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Professional Memory Card Recovery

Memory card recovery software recovers USB damaged data. Utility restore erased audio video clips deleted songs fetches corrupted java games from digital camera mobile phone compact flash SD XD multi media memory card. Tool undeletes files and folders even memory card is being pulled out when camera is on. Software supports aif, mpa, mp3, jpg, gif, mp4, wma, avi, bmp jpeg, midi files. Utility is easy to use with powerful Graphical User Interface. Professional Memory Card Recovery is the most popular sms software download.

See also: Multimedia, memory, card, recovery, software, recover, formatted, lost, data, tool, restore, accidentally, corrupted, SMS, MMS, utility, rescue, damage, pictures, deleted, photos, retrieve, mobile, audio, video, USB, images, undelete, files, folders

Buy Professional Memory Card Recovery (only $69.00)Download Professional Memory Card Recovery (Size: 1751 KB)

Pocket PC Bulk Messaging Tool

Pocket PC text messaging utility sends sms in bulk without requiring any external hardware (Laptop or Desktop PC), uses only Pocket PC or other Smart mobile phone device. Group text messaging tool helps you to stay touch via text sms with office colleagues, organizations, family relatives, businesses members, social clubs and friends. Bulk SMS marketing software provides dynamic solution for sending text messages to cell phones in single click. Pocket PC Bulk Messaging Tool is the second most popular sms software download.

See also: Download, pocket PC, text, messaging, software, compose, sends, unlimited, group, sms, GSM, CDMA, mobile, phone, Hitachi, Palm, Hagenuk, PiTech, PDA, Smart, device, bulk, message, utility, create, personal, alert, event, greeting, business, messages

Buy Pocket PC Bulk Messaging Tool (only $45.00)Download Pocket PC Bulk Messaging Tool (Size: 71 KB)

Mobile Bulk Messaging

Windows mobile message broadcasting tool sends unlimited bulk text messages such as business news, personal SMS, invitation, interview call or any other information. PDA to mobile bulk messaging software supports both national and international mobile phone networks equally without any interruption. Bulk SMS sender software is compatible with all Windows based mobile phones. Group messaging utility provides interactive graphical user interface. Mobile Bulk Messaging is the third most popular sms software download.

See also: Pocket, mobile, bulk, text, message, tool, PDA, program, unlimited, free, SMS, software, GSM, CDMA, internet, connection, massive, sender, phone, network, broadcasting, utility, software, group, mass, application, personal, digital, assistance

Buy Mobile Bulk Messaging (only $45.00)Download Mobile Bulk Messaging (Size: 71 KB)

Mobile Marketing

Effective mobile marketing application sends bulk number of SMS messages to cell phone contact of any mobile network connection provided with option to store sent messages in computer memory for further future reference. Cost effective bulk text messages sending software provides option to publish messages as alert notifications or standard text SMS to large amount of mobile phone user without requiring internet connection.

See also: Mobile, marketing, software, tool, compose, send, deliver, bulk, quantity, customized, business, product, offer, personal, greeting, text, forwarding, utility, broadcast, publish, multiple, international, national, SMS, Windows, cell, phone, contacts

Buy Mobile Marketing (only $45.00)Download Mobile Marketing (Size: 3952 KB)

Send Free Text Message

Send Free Text Message tool sends instant messages to number of users via creating its own gateway on network. Free sms gratis service software trail version is freely downloaded from company website to experience distinct features of sms tool. Free instant messaging application helps users to beware of costly messaging packs by providing this free and easy to use sms tool with friendly graphical interface.

See also: Free, message, service, professional, tool, software, broadcast, deliver, international, national, limitless, unlimited, bulk, text, sms, web, internet, advertisement, business, marketing, product, windows, computer, connect, GSM, mobile, phone

Buy Send Free Text Message (only $49.00)Download Send Free Text Message (Size: 6246 KB)

Android SMS Application

Technically innovative text alert messaging software is a helpful utility to the user to send messages related to business market, job alert and price alert etc from any place to multiple of mobile phones from your personal computer in cost effective manner. Android mobile bulk sms software is a reliable and inexpensive utility that can transfer your data from your computer system to any thousands of connected cell phones without internet connection.

See also: Bulk, sms, messages, data, transfer, utility, send, broadcast, utility, software, communication, easily, national, international, network, create, compose, contact, global, group, numbers, generate, information, mobile, cell, phone, convey, text

Buy Android SMS Application (only $45.00)Download Android SMS Application (Size: 2846 KB)

Mac Bulk SMS

Cost effective Mac Bulk SMS android mobile software is best method to immediately deliver text messages, birthday sms to mobile phone from system to anywhere in world in less time and effort. Versatile Mac Bulk SMS tool quickly sends numerous text messages, business news, templates to more than one mobile numbers by single mouse clicks. Simple to use Bulk SMS mobile software effectively works with all latest brands of android mobile phone

See also: SMS, android, mobile, software, broadcast, numerous, text, messages, business, news, Mac, Bulk, application, send, mobile, computer, tool, delivers, massive, quantity, notifications, templates, worldwide, cell, phone, networks, internet, connection

Buy Mac Bulk SMS (only $45.00)Download Mac Bulk SMS (Size: 5939 KB)

SMS Gateway 4.2.38

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is a world class software product that lets companies to send and receive SMS, MMS, Email and voice messages via GSM modem connection or directly over the Internet (SMPP, UCP, CIMD2) to/from mobile phones. It is perfect for SMS services like SMS notifications, two way SMS systems, automated SMS services, SMS paging, SMS games, billing system, Email-to-SMS forwarding, premium rated SMS services, etc. It supports various APIs

See also: sms gateway, send sms, sending/receiving sms, sms software, text message, SMPP, UCP, CIMD2, UCP/EMI, GSM Modem, HTTP SMS, SMS API, C# SMS, PHP SMS, ASP SMS, E-mail SMS gateway, HTTP gateway

Buy SMS Gateway 4.2.38 (only $780.00)Download SMS Gateway 4.2.38 (Size: 24780 KB)

GSM Bulk SMS Mac

Did you want to maintain your contact list for sending unrestricted messages or greetings? GSM Bulk SMS Mac Software accessible from has inbuilt list wizard feature that facilitates to maintain list of contacts or groups while sending infinite text messages and greetings to thousands of people from your computer system.

See also: GSM, Bulk, SMS, Mac, Software, deliver, greeting, send, notification, message, group, utility, transmit, unlimited, job, multiple, contact, list, broadcast, internet, connection, computer, system, mobile, phone, save, template, application, text

Buy GSM Bulk SMS Mac (only $45.00)Download GSM Bulk SMS Mac (Size: 5611 KB)

Mac Free Bulk SMS Software

How to deliver mass numbers of SMS on mobile phones? Comprehensive Mac Free Bulk SMS Software is simply downloaded from to deliver thousands of SMS, business campaigns, company related information on employees multiple mobile phones in minimum time of period.

See also: Free, download, communication, software, sends, bulk, SMS, Mac, application, delivers, broadcast, delivery, sending, industrial, business product, promotion, more, multiple, unlimited, communicate, program, utility, tool, computer, networks

Buy Mac Free Bulk SMS Software (only $45.00)Download Mac Free Bulk SMS Software (Size: 5939 KB)

Download SMS Software

Group text messaging application use in diverse commercial area such as transportations, telecom sector, postal service, actual estate industry, business and trade, government sector, hospitals, banking sector and many more. Easy to use Download SMS Software for GSM mobile phone transmit seasonal, birthday wish, stock update, business news from personal desktop or laptop to entire mobile phone without help of internet gateway in very less effort.

See also: Software, delivers, customized, messages, download, SMS, sending, tool, create, transfer, invitation, alert, advertisement, notification, greeting, mobile, list, numbers, application, forward, reminders, good, promotion, news, worldwide, cell phone

Buy Download SMS Software (only $45.00)Download Download SMS Software (Size: 3706 KB)

Recover SIM Text Message

SIM card data retrieval software scans and retrieves text messages which stored in (inbox, outbox and draft) and contact numbers (fixed numbers and dialed numbers), phone book directories and IMSI number from mobile phone sim card which have erased due to human mistakes, virus attack, logically corrupted sim card, tech fault and many more reasons. SIM card message backup utility recovers all deleted phone numbers along with contact names.

See also: SIM, card, SMS, recovery, application, recover, lost, text, message, mobile, retrieval, software, restore, inbox, outbox, memory, salvage, tool, call, phonebook, address, backup, erased, fixed, dialed, number, software, rescue, deleted, ICC-ID, IMSI

Buy Recover SIM Text Message (only $69.00)Download Recover SIM Text Message (Size: 985 KB)

Read Deleted Text Message

Sim card data recovery software restores deleted call list, contact numbers and SMS stored in phonebook of sim card. Sim card data retrieval tool supports to all type of sim card of any international or national service/network. Mobile sim card salvage software even displays detailed information of ICC mobile identification number, IMSI number, service provider name etc. Sim card message repair software is easy to use for every mobile user.

See also: Phone, memory, card, sim, directory, deleted, contacts, mobile, utility, data, numbers, phonebook, IMSI, information, tool, GSM, call, list, USB, recovery, software, retrieval, interface, rescue, text, SMS, accidentally, messages, network, service

Buy Read Deleted Text Message (only $69.00)Download Read Deleted Text Message (Size: 985 KB)

Sim Card Text SMS Recovery is GUI based software so user can easily download recovery utility to revive missing text messages from sim card inbox folder. Sim Card Text SMS Recovery software is capable to easily revive delete sent item from mobile phone.

See also: Retrieve, application, restore, delete, missing, contact, number, names, sms, inbox, sim, card, recovery, revive, software, program, regain, remove, loss, text, messages, sent, item, draft, folder, mobile, phone

Buy Sim Card Text SMS Recovery (only $69.00)Download Sim Card Text SMS Recovery (Size: 2447 KB)

Send Bulk Text

Most technically powerful bulk SMS software lets user to connect multiple GSM mobile phone with desktop to send messages in mass amount to different user. Innovative Windows based mass messages sending application supports latest option that is able to delay messages automatically when there is a load of SMS. Amazing text messaging sending software provides quick delivering of messages all over world within a short time of period.

See also: Send, bulk, text, data, SMS, software, multi, phone, broadcast, message, file, internet, connection, GSM, mobile, device, communicate, business, product, software, client, friends, relative, deliver, wizard, contact, number, GUI, Windows

Buy Send Bulk Text (only $49.00)Download Send Bulk Text (Size: 3788 KB)

SMS Gateway Modem

Remarkable SMS Gateway Modem software offers facility to connect numerous numbers of USB modem with computer or laptop device for broadcasting bulk numbers of text messages simultaneously. Easy to use SMS Gateway Modem provides options to get connected with your friends instantly. SMS Gateway Modem offers economical solution to compose and throw mass numbers of text messages from computer or laptop using USB Modem.

See also: Application, utility, software, program, tool, SMS, messages, modem, sends, broadcast, contact, numbers, phone, delay, delivery, notification, bulk, broadcasting, USB, modem, product, sales, text, connect, communicate, gateway, standard

Buy SMS Gateway Modem (only $49.00)Download SMS Gateway Modem (Size: 3860 KB)

Send Free SMS GSM Mobile

Go through that offers Send Free SMS GSM Mobile software supports both English as well as Non-English characters for transmitting thousands of customized and personalized messages in different languages.

See also: Send, Free, SMS, GSM, mobile, software, deliver, unlimited, bulk, job, price, news, alerts, international, national, networks, compose, broadcast, mass, text, messages, greetings, internet, connection, bulk, product, offer, global, computer

Buy Send Free SMS GSM Mobile (only $49.00)Download Send Free SMS GSM Mobile (Size: 3932 KB)

Sim SMS Recovery refers to Sim Recovery software that is fully compatible with all USB card readers of various brands which follows phoenix standards. Sim data restoration tool retrieves missing text messages with complete detail like sender?s number and time and date of SMS receiving.

See also: Sim, Card, revival, program, missing, file, recovery, software, regain, lost, SMS, windows, operating, system, desktop, damaged, erased, information, document, retrieve, mobile, phone, storage, device, identification, number

Buy Sim SMS Recovery (only $69.00)Download Sim SMS Recovery (Size: 2447 KB)


Creative USB GSM modem software at provides user best means to publish large quantity of business information to desired number of mobile phone contacts in minimal duration of time period. Professional SMS broadcasting USB modem tool provides user interface to connect multiple GSM modems to computer Computer and transmit enormous amount of text messages to cell phone users having support for all major manufacturers of USB modem.

See also: Publish, mass, number, business, industry, retail, trade, publicity, text, messages, USB, GSM, Modem, SMS, software, application, send, forward, broadcasting, program, utility, deliver, bulk, news, notification, offers, worldwide, mobile, contacts

Buy USB GSM Modem (only $49.00)Download USB GSM Modem (Size: 3860 KB)

Send SMS from Blackberry

Company offers efficient quality text messaging software to compose and Send SMS from Blackberry cell phone device to any network phone device without connecting online net connection. Bulk messaging tool is capable to skip duplicate phone number while sending group sms.

See also: Bulk, text, messaging, software, compose, deliver, unlimited, sms, globally, computer, mobile, national, international, network, phone, connected, blackberry, cell, device, online, internet, connection, worldwide, send, alerts, greetings, reminders

Buy Send SMS from Blackberry (only $45.00)Download Send SMS from Blackberry (Size: 4218 KB)

Mobile Text Message Software provides cost effective Mobile Text message Software to deliver unlimited bulk sms from computer to cell phone user worldwide and no require any tech training to execute software. Bulk sms sending application composes infinite number of messages to all your customers, clients and subscribers in one single click. Sending sms software provides option to save all sent message with date and time for future view.

See also: Text, sms, sending, software, mass, quantity, create, generate, bulk, message, mobile, cell, phone, compose, broadcast, personalize, advertise, application, worldwide, deliver, contact, import, phone, save, unlimited, multiple, communication

Buy Mobile Text Message Software (only $49.00)Download Mobile Text Message Software (Size: 6246 KB)

SIM Card Software

Comprehensive SIM Card Software from is technically designed to restore deleted read or unread text message within shortest time period. Easy to operate data restoration software has ability to view entire report of sent or received text messages from 2G or 3G supported mobile phone sim cards. Software provides complete back up of lost or deleted data from your sim cards after major data loss situations.

See also: Restore, mobile, phone, sim, card, information, accidental, deletion, lost, data, restoration, software, retrieve, erased, text, sms, message, corrupted, inbox, outbox, drafts, dialed, contact, list, undelete, application, Windows, computer, system

Buy SIM Card Software (only $69.00)Download SIM Card Software (Size: 2447 KB)

Send SMS GSM Modem

Group SMS software facilitates users to forward mass text messages to thousands of mobile phone users via USB modem connected to PC. Award winning bulk SMS software has cost effective tool to communicate with international clients and customers to promote newly launched products among multiple users at same time. Text messaging software sends standard messages with an advance option to save sent messages for future usage.

See also: Bulk, Sms, software, sends, instant, text, messages, mass, audience, group, messaging, application, forwards, fob, alerts, warm, greetings, GSM, mobile, phone, connect, USB, modem, delivers, business, templates, contact, number

Buy Send SMS GSM Modem (only $49.00)Download Send SMS GSM Modem (Size: 3860 KB)

Free Blackberry Mobile Messaging offers Free Blackberry Mobile Messaging software to promote business brands and services through sending mass campaigns, reminders and new product information via sms instantly.

See also: Blackberry, Smartphone, message, broadcast, application, software, compose, send, save, deliver, details, import, contact, mobile, phone, number, computer, system, laptop, group, instant, communication, technology, sms, alert, reminders, notification

Buy Free Blackberry Mobile Messaging (only $45.00)Download Free Blackberry Mobile Messaging (Size: 4218 KB)

SIM Card Data Undelete

SIM card data backup software restore all deleted or misplaced contact number with name, text messages, call history from SIM card and displays SIM card IMSI number, service provider name and ICC-ID identification number with location through PC/SC or Phoenix standard USB SIM card reader. Easy to use application provides GUI support and saves the recovered data in text format at user specified location on your Computer for future reference.

See also: Download, SIM, card, data, recovery, software, restore, corrupted, text, messages, cell, phone, phonebook, contact, number, SMS, memory, draft, inbox, outbox, sent items, retrieve, ICC-ID, IMSI, number, deleted, mobile

Buy SIM Card Data Undelete (only $69.00)Download SIM Card Data Undelete (Size: 676 KB)

Send Bulk Text Messages offers Send Bulk Text Messages application which is useful for business users to send advertisement, sales offers, etc to group of people within less spam of time. Reliable mass text sender software does not need any internet connection to deliver bulk amount of sms.

See also: Text, message, bulk, sms, software, application, deliver, send, forward, mass, computer, technology, mobile, cell, phone, GSM, business, promotion, notification, advertisement, job, alerts, national, international, contact, number, delay, option

Buy Send Bulk Text Messages (only $45.00)Download Send Bulk Text Messages (Size: 3747 KB)

Android SMS Messaging

Android sms messaging is the best application for android technology based mobile phones to make and deliver mass sms in cost effective, convenient, safe and reliable manners. Advance android software easily send mobile sms from Computer to various cell phone numbers at a sole mouse tick over globally mobile sms services. Premium android sms messaging tool presents pretty and attractive graphic interface for frankly operate advance sms software tools.

See also: Android, sms, messaging, tool, utility, create, send, deliver, bulk, group, mass, text, mobile, phone, contact, number, broadcast, national, international, globally, network, alerts, business, advertisement, Unicode, language, application, software

Buy Android SMS Messaging (only $45.00)Download Android SMS Messaging (Size: 2969 KB)

Mobile Simcard Recovery Software

Blocked SIM card data recovery software recover virus infected phonebook directory, unreadable contact name and numbers, inaccessible SMS, text messages from corrupted mobile phone Simcard of any country with any mobile network. SIM card information reader tool has the ability to recoup missing service provider name, identification number, IMSI number and damaged inbox, outbox, draft items without affecting the previously saved data.

See also: Mobile, phone, SIM, card, SMS, recovery, software, recover, damaged, data, text, message, forensic, information, backup, tool, retrieve, corrupted, contact, number, inbox, outbox, draft, sent items, rescue, phonebook, notes, SPN, ICC-ID, IMSI, number

Buy Mobile Simcard Recovery Software (only $69.00)Download Mobile Simcard Recovery Software (Size: 536 KB)

Send SMS via Modem

Consistent mass SMS sending software is helpful to easily broadcast significant commercial information at national/international cell phone user. Valuable bulk SMS broadcasting software contains preeminent characteristics co-operative to transmit multiple messages in few clicks of mouse button. Pioneering send SMS via modem utility for Windows grants user to communicate with your relatives and friends using remarkably uncomplicated method.

See also: Send, SMS, modem, program, delivers, compound, text, messages, software, broadcasts, details, internet, gateway, connect, tool, communicate, mobile, phone, network, transmits, business, client, contact, number, convey, supports, graphical, interface

Buy Send SMS via Modem (only $49.00)Download Send SMS via Modem (Size: 3860 KB)

Free SMS Software GSM Mobile website presents Free SMS Software GSM Mobile software to easily delivers market news seasonal greetings to global mobile only connection GSM technology based mobile from pc and no required internet connection.

See also: SMS, software, compose, delivers, advertisement, market, news, event, global, nationwide, cell, phone, number, internet, connection, application, forwards, sends, notification, business, news, international, phone, application, broadcast, message

Buy Free SMS Software GSM Mobile (only $45.00)Download Free SMS Software GSM Mobile (Size: 3840 KB)

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