drawings. To activate, enter serial number: DEAM-5538-0869-4310-3180 and activation key: B159-0D57-DC7E-E5F7

See also: DesignCAD, design cad, easy cad, simple cad, 2d cad, 3d cad, hobby cad, architectural design, mechanical design, drawing, animation, dwg, dxf, cad, cad software, drawing layers, hatch patterns, dimensioning, 3d solid modeling, materials, text

Buy DesignCAD 3D MAX 22 (only $99.99)Download DesignCAD 3D MAX 22 (Size: 76756 KB)

Cube it Zero Professional 6.1

CUBE-it Zero Professional is an OLAP Cube builder which brings building cubes within the grasp of anyone familiar with MS Access. CUBE-it Zero bridges the gap between Access Queries and OLAP CUBES. It extends the reach of cubes to everyone by enabling the creation of cubes using a simple 4 step process. Whilst not a replacement for a data warehouse, it delivers fully functional OLAP cubes that do not require a data warehouse.

See also: olap, sql server, cube, cube builder, simple, easy to use, microsoft, business intelligence, tool, data warehouse, ssas, analysis services, sql server 2005, sql server 2008, personal bi, bi-lite, etl, elt

Buy Cube it Zero Professional 6.1 (only $149.00)Download Cube it Zero Professional 6.1 (Size: 268 KB)

SolveIT, Over 40 Financial Calculators 6.1b

A fast, easy-to-use collection of over 40 financial calculators. Includes amortization, loan calculator, balloon, compound/simple interest, bond value & yields, present & future value, goal planning, debt reduction, annuity, IRR, budget, net worth. Many more. Adjustable cash flows and rates. Support for: extra and skipped payments or deposits; Rule-of-78's; Canadian type loans; APR disclosure statements; evaluation of loan acceleration scenarios.

See also: loan calculator, amortization schedule, debt reduction, goal planning, balloon payments, depreciation, rule-of-78s, IRR, simple interest, compound interest

Buy SolveIT, Over 40 Financial Calculators 6.1b (only $99.95)Download SolveIT, Over 40 Financial Calculators 6.1b (Size: 17820 KB)

Ezidoits Backup 4.1.2

Ezidoits Backup and Restore permits you to keep all your significant documents and photos safe and sound. Designed to complement the Security module, Backup and Restore maintains a complete copy of your valuable records at a separate location - another drive on your Computer or even to a detachable device, such as a USB drive or thumbstick. Ezidoits provides a simple, non-technical guide to help you step-by-step you through the Backup process

See also: backup, restore, simple, safe, small

Buy Ezidoits Backup 4.1.2 (only $26.00)Download Ezidoits Backup 4.1.2 (Size: 558 KB)

Make Own Cards

DRPU Offer Make Own Cards utility provides simplified solutions for users to generate or design wonderful looking birthday cards for users by using its simplest card creation process within minimum time period without any efforts. Professional Make Own Cards software has an extra ordinary capability to make custom happy birthday cards within simplest or easiest way by using its advance image designing objects at a reasonable form.

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Buy Make Own Cards (only $29.00)Download Make Own Cards (Size: 13004 KB)

Wedding Cards Designer

By visiting website link download Wedding Cards Designer software to easily make marriage invitation cards and offers advance facility for sending designed wedding cards to various people through given email options without requiring any expert knowledge or any other help.

See also: Cards generator software, creates wedding cards, invitation cards making software, beautiful wedding cards designer, marriage cards creator, makes stunning wedding cards, produces double folded wedding cards, simple wedding cards making tool

Buy Wedding Cards Designer (only $49.00)Download Wedding Cards Designer (Size: 5212 KB)

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