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iSnooker 2.1.10

2D / 3D Online Snooker Game, Billiards, Tournaments every few hours. Free entry to cash prize snooker events every month for Members. 2D and 3D modes of play, accurate physics and modelling, play snooker and chat with others. Stats & Level XP system which allows you access new features keeping you busy for months, as well as Tournaments and Prized events for competitive users. Try now free for 10-days before deciding if you wish to register. iSnooker is the most popular snooker game download.

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Buy iSnooker 2.1.10 (only $7.00)Download iSnooker 2.1.10 (Size: 13289 KB)

Spider Wizard 2.0.0

Spider Wizard is an exciting solitaire card game based on the classic game Spider. Spider Wizard contains not only Spider, but 15 other similar games, including Spider One Suit and Spider Two Suits, Miss Milligan, Scorpion, Spiderette, Rouge et Noir, and Simple Simon. You can create your own Spider variations using the Spider Wizard. You can undo all your moves, automatically save a game in progress, and make moves with a single mouse click. Spider Wizard is the second most popular snooker game download.

See also: spider, card game, patience, solitaire

Buy Spider Wizard 2.0.0 (only $12.95)Download Spider Wizard 2.0.0 (Size: 4329 KB)

Crossing 3D 1.1

Crossing 3D is a funny, interesting and enjoyable puzzle game. The game is done fully in 3D and looks very attractive at modern standards. Fortunately for you, the game's getting scored with the help of Direct 3D and supports the majority of 3D accelerators. 3D effects, expressive graphics and sound atmosphere of the same level will not dissapoint you. When you begin to play this game, you will not stop for several hours (or days). Crossing 3D is the third most popular snooker game download.

See also: puzzle, game, click

Buy Crossing 3D 1.1 (only $12.95)Download Crossing 3D 1.1 (Size: 2396 KB)

Hand Foot Canasta 3.53

2 handed game of Hand & Foot Canasta, Won/lost totals, Sound on/off, Save game for play later. Triple deck game to 10,000 points. Very competitive play. Shareware version has 25 "Trial game" limit. Registered versions have unlimited play, free upgrades and support. Players pick their hand and foot cards. Supports standard rules of the game. CD's of the game are $3.00 (Shareware, mailed to your home). Registration of the game is $24.00.

See also: Hand Foot, Hand, Foot, Hand&Foot, Handn'Foot, Card, Cards, Game, Canasta, SAC Products

Buy Hand Foot Canasta 3.53 (only $24.00)Download Hand Foot Canasta 3.53 (Size: 1067 KB)

Elite Mahjong 1.0

Several game modes, from very simple to classic. Various backgrounds and tiles, excellent music and nice sounds will make you love the Elite Mahjong game! The game includes large set of symbols, plants pictures, animals and etc; many of them look similar and are difficult to distinguish, that's why you have to be especially careful to find true tile couples.

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Buy Elite Mahjong 1.0 (only $14.95)Download Elite Mahjong 1.0 (Size: 5341 KB)

Star Invader for Pocket PC 1.0

Thank you for using Star Invader for Pocket PC, an improved clone of one of the classic games of the 80's. We hope you will enjoy playing this game so much as we did creating it! The goal is simple: Operate your starships to destroy to all enemies, defend the Earth by shooting the invading aliens out of the sky.

See also: star, invader, fighter, fight, pilot, game, wars, battle, starship

Buy Star Invader for Pocket PC 1.0 (only $19.99)Download Star Invader for Pocket PC 1.0 (Size: 9100 KB)

Bubble Bobble Planet 1.1

Bubble Bobble Planet is a collection of three great remakes of the popular classic game "Bubble Bobble" that first came out in the late 1980-s. This brand new edition will definitely be of interest both to all of the numerous nostalgic fans of the old classic game and to all of those who get to try it for the first time.

See also: bubble, bubbles, bubblebobble, bub, bob, world, bubblebobble, arcade, arcade-game-downloads.dragons, adventures

Buy Bubble Bobble Planet 1.1 (only $34.95)Download Bubble Bobble Planet 1.1 (Size: 6972 KB)

Classic Solitaire for Mac OSX 2.0.9

A fun and easy to use pack of classic solitaire games for your Mac! All your favorites are here- 20 of the best Solitaire games in the world. Attractive super-sized cards, highly readable, this game looks great. There are games to suit your mood - from easy to very challenging. Game List: Freecell, Spider, Klondike, Pyramid, Golf,Aces Up, Beleaguered Castle,Canfield,Idiot, Clock,Corona,Cruel, Duchess,Scarab,Yukon & more!

See also: Card Game, Solitaire, Patience, Cards, Freecell, Klondike, Spider, Canfield, Duchess, Pyramid, Corona, Cruel, Aces Up, Aces High, Clock, Scarab

Buy Classic Solitaire for Mac OSX 2.0.9 (only $19.95)Download Classic Solitaire for Mac OSX 2.0.9 (Size: 424 KB)

Championship Five Hundred, Cribbage, and Gin Rummy Card Games for Windows 6.42

Race to the finish with these classics! Discover the most realistic card games available. Learn basic play and strategy with our tutorial. Improve your skills using unlimited hint, undo and replay. Play popular variations of Five Hundred, Cribbage, and Gin Rummy. Experience community and competition with free online play at Relax and enjoy our free trial and 100% money-back guarantee.

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Buy Championship Five Hundred, Cribbage, and Gin Rummy Card Games for Windows 6.42 (only $39.99)Download Championship Five Hundred, Cribbage, and Gin Rummy Card Games for Windows 6.42 (Size: 7900 KB)

Timer Cafe Lan House Manager 3.9

Professional Internet cafe software / cyber cafe software for management and billing of cybercafes. Timer cafe cybercafe billing software is a complete tool for managing your Lan House, Internet Cafe or gaming cafe / game center. Timer cafe helps you handle customer billing, security issues, financial and statistical reports, computer utilities and much more.

See also: Lan House Software, Cyber Cafe Software, Cyber Cafe Management, Gaming Center Software, Internet Cafe Software, Lan Game, Cyber cafe, management, billing, monitoring, reporting, software, system, Internet billing

Buy Timer Cafe Lan House Manager 3.9 (only $30.00)Download Timer Cafe Lan House Manager 3.9 (Size: 14227 KB)

Magic Beads 2.93

Tired of rushing and running? Magic Beads is a perfect retreat for relaxation! This real time, unhurried logic game purifies your mind and gives your thoughts renewed impetus for more productive work. Simply rotate colors of falling blocks to line up three or more of one color and get your points. The game has a set of cool skins to give the blocks a shiny look that pleases your eye. What's more, Magic Beads has an inbuilt midi-player to boot!

See also: puzzle, puzzle game, lines game, logic game, magic games, tetris

Buy Magic Beads 2.93 (only $19.95)Download Magic Beads 2.93 (Size: 951 KB)

Pool 3D Training Edition 1.55

It is a billiard simulation game you can use to learn how to play billiard games and enjoy playing the game with your friends. It truly simulates billiard physics including side ball spin, back spin, forward spin, curve ball trajectories. The 3D engine lets you move viewpoint in all directions and make it closer to table or farther from it. You can move it while ball movement to see trajectories in the most convenient way.

See also: Pool 3D Training Edition, billiard, games, game, board, pool 3D, pool game, billiard game

Buy Pool 3D Training Edition 1.55 (only $20.00)Download Pool 3D Training Edition 1.55 (Size: 1930 KB)

AIT_Trains 1.8

AIT Trains is an action puzzle game with simple rules and 175 levels in two modes. This addictive game with enchanting music and beautiful graphics will glue you to the PC for hours together. It is a best remake of famous game "Short Line". Your main goal is to route the train to the town. The color of the train determines the color of the town whereto this train should be routed.

See also: AIT Trains, action, puzzle, game, Short, Line, AITTrains, AIT_Trains, ShortLine, shareware

Buy AIT_Trains 1.8 (only $19.95)Download AIT_Trains 1.8 (Size: 6067 KB)

StopGame Home Edition 1.2.3

StopGame is an ideal computer program designed to help parents control the time their children spend playing computer games. Control is made possible by a set of intervals delimiting when a listed game may or may not be played. A time limit for play for each day or even for an entire week can also be set. StopGame will terminate any program from the "games" list that will attempt to break the rules you set yourself.

See also: Limit video-game playing, limit much time playing, control games playing, parental control, parental control software, computer time control, parental control, parental control software, computer time control, computer time limit

Buy StopGame Home Edition 1.2.3 (only $19.95)Download StopGame Home Edition 1.2.3 (Size: 1378 KB)

Card Master 9.1.0

Card Master is a collection of 21 different card games that provides hours of entertainment with its selection of 2, 3, and 4 player games.It includes trick taking games such as Spades, Euchre, German Whist, Exacta, Spite and Malice, and Whist; rummy type games such as Arlington and Canasta; kids' games such as Comet, Knaves, Scotch Whist, and War; and many less well-known games such as Fan Tan, Durok, Tablanette, Klabberjass, Skat, and Zetema.

See also: zetema, fantan, fan tan, euchre, durok, canasta, bezique, arlington, card games, card game, whist, tablanette, spite and malice, spades, scotch whist, skat, rauberskat, oh hell, klabberjass, jass, german whist

Buy Card Master 9.1.0 (only $14.95)Download Card Master 9.1.0 (Size: 5204 KB)

The NOKs Game 3.0

Collect and trade live characters ('NOKs') from your computer! Get the NOKs in action-packed shooting battles, keep them on your desktop and trade them online with fellow collectors. Featuring 3 different battle arenas, 21 levels, online NOK Exchange Market, free Daily NOKs, new NOK powers and more. Download and start collecting today!

See also: gaming, game, action, collecting, chararacters, sport, fantasy, noks,

Buy The NOKs Game 3.0 (only $11.95)Download The NOKs Game 3.0 (Size: 51200 KB)

Galactic Teddy 2 : Back to home 1.72

Teddy's adventures continue in this addictive, 3d, game in Bomberman style. Help a nice creature Teddy to collect the last part of the magic stone and return to the saved motherplanet. The distinctive features of the game are more than 40 different planets, 15 various monsters and 3 skill levels to suit all tastes and adroitness. The download and trial period are free. Have a lot of fun!

See also: Game, free, download, graphic, Windows, arcade, adventure, levels, skill levels, shareware, trial, action, monsters, planets

Buy Galactic Teddy 2 : Back to home 1.72 (only $14.95)Download Galactic Teddy 2 : Back to home 1.72 (Size: 4096 KB)

Sudoku Graphic 1.50

It is a new look on the popular Sudoku game. Now you can play not only with digits, but also with other high-quality images. You can print out the game at any moment and play on paper. You can change the sizes of a game field, replace game blocks and change a level of difficulty of the game. The problem of equivalent solutions is solved.

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Buy Sudoku Graphic 1.50 (only $14.95)Download Sudoku Graphic 1.50 (Size: 6635 KB)

Inca Ball 2.14

Launch into the valiant quest for the treasures of the ancient civilization in a marvelous arcade puzzle, shining with nice visuals, 60 challenging levels and a variety of bonuses.

See also: Game, Games Download, Download Free Game, games, Arcade games, Action games, Puzzle games, Adventure games

Buy Inca Ball 2.14 (only $19.33)Download Inca Ball 2.14 (Size: 16875 KB)

Escape From Paradise 2.08

A luxury cruise ship crashes on an uncharted island in the Pacific Ocean. Lead the survivors of the shipwreck, set up camp on the island, and build a rescue object to get your friends off the island. Escape from Paradise is packed full of different games to play. Explore the six islands surrounding the main island and unlock new games.

See also: Game, Games Download, Download Free Game, games, Arcade games, Action games, Puzzle games, Adventure games

Buy Escape From Paradise 2.08 (only $5.33)Download Escape From Paradise 2.08 (Size: 13731 KB)

Rainbow Web for Mac 2.0803

Remove the spell and save Rainbow Kingdom! Rainbow Web takes you on a fun adventure to the land of fairies and elves. Spider, an evil wizard, has cast a spell over fairy creatures and spun a web over their kingdom. Solve 60 puzzles to break the spell now and return the land to sunshine!

See also: Rainbow Web for Mac, mac, games, games for mac,, puzzle, action, Rainbow Web, game, board, kids, family, casual gamers, logic

Buy Rainbow Web for Mac 2.0803 (only $19.95)Download Rainbow Web for Mac 2.0803 (Size: 9689 KB)

Brain Freeze - The Meltdown 1.0

Brain Freeze - The Meltdown is a great puzzle game that exercises your grey matter. The saying, "Use it or lose it" doesn't just apply to your physical strength. It applies to your mental strength at too! The object of the game is to match the pictures hidden behind the game pieces on the game board. But there is a twist -- avoid a Brain Freezer !!! If you lose your concentration and click on the wrong game piece you will have a Brain Freeze!

See also: brain, freeze, grey, matter, game, puzzle, fun, logic, concentration, brainteaser, brain, teaser, mind, think, thinking, logical, reasoning

Buy Brain Freeze - The Meltdown 1.0 (only $10.00)Download Brain Freeze - The Meltdown 1.0 (Size: 298 KB)

Gili Exe Lock 1.5

Gili Exe Lock can lock any executable programs on your local computer,a person can not run the locked programs without a password. If you do don't want other persons to use your tax preparation software, personal finance or other programs you like, you simply need to run this application.

See also: Lock exe, Lock Program, Lock Application, Lock game, Lock SKYPE, LOCK MSN

Buy Gili Exe Lock 1.5 (only $12.95)Download Gili Exe Lock 1.5 (Size: 1498 KB)

Crazy Math Game 1.40

Want to be first-class at math? Try Crazy Math Game. Let your kids learn math Funny! Efficiently!

See also: kids math game, kids maths game, math game children, addition games, multiplication games, addition practice, multiplication practice, 24 point game, crazy multiplication, find equations, column operations, mental arithmetic, column addition

Buy Crazy Math Game 1.40 (only $19.95)Download Crazy Math Game 1.40 (Size: 8276 KB)

Ore Explorer for Mac 1.1

Excellent intellective arcade game,improve your intellect. Jack the young explorer has decided to collect a kind of ore for his country. This kind of ore is very rare in the world only distributing in forest,desert,iceberg,volcano and outer space. Meanwhile a lot of monster already starting to getting this ore. So Jack got to start his exploration as fast as possible. What will happen? No one can answer this question.

See also: PC Game, Arcade Game

Buy Ore Explorer for Mac 1.1 (only $19.90)Download Ore Explorer for Mac 1.1 (Size: 27138 KB)

SudoKoach 2.3

SudoKoach makes solving Sudoku puzzles more fun. It does the tedious work of figuring which numbers are possible in each unsolved cell and provides tools to help you find the solution, including three levels of hints. Generate puzzles with six levels of difficulty, or you can enter puzzles from newspapers. The practice mode helps you learn solving strategies. You can print puzzles for solving later or to give to friends. Give it a try--it's fun!

See also: sudoku, puzzle, sudokoach, strategy, solver, game

Buy SudoKoach 2.3 (only $12.95)Download SudoKoach 2.3 (Size: 2385 KB)

Horror Invaders 1.0

Stop the onslaught of many menacing monsters thoughout 50 levels from invading with the galactic rocket ship. You control the fast ship with either the keyboard or joystick and must shoot the horror characters before they reach the ground. Be extremely careful as the ghouls will throw deadly fanged teeth at you which will destroy you if it hits your orbiting ship. Destroy the funny UFO for the ability to gain 5 different powerup bonuses.

See also: invaders, horror, space, monsters, free, game, games, arcade, download, windows, vista

Buy Horror Invaders 1.0 (only $10.00)Download Horror Invaders 1.0 (Size: 6771 KB)

Bogglet Duo 1.1

Meet in the games online lobby to compete against players all over the world with this 2 player head to head Boggle style game. Make as many words as you can with adjoining letters before your online opponent gets the word. There are 3 eighty second rounds for you to make as many valid English words as you can with a vast 250,000 word dictionary. Create long words of 7 letters or higher to get some extra bonus points. Extreme fun for all.

See also: boggle, word, words, puzzle, online, free, game, games, arcade, download, software, windows, vista

Buy Bogglet Duo 1.1 (only $9.99)Download Bogglet Duo 1.1 (Size: 5853 KB)

Softick jApploader SE 1.0

Softick jApploader SE allow you to upload Java applications and games (J2ME) to your Samsung phone using USB data cable. If you have great collection of Java applications on your personal computer you probably already have looked for a way to transfer them to the phone without using sometimes expensive WAP services. Softick jApploader SE is a utility which automates this task making it easier as never before.

See also: Java, cell, phone, game, upload, jad, jar, Samsung, cable, USB, upload

Buy Softick jApploader SE 1.0 (only $9.95)Download Softick jApploader SE 1.0 (Size: 1059 KB)

PicturePerfect 0.5

PicturePerfect will play pogo Pictureka Museum Mayhem to go for you on Get the pogo Pictureka Museum Mayhem to go game up first and then run PicturePerfect for it to play your Pictureka Museum Mayhem to go game. PicturePerfect is a cheat for Pictureka Museum Mayhem to go

See also: Pictureka Museum Mayhem cheat, Pictureka Museum Mayhem game, cheat for Pictureka Museum Mayhem

Buy PicturePerfect 0.5 (only $10.99)Download PicturePerfect 0.5 (Size: 1269 KB)

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