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iSnooker 2.1.10

2D / 3D Online Snooker Game, Billiards, Tournaments every few hours. Free entry to cash prize snooker events every month for Members. 2D and 3D modes of play, accurate physics and modelling, play snooker and chat with others. Stats & Level XP system which allows you access new features keeping you busy for months, as well as Tournaments and Prized events for competitive users. Try now free for 10-days before deciding if you wish to register. iSnooker is the most popular snooker game download.

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Buy iSnooker 2.1.10 (only $7.00)Download iSnooker 2.1.10 (Size: 13289 KB)

Hide Window Hotkey 2.1

Hide Window Hotkey is a utility which allows you to hide the windows,and programs which are running on your screen.It will instantly hide or close all (or some) programs through Mouse Hotkey or Keyboard Hotkey. Resize your programs automatically every time they start,such as maximize,minimize,normal,minimize to tray.Set application windows transparency.Reorder the windows on taskbar based on your choice.Show window property of application. Hide Window Hotkey is the second most popular snooker game download.

See also: hide windows, boss key, hide application, hide program, hide applications, game hide, hide task, hide windows tool, current window, active window, password protect, bosskey, Password Lock, custom window, window customize, manage window, max window, transparent window

Buy Hide Window Hotkey 2.1 (only $19.95)Download Hide Window Hotkey 2.1 (Size: 868 KB)

Shifty 1.0

Remember those tile games you used to play as a kid? Where you had to shift the tiles around to recreate the image printed on them? Here is a computerized version of this game that you can play any time you want. Load any of your favorite bitmap pictures of your family and friends. Shifty is the third most popular snooker game download.

See also: puzzle, game, tile, shift, shifty, work, horse, games, workhorse

Buy Shifty 1.0 (only $10.00)Download Shifty 1.0 (Size: 239 KB)

Manager In The Net 1.0

Manager In The Net is a soccer manager game for Pc, buy and sell players, design your own tactics....look after the team finances, choose from many football teams around the world and try to take your favourite team to victory.... success depends on you !!

See also: soccer, football, manager, game

Buy Manager In The Net 1.0 (only $25.00)Download Manager In The Net 1.0 (Size: 11462 KB)

Fruit Puzzle 3D 1.02

Fruit Puzzle 3D is an addictive puzzle based on the famous Lines game. One of the few games you'll always want to play one more time. Choose a relaxing and absorbing normal game, or a frantic arcade game. Tap adjacent pairs of fruits to swap them and make matching horizontal and vertical lines of three or more.

See also: Fruit, Puzzle, puzzle, Lines, game

Buy Fruit Puzzle 3D 1.02 (only $14.95)Download Fruit Puzzle 3D 1.02 (Size: 3280 KB)

Juicy Puzzle 1.1

Are you a puzzle gourmet, looking for some delicious entertainment? Lucky you! Get JuicyPuzzle and feed your hunger for succulent, fun and engaging games. JuicyPuzzle features simple rules, intuitive gameplay and rockin' sound track! Your objective is to groups all fruits into sets of three. Then they'll go right into Rockin' Chef's juicer and you'll get points. The game gets progressively more and more difficult as you advance. Try it free!

See also: juicy, puzzle, free, bejeweled, game, download

Buy Juicy Puzzle 1.1 (only $14.95)Download Juicy Puzzle 1.1 (Size: 5423 KB)

Super Blocks 1.0

Improved version of popular collapse game. You can choose your preferred game mode: when the blocks of colored cubes grow like stalagmites or fall down like stalactites. To prevent these cubes from filling the entire game screen you must burn blocks of three or more one-coloured cubes.

See also: collapse, colaps, download collapse, colour bricks, coloured blocks, order collapse, buy collapse, collapse game

Buy Super Blocks 1.0 (only $14.95)Download Super Blocks 1.0 (Size: 1580 KB)

ChromaticPuzzle 1.0

ChromaticPuzzle is a very unique puzzle game, totally different from any other game of the kind. The purpose is reassembling plates of different color into tiles and rearranging the resulting tiles into the original image. ChromaticPuzzle includes countless outstanding features, among which are excellent graphics and animation, puzzle creation, move undo and redo, move hint, statistics, thumbnail, sound and music. And a lot more.

See also: chromatic, chromaticpuzzle, download, game, games, puzzle, puzzles, shareware

Buy ChromaticPuzzle 1.0 (only $19.95)Download ChromaticPuzzle 1.0 (Size: 13402 KB)

FindSame 1.62

The goal of FindSame is to earn as many points as you can by removing paires of the similar tiles from the board. For earning points you need to select one tile and after that to select tile with similar picture. This pair will desappeare and you will earn some points. On game board will appeare new tiles. The game will be over, when all game cells on the board will be filled by tiles. Speed of appearence of tiles grows during the game.

See also: puzzle, game, download, logic, easy, family, children, clicking

Buy FindSame 1.62 (only $9.95)Download FindSame 1.62 (Size: 998 KB)

BreadieQuest:Halloween III 3.1

Guide your brave Breadie to the Halloween Party, that is full of sudden tricks and you must challenge yourself in the dangerous fight with all your fears. An exciting strategic game for fun and pleasure. It combines the elements of arcade and quest games. Destroy the evil monsters and do not allow the Dark Side win the party! Are you ready to overcome your fear and go on your adventure? So get the Halloween Party started! Good Luck!

See also: game, download, shareware, pacman, quest, arcade, adventure, Halloween, classic, doom, strategy, rooms, mission, Bready, party, play

Buy BreadieQuest:Halloween III 3.1 (only $18.00)Download BreadieQuest:Halloween III 3.1 (Size: 4596 KB)

KGB'secrets (MUCE) 1.3

KGB'secrets MultiUser Contest Edition. Self-development game KGB'secrets is based upon some of secret technologies. It will help you to develop your general attention, visual memory, multiple objects tracking, logics, visual processing speed, short term (working) memory, to increase your brain capacity and much more. You can learn the basic spy habits for some days, you just have to play three simple games.

See also: download, free, game, improvement, development, training, attention, general, memory, working, visual, effective, most

Buy KGBDownload KGB

Leaping Freddy

Leaping Freddy is a classic arcade game where our hero Freddy is attempting to collect treasures from the Wizard's Castle by progressing through a maze of platform screens. Progression through the screens isn't always linear as one room often requires a key which is located a couple of rooms away. The screens have ladders to climb/descend, ropes to grab and descend, gaps to jump, on/off platforms to navigate via timing, rolling log platforms...

See also: lode runner, super mario, superfrog, leaping freddy, arcade game, game

Buy Leaping Freddy (only $19.95)Download Leaping Freddy (Size: 2180 KB)

Active Lines 1.4

Active Lines is famous puzzle game. The game is easy to play. All you have to do is just moving balls arranging them in lines. But sometimes you have to think, what line to build and what ball to take. This game does not require fast reflexes, and will fascinate not only kids, but their parents as well. Now with amazing "water" effects!

See also: puzzle, office, game, balls, five-in-line, lines, color, board, active

Buy Active Lines 1.4 (only $14.50)Download Active Lines 1.4 (Size: 926 KB)

AIT_Trains 1.9

AIT Trains is an action puzzle game with simple rules and 175 levels in two modes. This addictive game with enchanting music and beautiful graphics will glue you to the PC for hours together. It is a best remake of famous game "Short Line". Your main goal is to route the train to the town. The color of the train determines the color of the town whereto this train should be routed.

See also: AIT Trains, action, puzzle, game, Short, Line, AITTrains, AIT_Trains, ShortLine, shareware

Buy AIT_Trains 1.9 (only $19.95)Download AIT_Trains 1.9 (Size: 6115 KB)

Kingthon Puzzle Games 2.10

Kingthon Puzzle Games is a big collection of nice puzzle games. It includes hundreds of popular puzzle games, such as classic tetris, mine sweeper, orbox, elf balls, hunga hatch, fruit smash, jigsaw puzzles, sudoku puzzles and more. Kingthon Puzzle Collection is the world's largest collection of puzzle games.

See also: game, classic, puzzle games, flash games, addicting games, funny games, download, software, classic tetris, mine sweeper, orbox, elf balls, hunga hatch, fruit smash, jigsaw puzzles, sudoku puzzles

Buy Kingthon Puzzle Games 2.10 (only $19.95)Download Kingthon Puzzle Games 2.10 (Size: 10205 KB)

Championship Rummy Pro Card Game for Windows 6.62

Plunder melds and run with this jewel! Discover the most realistic game of Rummy available. Learn basic play and strategy with our tutorial. Improve your skills using unlimited hint, undo and replay. Play popular variations including Kaluki, Michigan, Reverse Rummy. Experience community and competition with free online play at Relax and enjoy our free trial and 100% money-back guarantee.

See also: rummy, rummy, free, card games, game, windows, online, shareware, Internet, kaluki

Buy Championship Rummy Pro Card Game for Windows 6.62 (only $19.99)Download Championship Rummy Pro Card Game for Windows 6.62 (Size: 5970 KB)

Escaping Atlantis 1.0

Help Oceana escape Atlantis. She will have to go warn her father about her aunt?s evil plan to take over the kingdom. Use your puzzling skills to collect gems, unlock scrolls, and search for hidden clues in the exciting find-and-seek levels. Featuring addictive game-play, powerful and magical power-up gems, and fun for all the family!

See also: puzlle, logic, game, train, brain

Buy Escaping Atlantis 1.0 (only $19.95)Download Escaping Atlantis 1.0 (Size: 10750 KB)

BrickShooter for Windows CE 2.2.1

Pocket BrickShooter is a uniquely challenging puzzle game for strategists of all levels from children to grand masters. BrickShooter is not just for people who can think and move fast. It's for anyone who enjoys solving puzzles and taking their own sweet time doing them.

See also: brickshooter, mindgame, puzzle, shoot, shooter, brick, original, challenge, game, logic, PocketPC, WindowsCE, Palm-Size

Buy BrickShooter for Windows CE 2.2.1 (only $14.95)Download BrickShooter for Windows CE 2.2.1 (Size: 819 KB)

Snapshot Adventures - Secret of Bird Island 2.12

Your grandfather, a world-famous bird photographer has mysteriously vanished after discovering some rather odd new species! His journal provides clues to his disappearance and leads you to some crazy characters who'll challenge you to snap pictures of ever more elusive birds. Collect cool items to help you achieve that perfect shot! Create fantastical birds using the included Bird Creator.

See also: Game, Games Download, Download Free Game, games, Arcade games, Action games, Puzzle games, Adventure games

Buy Snapshot Adventures - Secret of Bird Island 2.12 (only $9.99)Download Snapshot Adventures - Secret of Bird Island 2.12 (Size: 12410 KB)

AV VoizGame 4.0.77

AV VoizGame allows you to change your real voice to be completely anonymous in any game chat room. You can use many fabulous preset nickvoices for both males and females, or change Pitch and Timbre to create your own unique voices for later use. This software is compatible with most chat applications such as Ventrilo, Teamspeak, Roger Wilco, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, etc., and famous online games from World of Warcraft, MU to Counter Strike and EVE

See also: voizgame, game chat, voice chat, voice game, online game

Buy AV VoizGame 4.0.77 (only $29.95)Download AV VoizGame 4.0.77 (Size: 2195 KB)

Ore Explorer 1.0

Excellent intellective arcade game,improve your intellect. Jack the young explorer has decided to collect a kind of ore for his country. This kind of ore is very rare in the world only distributing in forest,desert,iceberg,volcano and outer space. Meanwhile a lot of monster already starting to getting this ore. So Jack got to start his exploration as quick as possible. What will happen? No one can answer this question.

See also: PC Game, Arcade Game

Buy Ore Explorer 1.0 (only $19.90)Download Ore Explorer 1.0 (Size: 20401 KB)

My Videogame Collection 2.6.1

Manage your Videogame collection with this simple tool. Game information is downloaded via the Internet for almost any videogame you can imagine. With a database of over 11,000 Games updated on a regular basis; My Videogame Collection is the most complete, accurate, and compelling source of videogame information anywhere.

See also: Videogame, Videogames, Game Software, Game Collector, Video Game, Video Game Collector, Videogame Database

Buy My Videogame Collection 2.6.1 (only $24.95)Download My Videogame Collection 2.6.1 (Size: 37 KB)

ShuffleBomb2 2.2.1

ShuffleBomb2 contains lots of challenging levels which become progressively harder so it is suitable for all ages. The controls could not be simpler; the mouse moves the mouse pointer and the left button selects an item. The more items you match in one go, the more you can score and should you make a mistake and find yourself with items you cannot match, there are some bombs at your disposal with which you can remove these items.

See also: match3 game, match3 download, match3 puzzle game, shufflebomb

Buy ShuffleBomb2 2.2.1 (only $19.95)Download ShuffleBomb2 2.2.1 (Size: 73069 KB)

iPool 2.1.10

Play Online Pool with others from all over the world. 3D & 2D Pool, realistic physics and graphics. Game types include; 8-Ball, 9-Ball, English Pool, Rotation Ball, 6-Ball, 10-Reds Snooker and lots of wild types. Stats & Level XP system which allows you access new features keeping you busy for months, as well as Tournaments and Prized events for competitive users. Try the game now free for 10-days before deciding if you wish to register.

See also: pool game, online pool game, 8-ball pool game, 9-ball pool game, 8ball pool, 9ball game, pool tournaments, free online pool game, online billiards

Buy iPool 2.1.10 (only $7.00)Download iPool 2.1.10 (Size: 6783 KB)

I Hate This Key Deluxe Edition 5.0

This handy tool sits in the system tray and lets you to control special key behavior. You can easily defend yourself from accidentally pressing unwanted key combinations. The software is intelligent enough to let you disable Windows Logo keys in fullscreen games only, or disable the Insert key in text editors while allowing it in combinations like Ctrl+Ins. "Doubleclick" and "Press and hold" modes, sound notifications and more...

See also: keyboard, key, windows, logo, windows logo, windows logo key, game, action, full screen, full, screen, caps, caps lock, num, num lock, lock, power, sleep, power key, sleep key

Buy I Hate This Key Deluxe Edition 5.0 (only $11.95)Download I Hate This Key Deluxe Edition 5.0 (Size: 832 KB)

DirectZCapture 2.0

DirectZCapture is created for any Windows user who needs an effortless, effective way to work with "screenshots" of Windows screens.capture and save the content of the screen or any software window or full webpage then automatically apply image filters like Brightness/Gamma/Color/Invert/Grayscale/Sepia/Vignette you can then also apply a Logo/Copyright message as an overlay.Save in Bmp/png/jpeg/tiff/gif format.

See also: screen capture, directx, game screens

Buy DirectZCapture 2.0 (only $15.00)Download DirectZCapture 2.0 (Size: 4047 KB)

Dress Up Doll Judy's Room 2.0

Judys room is win software with dresses, hats, necklaces, earings,bows, purses, blouses, skirts,flowers, panties and bras. All items can sized to fit Judy posesl. Women must design , create, and display their unique fashion style daily.With DUVDOLL software you learn to Dress up Doll Judy to make unique looks for Judy like women do daily. Dress Judy to make pictures with captions using 92 sizeable items and 2 background images.

See also: doll, dress-up, dressing, clothes, hats, bow, purse, skirt, blouse, game, art, roleplay, valx, valxart, windows game, windows, paper dolls, sissy

Buy Dress Up Doll JudyDownload Dress Up Doll Judy

SubmarineS 3.4.2

Destroy enemy subs before they destroy you. Explode them with slowly falling depth charges while avoiding their mines. There are several kinds of sub each with different ways of moving and shooting. The game has first-class rendered 3D graphics, music and sound effects. The trial version has ten levels.

See also: submarines, submarine, arcade, game, ship, bomb, mine, depth, charge, sea, war, naval, battle, fish, octopus, jellyfish

Buy SubmarineS 3.4.2 (only $19.95)Download SubmarineS 3.4.2 (Size: 3930 KB)

Ore Explorer For Smart Phone 1.1

Excellent Puzzle & Action game. Jack the young explorer has decided to collect a kind of ore for his country. This kind of ore is very rare in the world only distributing in forest,desert,iceberg,volcano and outer space. Meanwhile a lot of monster already starting to getting this ore. So Jack got to start his exploration as fast as possible.

See also: Mobile Game, Pocket PC Game

Buy Ore Explorer For Smart Phone 1.1 (only $14.95)Download Ore Explorer For Smart Phone 1.1 (Size: 2036 KB)

Solitaire Epic 1.31

Play Solitaire on Mac and Windows. You get over 110 fun levels to play, and three unique solitaire games in one package! Enjoy the three games Klondike, Tri Peaks and Matching, accompanied by soothing music and beautiful background images. Solitaire Epic features an intuitive and easy to use interface, unlimited undos and in-game hints. You can also make your own levels.

See also: solitaire, card game, cards, klondike, matching, tripeaks, tri peaks, puzzle, logic, windows, mac

Buy Solitaire Epic 1.31 (only $9.95)Download Solitaire Epic 1.31 (Size: 8970 KB)

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